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The Amazon Rainforest, also known as Amazonia  
or the Amazon Jungle is a moist and wide-spread ☆ The Amazon rainforest accounts for more than
rainforest that covers 1.4 billion acres of the
half of the entire world's remaining rainforests
Amazon Basin. It is spread amongst several
countries, such as Brazil, Peru, Colombia, ☆ The Amazon rainforest is also referred to as
Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname the ‘Lungs of the Planet' because it produces
and French Guiana.Most of the Rainforest covers more than 20% of the world's oxygen
majority of South America. The Amazon is 3.1600 ☆ It is believed that there may still be as many as
degrees South and 60.0300 degrees West. The 50 Amazon native tribes living in the rainforest
Amazon Rainforest is a tropical that have never been in contact with the rest of
rainforest and is located 2-4 degrees South of the
the world
☆ If you were caught in the rain in the Amazon  
you would have about 10 minutes to find your
umbrella. The trees are so tightly packed that   

it can take 10 minutes for the rain to reach the
ground below


As a result of being a tropical rainforest, the
Amazon's weather and climate is very hot, humid
and damp. Its average temperature is 27 degrees.
There is no seasons like Summer, Autumn, Winter
and Spring, it is just one humid season with lots of
rain. In the Amazon it rains almost all year round! At
the time where it is constantly raining, the Amazon
produces 60-180 inches of water. However, even
when precipitation is not at its most it still reaches

30-100 inches of water. In different parts of the
Amazon the rainfall varies.

Ava Austi  
AP Biology 4th Quarter Project 
April 2018  


It is estimated that approximately 40,000 different Approximately 2.5 million insects, 3,000 fish, 427 mammals,
species of plants are found in the Amazon​ rainforest. 378 reptiles, ​1,294 birds​, and 428 amphibians can be found One type of symbiotic relationship found in the
all about Amazon rainforest areas. Amazon rainforest is a relationship of mutualism
Bananas​ are found in the Amazon rainforest. They are
giant herbs that grow up to 20 feet and their blossoms Spider Monkeys ​are between leaf cutter ants and fungi. The ants
eventually form into fruits and are used for sustenance. also found in the protect the fungi from pests and predators and
An adaptation of the banana is that the stems of their Amazon and they are they feed it while the fungi provides a place for
trees are 93% water due to the abundance of water in small monkeys that the ants to store their larvae so that it is protected
the rainforest so the bananas have evolved to make use live in the tops of the
and fed. This relationship is mutualism because
of the water. trees in the rainforest
and they rarely come they help each other and both benefit. Another
Orchids​ are beautiful and delicate flowers found in this down. They can grow type of relationship is a relationship of parasitism
rainforest. They are flowers that bloom up to 14 feet up to 20 inches. An between a strangler fig and a tree. The strangler
long and come in all colors besides black. An adaptation adaptation that they fig starts growing out of the tree, downwards and
of the orchid is that they are able to grow on trees, have is the ability to jump between the trees and the ability to
which they have evolved to do because of the stay in the trees and live there and it has evolved that way upwards, and eventually wraps itself around the
abundance of trees in the rainforest giving them more because it is safer for them to stay up away from predators. tree, killing it. This is parasitism because it is only
areas that they can grow on. beneficial to one party involved.
Anacondas​ are found in the rainforest and they are large
The ​coffee plant​ is also found in the Amazon. This plant snakes that can grow up to 37 feet in length and swim in the
is technically considered a bush or a shrub, but it can Amazon River and slither on the land nearby
grow up to 40 feet tall and produces the beans that
people use for coffee drinks. Jaguar​: This is one of the Amazon rainforest's most
dangerous animals. This big cat can weigh as much as 250
Water lilies​ are the world's pounds and reach six feet in length. They will eat anything
largest flower and they can they can catch, including humans, and will swim, run (they
grow to be as big as six feet are incredibly fast), or climb a tree to catch their prey.
in diameter. They are found
in calm waters and many are Poison Dart Frogs​ are
found on the banks of the found in the Amazon
Amazon river and the many and they are a small
other bodies of water within amphibian that can
the Amazon rainforest grow up to 7 cm in
length. An adaptation
The ​cacao plant​ can be found in the Amazon, which is that these frogs have
an evergreen tree that produces pods containing cacao is how they lay their  
beans that eventually produce chocolate eggs in water. This is  
an advantage and it
The ​Kapok tree ​is the has evolved that way HUMAN IMPACT 
Amazon rainforest largest because of the abundance of water in the rainforest. Human activities have severely disturbed the
tree. The trunk of this tree amazon rainforest. Many acres have been lost
can get as big as about Manatees​ are also found in the Amazon rainforest in the each year to farming, logging, mining and
ten feet in diameter and river. They are large bodied creatures that look like whales other human endeavours. These activities
they can grow as high as that can grow up to 12 feet in length
could potentially eliminate the amazon
200 feet tall. This tree
sprouts flowers and the Piranhas​ can be found in the Amazon River in the rainforest. rainforest and as worrying as that sounds it is
smell of these flowers Piranhas are small, vicious fish that attack blood and flesh real and currently occurring in the rainforest.
attracts bats. These trees are home to a variety of and can reach a foot in length.
different species such as frogs, insects, and birds.