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Soccer Knowledge Check In!

In self space around the gym, do your best to answer the following questions. For multiple choice questions, circle the
answer that you think is correct. When you are done, return your pencil and answers to Ms. Weber and she will give you
the next activity

1. Where should your plant foot be when you kick the ball?
a. Next to the ball, pointed at the target
b. Behind the ball, not pointed at the target
c. Next to the ball, not pointed at the target

2. Why is it important to move off the ball?

a. Exercise is fun
b. To get open for the pass
c. Distract the other team

3. When dribbling the ball, why is it important to keep the ball close to your body?
a. Easier to pull awesome tricks
b. Easier for the other team to take the ball
c. More control over the ball, less of an opportunity for opponents to take the ball

4. What are the four cues of passing the ball?

a. Plant foot, loose ankle, toe ball, follow through
b. Plant foot, locked ankle, inside of foot, follow through
c. Locked ankle, toe ball, follow through

For the following questions, write your best answer in the space below. Answers do not need to be full sentences.

5. What is your favorite part about soccer so far?

6. Why is teamwork so important in a sport like soccer?

Match the following words to their definitions.

7. ____ Formation a. The only player on the field who can use their hands
8. ____ Goalkeeper b. A free shot on goal a player takes after being fouled in the box
9. ____ Defender c. The player who most often scores the goals
10. ____ Forward d. The player who helps guard the team goal, but cannot use hands
11. ____ Midfield e. The player who can be both offensive and defensive
12. ____ Penalty Kick f. This is how the players start the game and tells the positions they should
be playing

Bonus: Name one professional soccer player, male or female! ______________________________________________