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Steam turbine

1. A steam turbine receives 5,000 kg/hr of steam at 5 Mpa and 400˚C and velocity of 25 m/sec. It leaves
the turbine at 0.006 Mpa and 85% quality and velocity of 20 m/sec. radiation loss is 10,000 KJ/hr. find
the Kw developed.

A. 1273.29
B. 2173.29
C. 1373.29
D. 7231.29

2. An industrial power plant requires 1.5 kg of dry saturated steam per second at 165˚C for heating
purposes. This steam may be supplied from an extraction turbine which receives steam at 4 Mpa and
380˚C and is exhaust to condenser at the rate of 0.8 kg steam per second at 0.0034 Mpa while rejecting
1400 Kw to the cooling water. If mechanical-electrical efficiency is 95% and that the heat loss in the
turbine casing is 10 KW, calculate the power generated by the plant.

A. 2,126.44 Kw
B. 1,556.5 Kw
C. 3,123.34 Kw
D. 4,344.33 Kw

3. A steam turbine with 90% stage efficiency receives steam at 7 Mpa and 550˚C and exhausts as 20 Kpa.
Determine the turbine work.

A. 117 KJ/kg
B. 132 KJ/kg
C. 123 KJ/kg
D. 143 KJ/kg

4. A steam turbine with 90% stage efficiency receives steam at 7 Mpa and 550˚C and exhausts as 20 Kpa.
Determine the quality of the exhaust.

A. 87.45%
B. 76.34%
C. 82.34%
D. 91.69%
5. A small turbine power plant of 5,000 Kw capacity has a full load steam rate of 6 kg steam per KW-hr.
no load steam consumption may be taken as 10% of the full load steam consumption. Write the
equations of WILLANS LINE of this turbine and at 60% of rated load, calculate the hourly steam
consumption of this unit.

A. 19,100 kg/hr
B. 19,300 kg/hr
C. 19,200 kg/hr
D. 19,400 kg/hr

6. Steam flows into a turbine at the rate of 10 kg/sec and 10 Kw of the heat are lost from the turbine.
Ignoring elevation and kinetic energy effects, calculate the power output from the turbine. Inlet
enthalpy is 2739 kj/kg.

A. 4605 KW
B. 4973 KW
C. 4375 KW
D. 4000 KW

7. Steam entering the turbine has a rate of 10 kg/sec with enthalpy of 3400KJ/kg and 2600 KJ/kg at the
exhaust. If 100 Kw of heat is rejected from turbine casing, what is the turbine work?

A. 7900 KW
B. 7700 KW
C. 5600 KW
D. 5400 KW

8. A steam turbine of 6 MW capacity has a Willan’s line equation of ms= 5.5L + 3,000kg/hr. determine
the steam consumption at 70% load.

A. 3564 kg/hr
B. 3546 kg/hr
C. 26,100 kg/hr
D. 58,000 kg/hr

9. A steam turbine has an entrance enthalpy of 3050 KJ/kg. The exit has 2500 KJ/kg. Determine the
actual enthalpy after isentropic expansion if stage efficiency is 90%.
A. 1255 KJ/kg
B. 2555 KJ/kg
C. 2500 KJ/kg
D. 2000 KJ/kg

10. Steam enters a turbine at the rate of 2.5 kg/sec with enthalpy of 3200 KJ/kg and exhaust enthalpy of
1100 KJ/kg. Steam is extracted from the turbine at the rate of 1 kg/sec for heating purposes with
enthalpy of 2750 KJ/kg. What is the turbine work.

A. 2000 KW
B. 2500 KW
C. 3000 KW
D. 3600 KW

11. A steam turbine has an entrance enthalpy of 3400 KJ/kg and 2500 KJ/kg at exit. If generator
generates 2430 Kw and has 90% efficiency, what is the mass of steam entering the turbine?

A. 10,400 kg/hr
B. 10,600 kg/hr
C. 10,700 kg/hr
D. 10,800 kg/hr

12. Steam turbine in rankine cycle has an exhaust enthalpy of 2650 KJ/kg and delivers 0.8 kg/sec of
steam. Determine the heat rejected from the condenser if enthalpy at exit is 200 KJ/kg.

A. 1960 KW
B. 1940 KW
C. 1995 KW
D. 1909 KW