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Project: Fashion Show

A sample case study in the context of the PMBOK

1. Description of the project case

The couturier Karl Springer plans to present his new winter collection for the first time
in Milan. The fashion show should take place in a Palazzo located in the city centre
of Milan and the fashion show should become a spectacular event.
Karl Springer assigns Ms. Fest to organise this event as a project, Mr. Huber will
assist her. The fashion show should be detailed planned and the eye catchers of the
event will be Indian dancers. It is planned that a well-known DJ organises the music
and an after-show party will be organised. The most important tasks for the
preparation are assembling the catwalk and seats, decoration and technical
installations (light and sound system), after-show party and invitations.
The fashion show is scheduled before summer (preferably in May) and the planning
phase begins six months before.
2. Process
In order to get the project assignment you have to work on the first draft of the project
documentation. Please add necessary assumptions and describe them in detail and
keep an eye on the interpretation of the project management methods, as this might
help to clarify your assumptions regarding consistency and completeness.
3. Exercise
 Describe the project objectives. Use the form "project objectives plan" and
fill in all necessary information.
 Design a project environment graph and define strategies and measures
for the design of specific relationships to two relevant environments. Use the
forms "project environment analysis" and "project environment relationships"
and fill in all necessary information.
 Design a phase-oriented (or product-oriented) work breakdown structure (3
 Design a project organisation chart, identify the project roles. Use the form
"project organisation chart" and fill in all necessary information.
 Design a milestone plan; make useful assumptions about the project dates.
Use the form "project milestone plan" and fill in all necessary information.
 Design a project cost plan on phase level. Use the form "project cost plan"
and fill in all necessary information.

The solution

Project: Fashion show PROJECT OBJECTIVES

Type of objective Project objectives

Main objectives  The fashion show performed in a
Palazzo in the center of Milan
before summer
 The music organized by a well-
known DJ
 Indian dancers danced
 After show party performed
Additional-  Relationships of the couturier
objectives with prospect customers
 The couturier new winter
collection advertised
Non- objectives  Contracts with customers of the
couturier signed

Assumptions and interpretation

 The main objectives of the project, the achievement of which will evaluate the
success of the project, are to perform the show and the after show party with
the participation of the Indian dancer and the well known DJ.

 The improvement of the relationships of the couturier with prospect customers

and the advertisement of the couturier new winter collection and additional
objectives o the project because these situations are something desirable but
are not connected with some specific work package in the WBS.

 The project has nothing to do with the signing of a new contract of the
couturier with customers.

Project: Fashion show PROJECT ENVIRONMENT

Project Project
owner + team

+ +



Fashion Indian
show dancers’

Top models
Owner of
the hall

External Project Environments

Relationship: +positive / - negative / no sign neutral

Assumptions and interpretation

 The project environment analysis considers the relationship of the project to
its relevant environments. Relevant environments are the environments that
have an effect on the project success.
 In this project environment graphic, the project environments are structured as
project internal – environments and project external – environments. Project
internal – environments are the project owner, the project manager and the
project team and they have positive relationship with the project, because they
are interested in the project success. The suppliers of the material for the
decoration, the catwalk and the seats and the catering for the after show party
are integrated in the environment “suppliers”.
 The relationship of each environment with the project (positive, negative,
neutral) is also depicted in the chart.

Project: Fashion show PROJECT ENVIRONMENT

Environment Relationship Measures WBS -

(potential/conflict) Code
Media Neutral Inviting TV and newspapers 1.5.6
in the show
Participants Positive, as they Impress them with the 1.6.3
want to increase Indian dancers performance
their selling by
new couturier

1. Project Fashion

1.2.Planning the the show 1.6. Performing
1.1.Project 1.4 Preparing 1.5 Preparing the show and
rent and the the show
arrangement of the hall follow- up
the 1.3.1.Planning
the invitation of 1.4.1.Discussing
1.2.1.Planning top models agency and signing the 1.5.1.Inviting 1.6.1.Performing
contracts of the hall
1.1.1Project the contracts for and agreeing with
the top models
the top models
assigned the hall demonstration

1.3.2.Planning 1.4.2.Contracts
1.1.2.Project 1.2.2.Planning
the invitation of
DJ for the hall signed 1.5.2.Inviting 1.6.2.Performing
start and agreeing with the music
assembling the DJ
catwalk and
1.1.3.Project g assembling of 1.6.3.Performing
coordination 1.3.3.Planning the the catwalk and 1.5.3.Inviting
1.2.3.Planning invitation of Indian seats
the Indians dancers
technical and agreeing with demonstration
dancers agency Indian dancers
controlling 1.4.4.Implement 1.6.4.Performing
1.2.4.Planning 1.3.4.Planning ing assembling of
the after show
the invitation of the catwalk and
participants seats 1.5.4.Inviting party
the participants
close- down 1.6.5.The after
1.3.5 Invitation 1.4.5.Preparing
of participants technical 1.5.5.The show party
installations participants
1.1.6.Project invited
approved 1.6.6.Reassembl
1.4.6.Inmplemt ing the catwalk and
1.3.6.Planning the
ing technical seats
invitation of the TV and installations
newspapers the TV and
5 1.4.7.Preparing 1.6.7.Rearraning
decoration and cleaning up the
the after show
1.5.7.Preparing hall
the after show
party 1.4.8.Implement party
ing decoration
Assumptions and interpretation

 The work breakdown structure is phase-oriented. Project management is

represented as a function in the second level because project management sub
processes, project start, project coordination, project controlling and project
close-down, are performed parallel to the tasks concerning the content.
 The milestones, although not obligatory, are shown in this graph to give a
better view.
 The coding of the WBS is also used in all other project management

Project: Fashion show MILESTONE PLAN

WBS- Milestone Plan date Revised date Actual date

1.1.1 Project assigned 01.11.2008

1.3.5 Invitation of participants planned 10.12.2009

1.4.2 Contract for the hall signed 10.01.2009

1.5.5 The participants invited 01.04.2009

1.6.5 The after show party performed 15.05.2009

1.1.6 Project approved 15.06.2009

Assumptions and interpretation

 It is assumed that project start lasts about 2 weeks and the planning of the
show begins at 15.11.2008, six months before the performance of the fashion
 So the project is assigned in the 1st of November 2008 and approved in the 15th
of June 2009. It is assumed that the follow-up phase close-down process last
one month (2 weeks the follow up phase and 2 weeks for the close down
 Between two adjacent milestones there is a period of at least 15 days so as a
project controlling may be performed.

Project Organization Chart
Project owner

Sub team decoration

Worker Project team

Decorato Project
Worker 2 r manager


Technicia relations
n expert
4 Indian
d Top
Sub team technical works models
y agency

Sub team performance

Assumptions and interpretation

 The project organization chart represents the project organization structure. In

the project organization the roles of the project organization and their
relationships are shown.
 The project owner is Mr. Karl Springer and the project manager is Ms Fest.
 Mr. Huber is a member of the project team.
 The project team includes 5 members, including project manager.
 There are 3 sub-teams, the sub team for the decoration, the sub team for
technical works (assembling of the catwalk and the seats and making the
technical installations) and the sub team for the performance, each coordinated
by the corresponding team member.
 The organization represent in this project organization chart is an “integrated
project organization”. The representatives of the relevant environments, DJ,
Indian dancers agency and top models agency, have been integrated in the sub-
team performance, in order to have a better coordination of them working as a


WBS- Type of cost Quantity Unit Planned cost

Code price
1.1  Personnel
o Project manager 3d 500€ 1.500€
o Project team 5d 400€ 2.000€
Total 3.500€
1.2  Personnel
o Project team 5d 400€ 2.000€
Total 2.000€
1.3  Personnel
o Project team 5d 400€ 2.000€
Total 2.000€
1.4  Personnel
o Project team 10 d 400€ 4.000€
 Material
o Catwalk 1.000€
o Seats 2.000€
o Decoration 1.000€
o Technical installations 3.000€
 External services
o Workers
30 d 70€ 2.100€
1.5  Personnel
o Project team 10 d 400€ 4.000€
 Material
o Invitations for the 500 p 2€ 1.000€
 External services

Total 5.000€
1.6  Personnel
o Project team 5d 400€ 2.000€
 External services
o Top models agency 2000€
o DJ 500€
o Indian dancers agency 2.000€
o Catering 100 p 10€ 1.000€
6d 70€ 420€
o Workers


Project 33.550€

Assumptions and interpretation

 The remuneration of the project manager and the project team is included in
the personal costs. The day rate of the project manager is assumed to be 500€
and that of the project team member 400€
 The remuneration of the workers, the DJ, the top models and Indian dancers
are included in the external services. The day rate for a worker is assumed to
be 70€
 The cost of project management is assumed 10 – 11 % of the total cost of the

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WBS Chart Pro

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