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org • May 3, 2018 • Volume 31, Number 17

Worship Looking Ahead

Services • Sunday, May 6: Donut Sunday in
Four unique Cornerstone Coffee Shop & MUMC
worship Hosts Central Methodist Choir at
opportunities 10:30am service
are offered on • May 9: Prayer Shawl Meeting at
Sunday. 1:30pm in the Parlor.
• Sunday, May 20: Honoring Our High
School Graduates during worship,
followed by a reception after the
McMurry 10:30am service
Chapel • Sunday, June 3: Donut Sunday in
Informal worship Cornerstone Coffee Shop
with a personal • June 8-10: Missouri Annual
touch. Sharing Conference in Springfield, Mo.
prayer concerns • Sunday, June 10: Hot Summer Night’s
is welcomed. Concert (7pm at Missouri Theatre)
The Missouri United Methodist Choirs,
9:15am under the direction of Dr. Tim Coday,
Sanctuary will join forces with Maestro Kirk
Contemporary Trevor and the Missouri Symphony
worship that Orchestra for a Hot Summer Night’s
includes a Concert at the Missouri Theater. The
children’s time,
Praise Band.
concert will feature Ralph Vaughn-
Williams’ Serenade to Music.
The Two Meals of
• Sunday, July 1: MUMC Blood Drive in Easter
10:30am the Atrium 8:30am-12:30pm
• Sunday, July 1: Donut Sunday in By Fred Leist, Lead Pastor
Cornerstone Coffee Shop Easter is bracketed by two meals
• July 29-Aug. 3: Vacation Bible School that are significant metaphors for
worship with
Rolling River Rampage! Find more info living the Christian life. The meals
music from the
and registration at moumc.org/vbs are the Last Supper and the last
breakfast. We are familiar with the Last Supper. Its
reenactment on Maundy Thursday is part of our Holy Week
7pm observance. When we celebrate Holy Communion, as
Cornerstone we will do this Sunday, we are connecting to the drama
Coffee Shop of the upper room and the meal that Christ shared as a
Contemporary symbol of his sacrifice of love on the cross.
worship led
But, there is another meal that goes with Easter. We can
by the Ignite
call it the last breakfast. The Gospel of John records that
College Age
Jesus appeared to the disciples by the Sea of Tiberias and
Ministry Team.
served them a breakfast of fish and bread. (John 21)
Donut Sunday is May 6 in It was at this meal that Jesus asked Peter three times,
our Cornerstone Coffee “Do you love me?” Some interpret this trifold questioning
Shop, and the Mission for as a graceful redemption for Peter after he denied his
May: All tips are donated Lord three times.
to our Youth Summer
Mission Trips. (continued on page 2)
(continued from page 1)
May 6: MUMC to Host Central
In the days after Jesus ascended into Heaven I imagine
that the disciples often thought about both the Last Methodist Choir
Supper and the last breakfast. Perhaps as time went by, Central Methodist University’s Conservatory Singers, under
they began to think of these two meals as two occasions the direction of Dr. Laura Wiebe, will present choral music
of centering their discipleship. At both meals Jesus had throughout this Sunday’s 10:30 worship service. The group
nourished their weakness and uncertainly with his love of 45 singers presents choral literature of all styles, and is
and teaching. At the Last Supper he fed them to draw comprised of both music and non-music majors.
them together. At the last breakfast he fed them to
send them out. At the Last Supper he affirmed what had
been received from him – his body and blood. At the last
breakfast he reminded them what they were to give to
others by challenging Peter to “feed my sheep.”
These two meals have Easter at the center of them. It’s
not possible to separate the two. One meal continues to
feed our souls; the other calls us to feed others.
Speaking of Easter and discipleship, this Sunday we will
continue our FUEL: Faith Unleashed in Everyday Life,
message series. We’ll be looking at the first of five big
catalysts that God consistently uses drive and power our
growth in faith and take our discipleship to deeper levels.
Seekers Class in May
Jim Bryan will be leading the Seekers Class for the four
I hope to see you in worship as we get into the real heart Sundays in May. The first two weeks will be a discussion of
of this series. LGBTQ issues. In 2019, the United Methodist denomination
will be facing major changes regarding the LGBTQ
May 9: Prayer Shawl Meeting community. We could review what has happened and what
Prayer shawl ministry will meet Wednesday, May 9 at will be proposed next March at General Conference 2019
1:30pm in the parlor. Bring your completed shawls for in St. Louis.
blessing. If you or a loved one is in need of a prayer shawl The title for the second two Sundays is called Questions
contact Linda Brown at elaighbee@gmail.com or the You Always Wanted to Ask. Class members will provide
church office. Jim questions they have about the Bible, the church,
some aspect of theology, practical or moral living. During
Hospital Calls/Pastoral Visits these two classes Jim will pick out three or four of those
Hospitals do not inform churches/pastors when a questions and give a Biblical background and some kind of
parishioner is admitted. That practice was discontinued modern assessment to help people understand.
as a consequence of HIPAA legislation. Therefore, we ask
All interested adults are welcome to join the Seekers
that you alert the church office when you are admitted to
Class each Sunday in room 302 at 9:15am.
a hospital, when you will have a scheduled hospital stay or
when you would like to receive a pastoral visit. The same
would hold true when you learn of someone else in our Container Project Needs Loaders
church family experiencing health and/or life challenges. Container Project will be sending their next shipment
Your pastoral staff wants to walk with you and remind you of resources to Rainbow Network on May 11. Helpers
of God’s love and grace at such times. Someone is available are needed to load the 40-foot sea going container to
throughout the week to make hospital calls and pastoral Nicaragua at 9am at the Mobility Worldwide warehouse,
visits. After hours, you can email or leave a voice mail at 1908 Heriford Rd. There are hundreds of boxes of
443-3111 that we can pick up the next work weekday. clothing, shoes, school and medical supplies, tires, sewing
machines and more. Families in the 164 villages where
Want to Serve at Loaves & Fishes? Rainbow serves will be most grateful.
Missouri UMC forms teams to serve at Loaves and Fishes
the second Saturday of every month. These volunteers Discounted Burial Plots Available
help prepare and serve a warm meal, and are encouraged A private donor has gifted MUMC’s Memorial Prayer Garden
to spend time getting to know the guests. Loaves and with four burial plots in Memorial Park Cemetery, located
Fishes, located at Wilkes Boulevard UMC, is a ministry at 1217 Business Loop 70 W. They are valued at $2,195
that provides a nutritious meal for the people of our each, but the Garden committee will sell them for $1,900
community. The impact of this ministry is far reaching, as each, first come, first served. If you are interested in
100-120 meal servings are provided every night. To lend a purchasing a plot, please contact one of these committee
hand drop us an email at contact.us@moumc.org. members: Dave Babel (dlbabel@aol.com), Doug Henderson
(dchenderson415@hotmail.com) or Phyllis Miller (millerp@
2 MISSOURI UNITED METHODIST CHURCH May 3, 2018 - Vol. 31, No. 17
Week of May 7 - May 12
growing deeply
MONDAY: Matthew 7:24-29 Life-Long Learning
To be a life-long learner is to recognize that we can always grow in our knowledge. “Practical Teaching”- May 6
No one ever reaches an end-point to educational growth. Scripture: Matthew 7:24-29 (NLT)
REFLECTION: Reflect on your formal education. Did you stop learning or seeking
information when your school days ended, or did you continue to learn? “Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person
who builds a house on solid rock. Though the rain comes in torrents and the
TUESDAY: Matthew 7:24-29 Knowing and Growing floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse
To know something is not necessarily the same as understanding it. Understanding because it is built on bedrock. But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t
is not necessarily the same as internalizing. obey it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand. When the rains
CONSIDER: Have you ever learned a fact, but did not truly understand it or and floods come and the winds beat against that house, it will collapse with a
understand how to use the knowledge? Consider the sequence from knowing to mighty crash.”
understanding, to internalization.
When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his
WEDNESDAY: Matthew 7:24-29 Information = Gathering teaching, for he taught with real authority—quite unlike their teachers of
Information is important in every aspect of our lives. What we know guides our religious law.
next steps. New Living Translation (NLT)
CONSIDER: Consider a time when you gathered facts about an idea or a process. Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2007, 2013, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of
Tyndale House Publishers Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.
Now consider what happened next: did you apply what you learned, or did you let
the information stagnate and did not use it for any purpose?
THURSDAY: Matthew 7:24-29 Formation = Using
Unless we take the information that we have and use it to form our decision-
making and our actions, we have gone only half of the journey.
REFLECTION: Reflect on a learning process that you encountered. When you took
the information and applied it, how was your experience enhanced?

FRIDAY: Matthew 7:24-29 Foundations

The writer of Matthew likens a solid spiritual foundation to choosing a location for
the building of a house. We should seek a personal relationship with Christ and
build our lives on his foundational teachings.
CONSIDER: Consider the foundations of your life – physical, emotional, and
spiritual. Is your life built on sturdy foundations? If so, consider what creates the
strength. Is your life built on weak foundations? If so, consider what needs to be

SATURDAY: Matthew 7:24-29 Teaching With Authority

Jesus taught with understanding and authority because he was linked to God in
powerful ways. Jesus was the embodiment of God’s love and grace.
PRAYER: God of knowledge and understanding, as Scripture guides us and as Jesus
teaches us, help us to be life-long learners of your Word. Read or subscribe to the weekly guide at moumc.org/grow
Printed copies are available at the Connector Desk.
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Great Investment…Huge Dividends! Help Us Honor Our Grads!

We are seeking “shareholders” who are willing to make Honoring our Graduating HS
an investment in the lives of our youth here at MUMC. Our Seniors!
youth have two mission trips scheduled for this Summer. On Sunday, May 20, we will
Middle School youth are going to Heifer International recognize our graduating
in Perryville, Arkansas. High School Youth are going to High School Seniors in all of
Parsons, Kansas where they will partner with Group our morning worship services
Missions. You can buy a “share” for $25, with the proceeds and host a reception in their
being used to help underwrite the expenses of those honor following our 10:30am
youth mission trips. This is a great investment that will Sanctuary Worship Service.
pay huge dividends. Help us reach our goal of 100 shares If you have a graduating senior in your family, please
in support of these fine young people. Later this Summer, contact Teressa in the church office at communications@
the youth will invite you to a reception and will share moumc.org. She will gather information and pictures for a
stories of how their mission trips impacted their lives and slide presentation honoring our graduates. We don’t want
shaped their Christian discipleship. Please designate your to leave anyone out, so please let us know about your
donation “Summer Youth Mission Trips.” graduate!

Vacation Bible School July 29-August 3

Join us for the ride of your lifetime with God! Your rafting adventure will
include inspiring Bible stories, amazing science, fun music, creative crafts,
and rowdy recreation.
Your opportunities to sign up for the excitement will be this Sunday,
April 29th. Please stop by the promotion corner in the connector to find
opportunities for everyone, including volunteers that want to help bring
God’s love to life. See you there!

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