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Menttor Cons

DFT Services
S s

Major Serv
vice Offerings
• Assessmennt of customer’s exist-
ing DFT m methodology annd flow
• Foundationnal skill buildiing on the
Tessent MMentor BIST floow
• Modeling workshop, dettailing the
constructs of the memoryy models
needed to create good M MBIST
• Integrationn of the Tessennt
Memory B BIST flow into a
customer’ss existing DFT T flow
• Execution of a pilot project
solidifyingg the knowledgge, skills
and practicces for future pprojects.

Key Custo
omer Benefits
• Increased pprobability of first pass
The Tessennt product suite provides
p compreehensive silicon test and yield annalysis
solutions that
t address the challenges of maanufacturing tesst, debug, and yieeld ramp for • Optimal inntegration into existing
today’s So
oCs. Build on thee foundation of th
his powerful testt flow with experrienced flow
Mentor coonsultants. • Gained knnowledge of tecchnol-
ogies and mmethodologiess
• Integrationn with existingg DFT
methodoloogies and flow

Helping You Adopt Market-leading These changges are, by theirr nature, a one-time
Silicon Test
T Solutio
ons eveent. The best wway to avoid mmaking bad choices, or
The quuality of integrrated circuit tesst has always connsuming valuaable resources aand time definiing new
directly im
mpacted a produ uct’s success inn the onnes, is to introduuce someone innto the processs who has
marketplacce. With every y reduction in silicon
s donne it before. Soomeone with eexperience withh the
geometriess, preventing defective parts fromf shipping, or proocesses, as welll as a deep undderstanding off the
being sent to the next levvel of configuraation, becomess a tecchnologies assoociated with addvanced IC testt.
greater chaallenge. Just to maintain existting standards
may requirre on-going pro ocess modificaations. New Mentor Consulting has a w worldwide orgaanization
requiremen nts for advanceed fault modelss such as path of highly experieenced, solutionn-driven consulltants who
delay, deteerministic bridgging and timing g-aware each cann make a drammatic differencee in a team’s abbility to
demand tim me in a learning curve and deefining maanage the DFT T process. Workking side by sidde with
methodolo ogies to insert thhe new tests innto existing cusstomers on all aspects of DFT T, the consultaants offer
systems. cusstomized soluttions and structtured processess that
moove transitions forward with m much more speeed and
Transiitions, even neccessary ones, introduce risk. quuality, and withh less cost, effoort and risk.
Making ch hoices in processs and tools maay result in
unexpected d costs, resourcce requirementts or slipped With direct llinks to the Meentor graphics DDFT
schedules. These costs caan have an imp pact during the prooduct design teeam, the consuultants have a riich
transitions,, but also durin
ng each IC projject. bacckground on laatest technologgies, along withh design
knowledgee only gained by
b working on the
t industry’s im
mplementation, seeing the bennefits from youur first pilot
largest and
d most complex
x projects. prooject.

Mentoor consultants have

h the experiience to Mentor Consulting DFT Seervices has hellped many
contribute at any level off the DFT part of your projectt, commpanies meet their design gooals by providiing
from full project
p management to assisting your design n expperienced conssultants and prooven solutionss. The goal
engineers with
w specific keyk takes. The DFTD Services of Mentor Consuulting is the sam me as the custoomer’s:
consultantss approach eacch project with the commitmeent briinging designs in on-time andd on-spec in waays that
to deliver the
t most effecttive applicationn of DFT aree faster, better and at less cosst.
technology y appropriate to
o the design.
hort Term a
and Long Te
erm Deployment
Silicon Diagnosis
D fo
or Volume Se
Using these latest too
ols and methoddologies, DFT Mentor Consulting can quiickly deploy annd
Services co
onsultants can assist with deb
bug and inttegrate new tecchnologies, andd continue to provide
diagnosis of
o your test proogram and initiial silicon. DFFT services thrrough long-term m engagementss. Our
connsultants, expeerts in advanceed methodologiies and
If you have high volu umes and high h yield Meentor Graphicss tools, becomee vital to the coontinual
requiremen nt, our consultaants can assist with the setup im
mprovement proocess, helping eengineers to m more
and use of our Yield diag gnosis tools to help
h you achieeve quuickly transitionn to new technologies that meeet the
this, without the cost of physical
p FA eqquipment. dem mands of ever more complexx designs.

g with New Fault
F Modells nowledge T
Kn Transfer
Increaase the overall test
t quality of youry design Every custommized solutionn and structuredd process
using somee of the industrry’s latest faultt modeling inccludes a commmitment to passiing our knowleedge of
techniquess. Mentor consu ultants can help p with tecchnologies andd methodologiees to the custom mer. In this
g from transition faults bridgin ng and even ceell waay, engineeringg teams receivee the skills andd
aware tech
hnology. infformation needded to plan andd manage futuree projects,
andd the continuattion of best praactices..
Memory BIST Foundations
When selecting the new n Tessent MemoryBIST
M fo
the first tim
me or transitionning from Men ntor Graphics
MBISTArcchitect, Mentorr consulting wiill make you Ab
bout Mentor Consultin
more produ uctive with theese new tools as
a quickly as Mentor Consulting providees customers w with
possible. The
T Foundation n package can cover
c all aspeccts exccellence and exxpertise in elecctronic design
of getting upu to speed witth the tools, moodules on the auttomation infrasstructure and m methodology. IIt is the
flow, modeeling, integration and work on a live projectt onnly service partnner in the induustry that investts in the
can be inclluded. traansfer of knowlledge to its cusstomers to ensuure a
mooth deployment and integraation of new toools and
Logic BIIST First Ste
eps meethods. Mentorr Consulting soolutions are enggaged
Becomming familiar with
w Logic BIS ST can be a woorldwide by forrward-looking electronics com mpanies to
daunting proposition. Wee can show you u what makes a opttimize design pproductivity annd advance adooption of
successful Logic BIST im mplementation, helping you thee latest industryy design best ppractices.
d the full Tesseent flow, the deetails of the
y and library reequirements. For more iinformation, contact or vissit
ue BIST Intro
oduction ww
ww.mentor.ccom/consultin ng.
Analogue BIST is a new and excitiing technology y
which can help formalizee the testing off your analoguee
mixed sign nal designs. Meentor Consultinng will show you
the steps to
o your first cleaan analogue BIIST

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