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Ascension Activation ~Seven Mighty Archangels:

In meditation, call forth Archangel Michael and call forth a downpouring of his
energies of protection with help from his legion of angels.
]Secondly, call forth Archangel Jophiel and request the ascension energies of
illumination and wisdom. Then call forth Archangel Chamuel and request the
ascension energies of love, tolerance, and gratitude. Call forth Archangel Gabriel
and request the ascension energies of resurrection and purity. Call forth
Archangel Raphael and request the ascension energies of concentration and truth.
Call forth Archangel Uriel and request the ascension energies of peace and
devotion. Call forth Archangel Zadkiel and call forth the ascension energies of
culture, refinement, diplomacy, ordered service, and the ascension itself. Call
forth Archangel Metatron and the combined forces of the seven above-mentioned
Archangels and request an ascension acceleration the likes of which you have
never received before. Request that they remain with you and work with you on a
full-time basis until you complete your ascension and seven levels of initiation.
Request Light quotient building and the anchoring of your higher chakras and
your twelve strands of DNA. Call forth a balancing of the feminine and masculine
energies within yourself from the feminine counterparts of these Archangels,
Faith, Christine, Charity, Hope, Mother Mary, Aurora, and Amethyst. Request a
balancing of your four-body system and request that a pink rose appear in your
heart. Call forth, specifically, your ascension angels to help you in these
activations and openings. Call forth, finally, a rain of blessings from the seraphim,
cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and
angels for yourself, your group, all of humanity, and the Earth herself
(from ‘Beyond Ascension, How to Complete the Seven Levels of Initiation, by
Joshua David Stone)

Calling For Protection Every Day

I cannot emphasise strongly enough the importance of praying and asking for
protection every day, as well as creating it yourself. Even after you have had all
your alien implants removed, you can be totally implanted again. I used to be
under the assumption that once they were removed you did not have to be
concerned about them. This is not true, however… Once they are removed, if you
do not ask for protection every day and every night, they can get back in. The
protection you ask for is not just against alien implants but is also against all
other forms of negativity. There is so much negativity in this world. I suggest that
you call to Vywamus and Archangel Michael every day to place a golden dome of
protection around you, especially upon getting up in the morning and even more
importantly, before going to bed… You are not naturally a victim of negative
extraterrestrials, or any other form of negativity on the astral plane, or in this
plane, or if people on this plane, or even of your own subconscious mind. You are
only a victim if you allow yourself to be. If you own your own power and create
your protection then, in truth, you have nothing to be concerned about
(from ‘Beyond Ascension, How to Complete the Seven Levels of Initiation, by
Joshua David Stone)

Golden Dome Of Protection:

Call forth to Vywamus, Archangel Michael, and Djwhal Khul to place a golden
dome of protection around you at all times. Request that Vywamus bring forth his
golden hands moving them through your fields to remove all alien implants,
elementals, negative entities, imbalanced energies, and etheric mucus
(From ‘The Complete Ascension Manual’, by Joshua David Stone)

The Use Of Burning Pots :
A burning pot is for the purpose of clearing the negative energy and dark clouds
that sometimes gather in the home or workplace. You can do this in each room of
your home as often as once a week. The burning pot is just a small… pot or any
container that can hold fire and which you will use only for this purpose. Into the
small pot sprinkle just enough Epsom Salts to cover the bottom. Just a few
tablespoons is sufficient. Over that, pour enough rubbing alcohol to just cover the
Epsom salts… Set the pot on a trivet or some kind of insulating material to
protect the surface it is sitting on, as the pot gets very hot. Then light a match
and drop it into the pot. The flames will burn up about a foot high and are very
beautiful. You might also envision it drawing any negativity from you as well as
from the room and surroundings. No other method I know of will cleanse the
negativity from your home as effectively as this, not even sage or incense.
Burning sage and incense certainly has its effects, but they are different from the
effects of the burning pot. Having a clear energy space is essential for advanced
and accelerated ascension work (from ‘Beyond Ascension, How to Complete the
Seven Levels of Initiation, by Joshua David Stone, )

Arcturian Protection:
They have advanced technologies that can be called forth for personal protection.
It is a kind of frequency technology that can protect your energy fields. They are
happy to help in this regard but must be asked and given permission to help you
before they will do anything (from ‘Beyond Ascension, How to Complete the
Seven Levels of Initiation, by Joshua David Stone)

Archangel Michael’s Blue Flame Armour Shield:

One of the most important factors on the spiritual path is the issue of protection
… When your shielding needs bolstering or just to start your day, call forth
Archangel Michael to place his blue flame armour shield around you. Some refer
to it as his blue flame or armour ball. It serves to dissolve all negative thought
forms that are not in the Light of God (from ‘Beyond Ascension, How to Complete
the Seven Levels of Initiation, by Joshua David Stone, )

The Crystalline Ankh:

Call to Isis, Horus, Osiris, and Thoth for a crystalline ankh that you will wear
around your neck. This will serve to energise your entire aura and seal your
existing Light to make sure there is no leakage (from ‘Beyond Ascension, How to
Complete the Seven Levels of Initiation, by Joshua David Stone, )

Sanat Kumara’s Shield Of The Sun:

For those of you who are having a lot of trouble with negative energies and
forces, call to Sanat Kumara and request a gift of one of his Shields of the Sun.
This shield will enlarge upon insertion and protect all of the chakras (from
‘Beyond Ascension, How to Complete the Seven Levels of Initiation, by Joshua
David Stone, )

Djwhal Khul’s Golden Orb:

In meditation, call to Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and ask for a gift of his
Golden Orb necklace. Continuous wearing of this necklace will automatically keep
all of the etheric nadis and energy meridians sealed and will also prevent you
from losing Light (from ‘Beyond Ascension, How to Complete the Seven Levels of
Initiation, by Joshua David Stone,)

Arcturian Protection
With their advanced technology, the Arcturians are able to send protective
energies to surround you if you request them. They also have an advanced
Arcturian technology that you wear on a chain around your neck. It looks like a

circular golden pill box. When the pill box is opened it provides extra protection.
The Arcturians gave them to Caryn and me to wear on the fronts and backs of
our bodies. They said if we wanted to we could leave them open all the time.
There are many different necklaces that are worn over the chakras. Let the
Arcturians or Masters place them wherever they feel the necklaces would help
you the most. All of these spiritual amulets work together and there is no danger
of wearing too many, as there would be if you were wearing physical jewellery of
this kind. Some of them need to be activated each day. As you are dressing, also
put on and activate your spiritual amulets. Just think of them and say, “Activate”
(from ‘Beyond Ascension, How to Complete the Seven Levels of Initiation, by
Joshua David Stone, )

Jesus’ Necklace Of Protection:

In meditation, call to the Master Jesus and request that he place around your
neck his Necklace of Rejuvenation. It is pink, green, and gold in colour and serves
to help the physical body rejuvenate in conjunction with health affirmations. It
also helps to build Light quotient (from ‘Beyond Ascension, How to Complete the
Seven Levels of Initiation, by Joshua David Stone

Sanat Kumara’s Golden Medallion:

Request in meditation, from Sanat Kumara, a gift of one of his most sublime
Golden Medallions of the Sun. It will be placed around your neck as a necklace. It
will connect you directly with the Great Central Sun and will also serve as a
protective amulet. Just as humans on Earth wear physical jewellery, it is
important to wear certain spiritual jewellery on your spiritual bodies. Each kind of
jewellery has a specific function in the acceleration of your spiritual evolution
(from ‘Beyond Ascension, How to Complete the Seven Levels of Initiation, by
Joshua David Stone,)

Electromagnetic Protection:
To protect yourself from low-grade electromagnetic frequencies, I recommend
getting a Telsa watch. It is a special kind of watch invented by Nikola Telsa that
actually creates an electrical field around you that protects you from the energy
leakages from TV sets, computers, power-lines, and so on. If you go to your
neighbourhood homeopathic pharmacy or metaphysical bookstore you can buy
different kinds of copper coils that are much cheaper and that also work. You can
just carry them in your pocket or wear them as a necklace. Your homeopathic
pharmacist will know what I am talking about (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by Joshua

Bath Time:

An Epsom salts and baking soda bath has an absolutely fantastic effect, clearing
out radiation and low-grade electromagnetic frequencies from your field as well
as any lingering hypnotic connections with other people (from ‘Soul Psychology’,
by Joshua Stone,)

Mental Armour
I would like to recommend… what Christian Science has called putting on your
mental armour. This is something that should be done every morning when you
get up and any other time you feel the need for it. Just as you put on physical
clothes every morning, it is also important to put on your psychological and
spiritual clothes. This means putting on your personal power, self-mastery,
invulnerability, unconditional love, attunement to God, self-love, and
centeredness. In other words, you physically clothe yourself in the psychological

attributes you want to wear that day. This must be done consciously and with
intent each morning… Visualise any ~ or all ~ of the following: A bubble of
protection around yourself; a protective tube of Light surrounding you; a
grounding chord; your chakras being lighted up in their appropriate colours; a
robe of Light and vitality; a sword as a symbol of your personal power; a symbol
such as a rose in your heart to show self-love and love for others (from ‘Soul
Psychology’, by Joshua Stone, )

Protection Prayer:
one of my favourite prayers of protection is one by Isabelle Hickey: “I ask and
pray to be clothed with a robe of Light composed of the love, wisdom, and power
of God, not only for my protection, but so that all who see it or come in contact
with it will be drawn to God and be healed” (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by Joshua

Protection Of Archangel Michael:

, PWhenever you desire protection it is very important to call on Archangel
Michael and his legions of Angels of Protection. Archangel Michael’s specific
purpose is to provide this protection for Lightworkers when asked. This can be
visualised by using a blue ray of protective Light (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by
Joshua Stone)

Djwhal Khul’s Golden Egg Protection:

Djwhal Khul has recommended visualising a golden egg and then painting the
outside of the egg black, should you want super-protection. Leave a little hole at
the very top of the egg for the tube of Light and your antakarana that connects
you with your soul, monad, the ascended masters, and God (from ‘Soul
Psychology’, by Joshua Stone, )

Chanting Into Crystals:

If you feel you are under psychic attack or if you feel negative energy around
you, one of the most powerful tools of protection is to hold a crystal or a piece of
jewellery that has a lot of your energy in it and chant the name Elohim or Jesus
Christ for fifteen minutes. This can be done silently or out loud. Repeating the
name of God and visualising God’s form while you do it is a sure-fire method of
removing all negative energy from your field. I recommend doing this as a daily
practice even if you don’t need protection… If someone touches your jewellery,
use the Light invocation of Deal Walker, the crystal man: “I invoke the Light of
the Christ, I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my guide”. Hold your
jewellery, say this mantra three times out loud, and channel the Christ Light
vibration back into the jewellery to cleanse and spiritualise it. The soul/ monad
mantra is good for this also. The most common protective tool is just to call forth
the white Light. All you have to do is make the request to your soul and it will
immediately come pouring in (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by Joshua Stone)

Red Rose Protection:

When you are arou 1nd people who are negative, visualise a glass window in
front of you. In serious cases put up a brick wall. The Berkeley Psychic Institute
uses the protective device of imagining a red rose in front of you, protecting you.
When negative energy comes toward you, the flower will absorb it and start to
wilt. When it does put up a new rose. If you want you can put a ring of roses all
round yourself. Check the roses two or three times a day when you are dealing
with a lot of negative energy (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by Joshua Stone)

Protective Mantra/ Visualisation:

One of the most powerful mantras you can use is the soul/ monad mantra made

known by Djwhal Khul: “I am the soul/ monad, I am the Light Divine, I am love, I
am Will, I am Fixed Design”… You can chant just the name of the spiritual master
or saint you have the most affinity for and visualise his or her form while doing it.
You can also visualise his or her form descending and superimposing itself on
your body; or you can miniaturise the form and place it within your heart (from
‘Soul Psychology’, by Joshua Stone,)

A Ring of Masters:
When feeling negative energy around you before bed, call forth and visualise the
ascended masters around your bed in a protective circle, and ask them to serve
as guards and sentinels (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by Joshua Stone)

Imaginary Crystals:
You can… place a grid of crystals, either in your imagination or in physical form,
around your bed, and program them for your purpose (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by
Joshua Stone)

A Shower Of Light:
When you feel negative energy in your aura, do your soul/ monad mantra and
then call forth from your soul, monad, God, and the ascended masters a shower
of Light to pour down your antakarana, or rainbow bridge. In essence you are
taking a Light shower. When you ask for this Light shower, you can also ask that
the Light fill your room, your entire house, and the homes of people you love.
There is no limit to the Light. It is an inexhaustible supply. It is there for the
asking. If you really want to clear your aura, do the soul mantra and then say,
“In the name of the Christ I call forth the spiritual vortex”. Visualise a vortex
coming down from your monad and moving through your entire auric field,
clearing away all auric debris. This is not just imagination; it will actually be
there. The power of the mind is incredible, and it is even more powerful when you
invoke the soul or mighty I Am Presence to help (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by
Joshua Stone)

Protective Signs: Other effective tools are to make the sign of the cross, the sign
of the pentagram, or the sign of the Qabalistic Cross. These may seem kind of
superstitious and not that effective, but there is enormous power in these psychic
and spiritual techniques (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by Joshua Stone)

The Rosary Of The Virgin Mary:

Another extraordinarily powerful prayer is the Rosary of the Virgin Mary. “ Let us
Pray. O God, whose only begotten Son, by his life, death, and resurrection has
purchased for us the rewards of eternal life, grant, we beseech Thee, that
meditating upon these mysteries in the most Holy Rosary of the Blessed virgin
Mary, we may imitate what they contain, and obtain what they promise: through
the same Christ our Lord. Amen” (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by Joshua Stone)

Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind:

Probably the most important protective mechanism of all is a psychological
understanding of denial and affirmation. A Course in Miracles says, “Deny any
thought that is not of God to enter your mind”. If you do this one thing, you will
automatically be protected. The thoughts can be coming from your subconscious,
a possessing entity, or from other people in the world. If you push these thoughts
out of your mind and replace them with positive affirmations, your subconscious
mind will be reprogrammed within twenty-one days (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by
Joshua Stone)

Boundaries Protection:
When you are dealing with someone with whom you need to maintain a

boundary, imagine yourself in a circle. Then imagine, around the person you need
the boundary with, another circle that is touching but not entering your circle. Do
this with golden Light and make it a thick line. The two circles end up looking like
a figure eight… Then draw a line of blue Light within the golden Light. I would
enlarge upon this by suggesting that the two circles could be made into two
golden spheres of Light with blue inside of them for even more protection (from
‘Soul Psychology’, by Joshua Stone)

Prayer For Exorcism [1]:

If a person you know is possessed, say the following prayer: “Oh beloved God,
Christ, Holy Spirit, Mighty I Am, Presence, my monad, my soul, Sathya Sai Baba,
Babaji, Jesus Christ, Master Djwhal Khul, Vywamus, ascended masters, and any
other saint or spiritual master on the spiritual plane. You are healed and forgiven.
You are one with your soul and the higher self. You are filled with the love of God.
You are filled and surrounded with the Light of God. You are free from fear and
suffering and free from the vibration of the Earth Plane. I ask the above-
mentioned spiritual masters and God himself to take you to your rightful place.
Go in peace”. Say this prayer three times with full power after doing your soul
mantra first. In very serious cases you can call an organisation called the
Teaching of the Inner Christ in San Diego; someone there will guide you to a
minister who will perform the needed exorcism. The phone number is [619] 233-
7745 (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by Joshua Stone)

Prayer For Exorcism [2]:

A good prayer for exorcising a possessing entity is found in Isabelle Hickey’s
book, It’s All Right: “In the name and through the power of Jesus Christ, leave
my magnetic field and go back to the Source and be lifted up into the Light”. A
prayer she recommended for protection is, “In the center of all Light I stand.
Nothing can touch me there” (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by Joshua Stone)

A Pyramid Of Light:
Another good visualisation for protection is to see yourself in a pyramid of Light.
Sai Baba has referred to this as a divine buffer (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by Joshua

Negative Feelings:
If you are dealing with a negative feeling, visualise yourself vomiting it up and
killing it with a spear or sword. Then place a beautiful angel or your spiritual
teacher inside of you to replace what was there before (from ‘Soul Psychology’,
by Joshua Stone)

Archangel Michael Protection:

A very powerful prayer of protection is found in Dion Fortune’s book, Psychic Self-
Defence: “Visualise yourself holding the flaming sword of Lord Michael in your
right hand and say, ‘In the name of God, I take in hand the sword of power for
defence against evil and aggression’. Imagine yourself growing in height to
double or triple your present size. Now draw a magic circle upon the ground all
around you with the point of a sword. See a line of flame following the point of
the sword. Upon completion, clasp your hands in prayer and raise them above the
head while racing East and pray, saying, ‘May the mighty Archangel Raphael
protect me from all evil approaching from the East’. Turning to the South, say the
same thing but invoke the Archangel Michael. Turning to the West, invoke
Archangel Gabriel. Then to the North, invoke Archangel Uriel. Then back to the
East”. This formula is especially effective for protecting your sleeping space. The
idea is to draw a circle around your bed. The circle will last from sunset to
sunrise. To begin and end this prayer it is necessary to make the Qabalistic sign

of the cross… Touching your forehead, say, “Ahteh”. Touching your base chakra
say, “Malkuth”. Touching your right shoulder, say, “Ver Geboorah”. Touching your
left shoulder, say, “Ver Gedoolah”. Clasping your hands together, say, “Le
Ohlarm”. And then extend your arms out, so you are standing as a cross, say,
“Amen” (from ‘Soul Psychology’, by Joshua Stone.)

Aura Sealing Technique:

If you want to seal your aura because you are with someone who is trying to
drain your vitality, interlace your fingers and place them over your solar plexus.
While doing this, press your elbows against your sides and be sure your feet are
touching each other. You have made your physical body a closed circuit and thus
you cannot be drained.

(from ‘Soul Psychology’, by Joshua Stone)

Asking for protection really isn't wise. You are an infinite being of unlimited
power, and pretending you are weak and need protection will result in something
that, in the long run, will not serve you. The only real protection is remaining in
your center and realizing nothing can really harm your core. Eventually you will
realize that the big protection is to remain in LOVE. From this powerful place you
are truly untouchable. Furthermore, you influence all around you... even the
invisible things that go bump in the night.

I have worked as a seer and healer for years with people to get them to
recognize this power within themselves. I have worked with thousands of 'dark'
forces and invisible parasites. In the end you must become your own source of

A really great idea would be for you to ask for a teacher that can assist you in
becoming powerful within yourself. Or become curious about how you might be
able to remain solidly in the "LOVE" frequency. Asking questions about how you
can become sovereign or increase your own power will yield better results than
asking for someone else to protect you.

You are power unseen.

You are a God
You are the light/ and the darkness
You are the one who is creating your own personal reality
You are beautiful beyond measure
and...you are infinite
Core Fear Matrix Removal Program

There are only two emotions in the world: Love and Fear, all
other emotions come down to one of these. Love is thinking
with your Christ mind and Fear is thinking with your negative

Every one has fear programming otherwise you would have

moved away from the Earth by now.

The Fear Matrix Removal Program was given as a Divine

dispensation from the Creator in the early 1990's. It allows the
senior members of the Spiritual Hierarchy currently living on
the inner planes to pull core fear patterns out of your
subconscious mind and four-body system.

Removal is assisted by any of the masters working on the

seven great rays, but especially by Djwal Khul and Vywamus.

Clairvoyants may see these core fear patterns as black roots

with many tentacles throughout the body. As they are
removed, sucked out via the crown chakra, they are
completely removed from your whole soul record, including
from past lives and from your soul extensions.

As they are removed it is important to replace them with core


Up to 95% of your core fear can be removed, but it will return if your thoughts are constantly
fear based and coming from the ego or if you do not replace the core fear with core Love.

To keep yourself clear you should think from Love and Christ energy.

Once the fear has been removed, you are in a position to make clear choices.

It may take some time to remove the majority of your fears, as the programme is also
removing them from your past lives.

• Think of a fear pattern that you carry, for example: fear of failure or fear of dying.

• Be specific and decide clearly the core fear you wish to have removed. You cannot ask,
"please remove all my core fear patterns" and never ask again. You must continually work
with the Masters and continually ask them to remove core fear patterns in specific areas.

Meditation to Remove a Core Fear Matrix

• Sit comfortably, ground, protect and centre your energies.

• Invoke your our Monad, perhaps saying the Monad Mantra:

I AM the Monad

I AM Light Divine
I AM Love
I AM Will
I AM Fixed Design

• Invoke Djwal Khul and Vywamus or other Master you feel an affinity with. Ask them and
your own Monad to remove the specific core fear pattern you have decided upon.

• You may experience sensations of it being removed through the crown chakra or if
clairvoyant, see it being removed.

• Ask that any core fears that are removed, are replaced with core love - self-love, love of
God, love of humanity. Ask the Masters and your Monad to fill you with white ascension light.

• Return your consciousness to your physical body

Other Uses of the Core Fear Matrix Removal Programme

• Ask every night before going to sleep for a core fear pattern to be removed.

• Call upon the Masters to remove a core fear whenever you become aware of a fear within
you. Everyday situations my trigger a fear, for example watching a television program about
children may bring up a fear of rejection within you. You do not have to enter a full meditative

• Request to be signed up officially for the Spiritual Hierarchy's Core Fear Matrix Removal
Programme. Once you have signed up on the inner plane, they will work on you on an
ongoing basis without you even having to ask.

• The Core Fear Matrix Removal Programme is also effective in removing any implants or
psychic attachments from the being as well as removing fears. Spend some time working to
remove fears first, before asking for psychic attachments to be removed.

• Service work: Ask that a core fear be also removed from the collective consciousness of
humanity and / or from the subtle bodies of the Earth. Remember to replace it with core Love.

Information compiled from various

texts of Joshua Stone