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Northside Church of Richmond

Happy 15th Anniversary!

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“In the Northside—for the Northside is our Church’s tagline; and it’s been a privilege to get
to live that out over the last six years. Northside groups meet in different homes to discuss
the Bible, Pray for each other, and Care for one another. PRAYER DEFINITELY WORKS!”


A Taste of Brookland Park!

Brookland Park Boulevard Businesses are Thriving AND

Last Month’s Community Extravaganza was Great! See Page 8
The GOOD NEWSpaper by Flavor News USA Happy Mother’s Day! 2
veniently located in the 21 Professional Center, 2025 E. Main Street
(Shockoe Bottom), Suite 214, Richmond, VA 23223; (804) 297-6316.
NORTHSIDE VIBES is an independently owned, monthly (compli-
mentary) GOOD NEWSpaper which initially launched in September
2014 by our CEO, Deone “Flavor” McWilliams, who at the time had
only $22.00 after leaving Corporate America: LEAP OF FAITH! Our
GOOD NEWSpaper launches the 1st Friday of each month (occasional
delays due to holidays and inclement weather). To-date, we have over
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Our Mission: From the outset, Deone envisioned Northside Vibes be-
coming a unique (special) publication that would be an integral part of
many communities—a publication for everyone to enjoy! Deone pas-
sionately provides informative newspapers that people identify with,
take pride in, and serve to bridge the different segments of “all” commu-
nities. As we are unable to publish everyone’s story, our intentions are ROSE BROWN-JONES…I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND THANK
always good. For information regarding our affordable ad rates, please GOD FOR YOU. Mom, thank you for believing in me, helping
send an email to flavornews@gmail.com. Exciting opportunities are a-
vailable for interns, volunteer writers, freelance photographers, and reti-
me, but more importantly—loving me unconditionally.
rees, too! Interested in a sales representative (strictly commission) or Love Always, Your Daughter, Deone McWilliams
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Founder of Flavor News, 15 year old NyRiian Jiggetts, Editor-in-Chief,
Deone “Flavor” McWilliams; Mentor and Managing Editor, Col.
(Ret.) Frank Underwood, Sr.; Communications Specialist, Edward Mom & Daughter
Muckle, Worldwide Correspondent, Dyan Greggs. dining at Shrimps
Volunteer Correspondents: Deborah Little-Bowser, Ask Nurse
Deborah; Anne L., Neighbors Growing Together; Dr. Pamela Hamil- Seafood Restaurant
ton-Stubbs, Sleep Apnea; Donald Edwards, Inspirations; Madeleine during A Taste of
“Maddie” Chapman, The Curly Piece. Thanks to Our Executive, Brookland Park Gala!
Editorial/Review & Advisory Boards, The Good News Spy Crew,
Valued Readers and Callers (worldwide), and last but not least, our
VALUED ADVERTISERS! Veronica L. Hicks and daughter, Sherrilyn Hicks


The Honorable Chris A. Hilbert, Councilman, Richmond City Coun-
cil, Richmond Northside 3rd Voter District, has scheduled meetings he
plans to hold in 2018 for the Richmond Northside 3rd Voter District.
Councilman Hilbert holds individual meetings throughout the year
that include information on his goals and accomplishments; a topical
agenda; and special guests. The meetings are typically held monthly
on the fourth Thursday beginning at 6 p.m. at different locations.
The meetings are free and open to the public; and all Richmond North-
side 3rd Voter District residents are invited and encouraged to attend.
Meeting dates, times, and locations are subject to change.
The planned dates, times and locations of the meetings include
the following:
May 24 COMMUNITY COOKOUT 6 to 8 p.m.
Fire Station 14/2934 Hawthorne Avenue
June 28 North Avenue Library/2901 North Avenue
July 26 4th Police Precinct/2219 Chamberlayne Avenue
August 23 Ginter Park Library/1200 Westbrook Avenue
September 27 Fire Station 14/2934 Hawthorne Avenue
October 25 North Avenue Library/2901 North Avenue
COUNCIL PRESIDENT November & December Joint Meeting to TBA


Richmond City Council Executive Offices, 900 E. Broad Street, Suite
305, Richmond, Virginia 23219; (804) 646-6055, chris.hilbert@rich
NORTHSIDE 3RD VOTER DISTRICT mondgov.com or Lisa Townes, Liaison, lisa.townes@richmond gov.
NSV Your Calling Love The CURLY Piece 3

What Are You Called to Do? Ask Nurse Deborah

Deborah Little-Bowser
R.N., B.A., M.P.S.

Company Chaplain, National Counseling Group
Have you ever said to yourself, “Am I doing what I am supposed to be Caregivers Need HUGS AND LOVE
doing?” Have you ever felt like where you are in life is not as fulfilling I recently had a brief lunch with a friend who is 100% responsible for
as you want it to be? Have you ever had that yearning in your heart that her mother’s care and daily needs. Due to acute and chronic medical
you have so much more to offer the world? Have you ever felt like your conditions, she is unable to provide any care for herself. Imagine work-
boat has been docked at the bay too long? Many people go through life ing a full-time job, no family support, and having to make sure your
feeling unfulfilled or settle for whatever life brings their way just to get loved one is taken care of.
by every day. Some live day-to-day doing things just to get a paycheck This scenario plays out daily for THOUSANDS of people across the
or just to make it through the vigorous routines of life (LAWD!!! We country! Many have no time for themselves and respite care is often a
have all been there!!!). Fear, anxiety, people talking in your ear, or even fleeting dream. My friend looked exhausted, sad, and very different that
haters—can prevent some from being all they are created to be. Every- day; and I knew something was amiss. I asked, “What’s going on”? As
one has a calling—some people are called to be doctors, grandparents, the tears began to roll down her cheeks, she said, “I can’t remember the
street sweepers, teachers, waitresses, etc. But a calling isn’t just limited last time I had a hug.” My heart sank and I could see the pain in her eyes.
to a destination or an occupation. It’s something we are called to do Immediately, I got up and gave her the BEST HUG I could give and let
each day that will forever touch the lives of so many others. So how do her know that I loved her. She described her day which entailed: getting
you know what you are called to do? For me… It’s calling on the one up before her mother, getting ready for work, preparing breakfast for the
who gives me strength daily. It’s recognizing that my call is not in the both of them, helping her mom eat, hoping the aide arrived as scheduled,
comforts of the boat…but it’s in the deep waters of uncertainty. When getting to work on time, completing her work responsibilities, making
I ask God for direction…in due season “I can see clearly now” like John- calls to doctors’ offices, various agencies and other matters during her
ny Nash use to sing. So…do you need direction on what you are lunch period—and making sure she got home before the aide was sched-
called to do? I know someone who already has your compass in His uled to leave. Evening activities included—but were not limited to—
hands. Why don’t you ask Him? preparing dinner, changing dressings and diapers, giving medications,
getting her mother and herself ready for bed. All of this is repeated again
I asked her, “What can I do to help you? Can I stay with your mother
while you go out for a few hours?” She replied, “No, she gets upset with
me if I leave someone she isn’t familiar with to stay with her. Stay in
touch with me, stop by and give me a hug when you can, and don’t forget
me.” This left me feeling helpless and wondering what else I could do
for my friend. I called her later that evening and provided her with infor-
mation on SUPPORT GROUPS, as well as information for caregivers.
If you know a caregiver, please ask what you can do to help; and DON’T
FORGET TO GIVE HUGS AND LOVE!!! For a support group in
your area, visit www.aarp.org/caregiver.

Many Thanks to our neighbor, A Village Youth

& Family Services, Inc. for your kind donation
to the GOOD NEWSpaper. We appreciate you!
The purpose of A Village Youth & Family Services is to pro-
THE CURLY PIECE: Episode 7 – OH SPRING! vide quality mental health services to stabilize, strengthen
By Madeleine “Maddie” Chapman and support children, individuals and families—and the
In a fit of frustrating rage regarding my impatience for warmer wea- community at large.
ther, I had forgotten the pollenous wrath you doom upon my wind- Conveniently located in the 21 Professional Center
shield and in my eyes each year. The thrill of running to the back of 2025 E. Main Street, Suite 104 Richmond, Virginia 23223
the house before any customers can notice for a good ol’ ‘am I about (804) 225-0749 www.wearethevillage.net
to hack up a lung’ session is certainly a pleasant reminder.
OH SPRING! With sensational timing, I’d like to acknowledge a
grand entrance during battles for completing taxes and final exams. Ginter Park United Methodist Church
Procrastination will never be the same without a runny nose equiva-
lent to the urgent flooding as that of The Great Niagara Falls. You All Are Welcome!
have formally graced us with your unwavering presence via sneezing
fits and bottles of Zyrtec. SUNDAY
OH SPRING! At least I’m not freezing. That’s all there is to it—a 9:30 a.m.
little bit of optimism—and a whole lot of coffee to help trudge Contemporary Worship
through glorious seasonal allergies. Mercury is now in retrograde if 11:00 a.m.
that’s any blame for our particular suffering, but I’m still not abso- Traditional Worship
lutely sure what that specific planetary phenomenon means… Childcare Provided!
Regardless, grab your neti pots and chop those Levi’s because very
1010 West Laburnum Avenue Church Phone: (804) 262-8651
well deserved Vitamin-D will be sufficient in our everyday lives a-
Richmond, Virginia 23227 www.ginterparkumc.org
NSV Distributors & Civic Associations 4

Dr. Pamela Hamilton-Stubbs’ Battery Park Civic Association

Sleep and Total Wellness Maria Carra Rose, Acting President
Institute, LLC 2702 Edgewood Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
www.drhamiltonstubbs.com www.facebook.com/batteryparkcivicassociation@gmail.com
We sell CPAP and BiPAP machines,  
masks and supplies!  Bellevue Civic Association (804) 261-0513
Treatment for Memory Loss, Sleep Apnea, Sleepiness, P.O. Box 15623 Richmond, VA 23227
Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Restless Legs, www.bellevueweb.org president@bellevueweb.org
Natural Weight Loss Program
208 E. Brookland Park Boulevard Richmond, Virginia 23222 Brookland Park Area Business Association
(804) 273-9900 Willie Hilliard (804) 852-7463
P.O. Box 25271 Richmond, VA 23260

Ginter Park Terrace Association

Benjamin Ross (804) 240-3559
3007 Noble Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
Highland Park Plaza Civic Association
(804) 321-1435
3500 Delaware Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
northrichmondnews.com jeffjefferson@aol.com

North Barton Heights Association

Where Can We Pick Up a Copy of 2906 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
Northside Vibes? 40+ Locations! nbhdaretocare@gmail.com
 7-11 Williamsburg Road & Oakley Lane (near airport) North Central Civic Association
 BP Café & Gas Station 2116 Willis Road
Eric Axelson (202) 489-7390
 BP Gas Station Chamberlayne Avenue & Brookland Park Blvd.
3224 Fendall Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
 Black History Museum & Cultural Center 122 W. Leigh Street www.northcentralcivicrva.blogspot.com
 Boost Mobile Store 2 E. Brookland Park Blvd. northcentralcivic@gmail.com
 Brooks Diner 1600 Brook Road
 CAHN (Capital Area Health Network): Northside Medical Center Providence Park Civic Association
2809 North Avenue Kevin Starlings
 CAHN: Greater Fulton Medical Center 1718 Williamsburg Rd. providenceparkca@gmail.com
 Clarion Hotel 3207 N. Boulevard
 Corner Express Mart 2930 North Avenue Rosedale Civic Association
 Designs by Ron 1600 Brook Road, Suite B
Nilay Patel
 Dollar General 2910 North Avenue
 Faith Printing 7814 Midlothian Turnpike
 Family Dollar 2917 North Avenue
Sherwood Park Civic Association
 Greater Richmond Convention Center – Richmond
Convention and Visitors Bureau 405 N. 3rd Street
 Homewood Suites by Hilton 5996 Audubon Dr. (near RIC Airport) Washington Park Civic Association
 Kroger 901 N. Lombardy Street Brenda Nichols (804) 321-2718
 L. Douglas Wilder Library: Virginia Union University 3912 Moss Side Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
1500 N. Lombardy Street bcdn39@verizon.net
 Little House Green Grocery 1227 Bellevue Avenue
 McLean’s Restaurant 3605 W. Broad Street COMMUNITY GARDEN GROUPS
 Nomad Deli & Catering Co. 207 W. Brookland Park Blvd. Ginter Park Garden Club
 Northside Family YMCA 4207 Old Brook Road
Ginter Park Women’s Club
 Northside Hardware 2925 North Avenue
3016 Seminary Avenue Richmond, VA 23227
 Norvelle’s Shoe Repair 2928 North Avenue grandflo96@msn.com
 Old Dominion Electrical Supply 2509 N. Lombardy Street
 Once Upon a Vine 4009 MacArthur Avenue PARKS GROUPS
 Peace Pieces Consignment Store 5522-A Lakeside Avenue
Cannon Creek
 Pine Camp Arts & Community Center 4901 Old Brook Road
 RIC Redev. & Housing Authority 901 Chamberlayne Pkwy. Charles Price
enrichmond.org fewmit@comcast.net
 Richmond International Airport
Shoe Shine Man (Mr. Leeper or Mr. Moody) – Upper Level
 Richmond Public Library 2901 North Avenue Friends of Battery Park: Ginnie Morrow
 River City Diner North 803 E. Parham Road 2801 Griffin Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222
enrichmond.org friendsofbatterypark@gmail.com
 Ruffin Insurance Agency 3813 Nine Mile Road
 Sallie’s Kitchen 2305 Willis Road Highland Park Neighborhood Watch
 Shell Gas Station 7039 Hull Street Road Richmond Guardian Angels
 Stir Crazy Café RVA 4015 MacArthur Avenue
Jo White (804) 937-6836
 Stony Point Pharmacy 9000 Stony Point Pkwy.
3206 Maryland Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222
 Walgreens Chamberlayne Avenue & Brookland Park Blvd. www.highlandparkneighb.wix.com/hpnw
 Walker & Son, Inc. 4038 MacArthur Avenue www.rvaguardianangels.wix.com/rvaguardianangels
Copies may be picked up from our News Room located in Shockoe Bot- richmondva@guardianangels.org
tom: Flavor News USA, 21 Professional Center, 2025 E. Main Street,
Suite 214, Richmond, Virginia 23223. Please call (804) 297-6316 prior Friends of the Northside Dog Park
to arriving (must schedule appointment). (End of Forest Lawn Drive -behind Henderson Middle School)


Voted a best place to buy wine and beer

by Style Weekly readers – 7 years in a row!
NSV Cakes for Mom Kids Open House & More 6



Or Our Delicious
Thalhimer’s Six Layer Cake

Michaela’s Quality Bake Shop

9 West Brookland Park Boulevard
Open Tuesdays – Saturdays 9am to 5pm
Valued customers picking up birthday cake from
(804) 321-0025 Michaela’s Quality Bake Shop during A TASTE OF
We Appreciate Your Customer Support! BROOKLAND PARK gala (last month)

Special Thanks to All Valued Supporters of the GOOD NEWSpaper and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!
NSV Tyesha Evans & Community Superstar! 7

Accredited by the NCCER

We’re seeking TEACHERS!
Attention First Responders COSMETOLOGY         
(past and present) Class Hours: Monday through Thursday
Old Dominion Electrical 8 to 11 am 11 am to 3 pm 3 to 6 pm 6 to 9 pm
For more information call (804) 261-1241 or (804) 387-
Supply Company, Inc. 9226. Email steppingstonetrainingschool@gmail.com.
Stop by Every Tuesday & Thursday STEPPING STONES’ OPEN HOUSE:
and Receive 10% off All Purchases! Monday June 18th 9 am to Noon
We are a wholesale/retail distributor of Electrical Supplies Classes Begin Monday, July 9th!
for Residential and Commercial purposes and in business Stepping Stones Career Training School, part of Christ Mi-
since 1983. Our line of supplies range from wire, cable, flex nistry and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which is con-
conduit, conduit fittings, roadway lighting, wiring devices, veniently located at 1010 W. Laburnum Avenue, Rich-
emergency generators, fluorescent and LED lamps, and
mond, Virginia 23227, provides classroom, hands-on-train-
circuit breakers to a complete line of lighting fixtures.
ing and real life projects. Our goal is to offer adults an alter-
2509 North Lombardy Street native to the streets by providing hope, knowledge, real life
Richmond Virginia 23220
application, and common sense knowledge to achieve suc-
CALL (804) 344-5440 cess! CALL 804.261.1241 or 804.387.9226 TODAY!
Welcome New Years ago, the Flavor News Crew vi-
Team Member sited the Bellevue Community with
hopes of having the GOOD NEWS-
TYESHA EVANS! paper displayed in a few of the busi-
The City of Richmond’s nesses. As we were trying to decide
North Avenue Library has where to stop 1st, the decision was al-
a new team member, Ty- most immediate due to hunger pains
esha D. Evans, Children’s (smile!)—lunch time! We could
Library Associate. smell the aroma of “fresh” pizza and
She graduated from Vir- the rest was history!
ginia State University and Mr. Jose Flores and his staff were
is a future librarian. Ty- great; and we felt right at home! The
esha has a passion for Pizza was…OUTSTANDING! 3 ½
working with children and years later…OUTSTANDING!!!
will be looking for recom-
mendations from program CONGRATULATIONS JOSE FLORES
ideas to GOOD places to
Visit Tyesha Evans at the
North Avenue Branch,
which is conveniently lo-
cated at 2901 North Ave., Dine at Zorbas Express
Richmond, VA 23222 or
call (804) 646-6675.
4026 MacArthur Avenue (Bellevue) 804.264.5370

NSV A Taste of Brookland Park Gala! 8

Promoting A Place of Change & Growth

“A Taste of Brookland Park”
On Saturday, April 21, 2018 the Brookland Park Boulevard corridor welcomed folks
from ALL areas to help celebrate efforts by community citizens and entrepreneurs to pro-
mote a place of change and growth. Included in this well-deserved gala (to name a few):
Nomad Deli, Boogaloo’s, Your Sandwich Shop, Shrimp’s, Michaela’s Quality Bake
Shop, Black Hand Coffee Company. Patrons were given the opportunity to taste the qua-
lity dishes at a special discount (small plates $3 to $5). Anthony Tucker (owner of No-
mad Deli) grilled Andouille sausages, Italian sausages, hot dogs—with a variety of spe-
cialty toppings—and prepared whole ribs, chicken and special “munchies boxes”. Addi-
tionally, the festival featured a live band!
The Flavor News Crew spoke with many attendees to get some feedback regarding the
event. Everyone spoke highly of the food (delicious, fresh, seasoned perfectly, nice por-
tions for the price, great presentation (plating), etc.) –and regarding the transformation
of the neighborhood, everyone agreed that Brookland Park has come a long way and “the
BEST is yet to come”!
Before leaving the area, we had our crew to check out the “customer service” that was
exhibited throughout the gala. All business owners (and staff members) rated a 10
out of 10 (outstanding!)!!! We were greeted with pleasant smiles upon entering the res-
taurants (and bakery), seated in a timely manner, offered water, and even checked on
while our food was being prepared. Additionally, everyone represented not only the esta-
blishments in a highly professional manner, but they spoke passionately about their com-
munity and how proud they are to be a part of the change (revitalization)! Last but not
least, all were in favor of future galas, including repeating this one next year.
NSV Comcast Cares Day-NASCAR-CAHN! 9

Invest in Your Business

and Advertise with
CALL 804 297 6316
17th Annual Comcast Cares Day Capital Area Health Network
On Saturday, April 21, more than 150 local Comcast NBCUniversal
employees and their families, friends, community partners and NAS- Receives $20,000 Grant
CAR drivers—including JJ Yeley, Jeffrey Earnhardt, Spencer Galla-
gher, Austin Cindric, Chase Briscoe and Ryan Newman—banded to-
Speediatrics Fun Day Festival brings
gether to “make change happen” at the Virginia Home for Boys and “healthy fun” to Richmond Area
Girls in Henrico as part of the 17th annual Comcast Cares Day. Activi- Before the excitement race weekend began at Richmond Raceway,
ties included landscaping, weeding and planting in the garden, recondi- The NASCAR Foundation was in town last month to inspire children
tioning the basketball court, interior and exterior painting, cleaning the in the community to live a healthy lifestyle by staying active, eating
fellowship hall, planting trees in the Bell Tower Courtyard and general well and in the process, have fun. The second annual Speediatrics
beautification of the grounds. Fun Day Festival in Richmond was an initiative of The NASCAR
To kick off the day, volunteers heard from special guest, the Honorable Foundation’s Speediatrics Children’s Fund, which supports needs ex-
John McGuire, Virginia House of Delegates; Claiborne Mason, Presi- pressed by hospitals, specialty clinics, camps and other organizations
dent of the Virginia Home for Boys and Girls; Lionel Bacon, Vice Presi- providing medical and health care services in NASCAR racing com-
dent of Philanthropy for Virginia Home for Boys and Girls; Peter Inter- munities. Toyota Racing drivers Noah Gragson and Christopher Bell
maggio, Senior Vice President, Marketing Communications for Com- participated in the festival, as well as Richard Childress Racing driver
cast Corporation; and Mary McLaughlin, Senior Vice President of Daniel Hemric. The up-and-coming drivers reflected on their own
Comcast’s Beltway Region. racing experiences and spoke to children in attendance about the im-
“We are a nonprofit, and my role as Vice President of Philanthropy is portance of staying fit off the track to their success on the track. They
to raise the money that goes directly to our programs and our kids. also showed their competitive nature and competed alongside The
When we have an organization like Comcast come out, it really takes NASCAR Foundation mascots Chase and Victory Lane, as well as
things out of the budget that we don’t have to spend money on. So in two members of the Toyota Camry Crew in NASCAR-themed field
essence, Comcast is really donating time and money, because we’re day activities. The event also had a greater purpose—providing im-
saving lots and lots of money on grounds, trash removal, and beautifica- portant healthcare services to children in need from the community.
tion projects,” said Lionel Bacon from the Virginia Home for Boys and Through a partnership with Capital Area Health Network (CAHN),
Girls. children were able to take part in free health screenings, including vi-
Comcast Cares Day, which takes place each April during National Vo- sion and dental. Referrals were available to CAHN physicians for
lunteer Month, is Comcast NBCUniversal’s companywide celebration those children needing follow-up care. “We love that our NASCAR
of its year-round commitment to service and the nation’s largest single- drivers come out to events like our Speediatrics Fun Day Festival in
day corporate volunteer effort. From using technology to create posi- support of the kids here in the Richmond community,” The NASCAR
tive change, such as teaching digital literacy skills and writing com- Foundation Executive Director Nichole Krieger said. “It means a lot
munity centers and libraries, to mentoring youth, to beautifying parks, to us that they share our passion for providing these important health-
Comcast NBCUniversal employees volunteer on this day, and through- care services to children in our NASCAR communities who need it
out the year, to make a lasting impact. most.” Gragson, Bell and Hemric were all leading into an important
This year, more than 100,000 volunteers participated in about 1,000 race weekend in Richmond. Gragson made his NASCAR Xfinity Se-
projects across the country and around the world. To date, volunteers ries debut in the ToyotaCare 250. Bell is in his first season driving
have contributed more than 5 million volunteer hours at 8,800 projects. Joe Gibbs Racing’s No. 20 in the series. Hemric competed in the
CodeVA Xfinity Dash 4 Cash and also made his Monster Energy NASCAR
Cup Series debut. In addition to hosting the Speediatrics Fun Day
On Friday, April 20, Comcast and Xfinity Racing partnered with
CodeVA, based in Richmond, to bring five youth members and their fa- Festival, The NASCAR Foundation is also providing a $20,000 grant to
milies to the Richmond International Raceway for an afternoon experi- Capital Area Health Network to help provide medical services to chil-
ence that included a guided pit and garage tour, visit to the Xfinity Zone dren in need in the Richmond area through their mobile health pro-
and driver’s meetings, as well as driver meet and greets. gram. The NASCAR Foundation is dedicated to helping chil-
The youth members also each received Amazon Fire tablets and one dren live happier, healthier lives.
year of complimentary Internet service through Comcast’s Internet Es-
sentials program. Join Us…CAHN’s BABY SHOWER
Capital Area Health Network is having a baby shower
Special Thanks to for expecting moms and moms of infants.
Andre Fells and Lauren Wednesday May 23rd 12:30 to 3pm
Winston, as well as CAHN’s The Grace Center located at 1302 Victor Street –
Corner of 3rd Avenue & Victor Street
Medical and Dental
RSVP by May 5th – Call 804.525.1816
Staff Members! Fun event for everyone! See you there!
NSV International News 10

MENUHIN COMPETITION Some look gazingly at their foot prints in the sand, but what a delight to
gaze at my life prints in the grains of people I have encountered in Bru-
The City of Richmond has been selected as the host city for the interna-
nei. I was ready to leave Brunei when the 19 year old Malaysian man
tional Menuhin Competition 2020. Often billed as “The Olympics of the
at my bed and breakfast (B&B) asked me to be his one-person-audience
Violin,” it is the world’s leading international competition for young vio-
to rehearse his poem he would be performing that night. He warned me,
“I used what you told me about standing in my truth in my poem.”
A delegation led by Mayor Levar M. Stoney, University of Richmond
Wow! What an honor! It wasn’t about the food, the drink, the monkeys
(UR) First Lady Dr. Betty Crutcher, Richmond Symphony Executive Di-
we were able to see in the wild, the beautiful canals or spectacular build-
rector David J.L. Fisk, Interim Music Department Chair for Virginia
ings made of gold. It was about touching lives in meaningful ways;
Commonwealth University (VCU) Dr. James Wiznerowicz and VP/GM
more meaningful than I had realized. It was all about the lives that I
for TV for Commonwealth Public Broadcasting (WCVE) John Felton
would not have otherwise encountered had I not made it a priority to
joined competition organizers in Geneva, Switzerland for the announce-
discover what was waiting for me on the other side of the world. I fol-
ment of Richmond’s winning bid from the stage of Victoria Hall during
lowed a dream and soon I would be following a woman in a t-shirt that
the closing gala concert of the Menuhin Competition Geneva 2018 with
read, “Worship” outside of a mall. “Who? What? Can I?” The words
the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
couldn’t get out fast enough; I wanted to know who she was and if I
“We are thrilled to be hosting the International Menuhin Competition and
could join her at her place of worship. That weekend she and her hus-
honored to join the company of such distinguished international destina-
band picked me up for church, then we went out to eat and they treated
tions like Geneva in welcoming the most talented young musicians in the
me. That night they dubbed themselves my tour guide and took me out
world to our city,” said Mayor Stoney.
two days later to see more of the city at night. It was a magical outing
“Richmond is a thriving and diverse city that is home to a number of inter-
and a wonderful connection. Their teenage daughter called me auntie
nationally-recognized artistic, educational and cultural attractions,” the
all night and embraced me with hospitality, BUT SHE ALSO EM-
Mayor continued. “Our vibrant and dedicated arts community looks for-
ward to welcoming these artists and their families in 2020.”
An English woman at our B&B departed but sent me a Facebook mes-
The competition will take place May 14-24, 2020 in venues throughout
sage that read, “You really enhanced my experience of Brunei; and I
the city, including the Modlin Center for the Arts at UR, the W.E. Single-
will forever cherish the memories we have made in such a small
ton Center for the Performing Arts at VCU and the Carpenter Theatre at
space of time…no matter who else I meet on my travels, I don’t
the Dominion Energy Center for the Performing Arts.
think there will be anyone quite like you.” When planning a trip to a-
Throughout the competition, 44 of the best young violinists in the world
nother country or another county, we often-times think the trip is about
will compete for top awards in performances ranging from solo recitals
us—but soon can realize that we are a gift to the people we meet along
to concerts with chamber groups and full orchestra. While the Richmond
the way. They are waiting for our lives, our smiles, and our uniqueness
Symphony will be the primary accompanying orchestra for the festival,
to make everlasting prints in their lives.
the Sphinx Virtuosi ensemble – made up exclusively of 18 of the top
young Black and Latino classical musicians – will also participate in ac-
companying the Junior Finals and in performances and workshops with
local public schools.
Named after the famed violinist and conductor Yehudi Menuhin, the 11- DYAN GREGGS
day festival attracts the greatest young violinists under the age of 22 from
around the world to compete in recitals and chamber concerts, including DINING AND
showcase performances with the Richmond Symphony. Competitors are HAVING FUN WITH
judged by a jury of some of the world’s most celebrated musicians who
also perform in recitals and other concerts throughout the festival.
A full schedule of competition events and activities will be released at a
later date. For more information about the Menuhin Competition, visit

Mr. Michael Being a Parent Can Be Hard.
Leeper! We Can Help!

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NSV Fountain for Youth Foundation & More 11

(Continued) Guest speakers: Kenya Gibson, Carol Allen, Atif Qarni,

Chief Alfred Durham, Yewanda Austin; Closing speakers: Olatokunbo
Oni and Hassan Fountain. For more photos, please visit Northside
Vibes’ and/or Hassan Fountain’s Facebook page.


Who collects OVER 60,000 BOOKS to recycle back into Central
and Southwest Virginia? Northside resident, Hassan Fountain,
Founder/CEO of Fountain for Youth Foundation! Last month, the JOANN HENRY Ed,D., Director
community had the opportunity to learn how this father of seven 2508 Chamberlayne Avenue Richmond VA 23222
(beautiful family) is MAKING A HUGE DIFFERENCE in the lives
of so many children. The GRAND OPENING of the COMMUNI- (804) 228-8200 or (804) 447-9034
TY CHILDREN LIBRARY was held at Pine Camp Cultural Art Website: dreamacademyrichmond.com
Center: Hosted by Amy Wentz, Education Compact Board Member; Email: joannhenryvsu@yahoo.com

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