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To find somebody Am

C F C G All I want is,

All I want is nothing more I'll find somebody F
G Am And all I need is
To hear you knocking at my door C F C C
F C Like youuu, ohhhh, oh To find somebody.
Cause' if i could see your face once more C G Am G
F C ohhhhh, ohhhhh, oh I'll find somebody.
I could die a happy man i'm sure F C
C F C F C [Outro]
When you said your last goodbye Like youuuuuuu
G Am Am
I died a little bit inside But if you loved me
F C [Verse 2] F
And I lay in tears in bed all night Why'd' ya leave me
Alone without you by my side So you brought out the best of me, Take my body
G Am G
A part of me I'd never seen. Take my body
[Chorus] F C Am
You took my soul and wiped it clean. All I want is,
Am F C F
But if you loved me Our love was made for movie screens. All I need is
Why'd' ya leave me To find somebody.
C [Chorus] G C G C
Take my body I'll find somebody like you.
G Am
Take my body But If you loved me
Am Why'd you leave me?
All I want is C
F Take my body,
And all i need is G
C Take my body.