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Hubnik Medical Consolidated

2311 English Ave, Fort Worth TX 76016

Date: April 9, 2018

To: Sandi Beaches
Director of Nursing
Hubnik Medical Hospital, Downtown Fort Worth
From: Juana Castro, Project Manager
Paige Murphy, Project Materials Coordinator
Nathan Rike, Research Analyst
Subject: Progress Report for recommending new communication technology

Progress Report

Purpose:​ This document is an update on the research found so far towards recommending
Vocera Communications platform within the hospitals of Hubnik Medical Consolidated. Director
Beaches authorized the proposal on Monday, April 2nd, 2018. The research is currently around
forty percent complete a timeline of planned future tasks are outlined.

Introduction:​ In 1992, Hubnik Medical Consolidated was created to oversee the operation and
funding for four previously independent hospitals to ensure that they all received the resources
and technology necessary to become competitive in the medical marketplace. In the past 26
years, HMC has overseen implementation of many technological improvements from in-house
imaging technology to lab testing software to surgical equipment.These innovations have lead
the four hospitals of HMC to be recognized as pioneers in hospital technology. It has assembled
a project team to monitor current technologies and find means of innovating within the hospitals
to ensure HMC remains competitive in the hospital marketplace.

While Hubnik Medical Consolidated has been presented with many awards in the past 20
years for innovations in medical technique and has been listed among the top hospitals in the
DFW area in the past decade, one area where HMC hospitals consistently underperform is in the
area of intrahospital communication. After a new pager system was implemented in 2001, HMC
has not upgraded their intrahospital communication system. As communication technology has
improved in versatility and usability, the HMC system has grown less competitive in the past 17
years. If new technology is not implemented to bring HMC up to modern hospital standards, its
status as a top hospital system will be in peril as other hospitals experience lower response times
in all aspects from patient care to staff communication to administrative oversight.

The team believes it would be in the company’s best interest to spend the next few weeks
gathering information on current communication technologies, evaluating Hubnik Medical
Consolidated’s needs, and synthesizing a solution to bring the hospital system’s communication
technology to the forefront of hospitals in the area. The team believes that Vocera, a company
that has delivered over a million devices for medical workplace communication solutions, will
have the solution to the hospitals communication needs. (Clinical)

Completed Work

Task 1: Acquire information regarding medical staff communication needs.

The team has gathered information on the needs of Hubnik Medical Consolidated’s
hospitals and compared them with a similar hospitals in the area to establish baseline needs for
communication equipment. As data is being gathered, the team feels confident in its ability to
assess the communication needs of HMC and synthesize a proper solution to fit the company's
communication needs.

Task 2: Prioritize communication issues within hospital settings.

One of the main areas focused on in the team's research so far is the communication
issues within hospitals today. The main concern with hands free communication devices is
HIPAA compliance. First, HIPAA requires that all Health Protected Information must be
encrypted. Second, all authorized medical personnel must have a unique username in order to be
monitored at anytime. Third, devices must have an automatic logoff feature in order to eliminate
hospital information to be leaked or stolen (The Use). Vocera equipment is HIPAA-compliant
while providing easy access to its users (Secure). The team proposes that employees be
thoroughly trained in the use of Vocera badges when implemented to reduce the error rate of
using the system.

Future Work

Task 3: Assess multiple devices available on market.

The next step in the team's research is to assess the multiple communication devices
within hospitals everywhere. Research has already found the potential different communication
devices to evaluate in comparison to Vocera. Ascom and Voalte are two other communication
companies which will be further evaluated along with Vocera. Ascom is a global solutions
provider focused on Healthcare ICT and mobile workflow solutions. (Ascom) Voalte is another
healthcare technology company that develops smartphone communication alternatives to help
improve care coordination. (​Voalte​) Research will be conducted on the positive and negative
aspects of all devices and systems. Doing this will help HMC see what communication devices
suits their needs best and what the future holds for hospitals regarding communication.

Task 4: Establish a criteria for evaluating devices.

Pricing research is ongoing. The team has attempted to contact Vocera regarding pricing.
The team is currently researching thru public records on the contract between Vocera and Santa
Clara County including an itemized budget. (Approve) This contract can be used as a point of
comparison in future contract negotiations between HMC and Vocera.

Task 5: Analyze data and prepare a final recommendation report.

The team is continuing to gather information and compile data for the final
recommendation report. The team is in the process of amassing resources for further research. A
rough outline of the final recommendation report has begun to form. Further progress in tasks 3
and 4 are required before the final recommendation report is completed.

Updated Schedule


Tasks Date of Tasks (by Week)

Task 1: Acquire Intel ✓ ✓ ✓

Task 2: Prioritize
Issues ✓ ✓
Task 3: Assess Devices ✓
Task 4: Establish
Criteria ✓
Task 5: Analyze Data ✓
Weekly Dates 3/26 4/2 4/9 4/16 4/23 4/30 5/7 5/14

The team has completed tasks 1 and 2 and have begun work on tasks 3, 4, and 5 on April
9th. The team expects to finish the incomplete tasks in the following weeks. The team is
currently researching other platforms such as Ascom and Voalte in comparison to Vocera
devices. Research has proposed different pros and cons of each communication technology
within various hospitals in the area. After analyzing the data, the team will write a final report
regarding the findings of all devices and see which one possess the best qualities for HMC and
for the future of hospital communication everywhere.
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