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Student Teacher Science Lesson Planning Template

Sample Science Lesson Plan – for observation

Date 27\02\2018 Student Moza Jasim

Time 11:25 School The first acdemy
MCT Garnel Desravins Class Grade Four.
Lesson Forewarned. No of 28
unit/page 280 – 281. students
Context of the lesson
This is science lesson the students are going to recognize How the meteorologists collect the weather data in
the past and present and how the Forewarned help the people.
Teaching goal
. The goal for this lesson to deliver the lesson for the students in a different way and to make the students
understand the Matter properties.
Learning objectives
By the end of the lesson students will be able to
Identify the meaning of Forewarned.
Identify how the meteorologists collect the weather data in the past and present
Assumptions about prior learning
Grade four will be able know about the tools weather.
Anticipated problems and possible solutions
If the students will be late of the lesson and this will take time the teacher will not do all the activity she will
delete something in the lesson. And if the teacher faced a technology problem because there are a
PowerPoint she will make a circle and show them the power point. And if I did not found a tablet I will put
for them a video.
Personal focus for this lesson
During the lesson I am going to monitor the groups and observing how students are working.
Target language Teacher language
Meteorologists Welcoming the students by saying: Hello my
Tools. students, Good morning, How are you, are you ready
for a new lesson.
Main tasks or activities Resources and teaching aids
1- Questions
2- Search. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAJdsZHxThs
3- Small teacher. Sticky notes.
4- Tasks. Papers.
5- Sticky note.
Consider these grouping strategies: Consider where the children are working:
Most of the activity will be in ( group and The students will work on their desk.

Planning Stages Within the 5-E Inquiry Model

 to convey the context of the lesson(s)/unit by conveying an important Key Question
 to engage students in investigations that reveal their thinking to themselves and the teacher
 to record the initial ideas of students
 to engage their interest
Key Question:
Questions for whole group discussion:

Teacher Student

First, the teacher will welcome the students and she First, the students will answer the teacher if they
will ask them how are today and then she will ask ready for the new lesson.
them are you ready for a new lesson?

Second, the teacher will remind the students about Second, the students will tell the teacher what the
the classroom rules by saying what we should do to classroom rules?
make the teacher happy?

Third, the teacher will remind the students about the Third, the students will listen to the teacher about the
reward system and she will say how want to get reward system.
point for today?
Fourth the students will answer the question that the
Then the teacher will ask the students open-ended teacher give it to them
question such as if you and your family will travel
or going to trip what the step you will do?

Fifth the teacher will tell the students our lesson Fifth, if the students have any question about this
today about Forewarned. words “ forewarned “

Sixth the teacher will ask then do you know what

does mean this word? The teacher will listen to their Sixth, the students will answer the question.
answers and then she will see the correct answer for

Seventh the teacher will ask the students to open Seventh, the students will open their science book to
their book page 280 to write the date and day on the write the date and day on the top of the page.
top of the page.
 to test ideas and develop knowledge using explorations, investigations, experiments
 to modify and record ideas as they change due to activities
 to develop new questions and testable hypotheses
Activities (list) Driving Question
The student will explore the information about the How the meteorologists collect the weather data in the
lesson by making a search. past and present
Teacher Student

The teacher will put the question on the board that The student will write the question on the paper that
the question is “how the meteorologists collect the the teacher gives it to them.
weather data in the past and present”.

Then the teacher will give each group a tablet and The students will search of the information and they
paper to write the information that they collected will write on the paper.
about the question.

The teacher will give them only five minutes to The students will discuss with each other about the
collect the data. information.

Then the teacher will give them only 2 minutes to

discuss with each other about the information that
they collected.
Student Communication Product:
- Oral discussion of what they do and the reason of that.
 to answer the Key Question through student explanations
 to provide students with relevant vocabulary, formal definitions and explanations of concepts
Content Media: teacher lecture
Teacher Student

For this part, it will be linked with the previous part The student will be a teacher and she will explain to
the explore. the classmates.

The teacher will choose students from each group. The students will choose the group how will be a
Then the students will stand up in front of the
classmates and they will explain the question and The students will highlight the information on the
the information that they collected with the teacher book.

After all, group finishes the teacher will ask them

which group you understand their information they
will take 2 points.

The teacher will explain to them about the lesson all

the information then she will ask them to open the
book and they will put the highlight on the
important information.
 to extend students' conceptual understanding through application or practice in new settings

Activities: Teacher Student

For the Elaborate activity, it will be First, the teacher will ask for Low: will get match activity
in a group So in this part, the the students to write on the
teacher creates a three different top of the page their name,
worksheet for each group that will grade, date and day. Middle: will get Sorting activity.
depend on their ability.
Second, the teacher will tell
the students do not touch High: create mind map about the
anything just when she will technology that used from the past and
say, or they will lose points. present.

Third, she will give

instructions for each task. so
for the first task that for a
low ability that will have a
matching the activity that
they will get a different
picture of technology of
weather so they will make a
line, then for the medium
activity that the teacher will
make a sorting activity that
she will give them a sentence
and picture then the will
sorting them, And for the
high ability they will create a
mind map.
Fourth, the teacher will ask
the student to see what they
have from these three tasks
and she will choose form
each group a girl and the
teacher will ask them what
they should do to make sure
they know.

Fifth, the teacher will tell

them if they need anything
or help just raise your hand.

Sixth, the teacher will put a

timer for five minutes and
when the timer will ring the
teacher will ask the students
to put their hands up and
stop work.

Seventh, the teacher will

discuss their work and she
will check if their work
correct or not.
 for students to assess their understand of the learning objectives
 for the teacher to assess student understanding of the learning objectives

Skill/Reasoning Learning Objectives Assessment Instrument

Students will improve their communication skills When they will work in group and when they will
and listening skills. discuss with each other.
Teacher Student

For the evaluating part, the teacher will give each The students will take one sticky note then they will
student a sticky note and the teacher will put on the write their name, grade, date and day on the top of the
board a three different question: sticky note.

What do meteorologists mean?

Give me an example of weather data? The students will choose one question and they will
How do the weather data help us? answer this question after the finish that they will give
the sticky note to the leader group to give to the
The teacher will ask the students to write their teacher.
name, grade, date and day on the top of the sticky
The students will ask the teacher if they have a
The teacher will ask the students to choose one question.
question and write the answer on the sticky note.

The teacher will give the students 3 minutes to

finish and give to the leader group.

The teacher will take the sticky note from the leader
The teacher will ask the students if they have a
question and if they did not understand anything.


when I was entering the Classroom the students was very noisy and I just switch off the light to get their
attention and it really works, Then I was welcoming them by saying hello, how are you today. Then I start
my lesson by reminding them of my rules and reward system and it works and I will use it in the future
classroom that let me able to manage them. For the engaging part, I used an open-ended question to let all
the students participate, that make the students fell that they understand the lesson. For the next part of the
lesson that explores in this part I faced a problem, in this activity, I was giving for each group a tablet but I
didn't find the teacher that responsible of the technology in the school, so I was having a plan B that I will
play for them a video and let them search for their book. So the lesson continued and this problem doesn't
stop my lesson. So the next part of my lesson was explained and the students like it and the purpose of this
activity top found a guide, students. Also, they like it and they were copying the teacher action. Next part
Evaluate that I was developed it and I was just making a worksheet with a different level but it should
develop it more. So this my lesson and it was very good and the students like it and they ask me to teach
them forever instead of their teacher that make me proud of myself.