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Qualitative method

Semi-structures in terms of
understanding how interventions work
and how they could be improved.
In the Global Language Centre, there is one
course of 20 students (13 females and 7 males).
They are between 18 to 20 years old and their Due to the use of the two research
proficiency level in English is A1. Teachers are techniques previously mentioned, we
concerned about the results obtained by most of were able to find out what strategies
the students since they discovered the results our students made use of to develop
are not the expected ones.
the level of proficiency in the
AIM  Actions they took outside the
language classroom.
To find out the learning strategies employed by
 Discover their feelings and emotions
‘successful learners’ during a two-month course,
towards the language.
so that the teacher will be able to exploit such
strategies among all the students.
RESEARCH QUESTIONS  Students enjoy listening to
What learning strategies are used by ‘successful music
learners’ in our classes?  They talk to each other outside
Do our learners use English outside the the classroom
classroom?  They prefer working on problem
Do they feel good about learning English?
solving tasks.
 They find homework useful to
APPROACH reinforce what they learn.
We conducted our investigation under the ‘Action  They do not like reading.
Research’ approach because of its usefulness in
solving an immediate problem. Particularly in the
Global Language Centre CONCLUSION
Even though we did not find anything
particularly relevant or new, we have
become aware of the importance that
We made use of two research techniques.
teachers should promote different
A. Classroom Observation
Listening attentively learning strategies so that students
Taking notes can become successful learners of
Asking questions English.
Using the target language