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Student-Teacher: Khalood Ali Almarzooqi

Date: 14-3-2018
Course: EPC 1903

Grade Level: KG 2
Subject: Math – shapes
Strand: plants and Animals unit
Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words): K2SGD1: manipulate, identify and sort familiar 2D and 3D shapes in
exploration and play and recognize them on everyday contexts (Squares, circles, rectangles, triangles).
Resources (what materials/equipment will you and the Preparation (what do you need to make or check before
students use? Be specific) class?)

Worksheet I print the worksheet

shapes The shapes are ready
Colored sand
The computer is working
Check all the materials

Key vocabulary

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

The teacher will ask the students to sit on the carpet.

Time:__25__ min

Ask the students about the weeks day, and today is what, yesterday was?

Sing the day of the week song to let the students recall it.
The teacher writes what the students will learn today in one sentence (today we will be learning about
The teacher will choose some student to read what they will learn one by one.
The teacher plays a video for students about shapes.
Guided Experience and/or Independent Experience
(group working with the teacher and/or students working independently)

I will easily explain each activity.

I will divide the students into 4 groups, each group has 6 students. So, I will start to call the students name
and give them the shapes of the group to split them (the group names are sort according to the shapes)

After that, I will give them two worksheets

The first activity to match the shapes by sticking the shapes on the paper,
The second activity is a worksheet which they have to color and draw the shapes.
Time: ____ min

Then I will provide the students 10-20 minutes to finish their activity.


I will check the student’s papers and I will give them stars for their work, after that I will sing the cleanup
song to help the return everything back to its place.
Call them to the carpet after they’re done from cleaning.
Ask them some questions for example: How many kinds of shapes have you learned? Tell me what are
the names of the shapes?

After that, they have to write the shapes by writing on the sand.
Time: ____ min


I will know if the children understand or not by observing them during the activities in their centers.