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I forgive everyone who has hurt me and pray for their souls because they don’t know what

they have
done to me. In Creators name, I transform all pain, betrayal, rejection, abuse, trauma, shame, guilt
and abandonment into light, love and understanding.

I let go of all anger, resentment, hatred, thoughts of revenge and every malicious thought.

As I forgive, I am forgiven.

I renounce pride, rebellion, disobedience, stubbornness and self-centredness. I humble myself and
come to You as a little child and ask for forgiveness and deliverance. Amen.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I break and loose myself and my family from all curses caused
by habits, charms, hexes, spells, jinxes, psychic powers, sorcery, witchcraft, love potions,
psychic prayers, violence, trauma, physical bondages, mental bondages, incest, illegitimacy,
abandonment, rejection and divination, in the family on the mother and father’s side going all
the way back to Adam and Eve.

I break and loose myself and my family from any vows I made; from any person or any
occult or psychic sources, and any demons coming through the bloodlines. I cancel all
invitations made to unclean spirits.

Father, I break and renounce all evil soul ties that I have ever had with (lodges, fraternities,
sexual partners, close friends, relatives, engagements, cults, occult objects, dolls, figurines,
junk food, cigarettes, drugs, movies, anime, TV shows, computer games, gambling, porn,
masturbation, fornication and secular music). I renounce all these ties and declare them
destroyed in the name of Jesus.
I renounce, break and loose myself and family from all other religions, especially Roman
Catholicism /Hinduism /Islam /Buddhism /Mormonism /Jehovah’s Witness /New Age
/Atheism and other religions. I also renounce unbelief, doubt, lies, fear, hatred and anger. I
bind and cast out all related spirits.

I renounce, break and loose myself from all demonic subjection to my parents or any human
being, living or dead, who has dominated me in any way against the will of God. Thank you
for setting me free.

I command satan, to loose all natural resources, land, animals, money, the finances of people
who owe us money, and all the things you have stolen from my family that are ours through
the blessings of Jesus. Father, please send Your angels to bring these things back to us. In
the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

In creator name, I rebuke you lying, hypocritical spirits. That thought didn’t come from me. It
came from you. Depart from me.

I rebuke you fear and come against you with the spirit of love, and of power and of sound mind in
the mighty name of Jesus.

“I in the ever present moment choose to acknowledge that there is a curse based in ancestral lineage. I was
not born into this ancestral lineage. Why is this debt being enforced on my heart? I order an audit of the
source of sources, so there may be zero balance on all dimensions, timestreams, galaxies, and universes. I
disconnect this wound from my heart chakra, from my spinal column. I return all energy that was used to
create this wound and all energy that has been siphoned from me. I demand that it be returned through this
spiritual court of equity. I am now. I am not my ancestral debt. I break all contracts, vows, and agreements
with the reincarnation grid and I send my eternal love to all those still in the reincarnation grid. I am the
being of now. I am a being of photonic light manifested in these two legs. I disconnect myself from all
dreamtime societies that are based in betrayal. I do not accept the projections of energies onto me from any
other being who is not my dna lineage breathren. I ask that this be entered into the earth Akashic record, so I
have declared my I AM self presence.”

Declaration of Full Sovereignty of My I Am Presence in This Embodiment

I call on my higher self to merge with me, guide me, and assist me in declaring, embodying, and enacting 100
percent sovereignty of my being in this and every now moment, in alignment with my I Am Presence and in
accordance with my chosen purpose, goals, and intentions for this lifetime.

I call upon the elemental, angelic, ascended, cosmic, and ancestral realms to witness my declaration, to assist
in upholding the integrity of its intention, and to co-create with me in manifesting my highest potentials
personally, in unity with the one, and in service to the Earth as we graduate to the next level of our evolution.

In declaring my full sovereignty and with the guidance of my higher self and I am presence, I assert
autonomy over my physical and nonphysical embodiment, my energetic vibration, and all resulting
emanations. I disallow any interference to distort or delay the fulfillment of my purpose in this lifetime—
whether that interference be well-meaning, misguided, self-interested, or malevolent. This includes any and
all overt and covert intentions, attempts, and actions to limit, separate, distract, manipulate, disempower,
traumatize, dominate, control, or harvest any aspect or increment of my energy and consciousness.

I reject and eject any such interference, demanding that it cease and desist immediately and retroactively,
including any trickery designed to countermand, usurp, or sidestep the intention of this declaration.

In making this declaration, I acknowledge and accept full responsibility for my being and actions. I continue
to fervently request overt guidance and assistance from my higher self and I am presence, which I in no way
consider to be interference. I commit to both hearing and enacting that guidance, and in turn to listening to
and guiding the elemental consciousness that contributes to my personal collective consciousness this

To the extent that I may be unable or unwilling to hear and enact the guidance of my higher self or I am
presence, I request that the guidance continue to be given in various ways such that I can understand and act
on it and until I am able to understand and act on it.

In full sovereignty, I also request and accept additional energetic assistance of my guides; my soul, star,
human, and ancestral families; the elemental, angelic, ascended, and cosmic realms, and any other sources,
provided that it accords with this declaration and is in my highest good; the highest good of Earth; and in
accordance with my purpose, goals, and intentions for this lifetime.

I choose to heal all fear, trauma, and limitation standing in the way of my fulfilling my highest potential and
purpose in this lifetime. I ask that my higher self and I am presence, in co-creation with the elemental,
angelic, ascended, cosmic, and ancestral realms, assist me in healing, transmuting, and transcending all fear,
limitation, separation, and amnesia preventing me from embodying my full, integrated sacred masculine and
sacred feminine power, love, and wisdom. I ask that my higher self and I am presence direct my healing such
that I embody and offer the optimal vibration in any circumstance; that I manifest optimal health and
wholeness in and through my physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies; that I fluidly evolve according
to my path and purpose; that I awaken to and regain all the memories and gifts held in my causal body; that I
function with energy, clarity, balance, effectiveness, and efficiency in the changing energetics of Earth; that
I integrate the healing, its lessons, and its energy in the most beneficial way possible; and that all this unfolds
at the most conducive yet expeditious pace possible.

I intend that in healing myself in this now moment, I heal other aspects of myself across time and space, as
well as splintered aspects of other consciousness trapped in time who, through the domino effect, will attain
the freedom to return to where they belong, to heal, and to contribute to the unity we seek to cocreate in order
to graduate from this plane and take our next evolutionary steps.

I offer healing, compassion, and forgiveness wherever it is needed or wanted to free all aspects of
consciousness, including my own, to allow all to return to its natural order in wholeness and unity.
And so it is.

Written by Mary Jane Banks as inspired by the work of Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian.
For sharing with all in resonance and cocreation
2) I AM ETERNAL, embodied at the moment inside of the human skin/body suit, and am “created” by the
Infinite, Immortal Creator of ALL THAT IS.
I claim all rights as such, and FULLY RESERVE them for my living being, while having NO EARTH
BOUND AUTHORITY standing between my living being and Prime Creator unless designated by my
conscious and fully informed consent.
2.1) There is NO tacit consent anywhere present in my life, ever! Consent for everything must be asked for,
the reason and situation explained to me completely, and terms negotiated which are fully current and up to
date, before any consent can be assumed or presumed.
2.2) This Declaration is my own creation! I am the final arbiter and authority on what it means, and what I
meant it to say! It can NOT used against me in any way shape or form, because it is my CREATION – and it
was never created with the intent to harm it’s creator – therefore IT CAN NOT BE USED AGAINST ME.
2.3) When I say “I”, “ME”, “MY” – I am referring to my living being. When I say “my life”, I am referring
to the experience that my living being is having on EARTH.

I now connect with my guides who have my best interest of freedom and sovereignty declaration in mind, and
I gather my council of equity to review my contracts and agreements made in this lifetime as well as all
lifetimes. I call up the agreements made that no longer serve me on a path to expansion and growth as well as
all contracts and agreements made under duress and trickery.

I stand in my I Am presence as a part of Source and declare all of the contracts not in my best interest null
and void. I ground myself to Mother Earth and ask for her assistance in my healing and transmutation of
these agreements and all of the energies associated with them.

I now heal, transmute, and integrate all thought forms, entities, or negative energies that I have associated
with these agreements and integrate the refined, pure Source energy into this physical body at this time.

I ask my guides to assist those lost splintered parts of me and ask that they help them to know where to go for
healing and integration.

I state that I will no longer carry energy that is not of pure Source within me in this present moment and in
any other moment as all aspects of me in the past, future and present are now to be healed. No longer will I
carry any hitchhikers under any agreement that were done with false intentions or memory wiping.

I fold space and time and go back to each time the negative or lower vibrational thought or energy was
created, and I transmute it now to Source.

My body is now cleared of any negative thought forms and energies that I created knowingly or unknowingly
that had an intention of self sabotage and negative emotion. I now heal my DNA and regenerate my body
back to the organic template it was created to be.
I thank you mother earth for assisting in the regeneration of my DNA and of my physical , emotional,
mental, and spirit bodies.

I thank you Source for accepting those pieces and parts of me that need healing and transformation.

I am a healed Whole being operating as a sovereign force and I am here to change this world.
I ask my guides to continue to open up doors and to illuminate my highest path.

I request the tools necessary to do my job here on this planet and ask that you continue to bring the people
into my life that can assist me to help assist humanity.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and to heal others as I heal myself.


Disentalgment Wins:
I call to the four winds.

Anchio & Waldek. Mauricio & Kayomari.

I call to your specific signature frequency Of separation of densities.

I call to Anchio the highest wind spirit, who touches the star ancestors.

Aid me in understanding the quantum disentanglement from 3D matrix & strategies. Wipe clean the
energy chessboard of all those in high places of hierarchical order.

Let them feel your endless winds pulling at their sinews of forced conscious interaction with me.

I demand all zero karmic balance between all interceptor co-creators or any other form of frequency
mimicking sentience.

I call Waldek the wind spirit of all astral realms to come forth and bear witness to my conscious
disentanglement from all karmic affairs. I break all contracts, vows and agreements with all
ancestors playing energy chess game in the astral realm. All the astral being operating in one two or
three degrees of separation of me are hereby given universal spiritual court of equity notice.

The dragon triads and beekeeper clans now operate in sacred mutual affairs. All actions are now
brought to zero actions. Any action that causes re-entanglement will be dealt with all ancestors and
the dragon triads shall be my protector with the beekeeper clans in unity.

I call Mauricio the winds of surface earth. I call to your specific signature frequency to aid me. In
complete and total disentanglement from all networks, councils, courts and anything else that
required my I am presence. I call my ancestor spirit of all earth to summons the healing clans of all
universal expressions to aid our perceptions so we are no longer deceived.

I call to Kayomari the winds of inner earth. I call to you who co-create all life with in inner earth. I ask
that you share my sacred prayer words with all ancestors residing in your protective core. I say unto
you all ancestors of inner earth I break all contracts, vows and agreements in all fraud time
perceptions. I bring back to zero balance all other realms of inner co-creation or exchange. I call to
earth mother to audit my true time, so I may be in union and contri union and communion with true
earth time. All ancestors in extinction with inner earth I open my dna memory connection with you
as completely disentangled being of manifest light on surface earth in fraud time declaring I am in
union and communion with true earth time. I honour your ancestors by declaring my sovereign
disentangled boundaries and so it begins.