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Calling higher being that we are connected with.

Clearing dark energies: Krishna, Durga, The Arcturians and their guides, Ashtar
command, Inter galactic committee, Anunaki , Sheilds and fractals , Spying
devices transform.

Implants, First layer of the Aura and beyond clear.

Demonics, Satanic , Luciferic source of all evil clear with the help of Krishna,
Kali & the masters of the race.

Clear Curses , Ancestral that we carry and other incarnations, Curses against
Me & against my partner (Neha) and our relationship: We ask the high beings
who specialize in clearing curses transform in relation to earth & other
locations we have been to.

Clear Ghost, Low parts of the soul connects with higher parts and do not
trouble any one again.

lords of karma Arch Angel Michael Clear space between me & Neha & our twin
soul connection.

lords of karma Arch Angel Michael , Clear the etheric layer, the emotional ,
mental , Budddhic , atmic , galactic , astral and all our other bodies.

Clear & upgrade all chakras and my all energy connections be done.

Repair and upgrade galactic cord which is from heart chakra and up to god

Heal at soul level & clear curses between me and the creator and heal this for
my soul group, extended soul group, guides, gods and goddesses we are
connected with.

Repair grounding cord from base of spine to centre of earth and beyond.
Upgrade it to size of garden hose. Protect my galactic cord and grounding cord

Healing Inner child , that is our bellies lower three chakras , our whole belly.
Let’s ask Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin to go to our inner child and nurture & help
to heal inner child. Come in (Goddess of Compassion inquiries into the cries or
suffering that is echoing through the generations).

Protection All around us. 5 cms around our body is rose pink of Christ energy.
High beings all around me bring me build dome of protection for each aspects
of me & between my soul connections.

Cut cords with People connected energetically & wearing my energy down:

We ask Durga (Yin) & Arch Angel Michael (Yang) Fill my heart with energy
coming from galactic cord. Send to it to your twin like laser form you’re heart
to heart. Fill-up to cellular level & fill up the organs. Clear obstruction between
me & Neha.

Clear curses between me & goddess’s energy working with me. Clear Curses
against me & against goddesses connecting with me. Clear dark energies, dark
ET energies and negative entities blocking the goddesses connecting with me
and my soul group.

Clear old goddess templates that we carry at cellular level and DNA level. Do
this for our entire female lineage. Goddess’s connect with me and upgrade my
female template which suits me best & do this for my soul group & extended
soul group.

Imagine big beautiful bright Merkabah, Me & Neha our twin soul connection
are inside this Merkabah, clear all obstructions getting between union of me &

Lords of karma Arch Angel Michael, heal our beliefs & perceptions about how
things should be at DNA level. Clear

Lords of karma Arch Angel Michael clear collective consciousness and mind