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He is a User of RNM ( Remote Neural Monitoring ) through

this Electro magnetic wave frequency he ( Kajal Kanti Dey)

and his Brother in law Prathik Dey connect Human brain and
tortured male and female In Kolkata India

Electronic harassment and electronic torture
Capabilities of Remote Neural Monitoring Thought, mind
reading, reading of thoughts remotely. See as in a camera,
through the victim’s eyes, to see what the victim is seeing.
Hearing—ability to hear and pick up what the victim is
hearing. This is how illegal criminal human trafficking and
racketeering operations are being criminally run with this
Remote Neural Monitoring technology, to profit off of
unaware unsuspecting victims.

Scratch They just beam Victim head somewhere. The normal reaction
beam is victim will start scratching his head.

How it is applied
Mostly applied when other people can see Victim. If they do
this everytime with the same people they may wonder whats
wrong with Victim . They also apply this and have random
people scratch their heads and then burn you

Not very painfull, mostly a short pulse, although they may
keep the beam on Victim head and remove it after Victim start
scratchin his head

Why it is applied
Drive Victim out of his mind, drive Him angry

Sub vocal Through RNM ..they can talk or speech what they want with
silent slow sound

How it is applied
They read your sub vocal speech and react to it

Unbelievable at first, then you get depressed because the last
thing you thought was private appears not to be private
anymore. Then you accept that you probably are even more
Horrible torture

Why it is applied
To drive you insane

Sickness/Alcohol The feeling is that victim feel a little bit dizzy, see thing
beam a little foggy.

How it is applied
They( RNM user ) may apply this when you drink your
first glass of beer, wine, etc. or when you have a cold,
or are sensitive to hay fever

Some photo of torture in face and body skin by RNM (

Remote Neural Monitoring)