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Student Teacher Science Lesson Planning Template

Sample Science Lesson Plan – for observation

Date 26/2/2018 Student Hiya Ibrahim

Time School Ajman First Academy
MCT Garnel Desravins Class 3
Lesson Renewable resources & non-renwable No of
unit/page resources students
Context of the lesson
-Natural Resources
-What are the Non- Renewable things , and Renewable things and how.
Teaching goal
To make student aware of what is natural resources and what are the things that can reproduced easily and what take
long time, so by knowing this they will realized that they have to reduce using variety of things..

Learning objectives
In the end of the lesson student will be able to:
-Sort pictures of non- renewable and renewable.
-Identify Natural resource and Renewable resources, Non Renewable Orally.
-Explain why these resources consider as nonrenewable or renewable.

Assumptions about prior learning

I think that the students knows about nature, but they don’t know what is natural resources and renewable and non-
renewable resources
Anticipated problems and possible solutions
If I can't connect the Wifi to show them video, I will show them pictures.
Personal focus for this lesson
I have to praise and reward the students all the time to keep them engaged and motivated.

Target language Teacher language

Natural resources
Non-renewable -I will be using an appropriate language that match the
Renewable students level and comprehension.
Fossil foul -I will ask a variety of opened and closed-ended questions
Conversation to give them the opportunity to share their thoughts as well
Electricity as to check their comprehension.

Main tasks or activities Resources and teaching aids

- Engage:(Watching video) Key words cards, papers, colors, markers, pictures of

students will watch a video that its about natural renewable and non-renewable resource, bow for each
resources, and renewable resources. group, glues, safe scissors, sticks with the words
After they finish from watching the video I will ask them “Renewable and Non Renewable”, bell, reward system,
questions related to the video, also I will ask them to mystery box, job cards for each group.
draw the resources that they saw or the resources that
they think they are non-renewable resources.

# I will teach them about the non-renewable resource by

illustrating for them what does it mean, and what are
these sources.

-Explore: (Sorting the resources)

students will be working in groups, where they have to
sort the pictures of resources with their names to the
category that suits with them.

-Explain:(Explain the sorting activity)

Student will explain the reasons why did they put the
sources in the category.

-Elaborate: (Is it renewable or non-renewable? game)

The teacher will say names of resources and the students
in groups will discusses for which category it belong to
and show up the stick that have the right category word.

-Evaluate: (self- evaluation )

the teacher will ask the students questions about
understanding the lesson, and if they understand they will
show thumps up, and if no thumps down.
Consider these grouping strategies:((groups individual Consider where the children are working:
pairs)) Inside the classroom.

Planning Stages Within the 5-E Inquiry Model

PURPOSE: of the engagment
to convey the context of the lesson(s)/unit by conveying an important Key Question
to engage students in investigations that reveal their thinking to themselves and the teacher
to record the initial ideas of students
to engage their interest
Key Question:
What are the renewable resources and non-renewable resources?
Questions for whole group discussion:
how they are renewable and non-renewable?
Materials: laptop, smart board, video link, papers, colors, markers.
Teacher (( what they do in engagment in Student (( what they do in engagment in
detail detail))

In the beginning I will play a video for students, Students will watch the video, and will answer
about renewable and non- renewable resources. the teacher's questions. Then they will be
working on the drawing of the non-renewable
After that, I will ask students questions about resources.
what they saw.

Then I will ask them to draw pictures of non-

renewable resources that they saw in the video.

to test ideas and develop knowledge using explorations, investigations, experiments
to modify and record ideas as they change due to activities
to develop new questions and testable hypotheses
Activities (list) Driving Question
-Sorting natural resources -What are the examples of renewable
Materials: bow, glue, pictures and and non-renewable resources?
words for each group.
Teacher Student

Before I start the activity, I will have a swift The students will re-tell for the teacher the
review, where I will ask what did we talk about instructions of activity.
while a go.

I will prepare students for the activity by dividing Students will be cooperative and working
the students into proper groups. together in groups to classify the pictures and
divide them into renewable and non-renewable
Then, I will call the group's material leaders to
come and take the materials they need for the
activity which are: bow, pictures, words and glue.

After that, I will illustrate for them the activity by

giving instructions and showing them example.

The activity require from the students to classify

the pictures of renewable and nonrenewable
resources and label the name of the source.

After giving the instructions I will ask the students

randomly to tell me what they will be doing to
make sure they know.

I will time the activity, it will take about 5-6


During the students are working, I will be going

surround the students and have a look on their
Student Communication Product:

- the students will improve their communicating skills when they will be discussing in
groups to find the corrects answers together and share their thoughts.
to answer the Key Question through student explanations
to provide students with relevant vocabulary, formal definitions and explanations of concepts

Material: the students work

Teacher Student

After they finish the sorting activity, I will listen to Students will provide the answer of the activity
the answers from each group. for the teacher.
I will pick a resource from the activity, and I will Student will explain to the teacher why this
ask why they consider it as a renewable or resource goes under this category (renewable,
nonrenewable resource. non- renewable resource)
Also, I will ask a question by choosing one of the
Students will provide teacher with examples of
resources and ask how we can consume this
what they can use this resources and how.
to extend students' conceptual understanding through application or practice in new settings
Material: sticks written on them “renewable resource, non-renewable resource” for each group.
Activities: Teacher Student
Is it renewable or non-
renewable? I will show them pictures of Students will discuss and show
resources or show them the right stick that have the
examples in the classroom. right category for the source.
Each group will get two
On these sticks will be words
one stick Renewable,
And the second is non-
I will show them picture of
sources or and they have to
discuss with each other to
raise the correct stick.
for students to assess their understand of the learning objectives
for the teacher to assess student understanding of the learning objectives

Skill/Reasoning Learning Objectives Assessment Instrument

Determine the differences between the Ask questions
renewable and non-renewable resources.
Teacher Students

In the end I will ask students if they have a

question. Students will ask questions if they need about
the lesson.
If they did not understand the lesson or any part I
will re-teach it again They will do the act of thumps up if they get
understand to the lesson.
I will ask students to show me thumbs up if
they are fine with the lesson, and thumbs down Thumps down if they need form the teacher to
if they feel that they are not much familiar with re-teach the lesson of part that they couldn’t
the lesson even after the illustrating understand it.

This lesson went well, the students were engaged and I didn't face misbehaving. I think they were
good behaving because of the external motivation that I provided for them which is through giving
points and gifts for the group who get more points. Another reason of the good management is the
job cards where each student has a task to do which keep them busy in something useful and
improve leadership skills or communication skills for students who have the speaker job. Using
these kinds of strategies is important thing to manage the class. But even if they worked well I have
to try new things so the students don't feel bored.