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EEI Lesson Plan Template

Name: Damian Liljegren Pima Course: 292A Instructor: Rossman

Subject: U.S. History Topic: Assassination of President Grade Level: 12 Duration: 1 hour
Abraham Lincoln
List of Materials, Handouts, Rubrics, and other Documents: [List everything you will need to teach this lesson here, then insert
actual examples in the Appendices below the plan] PPT presentation with content of lesson, laptop computer, and
students who are present and eager to learn 

Purpose: This lesson will help students evaluate and understand the events surrounding the assassination of President
Lincoln, as well why he was assassinated.

Components Description of Plan

Content Standard HS.1SS.C6.PO3 – Analyze the immediate and long-term effects of Reconstruction in
Choose ONE standard and type it out post Civil War America – Lincoln’s assassination. From Beyond Textbook (where
along with the number. we get our standards in the Vail School District)
Learning Objective Bloom’s Level: Analysis
 Choose ONE level of complexity from
Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy Objective: Students will be able to analyze the details surrounding the assassination of
 Write ONE objective that is ONE President Lincoln and its aftermath.
simple sentence with ONE carefully
chosen verb

Est Anticipatory Set Teacher will (TW): Students will (SW):

# of A quick "hook" to grab the
 1. Show a short video to the class 1. Collectively view a short video
student's attention that indicates there was a bigger on President Lincoln’s
 Activates prior knowledge of plot surrounding the assassination to let them know
5 the objective
min assassination of President there was a bigger plot.
 Requires active participation
s from ALL learners Lincoln. 2. View an image depicting Booth
 Students must literally interact 2. Have the class view an image shooting Lincoln to activate prior
with the OBJECTIVE depicting Lincoln’s knowledge.
assassination. 3. Interact with the objective by
3. State that we will be analyzing verbally providing any prior
the events surrounding the knowledge of President
assassination of President Lincoln’s assassination.
Lincoln and why he was

Est Teaching-Input Teacher will: Students will:

# of
 Using effective and varied 1. Present content (vocabulary, 1. Listen to content and write
strategies, the teacher concepts, etc.) on carefully down notes on specified
provides information and
25- vocabulary students will need
planned PPT vocabulary and content.
30 in order to grasp the concept, 2. Ask students to take notes on 2. Think about and answer
min strategy, or skill. specified content pertinent questions asked of
s  Check for Understanding. 3. Ensure students understand them and ask questions if
vocabulary and content by they need clarification.
asking questions (individually 3. Participate in any group
and collectively) and making questions or discussions by
sure they’re writing down the thinking about and creating
proper notes. their own responses to
EEI Lesson Plan Template

specific questions.
Est Teaching-Modeling Teacher will: Students will:
# of
 Teacher demonstrates and 1. Present facts, viewpoints, and 1. Think about, write down,
shows examples of what pose certain questions about summarize, and/or discuss
students are expected to do
10 (how to solve the problem,
relevant information answers to specific questions
min answer the question, do the pertaining to details asked by teacher.
s activity etc.). surrounding Lincoln’s
 Check for Understanding. assassination.
2. Check for understanding
through the students’
responses and asking follow-
up questions.
Est Guided Practice Teacher will: Students will:
# of
 An opportunity for each 1. Thoroughly go over “Lincoln’s 1. Write down a brief, but
student to demonstrate new Assassination Recap” detailed recap/summary of
learning by working through
an activity or exercise with the
assignment with students. President Lincoln’s
25 teacher’s guidance. 2. Walk around the room to offer assassination.
min guidance on certain portions 2. Ask teacher any questions
 This is the heart of the lesson
s and should have the most of assignment and ensure needed to clarify anything
minutes assigned to it. understanding. pertaining to the information
3. Offer up any suggestions on they just learned about the
potential options how assassination.
students can address this
Est Closure 1. SW think about and write down their answers to a critical-thinking question
# of  ALL students must engage in
on Lincoln’s assassination.
brief closure activity to cement 2. SW verbally share their responses with a neighbor.
learning and optimize transfer.
5  Do not introduce anything
3. TW call on a couple students to share their responses with the class.
min new during Closure.
s  Check for Understanding. **Note: Since we don’t really assign homework at PHS, closure is generally
 Students must re-engage with done just before guided/independent practice. Guided practice and
the OBJECTIVE independent practice is merged at PHS.
n/a Independent Practice Students will:
 AFTER proper closure, it is
important to provide time for We generally don’t assign homework at PHS. If the lesson goes over the estimated
additional practice. It may be time, students will be given some extra minutes the following day to finish up the
group or individual work in
“Lincoln’s Assassination Recap” assignment.
class or it might be
 Do not introduce anything
new during Independent

Checks for Understanding 1. Asking questions to the students (individually and collectively) and checking their
 List at least THREE quick, informal responses.
strategies that you used to check 2. Verifying to see that students are properly writing down the specified notes.
understanding throughout the lesson. 3. Asking random students to briefly summarize vocabulary and/or key concepts.
 Checks should be varied (i.e., self-
check, verbal check, written check).
Assessment Options Pre- and Post-Assessment of Objective:
 Describe how you will pre- and post- Key vocabulary and concepts from this lesson will be on both the test review
EEI Lesson Plan Template

test students’ understanding of the and mid-term test. Students will have the chance to correct any incorrect
objective. These do not need to responses they received on the test for 50% of the point value. Many of these
happen on the same day as the
vocabulary words and concepts will show up in future lessons for reiteration.
 Alternative options for diverse
learners should also be provided Alternative Assessment Options: Accommodations for diverse learners would be more
time to complete the activities and/or tests, reduced or increased expectations on
amount of writing on “Lincoln’s Assassination Recap” assignment, or creating small
groups to promote discussions to assist with the assignment.

Differentiation Options Content – Scaffold: I have multiple questions throughout my lesson for a reason. All
Describe how you will reach diverse students may not be able to answer them with master proficiency, but all students will
learners by varying the: be exposed to them and they will all be able to participate at a level that will enable
 Content them to properly learn the content standard.
 Process Content – Challenge: Some students will be able to answer the higher-level learning
 Product
questions in a manner that will challenge their critical thinking skills.

Process – Scaffold: Extra time to complete the assignment will be provided for the
students who need it. Students who prefer typing may do so instead of handwriting
their responses.
Process – Challenge: Students who finish the assignment early will have their work
checked by teacher and be asked to either elaborate further on some details (verbally
to teacher or to help emphasize their point to the class).

Product – Scaffold: Create a discussion with students to have them offer up opinions
on hypothetical results of Booth’s ultimate plan.
Product – Challenge: Ask gifted students to provide some unique or hypothetical
examples potential scenarios had Booth’s entire plan succeeded.
21st Century Learning Technology: Students will use Chrome Books to look up provided link to research
Describe how you will incorporate and answer questions. Students will have the option to type their responses instead of
technology and/or the 4 Cs: handwriting them.
 Critical Thinking
 Creativity
Critical Thinking: Students will have multiple opportunities and be expected to
 Collaboration
 Communication exercise critical thinking by pondering numerous questions and providing their
responses to them.

Creativity: Students will have the opportunity and be expected to be creative with
their verbal and written responses.

Collaboration: Students will be expected to discuss and collaborate with others to

share their thoughts on the assassination of President Lincoln.

Communication: Students will communicate with each other and the teacher often
throughout the lesson. They will be asked multiple questions and be asked to ponder
and react (verbally and in writing) to key surrounding the assassination of Lincoln.

Appendices/Additional Information: [insert materials/links/screenshots below]

I uploaded my PPT as well as a PDF version of it in the dropbox.

***Note: This year during 3rd period at PHS we do “Mindful Minutes.” This is a form of meditation/way for students to wind
down. There are mixed responses to it so far. I will discuss it with you more during our post-observation interview.