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MTEK 20-32Nb

Alloy Datasheet


MetalTek MTEK 20-32Nb is a cast, low carbon, austenitic Fe-Ni-Cr alloy strengthened with MC-forming additions of Nb.
MTEK 20-32Nb is used in steam/hydrocarbon reforming for catalyst tubing, convection tubing, pigtails, outlet manifolds, and
quenching system piping. It is used in steam cracking for transfer lines, pigtails, return bends and outlet flanges. MTEK 20-
32Nb is typically used for components requiring high thermal shock resistance, adequate creep rupture strength and
improved aged ductility over higher carbon alloys. The alloy possesses oxidation and carburization resistance up to
approximately 1040°C (1900°F). MTEK 20-32Nb complies with the code rated ASME A351 CT15C specification, UNS
N08151 and is classified as a P45 group alloy.

Material Characteristics
Nominal Chemistry

Element C Cr Ni Nb Si Mn S P Pb Fe

Min 0.05 19 31 0.90 0.50 0.50 - - - Balance

Max 0.15 21 34 1.35 1.00 1.50 0.025 0.025 0.01 Balance

The composition range may be adjusted slightly to meet the specific customer or application requirements.

Tensile Properties

The minimum room temperature tensile properties for MTEK 20-32Nb are listed in the table below. Typical elevated temperature
tensile properties for material in the as-cast condition are shown below. Typical properties may vary depending on specific
customer requirements and section size. Testing methodology for room and elevated tensile strength in accordance with ASTM E8
and ASTM E21 respectively.

Minimum Typical
Temperature °C 21 21 760 871 982
°F 70 70 1400 1600 1800
Tensile MPa 448 503 290 172 90
Strength ksi 65 73 42 25 13
Yield Strength MPa 172 207 103 110 69
ksi 25 30 15 16 10
Elongation % 20 40 34 26 44


Product Form Machining Welding

MTEK 20-32Nb is typically furnished in the MTEK 20-32Nb is readily machined by MTEK 20-32Nb is readily welded using
as-cast condition, unless otherwise standard methods for austenitic GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, and PAW
specified. It is available as centrifugal, stainless steel. In production; turning, processes. For SMAW, the
investment and sand castings. boring and grinding of centrifugally cast recommended filler metals are UTP-
tubes is regularly practiced. 2133Mn or alloy 117. For GTAW ,
GMAW and PAW; UTP-A2133Mn, 2133
(SO) or alloy 617 filler metals are
recommended. The choice of the
process depends on the joint
configuration, material thickness and
other factors. Preheating or post-weld
heat treatment of the welded joint is not
MTEK 20-32Nb
Alloy Datasheet

Creep and Rupture Properties

Stress-rupture curves for cast MTEK 20-32Nb are presented by Larson-Miller parameter below. The Larson Miller constant
was computed from a statistical regression analysis of the test data.


Minimum Stress to C 760 816 871 927 982
Produce Rupture F 1400 1500 1600 1700 1800
10,000 hours MPa 57.9 41.6 28.4 18.4 11.4
ksi 8.40 6.03 4.12 2.67 1.65
100,000 hours MPa 45.2 30.7 19.8 12.0 7.0
ksi 6.55 4.46 2.87 1.75 1.01
*Calculations based on 95% Minimum
MTEK 20-32Nb
Alloy Datasheet

Physical and Thermal Properties

8.03 g/cm3
0.290 lb./in3

Thermal Thermal Mean Coefficient of

Temperature Specific Heat Diffusivity Conductivity Thermal Expansion
(°C) (J/kg·K) (cm2/s) (W/m·K) m/m K)
23 0.467 0.0313 11.7 -
100 0.484 0.0343 13.3 15.1
200 0.504 0.0375 15.1 15.4
300 0.522 0.0407 17.0 15.7
400 0.539 0.0430 18.6 16.0
500 0.555 0.0453 20.1 16.3
600 0.600 0.0475 22.8 16.7
700 0.605 0.0499 24.2 17.1
800 0.617 0.0519 25.7 17.3
900 0.590 0.0537 25.4 17.5
1000 0.632 0.0557 28.2 17.9
1100 0.688 0.0569 31.4 18.3
1200 0.700 0.0584 32.7 18.7
MTEK 20-32Nb
Alloy Datasheet

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