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Air P2P
The future to computing is here

Air P2P 2018

Blockchain is the future of

modern day technology and with
aid from it we expect to bring
people closer to complex and
sophisticated systems.

It is a move to bring forth the

gamer, the web designer, the
video editor, the graphic designer
and the utility professional closer
to their dream configuration rig
all under one platform.

➢ Introduction and Executive
➢ High End Computing Technology
on the p2p network
• How does the system
actually work?
➢ Dimensions of usage offered by
the technology
➢ Ethereum based blockchain
➢ What we aim to solve?
➢ Token Roadmap
➢ Conclusion

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Air P2P 2018


With the passage of time, we have come across a great deal of improvements in the world of
computers and systems. With the advent of time, the computer systems have grown at an
exponential rate. They have been upgraded with a great deal of pace which often renders people
incapable of making the due modifications.

It is better to say that these modifications have somewhat rendered people off the track whereby
they have fallen behind in the race of being “up to date”. It is due to a number of reasons with lack
of necessary funding being the most evident one. These upgraded computer systems rack up a lot of
pricing and at times they can be really expensive as well. It is thus understandable that for a
conventional person with limited sources of income, such an expense would be unprecedented

With a wide range of limitations on board, people are barred from enjoying the benefits and
capacity of these mega-machines. However by virtue of the blockchain technology and the crypto-
arcadia, we aim at solving the issue. We wish to forge an integrated p2p network which will aim at
providing such potent computing technology on rent across the blockchain technology. With the
inception of such a technology, people from all across the globe will have access to powerful and
advanced computing technology with relative ease.


The blockchain enabled p2p network is definitively a boon for the people that do not have access to
high end gaming PCs. These Pcs often tend to be on the higher end of cost prising and therefore they
are often deemed to be “too expensive” for the conventional man. The average cost of a high-end
gaming setup which would support the latest games in “Ultra” resolution are about a minimum of 3
times expensive than a conventional PC.

• P2P Network to help solve this issue: While affordability pertains to be among the major
issues associated with high-end gaming, the P2P network powered by the blockchain
technology can help make things easier.
This network has been integrated to ensure that people from all over the globe can rent high
end computing power without having to shell out a single buck on their existing
configuration. By virtue of a highly capable and integrated software system, the conditions
of a high-end PC are replicated virtually across the network. This allows the person to
perform all functions and tasks by virtue of the software on their very own setup.
In a certain way it would ideal to envision the scenario as a form of “remote access” to high
end user PC without having to buy or invest in any of its integrals.

How does the system actually work?

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Air P2P 2018

AirP2P is an Ethereum based crypto-token which helps the people to make the requisite transfers
and transactions in the network. The network is actually powered by the blockchain technology for
faster computing, enhanced user anonymity, user safety assurance and better clarity.

The new technology/software which has been developed on the Ethereum blockchain will allow the
people to gain access to high end computing experience. It would essentially allow the people to
rent computers from the network with high end provisions. Using a simulated interface within the
system software, the users will be able to gain benefits of working under a high-end PC
environment. It is to be remembered that all of this is done by virtue of the software interface and
therefore physical upgrade to the computer would not be necessary.

The idea as such has been developed to ensure that everybody has access to high end [processing
power, especially the students, active gamers, media associates, web designers and graphic
designers as well. People that cannot afford high end processing power will be able to rent these
systems using AirP2P tokens on this blockchain powered network.

Simply the scenario can be envisioned in such a manner that a certain student needs to perform
tasks that require AutoCAD or Adobe Photoshop, but do not possess the requisite computing power
within their system to run these software. In such a situation, the person can rent a system with the
requisite processing capabilities, run it on their system through the software and perform their tasks
with ease. The same is also applicable for the enthusiastic gamers as well that do not have access to
high end gaming configurations. They can also rent such systems for a certain period of time and
enjoy high end gaming on their system as well.


The premier benefits of a blockchain based technology lies in the clarity and user anonymity brought
forth by the system. With the inception of the blockchain technology, people can expect a unified
platform catering to all of their requisites. In this case, the people from all ends of the globe will be
able to rent their requisite computing essentials using a virtual interface.

The dimensions of the technology brought forth by AirP2P are not simply bound to renting only. The
people that have high end configurations in their arsenal can also be a part of the network and opt
to rent out their machines in order to earn the cryptocurrency. The concepts have been
acknowledged further ahead.

• Renting a high end configuration: the premier benefits of the system lies in the fact that the
people having affordability issues, especially students and aspiring gamers can rent these
systems at affordable costs with aid from the AirP2P token. The pricing would be
conveniently low so that everybody can make use of these services.
The technology is orchestrated around the system software that will help simulate a high
end Pc environment in the user’s machine. In this way, the virtual modification the setup
would allow the user to work on a high end system configuration while accessing their stock
machine itself. The software has been articulated to produce a real-time experience of using
a high end configuration on any modern day PC.

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Air P2P 2018

• Renting out high end PC configurations: Owing to the fact that the technology is completely
based on a P2P network; the people would be essentially able to associate in a symbiotic
relationship. In order to feed the entire technology, the people that have access to high end
Pc configurations in the real time, would be able to rent out their systems across the
They will be offered remuneration for their services in the form of the cryptocurrency
associated with the network which in this case is the AirP2P token. The person then can
make further use of the token to avail the other services offered on the network which shall
be associated with the computing technology itself.


The entire system along with the P2P network has been made to run on the Ethereum based
blockchain technology which is the same technology powering Bitcoin, the largest grossing
cryptocurrency all over the world.

The reason as to why the entire system has been architecture on the Ethereum based blockchain
technology is owing to the fact that there are a number of major benefits associated with it. It is a
secure system which ensures that every technology can run smoothly across it.


The integration of the blockchain technology is to ensure that our users have access to phenomenal
security options. We have a dedicated team of professionals always on alert with the secure
transactions conducted under the system.

As an emerging company we bank on the prospects of user integrity and seamless experience to
bring about the best of services for our clients.

Benefits of the technology:

• One of the premier benefits of the Ethereum based blockchain technology is the fact that it
has a highly active “immune system’ which does not allow conversion of data easily. In
simpler words the entire data structure is in the form of blocks which ensures that
practically modifying a segment of the data would have no lasting effect. The broader
spectrum ensures that this proposition does not allow data modification and thus provides
for enhanced data security.
• Being a decentralized system, there is no censorship associated with the technology either.
This provides for user anonymity and does not make the system corrupted. At the same time
the system is incredibly transparent to the users which enable the transactions to be verified
over the internet since the records are easily available.
• The tokens powered by Ethereum are rather easier to mine and more stable across the
longer format. On an average it takes about 14 seconds to mine an Ethereum based token
which is significantly lower than any of its counterparts.
• Ethereum is the same blockchain which essentially powers bitcoin and thus the same
architectural integrity can be expected in this case as well. The digital ledger is open in which

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Air P2P 2018

all forms of transactional are recorded in a secure and decentralized manner. With the
integrity of the bitcoin foundation, people can expect to bank on a secure and transparent

These features make the entire renting system easier, transparent, safe and incorruptible at the
same time. The high level encryptions on the network also ensure that the system cannot be
compromised by hackers making it safe to use and completely unbreakable as well.


One of the most salient features associated with the technology that we have in store for our clients
is the fact that we are integrating a cloud based ecosystem with blockchain features. Thus it would
be prudent to say that our ecosystem will be cautiously based on the credentials of the blockchain
technology while the concept shall be hired from cloud computing.

Benefits of cloud computing technology:

• Access to their own virtual PC online: One of the most serene features that this technology
has in store for the people associated with it is the fact that this technology would ensure
access to a virtual PC across the online network. The network has been orchestrated to
perform in a seamless manner across IOS, Android and the PC network as well.
This ensures that all the domains are duly addressed. Thus the people that are inclined
towards gaming will be directly able to stream across the network on any platform. The
virtual PC will be thus easily available to them while they would not have to physically
upgrade their machines.
The network will also ensure that the people that make the use of high end software like
Adobe, Light-Room and similar media editing software will also be able to reap in the
benefits of this software. Thus the graphic designers and professional media editors will be
able to rent the systems for the designated time period and thus save a potential amount of
money without having to invest in physical upgrades.
• An ecosystem by the people and for the people: What makes the AirP2P technology really
unique in its very own way is the fact that this technology has been curated for the people
and by the people themselves.
The ecosystem that we are emphasizing on is purely symbiotic in nature and thus is based on
the contributions of the people present across the network. We wish to bank on the
evolution of the Internet technology owing to the fact that it has been able to witness a
significant amount of growth in a very short period of time. People will be able to rent
systems and similarly rent out their systems on the network for others to hire. In return they
will be able to earn AirP2P tokens which will allow them to further avail other services.

Banking on the evolution of the Internet: The internet has been a major blessing for every
individual across the world. The speed of the internet connection which seemingly defines its
credibility in the modern world has been through a prolific change as well.

Today we have been introduced to the 4G technology which is further to be succeeded by the 5G
technology which seems to be just around the corner. This would ensure that our ecosystem would

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Air P2P 2018

flourish in a flawless manner. Seamless connectivity would provide the people with an uninterrupted
and flawless gaming experience on the network. With aid from such a feature people can earn
respite from having to upgrade their machines every year since now they can rent in these machines
for lesser the cost as par their convenience.


Similar to any other ICO in the market, the prime purpose of the AirP2P ICO is to be able to collect a
generous amount of funding that would be crucial in the development of the platform. Owing to the
fact that the company is inclined towards curating an ecosystem which would essentially be termed
as the backbone of the project, a generous amount of funding is required, this can be earned by
virtue of this ICO.

A certain percentage of the total token capacity is set to be “mintable” for the future ventures. In
easier terms this percentage of tokens shall be created by virtue of smart contracts present on the
Ethereum blockchain network which will further help us integrate core blockchain credentials into
our network and thus diversify it across a global scale.

The company aims on ensuring greater ROI for the investors in the near future and also plans to
increase the token valuations to ensure that the company can develop in a prolific manner across
the global arcadia.


The most important aspect of the system is to solve a certain set of issues that is commonly faced by
the common people. It is not possible for everyone to be able to afford a system which is priced
heavily. Therefore at AirP2P we plan on bringing forth a system which will help to solve this issue in
an innovative an ethical manner.

We expect the system to be especially beneficial for the students and the professional graphic
designers that require high end configurations and premium machines to carry on with their work.
While this system shall thrive upon the gaming appetite of the modern generation, the professional
arcadia is also expected to contribute profusely to its growth as well. The aim of the proposition is
pretty simple since it is to ensure that all forms of individuals have access to sophisticated systems
without having to transform or upgrade their existing ones.

Limitations that we aim to address:

Gaming Industry and the requisite high end PC configurations: With the surging price of high end
configurations across the global market, affordability has been among the most concerning issues.
Statistics reveal the fact that the transition in the surge pricing trend has been nearly 14.5% from
where it initially used to be back in the year 2012.

One of the core sectors which has been playing a pivotal role in this pricing trend upraise has been
the gaming sector. With the inception of better graphics technology, the need for gaming or as it is

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Air P2P 2018

commonly referred to seem to have exponentially grown. People are intrigued on playing the latest
games at high resolutions which can only be supported by a high-end configuration.

In the US alone, an average mid-range gaming PC can cost from somewhere around $3000 to $5000.
On the contrary a high-end gaming configuration or a professional gaming rig can cost from
somewhere around 5000$ to 8000$ as well. The core I9 processors referred to as the Titan edition
inn itself starts at a whopping 1300$.

Students associated with game designing and multimedia: The world has been witness to
exponential growth in the number of students pursuing graphics designing and game designing as
well. However all of these systems require high end configurations so that all of the complex
programmes can easily run on it.

However the cost of purchasing a new system can be quite overwhelming which often tends to be
the primary limitation. The AirP2P network will help solve this issue since the students hailing from
any part of the world will be able to easily rent high-end systems to help with their projects and
assignments. With an easy to setup payment system through the AirP2P platform, the students can
also opt to rent out their systems into the network for others to use.

This is likely to push the affordability index upwards ensuring that more people are able to afford the
services of high end systems. The symbiotic network brought forth by AirP2P is expected to
eliminate a global crisis which is powered by exponential costs associated with high end PCs.

Freelancing: Over the years, it has been quite evident that beaming professionals have a lot to owe
to owe to their freelancing career. Every professional at some point of time in the graphic designing
industry has been a freelancer.

The biggest challenge for a freelancer tends to be the fact that they have very limited access to
funds; which can often hamper their progress in the professional arcadia. This common issue can be
duly addressed with aid from the Airp2P venture. With the inception of this peer to peer network
these freelancers will be able to rend systems that are powered by high end configurations. This
would allow them to easily complete their tasks and provide their careers with a major boost in its
launching stages.

Conveniently these professionals will also have respite from making a hasty investment in upgrading
their system. They can surely take their time and make the investment once they have been able to
reap in the requisite funding. For the aspiring individuals associated with any industry, financial
cringes can be a major setback. With the inception of the AirP2P system we aim to solve this cringe
and provider them with greater prospects.

Addressing low latency: We aim to ensure low latency at every point of time. Owing to the fact that
people worldwide would be renting out their systems over the network, a global network shall be
formulated which will allow computing technology renting near you. This will ensure the presence of
low latency but at the same time our company also aims at the provision of subscription based

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Air P2P 2018

This subscription based model will ensure that our associates can connect to one of the company
datacentres and gain access to solid high end configurations in a constant manner. This proposition
will also deliver the person with constant file access on the virtual system.

The other solution which emerges from the computer marketplace powered by the users will
provide for short term rentals with a simpler interface to login to the stream and play games or
make the use of applications by installing them on to the user account. This would further ensure
that the people renting the system are not able to corrupt it in any manner or possible means. In
short it would be better to envision the fact that the system isn’t purely built on P2P but the
marketplace is ought to be built on it.

People worldwide will be able to reap in the benefits of what we have in store for them and thus
AirP2P will be successfully able to emerge itself as a global network. Using the benefits of modern
internet connectivity and state of the art technology, AirP2P will address the limitations of low
latency servers and bring forth top notch technology to everyone’s doorstep.


We need to be aware of the fact that cloud computing technology is set to be the future of modern
day network credibility. There are quite a few limited number of companies globally that are inclined
towards making prolific use of the cloud tech. What truly separates AirP2P from any other project of
the similar ideology is the integration of blockchain credentials within the cloud computing

This would further ensure that the network provides for:

• Greater stability to the network with aid from premium internet connectivity
• User anonymity assurance
• Greater security with multi-layered secure protocols for token holders
• Global connectivity with integration of blockchain enabled features

The symbiotic nature of the blockchain network which comprises a certain position in the ecosystem
helps to take the ordeal across the global scale. Essentially it makes the entire proposition turn out
to be a global network with prolific expansion capabilities. AirP2P aims to address the issues of
global cloud tech outreach and bring forth the network to each and every household out there.

The development of the software at present is under progress and is expected to take some time
before being finally launched. A number of dry run sequences and test programmes are being
carried out to ensure that there isn’t any further complication associated with the software once it
has been successfully launched in the market.

Among the total number of tokens which shall be initially mined and prepared for the ICO, the
dedicated quantum across several sectors tends to be as follows:

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Air P2P 2018

➢ The ICO is set to be executed across 3 phases where a total of 33 billion tokens shall be
dispatched. All the unsold tokens shall be burnt off.
➢ Pre ICO allocates a 30% bonus which is set to be executed on 18th May 2018. Number of
tokens for sale shall be 330,000,000 P2P tokens. The phase is set to end on June 3rd 2018.
➢ 50% of the tokens have been allocated for the main token sale phase with the initial phase
being executed at a rate of 20% bonus valuation. This phase shall consist of 12% of the
allocated token stash. The remaining 37% roughly have been reserved for the main token
sale phase.


29% of the tokens have been reserved for “Branding and Marketing”

4% of the tokens have been reserved to be used for financial overheads and expenses

53% of the tokens have been ensured for infrastructure development purposes which shall also
include the likes of software development, getting listed across all major exchanges and gaining of
market liquidity upon launch. 2% shall be reserved for bounty and overhead while 12% shall be
reserved for other purposes.

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Air P2P 2018

Main Token sale (20% bonus):

• Commencement: 3rd June 2018

• Number of tokens for sale: 3,960,000,000 P2P tokens (12%)
• Ending: July 3rd 2018
• Token Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 825,000 P2P
• Acceptable currencies: ETH with minimum transaction amount of 0.02 ETH

Main Token Sale:

• Commencement: August 3rd 2018

• Number of tokens allocated for sale: 12,210,000,000 P2P tokens (37%)
• Ending date: September 15th 2018
• Token Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 687,500 P2P
• Acceptable currencies: ETH with a minimal transactional amount of 0.02 ETH

Allocation of 100% of the tokens has been provided in the following table. We have dedicated 22%
towards the company and 5% for the project team. 1% of the token stash has been reserved for
Airdrop phase with 20% reserved for minting and 2% being reserved for bounties.

The commencement of the private token sale has already taken place and has been presented with
a 100% completion rate. The public token sale is designated to take place on the 3rd of June.

Website: http://airp2p.network/

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Air P2P 2018

According to the founders of Airp2P Foundation, the future of crypto-currency is in the diversity that
they have in store for the common people. The proposition isn’t simply about allowing people access
to complex and sophisticated systems for professional and personal use, but also to ensure a new
dimension of services to the people.

The concept is pretty new and one of a kind which makes it extremely promising for the future. With
the integration of an everlasting, non-modifiable, secure and private system, people can expect a
high end client experience at the AirP2P Foundation.

The concept is entirely dependent on the blockchain technology platform and the company wishes
to thrive by making the most of the features offered by it. With the transactions being recorded i8n
open ledgers that can be accessed easily all over the internet and later being executed as smart
contracts, the users can expect the best of seamless experience.

The company is also inclined towards the development of a “mini PC” as a part of its future plans.
This application can be directly connected to the TV and thus would ensure the running of any PC
application over it. The concept has been brought forth from the existing technology but the
integration of our futuristic tech within it would make it better and duly filled with an array of
sensational features.

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Air P2P 2018

The advent of the technology brings forth the incorporation of blockchain fundamentals which helps
to unify services under a common platform. The aim of the move is to reach across to all students,
professionals and gamers alike that essentially thrive for a high end PC configuration in order to
meet their demands. At AirP2P Foundation, this emerging ICO is expected to bring forth the best f
results that would be extremely appealing and at par with the expectations. Blockchain is the future
of technology and it is high-time that as an emerging contender we associate with a system which is
set to redefine the course of modern day transactions. We invite people to participate in the
upcoming AirP2P ICO and be a part of this significant phenomenon.

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