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Cale J.

[Phone # Hidden] cale@caledunlap.com
[Address Hidden] http://www.caledunlap.com

Professional Profile More than 8 years of experience as a hobbyist video game developer and mod maker,
more than 5 years of professional experience as a software engineer, and more than 11
years of experience as a hobbyist software developer.
 C, C++  Rails
 C#  Django
 Lua  SVN
 Python  Linux
 PHP  Windows
 Ruby  MSSQL
 OpenGL  MySQL
 3D Math  CryEngine
 .NET Framework  Source Engine
 Javascript  Unreal Engine

Achievements Video Game Mods

 Spud Gun Mod for Half-Life. Released 2000.
o Named one of the top 5 bizarre mods of 2000, PC Gamer UK
 Firearms Half-Life Mod. Programmer for v2.65 – v3.0. Released 2002.
o Voted PC Gamer’s Mod of the Year 2000
o PC Gamer’s Game of the Year 2000 Runner-Up
 Firearms: Source Half-Life 2 Mod. Released 2010.
o Featured in December 2010 issue of PC Gamer
Video Game Programming
 Created resource-friendly particle effects for precipitation (snow and rain) for
Firearms Half-Life™ Mod
 Enhanced network performance of Firearms by reducing message sizes and
redundancy enabling faster load times and large reduction in network-performance
related problems.
 Locked known cheaters out of Firearms by creating the Master Ban System which
was derived from gaming community members and server administrators.
 Shared knowledge by writing articles and tutorials for mod development websites.
Other Programming & Development
 Enhanced accuracy and automation level of infrastructure documentation in a large
physical and virtual environment at TRX, Inc. by creating in-house software called
XTrac—Later released open-source as KnowIT (http://knowitaig.googlecode.com)
 Created open-source C++ 3D Math library called VGLMath
 Created open-source invoicing software in PHP and MySQL called openInvoice
 Created open-source task management system using PHP and SQLite called CTask

Work History December 2009 - Present

Serious Games Programmer, Research Network, Inc., Kennesaw, GA
 Implement speech recognition into soldier training simulator using VoConn 3200 and
Chant 2.6
 Implement gesture recognition into soldier training simulator using Xsens MVN
motion capture suit and 5DT Data Glove hardware and the respective SDKs
 Create and maintain training games for the US Army on the Source™ engine
 Maintain SimBridge, an in-house middleware used to bridge different types of
simulation engines together so they can work on the same training scenarios across
LANs or WANs
 Interface with the US Military’s various simulation networks using SimBridge
 Participate in company progress demonstrations to customers
March 2005 – December 2009
Software Engineer; Websphere Administrator; Systems Engineer, TRX, Inc., Atlanta, GA
 Maintain TRAVELTRAX™ product and implement new features requested by internal
and external sources
 Implemented TRAVELTRAX™ Agreement Manager using Javascript, jQuery, Delphi 6,
and MSSQL 6 so business customers can control the agreements that their
customers must agree to prior to using the software
 Deployed and maintain TRAVELTRAX™ Airline Contract Manager in C# ASP.NET
 Participate in peer code review and QA processes
 Deployed and maintained company’s first WebSphere Portal software and
infrastructure on Linux
 Two-Time company “Exceller” award winner
 Implemented and maintained Microsoft ISA Server 2006
 Implemented ESX Server 2.5 with Virtual Center
 Upgraded company’s ESX 2.5 infrastructure to ESX 3.x
 Maintained server and storage equipment hardware and operating systems
 Maintain company’s Active Directory objects
 Support after-hours operations staff through team on-call rotations
 Maintain company’s VMWare Virtual Infrastructure equipment and platforms
 Rack new server and storage equipment
 Install new Windows and Linux operating systems
 Participated in company’s change control process

Education Bachelors, Game & Simulation Programming

DeVry University Online
June 2011
3.67 GPA
Relevant Coursework: System Architecture and Assembler, Math for Game
Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures and Artificial Intelligence, Project
Management, Multimedia Programming, Game Engine Design & Integration, Simulation
Design, Software Engineering for Game Programming

Associates, Computer Information Systems – Programmer Analyst

Chippewa Valley Technical College
Eau Claire, WI
May 2005
3.5 GPA
Relevant Coursework: System Architecture and Design, Database Design, Programming
Concepts, C++ Programming, Java Programming, Web Programming

References [References are available upon request.]