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For more advanced training he completed the prestigious vitreo-retinal surgery

fellowship at Duke University under Dr. Robert Machemer, the founder of modern
vitreo-retinal surgery. He was awarded some of the highest honors in his field
including the Heed and Knapp Fellowship awards, the Dr. Charles Schepens Award
and the Dr. Ron Michaels Award. He was also selected by his peers to receive the Jules
Stein Eye Institute Alumni Research Award. His research has been funded by the
National Eye Institute, Research to Prevent Blindness, the Foundation Fighting
Blindness, Fight for Sight, the University of California, and the National Science
Foundation. As a retina surgeon, Dr. Gallemore has performed over 10,000 surgical
procedures and has helped develop new techniques. He has published more than 200
original articles, reviews, and book chapters, and has been an investigator in over 40
clinical trials. He understands the physical and emotional impact of retinal disease and
combines compassion with state-of-the-art technology to carry out the mission of the
Retina Macula Institute.

Dr Ron P Gallemore News : High Res Fluorescein

Fluorescein Angiography is used to visualize the circulation of the retina.
Identification of these abnormal areas help in the treatment of the retina. Dr.
Gallemore and his colleagues published an article in the journal Ophthalmology on
the importance of fluorescein angiography in planning treatment for diabetic
retinopathy. Dr. Gallemore is also an invited lecturer for the Ophthalmic Photography
Society, the premier group of fluorescein angiographers in the Country.

Retina Macula Institute Info

The use of the lasers in the medical industry has become common practice for the
treatment of numerous diseases and ailments. Its common usage in procedures in
general medicine has traversed over to the specialty of Ophthalmology and many
doctors are finding ways the technology can improve patient care and recovery times
over other treatment methods.

Dr Ron P Gallemore : Sutureless Vitrectomy

A vitrectomy is the surgical removal of the vitreous humor (the inner gel like substance
of the eye). In this procedure the surgeon makes microscopic incisions and then uses
tiny tools to assist with the removal of the vitreous.

Dr Ron P Gallemore Info Fellowships:

Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC
Vitreoretinal Surgery Fellowship
Board Certification:
American Board of Ophthalmology
Medical/State of California

Retina Macula Institute Info Combination Therapy

Combination Therapy refers to the use of multiple treatments and/or medications to
treat a single disease. Dr Gallemore and his team at the Retina Macula Institute have
pioneered numerous combination therapies that provide the best results to patients
today, utilizing the latest medications, techniques and procedures.

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