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A project is an investment activity where we expend capital
resources to create a producing asset from which we can expect
to realize benefits over an extended period of time. Or a project is
an activity on which we will spend money in expectation of
returns and which logically seems to lend itself to planning,
financing and implementation as a unit. A project should have the
following characteristics.
1. It should have a specific starting point and specific ending
2. Its major costs and returns are measurable
3. It should have a specific geographic location
4. It should have a specific clientele group
5. It should have a well-defined time sequence of investment and
production activities.

Project Evaluation:
The methods/criteria more often used for evaluating a project are
(1) Simple rate of return (SRR)
(2) Payback Period (PBP)
(3) Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR)
(4) Net present Value (NVP) or Net Present Worth (NPW) and
(5) Internal Rate of Return (IRR).
The SRR and the PBP are the undiscounted measures while BCR,
NPV and IRR are the discounted measures of project worth of

Types of project evaluation factors:

i. Production 1. Time until ready to install.
2. Length of disruption during installation.

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3. Learning curve- time until operating as

4. Effects on waste & rejects.
5. Energy requirements.
6. Facility & other equipment
7. Safety of process.
8. Other applications of technology.
9. Change in cost to produce until output.
10. Change in raw materials usage.
11. Availability of raw materials.
12. Required development time & cost.
13. Impact on current suppliers.
14. Change in quality of quality.

ii. Marketing 1. Size of potential market for output.

Factors 2. Probable market share of output.
3. Time until market share is acquired.
4. Impact on current product line.
5. Consumer acceptance.
6. Impact on consumer safety.
7. Estimated life of output.
8. Spin-off project possibilities.

iii. Financial 1. Profitability, net present value of the

Factors investment.
2. Impact on cash flows.

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3. Payout period.
4. Cash requirements.
5. Time until break- even.
6. Size of investment required.
7. Impact on seasonal & cyclical

iv. Personnel 1. Training requirements.

Factors 2. Labor skill requirements.
3. Availability of required labor skills.
4. Level of resistance from current work
5. Change in size of labor force.
6. Inter-and intra-group communication
7. Impact on working condition.

v. Administrative 1. Meet govt. safety standards.

& Miscellaneous 2. Meet govt. environment standards.
3. Impact on information system.
4. Reaction of stockholders & securities
5. Patent & trade secret protection.
6. Impact on image with customers,
suppliers & competitors.
7. Degree to which we understand new
8. Managerial capacity to direct & control
new process.

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Company Background:
Bextex Ltd. (the "Company") was incorporated in Bangladesh as a
Public Limited Company with limited liability on 8 March 1994 and
commenced commercial operation in 1995 and also went into the
public issue of shares and debentures in the same year. The
shares of the Company are listed in the Dhaka and Chittagong
Stock Exchanges of Bangladesh.
Bextex Ltd. is the most modern composite mill in the region.
Bextex Ltd. has an installed capacity of 288 high-speed air-jet
looms in its weaving section and a high-tech dyeing and finishing
section with a capacity of 100,000 yards of finished fabric per
day. This company is located at the Beximco Industrial Park.
Bextex Ltd. has a state of the art composite knit fabric production
mill, which serves the growing needs of high-quality knit
garments exporters in Bangladesh. The project was set up as a
state of the art knit fabric knitting, dyeing and finishing facility.
During the year the Company produced and sold high quality of
knit fabrics and bringing forth all the latest in hard and soft
technologies in knitting, dyeing and finishing of knit fabric.
Bextex Ltd. also has cotton and polyester blended yarn-spinning
mill, with 122,000 spindles is one of the largest spinning mills of
the country. The mill was set up to feed the country's export
oriented industries.
Bextex Ltd. produces specialized finishes of denim cloth for
export in finished as well as cloth only form.

Company Profile:
Corporate Headquarters
17 Dhanmondi R/A, Road No. 2, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh
E-mail: beximchq@bol-online.com
Web: www.beximco.com
Operational Headquarters

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Beximco Industrial Park, Sarabo

Kashimpur, Gazipur, Bangladesh
Business Line
Manufacturing and Marketing of Yarn, Woven, Knit and Denim
Date of Incorporation
13 May 1984
Commercial Production
Listing Status
Public Listed Company
Stock Exchange Listing
Dhaka and Chittagong
Authorized Capital
3,000 Million taka
Paid-Up Capital
1,882.85 Million Taka
Number of Shareholders
Number of Employees
Number of Spindles Installed
Number of Woven Loom Installed

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Number of Circular Knitting Machine Installed

Number of Denim Looms Installed

Company Mission:
BEXTEX Ltd. is a full service vendor with strong vertically
integrated production facilities as well as creative & analytical
capabilities which clearly set us apart from most other South
Asian vendors.

Company Vision:
• Gain market leadership in high value added apparel in USA &
• Use “Innovation” & “Speed” as prime drivers, rather than cotton
& cheap labour.
• Dominate these markets in high quality:
 Men's, Women's , Children
 Shirts ( Dress & Casual )
 Blouses ( formal & casual ) , Skirts, Jackets
 Jeans & Casual non - denim bottoms
 Knitted tops & bottoms
• Bextex Ltd. will soon establish its own server, which is now
under construction. It will make so easy to communicate & control
by its Beximco head office.

Company Commitment to the Environment:

The company is very committed to preserve a healthy and
pollution-free environment. It has a very efficient waste collection
and disposal system. In order to reduce air pollution by exhaust of
gas from engine-generators, it maintains a costly plant that uses

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the exhaust gas to generate steam for chilling unit. Above

measures not only help keep the water & air free from pollution
but also help save cost of water treatment & air conditioning. This
company uses only AZO-free dyes and is dedicated to ensure a
healthy and eco-friendly environment.

The organizational chart of the company:

Organizational chart bearing vital importance for a
company, often represented by a schematic diagram. The
organizational chart of Bextex Ltd. is given below,

Board of


Director Manager
Chief Executive (Marketing &
(CEO) Research
Product Selling
DGM GM Operation,
HR && QC & Manager
Administration Maintenance
Operation (R & D)
ion Manager
Quality (Accounts &
Recruitment Control/ Process
Research Finance)
Training & Assurance General
Product accounts &
Staff Maintenance
Planning & MIS
Developmen Inventory Developm Payroll
t ent
Share issues
HR Control
Bextex Limited

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Board of Directors of Bextex Ltd.:

• A S F Rahman - Chairman and Managing Director

• Salman F Rahman - Vice Chairman

• M A Qasem - Director

• A B Siddiqur Rahman – Director

The board of directors controls their all companies from the head
office. Here, this control system of all the companies is called
internal communication. Directors do their business
communication by email, telephone, cell phone, fax, visit in the
company & meet in different meetings. Directors are also
managed external business communication with the government,
foreign buyer & management of the bank.

• Syed Naved Husain - Chief Executive Officer

• Sardar Ahmed Khan - Chief Operating Officer

• Ajay Pratap Singh - Chief Financial Officer

Corporate Governance:
BEXTEX Limited is a trend setting pioneer in corporate
governance in the country and enjoys reputation as a world class
producer of yarn, fabric and apparel that is admired worldwide for
their quality and design. A team of highly qualified and
experienced and committed professionals under the guidance of
top management of the company have achieved admirable
measure of success in a short span of time. This has been
possible because the company never compromises on quality and
settles for nothing but the best.

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Transparency and fair business practices coupled with strict

quality control regimen have inspired the confidence of
internationally reputed buyers like PVH, Perry Ellis, Wal-Mart, JC
Penny, Philippine Van Heusen, Zara of Spain Kid Headquarter, to
name a few, to enter into business partnership with BEXTEX.

The company, as part of its corporate responsibility, shares its

experience with others, especially educational and training
institutes like the National Defense College (NDC), Ordnance
School, and Marine Academy which send trainees from time to
time to visit the company’s plants, which stand as symbols of the
nation’s march towards high-tech industries. BEXTEX also
receives students from different institutions as interns and on
industrial attachments to enable them to gain firsthand
knowledge on corporate management practices. An important
hallmark of the company’s policy is talent hunting. It goes for the
best talents in the country and outside; and through intensive
training programmed expands their perspectives and hones their
thinking. Training programmers are specially designed to prepare
them to take over and confidently discharge management
responsibilities. Towards this end, BEXTEX has hired competent
professionals from India, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the
Philippines, et al. All the efforts of BEXTEX in hiring best talents,
providing best training and ensuring best quality production aim
at one goal: put Bangladesh on the global map as the producer of
quality goods. The export strategy of the company is not profit
motive; it is geared to fostering economic growth of the country.

The company abides by all relevant Health, Safety and

Environment Conservation Rules; Fire and Boiler maintenance
instructions and all relevant policies of the government, as is
evident throughout the entire Industrial Park where BEXTEX
plants are located. Sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),
Safety Equipment, signs and symbols etc. are made available
throughout the plants. Necessary training is also imparted to all
the workers on the use of this equipment so that they are able to

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use them, if required, and meet the health, safety & hygiene
requirement properly. Necessary’ plantation, treatment, control
measures etc. are also properly ensured as per the guidelines of
the World Bank, Department of Environment and other concerned
bodies. It also follows the Buyers’Code of Conduct and
satisfactorily meets the buyers set standard of compliance. The
certifications of compliance from internationally reputed
companies bear testimony to BEXTEX’s compliance of global
standard. BEXTEX Limited can confidently say that earning
admiration from around the globe are the benchmarks of the
success of the company. This success has been earned by
ensuring the highest level of human resources management and
conforming to various compliance issues at the level of
international standard. BEXTEX’s Human Resources Team
Management is way ahead of others in the industry. Herein lies
the strength of the company and explains in no uncertain manner
why it has achieved unparalleled success. The team of Human
Resources Department in BEXTEX consisting of highly qualified
and vastly experienced personnel having appropriate training at
home and abroad, made the department equipped with necessary
policies, guidelines, standard operating procedures (SOPs), job
descriptions, training materials, code of conducts (COC).
Continuous development of human resources is also taking place
simultaneously in each and every section of the company.

Relations with shareholders:

The annual general meeting is used as an important opportunity
for communication with both institutional and general
shareholders. In addition, the Company maintains relations with
its shareholders through the corporate affairs secretarial

The following information can be addressed through the

secretarial department:

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• Dividend payment enquires;

• Dividend mandate instruction;

• Loss of share certificate/dividend warrants;

• Notification of change of address; and

• Transfer of shares.

The board believes that it is important to respond adequately to

all the queries of both institutional and general shareholders. At
the AGM, the shareholders are offered an opportunity to raise
with the board any specific question they have concerning the
Company. In addition, meetings are also held between individual
directors and institutional shareholders at various times during
the year.

Production sector in Bextex:

Yarn Spinning- The spinning mill produces cotton , polyester ,
viscose yarns in special counts from 100,s, 80’s to coarser counts
like 10’s , 16’s etc applied for super formal shirting products to
heavy duty casual wear fabrics.

Multi twist, Multi count, Slub yarns, Grindle yarn and Melange
yarns and stretch yarns using lycra are the special items required
for fashion fabrics which are also produced in house and used for
shirting’s, knist and bottom weight fabrics (both denim and non

The flexibility to provide a variety of yarns leading to fashion

products as an end product is the key focus of mill.

Fabric Weaving- The Vertical infrastructure of Beximco allows

the development of fabrics in a wide range of weights (counts and
constructions), color combinations using 6 colors on the weft to
create colorful patterns.

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The highly sophisticated CAD software can replicate patterns,

weaves and designs easily and fast. Dobbies, Voiles, Gauze
fabrics, high density poplins and twills, double face colorful fabrics
can all be produced in variety of loom combinations which are
applied to the end product for feminine or masculine products and

Processing and Finishing- In the fabric finishing stage they

have facilities to produce post mercerized, aero-finished, denim
and other bottom weight fabrics using Italian Biachilani machines
as well as the facilities to produce over-dyed and coated fabrics.

Apparel Manufacturing- Beximco produces Men’s, Women’s

and children’s garments in all fashion categories from superior
dress shirts to regular formal shirts, casual styled garments with
fashion silhouettes and details with prints, embroideries etc and
also laces and high detail cut and sew styles.

Knit, Woven, Denim and Non Denims categories are all produced
in specialized factories with complicated and detailed styles.

The well qualified industrial engineering in the garment factories

controls the highly stylized garments which is a unique and
special department for garment industry.

Sewing Thread & Labels Manufacturing- Beximco is one of

the rare companies that also have in house manufacturing
facilities for Label making, sewing thread making which gives it an
edge for faster turn around and changes as per the customer
requirement. The sewing thread ranges in diff counts and blends
and this can be used for casual or formal clothing items.

Printing- Beximco has its in house flat bed printing facility

backed by screen exposing and screen making facilities. All
designs and screens can be produced in house. The printing unit
can do quality placement prints in foil, flock, plastisol, rubber
printing, and embossed effects.

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Embroidering- To further enhance the value addition with

quality supervision of the fashion garments, the embroidery unit
is encompassed within the infrastructure. Embroideries in many
colors and stitch counts can be produced in special computerized
machines with needles.

Washing- We have a large capacity washing plant, which was

setup with German collaboration and special distressing and
finishing capabilities. We can do garment dyeing, all types of
whispering, three-dimensional effects using different resins,
enzymes, bio-polishing, sandblasting, etc. We mostly produce
very high fashion garments. Our technical washing experts have
over the years been trained by Germans, Italians, Chinese,
Turkish and Tunisian experts and have had a broad International
exposure. Moreover, we have a close association with Italian
washing experts, who work with us every season to develop new
ranges of products.

Packaging- To complete the whole supply process from the yarn

to the final garment, the packaging is an integral part at the end
of the chain. Beximco has its own paper and carton making
facility in order to provide the required sizes, qualities and other
details that can be easily incorporated into the final shipments of
the orders.

Marketing & Procurement Department:

• Supply chain model based on a relationship of trust and
simple, short procedures.
• Marketing model based on affordable, quick change fashion.

• Clear projection or commitment and firm booking of capacity.

• Maximize design, product development capability of

manufacturer, in collaborative design process.
• On-spot placement of order after reviewing of designs.

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• Focused product development. Higher adoption rate from

• Vertical facility enabling quick response, which allows us to
produce from Yarn to Garment in fifty days and repeat
orders in thirty days, leading to reduced markdowns.

Accounts & Finance:

The directors are responsible for the Company's system of
internal financial control. Although no system of internal control
can provide absolute assurance against material misstatement
and loss, the Company's system is designed to provide the
directors with reasonable assurance that problems are timely
identified and dealt with appropriately. Key procedures to provide
effective internal financial control can be described in following

Management structure - The Company is operating through a

well defined management structure headed by chief executive
officers (CEO) under whom there are executive directors, general
managers for various departments and according to hierarchy,
various senior and mid level management staffs. The CEO and the
executive directors, general managers meet at regular intervals
represented also by finance, marketing and personnel heads.

Budgeting - There are comprehensive management reporting

disciplines which involve the preparation of annual budgets by all
operating departments. Executive management reviews the
budgets and actual results are reported against the budget and
revised forecasts are prepared at regular intervals.

Asset management - The Company has sound asset

management policy, which reasonably assures the safeguarding
of assets against unauthorized use or disposition. The Company
also follows proper records and policy regarding capital

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Functional reporting - In pursuance with keeping the reliability

of financial information used within the business or for
publication, the management has identified some key areas which
are subject to monthly reporting to the chairman of the board.
These include monthly treasury operations and financial
statements. Other areas are also given emphasis by reviewing on
a quarterly basis. These include information for strategy,
environmental and insurance matters.

Research and Development (R & D):

Evolution in Progress

Beximco understands the need for continuous evolution. And

highest importance is given to research and development.

With the help of cutting edge technology and a dedicated team of

experts composed of members from marketing, merchandising
and product engineering departments, Beximco ensures
continuous development and sampling at every stage of dyeing,
spinning and finished garments production.

Quality Assurance

An expert team of qualified persons is responsible to assure the

quality of the materials to meet the international standards. In the
garment-manufacturing unit we are following the quality
standards within AQL Random Sampling Plan. In fabric production
unit we are using various test methods according to AATCC, ISO &
BS standards for checking the physical properties of fabric.

Computerization and Automation in the different departments of

Garment and Fabric manufacturing process and facilities like
Central Dispensing System for Color & Chemical has made our
manufacturing facilities more accurate and has minimized the
possibility of human errors.

Human Resource Department:

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The team of Human Resources and Compliance department in

BEXTEX consisting of highly qualified and vastly experienced
personnel having appropriate training from both home and
abroad made the department absolutely equipped with all
necessary policies, guidelines, Standard Operating Procedures
(SOPs), Job Descriptions, training materials, Code of Conducts
(CoCs) that the continuous development of human resources is
also taking place simultaneously throughout each and every
section of the company. The company, as invests for recruiting
and retaining the qualified human resources, similarly spends a
considerable amount of money and efforts after developing the
skill levels and efficiencies of the human resources by arranging
regular training courses and programs for the employees. A
separate training section is also working with necessary logistics
and accommodation for providing necessary training for both the
workers and officers, which has already earned an envious
reputation among the competitors and made us a different among
others in regard to the methods and techniques of developing the
human resources which contributes in achieving the market share
and leadership in the industry.

The tangible and intangible benefits and facilities provided to the

employees of BEXTEX including the working conditions, physical
infrastructures, accommodations and dormitories, arrangements
for leisure and amusements etc. in the Beximco Industrial Park
made the company a completely different type of employer
acknowledging which the employees are also devoting their whole
hearted and sincere efforts for each and every step of the
production starting from sorting of cotton up to the shipping of
the RMGs. The transparency of management and the broad and
open accessibility of employees enable both the parties to
maintain a harmonious relationship and to reciprocally remain
besides and make them feel a part of the team for the
improvements of production in quality and quantity for the
ultimate development of the company as well as the division

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which also increases the aptness of the employee in their work.

The Human Resources Department of BEXTEX disseminates the
achievements, recognitions, events & happenings within the
company through publishing of Textalk, a monthly newsletter of
the company. The Textalk ensures the communications between
all concerned including the buyers community that has
tremendously been acknowledged as the Spokesperson of the

Bextex Ltd. gives some facilities for their employees,

 Dormitories for the work force and Residential Buildings for

the management staff provide housing for the employees
and Bextex is the first of our kind in Bangladesh to provide
accommodation facilities for their employees.

 A production and accommodation facility includes full time

supply of safe drinking water, adequate lighting and
ventilation facilities.

 Free meals, Free transportation, 24-hour medical center, on-

site sports and recreational facilities encourage our
motivated team to serve our customers full heartedly.

 ETI codes according to the Local Law (Bangladesh) are very

well practiced in our manufacturing facilities.

· Freedom of Association
· Safe Working Conditions
· No Child Labor
· No bonded Labor
· Reasonable Working Hours
· No Discrimination
· Regular Employment
· No Harsh Treatment

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In Harmony with Nature:

Beximco believes in sustainable development and gives highest
priority to preservation of nature and ecological balance. The
entire industry site is harmoniously integrated with the
surrounding landscape and the native ecosystem of the area has
been delicately preserved.

Beximco have Biological Treatment and Energy Conservation

Program. State-of-the-art technology has been used in the
effluent treatment plant in their dye house for biological
treatment of waste. Beximco also use comprehensive energy
conservation program. This feeds back all recyclable energy into
our various systems, especially for our air-conditioning purpose.
Their investment in this program has made us energy efficient
and environmentally conscious entity.

Feed Back:
Bextex Ltd. is the most popular company in Bangladesh. We try to
describe about profile & management factors of this well known
company. This assignment helps to know about Bextex Ltd. & its
helps to know the present situation in textile sectors.

Project evaluation factors are directly or indirectly related with
the project. Without follow these factors it’s unable for us to run

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our project. Like Bextex Ltd. try to follow these evaluation factor
when they take any new project.

• Without any reference no one can easily enter in Bextex Ltd.

• Here internal labor politics is high.

• Corruption level high.

• In production section’s machine maintenance is very poor.

• The labor cannot work properly.


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