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EST 1867

Thousands of people in the Ballarat region gathered on Tuesday
to commemorate and remember those brave men and women
who put their lives on the line in world conflicts over the past
century. Dawn services, street marches and traditional
games of two-up were held as part of
Anzac Day celebrations.

Oscar Kosloff, 5, with his friend

95-year-old Tom Rush at the Anzac
Day march. Picture: Lachlan Bence
2 THE COURIER Wednesday April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au

Sustainable initiative TRAINS TO
BY JEREMY VENOSTA forced to stop it averaged
about 45,000 tonne of green- DEPART 5.10am* (reserved
A BALLARAT environment house gas saved each year. coach 6.40am), 5.12am
group has launched an am- The recycled soil from the (6.32am) 6.10am (7.29am)
bitious plan to recycle every worm farm is also used in 6.38am (8am) 7.17am
scrap of food waste produced garden projects in Ballarat, (8.37am) 7.39 (8.59am)
by the city’s businesses. such as the Christmas flow- 8.02am (9.39am) 9.12am
Climate change action ers on Sturt Street each year. (10.39am) 10.12am(11.39am)
group Rode RAGE was Any money collected 11.12am (12.39am) 12.12pm
forced to halt its food waste from it is put back into Road (1.39pm) 1.12pm (2.39pm)
diversion program after the RAGE, which has raised 2.12pm (3.39pm) 3.12pm
company that organised bin more than $130,000 in its (4.39pm) 3.52*(5.14pm)
pick-ups pulled out. lifetime, for sustainable ini- 5.15pm*(coach 7.10pm)
After a six-month hiatus tiatives, including in Cambo- 4.55am (coach 7.10am)
Ballarat company Paper dia and Thailand. 5.35pm (7.27pm) 6.52pm
Freight has signed on to fill The food waste diversion (8.38pm) 8.08pm (9.45pm)
the gap. was started as a way to make 8.52pm*(10.20pm) 9.30pm
It means the 50 businesses a difference in Ballarat, (10.59pm) 10.13pm
already involved, includ- where there are about 140 (11.59pm) *Service
ing pubs, cafes, residential young people who volunteer. departs Ballarat. Others
homes and schools, will be Volunteer Jonathon West- from Wendouree.
able to once again use waste ern said he drew inspiration
from former American Pres-
bins to recycle food scraps.
Once waste is collected it ident Barack Obama.
“He said we are the first
is taken to a worm farm and
turned into soil. generation to feel the impact
Now Rode RAGE has plans of climate change and the
to extend the program to last generation that can do DEPART S/Cross 5.10am
every business in the city. something about it,” Jona- (arrive 7.02am) 6.09am*
Program volunteer Emily thon said. (7.43am)7.26am*(9.13am)
Wright said she was happy “It’s great that I can be part 8.17am (9.47am)9.17am
to make a real and immedi- of doing something about it (10.52am)10.17am(11.52am)
ate contribution to what is a before it is too late. 11.17am (12.52pm)12.17pm
global problem. “Businesses save money, (1.48pm) 1.17pm (2.52pm)
“We hope that we can help ratepayers save money and 2.17pm (3.52pm) 3.17pm
get every last piece of organic the environment makes (4.52pm) 4pm (5.19pm)
waste out of landfill and back great savings.” 4.33pm (5.51pm) 4.54pm
into the soil to grow better It costs $7 per collection, (6.12pm) 5.10pm (6.29pm)
food,” she said. which is cheaper than the 5.51pm (7.09pm) 6.26pm
“We are so grateful to cost of regular waste pick- (7.43pm) 7.15pm (8.45pm)
Paper Freight, the City of ups for businesses, and Pa- 7.55pm (9.22pm) 8.35pm
Ballarat and Davo’s Worm per Freight will be collecting (10.05pm) 9.25pm* (coach
Farm for helping to make twice a week. 11.02pm) 9.35pm (11.05pm)
it happen.” A bin is provided once the BINNED: La Porchetta owner Loretta Leone, Paperfield's Greg Benfield and Rode 10.25pm (11.51pm) *Termi-
Before the program was business joins. RAGE's Jonathan Western, 16, and Emily Wright, 13. Picture: Kate Healy nates at Ballarat

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to grow

BALLARAT City Council

has released a new strategy
to ensure all children in the
We will look
municipality are within a at where these
10-minute walk of a play- spaces are,
ground or park.
The new strategy identified where the gaps
suburbs where there were are, where there
less parks available or the
distance to travel to one was
can be new
more than a 10-minute walk. ones, and where
Areas that have the least they can be
access included Delacombe,
Alfredton and Lucas in the rationalised.
city’s west. Ballarat mayor Samantha
Parts of Wendouree and McIntosh
outer-Ballarat East also have
a gap in the number of parks should have elements for
and playgrounds. each one.
Council will vote on Instead there should be a
adopting the new strategy variation activities and ele-
at its ordinary meeting on ments available across the
Wednesday night. municipality.
Along with areas that need Ballarat mayor Samantha
more parks, the strategy also McIntosh said council staff
identifies which age groups had looked through a num-
benefit most from the 128 ber of suburbs that needed
current play grounds across more parks and playgrounds.
HEROES IN ORANGE: SES volunteers Wayne Scanlon, John Calistro, Heather Turner, Norm Baker and Frank Gillett at the municipality. “They have looked through
the Ballarat SES Ballarat Unit in Alfredton. Picture: Luka Kauzlaric It identified teenagers the likes of Sebastopol, Dela-
as needing different spac- combe, Alfredton, Lucas and

Brighten up for our heroes in orange es, which provide more of

a challenging and open
use, such as a skate park or
Wendouree,” she said.
“We want to know that
these spaces are accessible,
WHEN the rain is pouring through bushes for lost peo- said Wear Orange Wednes- “Without the volunteers BMX track. that they target a broad abili-
down and the community is ple and help people in the day was a chance to ac- there wouldn’t be a Victoria Toddlers were another ty and ages.”
in need, a group of unsung worst moments of their life knowledge the more than 80 SES.” group named as needing a However Cr McIntosh
heroes don orange overalls – all for free. Ballarat volunteers. Ballarat SES volunteers different space to the regu- also said it could see parks
and head into the night. On May 10 the community “The volunteers are vital have been serving the com- lar playgrounds offered at reduced based on need.
The State Emergency can pay tribute to honour to the Victoria SES. They’re munity for close to 50 years many parks. “It is a visionary perspec-
Service workers leave the these tireless volunteers by close to community - know and is the control agency The strategy said that al- tive of the whole city, where
comfort of their home at all wearing a dash of orange. and understand their needs for floods, storms and earth- though it was important to we already have play spaces
hours of the night to help Victoria SES chief officer - and they’re extremely pas- quakes. To volunteer ses.vic. cater to all these age groups, and where we need to ration-
the community. They search of operations Trevor White sionate and dedicated. gov.au. it did not mean every park alise,” she said.


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Mates honoured at march


AN UNLIKELY mateship
sparked by a chance en-
counter has been celebrated
thanks to an unusual addi-
tion to Ballarat’s 2017 Anzac
Day march on Tuesday.
Five-year-old Oscar Ko-
sloff received the honour of
sitting with 95-year-old war
veteran – and mate – Tom
Rush during the march.
It is rare for people who
did not serve to be afforded
the opportunity to join with
Australia’s former soldiers,
but the bond between Oscar
and Mr Rush is so strong an
exception was made.
The moment celebrates
a year of friendship that has
seen the pair meet regularly
since their first encounter at
the 2016 march.
Oscar said he was ex-
tremely excited to have the
chance to join Tom in his
golf buggy, for the ride from
Lydiard Street North, to the STEADFAST: Oscar Kosloff and Tom Rush have remained friends ever since their first meeting. Picture: Lachlan Bence
cenotaph on Sturt Street.
Despite the distance in of Oscar and his twin broth- The pair had a chat before Mr Rush said it showed “He was just interested was unlikely to track down
age between the Ballarat er Harry. parting ways, but Oscar was other young people they in meeting someone from Mr Rush.
pair, who are from two very Their first meeting came not done yet, and insisted on could learn from for- World War II and I came “We got onto Facebook
different generations, their after Oscar was encouraged searching for Mr Rush. mer soldiers. along and shook his hand.” and Oscar was able to find
friendship has not wavered to meet a veteran at the 2016 He did not know where the “Oscar was just interested The friendship was also him through that,” she said.
in the time they have known Anzac Day march. veteran lived, however some in meeting someone who made easy because Oscar “Every month or so they
each other. Separated from the rest of detective work allowed the was a soldier,” he said. and Mr Rush live nearby catch up. They met last year
They have been to parties their family, it was then Os- pair to reunite. “He is an unusual little each other at Alfredton. because the guy running the
together, which included Mr car and his mum, Kel Kosloff They have not looked boy, but he is so interested in Mrs Kosloff said she service encouraged people
Rush attending the birthday found Mr Rush. back since. the army. had initially told Oscar he to go meet the soldiers.”

Crowd reflects at ceremony

FIRST World War soldiers members from all three ser- “It is so moving because it
were honoured during a vices led the ceremony with gives time to reflect on what
packed Anzac Day dawn Ballarat veterans. our diggers went through –
service at the Ballarat Ceno- Parade Marshall Alan the hell they went through –
taph on Sturt Street on Tues- Douglass said it was a fitting as soldiers and nurses.”
day morning. memorial for the city’s sol- Children attended the
Hundreds of residents diers who died in the First ceremony with parents and
turned out for the event to World War. grandparents, with some as
remember the city’s fallen “Ballarat lost so many sol- young as one or two years
soldiers despite the cold and diers in the First World War old attending their first
wet conditions. and they left a big whole in dawn service. RESPECT: Tamara Barrett plays the Last Post on the bugle at the Ballarat Anzac Day
Australian Defence Force this city,” he said. – JEREMY VENOSTA dawn service on Tuesday morning. Picture: Kate Healy

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REMEMBERING: Ballarat's next generation have braved

the cold to take the time to thank all those who fought for
their freedom. Picture: Lachlan Bence.

City honours furry,

feathered comrades
BALLARAT stopped to re- their furry friends during the
member all who sacrificed annual Anzac Day parade.
their lives for the freedom of “They’re the same as a
today’s generation, including soldier, they were put into
the furry and feathered kind. many situations and (some)
Birds were released at the couldn’t be brought back
conclusion of the Anzac Day home,” one member said.
Commemorative Service at Pigeons, dogs, cats, cam-
the Sturt Street Cenotaph to els, horses and donkeys
honour the animals who also played an integral part in
went to war. Australia’s war effort, and
The Ballarat branch of the were often used to carry
IN MEMORY: Birds were released after the Anzac Day commemorative service at the Cenotaph in Sturt Street to German Shepherd Dog Club messages, medical supplies
remember all animals who have served during all wars. Picture: Lachlan Bence. of Victoria also marched with and ammunition to the front.

It’s our ‘heroic generation’

BY ALICIA THOMAS tion, no matter how big or wounded were operated the 102,000 servicemen importance of Anzac Day. braved the rain to watch the
small, every Australian has on by skilled surgeons and and women who “have “Anzac Day is the day that annual Anzac Day parade
ONE hundred and two years made in each war over the nursed back to fitness need- given their lives to service unites Australians around which opened Tuesday’s
ago the Anzacs were born, last century. ed to fight again,” he said. our nation”. the country and around the commemorative service at
today their legacy is reflected Guest speaker at the “The woman of the land “They bare the true cost of world,” she said. the Cenotaph.
on more than ever before. Ballarat commemorative army fed Australians and war … some lie in battlefield “Where ever we are, we Ballarat RSL President Al-
The anniversary of their service, Ex-Commander helped feed the people of cemeteries, some in jungles pause to remember those exandra Tascas said she was
landing at Gallipoli has be- HMAS Ballarat Captain Guy the United Kingdom so they and oceans lost with the who served, those who pleased to see so many faces,
come one of the most signifi- Blackburn, spoke to the hun- could sustain their fight aircrafts, our sailors are with fought, those who returned particularly of the younger
cant days in Australia’s histo- dreds of attendees about the against Nazi Germany. their ships on the sea floor. home injured and those who generations, turn out to this
ry, if not the most significant. “fine fighting”, “self sacrifice” “It’s no wonder we call “The last post sounded for did not return home. year’s service which the RSL
And with every war fought and “mateship” built during the men and women who them and for all veterans. “Their legacy is what had put extra effort into plan-
since, their list of sacrific- World War II. worked at home and fought We remember them all with makes Australia the country ning. With veterans ageing as
es grow. “Men and women built overseas in World War II the pride and gratitude.” it is. They fought to protect the years pass, she said it was
This Anzac Day Bal- modern fighter aircraft in heroic generation.” Ballarat Mayor Samantha and preserve the freedoms important the younger gen-
larat residents paused to makeshift factories. In field Captain Guy encour- McIntosh also spoke at the and rights we all enjoy today.” eration took an interest and
remember each contribu- hospitals in Australia, the aged everyone not to forget commemoration about the Hundreds of people kept the Anzac stories alive.

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Sebastopol puts focus back on soldiers

A HUGE crowd braved the stories of local Sebastopol effort to involve a younger have attended our service
icy conditions in Sebastopol soldiers like farm labourer audience in the Anzac tradi- this morning because it’s re-
on Anzac Day to remember William Dowe and the Jan- tion was starting to pay off. ally moving.
those who paid the ultimate son brothers Carl and Ernick, School children were in- He said the strong show-
price more than 100 years who were killed within two vited to play a bigger role in ing would help to ensure An-
ago. weeks of each other. this year’s commemorations, zac Day services around the
More than 400 people Representatives from with Thomas Boots from country would be held well
gathered at the Sebastopol across the Sebastopol com- Ballarat Christian College into the future.
shrine along Albert Street as munity also joined in on the providing a reading. “Today is not about old
guest speaker Gary Snowden march along Albert Street “I’m very impressed, par- people, it’s about people who
described the experiences of to the sound of the Phoenix ticular with the inclement were probably the same age
some of the suburb’s individ- College Band. weather we’ve experienced. as many of the young people
ual soldiers who took part in Sebastopol RSL president “The importance of Anzac here today who went off to HANDING THE REIGNS: Ballarat Christian College
WWI. Bryan Nicholls said he was Day is certainly amplified by war back in 1915.” student Thomas Boots provided a reading on Tuesday
Mr Snowden told the pleased to see the concerted the number of people who – BRENDAN WRIGLEY morning. Picture: Lachlan Bence.

THE large number of young children

I play the
present at the Buninyong RSL Anzac
service has given leaders confidence that
sacrifices made will not be forgotten.

Buninyong RSL sub-branch president
Raymond Mende said the weather did not
deter the community from remembering
those who sacrificed their lives at all wars,

a fair bit, past and present.

“The purpose of Anzac day is to remember
all the men and women who fought in all

but it’s not wars.The children are the future so we

love to see the scouts and guide come
here on the day. “We don’t want to have

really a
any more wars so we don’t want veterans
to have to run these events, we want the
youth to run it.” Buninyong RSL will open

its Avenue of Honour in coming weeks.

Yet ...

TALK: Captain Guy Blackburn. Picture:

Lachlan Bence

THE former commanding officer of HMAS
Ballarat was the guest of honour at the
ship’s namesake’s Anzac Day ceremony on
Tuesday morning.
Harm from gambling starts earlier than you think. Captain Guy Blackburn addressed a large
crowd at the cenotaph on Ballarat’s Sturt
So learn the signs and get the tools to help you stay in check. Street. He said it was a great pleasure to
join the people of the city that the ship he
once commanded was named after.
“It doesn’t matter what the weather is
betcheck.vic.gov.au like, everyone has come together for that
Authorised by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Melbourne. real central cause of Anzac Day,” Captain
Blackburn said.
thecourier.com.au Wednesday April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 7


Creswick history on show

BY BRENDAN WRIGLEY sonnel but were often over-
looked due to the controver-
WHILE the rain fell heavily in sy of the war.
Creswick on Tuesday morn- Meanwhile the town’s
ing, that wasn’t enough to increasingly famous Light
deter the town from coming Horse Troop again proved
out in droves for the annual a favourite as the march
Anzac Day march. proceeded up Albert Street,
Returned servicemen and while the Creswick Brass
women stood beside doz- Band provided a fitting at-
ens of school children who mosphere for the procession.
braved the conditions as the MARCHING ON: A procession of more than 100 people Among those who trave-
stories of the town’s fallen made their way down Albert Street in Creswick on led the street on horseback
were recited. Tuesday morning for Anzac Day. was the Light Horse Troop’s
An expanded field of Thomas Rogan, who along
crosses baring the names of with his horse Jas had taken
each of the nearly 900 fallen to the Melbourne Cricket
soldiers from the town lay Ground for the AFL clash
next to the Creswick War Me- between Melbourne and
morial as friends and family Richmond the night before.
members attached poppies The troop which is in in-
to remember the fallen. creasingly high demand was
Creswick Smeaton RSL also due to feature again at
president Phil Greenbank the Anzac Day game between
said the expanded field of Essendon and Collingwood
crosses was about trying to as well as at the Melbourne
find and preserve the indi- IN DEMAND: Creswick Light Horse Troop member BRAVING THE COLD: Emelia Coyle, 6, and Zahra War Memorial dawn service.
vidual stories of those who Thomas Rogan and Jas take part in the annual Anzac Day Winduss, 6, were not deterred by the wet weather in Mr Rogan said while the
paid the ultimate price, as march along Albert Street in Creswick. Pictures: Kate Healy. Creswick on Tuesday morning for the Anzac Day march. origins of the light horse may
well as those who returned stretch back more than 100
home after the war. and women about what they swick I didn’t know these given to the more than 870 their return from war. years, the troop still played
“What we’re doing now did before they went away names and I always won- Creswick residents who lost The major, who served a pivotal role in people’s un-
is researching all of those to the war and if they were dered who were these peo- their lives in WW1, guest in both East Timor and derstanding of the day.
soldiers through their war lucky enough to come home, ple, and I’ve since discovered speaker Major Elizabeth Iraq, said Vietnam veterans “It helps people remember
records but also we’re get- what they did afterwards,” that many of the families of Boulton also paid tribute to had played a major role in and helps people have that
ting the families to give us Mr Greenbank said. these people are still here.” the Vietnam veterans who training the current crop connection with the Anzac
part of history of the men “When I first came to Cre- While special focus was did not receive support on of Australian military per- tradition.”

Laurel Foenander Exhibition

‘River Billabong’ Oil on Canvas 152 x 122cm

Open Night Friday April 28th, 5.30 - 7.00 pm

R.S.V.P. Thursday 27 April, 2017
Enter via the City Center Arcade, next to Gaz Man

Ph: 5331 6084

City Centre Arcade, Shop 6,
315 - 317 Sturt Street, Ballarat
Web: www.syarthouse.com.au
Email: ballarat@syarthouse.com.au
Mon - Fri: 9.30am - 5pm
Sat: 9am - 4pm
8 THE COURIER Wednesday April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au


Hepburn commemorates

“WE need to remember

those who fought and re-
spect what they did so that
never again do we see the
loss of our loved ones due to
That was the message giv-
en to hundreds at the Dayles-
ford Cenotaph who gathered
to commemorate Anzac Day
on Tuesday.
It was quiet and solemn as
the rain held off for the first SOLEMN: 300 Australian Cadet Unit cadet
half of the dawn ceremony Sasha Tsobanopoulos at the Anzac Day
and community members wreath ceremony held in Daylesford.
listened to the emotional
stories about the relatives of
Daylesford school students.
“My great grandmother
Agnes was born in 1901,” one
student said.
“When the war broke out
in 1914, Agnes’ father and
brother both enlisted to fight.
On multiple occasions, her
father had the opportunity to
be promoted to captain, but
every time he refused so he
could fight with his son.
“Every day, back in NSW,
Agnes would sit on a fence RESPECT: Daylesford RSL senior vice
post for hours and hours president Mike Tate laying a wreath for the
waiting for her father and COMMEMORATE: Daylesford RSL member Michael Frost salutes. Pictures: Luka Kauzlaric. unknown soldier at Daylesford.
brother to come home. That
day never came. War affects Daylesford RSL senior for the community to have a “It’s easy to take it for you never forget. our mateship to the commu-
everyone, whether you are in vice-president Mike Tate chat about friends and rela- granted when we are at “Everyone has relatives, nity.”
the fight or waiting anxiously said it was a day to remem- tives who served in war,” he peace,” he said while serv- friends or family mem- Dawn services were also
at home.” ber those who fought for this said. ing scrambled eggs, bacon bers who have served for held at Clunes and Creswick.
Community members country to make it the great Daylesford RSL treasurer and sausage to community their country. Commemoration ceremo-
attended the RSL following place it is today. He said the Bill McClenaghan said it members. “The breakfast provided nies including wreath laying,
the dawn service and hungry breakfast brought everyone was important peace and “Every year on Anzac Day by Daylesford RSL is to make marches, and band perfor-
mouths filled its long tables together. freedom was never taken for it is like repeating an impor- everyone feel welcome. mances continued through-
to enjoy the gunfire breakfast. “The gunfire breakfast is granted. tant message to yourself, so “It’s a way of expressing out the day.

A lifetime of family grief

WHEN Peta Gillespie hears never knew what happened and no answers on how and
the Last Post she thinks of to him,” Ms Gillespie said. when their son died, Robert’s
the lifetime of grief her rela- In June 1915 the family family endured a lifetime of
tives endured. received letters from the Red pain. In 1979 Robert’s broth-
Her great-uncle Robert Cross and AIF war records er finally received the in-
Macgregor Gillespie was office saying Robert was formation he had waited 64
23-years-old in 1915 when missing. For 18-months back years to hear. His brother had
he arrived at Anzac Cove. For and forth letters provided officially died at Anzac Cove
64 years his family did not little answers for the family on April 25, 1915. Ms Gilles-
know how or where he died. who had a million questions. pie was the first member of
REFLECTION: Peta Gillespie thinks about the grief her family has endured not knowing “My great uncle was killed They were told he had died. her family to visit Robert’s
how or where her great-uncle Robert Macgregor Gillespie died. at the landing, but his parents But with no body to bury grave in 2015.


4.25% pa 12 months
9 months Gold
6 months
Minimum deposit $50,000

Deb Bruhn Kerryn Opie or Jann Clark
44 Armstrong Street South 9 Lydiard Street North
Ballarat Vic 3350 Ballarat Vic 3350
Tel. 5337 0088 Tel. 5331 3100 VR4110455
thecourier.com.au Wednesday April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 9


Rug up, winter feel for city

BY MELANIE WHELAN rain fell on Ballarat from drenched in 20mm between was the state’s fourth busi- Expected temperatures to the Bureau of Meteorolo-
Monday afternoon through 5-7pm and a further 22mm est unit. are likely to only reach a top gy.
A SOGGY Ballarat is on track to Anzac dawn services with in the next five hours on Most cases were in Brown of 14C on Friday and across The bureau has kept in
to finish the month with dou- a further 2mm through the Monday night. Hill and Nerrina for minor the weekend, through con- place a warning to sheep
ble the average April rainfall. commemorative day. Ballarat was the area hard- building and flood damage. ditions are likely to be dry farmers across most of the
A cold front, expected to This boosted the month’s est hit outside Geelong with There were no reports of moving in to May before an- state, including Ballarat
move through Ballarat on total rainfall to 92mm and State Emergency Service significant property damage other weak cold front moving in the south-west, for cold
Wednesday, is set to bring counting, but Wednesday’s crews responding to 35 jobs or injuries due to the storm across the region next week. temperatures, rain, showers
a hail storm while temper- thunderstorm is likely to in the 24 hours to 2pm on in Ballarat. Any snow tipped for Tren- and south-westerly winds to
atures are tipped to bottom bring the last wet weather Tuesday. But we can prepare for tham is now considered un- extend through Wednesday.
out this week with a top for April. There were 420 calls for winter weather to set in after likely but there was the pos- This carries a risk of sheep
of 10C. Geelong felt the brunt of assistance statewide in the what has been a relatively sibility of a snow flurry atop and lamb losses if exposed to
About 25 millimetres of the pre-Anzac Day storm, same period and Ballarat humid week for the city. Mount Macedon, according these conditions.

Nardella will
pay his dues,
says Premier
DISGRACED MP Don Nardella will be
forced to repay $98,000 in expenses follow-
ing an overhaul of the state’s entitlements
system, Premier Daniel Andrews promised
on Tuesday.
The embattled Melton MP was revealed to
have claimed a second residence allowance
while living at Lake Wendouree between
2010 and 2014. The $98,000 to be clawed
back under the changes relates to an allow-
ance claimed for a caravan at Ocean Grove.
Mr Nardella was sprung along with former
Speaker Telmo Languiller by a Fairfax Media
investigation for using second residence en-
titlements intended for regional MPs to prop
up homes on the Bellarine Peninsula earlier
this year. A report from parliament's auditors
PwC released last month revealed that since
2010, Mr Nardella had claimed $174,836 for
second residences. Mr Nardella has so far re-
fused pay back any of the funds. Mr Nardella
would be ineligible for the second residence
allowance under the changes, which will
now be available only for MPs more than
80 kilometre from Melbourne. MPs caught
out doing the wrong thing will face a penal-
ty equivalent to 25 per cent of the wrongly
claimed amount and those claiming the al-
lowance will be forced to hand over evidence
to back their claims.

FORUM: The play calls to recognise

persons for who they are, not their age.


PROVOCATIVE play DoYou Know Me
examines complex issues in aged care and
the importance of seeing people for who
they are, not their age or diagnosis. Bal-
larat Health Services invites all to the free
performance, which will be followed with
a discussion forum with Hush Foundation
chairman Catherine Crock. DoYou Know
Me and partner health play Hear Me, on
patient and family health care empower-
ment, are showing at Wendouree Centre
for Performing Arts on Thursday afternoon.
Registration required, phone 5320 4038.
10 THE COURIER Wednesday April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au


JAZZ: Brendan Fitzgerald,

Peter Raidel, Satomi
Ohnishi, Quinton Dunne.

Her Maj
A TRIBUTE to jazz pianist
Dave Brubeck will launch
Her Majesty’s daytime series
this Thursday.
Take Five: The Dave
BIG DECISION: Ballarat City Council will vote on a proposal to allow 21 new homes to be built at Mount Clear, a move opposed by residents. Brubeck Story has played
Adelaide Fringe and Cabaret
Festivals as well as Sydney’s

Mount Clear division The Basement.

Brendan Fitzgerald
Quartet double bass player
Quinton Dunne said the
foursome would perform a

on house development “faithful tribute” to Brubeck,

whose death in 2012 inspired
the show.
“We're going to perform
some of the tunes that made
BY JEREMY VENOSTA they can turn right at Hock- lives close to the develop- is already a 50km/h subur- not raise any objections to him really famous in the
ing Street traffic lights. ment. Mediation between ban street. the roads plan. 1950s,” Dunne said.
ANGRY residents have Objector Peter Barr said residents and the developer “The traffic engineering Ms Lush said the munici- “He had a whole lot of
voiced their opposition to a there would be safety issues was attended in January but expert for the applicant, and pality’s traffic engineers had bands but the quartet in the
planned sub-division that on Hermitage Avenue. there was no resolution. council’s traffic unit both also studied the plan and not 50s is really the one that set
will add 21 homes to two “Anything to do with a new The council report on support providing access on- raised any objections. the world on fire.”
blocks of land at Mount Clear. development means money the sub-division said the to Geelong Road as the main “The proposed develop- Take Five is narrated by
The main concern was a to council,” he said. accuracy of a traffic report entrance to the site, with a ment would allow access Brendan Fitzgerald at the
new laneway on Hermitage “At one end of Hermitage was questioned by objectors one-way exit only provided out onto Geelong Road, so piano. The quartet perform
Avenue and how this might Avenue you have an exist- because it was completed onto Hermitage Avenue to it is expected most move- from Brubeck’s own tran-
affect the safety of cyclists ing set of lights, but where during university holidays. allow access to the traffic ments would be to this side,” scriptions.
and walkers who use the it comes onto the Geelong Despite the note the coun- signals at Hocking Avenue,” she said. Take Five: The Dave
narrow, winding road. Road, if you have a look at cil staff did not object to she said. “As Geelong Road is con- Brubeck Story is at Her Maj-
A main access road will al- the state of the service lane, it the project. “In addition, the exit trolled by VicRoads, their esty’s Theatre on Thursday,
so be built on Geelong Road is an absolute shambles. Council development and would include a path which engineers have reviewed April 27 at 2pm. Tickets are
at the development’s west. “Opening up another road planning director Angelique provides easier walking and the application and also not $25, $20 for concession and
Residents fear drivers trav- is going to safety issues.” Lush said the new develop- cycling access to their new raised objections.” $20 for members. To book
elling to Ballarat will use the Mr Barr was one of 28 ment was not expected to neighbourhood.” Council will vote on the call 5333 5888 or visit www.
Hermitage Avenue access people who submitted an significantly increase traffic VicRoads was one of 11 sub-division at its ordinary hermaj.com.
instead of Geelong Road, so objection to council and on Hermitage Avenue, which authorities consulted but did meeting on Wednesday night – JESSICA BLACK
thecourier.com.au Wednesday April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 11


Night bus trial to continue

BY OLIVIA SHYING port minister Jacinta Allan man said the latest data buses were good but timeta- dressed. “If you're socialising an-
confirmed an average of 65 showed patrons were now bles should be improved to “Ideally it would be great if ywhere outside the CBD -
USERS of Ballarat’s night people used the service each regularly using the service as suit the needs of commuters. that gap could be filled by a even if you've just gone for a
network say holes in the ser- night. Patronage has lifted a cheap and easy means to “The trial has been quite service around 1am, as that few drinks in Richmond after
vice need to be addressed to since an initial sluggish up- commute from Melbourne. successful overall, but it has time is likely to be more con- the footy - this makes it a lot
ensure commuters can easily take when the service was A PTV spokesperson said highlighted a few flaws that venient for a lot of people,” harder to actually get to the
and readily use the buses. launched in 2016. in March the service had will need to be addressed Mr Lever said. night coaches.”
The service current- PTV statistics in Janaury consistently grown to be- during the upcoming re- “Another big problem for Mr Lever said users hoped
ly provides a coach from 2016 showed just 69 patrons come “one of the most pop- view,” Mr Lever said. country passengers is that the review would lead to
Melbourne to Ballarat and caught the V/Line coach ser- ular Night Coach routes” in He said a more than two Metro trains don't stop at the metro trains stopping at
Wendouree at 2.10am on vices from Southern Cross to operation. Public Transport hour gap on Friday night Southern Cross through Southern Cross for easy in-
Saturday and Sunday. A Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo Users Association Ballarat between the last train and the night - they only stop at terchange with night coach-
spokesman for public trans- and Traralgon. The spokes- convener Ben Lever said the the coach needed to be ad- Flinders Street. es.

Ballarat test
site for NBN
fast internet

THE National Broadband Network Company
has used a site in Ballarat to showcase new
trial technology which allows for download
speeds of up to one gigabit per second.
The high speeds which were achieved by

bonding together three antennae used as
part of the fixed wireless technology, while
speeds of up to 400 megabytes a second were
achieved using just one antenna.

The current rollout of fixed wireless to
about 600,000 households across the country
is expected to deliver speeds of 25 megabytes
per second, substantially less than the trial
NBN achieved the speeds by using a spare
operating sector along an already estab-
lished fixed wireless tower before installing
additional radio equipment.
NBN chief executive Bill Morrow said “our
ability to deliver gigabit speeds on fixed wire-
less demonstrates our continued focus on
identifying and implementing tech advance-
ments as and when they are needed, across
all technologies”.
The high speed trails come one week after
City of Ballarat infrastructure and environ-
ment director Terry Demeo said the NBN
rollout had caused $16 million worth of dam-
age throughout the local government area
during the rollout.

BRICC's Steve Medwell and Rotary's

Gordon Williams launched the kit last year.

ROTARY Club of Ballarat South is pre-
paring to launch its annual Bowelscan
campaign on Monday. Bowel cancer is he
second biggest cancer killer in Australia.
While 90 per of bowel cancer cases can be
treated early, fewer than 40 per cent are A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional is internationally recognised for
actually detected early and the national the highest education and ethical standards. So if you want financial advice, just look
bowel cancer rate is increasing, according
to Bowel Cancer Australia. Rotary subsidis-
for a CFP® professional. You can find one today in your local area at fpa.com.au
es screening kits for the month of May, en-
CFP,® CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ® and CFP Logo ® are certification marks owned outside the U.S. by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd (FPSB).
couraging anyone aged over 40 to take the Financial Planning Association of Australia Limited is the marks licensing authority for the CFP marks in Australia, through agreement with FPSB.
test. Screening can help detect pre-cancer-
ous or cancer in its earliest stages.
12 THE COURIER Wednesday April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au


Rylan stays
positive in
battle for life
BY ANTHONY PIOVESAN is a bad day then we take it as he knows he won’t be able to
it comes. come home until August at
WITH a determined spirit “The intensification peri- this stage.”
and a loving family by his od gives you a kick of chemo- Rylan has been based at
side, Stawell’s Rylan Smith therapy and makes sure the Royal Children's Hospital
continues to fight a form of there is no leukemia before in Melbourne since Septem-
leukemia that entered his the maintenance round.” ber last year.
young body in September Maintenance treatment “He has now started to
last year. required the body to main- make some friends in the
The 10-year-old was di- tain zero levels of leukemia hospital that are going
agnosed with T-cell acute for three years. through a similar situation to
lymphoblastic leukaemia, a “Today (Friday) he had an him,” Mr Smith said.
cancer which instigates an operation for a lumbar punc- “It is good for him, he has
overproduction of immature ture,” Mr Smith said. realised he is not the only kid
white blood cells. “So they put chemo in his going through it.”
His father Matt Smith spine, he doesn't have leu- Mr and Mrs Smith have
said Rylan had completed kemia there but it acts as a started a Facebook page,
the first round of his final preventative.” Rylans War on Leukemia, to
intensification period and But Mr Smith said Rylan update the community on
was responding well to the was determined to stay pos- his progress.
treatment. itive and keep fighting. “We have seen a lot of
“He is doing pretty good, “He is staying very posi- other families doing it,” Mr
he is still fighting,” he said. tive and responding well,” Smith said.
“There is a long road ahead he said. “The community is so
still and we are learning each “It is a big thing for a kid interested in what’s happen-
day; if today is a good day to go through this and any ing, so we wanted to keep COURAGE: Rylan Smith is showing a lot of heart and continuing to fight his leukemia at
that is a bonus, if tomorrow operation, especially when everyone up to date.” the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.



28 – 30 APRIL



Bio-Oil is a registered trademark of Union Swiss. Distributed by Aspen Pharmacare Australia Pty Ltd ABN 51 096 236 985 of 34-36 Chandos Street, St Leonards NSW 2065.
Children’s Panadol contains paracetamol. Use only as directed for the temporary relief of pain and fever. Incorrect use could be harmful. Consult your healthcare professional if
symptoms persist. Seek medical advice for children under 3 months. Panadol is a registered trade mark of the GSK group of companies. Free ticket offer ends 5pm AEST 27 April.
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Anzac spirit remembered at Gallipoli
WHEN 16-year-old Len before going on to serve in march. “Excuse me, sir, the dawn service on Gal-
Hall spotted a girl in the the Battle of Beersheba in would you like your plume lipoli’s shores on Tuesday
crowds gathered to farewell Palestine and in the assault back,” she asked. attended by hundreds of
soldiers bound for Egypt in on Damascus alongside The simple exchange Australians and New Zea-
1915, he plucked an emu Lawrence of Arabia. sparked a romance, with landers.
plume from his slouch hat When he returned to Len later marrying Eunice Ms Bishop said soldiers
and gave it to her. Western Australia after the and raising a family. like Len, a West Austral-
Not long after, he was war ended in 1918, a wom- His touching story was ian who was one of the last
firing a machine gun on an approached Len among recounted by Foreign Min- Anzacs when he died aged
TRIBUTE: People wait for the dawn service ceremony the Gallipoli peninsula the crowd of diggers taking ister Julie Bishop as she led 101 in 1999, had inspired
at Anzac Cove on the Gallipoli peninsula. Picture: AAP alongside his fellow Anzacs part in a welcome home tributes to the Anzacs at generations.

charged Thousands flock to
for dawn
outburst Anzac Day marches
A MAN has been charged WORRIES about possi-
with offensive behaviour ble terrorist attacks and
after he yelled out during drenching rain failed to de-
the one minute’s silence at ter hundreds of thousands
the Anzac Day dawn ser- of people turning out for
vice in Sydney’s CBD. Anzac Day marches across
The 32-year-old man the country.
interjected in the sombre While numbers were
moment between The Last down at some Anzac dawn
Post and Reveille at the services, large crowds
commemoration service in flocked to the mid-morn-
Martin Place on Tuesday. ing parades to pay tribute
“The courageous will to Australia’s servicemen
never be silent as long and women.
as these wars continue. Security was tight at
Senseless violence. Stop many venues, including
the wars. Bring peace to the Sydney where police used
world,” he yelled. water-filled barriers and
The man was arrested blocked roads amid con-
and later charged with cerns about a potential
behaving in an offensive lone-wolf style terrorist
manner in a public place, a attack. More than 100,000
police spokeswoman said. people lined the CBD’s
He was granted con- streets and waved flags as
ditional bail to appear at an estimated 16,000 veter-
Downing Centre Local ans marched by.
Court on May 18. Children’s faces were a
Social media users re- welcome sight among the
acted angrily to the protest, crowds for many veterans
labelling the man a “loser” on Tuesday.
for disrespecting fallen sol- “It’s good to see the REMEMBRANCE: An ex-serviceman takes part in the Anzac Day march in Sydney onTuesday, one of many
diers at “what is essentially young ones coming along events staged around the country and attended by large crowds. Picture: AAP
a funeral service”. and learning all about it,”
“That was truly one of said Trevor Mailman, a Seven-year-old Matthew time. The schoolboy, ac- the march in Melbourne, ‘I don’t deserve to be there’
the most disgusting things New Zealand veteran from De Boer was among the companied by mum Liz where members of the or ‘I don’t feel comfortable
I have ever seen,” Scott conflicts in Malaysia and 30,000 people who braved and younger sister Sophia, Women Veterans Network being there, because I’m a
Bessant said. Borneo in the 1960s, who the rain in Canberra to see said it was important to took part for the first time. woman and I didn’t fight
Justin Appleby called held hands with grand- Aboriginal and Torres Strait commemorate “the people “You’ll find that there’s on the front line’,” Tiffany
the protester “a grub of the daughters at Southport on Islander veterans lead the who died to keep us safe”. women who are highly Ahuja, who served in East
highest order”. Queensland’s Gold Coast. annual march for the first Rain also dampened decorated that will still say, Timor, said.

ONE of Queensland’s specialist music room all THE body of a 90-year-old was found washed out on THE last federal police end to hostilities in a
oldest schools will stay went up in flames in the woman has been found the tide at nearby Rules officers engaged in troubled nation. The first
closed after a suspected early-morning blaze. after she and an elderly Beach. Australia’s first and Australian contingent of
midnight arson attack Police said initial man set out on a fishing “It’s extremely sad and longest-running 40 police officers arrived
caused extensive damage investigations showed trip from the central distressing. Out fishing peacekeeping mission in Cyprus in May 1964.
early on Anzac Day. the fire at the Darling Queensland coast. for the day and it’s turned will withdraw from Since then, 111 Australian
It took firefighters Downs school had been A helicopter search into tragedy,” he said. Cyprus this year. contingents have served
about three hours to deliberately lit. Principal onTuesday made the “It’s a very stark More than 1600 with the peacekeeping
extinguish the fire at Mona Anau said the discovery a day after reminder for people to be Australian officers have force. Three Australian
Dalby State School, school would stay shut she and the man, 89, safe on the water.” contributed to the United officers have died while
which destroyed on Wednesday in the set off in a tinnie at The Bundaberg man’s Nations Peacekeeping serving in Cyprus.
heritage-listed buildings interests of students, Baffle Creek north of body was found by Force in Cyprus since Seven AFP officers are
more than 150 years old. staff and community Bundaberg. another fisherman on 1964. It was the first time serving in Cyprus, with
Administration safety, as well as Queensland Police Monday. the UN deployed civilian their deployment to
facilities, a staffroom, allowing investigators to Inspector Patrick The upturned boat was police in a peacekeeping conclude at the end of
two classrooms and a assess the damage. Swindells said her body also located onTuesday. mission to bring an June.
14 THE COURIER Wednesday April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au

Dutton Turnbull offers Iraq $110m during Anzac visit
demands PRIME Minister Malcolm
Turnbull has offered Iraq
Manus an extra $110 million in hu-
manitarian assistance dur-

apology ing an unannounced visit

to Australian troops ahead
of Anzac Day commemo-
IMMIGRATION Minister rations.
Peter Dutton is demand- Mr Turnbull said Islamic
ing an apology from sev- State had lost 60 per cent of
eral news outlets for their territory once held in Iraq,
reporting of a Good Friday with more than two mil-
shooting at the Manus Is- lion people liberated from
land detention centre. its grasp in 2016, and the
Mr Dutton has repeat- funding would help com-
edly stated Papua New bat the terrorist group.
Guinea soldiers opened “As the coalition military
fire on the detention cen- effort forces ISIS out of ma-
tre because they were con- jor population centres, it is
cerned about the welfare of important to increase hu-
a five-year old boy who was manitarian and stabilisa-
allegedly led into the com- tion assistance to help the
pound. Iraqi government lock in
However, his account security gains,” he and For-
doesn’t align with the expla- eign Minister Julie Bishop
nations provided by Manus said in a joint statement.
province police command- The funding includes
er David Yapu and the PNG an immediate injection
Defence Force. of $10 million for urgent
Mr Yapu has said the boy needs arising from an op-
in question was 10 and he eration to liberate Mosul,
was taken to a tent where and a three-year $100 mil-
asylum seekers were pack- lion assistance package to
ing food, given some fruit SURPRISE GUEST: Prime Minister MalcolmTurnbull meets Australian troops during an unannounced visit to be included in the upcom-
and sent away again, all Iraq at the weekend ahead of Anzac Day commemorations. Picture: AAP ing budget.
about a week before the

Welcome veterans
The commander blamed
the shooting and brawl on
drunken soldiers.
Meanwhile the PNG
Defence Force said it was

into life – VC hero

sparked by an altercation
on a nearby football field
when asylum seekers re-
fused to leave the ground

at their curfew time.
These accounts have
been backed up by PNG ONE of Australia’s most “(They have) a hands- chief executive David Lee
politician Ron Knight, who decorated war heroes has on understanding of how said the message would
is locked in a lengthy legal urged Australians to wel- leadership and team work resonate with veterans who
battle to keep his seat after come veterans into jobs The hard-won character, are shared and optimised,” felt “almost invisible” when
being charged with mis-
and society as well as mark
their war sacrifice.
capabilities and skills that defined he said.
“A deep-seated sense of
they came back from war.
“We have had a number
Mr Dutton said news Victoria Cross recipient them in the field are staples for life. community and mutual of veterans state to us it’s
organisations should ac- Ben Roberts-Smith told a Ben Roberts-Smith care among the people almost as if what they did
cept the Australian govern- rain-drenched crowd of they work with.” didn’t actually happen,” Mr
ment’s versions of events 30,000 at the Melbourne that defined them in the He said returning from Mr Roberts-Smith said Lee told reporters.
over somebody who has Shrine of Remembrance of field are long-held staples the trauma of war can be Anzac Day commemorates “That’s why Anzac Day
been “discredited”. the contribution returning for life,” Mr Roberts-Smith, tough for men and women the lives lost in combat, but matters, that’s why com-
“I’ll stand by those com- soldiers can make. now a Seven Network ex- in the armed services, but it also asks Australians to memoration maters, be-
ments,” he told Sky News “The hard-won charac- ecutive, told the Anzac Day their skills were invaluable look to the future. cause it gives meaning to
on Monday night. ter, capabilities and skills dawn service. for Australian life. Shrine of Remembrance that service.”

A DOG is in an animal Three women – aged FOUR Melbourne began punching him and TWO men have been One was airlifted to
hospital with head 31, 32 and 33 – from teenagers are under kicking him. lucky to escape with Brisbane’s Princess
injuries after five people Redbank Plains, a Durack arrest over an alleged Witnesses called police minor injuries after a Alexandria Hospital
allegedly broke into man, 34, and a 32-year- assault on a taxi driver who say the assault was light plane flipped on with neck pain while
his owner’s home in old man from Raceview they refused to pay. still taking place when landing at a Queensland the other was taken to
southeast Queensland were arrested by police a Police allege the two officers arrived. airpark on Anzac Day. Gatton Hospital with a
and assaulted them. short time later. girls and two boys A 17-year-old Carlton Paramedics treated minor leg cut.
Police say the group They were charged walked away without girl, a 16-year-old Mill the men, both in A Queensland
forced open the front with entering a dwelling, paying for a taxi ride to Park girl, a 15-year- their 70s, after they Ambulance Service
door of a Churchill home assault occasioning Wollert about 2.45am on old Coburg boy and a managed to extricate spokesperson said they
in Ipswich on Tuesday bodily harm, wilful Anzac Day.The driver, 25, 13-year-old boy from themselves from the were both in a stable
morning. They then damage, stealing and received serious head Reservoir are being aircraft, which finished condition.
allegedly assaulted the animal cruelty, and are injuries and is in hospital interviewed for affray, on its roof at the Firefighters were
woman and her kelpie expected to face Ipswich after he attempted to recklessly causing injury, Gatton Airpark west called due to a small
dog, before taking off Magistrates Court on restrain one of the boys taxi-fare evasion and of Brisbane just after fuel leak, which did not
with a mobile phone. Wednesday. and the others allegedly assault. 11am on Tuesday. ignite.
thecourier.com.au Wednesday April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 15


Trump backs down

on border wall call
Washington The border wall money York, who has a key role $1.3 trillion spending bill legislation to repeal and
is opposed by Democrats, providing Democratic to pay for funding of all replace Barack Obama’s
Barack Obama PRESIDENT Donald whose votes are needed votes to pass the legisla- agencies of government Affordable Care Act, known
Trump has stepped back to pass the government- tion, welcomed Mr Trump’s by Friday. If spending as ‘Obamacare’.
Obama from demands for a down
payment on his border wall
wide spending legislation,
which is due on Friday.
reported shift on the wall.
“It’s good for the coun-
measures aren’t in place
before Saturday, govern-
After signalling they
hoped for a vote as soon

focuses as part of spending legisla- The wall is also unpop- try that President Trump ment funds will halt and as this week on a rewrit-
tion, potentially preventing ular with many Republi- is taking the wall off the hundreds of thousands of ten health bill, the White
a government shutdown. cans, and GOP negotiators table in these negotia- federal employees will be House softened its stance.
on young Mr Trump told a gather-
ing of about 20 conserva-
on Capitol Hill are uneasy
about the clash over the
tions,” Mr Schumer said.
“Now the bipartisan and
temporarily laid off.
The negotiations over
Republicans control
both chambers of Congress

leaders tive media reporters that

he would be willing to re-
turn to the wall funding is-
wall potentially sparking a
government shutdown.
Senate minority leader
bicameral negotiators can
continue working on the
outstanding issues.”
the spending bill took cen-
tre stage despite a separate
White House push for fast
but the bill to gut Obama-
care failed to gather full
party support and implod-
Chicago sue in September. Chuck Schumer of New Congress must pass a action to revive healthcare ed last month.

BARACK Obama, making

his first major appearance
since leaving the White Le Pen
chooses to
House, made no mention
of his successor Donald
Trump but urged young
people to get involved in
their communities. go it alone
“What’s been going on
since I’ve been gone?” Paris
joked the former president
at the University of Chica- FRANCE’S far-right presi-
go, which will be the site of dential hopeful Marine Le
his presidential library. Pen is temporarily step-
Mr Obama, who taught ping down as head of the
constitutional law at the National Front party.
school, told students he The move appears to
decided to focus his post- be a way for Ms Le Pen
presidency on encourag- to embrace a wide range
ing young people to en- of voters ahead of the
gage with communities. May 7 runoff between
“The single most im- herself and Emmanuel
portant thing I can do is Macron, the independ-
to help in any way pre- ent centrist who won the
pare the next generation first round of presidential
of leadership to take up voting.
the baton and to take their “Tonight, I am no long-
own crack at changing the er the president of the
world,” he said. National Front. I am the
When students asked presidential candidate,”
about social media, Oba- she said.
ma advised them to limit Ms Le Pen has said in
photos online, and be the past that she is not a
“more circumspect about candidate of her party, and
your selfies”. He also gave made that point when she
a tip on marriage, saying rolled out her platform in
“listen to understand” in- February, saying the meas-
stead of “to respond”. ures she was espousing
“That’ll save you a lot of MINI ME: German Chancellor Angela Merkel holds a figurine of herself made with a 3D printer at the Hanover were not her party’s, but
heartache and grief.” Fair.The event is the world’s biggest industrial fair and attracts more than 250,000 visitors. Picture: EPA her own.

A BIOPIC is being BACK LABOUR ELTON John has forced to cancel the May
developed about cancelled a series and April dates of his Las
Madonna’s life in New THE Communist Party of shows in the US Vegas residency.
York in the early 1980s of Britain will not field after suffering from a He was released from
as she was trying to any election candidates “potentially deadly” hospital on Saturday, and
release her debut for the first time in bacterial infection that is resting at home and
album while navigating its history in order to forced him to spend two expected to make a full
fame, romance and back the Labour Party. nights in intensive care. recovery.
the dismissive attitude Its general secretary The singer, 70, “I am so fortunate
of the music industry. Robert Griffiths said a contracted the infection to have the most
Blonde Ambition will be Labour victory would be during his recent tour of incredible and loyal
developed by Universal, an “essential first step” South America. fans and apologise for
who bought the rights to towards a left-wing UK He became “violently disappointing them. I am
Elyse Hollander’s script government, and crucial ill” during the flight extremely grateful to the
about the singer’s first to stop Jeremy Corbyn home from Chile and medical team for their
album. Fifty Shades facing a leadership was admitted to hospital. excellence in looking
producer Michael De Luca challenge from Sir Elton is now back after me so well,” he said
Madonna is backing the film. “right-wing” figures. Elton John at home but has been in a statement.
16 THE COURIER Wednesday April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au



A good old-
fashioned way
to make sense
of modern life


E LOVE to read about the
lives of other people. In recent
years, as the popularity of
many types of books has
Disqualification rules
are in need of reform
declined, sales figures for biographical and
autobiographical memoirs have remained
strong. At the same time, the proliferation of
blogs and the use of social media to recount
events in our daily lives have grown rapidly.
Everyone, it seems, wants to tell their story.

This isn't surprising. Throughout the last HE High Court is the arbiter of Another controversial sub-section relates later annulled. The High Court found against
century, a number of psychologists wrote constitutional interpretation. In to those who have a direct or indirect pecu- Culleton. In December last year, Culleton
about the powerful human need to make the past few months the court has niary interest with the Commonwealth. was found to be an undischarged bankrupt
sense of one's life. Nowadays, when we're made two significant decisions Bob Day, a former Family First Senator and was disqualified as a senator.
constantly tempted by distractions and which uphold both the meaning and intent from South Australia, has been found to The politically important issue here was
more information than we can process, life of section 44 of the Australian Constitution. have breached the indirect pecuniary who was to replace Culleton. In the end, the
can seem disorganised and chaotic. This Section 44 is a little known and little interest rule regarding the ownership and second-listed WA One Nation candidate, Pe-
may cause us to doubt our memory and understood provision in the Constitution leasing of his electoral office. The High Court ter Georgiou – who happens to be Culleton’s
wonder if we'll ever find clarity, direction which lists six disqualifications that ban a accordingly declared that he was ineligible brother-in-law – won the recount.
and purpose. person from becoming a member of the to stand for the Senate in 2016. Day resigned The High Court has consistently interpret-
One of the best ways to remember and Australian parliament. from the Senate in 2016 after his building ed section 44 in a literal manner. Phil Cleary
make sense of what happens in your life is to These include, those with dual citizenship, company empire collapsed and he was lost his seat when the court determined he
keep a written diary. Writing down what you those who are bankrupt, those “attainted of facing bankruptcy. held an office of profit under the Crown,
experience also improves substantially your treason”, persons who hold an office of profit As a result of the court’s decision in the even though, as a teacher, he had taken
ability to remember it later. under the Crown, those who are under or Day case and a recount, Lucy Gichuhi – the leave from the Victorian Department of
If you wish to make it as easy as possible subject to a prison sentence of one year or second Family First candidate on the SA Education. Jackie Kelly also lost her seat
to recall recent events accurately, the best more and those who have a direct or indirect Senate ballot paper – will become the first because she was a voluntary member of the
time to do so is bedtime, as Agnes Szollosi pecuniary interest in any agreement with Kenyan-born Australian Senator. A devout Australian Defence Force.
and her colleagues at the University of the Public Service or the Commonwealth. Christian, Gichuhi has qualifications in law Surely it is time to reform section 44. It is
Technology and Economics in Budapest In the language of section 44 (i), dual and accountancy. indeed ironic that five of our earliest prime
discovered. They recruited 109 young adults citizens are regarded as being under the Labor has announced that it will chal- ministers would have been disqualified from
and asked them to keep a daily diary for “allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a lenge her election, alleging that she has not parliament if the current dual citizenship
five days. Thirty days later, participants foreign power.” renounced her Kenyan citizenship. test had been applied to them.
were asked to recall as much of what they'd The High Court has consistently found The other recent case involved former Billy Hughes was born in the UK, as was
recorded as possible. Those who'd kept their that it is irrelevant which country an One Nation Western Australian Senator Joseph Cook, George Reid and Andrew
diary in the evenings had greater and more Australian citizen is a dual citizen of. The Rod Culleton. The issue here was whether Fisher. J.C. (Chris) Watson, Labor’s first
accurate recall than participants who'd United Kingdom, New Zealand and the Culloden’s election was valid, given that prime minister, was born in Chile.
written their diary in the morning. United States are treated no differently from at that time he was subject to a prison Ian Tulloch is an Honorary Associate
The researchers suggest that this is Russia, China or Syria. sentence, even though his conviction was (Politics) at La Trobe University, Bendigo.
because when we recall events just before
bedtime, the memories are consolidated
and stabilised during the sleep that follows.
So, if you'd like to increase the chance
of remembering and making sense of your ONLINE EMAIL PHONE FACEBOOK TWITTER
past, keep a written diary – and do so just Find us on the web Send your letter to: Call us: Find us at Follow us at
before bedtime. thecourier.com.au cos@thecourier.com.au (03) 5320 1200 facebook.com/ twitter.com/
Linda Blair, The Telegraph, London ballaratcourier ballaratcourier
thecourier.com.au Wednesday April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 17


Hero is a word reserved for those deserving
CCORDING to a Wikipedia the thousands of brave men and women At which part in our history did the word
search, the word hero refers to a who were commemorated on Tuesday hero become hijacked and inappropriately
person ... who, in the face of dan- during the thousands of moving Anzac Day used in other contexts, like sport?
ger, combats adversity through ceremonies around the nation. Because of this, the moniker has been
impressive feats of ingenuity, bravery or For it was these brave people – our somewhat watered down.
strength, often sacrificing their own person- soldiers, our nurses, our navy and airforce Those true heroes before us and those
al concerns for a greater good. personnel – who, more than 100 years ago, still among us – including our dedicated
Nowhere in the reference does hero sacrificed their lives so we could enjoy what emergency service men and women who
describe a footballer, an athlete, a movie many of us take for granted today. put their lives on the line on a daily basis –
star. Not taking away from these people’s Back then there was no 24-hour news damn well deserve better.
skill and talent, but they can never compare bulletins, there was no internet, there were They deserve the chance to proudly stand
to what a true hero is. no modern communications to give them an up and accept the badge of honour … to
However, there are commentators who insight into what they were signing up for. be able to truly be named a hero without it
continue to incorrectly use the word hero Without fear or favour they left their being blase or meaningless.
when talking about someone’s skill to mark families and loved ones behind to fight for These brave men and women are heroes
and kick a leather Sherrin around a football their country. in every sense of the word … “in the face
field. The same can also be said for those who of danger, they combat adversity through
Similar to the word legend, describing have fought in conflicts since World War I, impressive feats of ingenuity, bravery or
someone as a hero should be reserved for World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, strength, often sacrificing their own person-
those who truly fit the bill … someone like Iraq and the like. al concerns for a greater good”.


Please is there someone out there who Recent commentary like Mark kenny’s
can explain to me why the people who try "North Korean threats will leave alliance
and support themselves and their family countries little choice" makes no attempt
are more and more being punished for it. to look at the situation from a North
my husband and I have paid top cover for Korean perspective and exaggerates the
ourselves and four sons since we were 18. North's military capabilities.The North
We are now in our sixties and still paying (with good reason) fears an attack by
approx $4300 per year to keep both of us the US, but does itself little good with its
covered. This week my husband has had to indifference to world opinion, unconven-
have his fifth operation on his leg he injured tional behaviour, and threatening rhetoric
four years ago. Firstly we were asked by intended to scare off potential adversaries.
the surgeon to pay $3000 up front for his Pyongyang's military aim is clearly to cre-
services and told an adjusted receipt would ate a demonstrable nuclear device able to
follow after the surgery for us to claim. From reach the US, which Pyongyang believes is
this we are going to be at least $1800 out of the insurance it needs to deter US military
pocket. Next the anesthetist wanted $1000 action against it.
up front and probably be about $600 out of The reality is that the North is probably at
pocket and then excess to the hospital of least three years away from being able to
$565 no rebate applicable. The costly imposition of health care is made worse when there is so little return from develop a survivable ICBM with a miniatur-
Can anybody tell me what we get for investing in private health insurance. ised nuclear warhead and guidance system
paying insurance when if I wasn't covered it capable of reaching Alaska or Hawaii.
would not have cost us a cent. Yes he would portion of those who arrived on the same recommendations here:http://www.aph. During that time, there will be obvious
have been put on a waiting list but just tell boats as those sent to Nauru and Manus gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Commit- intelligence indicators of its progress. For
me how this system is fair. I know we need HAVE been settled in Australia. tees/Senate/Legal_and_Constitutional_Af- example, the North would have to conduct
more people to be privately covered but These are the lucky people who were fairs/NauruandManusRPCs/Report one or more flight tests with solid-fuelled
where is the incentive to do so. never transferred to offshore processing Cath McDonald, Buninyong ICBM components and a nose cone that
Jane Nunn , Alfredton centres, and were gifted a life in Australia by undergoes re-entry and is recovered.
Scott Morrison, when clearing Christmas SLIPPERY SLOPE A LOT MORE Many of its recent shorter-range missile
THE LATEST ATTEMPT TO Island. DIBP provided this proof publicly on THAN A FEARFUL PHRASE launches have been in reaction to what
DEFLECT THE TRUTH ON Friday afternoon. It's found in the last link Last week, Victoria's bishops issued a Pyongyang regards as threatening US and
MANUS here, in questions asked by Greens Senator pastoral letter to the Catholics of Victoria South Korean behaviour – such as joint
New Guinea MP Ronnie Knight's refuting Nick McKim, in Document 15 and on page about Euthanasia. They remind us that those military exercises near the DMZ. North
of Peter Dutton's false claim of asylum 3 - http://www.aph.gov.au/…/Nauruand- places where euthanasia has been legalised Korea has few friends and does not trust
seeker misconduct on Manus Island leading ManusR…/Additional_Documents have subsequently broadened, step by step, China, so expecting Beijing to put pressure
to an attack from locals and members of the 1414 people who arrived after the July 19 the categories of people eligible to be killed. on the North to change its policies is
Navy, leaves me wondering. 2013 cut off point now live in Australia on For example, in Belgium, euthanasia is now largely a waste of time.
Was the lie to draw attention away from Bridging visas. A third of those who arrived legal for children as well as adults. In the Australia does, however, have a longstand-
the latest damning Senate Report "Serious from this date - 1596 were sent to Nauru Netherlands, people aged over 70 who feel ing and ongoing diplomatic relationship
allegations of abuse, self-harm and neglect and 1523 to Manus. Same boats. Same rule. "tired of life" are now eligible. In Belgium, with North Korea. We were one of the
of asylum seekers in relation to the Nauru Different, random chance at freedom, safety, euthanasia may now be legally done on first countries to accept a North Korean
Regional Processing Centre, and any like and a future. For what purpose were the psychological grounds. The "slippery slope" embassy – in 1974, and our ambassador in
allegations in relation to the Manus Regional refugees on Nauru and Manus punished is not a theoretical thing - it's a reality, killing South Korea visited the North as recently
Processing Centre" ? The government has and dehumanised now that the fiction of off vulnerable persons every day. as last year. Australia is therefore in a
finally admitted to the fact that after the rule "stopping the boats" and "if you come by Arnold Jago, Nichols Point much stronger position to talk sense to
about people who arrived on boats "never, boat you'll never live in Australia?" Pyongyang and provide credible security
never, never" being settled in Australia, a You can read the full report, and the 12 assurances than most other countries.
By contrast, getting behindTrump's big
stick and demanding action from China
seem more likely to get us embroiled in
just another unnecessary conflict.
VISIT/POST GUIDELINES: A letter to the editor is one way to have your say. All letters must be signed and carry the name, full address and daytime tele-
Professor Clive Williams, Forrest
phone number(s) of the author. We will publish the writer’s name and suburb/town. In rare cases, we may consent to withholding a writer’s name
2 Webster Street, Ballarat. or suburb/town. Letters should be no more than 250 words and may be edited for space, clarity and legal reasons. Shorter letters will be given
PO Box 21 Ballarat 3353. preference. Web comments made at www.thecourier.com.au are published before appearing on these pages. Any comment which is deemed
inappropriate will not be published. Preference will be given to those who provide a valid email address.
18 THE COURIER Wednesday April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au


Added insight for men LISTINGS BALLARAT

Preservation experts and
historians will be on hand
to help you learn about
HEALTH duced to Ballarat last year, your family’s wartime mem-
BY MELANIE WHELAN with bases in Sebastopol and orabilia, and teach you how
Wendouree. to keep them safe when
PRE-SEASON’S end was a They produced a com- War Heritage Roadshow
chance for Ballarat ‘sons of bined 76 graduates while in rolls into Ballarat this week.
the west’ to go Inside the comparison, the Bulldogs’ The state government and
Club at Whitten Oval. five Melbourne-based Sons University of Melbourne’s
More than 300 men from of the West programs had a Grimwade Centre for
across Western Bulldogs’ combined 94 graduates. Cultural Materials are
western front, stretching Sebastopol and Wendou- delivering free workshops
from Melbourne’s West to ree graduates continue to at Art Gallery of Ballarat on
Ballarat, for advice and in- socialise and meet up for ex- Wednesday andThursday.
sight from specialists in the ercise informally before the Bookings essential via
club’s football department. pre-season program launch. website: http://arts.unimelb.
The exclusive event was This year’s pre-season edu.au/grimwadecentre/
for the the Bulldogs’ Sons program involved more than engagement/war-herit-
of the West men’s health 600 men across seven local age-roadshow-2017
pre-season program grad- government areas and 13 WHY WRITING MATTERS
uates. Any men who had sites in the western suburbs Own Voices Forum will
attended at least six sessions and into Ballarat, including explore how writing and
were invited. bases in Werribee, Sunbury, storytelling can help devel-
An hour-long panel dis- Newport, Melton, Footscray op new ways of thinking
cussion featured Bulldogs’ and Deer Park. about the self, disability,
pro scout Dan Fisher, sports WESTERN FRONT: Sons of the West pre-season graduates had an 'Inside the Club' The club aims to address and community.The forum
dietitian Claire Saundry, evening at Whitten Oval last week. some of the state’s toughest will use writing to break
sports science assistants health issues found in west- down barriers to social
Nathan Pitchford and David physical activity on the Bull- loskeletal condition, injuries sessions encouraging men to ern Victoria. inclusion and give people
Corbett, physical condition- dogs’ home turf. and exercise. take up simple, healthy activ- This includes the rate of with disability the skills to
ing coordinator Nick Stone The pre-season program It was a taste of the Sons ities and improving general sedentary men in Melton tell their stories their way.
and sports psychologist Li- offered workshops in rec- of the West premiership pro- men’s health awareness in is almost double the state The forum is at Museum
sa Stevens. ognising potential barriers gram, which is set to launch a fun and inclusive environ- average and 19.3 per cent of of Australian Democracy
Graduates also broke into to exercise, mental health, in late May. ment. Central Highlands men are at Eureka onThursday.
groups to participate in some nutrition, as well as muscu- Programs aim to offer free The program was intro- classed obese. writersvictoria.org.au.


While hospital is Ruby’s life, Starlight helps
her laugh and play. Because a healthy dose
of happiness helps sick kids just be kids. That’s
the power of happy.
This Starlight Day, Power the Happy for sick
kids and see that money can buy happiness.

thecourier.com.au Wednesday April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 19


PERFECT POUR: Daryl Wisely, of Red Duck Brewery, pours a beer

at the Pyrenees Unearthed Festival held in Avoca. Picture: Luka PICNIC TIME: Marlene, Helena, 6, and Ronan Erard enjoy a picnic in CATCHING UP: Simon Maher and Charlie Horvath enjoy a chat and a
Kauzlaric the sunshine. Picture: Luka Kauzlaric drink at the wine festival. Picture: Luka Kauzlaric

Hundreds flocked to Pyrenees Unearthed over
the weekend enjoying delicious food and wine
at the Avoca Wine Festival.

PICTURES: Luka Kauzlaric

LOCAL POUR: Wine tasting at the Pyrenees

Unearthed Festival held in Avoca. Picture: Luka
PLAY TIME: Freya, 6, and Gus Bennett, 4, enjoy a day of face painting and fun at the Pyrenees Unearthed Avoca Wine Festival. Picture: Luka Kauzlaric Kauzlaric

CELEBRATION: Vanessa Briody, Ray Davies, Shane Mead, Tom

Elliot, Noel Dempsey, Ron Easton, Kate Kirkpatrick and Mackayla WHAT A DROP: Quartz Hill's Shane and Liam Mead conduct wine A DAY OUT: Richard Giddens, Tony Sauvager, and Kate Serrurier
Rentsch, 10. Picture: Luka Kauzlaric tastings. Picture: Luka Kauzlaric enjoy lunch at the Avoca Wine Festival. Picture: Luka Kauzlaric

J U ST $ 2 5
Photo: Michael Amendolia



1800 352 352
20 THE COURIER Wednesday April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au

Anzac Day 2017

COMMEMORATING: Reverend Bryan Nicholls

leads prayers during the Anzac Day dawn service
in Ballarat.

Thousands of people in and around Ballarat
gathered on Tuesday to commemorate Anzac
Day at dawn services, street marches and games
of two-up at RSL branches. Pictures: Kate Healy

COMMEMORATING: Ayva Smith, 5, and Nick Smith, from Ballarat, at the Anzac Day dawn service in Ballarat.

COMMEMORATING: Alexandra Tascas, from the Ballarat RSL, speaks at the Anzac COMMEMORATING: Erica Webb, 13, Jeff Webb, and Castley Webb,
Day dawn service. 16, of Mt Clear, at the Ballarat dawn service.

COMMEMORATING: Stella Roberts, 10, Ivy

Roberts, 10, and Nicole Roberts, from Alfredton, at COMMEMORATING: Gordon Hunt and Allan Jubber at the Anzac Day dawn service in COMMEMORATING: Chayse Mannion, 4, and Brendan Mannion, of
the dawn service. Ballarat. Miners Rest, at the Ballarat dawn service.

COMMEMORATING: Jenene Lamb, of Mt Rowan,

Stacey Maher, of Haddon, and Fraser Cocking, of COMMEMORATING: Olivia Waterhouse, 11, and James Waterhouse, of Ballarat, at the COMMEMORATING: Phillip Hills, Miranda Hann, 11, and Brenton
Haddon, at the dawn service. dawn service. Hann, of Ballarat, at the Anzac Day dawn service.
thecourier.com.au Wednesday April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 21

BALLARAT WATER STORAGE Storages as of Tuesday, April 25 RAIN MAP For week ending Tuesday, April 25
Source: Central Highland Water

White Swan 13,631 ML

400 mm
Moorabool 4,549 ML Swan Hill 300 mm

Wilsons 29 ML CANBERRA 200 mm

150 mm
Beales 19 ML Albury-Wodonga
100 mm

Pincotts 200 ML Horsham Bendigo 50 mm

Kirks 358 ML 25 mm

Gong Gong 1,845 ML MELBOURNE 10 mm
Cosgrave 407 ML Warrnambool 5 mm

Newlyn Reservoir 474 ML 1 mm

© Commonwealth of Australia 2017
0 mm
Lal Lal Reservoir 31,592 ML
THREE-DAY OUTLOOK AND PROGNOSTIC CHARTS Note: Rainfall totals in mm; blank indicates no report was received. Rainfall
Surface water resources 53,105 ML RAINFALL given as amount/N where ‘N’ is the number of days since station last reported.
Month to Monthly Yearly
Township Last 7 days
Ararat 45.8 59.6 42.5 588.2
Bacchus Marsh na na 28.5 615.2
Ballan 20.8 99.8 56.6 705.1
Thursday Friday Saturday
BALLARAT 33.4 92.2 51.7 695.3
Mallee Mallee Mallee
Bannockburn na na 41.6 512.7
Beaufort 32.0 74.2 53.2 680.6
Wimmera Wimmera Wimmera
Bendigo 64.8 111.2 28.4 519.6
Country Northeast
Country Northeast
Country Northeast Blackwood na na 71.6 978.3
North East North East North East
Bullarto South 76.4 174.6 39.6 746.6
Central Central Central
South West Central
Gippsland South West Central
Gippsland South West Central
Castlemaine 68.6 133.4 40.6 604.1
West West West Clunes 35.4 78.0 42.2 584.5
Gippsland Gippsland Gippsland
Cressy na na 43.1 537.6
DAYLESFORD 56.6 57.6 64.1 881.9
L Derrinallum 68.4 122.0 50.8 651.3
10am ThursdayL1008 10am Friday L 1009
10am Saturday
Dunolly 28.2 39.2 35.2 496.7
1011 1014
Durdidwarrah 57.2 175.2 56.3 692.0
1016 1016
Geelong 70.8 136.0 45.2 531.1
L Horsham na na 31.4 448.3

Kyneton 0.2 80.6 49.5 789.5
H H 1024
Lismore 69.8 120.0 49.9 622.1
H 1032 H H
1033 H 1026 1030 MARYBOROUGH 29.2 44.0 39.3 529.4
L 1030 L
1001 1024
1009 H Meredith 33.4 97.8 54.9 674.3
1000 L998 1027
1024 Morrisons na na 34.8 528.9
1016 1016
1016 1008
Natte Yallock 19.6 24.4 32.9 470.1
1000 1008 1008
1000 L 1000
992 1000 993 994
992 1008
998 Skipton 51.6 85.2 48.9 621.8
Stawell 44.4 50.2 28.2 469.6
Pressure cold front
Sunny Mostly Partly Cloudy Chance Shower Showers Drizzle, Rain Shower Storms Windy Fog Frost Snow
(hPa) Trentham 56.8 154.2 75.4 1085.5
sunny cloudy shower or two light rain storm trough warm front © Commonwealth of Australia 2017 Wickliffe 19.2 35.2 44.6 559.3

Your local newspaper plays a unique So, make this in�luence work for your
and valuable role in your community. business – go with the �low of trusted
New research con�irms locals have a information and opinion that shapes
close and trusting relationship with your community. Go with your local
their paper – and that creates a great paper.
advertising environment for business. To �ind out more contact our advertising
The local newspaper is readers’ team or visit thenewspaperworks.com.
favourite source of information on local au/think-local
businesses. Their shopping habits and
buying decisions are in�luenced by their
paper more than any other media.


Source: Think Local – news media research report, The Newspaper Works, 2016.
22 THE COURIER Wednesday April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au


Record haul in jeopardy


AN ECONOMIC boom from

record crops in Victoria
has been "seriously under-
mined" by V/Line speed
restrictions on hot days,
Premier Daniel Andrews has
been warned.
The state's Rail Freight
Alliance, representing 22
Victorian shires, has written
to Mr Andrews demanding
a review of a decision to halt
trains when the temperature
hits 33 degrees, claiming it
has left crops stranded and
rail users "seriously disad-
"V/Line's actions have
directly reduced the profit-
ability of rural communities
and has had a significant
impact on the state's agricul-
tural productivity," the April
13 letter reads. "For the first
time in our state, we have
freight loaded, ready for ex-
port, but unable to move."
In January last year, after
two derailments near Ouyen,
V/Line decided to stop train
operations when temper-
atures reached 30 degrees. UNDER THREAT: Record crops in Victoria has been "seriously undermined" by V/Line speed restrictions on hot days.
Last summer it lifted the
limit to 33 degrees, with 64 Line was mounting. should have been well main- "We're happy to continue Brett Hosking, vice presi- condition of the rail network.
days when heat speed re- "The bottom line is we tained and it should be able meeting with the councils, dent of the Victorian Farmers "Our rural communities,
strictions were applied on need a system that is built to handle our temperatures.” farmers and the freight lob- Federation, said the grains our farmers and our grains
the freight network. to our conditions and works Public Transport Minister by to discuss this issue – but industry was "immensely industry are missing out
Rail Freight Alliance chair- for our conditions and is re- Jacinta Allan defended the we're not going back to the frustrated" with V/Line's on opportunities that are
man and mayor of Mildura, liable. We shouldn't really be policy, pointing out last year bad old days under the Lib- performance, warning some out there because our rail
Glenn Milne, said the level of having this argument in this was the first since 2009 when erals and Nationals when people were choosing to service, our freight service,
frustration in his community day and age. Our rail system there wasn't a derailment on derailments were just ac- transport grain by truck in- can't deliver in a timely and
about the performance of V/ should be up to scratch, it the V/Line freight network. cepted," Ms Allan said. stead of train because of the efficient manner," he said.

Local wool growers to tour

THE Hamilton/Ararat superfine Merino stud will fourth annual ASWGA Fleece
branches of the Australian welcome visitors. Competition.
Superfine Woolgrowers As- The second farm is Sierra Last year’s fleece com-
sociation will hold the sixth Park, one of the oldest con- petition winners Russell
annual reunion dinner at tinual operating pure Saxon and Penny Hartwich from
Grange Burn Motel, Hamil- Merino studs in Australia. Kelseldale will be the feature
ton, on Saturday, May 13. Lunch will be provid- farm on the Sunday.
Before the dinner, two ed, and sheep and wool Situated in the Challicum
prominent local studs will will displayed. Hills at Ballyrogan, the family
open its gates to attendees. A highlight of the dinner had a pure Saxon flock until
On Saturday morning, will be the presentation by 1988 when Rockbank genet- The Kelseldale stud will welcome visitors next month. Penny Hartwich is pictured with
the Mibus family of Glenara Brenda McGahan of the ics were introduced. the grand champion superfine ewe of Sheepvention 2015.

No one should
have to go it alone Please donate now
thecourier.com.au Wednesday April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 23

TODAY Showers easing. TODAY Showers easing. Wind easing. TODAY Showers easing. Windy.

3/11ºC 6/14ºC 9/14ºC 3/14ºC 5/16ºC 5/13ºC 5/14ºC 7/17ºC 10/18ºC 5/17ºC 7/17ºC 8/16ºC 9/15ºC 11/18ºC 13/17ºC 8/19ºC 9/18ºC 9/15ºC


WARNINGS were current at 5pm yesterday. Location Max** Min Rain*
www.bom.gov.au/vic/warnings 1300 659 217 Today **MaxTemp to 3pm *Rainfall 24 hours to 9am
VICTORIA 15 C Ballarat 15 13 25
Showers, local hail and thunder extending across Tomorrow Bendigo 20 16 19
the State during the morning, though only 5 / 17ºC Castlemaine na 15 31
isolated showers expected in the northwest. Snow Geelong 18 15 44
down to 900 metres. A cold day with fresh to Hamilton 19 13 40
strong and gusty south to southwesterly winds, Horsham 21 14 12
possible coastal squalls. Fire danger: high to very HORSHAM ECHUCA Melbourne 18 16 22
high in the northwest. Today BENDIGO Today
ALBURY- Mildura 22 16 11
14 C º
Today 14ºC Mortlake 19 13 37
Partly cloudy. Very high (90%) chance of showers,
13 C º Tomorrow WODONGA Mt Buller 7 7 41
most likely in the morning. Snow falling above
Tomorrow 5 / 15ºC Today Port Fairy 18 14 16
1000 metres.The chance of a storm in the morn- 3 / 16ºC
5 / 14 C º 15ºC Warrnambool 19 13 25
ing. Gusty winds and possible hail. Winds west to Tomorrow
northwesterly 25 to 35 km/h turning south to 4 / 15ºC THE TIDES
southwesterly 30 to 45 km/h early in the morning.
Today High12:12pm 1.0m 11:42pm 0.8m
Partly cloudy. Very high (90%) chance of showers Low 5:41am 0.4m 6:40pm 0.5m
near the Otways, high (70%) chance elsewhere. 10ºC
Snow falling above 900 metres.The chance of a Tomorrow MELBOURNE MOUNT BULLER High12:37pm 1.1m 11:54pm 0.8m
storm in the early morning. Gusty winds and pos- 3 / 11ºC Today Low 5:47am 0.3m 7:09pm 0.5m
sible hail. Winds west to southwesterly 25 to 35 14ºC 1ºC PORT PHILLIP HEADS
km/h tending south to southwesterly 30 to 45
km/h early in the morning. HAMILTON Tomorrow Tomorrow High 11:35am 1.5m 11:46pm 1.5m
Low 4:23am 0.6m 4:59pm 0.7m
Partly cloudy. High (80%) chance of showers, most 12ºC High12:36pm 1.6m
likely in the early morning.The chance of a storm Tomorrow Low 5:27am 0.4m 6:07pm 0.7m
in the morning. Possible hail in the morning and 6 / 14ºC
afternoon. Winds northwesterly 20 to 30 km/h SALE
shifting south to southwesterly 35 to 50 km/h dur- Today
ing the morning then becoming southwesterly 15 15ºC
to 25 km/h in the evening. Fire danger: high.
Winds: South to southwesterly 20 to 30 knots,
Today Sun protection recommended
reaching up to 35 knots in the far west during the WARRNAMBOOL 15ºC
10:50am - 2:10pm
morning. Winds decreasing to 15 to 20 knots in the Today
late evening. Seas: 3 to 4 metres, decreasing to 2 º
Tomorrow BENDIGO
14 C 8 / 15ºC Sun protection recommended
to 3 metres during the afternoon. Swell: South- 10:50am - 2:20pm
westerly 2.5 to 3 metres, increasing to 3 to 5 me- Tomorrow
tres during the morning. Weather: Cloudy. 70% 9 / 15ºC w w w. b o m . g o v. a u WARRNAMBOOL
chance of showers.The chance of a storm in the Sun protection recommended
© Commonwealth of Australia 2017
11:10am to 2:00pm
early morning. Possible hail. April 26, 2017

Sunny Mostly Partly Cloudy Chance Shower Showers Showers Storms rain Light rain Rain Rain, Windy Dusty Fog Haze, Frost Snow
Sunny Cloudy shower or two storm (drizzle) storm smoke


1008 L1008 L 1009

1011 1014
L 1016

1016 L 1016
1014 1015 L
1024 H 1024 1024
1023 H H
H H 1030 H 1032
H 1033 H
1029 1029
L 1030 L
H H 1009
1026 L
1016 1023 1024
L 1016 1024 1001
1016 1000 1016
1016 1016 1008


Location Weather High Low
Amsterdam rain 11 4
Athens fine 21 11
Auckland windy 19 10 400 DARWIN
Bangkok haze 36 29 300 31
Barcelona fine 18 10 200
Beijing fine 22 14 150
Christchurch windy 17 8 100 BROOME
Frankfurt cloudy 11 2 50 36 30 CAIRNS
Helsinki rain 8 -2 25
Hong Kong rain 24 21 15
Johannesburg rain 18 10 10
Kuala Lumpur haze 30 25 5 ALICE SPRINGS 24
London fine 13 3 1
Los Angeles
Moscow rain 6 -1 Week ending
Noumea fine 27 21
April 25, 2017 25 PERTH
Paris fine 17 1 SUN & MOON ADELAIDE 17 22
Seoul fine 20 13 Rise 6:26am Rise 6:57am Rise 6:36am Rise 6:56am 13 SYDNEY
Set 5:20pm Set 5:39pm Set 5:26pm Set 5:22pm CANBERRA
Singapore rain 30 25
Rise 5:40am Rise 6:09am Rise 5:49am Rise 6:03am
Suva fine 31 23 MELBOURNE
Tel Aviv fine 20 14 Set 5:24pm Set 5:46pm Set 5:32pm Set 5:31pm
Tokyo windy 18 12
New First Full Last 13 HOBART
Washington rain 13 11
Apr 26 May 3 May 11 May 19
Wellington windy 15 10
24 THE COURIER Wednesday April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au

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Anthony Field. (PG, CC) Uncovered. Presented by habit. Marilyn has doubts about they have what it takes to be a are Michael Caine, Morgan
8.30 The Weekly With Charlie Professor Alice Roberts. (CC) John’s character. (PGdv, CC) singing sensation. (PG, CC) Freeman, Jack Whitehall and
Pickering. A satirical news 8.30 Testing Teachers. Part 2 of 3. 7.30 My Kitchen Rules. Amateur 9.00 Britain’s Got Talent. Series Gemma Whelan. (Ma, CC)
program. (M, CC) Follows a group of new teachers cooks undertake a variety of return. Auditions begin as weird, 8.30 Peter Helliar: One Hot Mess.
9.00 You Can’t Ask That: Recent as they set foot in some of the challenges in order to prove wacky and wonderful acts Peter Helliar, from The Project,
War Veterans. (CC) country’s most challenging they have what it takes. (PG, CC) compete in front of celebrity performs a one-man, stand-up
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visit to an infamous gym known weapons in transit, Pine takes and professional flippers who Nineties. Takes a look at worries that the Doomsday
as “Onion’s Ring”. (Madls, CC) an escalating series of risks to are hoping to get rich quick by the 1990s. (M, R, CC) cult is drugging his embedded
10.00 Lost In Pronunciation. protect his cover and expose renovating homes then selling 11.30 Proof. The team investigates a operative. (Mv, CC)
(MA15+l, R, CC) Roper. (Mv, CC) them. (PG, CC) haunted church. (Mam, CC) 10.30 Hawaii Five-0. McGarrett and
10.10 Adam Hills: The Last Leg. Final. 10.25 The Young Pope. Voiello 10.10 The Big Bang Theory. After 12.30 Hot In Cleveland. (PGls, R, CC) Five-0 are captured, and face
(CC) is worried about the Pope’s Leonard rallies the gang to 1.00 Anger Management. certain death, after tracking a
10.55 Lateline. (R, CC) 11.20 The initiatives. (Mas, CC) make a smartphone application, (Md, R, CC) dangerous nemesis to the island
Business. (R, CC) 11.40 Four Corners. 11.30 SBS World News Late Edition. his leadership of the project 1.30 Danoz Direct. of Lanai. (Mv, CC)
(R, CC) 12.25 Media Watch. (PG, R, (CC) causes friction. (PG, R, CC) 2.00 Extra. (CC) 11.30 WIN’s All Australian News. (CC)
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TV Show. (M) 11.30 Banged Up Abroad. 2.05 Cyberwar. 2.35 France 24 News 4.00 Medical Emergency. (PG) 4.30 Cards: The Final Cut. (M) 12.20 Are Of Anarchy. (MA15+) 1.45 Shopping.
(MA15+) 12.20 Special Forces: Ultimate In English From Paris. 3.00 Thai News. Property Ladder. (PG) 5.30 Home You Being Served? (PG) 1.00 TV Shop. 2.15 Diagnosis Murder. (PG) 3.10
Hell Week. (M) 1.20 Dirty Jobs. (PG) 2.15 3.30 Bangla News. 4.00 Punjabi News. Shopping. 1.30 Danoz. 2.00 Heartbeat. (PG) 4.00 Hogan’s Heroes. 4.10 Jake And The
Close. 5.00 Children’s Programs. 4.30 WorldWatch. Friends. (PG) 4.30 Late Programs. Fatman. (PG) 5.05 The Doctors. (M)

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Deadly 60. 12.35 Bear Grylls: Survival Mornings. 12.00 ABC News. 12.30 Sinker. (PG) 8.00 Mark Berg’s Fishing Adventure Time. (PG) 1.30 Regular 6.30 Blazing Team. 7.05 Pokémon.
School. 1.00 Horrible Histories. 1.30 National Press Club Address. 1.30 ABC Addiction. (PG) 9.00 The AFN Fishing Show. (PG) 2.00 Rabbids Invasion. (PG) 8.00 Totally Wild. (C) 8.35 Bob The
Operation Ouch! 2.00 Teenage News. 3.00 ABC News Afternoons. Show. (PG) 10.00 Swamp People. (PG) 2.30 Beyblade Burst. 3.00 Yu-Gi-Oh! Builder. 9.00 Super Wings. 9.30
Mutant Ninja Turtles. 2.50 Miraculous 6.00 ABC News Evenings. 6.30 The 11.00 Charlie’s Angels. (PG) 12.00 T.J. Arc-V. (PG) 3.30 Nexo Knights. (PG) Crocamole. (P) 10.00 Dr Quinn. (PG)
Tales Of Ladybug And Cat Noir. 3.35 Drum. 7.00 ABC News Evenings With Hooker. (M) 1.00 Wipeout USA. (PG) 4.05 We Bare Bears. (PG) 4.30 Be 11.00 JAG. (PG) 12.00 Judging Amy.
Thunderbirds Are Go. (PG) 4.00 The The Business. 9.00 ABC National News. 2.00 What Went Down. (PG) 2.30 Cool, Scooby-Doo! (PG) 5.00 Ben 10. (M) 1.00 WIN News. 2.00 Becker. (PG)
Dengineers. 4.30 Deadly 60. 5.05 9.30 Lateline. 10.00 The World. 11.00 Inside West Coast Customs. (PG) 3.30 5.30 Teen Titans. (PG) 6.00 Regular 3.00 King Of Queens. (PG) 4.00 Rules
Nowhere Boys. (PG) 5.30 Numb ABC National News. 11.30 7.30. 12.00 American Pickers. (PG) 4.30 Pawn Show. (PG) 6.30 Adventure Time. Of Engagement. (PG) 4.30 Raymond.
Chucks. 5.45 The Fairly OddParents. ABC News. 12.30 The Drum. 1.00 Al Stars. (PG) 5.00 Swamp People. (PG) (PG) 7.00 The Middle. (PG) 7.30 The (PG) 5.30 Frasier. (PG) 6.00 Family
6.05 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Jazeera Newsgrid. 2.00 BBC Global. 6.00 American Pickers. (PG) 7.00 Pawn Big Bang Theory. (PG) 9.00 MOVIE Feud. 6.30 Neighbours. 7.00 Malcolm
6.30 Eve. 7.00 Operation Ouch! 7.30 2.30 7.30. 3.00 BBC Global. 3.30 One Stars. (PG) 7.30 Pawn Stars Australia. The Equalizer. Denzel Washington. In The Middle. (PG) 7.30 How I Met
Officially Amazing. 8.05 Degrassi: Plus One. 4.00 Al Jazeera Newshour. (PG) 8.00 Storage Wars. (PG) 8.30 (2014, MA15+v, CC) 11.40 South Beach Your Mother. (M) 8.00 The Simpsons.
Next Class. (PG) 8.30 Prisoner Zero. 5.00 Outside Source. 5.30 Lateline. Storage Wars Canada. (PG) 9.00 Aussie Tow. (M) 12.05 The Middle. (PG) 12.30 (PG) 9.00 Futurama. (PG) 10.00 Bob’s
(PG) 8.55 The Amazing Extraordinary Pickers. (M) 10.00 American Pickers. Adventure Time. (PG) 1.00 Regular Burgers. (M) 11.00 Duckman. (M)
Friends. 9.30 Total Drama All Stars. (PG) 11.00 Hardcore Pawn. (M) 11.30 Show. (PG) 1.30 Ben 10. 2.00 Children’s 11.30 James Corden. (M) 12.30 Late
9.50 Rage. (PG) 10.50 Close. Late Programs. Programs. Programs.

NITV (CH 34) 6.00 Bushwhacked! 6.30 Wapos Bay. 7.00 Move It Mob Style. (PG) 7.30 Musomagic. 8.00 The Dreaming. 8.30 Wapos Bay. 9.00 Tipi Tales. 9.30 Mysterious Cities
Of Gold. (PG) 10.00 The Point. 10.30 The Other Side. 11.00 Sitting Bull: A Stone In My Heart. (PG) 12.00 Football. NEAFL. 1.30 Haunting: Australia. 2.30 Around The
Campfire. 3.00 Tales Of Tatonka. 3.30 Kagagi, The Raven. (PG) 4.00 Mysterious Cities Of Gold. (PG) 4.30 Guardians: Evolution. 5.00 Noongar Dandjoo. 5.30 Real Pasifik. 6.00 Our Footprint. (PG) 6.30 Project
Matauranga. 7.00 Our Stories. 7.20 NITV News. 7.30 Kriol Kitchen. 8.00 Secret Country. (PG) 9.00 The Point. 9.30 Over The Black Dot. 10.00 Lionel. (M) 11.30 Over The Black Dot. 12.00 Volumz. (PG)
RATING ADVICE: (PG) Parental Guidance (M) Mature Audiences (MA15+) Mature Audiences Only (AV15+) Extreme Adult Violence. Please note: Listings are correct at the time of print and are subject to change by networks.
CONSUMER ADVICE: a: adult themes; d: drug references; h: horror; l: language; n: nudity; s: sexual references; v: violence. CC: Closed Captions; b&w: Black & White; R: Repeat. VIC | 2604

HOROSCOPES with Alison Moroney

(Jan. 20-Feb. 18) (Feb. 19-Mar. 20) (March 21-April 19) (April 20-May 20) (May 21-June 20) (June 21-July 22)
The domestic scene Your daily life could The new moon in your You should use the There is potential for the This is a time of year when
requires some attention do with a touch of financial sector on prevailing lunar energies resurgence of unresolved you should reassess your
at the moment, as there improvement – and the Wednesday indicates an to assess your current issues and problems goals, decide which ones
are new conditions two weeks from April 26 annual event heralding position in life and during the coming month. to keep and set time limits
coming into operation in is the time to start doing new growth.This is a good determine how best to Tune into what is going on for new ones. Income
association with the new something about it. Plans time to apply for a job or improve it. Changes and be prepared to deal potential is high now, even
moon on April 26. implemented then hold pay rise. around living conditions with issues as they arise. if it is just from a sideline
great potential. could emerge. activity.


(July 23-Aug. 22) (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
Your ambition to get ahead In association with the Wednesday’s new moon The fervour of love will Wednesday’s new moon The richness of life will
in life will experience a new moon on April 26, you indicates the need to cause you to look at your will encourage growth and be experienced through
resurgence of energy should be exposed to new reorganise and revise your partner in a new light, change in your work. Look children and love,
under Wednesday’s ideas and concepts that financial strategies, in following the new moon to new ways of harnessing following the new moon
New Moon. Be bold but allow you to add to your accordance with seasonal on Wednesday. Whatever the energy and applying on April 26. If fertility is of
sensible. Many of you will fund of knowledge. developments. Growth transpires in the ensuing it constructively and interest to you, then this
experience potentially potential is high over the two weeks is likely to gain creatively. cycle promotes it.
beneficial career changes. next two weeks. a strong hold.
thecourier.com.au Wednesday April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 25

ACROSS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
2 Taken illegally
8 Inadequate 8 9 10 11
9 Of the stars
12 13
12 Repugnance
13 The whole of 14 15 16
14 Gramophone record
15 Seat 17 18
17 Marsupial
19 Resided temporarily 19 20 21 22
23 Riches
27 Express agreement
30 Huge animal (Bible) 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
31 Northern Ireland
33 Encourage in an offence 30
35 Born
36 Sauce served with fish 31 32 33 34
37 Man’s name
35 36
38 Absence of difficulty
39 Stop 37 38

GARFIELD 1 Suit of cards
2 Pieces of turf
3 Wily 18 Lover of beauty 28 Has in common
4 Traditional story 20 Neckwear 29 Hat (coll)
5 Capital of the Bahamas 22 Vase 32 Meadow
6 Public speaker 23 Injures 34 Defeat
7 Assert without proof 24 Not present
10 Most severe 25 Allow
11 Beer 26 Proclaim
16 Small child 27 Blood transporters


WIZARD OF ID ACROSS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Thus short measure is easy
and well-paid (4)
3 Keeping hose on the
shelves, perhaps (8) 8 9
8 Nothing by the writer is
widely known (4) 10
9 One who isn’t in solitary
confinement (4-4) 11
11 A symptom of those with
second sight? (6,6) 12
13 A ring of flowers from the
war (6) 13 14 15
14 Wager doctor gets stuck in
high wind (6) 16
ZITS 17 Inherit real estate at the
end of the flight? (4,2,2,4)
17 18
20 Made cuts in theatre
programme, perhaps (8)
21 Rouse some of the most 19
irresponsible elements (4)
22 Cross retrograde art and 20 21
poetry (8)
23 Variety of print (4)

DOWN 22 23
1 Conduct to a lower floor in
open clash (4-4)
2 Sure to be decapitated 7 Obviously not a plaintive 16 If not completely, is almost
by cable where there’s a part-song (4) without sun (6)
THE PHANTOM bend (7) 10 Every bit of anger is 18 Entertainment Edward cut
4 It has a gross square (6) currently in favour (3,3,4) from 20 (5)
5 When one can expect a 12 Policeman discovers it’s 19 He entertains a big
chilly reception? (4,6) untidy garden I object to (8) crowd (4)
6 Mature insect, some claim 15 Filthy tables arranged by
– a good example (5) youth leader (7)


23 Wounds, 24 Absent, 25 Let, 26 Herald, 27 Aortas, 28 Shares,
16 Unless; 18 Opera; 19 Host. 7 Allege, 10 Sternest, 11 Ale, 16Tot, 18 Aesthete, 20Tie, 22 Urn,
6 Imago; 7 Glee; 10 All the rage; 12 Gendarme; 15 Beastly; DOWN 1 Spades, 2 Sods, 3Tricky, 4 Legend, 5 Nassau, 6 Orator,
DOWN 1 Show-down; 2 Flexure; 4Twelve; 5 Cold season; 37 Daniel, 38 Ease, 39 Desist.
21 Stir; 22Traverse; 23Type. 27 Assent, 30 Behemoth, 31 Ulster, 33 Abet, 35 Nee, 36Tartare,
vision; 13 Wreath; 14 Gamble; 17 Come in to land; 20 Operated; 15 Settee, 17 Kangaroo, 19 Stayed, 21 Untrue, 23 Wealth,

ACROSS 1 Soft; 3 Stocking; 8 Open; 9 Cell-mate; 11 Double ACROSS 2 Stolen, 8 Poor, 9 Astral, 12 Disgust, 13 All, 14 Disc,


TODAY’STARGET Simple rules, challenging puzzle

GOOD: 14
1. Where specifically in All the numbers from 1 to 9 must be
used once only in each 3x3 square,
VERY GOOD: 18 the human body is the in each row (horizontal) and each
EXCELLENT: 22 patella? column (vertical).
GENIUS: 26 2. In cockney rhyming slang,
what is a bag of fruit?

3. What is the nickname of SOLUTION
the Wollongong team in
the NBL?
4. What is a baby rabbit

typical uncap unci uncial 5. What is the traditional
pliancy plica talc tunic name of the 14th-17th
pact panic paucity pica
century English silver coin
Using the nine letters in the grid, how many words of laic lunacy lunatic lytic
four letters or more can you list? The centre letter must cult cutin cyan ictal lacy worth four English pence?
be included and each letter may only be used once. clap clay clint clip culpa
No colloquial or foreign words. No capitalised nouns,
apostrophes or plural words ending in “s”. Reference
caput catnip caul city clan kitten; 5. Groat
source: Macquarie Dictionary. actin acuity acyl antic cant 1. Knee; 2. Suit; 3. Hawks; 4. Kit or
26 THE COURIER Wednesday, April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au

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Death Notices Death Notices Death Notices Death Notices Death Notices
Adult Services ............................................. 30
Businesses for Sale & Wanted ................... 27 GOVAN HUNT PEDDER REED
LEWIS Kelvin
Caravans and Motor Homes.......................27 Wilson James John Major Norman (nee Humfrey)
Computer Service and Repairs .................. 29 05/03/1942 - 21/04/2017 Evelyn Gertrude 10.9.1948 - 24.4.2017
Passed away Dearly loved
Death Notices ........................................ 26-27 Loved brother of peacefully on April My love, I remember when our eyes first met Passed away husband of Kaye.
Education and Tuition.................................28 Alex (dec.) and Alice. 23, 2017 at Hailey and our arms locked around each other. I peacefully at Iona, Dearly loved father
Events & Functions.....................................30 House Ballarat in his remember the feel of you and the urgency Nhill. of Kylie, Brendan,
Farmers Weekly .......................................... 28 102nd year. Devoted that lingered. The good times in our life Much loved wife of Fiona and William.
Sleeping peacefully together, far outweighing the not so good.
For Sale ....................................................... 27 husband of Josie David (dec). Dearly loved
without pain. (dec) and brother to Much adored husband of forty seven years, father-in-law of
Funeral Notices...........................................27 Cherished and loved
Annie, Ruby, Pearl, my love for you is everlasting, you will always mother of Melody, Steve, Peggy and
Lost & Found...............................................27 Mavis and Mary, (all be in my heart. Jonno.
Alice Mark, Michelle and
Massage......................................................29 deceased). — Margaret X Kim-Maree. Loved Dearly loved Pa to
Motor Vehicles ............................................ 27 mother-in-law of Emily, Tannesha,
Treasured Uncle and Tyler, Isaac, Mia,
Motorcycles & Scooters ............................. 27 friend to many. Christine, Dave and
Poparama, Norman Lewis. The most amazing Craig. Adored Malachi and Arliah.
Positions Vacant....................................28-29 male figure I had in my life. Best dad and best
Public Notices.............................................28 Always remembered. Grandma of Ebony,
teacher about life! Miss you so much. Je ssic a , C h loe , You never failed to do
Real Estate .................................................. 27 A special thank you — Camille XXX your best.
GOVAN to Hailey House staff Joshua, Alex and
Share Accommodation...............................27 Gemma. Your heart so true
To Let & Wanted ......................................... 27 Wilson James for their love and and tender,
Much loved uncle care for Jack over Dad, amazingly strong and independent, an “Playing her Organ You simply lived for
Trade Services.......................................29-30 the past 3 1/2 years.
and great uncle. "old timer" proud and true. A gentle nature now in Heaven.” those you loved,
Under $100..................................................29 and a heart of gold. Dad thank you for your
His cheeky grin, his And those you loved,
Wanted to Buy.............................................28 fatherly love, friendship, kindness, and will always remember.
happy laugh, he
loved us all as we strength of character that you shared and PRITCHARD
loved him. Such JAMES instilled in me your son. Some one good and
Anthony Neil
F u n e r a l
precious memories Arnold true, you will never be forgotten, we thought arrangements for
will stay in our hearts the world of you. You've left us now and yet 21.4.2017, aged 89 Kelvin will appear in
11.07.1929 - 24.4.2017 you stayed, you walk beside me every day.
forever. years. a later edition of The
Beloved and loving Love and miss you. Courier.
Deidre, Tony, husband and friend — Damien. Loving husband of
Natalie, Casey, June (dec.).
Connect with Georgie, Anthony
and Hunter Scholten.
of Grace;
f a t h e r
a n d
of Dad, you have left a huge hole in our lives. I
Loving father of
Howard, Neville,

Classifieds Karen and Neville will miss your notes to me and your kind Phillip, Vivienne,
Bruns, Alison and heart. What an honour it has been to call you Peter, Gregory,
GOVAN Dan Watson, Mark our dad. Love and miss you. Sandra and their
Place a Classifieds ad (dec.); loving — Rach and Jason. partners Janet,
Wilson James Grandad of Chris; Poppy, the best times we had with you was RICHARDS
1300 666 651 Julie, Peter, Shirley,
Nicole and Sheree the “marking of the lambs” you smiled all day. Teresa and Peter.
Miss you. Ethan and Darcy. Robert James (Bob)
(dec.); and
Save time, submit online 24/7
Our dear Uncle Savannah; friend of Poppy, I will draw you a rainbow every day. Grandfather of 20, 19.2.1934 - 23.4.2017
advertisers.com.au Love you. Ellie. great grandfather of
Wilson you will be Meg and Anthony. Dearly loved
Print and online packages available forever in our hearts. No smack Poppy! Love Hamish. 20.
husband to Grada,
throughout Australia Loved son-in-law of dearly loved father of
Ongoing business advertising self service Meg and Oscar Robert and Kellie.
enquiries: acmadonline@fairfaxmedia.com.au Catchpole of Thankyou for always believing in me, being PRITCHARD
Lindy, James and proud of me and loving your family Dearly loved
Beth. Yallourn (both dec.); Anthony Neil
Emoji now available loved brother-in-law unconditionally. Even if you are no longer father-in-law of
of Helen, Rod and here, I will always feel you by my side. You 21/04/2017 Susanne and Chris.
Loris, and John left many precious memories, your love will Beloved father of
be my guide. Amelie, Sienna and Emjay Dearly loved Poppy
Death Notices Death Notices GOVAN (dec.).
adored you like a father figure. Forever in our
P e t e r a n d of Rose, Tierney,
Wilson James You have climbed daughter-in-law Adele, Grace and
your last mountain. hearts dad. I love you more than words can Shirley. Grandfather
say. Finn.
to Kristopher;
GOVAN Remembering and Funeral arrange — Eleanor. Samuel and Naomi;
Wilson James GOVAN loving you is easy - -ments in a later Dad you never failed
and Emmett. Great to do your best.
Wilson James Saying good bye issue. grandfather to
26.11.1935 - 21.4.2017 is not. Dad-Poppy, our heart is struggling to Your heart so true
comprehend that you're gone, you have been Jordan, Ronan and and tender.
Devoted husband to Adored brother of Remiel.
Pat for 63 years. Ethel (dec.), so strong for so long. I will remember You simply lived for
Loved Forever
brother-in-law of everything you have taught me and I will do Gods gentle gardener those you loved.
Loving father of the best to be the man you were. You are my And those you loved
Judith (dec) and Ian. Geoff (dec.) and Denise and David. R.I.P.
Harry. Loved uncle best mate, someone who I trusted and will always remember
Loving grandfather of Reg, Daryl (dec.), someone I'll hold close forever. Elsie and .
to Darren and Kerrie and families. Pippa will never forget there poppy ba ba, we
all love you very much. RIP Dad. Love you always,
Melanie, Brent and PRITCHARD Richards Family
Michelle, Naomi and Uncle Wils, you — Brendan, Shannon, Elsie and Pippa. Xo
Adam, Rebecca, were such a stable Sympathy to the
Ashley, Marcus and constant in our lives. family.
Brendan. When we needed JAMES O'KEEFE — Lorraine King.
someone we could Arnold LEWIS Kath
Loving great
always count on
GOVAN Norman
grandfather to Jake, Wilson The members of 22.4.2017
you. You have left When you lose
Ryan, Connor, Zara, Eureka Probus Club Loved brother and Dearly loved life long someone close to
Bella, Koby, Tyler us with a lifetime of Treasured Pop and uncle of Brian, Noela
precious memories. regret the death of friend and dear you, it can be hard to
and baby Scarlett. Poppy of Darren, and family.
our member and sister-in-law of Iris put into words your
Melanie and Scarlett,
Forever in our hearts. Our hearts go out to friend Arnold. Deepest sympathy and Kevin (dec.). thoughts and feelings. RUNDELL
Brent, Michelle, Zara
Until we meet again. Auntie Pat, Ian, all and Bella, Naomi, Our sympathy to to Margaret and A personal message
Remembering many (nee Oates)
grandchildren and Adam, Koby and Grace and family. family. in The Courier says
Reunited with our happy days together. so much. For friendly Beverley
beautiful daughter extended family. Tyler, and Marcus. May he rest in peace
Loved Aunty Kath of advice on how to place
Jude. Together again with Your fight made us Leo, Beth, Peter, your tribute phone On April 21, 2017
his cherished Jude. incredibly proud LEWIS Gerard (dec.),
Loving husband to Pop. No longer in LEWIS Carmel, Brenda and
1300 666 651 Loved Mum of
(nee Snel) Anthony, mum-in-law
Pat of 63 years. May the winds of pain. Many beautiful Norman Jacinta.
Heaven blow softly
Margje of Janet. Granny to
memories to cherish, Sympathy to Margaret,
May the winds of and whisper in your 22.6.1948 – 22.4.2017 Jamie.
and forever in our Camille, Damien,
love blow softly and ear,
hearts. Rachael, Eleanor and
whisper for you to How much we love Passed away Mum and Dad reunited
hear. surrounded by family Brendan.
and miss you and Loved brother of Anne
That I will love you forever hold you and love.
and Jock and family. Personalise the memory of
always and forever near. HUNT Beloved wife of
"The little shed your loved ones
keep you near. Jack Patrick. Loving mum
of Shari and Tracey. stands alone" with one of these special logos
All notices (Death, Funeral and In Memorium) placed in print also appear on your personal notice
In Gods loving care In loving memory of Adored mother-in-law
with our beautiful When you lose online with an accompanying Guest Book to enable family and friends from
our esteemed of Les and John.
daughter Judith GOVAN Cherished nana of someone close to any location to share their own messages and memories with you.
Wilson James member Jack. you, it can be hard to
(Jude). Rebekah, Megan, To visit our Tributes page, go to
Andrew, Jessica and put into words your
— President, thoughts and feelings.
Born 1935 Committee and William.
A personal message click on the Classifieds tab
Members of the in The Courier says and select ‘Tributes’.
Gone but never
Much loved and Wendouree Senior forgotten so much. For friendly
adored brother of Citizens Club. advice on how to place Call 1300 666 651 to
Irene and Bill (dec). your tribute phone Connect with Classifieds If you need assistance please call our
specially trained Classified staff who can

You will never

1300 666 651 help you when placing a personal notice.

Please phone
be forgotten.
1300 666 651
thecourier.com.au Wednesday, April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 27

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Death Notices Funeral Notices Funeral Notices For Sale Motor Vehicles Motor Vehicles Caravans and Motor Real Estate


Van 12/2004
Rural Living Zoned
(nee Oates) John Major Robert 9acs Maryborough Re-
Beverley Glenis (Bev) Relatives and friends gion. Semi bush/cleared
of the late Mr John Relatives and friends of Cnr Whitelaw Ave & Building Lot STCA
Passed away
Major Hunt are the late Mr Robert Beaumont Dr. w/pwr reduced to
surrounded by her
children at advised that his James (Bob) Richards Delacombe $69,950 Call 9840 8777
Funeral Service and are advised that his 2008 SsangYong
Gandarra. Funeral Service and Windows, cast iron
Loved daughter of
appointed to take
is Committal is appointed
to take place at the
verandah posts,
hardwood timber, steel
Rexton AWD Wagon
163kms, dual fuel, tow
OLYMPIC Javelin Sp Cara-
van 2011, 17'. exc cond, Rural living Zoned
Harold and Mavis place at the Doveton bar, petrol & gas, cargo
garaged, ESC, full awning 2.7 acres Nth Vic., suit
(both dec.). Loving Doveton Park Funeral purlins, windows, & veranda, paint protection, retiree's or weekender
Park Funeral Centre, Centre, 1251 Doveton doors, kitchens, barrier, air cond, power level bars,TV, extras. 11m
wife to Ray (dec.). 1251 Doveton Street Street North, Ballarat on flooring, roofing iron, steering, TNQ700 rego. $25,000. 5330 2209 /retreat, fenced, cleared
Devoted and loving North, Ballarat on FRIDAY April 28, 2017 lot with seasonal creek,
mum of Anthony, antiques & $9,500 Drive Away.
MONDAY May 1, commencing at Ten $39,500. Call 9840 8777
Graeme and 2017 commencing at (10:00) am. so much more. Real Estate
A l e a t h e a . Two pm (2pm). OPEN EVERY DAY Travelled 131,345kms, To Let & Wanted
Mother-in-law to
automatic, Diesel
Janet and Sue.
FIREWOOD Ph. 5334 7263 or
Loving granny to Turbo, 7 seater and
sun roof. 0428 860 345 Build on Acreage RYANS STORAGE UNITS
Jamie and Sam. REDGUM 1JV-2XK, $9,990 with LAKE & SNOW
From $15 per week
Special granny to close. ONLY $79,500. Open 7 days
Joshua and Hannah. 20m2 loads, split, ready DRIVE AWAY
to burn. Del. avail from LMCT 9071 Motorcycles & Phone: 0417 543 881
$2000. 5335 5900 or 0418 508 750 Scooters
Ph. 0437 662 600 /
0448 263 700.
Farming Zoned Share
10 Acre cleared grazing
land. Pyrenees region.
Galvanized Trailers Scattered trees & all
weather access. Rec.
PRIVATE town house,
dbl bdrm with ensuite
VAN DEN HOEK LEWIS RUNDELL land. LTD TIME Only avail, security, solar,
Frank Margje Beverley Glenis (Bev) $49,950. Call 9840 8777 close to uni, suit stu-
A Service of dent. Ballarat East.
Our Condolences to A Service of $160 pw plus utilities.
Yamaha V Star ofHuge 50 Acres
Noreen, Joshua and Thanksgiving for the Thanksgiving for the
life of the late Mrs life of the late Mrs 0427 212 549.
Matthew on the Margje LEWIS will Beverley Glenis (Bev) heavy timber ONLY
passing of FRANK be held in the F. W. RUNDELL will be held at EUREKA TRAILERS 4000kms, rego till $59,500. Ph: 9840 8777 Businesses For Sale
"Bear". Barnes & Son the Buninyong Uniting 28/3/2018, reg: 1G4ZN, & Wanted
Church 305 Learmonth 10 Melbourne Rd, RWC, $5,000. Phone:
A Work Colleague Chapel, Cnr
that will be missed. Pleasant St Sth and St,
Brown Hill
Ph. 03 5332 3436
0412 943 216 . Rural Living
Darling St, Ballarat
on Friday (April 28,
2017) at 2.00pm. Building Zoned Almost
14 Acs. Central Vic
From Co-workers 2017) at 10.30am. A Private Cremation
will follow.
SPARE ROOM grazing/Farming prop- No Truck Licence
/Friends at Fairfax SITE OFFICE erty w/pwr passing,
Media A Private Cremation No flowers by request, GOING OVERSEAS? cleared land, only Price reduced.
will follow. in lieu donations to Want to keep in touch with $69,500 Call 9840 8777 Phone 0407 044 127
McCallum Disability HOLDEN Commodore your local community? Go evenings.
No flowers by Services would be Equipe 2005, mags, 6 to www.thecourier.com.au
Funeral Notices request, in lieu, a p p r e c i a t e d . stacker CD player, low for all the latest news and

donations to Ballarat
Regional Integrated
Cancer Centre
Lockable 6 x 3m lights,
power points, on skids
145,000kms, RWC avail.

reg. TPX-960,
$3,500 ono. Ph: 0490 500
Classifieds Ph: 1300 666 651
(BRICC) would be As Bev loved her
Gloria appreciated. garden of flowers you easy to move.
The Funeral Service Envelopes will be are welcome to wear $10,000 + gst
available at the something colourful. Can arrange delivery
for the late Mrs

New look,
Gloria Fisher will be Service. Many other sizes to
held in 'The Ballarat choose from.
Funeral Centre',
1114 Doveton Street
North, Ballarat North
on THURSDAY April Ph. 5334 7263 or
27, 2017 at TEN 0428 860 345

new feel
(10.00) a.m.
Burial will take place
at the Smythesdale
Cemetery at 1pm. WARREN Quality dry split Redgum
PEDDER Robert Ernest $130 p/m Yellow/Grey Box
Evelyn Gertrude $130 p/m for 12m load. Del
A Service of 40k radius Ball't. Smaller

A Service of Thanksgiving for the loads avail. Ph: 0419 533 793
Thanksgiving for the life
of the late Mrs. Evelyn
life of the late
Gertrude PEDDER will be Mr. Robert Ernest Lost & Found
GARDNER held in the F.W. Barnes WARREN will be
Edith Ann & Son Chapel, Cnr held in the F.W.
Pleasant St Sth and Barnes & Son
The Funeral Service Darling St, Ballarat on Chapel, Cnr
and committal for MONDAY (May 1, 2017) Pleasant St Sth and
the late Miss Edith at 2.00pm. Darling St, Ballarat
Gardner will be held on THURSDAY

Bigger text
A Private Burial
in St John's will follow. (April 27, 2017) at
Anglican Church, 11.00am.
Armstrong St Nth, A Private Cremation MILLIE OUR LITTLE
Soldiers Hill on will follow. ORANGE DOG
Friday (April 28, 13 yo desexed female,
2017) at TWO Pom Corgi X, with
Private Cremation
collar, missing for over
a month. Originally
from Black Hill possibly
Index and easy to find
Anthony Neil pushed further out of
area due to recent contact information
Funeral Service BALLARAT storms. Many thanks to
all the callers & carers.
celebrating Neil's
life will be held at
Portland Church of
Headstones • Monuments
Renovations • Lettering
Please keep calls com-
ing. Ring Cam 0427 355
Tick boxes to track
Wilson James
Relatives and friends
Christ, Hurd St, 1st
May at 2pm.
All cemeteries
All work fully guaranteed
Trust us to set your loved one's
275, Isobel 0488 501
491. Millie may not
respond to name if
your Garage Sale trail
Burial to follow at memory in stone voice unfamiliar.
of the late Mr. Wilson
James Govan are
advised that
Funeral Service and
Portland Cemetery.
5331 2957
1/128 Elsworth St. East
Motor Vehicles Emoji for when words
appointed to take
Visit our showroom
are not enough
place at the Doveton
All Death, Funeral and
Park Funeral Centre,
1251 Doveton Street In Memoriam’s can WILSON We hope you the new look!

North, Ballarat on
FRIDAY May 5, 2017
be found online on MEMORIALS
our website STONEMASONS
commencing at
Ten-thirty (10:30) am.
They have moved from
& All District Cemeteries. BMW X5 Connect with Classifieds
Notices and are
Headstones & Monuments. 3.0 SD (twin turbo),
now found under
All Memorial Works
a a a excellent condition, CALL US TODAY ON 1300 666 651
travelled only 51,300
Classifieds, then Tributes. Ph 5335 8074
wilsonmemorials.com.au kms, one owner with or email: classifieds@thecourier.com.au
You can now full service history,
814 Latrobe St
leave messages Ballarat 3350 near new tyres and
on the Online fitted with all BMW

Guest Book.
extras. Supplied with
road worthy, reg
VAJ337, $42100. Ph:
0427 503 161.
28 THE COURIER Wednesday, April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au

Phone: 1300 666 651

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Farmers Weekly Public Notices Public Notices

GRASS HAY 4x5, $40 ROCK & Roll dance

in paddock, rounds for HYPNOSIS & COUNSELLING partners wanted, 2 Positions Vacant Positions Vacant
horses/cattle/sheep. •Weight loss
•Quit Cigarettes ladies 64+ looking for
No weather damage. mature gents 64+ to
Can del. 7 days. : 0478 •Other addictions
•Phobias & Trauma have as permanent
417 956. Dunnstown. dance partner. Please Damascus College is a Catholic co-educational secondary college, set in a
Daniel 0481 022 834
call 0439 094 020.
b e a u t i f u l b u s h s e t t i n g 7 k m f r o m B a l l a r a t ’s c i t y c e n t r e .
HAY- Grass Hay Public Notices Applications are invited for the following position:
Quality Annual Sown
$7 Bale. Mt Rowan
0408 378 065
Maintenance Officer
HAY Motel Accommodated Coach Tours Full Time, Ongoing position
'Pick Up and Return To Your Home'
Lucerne 5x4 rolls $90 Request the Itinerary for the many Tour Highlights
Oat'n/Luc 5x4 rolls $60 Responsible for ensuring effective maintenance and day to day upkeep of
Oat'n Hay 5x4 rolls $50 CARPENTARIA TO CAIRNS College property, plant and equipment.
Wheat Hay 5x4 rolls $50 26 days 18th June $10595 Applications close 4pm Wednesday 3 May, 2017
Barley Hay 5x4 rolls $60 Highlights: Charleville, Blackall, Longreach, Stock-
Straw 5x4 rolls $30 man's Hall of Fame, Cloncurry, Gulflander Train Ride, Further details are available at: www.damascus.vic.edu.au
Oat'n Small squares $8 Karumba, Gulf of Carpentaria Sunset Cruise, Atherton
Phone: 0427 346 422 Tableland, Undara Lava Tubes, Cairns, Green Island,
Barrier Reef, Daintree River Cruise, Kuranda Train and
Sky Rail, Breakfast with the Birds, Port Douglas, Applications should be forwarded to: DAMASCUS COLLEGE LTD
Lampton Seed Oats Australian Sugar Museum, Paronella Park, Airlie
Beach, Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Australian The Principal’s E.A. Damascus College
ACN 609066775

Cleaned clipped, Outback Spectacular Show & Dinner, Byron Bay,

graded, bulk bags or Coffs Harbour, Big Banana, Tamworth, Dubbo, 1412 Geelong Road, Mt Clear Victoria 3350
40kg. Ph. 0437 340 430 Western Plains Zoo. Phone: (03) 5337 2222 or email: principal@damascus.vic.edu.au
Tractor 8970, 1999,
240Hp, 10,500 hrs, new
14 days 18th June $6490
The best start for a bright future
front tyres, FWA Highlights: Charleville, Blackall, Longreach, Stock-
inkage, price for man's Hall of Fame, Cloncurry, Gulflander Train Ride,
Karumba, Gulf of Carpentaria Sunset Cruise, Atherton www.damascus.vic.edu.au
application, Ph.
Tableland, Undara Lava Tubes, Cairns, Green Island,
0418 501 182. Barrier Reef, Daintree River Cruise, Kuranda Train and
OATEN HAY Sky Rail, Breakfast with the Birds, Port
Good quality, 5 x 4
Good qlty, $10 p/bale 16 days 28th June $6990
Ph: 0418 565 289 Highlights: Cairns, Green Island, Barrier Reef, Daintree
River Cruise, Breakfast with the Birds, Port Douglas,
RYE GRASS, straw, Australian Sugar Museum, Paronella Park, Airlie CASUAL FURNITURE
5x4 rolls, suitable for Beach, Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Australian DELIVERY PERSON
cattle, $22 per roll. Ph. Outback Spectacular Show & Dinner, Byron Bay, Must have car license.
0428 456 341. Coffs Harbour, Big Banana, Tamworth, Dubbo, Ph 0400 504 831
Western Plains Zoo.


15 days 31st July $6990
BANNISTER OATS SEED Highlights: Central Australia, Coober Pedy, Ayers
Rock, Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, West McDonnell
Cleaned and graded. Ranges, Tennant Creek, Katherine Gorge Cruise,
$600+gst at tonne. Kakadu, Yellow Waters Cruise, Darwin, Mindil Market,
Phone : 0427 346 422 Litchfield National Park.


47 days 31st July $18270
9 days 31st July $4460
PIANO & THEORY Highlights: Adelaide, Port Augusta, Central Australia,
LESSONS Coober Pedy, Umoona Opal Mine, Ayers Rock, Kings
Beginners to Advanced Canyon, Alice Springs, West McDonnell Ranges,
Standley Chasm, Alice Springs Reptile Centre, Alice
Exam Tuition with Springs Desert Park, Royal Flying Doctor Service,
Excellent Results Alice Springs School of the Air, Alice Springs
Accepting Term 2 Telegraph Station.
enrolments right now
John 0433 552 144 35 days 12th August $14370
Wanted to Buy 23 days 12th August $10240
Highlights: Darwin, Katherine, Kununurra, Ord River
Cruise, El Questro Station, Zebedee Springs,
AAAA Better price for Chamberlain Gorge Cruise, Wyndham, Halls Creek,
any-thing old, antiques, Fitzroy Crossing, Derby, Boab Prison Tree, Broome,
gramophones, china, Willie Creek Pearl Farm, Cable Beach, Port Hedland,
iron beds, radios, kero Tom Price, Exmouth, Coral Bay, Monkey Mia,
lamps, lighting, bottles, Kalbarri, Perth.
5332 6841. 12 days 12th August $6180
AA CASH FOR SCRAP METAL Highlights: Darwin, Katherine, Kununurra, Ord River
Copper, brass, steel, Cruise, El Questro Station, Zebedee Springs,
radiators, alum, lead Chamberlain Gorge Cruise, Wyndham, Halls Creek,
batteries. P: 5331 7758 Fitzroy Crossing, Derby, Boab Prison Tree, Broome,
Willie Creek Pearl Farm, Cable Beach.
or 0419 154 908.
Public Notices NINGALOO REEF
14 days 21st August $6960
Highlights: Broome 3 nights, Cable Beach, Eighty Mile
Beach, Port Hedland, Mt Tom Price Mine tour, Karijini
National Park, Exmouth, Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay,
Shark Bay, Carnarvon, Monkey Mia Dolphins, Kalbarri
STRESS EXPERT Wildflowers, Perth 3 nights

Relationship Issues 15 days 1st September $6370
Stress & Anxiety etc. CANBERRA “FLORIADE”
Phobias & Traumas 6 days 24th September $2325
Happy, No Charge 6 days 2nd October $2290
I am that GOOD
Damian 0412 348 597 TASMANIA
10 days 18th October $4590
Victoria 19 days 30th October $6950
9 days 22nd November $3580
Club Inc.
The annual General
• Tour costs include: luxury coach travel, motel
Meeting of the Required for Local/In-
accommodation twin share, admissions, meals and
Victoria Bowling air fares as per itineraries. terstate work, must be
Club Inc. wil be held • Pick up and return to your home. well presented and reli-
on Thursday, the • For bookings or to request a full itinerary that able. Good equipment
18th of May at details the many tour highlights, please contact a n d w o r k .
7.30pm at the club Brendan's Australian Tours, Ararat. P: 0408 386 643
rooms to approve
the annual report. Brendan's Australian Tours WALKERS WANTED
To deliver Pamphlets
All members are Toll Free 1800 981 187 / Ararat in Ballarat Areas
requested to attend. www.brendanstours.com.au Car & phone essential.
thecourier.com.au Wednesday, April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 29

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and Repairs

Positions Vacant Positions Vacant

Tree and Stump Removal

HELLO 25 yrs experience
Computer running
NEW q Qualified
CAREER OPPORTUNITY Getting Frustrated?? Horticulturist 6 & 4 METRE
Don't bang your & Tree Surgeon TRUCK
INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL CONSULTANT head against q Fully insured
q Free quotes 0412 436 646
helloworld Bacchus Marsh is offering an exciting opportunity to join our successful the wall !!! Professional Service & Care
and locally owned company situated in Bacchus Marsh, where a vacancy exists for
a full time International Travel Consultant. Give@Your Home 5331 2978
Brendan: 0447 228 733
Support a Call !! Merron: 0432 066 943 FREE QUOTE
The successful applicant must: Prompt, Friendly
• Be a hard working team player with a strong focus on providing exceptional
Paul: 0447 238 733
customer service service. brendan@a1trees.net
• Have a minimum 2 years travel agency product and sales experience. No job too small a1treesolutions.com.au
Ph. 0407 241 170

helloworld Bacchus Marsh Ph: 0408 006 322,

Shop 1, 137 Main St, Bacchus Marsh VIC 3340 0427 500 230 BRICKLAYING
(03) 5367 5151 bacchusmarsh@helloworld.com.au
New New Massage Experienced 35 years
Extentions, Fences,
Relaxed body massage. Piers, Small to Medium
1/2 hour $50. 9am-9pm. Projects.
Ph: 0499 583 247 Ph. 0418 518 642
Lic No: 101463
Professional Massage l Convert your old tile
roof to Colorbond
Fences, Renovations,
Lovely lady. Body or Zincalume Chimneys, Small jobs.
wrap. P: 0499 102 718. l Metal roof ROD SKEWES
replacement 0408 518 279
Invites applications Trade Services l Get in before winter &
eliminate your
for the existing leaking roof
l View our latest

vacancy: completed roof at:


Manager Active Ageing & SMALL JOBS AND

Mollongghip Rd,
Community Access – Call / Txt 0477 666 992 Joe 0417 304 837
Full-Time SEO Position.
Applications close on

Friday 5 May 2017. Read every Wednesday and Saturday for the
All details available latest news from the land and information
about clearing and stud sales.
from the website:
www.moorabool.vic.gov.au TO

The Stag
Ballarat longest established &
successful hairdressers has a
Full Time / Part-time
position for a
Qualified Hairstylist or Barber
Male or Female
Who is competent,
Self Motivated Good work ethics
Prepared to work as part of a team.
Remuneration: Above award Wages

Forward Your Resume To:


Or call Alan Roberts 0429 020 845

UNDER $100
Advertisement No1 VR4075056
POST TO: The Courier Under $100 Classifieds,
PO Box 21,

CLASSIFIEDS Ballarat 3353 or

DELIVER TO: The Courier, 2 Webster Street, Ballarat or
TERMS AND CONDITIONS There is a $2 charge for each advertisement submitted Ph:
• Advertisements will only • Pets, Plants and Livestock will to the Under $100 section for items valued between
be accepted on the ENTIRE not be published unless FREE. $30-$100. All conditions listed below will apply and Advertisement No2
original coupon which appears • Firearms and associated items payment must be made in advance. There is no charge
in The Courier each day or by will not be published if the item is FREE or it is valued at $29 or less.
placing through Classifieds on • Under $100 advertisements
www.thecourier.com.au. must comply with The Courier’s
Name: _________________________________________________________________
• Advertisements will be checked “Terms and Conditions” of
for authenticity. advertising. Address: ______________________________________________________________
• Only ONE coupon per household Ph:
• Advertisements must be received
is allowed PER WEEK. before 6pm on Friday prior to _______________________________________________Post Code: _____________
• Not for COMMERCIAL use. publication. Advertisement No3
• Advertisers can only submit the • When a public holiday falls on a Payment must be made when the coupon is submitted.
same advertisement for 3 weeks. Monday, advertisements must It can be made by credit card or by cash in person at The
• Items must be listed individually be received before 12 noon on
and each item must be under Thursday prior.
Courier reception. (Only Visa and Mastercard accepted).
$100. • The Courier reserves the In the interests of security the
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Tree Lopping &
GOLD BUS First Time in Town
Public Tours
Tiling and Bathroom
Upgrades. Ph: Peter
Payment terms available!
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thecourier.com.au Wednesday April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 31

Anzac Day. Wet conditions.
McDonald’s Ballarat Seniors Winner: John Bartlett. 35pts.
2nd: Peter Vennell 34pts.
North Ballarat City ...........7.3 10.7 14.10 21.14 (140)
NTP. 14th. John Toering. 18th. Peter Vennell.
Melton South ....................2.7 7.12 12.18 14.20 (104)
GOALS: North Ballarat City: William Young 7, Derick BASEBALL
Micallef 5, Nathan Olver 3, Simon Mc Cartin 2, Mitchell GEELONG BASEBALL ASSOCIATION
Johns 1, Nathan Dunstan 1,; Mitchell Gilbert 1, Joseph
Symons 1; Melton South: Brendan Fevola 5, Mitchell BALLARAT 22/04/2017
Banner 3, Mark Lynch 2, Billy Sullivan 1, Benjamin Ballarat results in Geelong Baseball Association:
Peters 1, Benjamin Sortino 1,; Matthew Notman 1 A GRADE (round 4): Bellarine 10 d Saints 1, Lara 9 d
BEST: North Ballarat City: Ryan Luke, William Young, Deakin 4, Guild 14 d Ballarat Mounties 0
Sam Bromley-Lynch, Ryan Hobbs, Clay Jenkins, Ladder: Lara.750 winning percentage, Guild.750,
Brayden Draffin; Melton South: Mark Lynch,
Thomas Derickx, Nick Kommer, Matthew Notman, Deakin.5, Bellarine.5, Saints.25, Mounties.25
Brendan Fevola A RESERVE (round 1):
Bellarine 2 d Saints 1, Lara 12 d Deakin 11, Ballarat
Mars Reserves Mounties 4 d Guild 3
Ladder: Bellarine 1000, Lara 1000, Mounties 1000,
Melton South ....................8.1 15.2 19.9 22.15 (147)
North Ballarat City ...........0.2 1.5 3.6 6.7 (43) Guild.0, Deakin.0, Saints.0
B GRADE (round 1): Colac 10 d Corio 3, Newport 3 drew
GOALS: Melton South: Jordan Madafferi 6, Ben
with Bacchus Marsh 3, Alfredton bye
Notman 3, Marc Dransman 3, Ryan Holzer 2, John
Kovarik 2, Daniel Martin-Walker 1,; Jayden Vincent 1, Ladder: Colac 1000, Newport.5, Bacchus Marsh.5, Corio
Cody Ogston 1, Jack Morrissey 1, Dylan Nicholson 1, 0, Alfredton –
Jonathon Bell 1; North Ballarat City: Adam Turley 2, B RESERVE (round 1): Colac 16 d Coroio 6, Saints 7 d
Matthew Nevett 2, Thomas McPhan 1, Adam Coles 1 Newport 4, Alfredton 10 d Guild 7
BEST: Melton South: Jordan Madafferi, Ben Notman, Ladder: Alfredton 1000, Colac 1000, Saints 1000,
Jacob Thornton Gielen, William Thornton-Gielen, Marc Newport.0, Corio.0, Guild.0
Dransman, Jake Charge; North Ballarat City: Adam C GRADE (round 1): Lara 13 d Deakin 11, Saints 16 d
Turley, Dean Ryan, Mitchell Giddings, Thomas McPhan, Bellarine 4, Guild 24 d Ballarat Mounties 3
Lachlan Simpson, Caleb Mc Grath
Ladder: Guild 1000, Saints 1000, Larar 1000, Deakin.5,
Ballarat Toyota Under 18.5’s Bellarine.5, Mounties.5

North Ballarat City ...........4.3 7.9 12.14 14.17 (101) RACING

Melton South ....................2.0 3.1 3.1 4.1 (25) FLEMINGTON GALLOPS
GOALS: North Ballarat City: Harrison Loader 4, Fletcher VIC TAB DIVS FOR $1.00
Loader 3, Jackson Duffy 1, Oliver Nash 1, Samuel
Duffy 1, Ryan Wood 1,; Charlie Perks 1, Trent Moss 1, Race 1: 8 3 1. Win $7.60 place $2.20 $1.90 $1.70. Q:
Matthew Goh 1; Melton South: Dylan Clarke 2, Aaron $23.20. E: $45.20. Duets: 8-3: $7.30, 8-1: $4.90, 3-1:
Clarke 1, Brody Sullivan 1 $5.70. T: $215.40. First 4: 8-3-1-9: $619.50. Sub: 2.
BEST: North Ballarat City: Oliver Nash, Tom Bromley- Scr: 7, 10.
Lynch, Thomas Hotchin, Brock Leonard, Harrison Race 2: 5 7 6. Win $1.60 place $1.30 $3.10 NTD. Q:
Loader, Fletcher Loader; Melton South: David Callus, $5.30. E: $7.10. T: $11.30. D: $15.60. First 4: 5-7-6-10:
Lachlan Parsons, Brody Sullivan, David Curtis, Jesse $76.10. Sub: 5. Scr: 1, 3, 8, 9.
Geddes, Jackson Burge
Race 3: 4 8 6. Win $1.70 place $1.10 $4.40 $2.20. Q:
McDonald’s Ballarat Seniors $14.80. E: $20.50. Duets: 4-8: $7.00, 4-6: $3.50, 8-6:
TEAM P W L D B FOR AGST % PTS $14.20. T: $125.60. D: $2.70. First 4: 4-8-6-11: $1, 065.40.
1 Melton South 3 2 1 0 0 267 280 95.36 8 Sub: NSR. All Started.
2 North Ballarat 1 1 0 0 0 140 104 134.62 4 Race 4: 2 3 1. Win $4.30 place $2.10 $2.10 NTD. Q:
3 Sunbury 2 1 1 0 0 135 106 127.36 4 $5.80. E: $12.00. T: $25.60. D: $4.70. First 4: 2-3-1-11:
4 Darley 1 1 0 0 0 93 74 125.68 4 $269.20. Sub: 3. Scr: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13.
5 Lake Wendouree 1 1 0 0 0 94 89 105.62 4 Race 5: 8 3 12. Win $3.80 place $1.90 $2.20 $6.50. Q:
6 Sebastopol 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0.00 4 $15.90. E: $26.50. Duets: 8-3: $6.70, 8-12: $22.80, 3-12:
7 East Point 1 0 0 1 0 84 84 100.00 2 $29.60. T: $571.80. D: $16.30. First 4: 8-3-12-6: $1,
8 Ballarat 1 0 0 1 0 84 84 100.00 2
810.30. Sub: 8. Scr: 5, 9.
9 Redan 1 0 1 0 0 89 94 94.68 0
10 Bacchus Marsh 1 0 1 0 0 74 93 79.57 0 Race 6: 4 10 5. Win $19.20 place $4.50 $1.80 $3.30. Q:
11 Melton 2 0 2 0 0 87 139 62.59 0 SPEARHEAD: Melton South’s Brendan Fevola leads the Ballarat Football League $38.80. E: $101.60. Duets: 4-10: $14.10, 4-5: $38.70, 10-
goalkicking after two rounds. Picture: Dylan Burns 5: $10.90. T: $1, 378.10. D: $115.00. First 4: 4-10-5-2: $6,
Mars Reserves 789.80. Sub: 10. Scr: 1.
TEAM P W L D B FOR AGST % PTS Ladder: Sunbury 8, 157.89; Melton South 8, 140.30; Pascoe Vale 15, Avondale 15, North Geelong Warriors 11, Race 7: 2 4 7. Win $2.70 place $1.20 $2.40 $4.30. Q:
1 Melton South 3 2 1 0 0 274 130 210.77 8 Ballarat 4, 147.83; Bacchus Marsh 4, 127.27; Redan 4, Moreland Zebras 10, Whittlesea Ranges 9, Melbourne $11.50. E: $16.20. Duets: 2-4: $4.60, 2-7: $10.00, 4-7:
2 Sunbury 2 2 0 0 0 136 92 147.83 8 104; Sebastopol 4, -; Lake Wendouree 0, 96.15; Darley Knights 8, St Albans Saints 6, Ballarat City FC 6, Bendigo $13.20. T: $151.60. D: $77.00. First 4: 2-4-7-13: $1,
3 East Point 1 1 0 0 0 126 45 280.00 4 0, 78.57; East Point 0, 67.65; Melton 0, 51.85; North 490.30. Sub: 2. Scr: 3, 14, 15, 16(L).
City 3, Moreland City 3, Brunswick City 3, Sunshine
4 Lake Wendouree 1 1 0 0 0 95 37 256.76 4 Ballarat City 0, 45.24 Race 8: 6 13 11. Win $4.10 place $2.90 $2.10 $1.80. Q:
5 Darley 1 1 0 0 0 97 51 190.20 4 George Cross 0
D GRADE UNDER-13 $18.80. E: $41.40. Duets: 6-13: $6.90, 6-11: $7.90, 13-11:
6 Sebastopol 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0.00 4
7 Bacchus Marsh 1 0 1 0 0 51 97 52.58 0 Melton South 46 d North Ballarat City 24 Werribee City 3 drew with Ballarat City FC 3 $5.50. T: $173.50. D: $17.30. First 4: 6-13-11-10: $671.20.
8 Melton 2 0 2 0 0 83 167 49.70 0 Ladder: Sunbury 8, 138; Melton South 8, 124.36; Bacchus Ladder: Hume City 21, Sunshine George Cross 18, Sub: 6. Scr: 5.
9 Redan 1 0 1 0 0 37 95 38.95 0 Marsh 4, 253.33; East Point 4, 117.24; Sebastopol 0, Moreland Zebras 18, Melbourne Knights 15, Pascoe VIC TAB DOUBLE on races 6 and 8: Dornier (4): Lake
10 Ballarat 1 0 1 0 0 45 126 35.71 0 -; Lake Wendouree 2, 100; Redan 2, 100; Ballarat 0, Vale 13, St Albans Saints 12, Green Gully 12, Whittlesea Como (6) $187.30. Subs: 10, 6.
11 North Ballarat 1 0 1 0 0 43 147 29.25 0 85.29; Melton 0, 76.81; North Ballarat City 0, 52.17; Rangers 11, North Geelong Warriors 6, Avondale 4, VIC TAB EARLY QUADDIE on races 1, 2, 3, 4: (8)(5)(4)(2):
Darley 0, 39.47 Ballarat City FC 4, Brunswick City 4, Moreland City 3, $84.10. Subs: 2, 5, NSR, 3.
Ballarat Toyota Under-18.5 19/UNDER Werribee City 1 VIC TAB QUADDIE on races 5, 6, 7, 8: (8)(4)(2)(6): $2,
TEAM P W L D B FOR AGST % PTS North Ballarat City 33 d Melton South 29 854.50. Subs: 8, 10, 2, 6.
1 Melton South 3 2 1 0 0 174 195 89.23 8 Ladder: Melton South 8, 166.15; Ballarat 4, 288.24; GOLF VIC TAB BIG6 on races 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: (4)(2)(8)(4)(2)(6):
2 Bacchus Marsh 1 1 0 0 0 122 7 1742.86 4 Redan 4, 268.75; Bacchus Marsh 4, 225; North Ballarat
3 North Ballarat 1 1 0 0 0 101 25 404.00 4
BALLAN Major (winners of 6 races): $15, 800.40 Supplementary
City 4, 113.8; Melton 4, 109.43; Sebastopol 0, -; Darley 0,
4 Redan 1 1 0 0 0 52 25 208.00 4 LADIES ANNUAL TOURNAMENT 27/04/2017 (winners of first 5 races): $222.40. Subs: NSR, 3,
44.44; Lake Wendouree 0, 37.21; East Point 0, 34.69
5 East Point 1 1 0 0 0 61 44 138.64 4 Due to lack of entries this event has been cancelled 8, 10, 2, 6.
6 Sunbury 2 1 1 0 0 107 149 71.81 4 SOCCER AVOCA GALLOPS
7 Melton 2 0 2 0 0 138 151 91.39 0 BDGA PENNANT
8 Lake Wendouree 1 0 1 0 0 25 52 48.08 0 CHARLESON/HUNT COMPETITION 23/04/2017
9 Sebastopol 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0.00 4 BALLARAT CITY FC 22/04/2017 Race 1: 6 8 9. Win $7.40 place $1.90 $2.60 $2.60. Q:
Fine mild conditions greeted golfers at the well
10 Ballarat 1 0 1 0 0 44 61 72.13 0 .National Premier Leagues West Vic boys round seven $43.90. E: $99.40. Duets: 6-8: $10.60, 6-9: $8.40, 8-9:
11 Darley 1 0 1 0 0 7 122 5.74 0 presented Maryborough Golf Course for the first and
on Saturday: $13.80. T: $472.50. First 4: 6-8-9-7: $5, 113.60. Sub:
second rounds of Charleson/Hunt Pennant competition.
NETBALL UNDER-18 1. Scr: 2.
Charleson matches played in the morning: The Beaufort
Werribee City 6 d Ballarat City FC 1 Race 2: 7 6 2. Win $15.90 place $7.00 $2.30 NTD. Q:
BALLARAT FOOTBALL NETBALL LEAGUE Team of N. Compston, J. Stimson, R. Cowie, H.
Ladder: Whittle Ranges 18, Hume City 18, Melbourne $41.10. E: $111.40. T: $666.40. D: $65.00. First 4: 7-6-2-3:
Wilson and G. Kramer proved too strong for Lexton’s
ANZAC DAY 25/04/2017 Knights 15, Pascoe Vale 15, Green Gully 15, Moreland $3, 184.80. Sub: 5. Scr: 4.
Zebras 12, Sunshine George Cross 12, Avondale 9, St K. Alderhoven, A. Smith, C. Murray, B. Sandlant and
Ballarat Football Netball League Anzac Day V. Bradley. Race 3: 1 8 6. Win $2.20 place $1.50 $4.20 NTD. Q:
netball at Melton: Albans Saints 7, Werribee City 7, Ballarat City FC 7, $8.40. E: $14.20. T: $36.70. D: $45.00. First 4: 1-8-6-2:
Moreland City 3, North Geelong Warriors 1, Brunswick Beaufort 4½ def Lexton ½. Maryborough 3½ M. Lowday,
A GRADE R. Daniel, A. Balzan, S. Argall and F. Pascoe defeated $119.50. Sub: 1. Scr: 3, 7, 9.
North Ballarat City 62 d Melton South 35 City 0, Bendigo City 0
Talbot’s Team of B. McLean, T. Deans, R. Arnold, D. Ford Race 4: 6 2 1. Win $5.50 place $2.70 $1.50 NTD. Q:
Ladder: Sunbury 8, 216.95; North Ballarat City 4, 177.14; UNDER-16
and A. Browny with 1½. $4.60. E: $13.70. T: $26.90. D: $14.70. First 4: 6-2-1-10:
East Point 4, 151.61; Lake Wendouree 4, 113.51; Bacchus Result not supplied
Ladder: incomplete The afternoon Charleson matches saw Talbot have $207.50. Sub: 2. Scr: 3, 4, 7.
Marsh 4, 105.88; Melton South 4, 78.47; Sebastopol
UNDER-15 a clean sweep defeating Lexton 5 to nil. Beaufort 3 Race 5: 6 8 10. Win $4.40 place $1.90 $1.80 $2.60. Q:
4, -; Darley 0, 94.44; Redan 0, 88.10; Ballarat 0, 65.96;
Werribee City 8 d Ballarat City FC 0 defeated Maryborough in the other match. $10.50. E: $17.90. Duets: 6-8: $4.90, 6-10: $4.80, 8-10:
Melton 0, 42.48
B GRADE Ladder: Hume City 19, Avondale 18, Werribee City 18, In the Hunt Section: The Beaufort Team of P. Packham, $7.10. T: $208.90. D: $29.40. First 4: 6-8-10-7: $728.40.
North Ballarat City 47 d Melton South 41 North Geelong Warriors 18, Moreland City 18, Melbourne C. Perks, M. Swift, B. Campbell and K. Troune won 3½ Sub: 6. Scr: 9, 12, 13, 14, 3(L).
Ladder: Sunbury 8, 147.14; Lake Wendouree 4, 162.96; Knights 11, Sunshine George Cross 9, Pascoe Vale 7, to Maryborough’s 1½ team R. Bird, T. Leech, R. Clegg, S. Race 6: 1 3 12. Win $4.10 place $2.20 $1.60 NTD. Q:
Ballarat 4, 145.16; Darley 4, 119.05; North Ballarat Moreland Zebras 6, Whittlesea Ranges 6, Green Gully McNaught and B. Patten. $4.60. E: $12.20. T: $66.10. D: $19.70. First 4: 1-3-12-7:
City 4, 114.63; Melton South 4, 106.5, Sebastopol 4, -; 4, Brunswick City 3, St Albans Saints 1, Bendigo City 1, Clunes had a good win with R. Dixon, K. Steart, L. Lees, $166.90. Sub: 3. Scr: 4, 6, 9, 10, 11.
Bacchus Marsh 0, 84; East Point 0, 68.89; Redan 0, 61.36; Ballarat City FC 1 R. Skinner, G. Rowland 4 matches to Lexton’s 1 win VIC TAB DOUBLE on races 4 and 6: Born Magic (6): Under
Melton 0, 56.07 UNDER-14 Maryborough’s Hunt Team also won over Lexton 4 to 1 in God’s Sky (1) $44.90. Subs: 2, 3.
C GRADE Werribee City 3 d Ballarat City FC 1 the afternoon match with Clunes 3 matches to Beaufort’s VIC TAB QUADDIE on races 3, 4, 5, 6: (1)(6)(6)(1): $377.70.
Melton South 42 d North Ballarat City 19 Ladder: Hume City 21, Werribee City 18, Green Gully 16, 2 in the other match. Subs: 1, 2, 6, 3.
32 THE COURIER Wednesday April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au



Daily Double 6, 8
Track good (4).
4 2.30 The Cove Hotel Handicap 1200m Note: Race times correct at time of publication.

Early Quadrella 1, 2, 3, 4
Quadrella 5, 6, 7, 8
Rail is out 5m for the entire circuit.
Weather overcast.
Apprentices can claim Benchmark 70 $40,000
1 21117 Tigidig Tigidig dn (5) V L Malady .......J Martin (a3) 62 19.00
7 4.00 Le Pine Funerals Handicap 1400m
First Four All Races 2 0s111 Kabrocco dw (3) D J McCarthy .........M Aitken (a3) 61 4.00 Apprentices can claim Benchmark 70 $40,000
Fixed Odds All Races 3 34891 Moral Outrage dwn (4) D & B Hayes & T Dabernig 1 77337 Magnaro dwb (8) D J McCarthy ........M Aitken (a3) 61 15.00
BIG6 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ...................................................... B Mertens (a1.5) 60.5 6.00 2 160s9 Portion Control c (7) D & B Hayes & T Dabernig...
4 15274 Stanborough dn (2) R K Beecroft ..S Brown Jnr (a3) 60 41.00 ...................................................... B Mertens (a1.5) 61 21.00
5 126s6 Chapel Road w (9) M G Price...............J Grob (a3) 59.5 11.00 3 1759s Walloon Region tdwn (11) D M Noonan ................
1 12.55 Thebigscreencompany Plate 1400m 6 64222 Search Squad d (8) D C Harrison..... J Bayliss (a2)
7 3122s Burrum’s Buzz dw (1) A R Coffey.............H Coffey 57.5
58 4.20
.................................................. B Thompson (a1.5)
4 89811 Dante’s Finale w (6) D W Whitworth. SCRATCHED
60 26.00

Apprentices cannot claim 3yo & up Maiden SW $27,000 8 s1432 Sandhurst Delight d (7) M, W & J Hawkes.. D Dunn 56 3.80 5 24s41 Calendar Lad dn (9) B J McCarthy... B Allen (a1.5) 59 8.00
1 05 El Chorrillo (1) R E Laing ...........................D Oliver 58.5 26.00 9 0s414 Sandrelli b (6) P Stokes ............................. L Nolen 55.5 8.00 6 10s28 Makatiti cdwb (3) J D Sadler .................... T Sadler 59 6.00
2 433s4 Eramosa b (2) Lee & Shannon Hope ....J Childs (a) 58.5 8.00 SANDRELLI, Tigidig Tigidig, Moral Outrage, Search Squad 7 12327 Vianden (10) A R Coffey............................H Coffey 58.5 34.00
8 6s134 Exacting db (5) M G Price .........................D Oliver 58 5.50
Best Man (7) B J McCarthy .................... B Higgins
Dalgety b (9) D R Brideoake .......................D Moor
Penthouse Poet (3) R E Laing ....................D Dunn
5 3.00 Elaren Security Services 1400m 9 62263 Downhearted d (2) M G Price ..................C Newitt
10 s1655 Fragonard w (12) J A O’Shea .................A Mallyon
57.5 7.00
57 4.50
6 422s2 Ridgway b (6) R E Laing ........................C Williams 58 1.60 Apprentices can claim 3yo Fillies Benchmark 64 $40,000 11 3s827 Fife dwb (4) R W Smerdon .....................C Williams 54.5 5.50
7 485s2 Stat Man (5) G A Osborne ..............................J Fry 58 51.00 1 10s22 Lady Lee dw (8) D & B Hayes & T Dabernig........... 12 73535 Gold Artisan (1) M, W & J Hawkes.............D Dunn 54.5 9.00
8 9s223 Superior Rose (8) R E Laing..................... R Booth 56.5 26.00 ...................................................... B Mertens (a1.5) 60 10.00 MAKATITI, Fife, Gold Artisan, Exacting
9 643 Reigns In Africa b (4) Luke Oliver .............. D Lane
RIDGWAY, Superior Rose, Reigns In Africa, Best Man
56 6.00 2 s6203 Classic Diva w (11) R D Griffiths .B Thompson (a1.5)
3 13s9 Windbern (2) M G Price ........................J Grob (a3)
17.00 8 4.30 Hamilton Reid Chartered Accountants 1200m
4 21 Polisher dwn (12) M Beer & M Hinton ...R Maloney 59 6.50
2 1.30 Chef’s Hat South Melbourne 1300m 5 s2210 Scoliaro n (5) D K Weir.....................J Childs (a1.5)
6 4s415 Simply Heaven d (9) D R Brideoake..........D Oliver
Apprentices can claim 3yo & up F&M Benchmark 70 $40,000
1 22132 Chateau Cheval cdwbn (3) D & B Hayes & T Dabernig
Apprentices can claim 3yo Maiden SW $27,000 7 12445 Summer Wind (13) M Ellerton & S Zahra ... D Lane 59 7.50 ............................................................M Aitken (a3) 60.5 2.70
8 8s195 Terminally Pretty (7) M, W & J Hawkes .....D Dunn 59 11.00 2 3129s Check Our Enemy dw (7) A R Coffey ......H Coffey 59.5 101.00
1 3 Arrochar (12) R E Laing .............................A Lynch 58 13.00 3 0330s Loveitt dw (2) Tony McEvoy......... B Stockdale (a3) 59.5 17.00
2 2s53 Diamonds Are b (1) G Waterhouse & A Bott.......... 9 4551 Atomic Kitten w (6) Brent Stanley .............L Currie 58.5 26.00
10 762s1 Bellamezzo n (14) D R Brideoake...........A Mallyon 58.5 51.00 4 s5484 Divine Chills d (13) J D Sadler.................. T Sadler 58.5 13.00
...................................................... B Mertens (a1.5) 58 2.70 5 16232 Essence Of Terror dn (1) M Ellerton & S Zahra .....
11 s95s1 Cat Woman (4) J D Sadler ........................ T Sadler 58.5 26.00
3 3s6 First Approach b (8) D K Weir .......... B Allen (a1.5) 58 4.50 ..................................................................... D Lane 58.5 7.00
12 35216 Divine Command d (1) D K Weir ...... B Allen (a1.5) 58.5 26.00
4 2 Hakerak (3) G Eurell.................................. T Sadler 58 8.00 6 7s321 Mamzelle Tess dw (4) L & T Corstens......J McNeil 57.5 17.00
13 34316 Hellava Babe n (3) P G Carey.............J Martin (a3) 58.5 21.00
5 232 Liberty Lad b (9) Brent Stanley..................D Oliver 58 21.00 7 135s2 Miss Benedetta dwn (12) D K Weir .. B Allen (a1.5) 57.5 11.00
14 4128s Madam Mouton w (15) C Maher ............... L Nolen 58.5 26.00
6 735s2 Lucky Beau b (10) D Binaisse . B Thompson (a1.5) 58 26.00 8 25171 Allisam d (11) Logan McGill............. D Stackhouse 57 41.00
15 77428 Sundell w (10) D E Oliver ..........................J McNeil 58 5.50
7 5 Solo Heart (6) C J Waller ..........................C Newitt 58 15.00 9 62123 Jocasta db (6) L & T Corstens..................S Baster 57 13.00
SCOLIARO, Polisher, Windbern, Lady Lee
8 33s23 Steel Of Madrid (11) A W Noonan.......... J Noonan 58 34.00 10 10432 Neutron Dame w (9) L & T Corstens ......................
2 Vin Fiz (5) Shea Eden ................................. L Nolen
5s Willi Willi (2) C D Widdison ....................C Williams
6 3.30 Ladbrokes Cash In Handicap 2100m .................................................. B Thompson (a1.5) 56.5 34.00
11 23178 Alaskan Sun w (5) R W Smerdon...B Mertens (a1.5) 56 17.00
11 624s Iheartpoppy (7) L & T Corstens .................. D Lane 56 9.00 Apprentices can claim Benchmark 70 $40,000 12 24227 Atomic Lokade b (8) Ms D Smith..............L Currie 56 17.00
12 7365 Pirellina (4) A W Noonan.............................. M Dee 56 17.00 13 334s1 Blue Money dwn (10) M, W & J Hawkes....D Dunn 55.5 4.00
1 407s0 Epsom Hill w (11) D & B Hayes & T Dabernig........
LIBERTY LAD, Steel Of Madrid, Arrochar, Hakerak BLUE MONEY, Miss Benedetta, Chateau Cheval, Divine Chills
........................................................... J Bayliss (a2) 60.5 51.00
3 2.00 Hyland Race Colours Handicap 1600m
2 41221 Al Shameel w (7) Patrick Payne... B Mertens (a1.5)
3 15216 Le Boss (4) R D Griffiths .......... B Thompson (a1.5)
59.5 3.70
59.5 9.00 GEAR CHANGES
Apprentices can claim Benchmark 70 $40,000 4 360s9 Dane Hussler n (2) D & B Hayes & T Dabernig...... RACE 1: (6) Ridgway blinkers on first time RACE 2: (8) Steel Of Madrid
............................................................M Aitken (a3) 59 15.00 cross-over nose band off first time RACE 4: (8) Sandhurst Delight blinkers
1 58s70 New York dw (3) Ms A Bennett.......... E Brown (a3) 62 51.00 5 24s31 Corporate Takeover w (5) A R Coffey......H Coffey 57.5 34.00 on first time, winkers off first time RACE 5: (2) Classic Diva, (5) Scoliaro,
2 21411 Peaky Blinders d (1) P A Preusker ..J Childs (a1.5) 61 9.50 6 31s86 Western Kingdom wn (1) R W Smerdon................ (6) Simply Heaven blinkers on first time; (7) Summer Wind cross-over
3 0s342 Alamonteel dw (5) Patrick Payne...B Mertens (a1.5) 59.5 5.50 ..........................................................J Childs (a1.5) 57 7.50 nose band on first time, tongue-tie on first time RACE 7: (1) Magnaro
4 31546 Hot Ruby dw (6) Luke Oliver..................C Williams 58.5 3.50 7 04711 Volcan De Fuego w (9) G A Thornton .................... blinkers off again; (4) Dante’s Finale blinkers off again, winkers on first
5 9s570 Powderworks d (8) D K Weir...................... D Lane 58.5 13.00 ..................................................Ms S Thornton (a3) 56.5 15.00 time; (6) Makatiti winkers off again; (12) Gold Artisan blinkers on again,
6 970s6 Barwon n (2) David & Coral Feek................D Dunn 58 51.00 8 16443 Prescience (3) C J Waller .........................C Newitt 54.5 4.60 winkers off again RACE 8: (9) Jocasta ear muffs on first time; (12) Atomic
7 s1211 Northern Charm dn (11) M G Price......J Grob (a3) 58 11.00 9 s2418 Bedford (10) Lee & Anthony Freedman ......D Dunn 54 7.00 Lokade blinkers off first time
8 55954 Jennio tcd (9) D K Weir ..................... B Allen (a1.5) 57.5 3.00 10 s4221 Dodge City dw (6) M D Moroney...........P Moloney 54 8.00
9 54411 Miss Universe w (4) G A Thornton ...........S Baster 57 26.00 11 61883 Scraps dw (13) Heath Conners..............C Williams 54 15.00
10 30s21 Lady Provocateur dn (10) Henry Dwyer...J McNeil 56.5 7.00 12 58678 Artie’s Gold d (8) R J Besanko .......... C Robertson 54 101.00 This publication takes all care in compiling the TAB details but can-
11 66313 Lola De Oro d (7) Ms M Anderson ..........J Keating 55.5 26.00 13 74552 Undergroundfighter w (12) A Rosolini.. Ms J Payne 54 201.00 not accept any responsibility for any errors. Readers are urged to
PEAKY BLINDERS, Hot Ruby, Northern Charm, Jennio AL SHAMEEL, Bedford, Prescience, Scraps check TAB information with the official lists before placing their bets.

BENDIGO greyhounds twilight TG

Note: Race times correct at time of publication. 7—4.39 Goldfields Catering 10—5.47 Southern Cross Austereo
TAB GUIDE Grade 5 425m Grade 7 425m
Daily Double 6, 8 Quadrella 5, 6, 7, 8 4—3.34 Bendigo Advertiser 1- 463
Locked Out ...................................... 24.20 1- 355
Jack’s Alouette ..................................NBT
First Four All Races Maiden 500m 2- 473
Alexanderia ........................................NBT 2- 138
One Moore Page ............................. 24.64
1- 624 Cast And Hungry ............................. FSTD 3- 273
Over The Radar ............................... 24.29 3- 862
Awesome Freckles ............................NBT
2- 344 Gundal Schoppy ................................NBT 4- 666
Crackerjack Roy ................................NBT 4- 412
Charlotte Street .................................NBT
1—2.39 Nine Bendigo 5- 572
Infinite Senor ......................................NBT 5- 584
Course You Will .................................NBT
Maiden 425m 3- 666 Parie Shiraz ........................................NBT
4- 356 Rosanna .............................................NBT 6- 755
Fancy Bounce .................................. 24.36 6- 156
Sleek Nitro ....................................... 24.59
1- 7 Aye Tee Cee ....................................... FSH 7- 661
Kilty’s Tiger ........................................NBT 7- 826
Bundy Princess ..................................NBT
2- 635 It Is Done ...........................................NBT 5- 364 Sorry Not Sorry .................................. FSH
6- 244 Acola Sweetie ....................................NBT 8- 817
Rozehill Beth ...................................... FSH 8- 442
Swift Knockout ................................ 24.25
3- 878 Janray Lady Muck ............................. FSH Reserves Reserves
4- 654 Cup Half Full ......................................NBT 7- 543 Joycee Rae ........................................ FSH
8- 434 Top Alcohol ........................................ FSH 9- 468 Daintree Alice ................................... 24.29 9- 647 Janray Blue Nero ...............................NBT
5- 6 Just Missy ..........................................NBT 10- 774 Don’s Racer ..................................... 24.56 10- 668 Just Red ............................................NBT
6- 477 Toby’s Taxi .........................................NBT TOP ALCOHOL, Gundal Schoppy, Cast And Hungry,
7- 8 Kolora Davey .....................................NBT OVER THE RADAR, Crackerjack Roy, Infinite Senor, SWIFT KNOCKOUT, Charlotte Street,
Sorry Not Sorry
8- 7 Excuseless ......................................... FSH Locked Out Course You Will, Sleek Nitro
TOP ALCOHOL (8) has shown a fair bit of talent to date and
Reserve from the good draw he should get all the breaks. GUNDAL OVER THE RADAR (3) has a good record here and he appears SWIFT KNOCKOUT (8) is armed with a slick turn of foot and
9- 877 Frothy Flyer ........................................ FSH SCHOPPY (2) should hit the line solidly and he just needs an to have a bit on these class wise. CRACKERJACK ROY (4) can he does own a more than handy 24.25 PB here. CHARLOTTE
ounce of luck early. CAST AND HUNGRY (1) has claims. be hard to follow but he can run time when given room early. STREET (4) has shown a lot of improvement recently and she will
JUST MISSY, Aye Tee Cee, It Is Done, Excuseless INFINITE SENOR (5) will hit the line solidly. be strong in the run home. COURSE YOU WILL (5) has claims
JUST MISSY (5) had very little luck in her debut run and she 5—3.53 Triple M Bendigo 93.5
should be a lot better for that effort. AYE TEE CEE (1) has the
Mixed 6/7 500m 8—5.01 Chasers Function Centre 11—6.03 GEM Bendigo
good draw and he can atone for his luckless debut run. IT IS Mixed 4/5 425m Grade 7 425m
DONE (2) has shown some talent to date. 1- 543
Waikiki Creek ................................... 28.81
1- 264
Fiery Miss .......................................... FSH 1- 417
Iceni Rival ........................................ 24.45
2- 516
Flick Some Cash ...............................NBT 2- 714
Emi’s Boy Badger ..............................NBT 2- 556
Scarlet Blu Boy .................................. FSH
2—3.02 Railway Station Hotel 3- 664
Gold Attraction ................................ FSTD 3- 413
Snippyliss ........................................ 24.17 3- 575
Buca Doll ...........................................NBT
Maiden 425m 4- 532
Who’s My Daddy ............................... FSH
1- 464 Baker Street ....................................... FSH 4- 645
Steinbeck Knew ............................... 24.70 4- 457
Speed Alert ...................................... 24.34
5- 833
Chinese Whisper ...............................NBT 5- 245
Bojack Kahn .................................... 23.98 5- 452
Jack’s Lass ........................................NBT
2- 285 Nitro Heroine ...................................... FSH 6- 566
My Name’s Polly .............................. 28.93
3- 765 Nippy Allen ........................................NBT 6- 365
Suave Odessa ................................. 23.94 6- 638
Heroic Outlaw .................................. 24.59
7- 578
Acola Rimfire .....................................NBT 7- 546
Morta Bella ...................................... 24.37 7- 474
Divino ............................................... 24.50
4- 338 Frosty Tiara ........................................ FSH 8- 538
Sports Gairn ................................... FSTD
5- 775 Chickaletta .........................................NBT 8- 434
Ready Jet Go ................................... 24.34 8- 481
Tuscan Dream .................................... FSH
Reserves Reserves Reserves
6- 548 Rupcy ................................................ FSH 9- 576 Swift Fozz ..........................................NBT
7- 567 Cullquin Abbey ..................................NBT 9- 774 Fiery Universe ....................................NBT 9- 647 Janray Blue Nero ...............................NBT
10- 748 Hey Hey Fozz .................................. 29.17 10- 868 Mystic Powers ................................... FSH 10- 177 Current Climate ................................. FSH
8- 326 Carlanna Kervon ................................NBT WHO’S MY DADDY, Chinese Whisper, Waikiki Creek,
Reserve FIERY MISS, Ready Jet Go, Bojack Kahn, TUSCAN DREAM, Speed Alert, Iceni Rival,
9- 877 Frothy Flyer ........................................ FSH Acola Rimfire Suave Odessa Scarlet Blu Boy
NITRO HEROINE, Frosty Tiara, Carlanna Kervon, WHO’S MY DADDY (4) will appreciate the drop in class and FIERY MISS (1) was solidly placed three runs back and she is TUSCAN DREAM (8) posted a strong 23.21 Warragul win last
with some clear running he may prove too strong late. CHINESE drawn to make every post a winner. READY JET GO (8) is well time and she is favourably drawn out wide. SPEED ALERT (4)
Cullquin Abbey WHISPER (5) has been solidly placed in her past two runs and placed in the wide draw and he should settle near the speed. owns a handy 24.34 PB here and she should settle on the speed.
NITRO HEROINE (2) can show early speed and she looks well she will be strong in the run to the line. BOJACK KAHN (5) has claims. ICENI RIVAL (1) is drawn to get the gun run.
placed in this event. FROSTY TIARA (4) was smartly placed
when on debut and she should be in the firing line for most of the 6—4.12 TAB - We Love A Bet 9—5.24 Bendigo Ultimate Earthmoving 12—6.30 Hit 91.9 Bendigo
trip. CARLANNA KERVON (8) has solid claims. Grade 5 500m Grade 7 425m Grade 6 425m
1- 141
Southwood Max .............................. 28.15 1- 873
Victo Bale ........................................... FSH 1- 561
Eric Jay ............................................ 24.56
3—3.17 Topcat Video Productions 2- 876
Acola Rosebud ................................ 28.66
Maiden 425m 2- 747
Front Page Lead ................................NBT 2- 754
Liscoyle Lady ................................... 24.43
1- 67 Eleventh Hour ....................................NBT 3- 626
Alpha Nyx ..........................................NBT 3- 466
Bryden Peter ......................................NBT 3- 177
Claretown Happy ............................... FSH
2- 626 Black Lesta ........................................NBT 4- 338
Sharina Bomber .................................NBT 4- 454
Flaming Causeway ............................NBT 4- 474
Face To Face .....................................NBT
3- 546 Jemma Diamond ...............................NBT 5- 524
Dream Of Success ............................NBT 5- 844
Little Bit Shiny ...................................NBT 5- 517
Firey Lomar ...................................... 24.26
4- 557 Pop’s A Wizard ..................................NBT 6- 723
Dynamite Dixie ................................. 28.51 6- 364
Tanazoo ........................................... 24.60 6- 188
Just Run Left .....................................NBT
5- 556 Kostya Nuffen ....................................NBT 7- 472
Hey Alio Fozzio ..................................NBT 7- 654
Winlock Wrighty .................................NBT 7- 455
Patchie Kaye ......................................NBT
6- 788 Zed’s A Mystery .................................NBT 8- 435
Zabimaru Bale ...................................NBT 8- 186
Berridale Buddie .............................. FSTD 8- 162
Trademark Bliss ............................... 24.41
7- 276 Jolimia ...............................................NBT Reserves Reserves Reserves
8- 348 Another Banji .....................................NBT 9- 743 Emi’s Boy Macca ...............................NBT 9- 177 Current Climate ................................. FSH 9- 677 Beer On Tap ..................................... 24.58
Reserve 10- 546 My Sirion ............................................NBT 10- 788 Big Roman .........................................NBT 10- 576 Swift Fozz ........................................ FSTD
9- 877 Frothy Flyer ........................................ FSH SOUTHWOOD MAX, Dream Of Success, Zabimaru BERRIDALE BUDDIE, Tanazoo, Winlock Wrighty, FIREY LOMAR, Trademark Bliss, Just Run Left,
JOLIMIA, Another Banji, Black Lesta, Kostya Nuffen Bale, Hey Alio Fozzio Victo Bale Claretown Happy
JOLIMIA (7) has been placed in two of five here and she won’t SOUTHWOOD MAX (1) has won two of his past three impres- BERRIDALE BUDDIE (8) has a good PB here over 500m and FIREY LOMAR (5) showed great speed in her handy 24.26 win
get a better chance to break through. ANOTHER BANJI (8) sively and he just needs a clear crack at them mid race. DREAM he is expected to fire fresh. TANAZOO (6) has good mid race here and she looks well placed in this event. TRADEMARK
should get a clear run early and she should continue to improve OF SUCCESS (5) has good muster and he will appreciate the pace and he just needs an ounce of luck early on. WINLOCK BLISS (8) is suited to the wide draw and she has been racing in
with more racing. BLACK LESTA (2) has claims. drop in class. ZABIMARU BALE (8) has claims. WRIGHTY (7) must be respected. consistent style of late. JUST RUN LEFT (6) has claims.
thecourier.com.au Wednesday April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 33

Round one from all angles

It's mine. No it's not. It's mine. Isaac Kirby (Lake

Wendouree) and Nathan Riordan (Redan) were not
giving up the football here.

The Courier photographer Lachlan Bence was
able to put a different perspective on round one
in the Ballarat Football League at the weekend.

While Isaac Kirby puts on the afterburners to get away from Redan's Grant Bell, all Lake Wendouree coach Tim Malone can do is watch on after losing his
footing after feeding out a handball to establish the break.

He might have sprawled out on the lush grass cover of the Darley
Declan Phyland tries desperately to get Bacchus Marsh teammate Jarrah Maksymow Park, but Darley comeback player Matt Inglis was already looking for
to centre the ball. a target.

What's happening in there? A moment when

Ballarat's Sam James, left, Tyler Constable and
Shane Hutchinson, right, might be the Ballarat coach, but Will Garner was not about East Point defender Mitch Walsh and goal umpire Callan Evans were Carter Prendergast would liked to have been taller.
consider sharing the ball around on this occasion. each perfectly positioned on this occasion at the Eastern Oval.

Now this is how I want it. Darley coach Heath Scotland shows his
assistant coaches Mark Pedersen, left, and Travis Minns, right, and Lake Wendouree onballer Nick Peters ensures
Chris Graham lets Darley teammate and fellow recruit Dan Roy know he has plenty of football operations manager Craig Baker exactly how he wants the this Redan player is not going anywhere in this
space. Devils lining up. contest.
34 THE COURIER Wednesday April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au

Football and netball

Jade Peterken (Dunstown) zeros in on a loose


CHFL under-15s and and CHNL 15/unders: Bun-
inyong v Dunnstown at Buninyong on Saturday.

Pictures: Lachlan Bence

Jack Atkinson (Buninyong) takes the frontrunning from Pomare Wilson (Dunstown).

Ruby Hart (Buninyong) drives the Bombers forward. Eden Squire (Buninyong) reaches for the ball.

Ethan Blackmore (Dunstown) ready to pounce. Liam Carroll (Dunstown) and Nathan Sutcliffe (Buninyong) go at it in the ruck. Amelia Timmis (Dunstown) takes the centre pass.

Daniel Britt (Dunstown) waits for the crumbs from Bayden Marchant (Buninyong) plays the waiting game for a mark. Sophie Mair (Buninyong) gets some close attention.
Nicholas Pantzidis (Buninyong).
thecourier.com.au Wednesday April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 35

Mooy made to wait on Premier League promotion ARU
SOCCER make the playoff cut-off
with three games remain-
packed St James’ Park to
ensure a return to the Pre-
Huddersfield, who were
thumped 4-1 by sixth-
League promotion with
ing, where they will com-
pete with teams finishing
third to sixth for the final
mier League at the first
Exactly 348 days after
placed Fulham on the
weekend, next play Wol-
verhampton on Wednes-
Huddersfield is set for the
long road after Champi-
onship rivals Newcastle
promotion spot.
Brighton & Hove Albion
became the first team pro-
being relegated, Newcas-
tle overcame their obvi-
ous nerves to bag a prize
day before clashes against
Birmingham and Cardiff to
complete their regular sea-
United became the second moted last week. worth more than $140 mil- son. RUGBY
team directly into the top Newcastle sparked a lion and retain an outside Victory against the
flight. noisy promotion party chance of pipping Bright- Wolves would ensure Hud- AUSTRALIAN Rugby Un-
Fifth-placed Hudders- by beating 10-man Pres- on to the Championship dersfield’s place in the ion is holding firm on
Aaron Mooy field are in the frame to ton North End 4-1 at a title. playoffs. safeguarding the Brumb-
ies from the Super Rugby
chopping block, amid calls

Muscat: We’re ready

to merge the club with Mel-
bourne Rebels.
Rebels boss Andrew
Cox has welcomed discus-
sion of the merger idea,
raised by former Wal-

to flick the switch

labies coach John Con-
nolly, who has backed
the vulnerable Western
Force to remain in the
But an ARU spokesman
A-LEAGUE international window that said there had been no
cost Victory more than any change in its position that
MELBOURNE Victory warn other side, and contributed the Brumbies be excluded
they will flick the switch to five of Victory’s eight from discussions around
from languid to lethal in losses. cutting Australia’s Super
their A-League semi-final If those matches are Rugby participation from
with Brisbane Roar. taken out of Victory’s re- five to four teams.
And coach Kevin Muscat cord, it is comparable (2.2 Both the Rebels and
promises it will be a sight to points per game) to Sydney Force have insisted the
see. FC’s stunning campaign ARU has no legal right to
Victory begin a fifth- (2.4 points per game). remove them after gov-
straight finals campaign on For all the ifs, buts, and erning body SANZAAR’s
Sunday night at AAMI Park, maybes, there’s only one decision to reduce Super
drawing a line under the reality: Victory must beat Rugby by three teams, in-
‘junk time’ that’s dogged Brisbane or their season cluding two from South
their recent efforts. will be over. Africa.
For the past month, “Taking everything into Connolly, who coached
the navy blues have been consideration I think we’ve the Queensland Reds dur-
locked in as second-placed performed really well,” ing a successful period in
finishers and have per- Muscat said. the 1990s, told News Corp
formed like a team with lit- “The international Australia the ACT-based
tle to play for. break didn’t really help us. Brumbies were fortunate to
That ends this weekend, The split round didn’t re- survive the axe.
and Muscat can’t wait. ally help us. Going across His merger proposal
“Without confusing ar- to Wellington in that run would see the “Melbourne
rogance with confidence, didn’t help us. Brumbies” split their
we are confident. Of course “They’re all facts. They’re home games between
we are,” he said. not excuses. We didn’t deal the locations, while the
“History will tell us our with those situations as Force’s ability to produce
members and fans will cre- READY FOR ROAR: Melbourne Victory coach Kevin Muscat. Picture: AAP well as we would have liked. homegrown talent entitled
ate an unrivalled atmos- “When we haven’t had them a place in the compe-
phere and we’ll put on a busting Sydney FC side eye-watering proportions. just four behind his double- those interruptions we tition.
show for them.” but Muscat believed Vic- He made the point that winning side of 2014-15. have been good. The points However, Cox said
There can be no doubt tory had also built some- Victory had recorded their This campaign was hit return has been excellent. no discussions with the
that this season belongs to thing to be proud of, even second-highest points haul by two major roadblocks; “We’ll get back to those Brumbies had taken place
Graham Arnold’s record- if it’s not of the Sky Blues’ in 12 A-League campaigns, fixture congestion and an levels on Sunday.” regarding a merger.

INTER Milan players, The club have also THON Maker, Matthew from moving on to a
including Socceroos backed coach Stefano Dellavedova and their second round meeting
defenderTrent Sainsbury, Pioli who, according to young, promising with the Cleveland
will be confined to their Italian media, offered his Milwaukee Bucks are just Cavaliers.
training ground for the resignation. one loss away from being “That’s all we can focus
rest of the week after “Following Saturday’s eliminated from the NBA on now, game six, the
Saturday’s humiliating 5-4 result … the club has Playoffs. first possession and we
defeat at Fiorentina. called the entire first team The Toronto Raptors have to be hungry and
Although Sainsbury is squad in for an extended trounced the Bucks desperate,” Bucks coach
yet to feature since his ‘ritiro’,” Inter said in a 118-93 in game five of Jason Kidd, describing
loan move from Chinese statement. their Eastern Conference the dire situation his
side Jiangsu Suning in “The manner of the series. team faces, told reporters.
January, he will share defeat at Fiorentina was The win in front of an Game six is in
the rest of the team’s unacceptable for our euphoric Toronto crowd Milwaukee on Thursday
punishment after a supporters both in Italy gives the Raptors a 3-2 night and if the Bucks
second-half collapse that and abroad, and we are lead in the best-of-seven win, the deciding game
saw Fiorentina score four determined to put this series and places them seven will be in Toronto
Trent Sainsbury goals in 17 minutes. right.” Matthew Dellavedova just one victory away on Saturday night.
36 THE COURIER Wednesday April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au


Hunt determined to win derby

SUPER RUGBY started on Monday; he
said it’s time to step up and
KARMICHAEL Hunt ad- take it on if we want to play
mits the Queensland Reds finals footy,” Hunt said.
can’t afford to lose another The Reds have clashes
Australian conference der- against the Melbourne Re-
by if they are to reach the bels (away), Western Force
Super Rugby finals, under- (home) and the Brumbies
lining the importance of (home) to come.
Saturday’s clash with the But they have been
NSW Waratahs. soundly defeated by the
The Reds and the Wara- Waratahs in their past six Brian Lara
tahs have both won two encounters, with their
and lost six this season and
need to make up ground
most recent victory coming
in July 2013. Lara wants
on the Brumbies, who are “We understand that
top of the Australian con-
ference with a seven-point
they’ve really bullied us
over the last couple of years
to scrap
“This back end of the
and we want to turn that
around,” Hunt said.
year is going to be pretty
big for us if we want to play
Coach Nick Stiles is do-
ing his bit to drive home draws
finals,” Hunt said on Tues- the depth of feeling in-
day. “It starts against the volved in the Queensland- CRICKET
Tahs.” NSW rivalry.
The clash at Sun- “He’s hanging signs on FORMER West Indies bats-
corp Stadium is the only the walls around the club – man Brian Lara says hav-
regular-round meeting scorelines, dates in history ing a winner in every Test
between the Reds and the (from) some of the great match could arrest dwin-
Waratahs this year. games Queensland have dling crowd numbers.
“It’s a huge game. (Brad won, where they’d gritted The 47-year-old, who
Thorn) had a good word it out for 80 minutes,” Hunt played 131 Tests before re-
to us in the gym when we said. MOTIVATED: Queensland Reds star Karmichael Hunt. Picture: AAP tiring in 2007, praised the
introduction of Twenty20
cricket and suggested a

It’s a vindictive
change in the long form of
cricket of the game could
have similar affects in Tests
in bolstering crowds.
The legendary batsman

campaign – Coates
said he would like to see
Test draws scrapped, add-
ing a winner in each match
could make the game more
attractive to a younger au-
OLYMPICS himself and the organisa- Coates’ letter comes were defamatory, false and “One of the complaints
tion in a letter to the AOC amid claims of bullying “maliciously” published. by an American is, ‘How
JOHN Coates says he’s vic- executive and national within the AOC from for- De Jong told Fairfax she can you play a game for five
tim of a vindictive cam- sporting organisations, who mer staff including ex-chief lodged a formal and con- days and it ends in a draw?’
paign to oust him as Aus- will vote on the presidency. executive Fiona de Jong. fidential complaint about I would like to maybe see
tralian Olympic Committee “There is clearly a The bullying allega- Tancred but had heard results in every single Test
president. co-ordinated and sadly tions centre on long-time nothing about the matter match,” Lara told BBC.
Ahead of a May 6 vote vindictive campaign to AOC media director Mike for four months. “I know 70 per cent of
for the presidency when damage me personally, Tancred. The claims have But Coates, in his letter, the time the game takes its
Coates will be challenged and to tarnish all that has prompted the AOC to call an denied any lack of action. natural course and you get
by Olympian Danni Roche, been achieved at the AOC,” executive meeting this week “Specifically regarding a result.
he said the campaign Coates wrote in the letter which Coates rejected was a the complaint made by “Maybe find a way where
against him was malicious published by News Corp. crisis meeting but described Fiona De Jong, I assure you you structure the game …
and also rejected claims of “This campaign is as as a “sensible discussion”. due process has been fol- and come up with some
bullying in the AOC. disappointing as it is Coates said the bullying lowed and followed with formula that can bring a
Coates has defended unfounded.” claims in Fairfax newspapers urgency,” he wrote. John Coates winner at the end of it.”

Aloisi: Roar will be fresh for semi

A-LEAGUE ulars who have travelled temperature of around 33C two full days of training be-
for the must-win clash at kick-off. fore the AAMI Park clash,
JOHN Aloisi is confident against Group E leaders Jamie Maclaren, Brett where they’ll get a shot at a
Brisbane Roar can keep their Muangthong United are Holman, Tommy Oar and fourth A-League grand final
AFC Champions League Luke DeVere, Jamie Young, Thomas Kristensen have appearance.
campaign alive in Thailand Thomas Broich, Brandon been left at home – along “It’s enough. I actually
on Wednesday night and Borrello, Joe Calletti and with Corey Brown and think we’ll prepare well,”
still be fresh for Sunday’s Manuel Arana. Avraam Papadopoulos, who Aloisi said.
A-League semi-final against Aloisi admitted not all are serving ACL suspen- “People say the extra
Melbourne Victory. of them would start and sions – while Jack Hingert time would have taken a lot
Aloisi has had plenty of few, if any, would play a full (cheekbone), Jade North out of the boys but we’ve
experience in juggling his 90 minutes – particularly (illness) and Matt McKay got a long week to recover
squad for the two compe- in light of their gruelling (knee) are recovering from from that, and it mainly is
titions and believes he has 120-minute battle against injuries and are all in with about recovery this week.
struck the right balance for Western Sydney last week a shot of taking on Victory. “But whoever I put out
the most important week of and the hot and humid The entire squad will there (on Wednesday) will
their season to date. conditions they will face in reunite on Thursday night be focused on this game
CONFIDENT: Brisbane coach John Aloisi. Picture: AAP The only first-team reg- Thailand, with a forecast in Melbourne and will have first.”
thecourier.com.au Wednesday April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 37


West Coast small forward could miss months Demons

Cripps was expected to
be told this week his recov-
Melbourne on Saturday.
Classy winger Dockers
He is battling to clear
significant bruising in bone

cost of
WEST Coast small forward
Jamie Cripps is bracing for
ery would take six to eight
weeks before he can re-
sume full training.
Stephen Hill has already
been ruled out of Satur-
day’s derby with a ham-
low into his left leg and
around the ankle, as well
as cartilage and ligament

up to two months out of the
game with an ankle injury he
copped late into the Eagles
Fremantle medical staff
were also closely monitor-
ing nagging knee inflam-
string strain he suffered
eight minutes into the final
term of the win over North
The 2012 Brownlow
medallist remains in seri-
thumping from Hawthorn at mation to star midfielder as a candidate for best- ous doubt to return against DEMONS
the MCG on Sunday. Lachie Neale that the big afield before he hobbled a rejuvenated Dockers, af-
He joins star midfielder possession winner suf- out of action. ter West Coast were ham- BACK-UP Melbourne ruck
Sam Mitchell battling an fered in Dockers’ stir- Mitchell, 34, is in a battle mered in heavy traffic and Jake Spencer looks set for a
injured left ankle in a grow- ring come-from-behind to recover in time to play in contested-balls conflicts by long spell on the sidelines
Jamie Cripps ing Eagles casualty toll. five-point win over North his first western derby. the revitalised Hawks. after scans confirmed dam-
age to his shoulder.
Spencer was hurt in Mel-

Bombers make Pies

bourne’s loss to Richmond
on Anzac Day eve, watch-
ing on from the sidelines
as the Demons faded out of
the match.

pay for inaccuracy

His club will likely have
to get by with a makeshift
ruck division until at least
the round 11 bye given
All-Australian ruck Max
Gawn is already out with a
BOMBERS V MAGPIES three points at halftime. serious hamstring issue.
The Bombers had simi- Melbourne football boss
ESSENDON have bro- lar problems, with Daniher Josh Mahoney said Spencer
ken their Anzac Day AFL failing to capitalise on his – who was hurt while play-
drought, downing Colling- dominance of Collingwood ing just his 37th game in
wood by 18 points at the youngster Henry Schade. nine seasons – would prob-
MCG. Essendon’s pressure ably go under the knife.
The Bombers led by around the ball slipped The club’s website sug-
nine points at three- during the third term as the gested a lay-off of six to sev-
quarter time and surged Mapgies hit the scoreboard en weeks was likely, mean-
out of the gates in the final through Wells and Jamie ing a return around the
term to claim a 15.10 (100) Elliott. club’s traditional Queen’s
to 11.16 (82) victory in front And when Adams hit up Birthday fixture.
of 87,685 fans. an unmarked Darcy Moore Jack Watts and Sam Frost
It will taste extra sweet in the square for an easy have been mooted as stand-
for the Bombers, who had goal midway through the in rucks for the Demons.
lost six of the past seven quarter, the Pies led for the Second-gamer Tim
Anzac Day meetings. first time. Smith was also hospitalised
Spearhead Joe Daniher But Daniher provided in the 13-point loss to the
shook off a wayward start the response, surging out Tigers.
to finish with three goals of the middle and kicking “Tim was taken to hos-
and 16 touches and was re- a monster goal from 60m pital at halftime during last
warded with the Anzac Day out. night’s match after a knee
Medal. Daniher was again in to his ribs,” Mahoney said.
Essendon seized the ear- the thick of the action mo- “Investigations have
ly momentum, with Dani- ON FIRE: Essendon’s Joe Daniher won the Anzac Day Medal. Picture: AAP ments later, running down shown a fractured rib and
her snapping around his the wing and setting up punctured lung. He will
body in the opening min- The Pies had a clear mis- didn’t take long to lift, gath- even up the contested pos- Josh Green for goal. stay in hospital over the
utes to put them ahead. sion heading into the game: ering nine disposals and session count. The Magpies trailed by next few days.”
With steady showers to improve their quality five clearances in the sec- But the Pies again strug- nine points at the final In better news for the
making for greasy condi- of inside-50s, with the ad- ond term. gled to make it count on break and were undoubt- club, promising midfielder
tions, the Bombers looked dition of Daniel Wells de- He wasn’t alone. Prime the scoreboard, kicking edly still in the contest but Christian Petracca has been
to push the ball forward signed to help rectify their movers Adam Treloar, five straight behinds before Essendon came out firing, cleared of serious damage
quickly and were rewarded wayward ball movement. Steele Sidebottom and Tay- Treloar found space in traf- with goals to Green, Orazio after a knee knock and will
with a three-goal lead at Wells was barely sight- lor Adams were all prolific fic and snapped a classy Fantasia and Cale Hooker be considered for next Sun-
quarter-time. ed in the first quarter but as the Magpies fought to goal to cut the margin to extending their lead. day’s match with Essendon.

fined over melee
TIGERS V DEMONS front of the player races. player, it was the third time
Players from the Rich- they have been charged for
MELBOURNE and Rich- mond bench joined in the their role in a melee.
mond’s on-field leaders fight, including vice cap- Cotchin, deemed to have
have had their wallets light- tain Jack Riewoldt, who instigated the melee, was
ened for their role in a heat- who was handed a $2500 fined $1500.
ed melee during the Anzac fine for his efforts. The fight seemed to
Day eve match. Demon co-captains spark the Tigers, who were
Mid-way through Viney and Nathan Jones 21 points down at the time
the third quarter, Trent were both fined $2500 for of the clash but ran away to
Cotchin’s crunching tack- their involvement. win by 13 points and main-
le on fellow captain Jack The trio are no stran- tain their perfect start to
CAPTAINS: Demon Nathan Jones andTigerTrent Cotchin wrestle. Picture: AAP Viney sparked a battle in ger to brawling; for each the season.
38 THE COURIER Wednesday April 26, 2017 thecourier.com.au


Young fires as North

dumps Melton South
NTH CITY 21.14 (140) definitely gets our season
M SOUTH 14.20 (104) started on the right note," he
DAVID BREHAUT "We had plenty of contrib- READY: The Sovereigns'
utors today which takes the Casey Adamson against
WILL Young announced pressure off individuals to Geelong. Picture: Kate Healy
himself to the Ballarat Foot- perform”.
ball League in no uncertain
terms as he inspired North
Ballarat City to end Melton
Melton South joint coach
Sean Triplett rued missed
South’s unbeaten run at Mel-
ton on Tuesday.
“A lot of guys missed shots
on goal today and it just real- opener
a tough
The former Adelaide Crow ly hurt us.
bagged seven goals in the "It’s a confidence thing
36-point win. and it's just a matter of us
Young was recruited from
Newlyn in the CHFL to an-
chor North City’s attack, and
saying to ourselves they we
can kick this and just get the
job done.
he did that and more. "We won the inside 50 NETBALL
Derick Micallef was also count very easily and it was THE ACU Sovereigns are set
provided mayhem up for- just a matter of us not being for their opening match of
ward with five goals to help able to capitalise on our op- the Victorian Netball League
nullify Brendan Fevola’s five portunities going forward," season with their first chal-
majors for the Panthers. he said. lenge the DC North East
Melton South managed The North Ballarat display Blaze at the State Netball and
to overcome slow starts to rounded out an intriguing Hockey Centre in Parkville
get the points in its previ- opening round in which like on Wednesday.
ous outings against Melton City, Darley announced its The Sovereigns will look
and Sunbury. intention to be at the fore- to improve on their past
After being on the end of front of the premiership race two seasons, where they
a seven-goal burst by North by comfortably accounting achieved one win in 2015 –
Ballarat City in the first quar- for reigning premier. their debut season – and two
ter, the Panthers threatened These came after Lake wins in 2016.
to again salvage the game Wendouree had to rely on It will be the first time
when it twice hit the lead in a goal kicked after the final new recruits and former
the third term on the back of siren to get over a lively Re- Australian Diamonds De-
individual efforts by Fevola dan and Sunbury indicated melza Fellowes and Renae
and Mitch Banner . that despite a mass exodus Ingles take to the court.
However, this time Melton of grand final players it is not Fellowes said her long
South was unable to sustain out of the hunt to again be involvement with the game
the comeback as North Bal- part of finals. at such a high level would
larat City went away again East Point and Ballarat help show the young Sover-
with a seven-goal last term. showed how evenly matched eigns group what it takes to
North City coach Jor- they are with a draw. make it at the next level and
dyn Burke was particulary Having played more than is hoping to instill a winning
pleased with the way his anyone else after two mar- culture at the club.
players responded when quee standalone matches, DC North East Blaze have
Melton South got a run on. Melton South now gets a finished in fourth position
"I guess a lot of people break with a bye. the past two seasons, with a
wouldn’t have expected ROUND 2 strong output of 12 wins, five
that, but we fully expected to SATURDAY losses and one draw in 2016.
come down here and play in Bacchus Marsh v Sunbury The ACU Sovereigns and
the manner we did. Ballarat v N Ballarat City (n) DC North East Blaze battle it
"It was really pleasing, par- L Wendouree v Sebastopol (n) out on court four at 9.40pm,
ticularly against a side which Melton v Darley KEEN AFFAIR: Melton South captain Shaun White and North Ballarat City's Martin the last of five teams to play.
is playing its third game. This Redan v East Point Curtis get in a tangle in this contest for possession. Picture: Luka Kauzlaric – SIOBHAN CALAFIORE

Beau to compete overseas

OUTDOOR KARTS he felt a lot of excitement cadet nine class.
BALLARAT kart racer Beau when he found out he was Russell is on the road most
Russell has been selected to headed overseas. weekends either training or
compete against young driv- “They pick only one or two competing at the race tracks
ers from around the world in people from each country to in Geelong and Puckapunyal
the CIK-FIA Karting Acade- race and I was the only one – where his kart club Eastern
my Trophy. - and the first - selected for Lions is based.
The competition, held in Australia so it should be ex- It was only a few weeks ago
Belgium, France and Fin- citing,” he said. he received his latest kart,
land, is designed to boost “They (the selectors) which can go up to a speed of
the profile of drivers aged looked at my background 120km/h.
between 12 and 14 on an in- and what I’ve won and they “It’s so low to the ground it
ternational platform. thought I was good enough feels super fast,” he said.
The winner will have to compete.” Russell’s long term goals
the chance to compete in To date, the 11-year-old’s include racing in the For-
the CIK-FIA World Junior proudest achievement was mula One and the V8 Super-
Championship in England winning every major event cars. His idols include Scott
in September. in his 2015 season to become McLaughlin, Craig Lowndes
ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME: Beau Russell with his new kart, which can reach the speed Russell, who started kart joint winner of Karting Victo- and Chaz Mostert.
of 120km/h. He is ready to take on his first overseas competition. Picture: Kate Healy racing at the age of eight, said ria’s Karter of the Year in the – SIOBHAN CALAFIORE
thecourier.com.au Wednesday April 26, 2017 THE COURIER 39

NORTH Ballarat Roosters
recruit Hayden Walters has
taken a one-match suspen-
sion after a head knock with
Melbourne-listed Angus
Brayshaw against Casey
Scorpions in the VFL on
Saturday night.
Brayshaw was concussed
and did not play in the
second half.
Walters took the option
of an early plea, which
reduced the ban from
two games.
Roosters coach Marc Greig
said it had been an acci-
dental clash of heads after
making initial body contact.

SHOW OF STRENGTH: Ballarat Kestrels' Renee Boag lays a tackle on Rachel Cribb of the Crusaders at Alfredton Football Oval. Picture: Dylan Burns

Luke Kiel - his absence

does not make it easier for
the winless Roosters.
Kestrels find positives
GRIDIRON board is not showing just
how well we’ve played, you
see all the girls pick each oth-

THE Ballarat Kestrels were er up and lift,” she said.
defeated by the third-placed Branson estimated more

Western Crusaders in their than half the team had not
first and only home game of played gridiron before and
the Gridiron Victoria Wom- said the players were now fo-
NORTH Ballarat Roosters en’s season at the Alfredton cused on putting in the hard
have ruled Luke Kiel out Football Oval on Saturday. yards during the off season.
of Friday night’s VFL clash But player Molly Branson, “This season for us has
with Footscray at Whit- who has been sidelined with really been about reentering
ten Oval. injury, said the 52-0 score- ourselves into the compe-
Roosters coach Marc Greig board did not reflect the tition and teaching a large
said a strained hamstring quality of the game. EYES ON THE BALL: Ballarat Kestrels' Casey Martin makes a catch during the team's amount of rookies how to
would keep Kiel out of the “It was a bit of a difficult first game in front of a home crowd. Picture: Dylan Burns play football and get them up
round three fixture. team to come up against – to speed,” Branson said.
James Keeble is al- they were quite different to The game marked the first home games next season to hits on defence,” Branson In their final match on
so doubtful. what we have ever played time the Kestrels had played give the sport more exposure said. Saturday, the Kestrels face
Greig said Keeble was against and you could defi- in front of a home crowd. in Ballarat. The Kestrels have now a solid running side in Mel-
struggling with a corked leg nitely tell we were dimin- “You could definitely see Another highlight from the played six matches without bourne Uni Chargers.
and was a chance of having ished by injuries,” the Kes- in their faces that it was a match was the Kestrels’ Re- a win, but Branson said her “We are going to have
to sit out the game. trel’s running back said. good thing to have a large nee Boag named the game’s teammates had kept their to be looking to really lock
Kiel and Keeble are two “The really good take crowd cheering us on,” Bran- most valuable player. heads up. down their run and prevent
of North Ballarat’s most away was that our girls really son said. “She was playing both “There is so much support them from scoring too much
experienced players, who banded together and played Both the men’s and wom- sides of the ball, absolutely for each other and when we on the ground, force them to
the Roosters cannot afford with a lot of heart – they al- en’s teams are hoping for an killing it running the football do play the tough games pass and pick up some inter-
to be without. ways do.” increase in the number of and making some really big when perhaps the score- ceptions,” Branson said.

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Young racer
set to compete

City ends
hot run
North Ballarat City
has made an atten-
tion-grabbing start to
the Ballarat Football
League season – dis-
pensing of unbeaten
Melton South by a
convincing 36 points
at Melton on Tues-
City jumped the Pan-
thers with seven-goal
first quarter and then
repelled a series of
charges to finish with
authority and another
seven-goal term.
Match review, page
MAKING A POINT: Will Young celebrates one of his seven goals in a sensational debut for North Ballarat City. Picture: Luka Kauzlaric 38

Payne confirmed for Royal Ascot international jockey series
RACING The Ballarat trainer-jockey dura in May. to my injury,” Payne told the ain and Ireland. lead up to the Shergar Cup.
MELBOURNE Cup-winning will team up with Canada’s The Shergar Cup is a five- Royal Ascot website. This will not be the first She is booked to ride the
jockey Michelle Payne will Emma Jayne Wilson and last race series and will be con- “We have a great team time Payne has ridden Jane Chapple-Hyam-trained
ride in an international jock- year’s leading English ap- tested by three teams on the “I’m really hopeful that we in England. Kaspersky at the track in
eys’ challenge at Royal Ascot prentice Josephine Gordon. one day, August 12. can do the fans proud and She had a “working holi- June. Chapple-Hyam is set-
in England in August. Payne was also selected “I am so excited about take back the cup,” she said. day” there in 2009, when she ting Kaspersky for the Queen
Payne has been confirmed for the challenge last year, riding in the Dubai Duty Free Her brother-in-law Kerrin managed to get a handful of Anne Stakes at Ascot with a
as part of an all-female team but was unable to make the Shergar Cup, especially after McEvoy will captain a “rest of race rides. long-term plan to campaign
in what is known as the Sher- trip after she was seriously the disappointment of not the world” team, with Jamie Payne is also hoping to the galloper during the Mel-
gar Cup. injured in a race fall at Mil- being able to last year due Spencer leading Great Brit- ride at Royal Ascot in the bourne Cup Carnival.

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