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Brand Guidelines.

Cunard Brand Guidelines. 2

About these

These guidelines are designed to help everyone at Cunard, and

our partners, to use our brand with confidence and consistency.

Our brand is what sets us apart, defining our reputation and

aspirations. By using it effectively we will better establish our
leading position in the marketplace.

Once you start working with them and get used to them, you’ll
find these guidelines have been designed to work with you and
provide all the flexibility you need create the best work possible.

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Cunard Brand Guidelines. 3

Contents. 1.0 Brand introduction. 6.0 Design details.

1.1 Distinctly Cunard. 5 6.1 Diamonds. 30
1.2 Brand values. 5 6.2 Maps. 31
6.3 Page tabs. 31
2.0 Logo.
2.1 Master logo – stacked version. 7 7.0 Tone of voice.
2.2 Master logo – horizontal version. 7 7.1 Tone overview. 33
2.3 Protecting our master logo. 8 7.2 Using tonal principles. 34
2.4 Registrations and Trademarks. 8 7.3 In practice. 35
2.5 Master logo sizes. 9 7.4 Sample content. 36 - 37
2.6 Master logo positioning. 9 7.5 Style guide. 38 - 39
2.7 Ship logos. 10 7.6 Summary. 40
2.8 Master logo, the crest. 11 7.7 Lexicon. 41 - 42
2.9 Cunard World Club logo. 11
8.0 Photography.
3.0 Colour. 8.1 Hero. 44
3.1 Primary palette. 13 8.2 Experience. 45
3.2 Ship colours. 13 8.3 Reportage. 46
8.4 Application of brand imagery. 47
4.0 Typography. 8.5 Destination imagery. 48
4.1 Primary typeface. 15
4.2 Setting type - SangBleu Sans. 15 9.0 Application.
4.3 Secondary typeface. 16 9.1 Advertising. 50 - 51
4.4 Setting type - Akkurat Pro. 16 9.2 Brochure. 52
4.5 Tertiary typefaces. 17 9.3 Digital Banners. 53
4.6 Creating a hierarchy. 18
4.7 Brochure copy hierarchy. 19 10.0 Contact.
10.1 Contact. 54
5.0 Grid system.
5.1 Grid overview. 21
5.2 Lock up asset overview. 22
5.3 Keystone. 23
5.4 Graphic frame. 24
5.5 Graphic frame and base bar. 25
5.6 Lock up proportion overview. 26
5.7 Covers. 27
5.8 Image and copy layout. 28
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 4

1.0 Brand introduction.

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Cunard Brand Guidelines. 5

1.1 Distinctly Cunard. The essential truth behind the Cunard brand is something no-one
else can offer – true luxury on a grand scale.
This truth becomes real in every aspect of what makes us who we
are - from the three Queens themselves, to the White Star Service
provided by our staff, and every element of what we offer our customers.
They are all distinctly Cunard.
It also needs to be true of the way we express the brand in every medium
- everything we create should reflect the wider brand experience and
thinking. And should always pass one sense-check - is this something
that could only be Cunard?
These guidelines are designed to be a tool to help you make sure
that everything we create passes that test.

1.2 Brand values. Our brand values define us, both in our expression of the brand in
any application and in our customers’ perception of who we are.
Gracious – a sense of respect and courtesy.
Authentic – reflects our heritage and principles.
Calm – everything is easy and free of stress.
Distinctive – an experience never to be forgotten.

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Cunard Brand Guidelines. 6

2.0 Logo.

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Cunard Brand Guidelines. 7

2.1 Master logo –

stacked version.
The full colour stacked master logo
is our preferred version and should
be used wherever possible.

It should always be produced in

Cunard gold and red. See page 13.

The mono version of the master

logo is for black and white
applications only.

CMYK CMYK on black Mono Mono on black

2.2 Master logo –

horizontal version.
The horizontal version of the master
logo should only be used when there
is minimum space available: ie. online
banners or classified size advertising. CMYK CMYK on black

The mono version of the master

logo is for black and white
applications only.

Mono Mono on black

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 8

2.3 Protecting our

master logo.
The master logo can be used as a
standalone logo or within the Cunard
keystone holding device.

Avoid placing text or any other graphic

object near the logo/ keystone. The
minimum amount of room to leave
around the logo is indicated by the

The space around the logo should

be 2xC (based on the C of the logo).

Keystone holding device

2.4 Registrations
and trademarks.
The Crest element of the Cunard ◆◆ The quality of any promotional
master logo is a registered trademark. literature displaying the Crest must
Royal consent has been given by The be high. Please contact your Cunard
Lord Chamberlain for the registration Marketing representative if there
of this trademark by Cunard. Use are any discrepancies or you require
of it in any promotional advertising further guidance on this issue.
or marketing material is subject to
There are no exceptions to the above.
the following rules which must be
adhered to: Please contact your local Cunard
Marketing representative for the full
◆◆ The Crest must always be used in its
list of registrations and trademarks
complete form and never dissected.
which are relevant to your country.
◆◆ The Crest must never be used as
a watermark or have a conflicting
Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 9

2.5 Master logo sizes.

The master logo sizes shown Maximum sizes

here are specific to different size
applications. Maximum size is
A1 - 110mm
dependent on paper format.

The master logo may be produced

A2 - 80mm
as a smaller size on the specified
formats but not larger.

A3 - 55mm
Sizing is based on the width
of the master logo.
A4 - 40mm
Exception for brochures - 60mm

A5 - 30mm Minimum size

(all formats)

2.6 Master logo

The master logo should always be
positioned centrally on a page’s
horizontal axis.

For double page/split spreads, the

master logo should be positioned
centrally to one half.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 10

2.7 Ship logos.

The Gold 871 ship logos (see page 13)

are our preferred version and should
be used wherever possible.

They should always be produced in Gold 871 (Pantone reference)

Gold 871 unless printed on newsprint
or black and white applications where
the mono versions should be used.


Gold 871 on black

White out of black

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 11

2.8 Master logo –

the Crest.
The Crest should only be used on
its own when used as a detail within
collateral or on the masthead
Your ocean awaits.
of the Cunarder magazine.
Please see page 8 for details on using
the Crest.

Design detailing within collateral. Min. width: 9mm

2.9 The Cunard

World Club logo.
The Cunard World Club is designed to
recognise and reward loyalty to Cunard.
The programme operates on a tiered
system and guests receive benefits
according to their awarded tier.

The Cunard World Club also has its

own dedicated identity which should be
used wherever possible when referring
The space around the logo should
to the club.
be 2xC (based on the C of the logo).

Min. width: 40mm

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Cunard Brand Guidelines. 12

3.0 Colour.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 13

3.1 Primary palette.

Black, gold, white and red are

our primary colours. To maintain Black Gold White Red Silver
consistency and recognition Pantone Process Black Pantone 871 Pantone Process White Pantone 485 Pantone 877
they should be the lead colours C0 M0 Y0 K100 C34 M34 Y64 K16 C0 M0 Y0 K0 C0 M95 Y100 K0 C46 M36 Y35 K15
in all applications. R0 G0 B0 R174 G154 B100 R255 G255 B255 R254 G0 B51 R139 G140 B141
HEX 1d1d1b HEX ae9a64 HEX ffffff HEX e42313 HEX 8b8c8d
For consistency it is essential that
colours are reproduced as accurately
as possible. Care must be taken in
selecting the correct colour reference
for different applications.

Silver is only to be used for


3.2 Ship colours.

When creating applications that

relate to a specific ship, the following Queen Mary 2 Queen Victoria Queen Elizabeth
colours can be used as a complement Pantone 195 Pantone 268 Pantone 295
to the primary colour palette. C30 M100 Y70 K30 C60 M70 Y0 K35 C100 M80 Y8 K54
R42 G13 B17 R13 G12 B42 R0 G32 B79
HEX 660000 HEX 330066 HEX 00204f

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 14

4.0 Typography.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 15

4.1 Primary typeface.

ABCabc ABCabc
SangBleu Sans is our elegant and
distinctive primary typeface. It should
be used in all communications.

SangBleu Sans should only ever be

used in Light and Light Italic weights.
Light 72pt Light Italic 72pt
Black text should only be used as
a minimum of 80% black and a
maximum of 90% black.
SangBleu Sans can be purchased
from swisstypefaces.com foundry. OPQRSTUVWXYZ OPQRSTUVWXYZ
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
1234567890 £&? 1234567890 £&?
Light 16pt, 80% black Light Italic 24pt, 80% black

4.2 Setting type –

SangBleu Sans. In body copy use leading that
is approximately 130% of the
Body copy on standard A4 and
A5 communications should be
9/12pt with 0pt tracking.

typesize, eg 9pt/12pt
When setting text you
should use size and colour
to help the reader navigate.

9pt, leading approx 12pt, tracking 0pt, 80% black

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 16

4.3 Secondary typeface.

ABCabc ABCabc
Akkurat Pro is our secondary
typeface and can be used for body
copy in printed communications.
It should be used where SangBleu
Sans is too large or has to be
reduced to a size less than 9pt to
fit copy on the page. It can also be Light 72pt Regular 72pt
used for terms and conditions.

Akkurat Pro should only ever be

Akkurat Pro can be purchased from abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
lineto.com type foundry. 1234567890 £&? 1234567890 £&?
Light 16pt, 80% black Regular 20pt, 80% black

4.4 Setting type –

Akkurat Pro. In body copy use leading that
is approximately 130% of the
Body copy on standard A4 and A5
communications should be 9/12pt
with -15 (indd) and -3 (QXD)

When setting text you should use

weight, size and colour to help the
reader navigate.
typesize, eg 9pt/12pt
9pt, leading approx 12pt, tracking -15pt, 80% black
Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 17

4.5 Tertiary typefaces.

Zurich Cn is our tertiary typeface.
It may only be used for small print
and terms and conditions.


abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 £&?

6pt, 80% black

If the typefaces SangBleu Sans and Akkurat
Pro are unavailable then please use Arial.


abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 £&?
16pt, 80% black

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 18

4.6 Creating
a hierarchy.

Main headlines
When setting text you should
use size and colour to help the
reader navigate.
(Gold C:34 M:34 Y:64 K:16)

SangBleu Sans Light

Largest point size on page

Subhead to introduce “Light Italic can be

paragraphs. used for quotes.”
(Gold C:34 M:34 Y:64 K:16) Gold, 90% Black or White dependent on background.

SangBleu Sans Light SangBleu Sans light italic should only be used for
Around 20% - 30% smaller than main headlines. quotes in large point size i.e. 15pt when body copy
is 9pt.

Secondary subhead for

divisions within body copy.
(80% black C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:80)

SangBleu Sans Light

Around 20% - 30% smaller than subheads.

Body copy.
(80% black C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:80)

SangBleu Sans Light

Around 10% - 20% smaller than secondary subheads.

On standard A4 and A5 applications body copy should be 9pt.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 19

4.7 Brochure
copy hierarchy.
Leading: approx 130%
e.g. 9pt - 12pt
Main headline. “Light Italic can be
12pt - 16pt (Gold C:34 M:34 Y:64 K:16) used for quotes.”
SangBleu Sans Light
Gold, 90% Black or White dependent on background.
Tracking: 0 16pt
SangBleu Sans light italic

Subhead to introduce paragraphs.

(Gold C:34 M:34 Y:64 K:16) 12345
SangBleu Sans Light Folios and footers
13pt (Gold C:34 M:34 Y:64 K:16)

SangBleu Sans Light


Secondary subhead for

divisions within body copy. Max 5mm

(80% black C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:80)

SangBleu Sans Light Design details and keylines (see page 30)
(70% black C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:70)

Stroke 0.25pt
Maximum height 5mm
Body copy.
(80% black C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:80)
Terms and Conditions
SangBleu Sans Light /
Akkurat Light Pro (80% black C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:80)
Zurich Light Condensed

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 20

5.0 Grid system and lock up.

Advertising and general

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 21

5.1 Grid overview.

1/6 X 1/6 X

Our design lock up is based on a 1/6 X Grid proportion guide:

simple grid system that divides a
page height into equal sections (X).
X Format X=
All elements of the design lock up
relate specifically and proportionally
to the value of X.
Single page portrait 1/12 page
The number of Xs per page is X
DPS 1/10 page
dependent on the format of the
application being created. X 6 Sheet 1/12 page
E.g. On a single page portrait
Bookends 1/12 page
format X =1/12 page. X
Horizontal page strip 1/10 page

1/6 X

Gutter width
1/6 of X

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 22

5.2 Lock up asset

Our graphic lock up is based
Cunard logo (keystone version)
on a simple grid system. Several
elements come together in the
lock up to create a visual identity Graphic frame

that is distinct and ownable. Your ocean awaits.

Black and red base bar

Ship logos

When the logos sit on newsprint they should be

reproduced in white. When the print is of a high
quality then the logos should be reproduced in Gold 871.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 23

5.3 Keystone.

The Cunard keystone should

always equal 1X. It should be X X
100% and contain the full colour
stacked logo.
Whenever possible the keystone
should be positioned at the top of
the page with central alignment.
The only exception to this is on
double page applications where
a page fold will interfere with the X
logo. In this case the logo should
be centred to the left or right
hand page.

The keystone is not a compulsory

design element. The logo can also X
appear as a standalone.*

Double page spread X *No keystone

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 24

5.4 Graphic frame.

1/6 X 1/6 X

Inspired by the profile of

our ships, the graphic frame
provides a distinct and ownable
design language across all X

The graphic frame should be
applied in proportion to X on
the grid.

It should always be Cunard Gold X

(see page 13) and overlaid at 50%
opacity. X

The frame should always sit in front

of the black section of the base bar, X
but behind the red section. Other
than the red base bar, no graphic X
elements should ever sit on top
of the frame. X

Designer notes: X
Due to the transparency, the
golden side bars should always be X
coloured in non-spot colour, even
if there is a spot colour of PMS871

The graphic frame should not be 2/3 X 2/3 X

used on solid colour backgrounds.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 25

5.5 Graphic frame

and base bar.
Depending on application the
graphic frame can be applied in
different ways. X

The base bar consists of a large black X

bar and a thinner red strip.
It is inspired by the distinct design of X

the Cunard Queen’s hulls. It is used

as a holder for the ship logos and X

other important copy.

The proportions of the base bar
are as follows: X

Total black and red = 1X

Black = 5/6X X

Red = 1/6X
The black section of the base bar
should always sit behind the graphic X

frame. The red section should always

sit on top.

Ship logos should be positioned X 5/6 X

1/6 X
centrally using the Q as a spacing
guide. Portrait base bar

When creating a double page spread

or split design the base
bar should not stretch across
the full page.

Double page spread/split design

Portrait Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 26

5.6 Lock up proportion

overview. 1/6 X 1/6 X 1/6 X 1/6 X

Please note that this example is a 1/6 X

single page portrait format where X =
1/12 page height. The value of X varies
between different applications. X
Your ocean awaits.

50% Page

The grid also allows space below
Your ocean awaits.
the red base bar to place Ts&Cs or
the ABTA or ATOL brands. In press X

advertising this is essential as it helps

with inconsistent bleed and trimming X

of the red base bar.

X 5/6 X
See page 50-51 for examples. 1/6 X

2/3 X 2/3 X 2/3 X 2/3 X

Single page portrait option 1 Single page portrait option 2

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 27

5.7 Covers.

All collateral should follow the

same grid and design principles
as ad layouts.
When required, the logo on covers
can be scaled for greater impact.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 28

5.8 Image and copy

Collateral layout follows a simple
and flexible grid system.

Spreads should be clean and

spacious allowing the information to
be easily navigated. Varied layouts
help to hold the reader’s interest
from page to page.

Images need to tell a story and

should be arranged eclectically on
the page. To give the images space
and to avoid cluttering, few images
scaled to a large size should be used,
rather than lots of small images.

Images may bleed off the page but

on no more than two sides.

When laying out text, hierarchical

copy principles should be followed
(page 18). Headlines, subheads
The great outdoors, as experienced with us.

and important information may sit

Distinctly Cunard
“I can’t put into

across multiple columns and, where Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Nulla adipiscing risus iaculis est vel nibh tincidunt hendrerit. Mae
words what if feels
like to walk onboard
any Queen.”
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consect
etur adipiscing elit. Nunc laoreet cu
Duis iaculis bibendum dolor, eu cong

ue enim hendrerit in. Proin sed massa te

mpus, dapibus libero eu, pulvinar lorem.

possible, should be centrally aligned.

fermentum, nec laoreet massa inter cenas malesuada commodo mauris ac rsus congue. Suspendisse vel ante ut
consect etur adipiscing elit. In dapibus, odio in eleifend. Cras nec
dum. Aenean hendrerit interdum elit tristique. Nullam ornare egestas fcdc sem gravida fermentum ut ac tortor.
Nunc laoreet cu rsus congue. et pretium. Nullam porta nisi eu mass libero eget aliquet. Quisque malesuada Phasellus porta feugiat dolor laoreet nulla ghle ctus. Nam convallis nunc id
Suspendisse vel ante ut sem bibendum. Fusce accumsan leo quis risus suscipit, sit amet mollis orci aliquet.
iaculis cursus. Suspendisse potenti. aliquam magna id scelerisque. Integer
Sed euismod, elit in semper consectetur,
gravida fermentum ut ac Nunc sit amet pharetra orci. Etiamdv vitae quam et metus dignissim ornare orci lacinia, sit amet rhoncus tortor
quam felis lobortis tortor, eget tincidunt
tortor. Phasellus porta feugiat volutpat laoreet diam, at commodo quis ac urna. Proin vitae nulla a sem elementum. Lorem ipsum dolor sit
amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nu leo lacus in mauris.
urna venenatis vel. Etiam rutrum rutr commodo pretium vitae in lacus.
dolor laoreet bibendum. Fusce rhoncus nisi id tincidunt feugiat. Sed
um mattis. Nulla sagittis ipsum purus.
accumsan leo quis orci lacinia, sit Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique Vestibulum vestibulum, eros ac ulla a ultrices nunc.

Body copy should always run in

amet rhoncus tortor elementum. senectus et netus et malesuada fames mcorper aliquam, ante odio fermentum
Nulla imperdiet risus ffnec dolor turpis egestas. Duis tincidunt malesua lectus, non suscipit ligula enim a ligula. Nulla adipiscing risus iaculis est
volutpat. Etiam sit amet suscipit mag. Nam lorem sem, mollis id pretium a, fermentum, nec laoreet massa inter
semper, tristique iaculis.
semper non orci. Vestibulum et volutpat dum. Aenean hendrerit interdum elit
Sed euismod, elit in semper consectetur, leo. Mauris rhoncus lorem diam, ac et pretium. Nullam porta nisi eu mass
quam felis lobortis tortor, eget tincidunt tincidunt libero cursus vel. Vestibulum iaculis cursus. Suspendisse potenti.

columns that are 4 grid squares in

leo lacus in mauris. Vestibulum dfdfr imperdiet sapien vitae diam eleifend
Nunc sit amet pharetra orci. Etiamdv volutpat laoreet diam, at commodo
urna venenatis vel. Etiam rutrum rutr
um mattis. Nulla sagittis ipsum purus. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames turpis egestas.

crvrvrv consectetur dui sit amet mollis accumsan. Praesent in nibh sed purus
tincidunt. Donec mattis adipiscing turpis malesuada vestibulum vel ut tortor.
vitae fvr blandit. Curabitur eu facilisis Maecenas at malesuada lectus, sed
sapien. Pellentesque eget sapien nec ullamcorper arcu uis ac sagittis qua.
ante condimentum euismod. Ut nibh

width. It must always be left aligned.

leo, interdum et ullamcorper in, auctor Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consect
sit amet dolor. Mauris porta commodo etur adipiscing elit. Nunc laoreet cu
urna, id porta ligula condimentum in. rsus congue. Suspendisse vel ante
Cras id rhoncus neque, et convallis ut sem gravida fermentum ut ac
magna. Nam tincidunt venenatis laor tortor. Phasellus porta feugiat dolor
Ut et neque porta, molestie lectus laoreet bibendum. Fusce accumsan
vel, mollis turpis. Ut eleifend, ante in leo quis orci lacinia, sit amet rhoncus
tristique lobortis, ante nulla bibendum tortor elementum.
mi, at vulputate risus enim et odio.

Copy should never be justified.

Duis et volutpat venenatis.
leo facilisis, sodales elit ut, malesuada nibh. Nullam non eros quis sapien vvrv

Suspendisse potenti. Proin adipiscing lacus

4 Visit cunard.co.uk | Call 0843 374 0000 | Contact your travel agent 5 4 Visit cunard.co.uk | Call 0843 374 0000 | Contact your travel agent 5

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 29

6.0 Design details.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 30

6.1 Diamonds.

Diamonds are a great example of Divider

how design details on the ships
translate well into graphic devices. (70% black C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:70)

Fine stroke weight e.g. A4 = 0.25

In a triple formation centred within Maximum height = height of C in logo
a keyline, diamonds can be used
as page dividers.
Your ocean awaits.
Singly, they can also be used as
bullet points within copy and to
mark points on maps.

Diamonds should be used with

discretion. They should only ever
be gold, white, black or grey
Bullet/map marker
(60% black).

◆◆ Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur.

◆◆ Nulla a quam in elit aliquet lobortis.
◆◆ Ut sed ante luctus, bibendum nulla consequat.
◆◆ Proin id eros a tortor commodo ullamcorper.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 31

6.2 Maps.

Simplified maps make it easy for

the reader to navigate the route. Venice
Akkurat Pro should be used for
clear labelling. Korcula Istanbul
Designer notes: Naples
Where possible route lines should Volos
be 0.33pt wide. Embarkation/ Hamburg Ephesus
termination markers should have Southampton Bodrum
a 0.5pt outline and other ports Mykonos Rhodes
should have a 0.25pt outline. Olympia
Santorini Crete

6.3 Page tabs.

Page divider tabs can be created in

an art deco style taking inspiration
Distinctly Cunard

from the ship’s interiors.

Queen Mary 2

Tabs can be colour coded

according to ship colours as

Queen Victoria
referenced on page 13.

Queen Elizabeth

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 32

7.0 Tone of voice.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 33

7.1 Tone overview.

To reach a set of principles on how we

express the brand in copy content,
Brand Value Tonal principle
we took our lead from the brand values.

Gracious Sophisticated
Authentic Confident
Calm Effortless
Distinctive Experiential

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 34

7.2 Using the tonal

So, how do these principles actually Sophisticated. Experiential.
break down into applications for
We know the people we talk to are knowledgeable and Involve the reader directly in the content. What does it mean
Cunard’s tone of voice?
people of the world, often literally, who enjoy the finer things to them? How will it affect them? Why are they going to love
in life. So when we share information with them, it’s worth and be excited by the experience, or even the anticipation
of that experience?
remembering it can be the tiny details that really count and
get their attention.
A touch of Britishness.
Confident. By which we don’t mean bullish patriotism, but rather the
positive post-2012 Olympics sense of self-possession and
When it comes to ocean-going luxury at a large scale, we’re
inclusiveness, coupled with hints of old traditions and quirks
the originators. We know what we’re doing, no-one does it
recognised the world over.
better and you can put your total trust in us every step of the
way. Alluding to our long heritage, and the experience that
informs our service, in headlines and body copy, will help
to establish our authority.

We go to great lengths to make sure that every moment of
every passenger’s time with us is seamlessly pleasant, with
no need for the faintest crease to cross a brow. Copy should
adopt its own version of White Star Service, always being
polite, a joy to read, making its point as simply and quickly
as possible, and never overstaying its welcome.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 35

7.3 In practice.

Some practical steps on how to use the Sophisticated.

tonal principles to inform tone of voice. ◆◆ Once you’ve written something, read it back aloud to see
◆◆ By definition people who say they’re cool, aren’t.
whether you stumble over phrases, or run out of breath
Let people know what makes Cunard stand above any
before you reach the end of a sentence.
competition by implication rather than overt claims.
◆◆ Again, when you’ve completed a first draft, take a look
◆◆ Superlatives are usually unnecessary and it’s better to
at it with a view to cutting 25% of the content. Is that
let the reader decide just how ‘amazing’, ‘incredible’
adjective really necessary? Is the second half of that
and ‘fantastic’ our services are for themselves.
sentence really adding anything? If not, cut it.
◆◆ Always check and double-check your spelling and Lightened up copy will always read better.
grammar, even when you’re pretty sure it’s right.
Best to be absolutely certain.
◆◆ Avoid over-ornate punctuation like semi-colons, unless Experiential.
grammatically necessary. And exclamation marks ◆◆ Look to add plenty of ‘you’s and ‘your’s to help personalise
should only be used in the unlikely event of a genuine the content.
exclamation turning up in copy.
◆◆ Put yourself in the reader’s position. What will they really
want to know about the subject at hand? How will it make
Confident. them feel? Write about that.
◆◆ At the headline level, rather than the broad sweep
◆◆ Don’t overstate your case – understatement implies
of ‘our service at tea is wonderful’, focusing on a smaller
detail – the white gloves, the silverware, the varieties
◆◆ Be certain - avoid the language of prevarication or using of cake – is more likely to grab attention and make the
words that suggest hesitancy or uncertainty, like ‘may’ reader feel involved in the experience.
or ‘could’.
◆◆ If possible, avoid qualifiers, codicils, footnotes or anything
leading to small print that suggests there are exceptions A touch of Britishness.
to the key point being made. ◆◆ Use UK English spelling – ‘colour’ rather than ‘color’,
‘recognise’ rather than ‘recognize’, ‘adviser’ rather
than ‘advisor’.
◆◆ Outside of the previous point, remember it’s Britishness
◆◆ Longer sentences are acceptable so long as they have we’re looking for rather than Englishness.
rhythm and flow. Otherwise, keeping each sentence brief
◆◆ Highlighting subtle eccentricities is fine, but avoid playing
and dealing with one specific point, makes them far easier
up to clichés.
to read.
◆◆ Try to avoid long, multi-syllable words when a shorter
one will do the job just as well.
Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 36

7.4 Sample content.

A few examples of how the tonal

principles would work in the
The Cunard experience. White Star Service.
field, describing ‘only on Cunard’
Your ocean awaits. Service as immaculate as a pair of
Imagine a voyage where the horizons are endless, the luxury white gloves.
boundless, where you can dance effortlessly and wine, dine,
mix and mingle. We pride ourselves on a service that goes above and beyond
your expectations.
Where you can try fencing, running, or swimming across the
international date line.
Old world courtesies.
Or, if you prefer, just go with the flow and drink it all in.
White Star Service is the warm smile that welcomes you on
There’s plenty of time. There’s plenty of space. embarkation, the white-gloved hand that serves you tea in the
And it’s all your own. afternoon, and the polite yet friendly greeting in the corridor.

Little touches.
A meticulous attention to the tiniest detail ensures our ships
and staff are always immaculately turned out. Doing things the
right way to ensure that every aspect of your time on board is
as enjoyable and luxurious as it can be. Whatever you need,
nothing is too much trouble.

Our legacy.
Rooted in Cunard’s long maritime heritage, our White Star
Service harks back to the golden age of travel, a tradition our
staff continue to honour by maintaining impeccable standards
every day.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 37

7.4 Sample content.

Afternoon Tea at 3.30pm. Theatrical entertainment

Anyone for tea? at sea.
What could be more British than afternoon tea? In fact, it’s West End, Far East.
so British it was started by a duchess, the 7th Duchess of
Bedford, in the 1840s, to provide a break between luncheon On board each of our ships you’ll find our Royal Court
and dinner. Theatres. Indeed, on Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria,
you can book one of the first ever private boxes at sea.
It’s a tradition we observe each day, at precisely 3.30pm, as
white-gloved waiters serve tea in the Queen’s Room, along Not that it’s just the theatres themselves that are impressive.
with fresh scones with cream, and exquisitely-cut finger On stage, the repertoire runs from lighthearted comedy
sandwiches. to Shakespeare classics, and from spectacular musical
productions to serious drama.
As every tea-drinker knows, this acts as the perfect
punctuation to the day. The performances aren’t restricted to the stage, either. If our
shows have given you the bug, you can enjoy personal acting
tuition from our RADA-trained actors, too.

Cunard Insights.
Faces you’ll recognise, stories
you won’t.
Amongst the people on board you might spot some familiar
faces, including writers, actors, film-makers, politicians,
explorers, scientists, historians, even the occasional
Likely as not, it’s because they’ve been invited to inform,
educate and entertain you as part of Cunard Insights, regular
talks on contemporary issues by well-known experts and
Come along and you might see the likes of Margaret Atwood
discussing her latest novel, Robert Powell talking about his
life as an actor, or Lord Robert Winston on his medical career,
all of them recent Cunard guest speakers.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 38

7.5 Style Guide.

Flexibility in language through use of a varied Cruises/Voyages. Transatlantic Crossings. Guest/Passenger.

vocabulary is important – it isn’t a sign of Cruise is the primary term for pre-cruise These are not referred to as cruises - Cunard Both of these terms are appropriate depending
inconsistency but is simply a better use of marketing. For the digital age it is the term offers a unique experience on a Transatlantic on the situation and in most cases they can be
language and adds interest as well as being people tend to search for and it is also the Crossing and the term differentiates that
more conversational. term which people who are considering their experience from a cruise. Alternatively, when
first cruise understand. Voyage can be used in referring to Transatlantic Crossings the term Passenger is normally the best term to use
copy to alternate with cruise or to elevate it. For voyage can also be used to add extra variety in before sailing and when describing the journey
example: copy and is entirely appropriate. For example: itself. Someone is a passenger on Transatlantic
Crossing and on a Mediterranean cruise.
Mediterranean Cruises – Cruising is the best Cunard has offered Transatlantic Crossings Likewise, when we refer to our customers in the
way to see the world and Cunard has been since 1840 and is the only company offering abstract or collectively they are passengers such
learning its trade since 1840. We offer cruises this unique voyage on a regular basis.
as ‘The passengers and crew…’.
which explore many of the world’s most Sail with Queen Mary 2 on a Transatlantic
beautiful destinations and there is no better Once on board, guest is normally the best
Crossing between Southampton and New
way to explore. Queen Elizabeth offers a range of term to use as it has more luxury and service
York this summer. If you choose a westbound
cruises in the Mediterranean including voyages connotations. Guest is also a more suitable term
voyage to New York you will appreciate
which set sail from Rome, Venice and Athens. for welcoming people to dinner in a restaurant or
arriving in this iconic city with no jet lag.
to a ball on board. For example:
However once on board the ship voyage is
normally a more appropriate term which World Voyage. ‘Queen Mary 2 carries 2,600 passengers’
also lends an extra sense of grandeur to the but ‘Our Britannia guests are invited to the
The very special nature of this option means it
experience. For example: Captain’s Cocktail Party tonight’.
is a voyage rather than a cruise. Likewise the
Captain Wells, his officers and crew welcome longer sectors are best described as such. In ‘Cunard has carried many passengers over
you aboard this voyage to the Norwegian each of these cases however, cruise is not wrong the years from the world of politics’ but
Fjords. and can be used to add variety. This applies to ‘Guests dining in the Queens Grill will enjoy a
pre-cruise marketing and documentation where particularly special menu this evening’.
We hope you have enjoyed your voyage with
voyage should be the primary term but cruise
us and look forward to welcoming you
can also be used in copy to add variety and
again soon.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 39

7.5 Style guide.

Dates. Headlines. Quotes. Websites.

Dates should be written British style, with We always use full stops at the end of headlines When quoting someone, use double quote Web addresses are always entirely lower case,
day, month, year, rather than month, day, year. and subheads. We don’t use initial caps within marks. Single quote marks should be used to unless specified otherwise.
We don’t use ordinals, and there should headlines except for the first word and mark out or identify items within text. They can
We don’t use ‘http://’ or ‘www’. in web addresses.
be no comma after the month. proper nouns. also be used to denote scepticism about a term,
though that’s unlikely to come up often here.
If a day of the week is included, there Cunard.
Direct quotes should be prefaced by a colon.
should be a comma after the day. Bullet points. We refer to ourselves as a single entity, so
Quotes should be written in light italics.
For example, we would write: When the bullet points follow on from a we would say: ‘Cunard is celebrating its 175th
The Commodore said:
Friday, 24 January 2014. lead-in sentence, you: anniversary in 2015’ and not ‘Cunard are
“My title should always begin with a capital ‘C’.”
celebrating their 175th anniversary in 2015’.
We would not write: should treat each bullet point as a
Friday, January 24 2014 or continuation of that opening sentence Exclamation marks. Cunard vs Cunard Line.
Friday, 24th January, 2014. should, therefore, start each bullet point No! In all customer-facing or internal
with lower case, unless it’s a proper name
Times. communications we refer to ourselves
should only conclude that sentence with Contractions. simply as Cunard.
We use the 12-hour clock, not the 24-hour a full stop at the end of the final bullet point. Contractions – for example using can’t rather
clock, with the hours and minutes divided
Any sentences that don’t follow on from that than cannot and don’t rather than do not – can Cunard ships.
by a full stop, as follows:
lead-in sentence should be treated as a help to make copy content more accessible The names of our ships should never be split
9.00am. separate point, at the end, and not included and engaging. They should be used in general across two lines in text. Always use the full name
3.30pm. as a bullet, unless rewritten. In this format it’s customer-facing copy. There may be occasions of a ship, unless absolutely impossible. If it is
best to avoid more than one statement in – for example, a formal invitation – when a impossible use the abbreviations QE, QM2 and
As we operate across time zones it may
a bullet, as putting in a full stop mid-point but more formal style, without use of contractions, QV. The names of our ships are never prefixed
occasionally be necessary to put the time
not at the end starts to look weird. is more appropriate. with the definite article. So ‘Queen Mary 2’, but
zone referred to in brackets after the time.
never ‘the Queen Mary 2’. And our ships should
For example: In other cases bullet points may be a series Currency. always be referred to as ‘she’, never ‘it’.
12.30pm (UK time). of connected points that follow from a
We use lower case when referring to currencies
statement, headline or subhead.
in full, for example: dollars, yen, euros.
These are to be treated as separate US dollars are our on board currency and thus
We write the numbers one to nine in full, sentences. they should always be used when referring to
10 and up as figures. paying for anything on board.
So, each one starts with an initial cap.
Exceptions would include percentages, And each ends with a full stop, or appropriate When referring to amounts of currency, the
decimals, addresses, sums of money, punctuation. national abbreviation should preface the
distances and speeds. currency, for example: US$2,000, AUS$2,000.
You can even comfortably have two sentences
We include commas in figures of 1,000 Exceptions are pound sterling and the euro,
in one of these. It really doesn’t matter.
and above. where ‘£’ and ‘€’ are sufficient.
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Cunard Brand Guidelines. 40

7.6 Summary.

◆◆ Use proper punctuation, even in a headline.
◆◆ Use words or phrases (flow, drift) that suggest the
cadence of water. With subtlety.
◆◆ Imply and understate rather than over-sell.
◆◆ Say your line out loud to hear whether it flows naturally.
◆◆ Check back to see whether any words can be cut
without losing meaning.

◆◆ Use terms that come across as boastful (best, biggest).
◆◆ Use contractions in headlines, unless it sounds strange
if you do not.
◆◆ Try to tell the whole story in a headline.
◆◆ Use sea-faring puns. Or any other puns.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 41

7.7 Lexicon.

Ships Restaurants The Verandah – Please note ‘h’ at end of Spa

The definite article is not used when talking Asado ‘Verandah’. On occasion it may be necessary to spa – Please note lower case ‘s’ when used
about the three Queens, so we say Aztec say ‘Verandah restaurant’ for context. In this generically.
‘Queen Mary 2’ not ‘the Queen Mary 2’. Bamboo case ‘restaurant’ should have a lower case ‘r’. Canyon Ranch SpaClub – Please note, on
Queen Elizabeth Britannia Restaurant – first usage in body copy (not in headlines or
Queen Mary 2 – Please note figure ‘2’ Please note upper case ‘R’ on ‘Restaurant’. Accommodation subheads) this should include the Registered
Queen Victoria Britannia Club – Please note, on occasion it On board Queen Mary 2 mark in superscript - Canyon Ranch SpaClub®.
may be necessary to say ‘Britannia Club Queens Grill Suites Royal Spa and Fitness Centre
Bars and lounges. restaurant’ for context. In this case ‘restaurant’ Include:
Admiral’s Lounge should have a lower case ‘r’. Grand Duplex, Sandringham Shopping
Boardwalk Café Carvery Duplex Apartment, Buckingham Suite Royal Arcade shops
Café Carinthia – Chef’s Galley Royal Suite, Queen Anne Anya Hindmarch
Please note the accent on the ‘e’ of ‘café’. Coriander Penthouse Suite Book Shop
Chart Room The Courtyard Queens Suite Clarendon Fine Art
Churchill’s Cigar Lounge – Please note Jasmine On board Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth Harris Tweed – Please note capital ‘T’ on ‘Tweed’.
possessive apostrophe. Kings Court – Please note no possessive Queens Grill Suites Mayfair Shops
Commodore Club apostrophe. Include: The Ship’s Photographer
G32 Lido – Please note, on occasion it may be Grand Suite
Garden Lounge Swimming pools
necessary to say ‘Lido restaurant’ for context. In Master Suite
Golden Lion Lido Pool
this case ‘restaurant’ should have a lower case ‘r’. Penthouse Suite
Grills Lounge Minnows Pool
Lotus Queens Suite
Hemispheres Pavilion Pool – Please note, in this context,
La Piazza On board all three Queens
Lido Pool Bar should always be used in this formation,
Prime stateroom – no capital ‘s’ – this is a generic term
Midships Bar/Lounge not ‘The Pavilion’.
Princess Grill – Please note, on occasion it may for rooms on board, except when being used in
Pavilion Bar Sun Deck Splash Pool
be necessary to say ‘Princess Grill restaurant’ one of the proper names listed below.
Queens Room – Please note no apostrophe. Terrace Pool
for context. In this case ‘restaurant’ should have
Sir Samuel’s Princess Grill Suite
a lower case ‘r’.
Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bar Britannia Staterooms
Queens Grill – Please note no possessive
Winter Garden Include:
apostrophe. On occasion it may be necessary to
Yacht Club Club Balcony (Queen Elizabeth and
say ‘Queens Grill restaurant’ for context. In this
Queen Mary 2 only).
case ‘restaurant’ should have a lower case ‘r’.
Balcony stateroom
Todd English - Please note, on occasion it may
Balcony (partially-obstructed view) stateroom
be necessary to say Todd English restaurant for
Oceanview stateroom
context. In this case ‘restaurant’ should have a
Deluxe Inside stateroom
lower case ‘r’.
Standard Inside stateroom Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 42

7.7 Lexicon.

Children’s facilities Cunard Insights than cruise ships or cruise liners, in passenger members are trained to achieve the standards
Night Nursery facing copy. of White Star Service.
Cunard Weddings
the Zone – Collective name for the three
Log in – Use two words for verb use and one White Star Service – Please note capital ‘s’
areas for children of different ages, including: Cunarder’s Gallery/Cunard Place
word as a noun, e.g. ‘Log in here using the on ‘Service’.
– the Kids Zone – Please note no apostrophe Cunardia/Cunardia Gallery login button’.
in ‘Kids’.
– the Play Zone Daily Programme – Printed daily notification maitre d’ – Please note lower case ‘m’ and
of on board activities.
Our top five lexicon DOs and DON’Ts
– the Teen Zone apostrophe after the ‘d’. Also, please note the ‘i’
Please note lower case ‘t’ in ‘the’ for all of the in ‘maitre’ does not include a circumflex accent. ◆◆ Do say staterooms or suites.
e-brochure – Please note lower case ‘e’
above. Don’t say cabins.
and hyphen. Maritime Quest
◆◆ Do say liners, ocean liners or ships.
General Empire Casino Medical Centre Don’t say boats or cruise ships.
24 hour room service –
Please note no hyphen, all lower case.
e-ticket – On board – Always two words in all usage ◆◆ Do say fares. Don’t say prices.
Please note lower case ‘e’ and hyphen. ◆◆ Do say complimentary. Don’t say free.
planetarium – Please note lower case ‘p’.
Afternoon Tea – Please note initial caps. Takes
Fares – Use a lower case ‘f’ in generic usage,
place each day at 3.30pm on all three Queens. Purser’s Desk/Office
but should be capitalised when part of a
art deco – Please note lower case ‘a’ and ‘d’. product name, for example ‘Cunard Fare’. Royal Court Theatre – Please note all initial caps.
butler – Please note lower case ‘b’. Fitness Centre Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA)
Captain – Always initial cap, whether used for flagship – As one word Sailaway Party
a named individual or in a more generic sense.
Fly-Cruise – Please note initial caps sommelier – Please note lower case ‘s’.
champagne – Use lower case ‘c’, unless it is and hyphen.
Tour Office
part of a proper name, or referring to the region
Games Deck
of France. transatlantic – Please note lower case ‘t’
Grand Lobby and lower case ‘a” when used generically
Commodore – Always initial cap, whether
rather than in the title of a cruise.
used for a named individual or in a more Illuminations – Queen Mary 2’s cinema,
generic sense. planetarium and Cunard insights venue. Transatlantic Crossings – Title of one of our
regular cruises.
concierge – Used as a generic term rather Library
than a title, so no capital ‘c’. Voyage Personaliser
Liner/ocean liner – Though technically
Cunard ConneXions Internet Centre - Please Queen Mary 2 is the only one of our three Queens Voyage Sales Office
note upper case ‘X’. that is a true ocean liner, all three Queens should
White Star Academy – Where our crew
be described as liners or ocean liners, rather Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 43

8.0 Photography.
Our new brand imagery is an expression of
the scale and luxury of the Cunard experience.
The following pages provide an overview,
dividing the imagery into three territories.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines 44

8.1 Hero.

Naturalistic imagery of passengers

on board, making eye contact to
demonstrate confidence and engage
the viewer with the image.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines 45

8.2 Experience.

Highlighting what passengers can

enjoy on board the three Queens.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines 46

8.3 Reportage.

Casual, documentary-
style shots.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 47

8.4 Application
of brand imagery.
Where possible images should be used
in their full landscape format. When a
portrait or panoramic format is necessary
select images that can be cropped
suitably to maintain the feeling of space
and scale.

Avoid cropping the images too tight.

Use wider crops that give the sense
of scale.

Ideal crop Suitable crop Unsuitably tight crop

Ideal crop Unsuitably tight crop

Ideal crop Unsuitably tight crop

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 48

8.5 Destinations.

◆◆ Choose wide angle images that capture the scale of the destination.
◆◆ Choose natural but interesting light and colour situations.
◆◆ Avoid unnaturally blue skies and glossy artificial colours.
◆◆ Choose images that capture a fresh take on familiar views and iconic landmarks.
◆◆ Imperfect conditions and bold horizons add drama and help draw the audience into
the picture.
◆◆ Avoid any image that looks staged - authenticity is essential.
◆◆ Avoid close up detail shots where there is no sense of place.
◆◆ When specific activities need to be portrayed show the bigger picture - e.g. for a safari,
use an image of animals on a vast backdrop rather than close ups that could have been
taken in a zoo. For a market, show many stalls, not a close up of a product.

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Cunard Brand Guidelines. 49

9.0 Application.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 50

9.1 Advertising.

Single page advert.

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Cunard Brand Guidelines. 51

9.1 Advertising.

Double page spread

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 52

9.2 Brochure.

Double page spread.

Contents. >
Cunard Brand Guidelines. 53

9.3 Digital.
Web banners.

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Cunard Brand Guidelines. 54

10.0 Contact.

Andrea Lenihan Alison Moss David Kemp

Cunard Brand Manager Creative Services Manager Senior Designer

T 02380 656793 T 02380 656540 T 02380 656544

E andrea.lenihan@cunard.co.uk E alison.moss@cunard.co.uk E david.kemp@cunard.co.uk

December 2014
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