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Agriculture is the key sector in india and egage about 65 percent of the work force

most of whome are below poverity of the workforce most of whome are below

poverity line. However, the performance at this sector has been for from

satisfactory, during the 1990 agriculture grouth in uttar Pradesh )2.3 percent annual

) was lowers than the all –india picture a large population and poverity have

putexcessive pressers on natural reasons which has led to programation of land

holding ( less than ) during ha last two decades (1980-2000). There has been no

signican one percent shift in favour of non- agricultural users from untilised land.

Uttar Pradesh is a major food grain producing state rice and wheat as well as chich

pea and pigeon pea area the important foodgain crop. Sugarcane is another

important foodgrain crop.

So, agricultural economy of area district of Uttar Pradesh is based on small and

medium interprises. Main crops of agra district like wheat, bajra, mustard, potato

etc. an incense in the area of potato crop has been observed in agra district.

The district is also suffering from irregular rainfall along with salt water problems

NABARD has sanctioned projects under RIDF act form modernization of the

irrigation of state tube wells and construction of roads and construction of roads
and works of watershed projects in the Agra district . same of which have been

completed and same in various stages of completion

In the case of needs under the discussions and conversion health storage irrigation

and projects under education can be defined under RIDF.

We received the following information about the rural infrastructure of Agra

district from the NABARD manager of the District the village in which the before

puce road were not constructed the before have been constructed. Under this fund

(RIDF) has constructed about 78.5 km pucca roads so where in facilities for

agricultural production of rural people could be made available under this fund

(RIDF) many animal clinics solor plant, bridge, school have also been constructed

in Agra district

This fund is continuing its projects Agra district and successfully reaching the

villages we have study of bah- jaithpurklan watershed project under this under

(RIDF) this shows that this project has benefited the vilages so thiswatershed

project has changed the cropping intensity of that area. Before the watershed

project cropping intensity of selected form size group 170 % that was extensive but

completed of watershed project reached the cropping intensity 201 % which

become intensive to the extensive

Therefore, the number of these small and marginal farmers is high in this area

while the large farm size group is few.

Therefore most of the land is under small and medium farms size group .

Therefore plans are being executed for the unfertile or bancen land.

Puccaroads , bridges, dam has increased speed of the movement of farmers

produce now the farmers are getting their goods in the market at the right time.

1.Talking to the NABRD district officials that the state govt and district

employees it has come to know that the skill locked the information.

2.thus fund (RIDF) is continuing its projects in Agra district and successfully

reaching the villages so the state government needs to take full advantage of this


3.the watershed project undertaken by RIDF has not been inspected . this show that

there is a lack of inspection of others project there for should be continuously

inspected to run the work continuously and smoothly .

4.there fore in view of the lack of resources in the area, more major projects are

required .

5.therefore the government should create a direct connection system for

information about the lack of infrastructure of villages so that the correct problem

can be ascertained and its assessment.