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May 2nd, 2018

Time: 2:15 - 2:55 PM

Location: Summit Room

Members: Paula Cooney, Austin Kolm,Gustavo Munoz, Michael Burkett, Madison Rhodes, Bryan Eisele, Shirley
Martinson, Douglas Ortego, Kim Cronin, Liza Bauer and Sarah Beth Bliss

2:15 - 2:17 PM --- Review #TVStrong Norms and our goals

S​trength T​eamwork R​espect O​pen-minded N​oble G​oals

Be hard on Attend and participate actively in Be on time Listen to Don’t assume your Keep in mind the larger
issues, not on all meetings. understand. ideas are the best purpose.
people. ideas.
Solutions oriented that meet the Assume positive Do what you say you’ll
most needs. intent. Show up prepared. do.

Smart Goal: Teachers at TVHS will collaborate with each other within each mathematical content class with the
intent to facilitate more personalized learning experiences aimed at guiding students in the acquisition of
various skills needed for independent learning.

Essential Question: How do we equip an innovative learner?

Our goal when we meet:

We will intentionally collaborate around how we are designing lessons to spiral, in order to
support students’ capacity for problem solving. --- starting with a focus on factoring and
specifically the area method

2:17 PM - 2:50 PM
How can we as a math team best support students in competency in factoring?
● Discussion
● Agreement
● Commitment to action

Agreement to continue using the area method to support mathematical thinking in call classes

Discussion as to what to work on next in terms of collaboration:

Exponents -- graph transformations
Systems of equations
Pythagorean theorem -- distance formula
Dividing by zero
Line of fraction as divided by
Stats threads

Does order matter? Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II

ALP group -- badging -- how will it work? What parts of mathematical thinking can students
only get from math classes as opposed to other classes?
Badging as evidence towards Capestone and collecting evidence of proficiency

Most energy around continuing the discussion of both/either next year:

● Exponents
● Does what kids learn and when in terms of math matter?

​ :50 - 2:55 PM ---- Glow and Grows

Glows: Agree about factoring and working together, Mike’s ringtone, connecting algebra with
spatial thinking