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Table Of Contents
Fundamental Chaos: Sigils & Servitors
Chaos Symbolism
Chaos Magick and Dating!?
Inter dimensional Portals
Astral Magick
How I Created A Castle With Magick
The Magick Of Gnosis
Chaos invocation
Getting My Dream Job With Magick
Chaos Sexual Magick
How I Manifested Money At Will With Magick
Willowick Rituals and Exercises
Get ready for some magick.

But before we do, let’s craft out the path.

Here’s what you’ll get from this book:

1. A little about me and how I started with Chaos Magick.

2. My Pagan background.
3. A bit about how I love Jung.
4. Overview of some essential (Chaos) Magick elements – Servitors, Sigils,
Banishing’s and other notables.
5. The Good stuff – rituals, methods, techniques
6. Amazing things that I created with magick

My name is Chad Willowick and, magically enough, I’m from Willowick, Ohio. I’ve
been around for a long time and have noticed quite a few Chaos Magick books popping up
lately. Some are from people I know from classes, sessions, and seminars as well as in a
myriad of other functions. Many, I don’t know. This is a giant Universe, after all.

Now, let us get one thing straight here – this is a guide; it is a powerful tool to add to
your Magick library to continue you on that great journey. Here’s the answer to things that are
concise yet robust, open yet focused, and, unanimously easy to implement.

Let me tell you that the experiences that I have had with magick are something special.
Something surreal. Something so surreal that it is hard to believe that it is actually so real. So
surreal that it’s so real.

So let’s take a trip into the world of Chaos Magick from experience. And let this be
the beginning of a wonderful magickal journey, describing how I am living the Chaos Magick

How I win $5,000 weekly! And how you can too!

How I manifest relationships and dating triumphs! And how you can too!
How I created a castle, literally – And how you can too!

How I created my dream job. And how you can too!

I started studying chaos magick because I got interested in the occult in general and it
became one of the most important parts of my life. I decided to dive into it as I wanted to
expand the boundaries of my own mind. After some time, I understood that the system can
open your mind and expand the limits of your understanding of the universe in a tremendous

One of the things that got me into the pagan mindset is the awesomeness of the inherent
divinity of all things. Animism advocates that there is spirit in every tree, rock, river, and
even spirits in the land. When I took on these ideas, I embraced them fully. If a rock contains
the spark of divinity, then there must be divinity in a pen, in a car, in a knife, in a sick child
dying of hunger, in a serial rapist sitting in a jail cell. The beautiful spark that flows through a
majestic river untouched by human garbage must also flow through the arteries that carry
pollution and traffic through our cities.

There is death, destruction and decay everywhere you go, and some people think
Mother Nature can be a bitch. She created us, and she creates natural disasters. But maybe we
created her, or maybe both. Some witches believe that they need to synchronize themselves
with Mother Nature, but no amount of hand-wringing or lovely walks in the forest
interspersed with a bit of tree-hugging will make any significant change.

What can you do then? There will be no revolution to reverse the clock. Most witches
are merely waving feathered crystals about the place while singing ‘We All Come from the
Goddess,' immersed in some kind of denial about everything that goes on, and moreover,
losing whatever power they had in the first place.

Chaos is the essence of the revolution. Your mind wildly and inevitably expands and
you understand that you have the actual power to change the universe.

Sigils are symbols created by occult practitioners in order to “program” some ideas
and information within the subconscious mind. They've been popular for hundreds of years,
and in Chaos Magick they’re based on the works of Austin Spare.

The general theory is simple. Using various techniques, you can create a sigil,
implanted within your own subconscious during meditation in the moment of achieving gnosis.
You can use a type of behavior, an idea, or even a goal that you want to achieve. Your
subconscious will then help you make it happen.
Create and use sigils

The normal process of creating and using sigils is to reduce what you want into a
single phrase and then create the sigil from that phrase. For this, we will use as an example of
the creation of a sigil for developing psychic powers.

First, you need to create the sigil. This can be done in the following ways:

-Write down a phrase that suits your objective, like: I HAVE PSYCHIC ABILITIES.

-Delete all doubled or tripled letters, so all that remains is: IHAVEPSYCIABLT

-Write down the sigil on a piece of paper by merging all the letters together into one
symbol, with letters inscribed into each other.

A quick way to activate the sigil is using meditation until you can reach a certain level of
concentration. Clear your mind and when you are ready, focus on the symbol. Keep in mind
what it means and what you want it to do (help your psychic development), keep focusing for
about 5 minutes. Then open your eyes, and burn the piece of paper with the sigil – use candle
flame until you can feel the flame burning the tip of your fingers. Pain is one of the most
effective methods for gnosis. Once you're done, stop thinking about the sigil altogether.
Servitor Creation

There are as many ways of creating a servitor as there are magical disciplines. It may
be banned or taboo within some practices, but the tools needed are probably there, or easily
obtained. If you read a lot of modern information on Chaos, almost every piece of it is based
on sigil use, as it is the most basic way to use the magic used in Chaos.

To create a servitor, you must imagine it very carefully and in detail, and then charge it
with your energy. This can be done throughout several sessions of magical work, or even in
some other way that you believe will have the same effect. The point is to make it exist.

Then, it's activation time. For that you will need to have your physical link to the
servitor. With it you enter meditation, with a ritual of your choosing, you need to give it
purpose, and define things for it such as its food and personality.

This physical link is a physical representation of the servitor. It is not necessarily part
of the creation of the servitor, which is still done with the method of your choosing, but during
the casting process you establish a link from it to the servitor, and a link between you and the
object. The objective of the link is to connect you to your servitor and allow for an easier
The Egregore Evolution

There are a few ways that a servitor can become an egregore. First, conversion from
servitor to egregore is usually a slow process, not a specific moment in time. Most egregores
I have encountered exist because they were intended to be an egregore, neglected, or just
poorly designed in the first place. Some egregores are made from the beginning to be
completely autonomous entities with a broad purpose in mind. Of course, these can be
benevolent, neutral, or malevolent entities, and may be autonomous, but because of their
design, they are drawn or limited to interactions with certain people or things. A well-built
Egregore can serve a family for generations, protect secrets, or even torment an entire
bloodline for generations.

The poorly designed egregores can be a nuisance, but are usually so weak, or so
disjointed in their design, that they can’t influence much, and their presence is short, as their
intentions are easily drawn elsewhere. For example, if someone builds a servitor to help them
get revenge on a certain person, and the target dies (whether from an untimely demise or from
the decay of time), if the creator didn’t build some sort of self-destruct into the egregore (yes,
you can do that, most easily by restricting where it can feed from), or doesn’t destroy the
egregore after the creator feels its mission is complete, it may have enough freedom in its
created purpose that it can do what it wants. With a lack of target, our example servitor
becomes an egregore, and will probably randomly cause problems for people that resemble
the original target, as they are still heavily drawn to acting out their created purpose.

“Nothing is forbidden, everything is permitted” isn’t just some cute slogan, since the
goal of every mage is to truly internalize that message and to try at all times to free and
expand their brain from its own self-imposed limitations.

Symbols are one of the most important parts of the magical act. They are objects,
images, or even concepts, that represent aspects of our subconscious and that serve as a
crutch in order to focus the mind and the will of the mage. They thereby achieve the magical
act itself. The most important book to read regarding archetypes and symbolism in general is
– of course – Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious by Carl Jung. He literally wrote
the book on it. However, Jung is not the only source of symbolism. He wrote and developed
the theory of how an image, concept or symbol can act and move the will of our subconscious
and unconscious in order to produce changes in our conscious mind. However, anything that
means something to us or to society in general is a symbol and can be used during a magick

An archetype can be widely defined as a type of person or behavior and how that is
ingrained within our minds. Symbols are pretty much the same, with the only difference being
that they don’t necessarily relate to human traits, but represent concepts or things from the
outside world.

Next, we are going to go over the primary archetypes that Jung identified.
The Shadow

The Shadow represents the negative part of the subject. The repressed unconscious.
The Shadow is the part of us that we cannot destroy. The side of us that we need to confront
and soothe.

In Jung’s theory, sex and instinct are a part of the archetype we call The Shadow. It
comes from our pre-human and animal past, when our worries were limited to survival and
reproduction, and when we were not conscious of ourselves as individuals.

The Shadow is amoral; neither good nor bad, like an animal. An animal is able to
lovingly take care of its children, but at the same time it can be a relentless murderer in order
to survive. It simply does things, it does not choose to, it is in its nature and therefore it is
innocent. But from our human perspective, the animal world seems brutal and inhumane. The
Shadow becomes those parts of us that we do not assimilate, or that we are ashamed of and
we fear to assimilate.

The symbols of The Shadow include serpents (as in the Garden of Eden), dragons,
monsters, and demons. Usually it guards the entrance of a cave or a swimming pool, which
represents the collective unconscious. When you dream you are in conflict with any of these
elements, including some representation of a majestic being, remember that it can be a
manifestation of your unconscious warning you that you are struggling with yourself.
The Persona

The Persona represents our public image. The word is obviously related with the
terms 'person' and 'personality' and comes from of the Latin word meaning "mask". Therefore,
the persona is the mask that we put on ourselves before going out to the external world.
Although it begins being an archetype, we assimilate it over time, and it comes to be the part
of us that stands apart from the collective unconscious.

The Persona constitutes the “good impression” that everyone wants to offer when we
satisfy the roles that the society demands of us. But, it can be confused even by ourselves, as a
part of our own nature. Sometimes we come to believe that we really are what we pretend to
Anima and Animus

The Anima and the Animus. The Anima represents the feminine part (Eros) present in
men and generally repressed by them. His inverse part is the Animus (Logos) or the masculine
part that is present in all women.

The Anima is the feminine aspect present in the personal unconscious of men and the
Animus is the masculine aspect present on the personal unconscious of women. Joined they
are known as Syzygy. The Anima can be personified as a young girl, very spontaneous and
intuitive, as a witch, or as mother earth. Usually it’s associated with a deep emotionality and
with the strength of life itself. The Animus is usually personified as a group of men but can
also be an old wise man or a warrior. It tends to be logical, reason-driven, and even

The Anima and the Animus are the archetypes through which we communicate with the
collective unconscious in general, and it is very important to reach out and contact them. It is
also the archetype responsible for our love life, as it suggests a Greek myth. We are always
looking for our other half, another half that the gods removed from us, among the members of
the opposite sex. When we fall in love at first sight, we have bumped into somebody with
whom we have been able to project our Anima or Animus archetype particularly well.
The Self

The Self, as we have mentioned before, is the totality, and the major archetype,
equivalent to the Buddhist nirvana. The Self represents the transcendence of all opposites, in
a way that every aspect of our personality is expressed in an equivalent way. Therefore, we
are neither masculine nor feminine, we are both; the same for The Persona and The Shadow,
for good and evil, for the conscious and the unconscious, and also the individual and the
collective (creation in his whole). Therefore, if there are no opposites, there is no energy and
we stop functioning. Obviously, we no longer would need to act.

If we try to move ourselves away a bit from mystical considerations, it would be

recommended that we situate ourselves in a more centralist and balanced posture of our
pique. When we are young, we bend more to the ‘I’, as well as in trivialities of the persona. If
we age ‘wisely,' we begin to direct ourselves towards deeper considerations on The Self and
we get closer to society, community, to life, and to the universe itself. The Persona that
arrives to The Self does not know ego.

Now I will mention the symbols that are most used in magick.
Hand of Glory

A grisly magic charm popular with thieves, and one of my personal favorites. In the
sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the hand of glory was a candle made from the dried hand
of a hanged convict through a complicated recipe that also included herbs, horse dung,
peppers, and salt. The hand would be carefully mummified, and then joined to (or turned into)
a candle using tallow from a hanged corpse. Set alight, the hand was reputed to have the
power to render the occupants of a household insensible, making burglary a simple task.


A five pointed star commonly associated with Wicca, Ritual magick, Satanism, and
Masonry. The Pentagram has a long and complex history as a religious symbol. It has been
found scrawled in caves of ancient Babylonia. The five pointed star was originally copied
from the star shaped pattern formed by the travels of the planet Venus in the sky.

It was not until the twentieth century that the pentagram became associated with
Satanism, probably due to misinterpretation of symbols used by ceremonial magicians.

In alchemical texts, the four elements (in Latin)- flatus, ignis, aqua, terra, that were
superseded by light or divine energy illustrated the process of creation, and the biblical motto
Fiat Lux, or, “let there be light.”

In Wiccan and Pagan lore, the pentagram symbolizes the five elements - earth, air,
water, fire, and spirit. The Wiccan emblematic pentagram faces point upwards to symbolize
the triumph of spirit over matter. The modern satanic pentagram is transposed, point
downwards, to symbolize earthly gratification or the triumph of the individual over
dissolution. Some Wiccan initial grades also use a reversed pentacle (the pentagram within a
circle), although for different purposes.
The ouroboros is a Greek word that means “tail swallower.” The ouroboros is usually
depicted in the form of a snake swallowing its tail, and is usually circular. It originated in
Egypt as a symbol of the sun, and represented the travels of the sun disk. In Gnosticism, it is
related to the solar God Abraxas, and signifies eternity and the soul of the world.

In alchemy, the ouroboros represents the spirit of Mercury (the substance that
permeates all matter), and symbolizes continuous renewal, the cycle of life and death, and the
harmony of opposites. A snake is often a symbol of resurrection, as it appears to be
continually reborn as it sheds its skin. A double ouroboros (two creatures swallowing one
another) in alchemy signifies volatility. Spiritually, it signifies the balance of the upper and
lower natures.
Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is an arrangement of ten interconnected spheres called sephiroth,

which is Hebrew for ‘spheres.’ The sephiroth represents the central organizational system of
the Jewish Kabbalistic tradition. The Tree of life is considered to be a map of the universe
and the psyche, the order of how the universe was created, and a path to spiritual
illumination. The ten spheres represent the ten archetypal numbers of the Pythagorean system.
They are connected by paths assigned to the twenty-two characters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The word sigil means a seal or device (like a personal seal or a printer’s mark), but
the word today usually denotes a magical sigil, a glyph used in ritual or sympathetic magick
as a focus, or for summoning angels, demons, or spirits. Sigils as the signature or “mark” of a
spirit began in antiquity and reached a peak of popularity during the Renaissance. Even though
sigils are known mostly in the context of Chaos Magick, they have been used throughout
history by every magical current.

The seal or signature of an angel, spirit, or demon was thought to contain the essence
of that being’s name, and give one power to summon that entity. These sigils were often
thought to be concealed. In a common example, the sigil of a planetary spirit could be
discovered in the planetary kamea, or magick square. The detailed center of the Golden Dawn
Cross is such a pattern, as are John Dee’s Enochian tables. A modern method involves
reducing alphabetical characters into a single glyph.

In Mesopotamian mythology, it represents the Babylonian goddess of love and war,

life, sex, fertility, and the patron saint of other lower things. Other names in existence include
Inanna in Sumer, Anahit in ancient Armenia (Urartu), Astarté in Phoenician and in Abrahamic

In Sumer and later in Babylon, it was known as Inanna, and in its zone of cultural
influence in all of the Middle East receives the honorific title of Queen of the Sky and Lady of
the Earth.

Other titles include Daughter of Sin, God of the Moon, and Nannar, the Moon. She is
the younger sister of Ereshkigal and twins with Shamash, in Sumerian Utu, god of the Sun. She
is the mate of Tammuz, in Sumerian Dumuzi.
Paradigm of Cthulhu

Yes, I mean Cthulhu, the character in Lovecraft's book. To be able to understand the
text that follows we have to understand that it is a meta-belief, or a paradigm that we adopt in
order to perform chaos magick.

This story begins by explaining what the Great Old Ones are. These aliens came to
Earth a long time ago. Before Legends of Atlantis and Hyperborea, the idea of a previous and
extinct civilization were oral traditions. The Great Old Ones are immortal and have great

The Great Old Ones came to Earth a long time ago. There are thousands of them
across the universe, but those that initiated this currently reside on Earth. Most of them sleep
or are trapped somehow, by a process that modern science can’t describe, and thus they are
called “magic processes."

The Great Old Ones are adored by humans that have been considered unbalanced and
other inhuman races. The reason why they have been considered unbalanced is because their
conception of space and time, as well as sleep or death are not usual conceptions and that
changes completely the behavior of his followers.
It is said that by contemplating him, one can break the illusion of Euclidean space.
Lovecraft explains that he was created outside of the Earth, in a place called Yugoth
and brought by the Great Old Ones, that deposited him in his box long before the appearance
of men, and that by means of some genetic science we do not know, he would transform
humans. In fact, his history began separately with gods in the Lower Triassic (about 250
million years ago) and after going through places called Lemuria and Atlantis on Earth itself,
went to the hands of an unidentified pharaoh called Nefren-Ka.

Afterwards, he apparently spent time unseen under the sands of Egypt until the year
1843, when he was dug up by the little-known Egyptologist, Enoch Bowen. When Enoch
shows up, he didn't take long to go "crazy" according to his acquaintances from a sect called
"Wisdom of the Stars” where they practiced adoration to Nyarlathotep. Because of the
increasing public discomfort, the Temple was dissolved in 1877.

Subsequently, Kenneth Grant announced the foundation of his lodge New Isis, with the
mysterious discovery of what he called current of Sirius/Set. He was the creator of a magic
current called Tifonian. According to his vision, the current traces back to the most ancient
moments of the presence of man on Earth.

He talks even about Great Old Ones, of Egyptian and African mysteries and of a
stellar origin of the human being. He published the book Outer Gateways, that seems to make
a reference to the technology described for the Trapezoid.

In the 1950's the mage Anton LaVey founded the Order of the Trapezoid, which
evolved in the existing Church of Satan. In fact, in his work The Satanic Bible reads: “instead
of the typical Crystal ball, Edward Kelly used a trapezoid of multiple faces” and associates
geometry of some form. For example, it speaks about confusions in the language and the
quoted angels in the work of Kelly mean angles. It also speaks of altered geometries that
recount what was explained by Lovecraft.
Die Antwoord

In the occult circles that practice chaos magick, it is very common for famous people
to use chaos magick in the form of symbolism in order to achieve their will. You, and one
who sees their work, are aiding in the charging and spreading of whatever magical intention
they want to project for themselves. How does this works? They take advantage of the fame
they already have and turn it into a magical tool. This band, Die Antwoord, is an example of
well-known chaos mages that include a lot of symbolism into their work.

It appears that Die Antwoord practices chaos magick, because not only does the
website UltraCulture claim it so in their video breakdown of Pitbull Terrier, but I also
spotted the Symbol of Chaos Magick in the video for Ugly Boy. There are a series of sigils on
several parts of several of their videos, and although I don't know whether they are from a
servitor, an egregore or just sigils for different purposes, the point here is that this is a really
strong form of magic using symbolism.
The Chaos Magick In NLP
Another form of magic with symbols can be NLP, which can be considered as chaos
magick as well.

In part, chaos magick is about tricking our brain, so it can have a lot of compatibility
with NLP. We could even say that NLP is like a current that studies chaos or a specific part of
it. Perhaps NLP can be defined as the practical method to bypass the subconscious and the
unconscious. The idea behind chaos lies in the fact and premise that we have a greater
consciousness that is somehow being blocked by the traps in our brain. I remember these
people from a group called Destiny who have a YouTube channel. I heard them say once that
the majority of races in the universe live in a different plane of existence, let’s call it another
dimension. And so, we were put inside these bodies by a race that wanted to get rid of us and
they created the human body as a jail to keep us in. I always kept that in mind afterwards,
because even if that is probably not true, it does make perfect sense.

We have the brain, which includes the mind, emotions, and feelings. These work
totally independently from each other and from our true will, and if you are not aware of what
you’re doing or what’s going on, you’ll get caught in its dynamic and get fucked for sure
(cause let’s face it, most people are fucked for sure). The approach of chaos is about knowing
where you are coming from and staying one-step ahead. You learn how the mind works and
about symbols you need to use in order to get what you want, and then you use it to access the
higher consciousness and from it, anything.
The purpose for chaos magick is opening your eyes and seeing the universe for what it
is and for what it is not and regaining your own lost divinity. Chaos is the most revolutionary
thing you can do. It will free you even from yourself. I remember that, as a child, I used to be
really into psychology, the idea of “cleaning yourself inside” in order to live a better or
healthier life.

However, as I opened my eyes it all seemed more and more idiotic. Because what's
the point in cleaning and fixing something that was designed to cause trouble and pain. It's
useless and it you will be at it forever. Remember, chaos magick is about finding what works
for you and implementing it in your magical practice.

When you look at it from the perspective of chaos magick, anything can be
considered as a magickal practice. The law of attraction or by its popular name The Secret is
also a kind of chaos magick in that sense.

If you look at the working mechanisms of sigil magick, you will find many similarities
among sigil magick, NLP, and the law of attraction. They are there with the intention of
manipulating your consciousness, because they firmly believe that the manifestation of reality
is only caused by your thoughts, consciously or unconsciously. A historical, ancient approach
to magick says that magick primarily occurs in the body of the magician. This is something to
think about.

With the development of contemporary physics, quantum mechanics offers a model of

the universe as a hologram. A hologram is something that does not exist in terms of our
perception of reality. A hologram is just there for you to feel it with your senses. In the case of
this physical universe, reality is something we accept as reality through our five senses.

We say that the universe is out there just because we are able to see stars with our
naked eyes.

That's it, and this is the holographic universe where we sense and think of it as real,
pretty much like a video game.

It's like first person shooter games. There is always the possibility of getting shot
anytime and you feel the fear. When you get shot, you get anxious. Maybe you shake. Now, in
my opinion, a holographic universe is something like this. When you perceive it with your
five senses, it becomes real. In fact, it is very possible that we are just spirits connected to a
software like system and perceive things as real.

And in this software-like system, NLP and chaos magick are trying to use human
thought and subconscious work to alter this reality. The fact is the reality was not there from
the beginning. It is always in an altered form. Therefore, what you do via magick or NLP is
not something new. You put your hands into a work of change and you change something that
continually changes. It would continue to change even if you stay away from it. By engaging
yourself in this stream of change, you just put your vote in it and your vote is counted. It looks
to me sometimes that the system we are in could be like this. Although, I can contradict myself
too, but it is a paradigm that can work really well in manipulating our brain for a specific
magic work.

Although I do not have so much experience with NLP, just in theory, I can tell that the
mechanism it uses works just like magick.
When the first girlfriend I had left me because I had gained weight, I decided I had to
do something for myself, starting with getting in shape and learning how to pick them better.
The first thing that occurred to me was using magick, so I did this invocation to Aphrodite in
order to gain some more confidence and be able to get the women that I wanted.

I have to recognize that I was feeling like shit at the time. My girl had just dumped me
and even though I knew she was not the love of my life or anything, she did hurt my pride
badly. That is why I started working out. I mean, at first it was some sort of revenge to the
bitch that dumped me, which came hand-in-hand with several casual affairs I had with some
bitchy girls. I was in some sort of rebound mode. However, after a few months I stared at the
wall one day, and decided I was having a lot of fun with my workout and that I didn't want to
do it out of pay back anymore.

The ritual I had done worked charms for me from day one. You know how invocations
work, you bring into yourself the external personality of the deity in question and you use them
for yourself, so my attitude and my mood had changed quite a bit and for the better. I even
started repeating the ritual as a monthly thing and I turned the altar I had into a permanent one,
to get in the good graces with Aphrodite. It worked perfectly!

Then, one day, something happened. I had this friend from college. She was my best
friend for a long time, and I had my eye on her for a while. The only problem was that she had
a fiancée and the girl idolized the guy. Since we met, we had this sort of sexual tension
between us. It was clear that she was attracted to me, but for obvious reasons we never acted
on it. When we were about to finish college, she approached me one day and she kissed me.
She did it, saying that she did not want to finish this thing without kissing me. That sounded
cool to me, and I have to say that the kiss was fireworks and cannons shooting all over the
place, so much that we were not able to leave it at that. Things escalated and we started an
affair that went on for several months. The funny part of the whole thing is that one day, out of
the blue, she looked at and said:

“I´m not into cheating, you know. I don´t do that.”

I stared at her for a minute and then laughed, because... yeah.

She just frowned and punched me in the arm before continuing.

“I´m serious. You know that cheating is cheating because you lie to your partner and
since I´m not into that, I asked him for permission to be with you.”

“And he gave it?” I said with wide pupils.

“Yes” she said, “He gave me permission.”

That was the most bizarre situation I have ever been in, mainly because it was true,
apparently he had actually allowed her to have this thing with me for some unexplainable

That shit went on for 4 months, and surprisingly, everything seemed to be going fine,
until one day the fiancée got tired of the situation and told the girl she needed to end it with
me, or take her pick.

I mean... as a mage I have always known nothing lasts forever, that the most amazing
raw material for building all sorts of stuff comes from utter chaos, but that... that was fucking

She showed up in my house one day. She did not look agitated or anything, instead, she
looked ashamed.
“I can't be with you anymore,” she told me.

I did not even blink. I did not know what she was thinking so I waited.
“He wants me to stop and I have to. I have a commitment with him.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Because I don't want you to think that I'm dumping you. You know we weren't
supposed to be forever... and... I don't want to lose you.”

“You're losing me because you're dumping me,” I answered her. “You either want him
or you want me.”

“I don't know,” she said.

“What the hell don't you know?!” I yelled. I was losing my shit, but apparently, she
was too, because her expression changed suddenly into this feral raw thing.

“Because I don't know if I love you or him!” she yelled back.

We both stayed there in silence for a damn long time. I could not understand how she
didn’t know who she was in love with. I know that maybe I should have told her to fuck
herself then. Although, if I was honest I was crazy for the girl too, no doubt there. Until that
point it had been awesome, even in that bizarre situation, but she was not sure who to pick,
and I could sense that the problem was that she did not want to lose either of us and that had
me pissed off.

My first thoughts were to do a sigil, or a ritual to have her pick me, but then I decided
not to do it because I figured that if I did it and if it worked, I would be questioning if she
actually wanted to pick me. My only choice was to fight for it. I did another ritual of
invocation to Aphrodite. I wanted to improve myself, and my attitude, so I could throw it all
at the table and win that girl over. I took her out on a date to a restaurant, and then I took her
back to my place. I had a whole thing set up for when we got back there with a pool table and
some booze. We played for a while. I could see she was all flirty and nervous. She kept
looking at me from the corner of her eye. I knew she was waiting for me to kiss her and I kept
putting it off. Until I did not. Again, as always, there were fireworks.
That was a damn awesome night. There was a lot of laughing, and flirting, and a lot of
sex as well. Ours was an intensely steamy relationship. I am not going to say it was because
of that night that she picked me, but I am sure as hell that it helped. Because she picked me.

A few weeks later, and even after she had told me that she wanted to stay with her
fiancée (because she had a commitment and stuff), she called me, and told me she needed to
meet me somewhere. When I saw her, she grabbed me, she kissed me, and she said to me:

“I broke up with my fiancée. He was too much of a cry baby anyway.”


As we already have seen, portals can be found in almost any place. The key to
understanding this concept is to realize that they exist in our minds and the entrances can be
found mainly in dreams, visions, and other altered states of consciousness. Myths were
created about the idea of Dream Land: a mythical realm that exists beyond the sphere of
wakefulness and to which a sensitive individual can access, unintentionally or as a result of a
magick practice. In Dream Land we can find contact points that match with the physical
world. Apart from the most famous ones, such as Kadath in the Cold Immensity or the
Labyrinths of Zin, these are also deposits of water, lakes, holes in the ground, walls, and also
graves. This is really the idea of the Myths of Cthulhu; that graves are the doors to astral
tunnels with the entirety of the earth connected and that lead to Dream Land.

Of course, this could not be taken literally, and we can assume that these types of
portals exist in an astral level. We can find them through astral travels, in dreams and visual
travels. With the skills of conscious and controlled day dreaming one can explore these
portals and use them as entrances to the astral plane, and from here go to other dimensions.
When you are in your astral body, you can easily go in the hole of a mouse or in a lock, using
them as a portal to Another Side, and the adventure begins! The measure in which this
experience could be taken depends only on the skills and creativity of the individual
practitioner. All that you have to do is to keep the focus on a location that you want to

It is not difficult to travel the astral labyrinths of gnosis, especially if you are an
experienced traveler. The most elaborate description of an oneiric or astral trip inside Dream
Land is given by Lovecraft in his Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, the reading of which is
highly recommended.
As we have already said, the ritual frame is not necessary in the case of this kind of
gnosis. However, painting a door on the floor could help achieve the desired experience. The
pattern of such a door would reflect the nature of a work. For example, writing the name of
the location that you wish to explore inside of it. You can use any barbaric alphabet. Be
creative and imaginative when building your own ritual frame. I also recommend going out to
meditate in real places where the line between the worlds is more tenuous. Devoting some
time in solitude at night in an abandoned place, could work well with the pretended fear
gnosis, for example.

For types of roofed works with the portals, especially for scrying, several objects can
be used. The most traditional scrying tools are crystal balls, an obsidian, or an ordinary
mirror. Other things used for this purpose are a black mirror, a mirror of copper or a bowl
full of water, or even dense smoke. Some modern mages could even use a TV screen.
Visualize that the object is a portal to other dimensions. Send a mental message though that
door and wait until you receive a reply. You can use an opening random formula (like “zazas,
zazas nasatanada zazas”, or simply sing the name of the location that want to explore, or an
entity that want to see). Harmonize yourself with the energies flowing through the portal and
focus on how an image starts to form. You can also create a sigil to represent it, and use it like
a portal to this place while you meditate on it.

Alternatively, you can summon Yog-Sothoth, which is the door in itself, while you sing
his name or focus on any of his symbols. There are many of such techniques to work with the
portals and to enter in the dimensions to which they lead.
Now we glimpse to an example of works that employ several of these techniques: the
evocation of Daoloth, The One Who Tears the Veil.

The first thing you need to do before starting an astral travel is protect yourself. Most
people use sleep to visit the astral plane, because one of the most basic methods for it is to
program the brain before you go to sleep and then use the state of “falling asleep” to trigger
the astral body to separate. However, whether you do this with this technique or you use
meditation, it is important that you use protection before entering the astral plane. Trust me,
someone will see you and will want to come with you to this reality or even (as actually
happened to me once) someone might take the chance to attack you during an astral travel.

As for protection, the classic Circle of Protection will always be the best choice,
since it is simple and flexible, and very easy to use. There are numerous variations of this
technology by they all come down to drawing a circle wherein you place symbols and sigils
of personal faith and power. As an example you can use the sigil of a servitor in there to
protect you, or to guard you. While this is a slow maintenance technology, it's extremely
reliable regarding its defense potential, especially because it has a huge potential for
customization, giving you the chance to empower the circle as you best wish to. Its
capabilities are only dependent on your belief that it's protecting you.

Before starting the astral travel, you can create an astral doppelganger. This is an
optional, but allows you to be safer. By creating an astral doppelganger, you ensure that you
will be sort riding the doppelganger into the astral plane. The creature is created in the same
way you create a sigil, except you do not mind giving it a personality because it is yourself.
Instead, you concentrate on its appearance and you visualize it with the utmost detail. Then
you put it to work by practicing entering its body and using it to go around.

How to achieve astral travel using a specific paradigm

The following text requires understanding of chaotic magick or other similar

paradigms. The mage has to be aware of his election of paradigm, or of the difference
between his work and religious beliefs. In this case, we are taking over the myths of
Lovecraft from Cthulhu. I chose this because the paradigm is very rich in parallel universes
and ways to enter those universes, so in the context of chaos magick it is a great tool for
training astral projection.

In the astral trip, as narrated in the Liber Ivonis or Eibon, Eibon was a hyperboreal
mage that extracted a big part of his practices out of the volume called the Pnakoptic

The Necronomicón describes many distant worlds – stars and planets, realms
underground and underwater, forgotten and hidden long before humans existed. We can gain
access to them through dreams and astral travel. The Myths of Cthulhu present many methods
to travel in astral projection to these hidden places. One of these ways is making contact with
the Mi-Go, creatures of planet Yuggoth (sometimes identified with Pluto). They can carry
human consciousness to unlimited distances in outer space, which is the domain of the Great
Old Ones. There are also special formulas that allow for traveling freely between worlds.
These are, for example, the formula to the Silver Key, or the Dho-Hna formula. The Dho-Hna
formula opens the door of the angles with the appropriate enchantments and sigils. Thus, a
magician opens doors that lead to hidden worlds in the dimensions between the angles.
A mage can therefore travel to infinite worlds described in the Myths of Cthulhu:
Black planet Yuggoth, the Cold Immensity of Kadath, the big Plain of Leng, the world of
Abbith, Cykranosh, Yaddith, the lost library of Caleano, and many, many others. The cities of
the Great Old Ones, characterized by a specific structure, include odd forms and lines that do
not resemble any human geometry, as is the case of the Labyrinths of Zin that lead to the
submerged city of R'lyeh.

The portal to the labyrinths can be opened with the Silver Key. Underneath the web of
hallways and chambers built in the shape of a giant labyrinth there are tunnels leading to R
´lyeh. In order to not lose your way, I suggest calling on a guide - one of its dwellers. Another
example of astral techniques used to explore forgotten worlds is a trip on the Shantak birds,
the horses of darkness. As in the case of the Mi-Go, the contact with them is made on wild
and desolate places, like dark forests and caves. Shantak birds take the mage towards infinite
space, to a chosen place among the stars.

In this text, we narrate the experience of Astral travel to diverse places, between
which he finds the Valley of Pnath.

The Valley of Pnath is a vast well, located underground. It is surrounded by the spikes
of Thok, a place with barely any light. The valley in itself is full of bones and is described as
the place in which the Ghouls of the awakened world leave the remains of their feasts of
corpse meat (The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, by H. P. Lovecraft). There are also
enormous creatures there, with the form of a worm called Dhole and nocturnal winged beasts
that often carry their desolated victims, where they are abandoned to their luck. They are often
referred to as "spirit angels of the night.”
In the book of Fungus of Yuggoth it is written:

“I couldn't tell which crypts they crawl from,

but every night I see these viscous creatures.
Black, horned, spirits with membranous wings.
And tails that show the bifid point of hell.
They come in legions brought from the North Wind.
With obscene harps that tickle and itch.
And they hold me and they carry me in monstrous trips.
To hidden gray worlds in the bottom of a nightmare.”
How to astral travel

The previous chapter introduces some of the darkest places we can encounter.
Although not all are like this, I am assuming that - as it is most likely - on an astral travel we
will be, at least at first, finding our shadow and going to the most unwanted places first. Next
comes the method. All experiences, voices, and sightings included, should be written in a
diary or a copybook acting as a log for these odd trips. If you have some sort of spell book or
experiences journal, that can be used for this, although some mages prefer to keep these two

Eibon describes two levels of this practice; the first is about opening a window to
other worlds. This has the advantage of being a very simple ritual. The method is the

In a dark place, under the night sky, or in a room where all light entrances have been covered,
the mage will prepare on top of a container, a mixture made by him or herself that will contain
alcohol and abundant table salt.

The visualization will happen through a method called Today Scrying. It will be
necessary for the mage to have an item such as a mirror, a refractory obsidian, a bowl of ink,
or a crystal ball.
The version I will be describing now is with the mirror, as it appears on the Liber

The mage will place himself in a steady posture. Probably seated, since you will be
there for several minutes.

You will light the alcohol and keep our attention on it, once you have placed the
mirror on a visible place. When the contact is prepared, the alcohol will burn with a
yellowish color. This is the moment in which you can use the focus point in the mirror to
communicate with the place.

Then you will express your desire to hear, see and sense the place of the travel; the
Valley of Pnath.

Keeping your attention on the mirror, the images will start to flow. Perhaps they will
be difficult to identify, but the descriptions given here should help you determine if you are in
front of the place you look for.

When you want to break the contact, make sure you express yourself out loud, and you
will go back to your physical body. In this type of travel, only your senses are transferred, and
you cannot touch things. However, you can use this type of travel for other things, like finding
answers to question you might have, locating lost things, or even finding information on
records that no longer exist on Earth.
If you continue to perform this type of travel on regular basis, it is very likely that you
will start wishing for a more complete astral projection experience. In that case, you will
need a more complete technique. Only in this way you will be able to truly be there and touch
things. You will also be able to talk to characters in these experiences.

Following the same paradigm, there are two ways to achieve this. On one of them you
achieve a dissociation due to the use of drugs. I won't dwell on this one, but if you use it, be
sure to pick the right one. The idea is to cause the astral body to leave the physical body. The
second way is through lucid dreaming. In the case that you want to retain a minimal
awareness, you can induce a trance through the void, using induction techniques and
registering the experience.

To get started one would have to try inducing the trance. For it, use whatever tool you
deem necessary. These could be images of the place and its creatures, videos, or self-

With this disposition you would enter the trance. This can be completed by going to
sleep or entering a deep meditation. By invoking powerful images, occultists have achieved
this with two different techniques. One of these is repetitive visualization. One would
visualize, invoke in one's mind the sounds and images repeatedly until you fall into trance.
Alternatively, you can maintain the state you are in until you wear yourself out.
You could also think first about a phrase that would summarize the whole thing (for
example, "I want to go to Pnath”). Writing the sentence on a piece of paper can be also useful.
If there is something special that you want to do in the trance it is necessary to think about a
sentence that can summarize the whole thing (for example, “I want to have a conversation
with a Ghoul in Pnath”. If you want to have awareness during the trance, then you should
write something like “When I am dreaming about (whatever) I will remember that I am inside
a dream” under the phrase that you previously wrote on the subject of the dream you want to
have. Then you should fall asleep while you are concentrating on this particular phrase. You
should visualize yourself dreaming what you want (if you want a lucid dream) by realizing
that you are in a trance. If there is something special that you want to do in the dream, it is
necessary to visualize yourself doing it once you have achieved the lucid state (that state
where you know you are making an astral trip). You must think about the phrase and the
subject as you fall asleep.

In both cases, when you start losing sight of the outside world, the images will come
along with sounds, and everything will seem much more vivid.

It is possible that you may come to doubt if you have traveled in body or spirit alone
to such places. You can place a camera in the spot where your ritual took place so you can see
whether your body was there the whole time or not.

It is also usual in these trances to forget that you have a body somewhere. If the trance
is interrupted you would come back, but this may cause you to lose the will to travel and that
might damage the power of the trip.

In order to know if you are in such a state, you can do reality tests along the way with
small questions, like “How did I get here?”, or “What color is the sky?” (especially if where
you currently are being not actually blue). This will allow you to distinguish between your
everyday realities and the experience you are having.
I had a dream house.

Ever since I began studying, I had this fantasy of living in a big, castle-like house. I
wanted it to be inside a big piece of land. It would have a fence around and grass all over. My
dream house had three floors, a greenhouse on the terrace and a whole other house in the
backyard for the army of dogs I wanted to have. I also wanted a small white road where the
car could pass through without driving on the grass.

My girlfriend and I have always talked about it. She is a writer and she always said
she would have her own writing room in the dream house. Her writing room would be similar
to Mr. Burns´ office, with a huge window that illuminated the place, and with her desk by the
window, but looking to the inside of the room. She also said she would have bookshelves full
with comic books, a sofa to lie down in, and a table with a mini fridge and a coffee maker.

It was also my girlfriend's idea to have a gym in the dream house. She has always been
into working out and she even designed the perfect gym for everyone to use.

As for me, I always wanted a room of my own for my paintings. My dream house’s
painting room had a big window, always open for the breeze to enter freely. It had a table on
the opposite side of the window with my computer and some papers that I use for writing
research stuff. Next to the table, there are pillows for sitting on the floor and next to it the
bookshelves with my collection of magick books. Finally, by the window, there were the
paintings, and the whole set up for making them. I always imagined myself sitting there by the
table, looking out the window and feeling the breeze in an awesome spring afternoon.

Since I started imagining this dream house, I started thinking how I could get it. At
first, it was a matter of money for me. I would need to gather enough of it to buy the land and
build it. But, as time passed I realized that saving money was the worse thing I could do to
achieve anything.
I am kind of an anarchist in some ways, especially in things that concern government
and the distribution of resources and labor. I have always known there are ways to do things
that are more efficient than the official ones. It is particularly important for a chaos mage to
know how to do the basic things one needs for survival alone - getting food, shelter, and even
electricity. That is why I eventually started thinking of a way to bypass the regular route to my

My girlfriend was who gave me the inspiration to try magic. We were having this
conversation once about how she had made the decision, years before, of starting her work

“Everything is about will,” said my girlfriend. I had tried so many different diets
throughout the years and there was a point when I thought there was no way I was ever going
to be skinny, and more importantly, that I was never going to be healthy. The reality, though, is
that all you ever need is the impulse to reach that point where you realize that you do not want
to keep doing what you are doing. For me, all it took was this doctor telling me that I was
morbidly obese. He told me to get on the scale, and then told me I was morbidly obese. That
did it for me. I started my work out the next day.

“I get it,” I said to her, having a mini epiphany at the same time. “It’s the same problem
I had with the house issue”.

She looked at me as though she did not get it.

“What I mean,” I explained, “is that, like you said, everything is about will. I have this
dream that I want to achieve but I'm thinking inside the box too much. I need to use every tool
I have and what I do will be a reflection of how much I wanted”.

At that moment, I decided I wanted to have that dream house. I could not keep
referring to it as my ¨dream house¨, because, this was not a dream anymore. I was making it
The first thing I did was getting the land. I made a sigil that was so carefully thought
through that it took me a week to get it done. I aimed it in the general direction of letting me
have the terrain. I tried several things to get it, and the one that did it, was purchasing it at a
good price from the government itself. I had a contact there and I got him to close the sale at
the best possible price. It took me less than a month to get it done.

Then I did another sigil to help me get the rest of the job done, and just like the
previous one it worked perfectly. I found someone who worked as a contractor and had a
bunch of spare material he had left from other jobs. He also sold it to me for a good price.

After all that, it was not so hard to get someone to help me do the actual building. I had
gone with my sister to a cabin on the beach. The cabin belonged to her father in law and she
invited me for the weekend, along with her family. That was actually the first time I went with
her there. The cabin was pretty and while I was there I found out that my brother-in-law
actually built it, with his bare hands. Next thing I did was ask him to help me with my house.
He said yes immediately and we got to work.

In the end, we built the house just like I wanted, and as soon as it was finished, we all
moved in.

On gnosis

We have previously discussed the paradigm of The Call of Cthulhu. Just as with that,
you can adopt any story, whether it comes from an actual religion or another paradigm created
for literature, movies or whatever. One possibility for enhancing your gnosis can be the use of
audio or visual material, like music, movies, videos or anything of the sort. In the case of the
Cthulhu paradigm, for example, you can use several things in order to achieve different states
of gnosis or to call on dreams with the creature.

You should find a number of things that relate or evoke the essence of what you are
trying to call on in your magical work. By watching or listening to them your consciousness
will come to focus on that specific being, or thing.

For Cthulhu, for example, you could check out movies like:

-The whisperer in darkness

-The Call of Cthulhu
-Resonator (or from Beyond)
-Fear of Unknown
You can also get creative, using certain videos or music to represent a certain God or
creature in a ritual, maybe using it as background music that will loop while you work, or
even making the music yourself.

Here are some examples.

-The Kraken Theme, by Hans Zimmer

-Davy Jones Theme, by Hans Zimmer
-Water from the soundtrack of Angels and Demons

In terms of modern music, we also have Metallica:

-The Thing That Should Not Be

-The Call of Ktulu

A Leviathan to represent Cthulhu can be pretty acceptable if you want to use pictures or
sequences to imagine it. You could also use the Kraken from the third movie of Pirates of the
Caribbean, the kraken from other movies, or even giant squids of leviathans. Another example
is looking for association even if it is only pure aesthetics.
Cthulhu can, for example, be related to Pyaraid, God of Chaos, in the fictional world of
Morcook, the Greyjoys from Game of Thrones. Nyarlathotep can be associated to him through
the 333 and his function to the black men of Sabbat, and with it, to Egyptian imagery (“the
God to which the Feyas used to bow” according to HPL himself, the masonic Egyptian rite).
Even the modern Slenderman could be an inspiration.

For astral or oneiric works, you can also achieve awareness, managing to feel the cold or
the lack of gravity, through images of submerged cities like R'lyeh. All possible assistance is

Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, can be a powerful tool for people
who want to meditate but suffer from ADHD. ASMR produces a drowsy euphoric trance with
a uniquely pleasurable tingling sensation that starts in the scalp and travels throughout the
body. This sensation can be triggered by several different things however, the most common is
by sounds and specially whispers. I suppose it depends on what kind of whisper we are
talking about, however, the point here is for you to find something that triggers the ASMR for
you and use it as a tool to enter into the necessary trance and eventually achieve gnosis. You
can find on YouTube or even buy online, recordings for achieving ASMR.

Even if you can meditate just fine, ASMR is proof that on can get high simply by
watching a video on the internet.

Invocation techniques are much more effective than the ones used for evocation. For
invocation, we usually refer to the condition of submitting our own consciousness to the
summoned forces, which are usually divine forces. In the work with the Necronomicon (let’s
remember the Necronomicon is the fictional book of magic used in the Cthulhu paradigm) our
minds are fused with a gnosis of primitive ecstasy. There are several examples of such
practices in many texts that relate to the Myth of Cthulhu or to the fiction related to the
Necronomicon. The key to a successful invocation is entering a state of trance where the mage
can open his or her mind to the influence of the alien consciousness, and the minds of forces
that dwell outside. Those forces can be any creature, deity or god that you wish to invoke.
Even so, you can invoke concepts or even feelings if you can catch its egregore side.
Some techniques you use during trances work by stimulating the body and the mind
and allowing a state of ecstasy in which the mind of the mage is empty and ready to be filled
with transmissions of the external world. Voices, visions, and other messages flow from the
depths of the unconscious. This is pretty much how mediums work. Among these methods we
can find the ecstatic dance, hyperventilation or a strong sexual stimulation. Other techniques
allow you to achieve the trance through a distortion of the conscious of the ego and the limits
of perception. These are, for example, sensational deprivation, not eating, sleep deprivation,
and enough loss of blood to weaken the organism. All of these create a state of mind that
allow communication with a deity and the manifestation of power and qualities of this divine
form, which happens through a temporal possession.

One method you can use to invoke something or someone is:

Staring into an image of the subject that you intend to invoke. Try not to blink if you
don't have to. Meditate until you have reached gnosis and then, again, keep your eyes fixed on
the image of your subject.

Now you have to invite them in. Say something like: “(subject) I invite you and invoke
you into my being” or whatever seems appropriate or powerful for you to say. You should
repeat the same phrase over and over, until the words lose meaning to you, but keep at it until
you can move to the next step.

Then, imagine that the subject's essence or soul is a warm white light the size of a
marble in the center of your chest. Try feeling their presence in that light. Once you have done
this, imagine and feel this warmth grow and expand inside of yourself. Let the being you are
visualizing overtake and burn your own. Surrender yourself to this and then let go of the image
you have of yourself. The change can be a little overwhelming, so if you start to panic at that
moment, let it pass and let go.

I was looking out the window of the eighth floor of this huge office building. It was a
breathtaking sight. From where I was you could see the entire coastline with every tall
building that crowned it gleaming under the sun, and I was dreaming about taking off from that
very same window and flying away towards the sea. Looking down from above and blasting
forward, never stopping until I reached a new shore. Somewhere far away where no one had
gone before, other cities in new worlds to explore and discover.

Then it was time to go home, and I felt a strange chill run through my back. That
happened every time I turned from the window and faced the reality of that gloomy office,
filled with people who were always cranky and in a hurry. I gathered my belongings and
headed down on the elevator. The very moment the elevator doors opened, I was able to see
her. Through the crystal doors, at the other end of the empty lobby I saw my girlfriend
standing against a concrete wall, staring blankly at the people passing by next to her.

I saw her from the elevator and immediately this warm energy filled the pit of my
stomach and my chest. For an entire moment, I stared at her, forgetting about the shitty job I
had. I walked towards her, and called her by her name. She turned around and smiled.

“I missed you” was the first thing she said.

She then kissed me and grabbed my hand to pull me into getting going.

“Let´s go!” she said while she pulled my arm.

I just smiled back at her and followed without reply. The first couple of blocks were
for catching up. Because I had been so busy lately, I had not seen her in almost three weeks. I
stared at her for a long time as she talked. All I was thinking was that I was so glad to see
her... and that she was looking fucking hot in that outfit. Then it hit me. I could not stay in that
job anymore.

I realized it all in a single second. It is easy to be distracted, away from things that you
love. Things that don’t necessarily make you happy, but that make you feel; stuff that moves
you. As a result, you can lose your soul. You start to get numb and forget all the awesome
things you have in your life, like staring at your girlfriend's rack while you walk on the street.

“Hang on a second,” I told her grabbing her arm so she would stop walking.

I sat down in the porch of a house we were passing in front of, took a notebook and a
pencil from my bag pack and started drawing a sigil. I had to do it right then because
somehow I had just got into some strange sort of gnosis and I could feel the magick flowing
freely through me. I wrote MY JOB EXCITES ME AND MAKES ME HAPPY. I thought for a
minute that the sigil could make me start liking the job I already had, but that was not the
point. No magick can change my essence so if that job was not for me, it was going to get me
a new one.

I finished quickly and even lunched the sigil right there with the pain method, using a
lighter I had in my back pocket, and when I was done, we just kept going. I had an unusual
feeling the whole time, as if I could feel the magical energy flowing all around me. Then,
barely a couple of blocks ahead of where I made the sigil, a man approached us.

My girlfriend and I had this habit of speaking in Spanish when we talked to one
another. We had taken this Spanish course a few years back and the whole thing started as a
way to practice what we learned. We stuck with it, even after graduating, and it ended up
turning into a habit.

The man, as he was passing by heard us. It turned out he was the owner of a language-
teaching institute, and they needed Spanish teachers.
“Hey,” he said to me, “do you want a job?”

“What kind?” I answered trying to hide my excitement.

“I have an institute and we need urgently a Spanish teacher.”

I did not play hard to get anymore and I just gave him my contact information. At the
time, I thought that was a great start, and maybe even a sign that the sigil was working already,
but the truth was that that was going to become my dream job... and I got it in that moment.

As usual, it was a short afternoon. Soon it was dark and it still felt like we had just
gotten there. It was always the same with her since I met her. We were sitting on the pier,
looking at the ocean and the lighthouse that shone with its white light in the distance. It was
like that with everything that I loved.

I took her hand and we went home.


Sexual Magick is a powerful tool, both on invocation as well as in itself. In fact, in my

opinion, because humans are more in touch with their sexual instincts, sexual magick tends to
be the most powerful form of magick, alongside blood magick. One example of this is the
“holy marriages” or sexual encounters that happen very often during an invocation. Even in
the Myth of Cthulhu they are very well described between an Old God and a human. This
situation is described inside Lovecraft paradigm, and we can find examples of this with the
incubus and succubus, and even angels that in the Christian myth had sexual encounters with

In the Dunwich Horror, where the sexual union happens between Yog-Sothoth and a
human woman called Lavinia Whateley, a child is created that is a hybrid that looks partly
like a human being and partly like an alien. Also in Lovecraft's story The Shadowover
Innsmouth the Deep Ones, the race of the children of Dagon, are known for mating with
humans. The Sexual Gnosis is a specific form of invocation, in which the power of the deity
invoked manifests by means of sexual impulses and it is absorbed by the body and the mind of
the mage. In this way, the alien nature of something as powerful as the Great Old Ones is
easier to absorb inside the consciousness.

This is also one of the ways to attain a state of trance. In the moment of the orgasm the
mind is focused on one single experience and all the other states of the consciousness are left
behind. An example of magic work in which the sexual encounter occurs between a mage and
an external force is the union with Shub-Niggurath, an almost feminine deity of strong sexual
nature. Another practice pointed at the absorption of the external forces would be a ritual
performed by two mages, in which one invokes one deity and the other one another, for
example: Yog-Sothot and the other one would do Shub-Niggurath. Then, the sexual encounter
happens between the mages, and the invoked powers are transferred from each other and then
unified. Another sexual technique that can be applied in this sort of practice is the popular
tantric tradition. This is used in order to attain the state of ecstatic trance by means of the
awakening and the elevation of the fire snake or kundalini.
Most snake deities in every paradigm correspond themselves with the tantric concept
of the kundalini, the potential human energy represented as a snake curled at the base of our
spine. This concept is well explained in several different books and articles all over the web,
since it is even connected sometimes with theories of reptilians. However, what we care
about right now is the fact that this symbol and the use of tantra can be a major tool in any

When I was in my early 20´s, I used to think a lot about money. Everyday, I would sit
for a couple of hours and stare at the ceiling trying to come up with ways in which I could
improve my financial situation. I mean, I was not poor or anything. I never was. I had a roof
over my head, and food on the table, but it was also true that from time-to-time I would see
myself in the position of freaking out because I was not sure I was going to make it to the next

I had started studying and practicing magick when I was a teenager but I was
unsuccessful using prosperity magick to my own benefit. That was something that had me
puzzled for a long time. Actually, I did not think about that, meaning, about magic, as a
solution for my problems. This was mainly because I never thought I could manage to get it
done, pretty much until I was actually able to get it done.

The first couple of times I tried prosperity spells nothing happened. I had looked for
rituals and stuff related to that and I had set up a spell based on an invocation. That was the
first one I tried. The second one was a sigil with which I intended to change my own
disposition or abilities to make money. I tried different things 10 or 20 different times. The
best I got was a 10-dollar prize on the lottery.

As time passed – a couple of years actually – there was one afternoon, when I was
hanging out with a friend who also happened to study magick. I mentioned this whole ordeal
to him. He went on and gave me the messenger account of a friend of his (yes, we used
messenger at that time) and told me about a study he was doing on people and how they
choose different types of magick depending on their personality. Anyway, after a few days I
added this new friend to messenger and he actually responded to my messages. We talked for
a long time because he agreed to help me out with my magic only if I gave him some personal
information for his study. Finally, after we were done with that he helped me out.
What happened next was indeed quite disappointing. I mean, I expected him to, like,
you know, give me a ritual that worked, or tell me what kind of invocation I should do, but
instead he gave me this monologue about the reasons why my prosperity spells did not work.

“Very few people manage to make prosperity spells work”, he said, while staring at
the paper where he had written my personal information. “You seem to be the one who could
never make them work”.

“Suppose some people are just better geared up for some kinds of magick – I
answered him.”

He told me that prosperity spells didn't work because I did them only when I was
desperate to have it, and even the few times when that wasn't so, the motive for doing
prosperity spells in the first place, was the fact that I was feeling poor and that was exactly
the wrong mindset to get money spells done. I think at the time I did not really get what he was
saying. It sounded too much like impossible, so I just forgot about the whole prosperity thing
for a while, until this one time, several years later, I saw this new friend at the supermarket.

I was in the line at the supermarket and the customer in front of me just pulled a 50
euro note from his wallet when he paid. When I looked at it I felt the emotion of richness for
that very short moment. It was just a fleeting moment. The customer paid and left, but I was
struck by that banknote paper for a long time, and I remember that feeling for a long time. I
took it as some sort of a clue, one that I could not place at that time.

What you need to do is project a feeling of pure richness and abundance that you can
feel when you first glimpse a heap of gold coins, or when you see how much the lottery prize
is that week, and it is difficult to find that emotion when you are in debt. It is even more
difficult when you have never really experienced it.
After I learned this, I started focusing on changing my mindset in a more traditional
way. Making more money, and spending it responsibly, so that I did not start feeling the
desperation of running out of cash. One day, some friends invited me to play in a member’s
only hotel with posh upper-class people, tailor-made suits and Swiss watches. At one point, I
would have thought that to be totally unattainable but this seemed different. I was not thinking
about it being something related to rich people, or something unattainable. Instead, I just had
fun. There was even a point during the night when I looked at the night sky. I was sitting there
with the view from the top of the building and I had this enlightened moment. I started to know
how it feels to be rich. Before that, I did not have a clue what it was like to have money.

Somehow, that clicked something inside me. This clue made it possible for me to
manifest richness. Every ritual or spell I tried from then on worked without an effort.
The Ritual of the Veil Tearer

Daoloth is an entity mentioned in the story of Ramsey Campbell. The purpose of this
ritual is to use him in order to explore other dimensions and other hidden places. His title is
“the one who tears the veils” since he reveals himself to the practitioner as the one who can
show him the most remote and odd worlds, located in some distant dimension. He is
described as a very complex entity. He has to be summoned inside an enclosed space, or
otherwise he expands himself like an infinite ray of light. It is also advised to summon him in
a dark space, without any light.

The sigil used in this work came from a scrying session, where, a long time ago, a
group discovered the symbol of this creature for the first time. This symbol will replace the
circle of the evocation, and this stamp will shut the magic space so that the entity can manifest
itself. You have to trace the drawing so that it is large enough to put incense inside without
covering any of the lines. Then start the ritual of vanishing in order to clear the space of the
rite and keep away any kind of negative energy. Burn enough incense to create a really thick
atmosphere. Then turns off the lights and take a seat comfortably in the darkness. Focus
yourself in the stamp of Daoloth and begin to sing his name. Continue singing his name until
the atmosphere of the chamber goes dense and you feel that the energies flow off the stamp as
if it was a dimensional door to the Other Side. Keep on singing the name and focus yourself in
the dense incense inside the stamp and in how the smoke takes shape. Daoloth will reveal
himself before you with visions and images. Focus yourself on those that you want to see.
Stay focused until you have reached the results you wished for or until the images disappear.
If you are an experienced astral traveler, you can go in to the circle or seal, cross the portal
and travel interstellar dimensions with Daoloth. When you feel that it is time to finish with
this work, carefully vanish him.
Invocation to Cthulhu

Since I went off course with the Cthulhu talk, it is only fair that we mention the ritual
for invoking Cthulhu. The purpose of this is to do the ritual for Cthulhu to show up in your
dreams and teach you things. Cthulhu himself, as well as other deities in his universe, are
really useful for magic work that involves opening up the mind and entering other realities.

This ritual should be performed in an isolated place and hopefully close to a big
water extension, like a river, lake or ocean. I personally always do this is by the ocean, since
the sea represents the archetype of a portal to other worlds. The ideal place to do this would
be a cave next to a river or next to the ocean even out in the open next to the water itself.
However, a small forest or a cove could be useful as well.

The ritual itself will happen at night, preferably when the sky is clear and you can see
the stars and the water is tempestuous. It is not precise to use special atavisms nor ornamental
details. In this sense, the only exception is that every single participant must wear a medallion
with a representative symbol of the deity they are invoking. It would be dangerous to not pay
attention to this obligation.

You should have a bonfire. The mage who is directing the ritual, represents Cthulhu.
He or she should stay above and separate from the rest of the participants. He holds a torch
that has been previously prepared to give a blackish blue glow. However, this is not present
form the very beginning of the ceremony.

(All participants light up the bonfire and stay close to it inside an irregular circle. During the
whole ceremony, their eyes should stay fixed on the fire.)

Brothers and sister of the old blood, we have congregated here to pronounce the invocation to
Cthulhu. I yell again the word of the abyss that great void from vast waters and from howling
winds in which we lived for passed centuries
Hear the immortals and yell with me the invocation to the Eternal Serpent that sleeps
so we can keep on living.

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.
I’a k’nark Cthulhu kyr’w qu’ra cylth drehm’n El-ak.
U’gnyal kraayn: (¡Hail Great Cthulhu, known by all
races from the depth of those who walk
on and under the earth. Hear their holy names :)
CTHULHU! Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl
fhtagn. I’a Cthulhu.
(Cthulhu shows up)
Ph’reng-na Y’gth El-aka gryenn’h w’yal’h-ji kyr dy-tral’s
From Yuggoth comes to the world, came to
stay and rule for all eternity.
V’kresn vuy-kn grany’h arksh ty’h nzal’s naaghs wh’rag-
ngla oth’e tryn-yal El-aka gryenn’h.
I have traveled through the Third Angle, scaring away
the time and singing alongside men
those men that dwelled in the other world.
Yal’h-el kh’rgs-th’e w’raghs-tryn’h gh’naa-wragnhi.
R’nkal ngh’na ka-ii gh’na-na’fh fhtag’s.
I have walked the earth, and I have taught
men to laugh, and play, and fight and yell.
It is because of them that I do not die, but I closed my eyes on my own
and was sleeping.
W’ragh zh’sza kz’yelh naa-g naaghs hu-glyzz jag’h gh’an
cyve vuy-k’nh v’quar.
Flutes sing through the charms of the Abyss
and the space boils while
we see the five angles in the sixth.
Y’trynh na’gh’l w’raghno’th vR’lyeh ngh’’na fhtagn-
w’gah kr’hyl zaan-i vyk’n.
I have danced and I have fought, and I have laughed
alongside men, and in R’lyeh I have died to sleep and to have
dreams from the planes and angles.
M’khagn w’ragnhzy dys-n’gha k’dys-n’ghals k’fungn-
akel zaht’h k’halrn ghr-kha n’fhtagn-gha.
Hear me, for I announce the end of the god of the dead
and the god of the dying, and I speak of the laws of life
so you can reject death without sleep.


K’aemn’h kh’rn K’aemn’h kh’r Kaemn’h kh’rmnu.
N’ghan-ka fhtagni-kar’n gha’l. Vnaa-glyz-zai v’naa-glyz-
zn’a cylth.
The Old Gods existed, and the Old Gods exist
and the Old Gods will exist again. I am dead,
but I sleep, and therefore I am not dead.
I come from the deep water and I also come from the deep abyss.
V’szel kh’ra-fhtagn k’bahl’dys-n’gha yga’h-h’j n’fhtag’h
z’aht. V’glyzz k’fungn cylth-a v’el cylth-Cthulhu k’fungn’i.
For centuries, you have slept in the realm
of the old gods, and you have now awaken to life.
On the sea I call on the deep ones, and in land the
deep one calls on Cthulhu.
N’kys ka-naaghs v’prh-gh’nya k’K’aemn’h az’zl-inkh’v
naaghs k’zhem’nfi k’zhe-t’h ur-geyl n’el k’fungn i-inkh’v
k’nga y’ilth-kai.
Do not forget the abyss nor the origin, nor the old gods
that brought you here, and do not forget the ramming of the sun
nor the Eternal Serpent that elevated you to the earth and delivered you
to the messenger's flame.
P’garn’h v’glyzz. (Now go to the ocean)
[The one celebrating the ritual throws the torch into the bonfire, and immediately next to this,
draws back into the shadows.]
Vuy-kin’e glyz-naaghs y’kh’rain k’r’heyl vuy-kin’el
s’nargh’s cylth. (There are no more angles in the underwater abyss,
but there are other angles, and these angles
will submit to the deep ones.)
V’yn’khe rohz v’schm’h v’ragsh kyr-reng’ka w’nath-al
y’keld v’fnaghn K’aemn’hi. I’a Cthulhu! I’a Sha-t’n! (By the seal of the nine,
and by the shinning trapezoid,
make everything draw your blessings to us
for we know the old gods. Hail, Cthulhu!!)