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IB Language A HL:
Symbolism in Love in the Time of Cholera
Group Activity

Directions: In groups, choose one symbol from the novel from the list below (or pick your
own). Respond to the following questions about this symbol.

• Cholera/disease • Florentino’s jacket • Florentino’s coat
• Animals • Travel • Boats
• Aging • Tránsito Ariza’s house • The telegraph
• Letters/writing • Lorenzo Daza’s house • Medicine
• The river • The trolley • The city

1. Where does this symbol appear in the novel?

2. What ideas, emotions, and references are associated with this entity? (For example, a parrot
might be considered exotic, fascinating, trainable, stubborn, beautiful, repetitive, wild,
domesticated, impressionable, imitative, etc.)

3. Which of the associations from question #2 seems most significant in the context of the
novel? Why?

4. What is the effect of this symbol in the novel? Consider what we learn from the use of this
symbol. Use specific scenes and textual evidence (including citations) to explain your answer.

5. Why do you think Gabriel García Márquez chose to use this symbol in the novel?

IB A1: Analyze the content, language, technique and style of text(s)
0 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8

The group The group The group The group The group
does not provides adequate competently provides
reach the limited analysis of analyzes the perceptive
standard analysis of the content, content, analysis of the
the content, language, language, content,
language, technique technique and language,
technique and style of style of text(s) technique and
and style of text(s) style of text(s)