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SpreFix S - Stone Wool Insulation


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S preFi x ™ S - S tone Wool I ns ul ati on
SpeFix™ S - Stone Wool Insulation, for fire
by Det Norske Veritas (DNV): protection and all-purpose insulation
MED-D-954, A and B Manufactured from diabase or basalt, condensation such as corrosion and rot.
Class divisions, fire integrity
SpreFix™ S - stone wool insulation can The spray-on application system allows
A-60 Bulkhead, Steel withstand more than 1,100°C. it to be applied to virtually any surface
General application The insulation is spray-applied using configuration.
MED-B-4501 SpreFix™ S - stone wool fibers in The SpreFix™ S - stone wool insulation
A-60 Bulkhead, Steel
Restricted application combination with the unique two- is acknowledged with the highest level
MED-B-3609 component waterbased SpreFix™ binder of product certificates, level D for marine
A-60 deck, Steel system and unlike conventional insulation applications. Certificates are registered
General application
elements it does not require any mechanical with leading, globally recognized
Non-Combustible Materials fasteners. The seamless application registration bodies such as DNV, USCG ,
MED-B-3614 technique reduces waste and installation Lloyds, ABS, etc.
Non-Combustible Materials time, enhances safety and prolongs service To withstand repeated high-pressure
life. The fact that the insulasion adheres to cleaning, oil-vapour etc, the surface can be
the underlying surface eliminates potential coated with a specially developed coating,
moisture related problems caused by SpreFix™ Seal.

Technical data
Product type: Stone Wool insulation for fire protection and all-purpouse insulation.
Colour: Grey-green.
Installation temp: +4°C to +30°C air and surface temperature during
application and drying out time.
Drying time: 30mm; 72h at 20°C.
Therm conduct: 10 = 0,038 W/mK
Sound absorpt: w = 1,00 ISO 11654 Thickness =50mm


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