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XXXXXX has been a student at “XXXXXXX” high School in the math-informatics intensive English class

since 2008. The school has 856 students on roll and is a highly selective school in terms of students’
academic record and proficiency in English. Her mark in the high school entry exam was 9.8, making
her one of the best students admitted to her year group. She chose a broad intensive English profile
covering natural sciences subjects as well as biology and chemistry, as she is passionate about
science in general and these subjects in particular.

She has constantly achieved excellent academic results, which have placed her among the best of her
age group. She caught my attention with her fast learning skills, curiosity about human anatomy and
how fascinated she was about any new subject concerning biology. She always tackles issues in a
mature, responsible and tactful manner. All these qualities fully justify her decision to
study biomedicine at university. In the Diploma de Bacalaureat we expect her to achieve an overall
grade of 9.3 and a minimum of 9.3 in Romanian language and literature.

In biology XXXXXX distinguished herself by expressing understanding in the lessons taught in class,
which went well beyond the limits of the curriculum. She was especially able to apply her knowledge
to applications and case studies that she received during the school year. She is very conscientious
and is able to demonstate care and concern for other students in group work activities. XXXXXX has a
communicative nature: she is open, sociable and always willing to accept new challenges. I am
convinced that she will pass biology in the Bacalaureat with a score of over 9.50.

XXXXXX is equally impressive in chemistry. She gets actively involved in class discussions as well as
writing excellently structured papers. Naturally curious, she investigates an issue until she grasps all
its meanings. She has the ability to use knowledge she has acquired in chemistry in order to
understand the human body and the applicability of chemical reactions in biological processes. She
really showed her capacity to teach other students in the work shop: “Chemistry- Friend or Enemy “.
It is unfortunate that the Romanian examination system prevents students from taking Bacalaureat
exams in both biology and chemistry as I believe she would have achieved a very high score in this

As XXXXXX’s maths and personal tutor I can recommend her as one of the most remarkable students
I have ever taught. She is very competitive and has developed an analytical mind as a result of taking
mathematics and computer science subjects. She participated in the mathematics Olympics and she
was able to cope with the effort and stress of the competition. We believe she can achieve at least a
9.0 in this subject, which will put her in the top five percent of students in her year group.

It has been a rewarding experience teaching XXXXXX English as she is an extremely dedicated and
enthusiastic student with a special talent for this subject. She speaks and writes confidently,
accurately and with extreme ease. She simply thinks in English and regards it not as a foreign
language but as a second native one. She has never failed to take every opportunity to explore her
potential and participated in the English Olympics, a language contest for gifted students where she
achieved very good results.

XXXXXX has been actively involved in many academic, civic and volunteer extracurricular activities
including a placement at the Oncology Institute, and participation in the “Rosetti Days” and ”School
in a Different Way”.

She is simply an exceptional candidate for international study and will engage her energy in academic
study and all the opportunities offered by a university community. I am very confident that she has
the maturity to adapt to life in another country and culture and to make friends very quickly. We
take very great pleasure in recommending her to you.