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Endless Armies

by Jeff Grubb
Table of Contents

Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2
The Nightmare Begins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Maju and the Narabatun Jungle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
In Maju . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
The Narabatun Jungle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
The Ixtzul Valley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
Encounters in the Valley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
City of Ixtzul . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17
Encounters in the City of Ixtzul . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25
The Summoning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27
Resolution . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29
NPC Capsule: Mirandos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30
New Monsters:
Bacar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 1


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wood. As a child, the Revered
Counselor remembered trees on the
mountainside. Now only red ravines of
1000 years ago . . . eroded soil remained on the once-
The sky bled from a great amber wooded slopes. His people were sickly,
wound as a piece of the sky fell into the and already there were mutterings of
True World. Its passing caused the air unrest among the nobles.
spirits to scream at its speed, and when Across the court of stone-trees,
it struck the earth the ground shivered another labor party was laying the
from the House of Tezca to the coast. great stones of another temple.
Osctl Sleeping Turtle of the people of Temples and monuments would not be
Ixtzul Vale was the first to reach the enough if his people were hungry. But
crater, the end-point of a long scar they could not leave, not without
through the valley. He was one of seven releasing a greater hunger into the
minor chiefs, all seeking to gather the world.
people beneath their control. Greyst returned to his own work,
The rest of his followers hung back directing his assistants: two artisans,
as Osctl moved down into the pit. A one plumaweaver and one
great egg lay there, twice the size of a hishnashaper. With complete
temple, burned from its passage close concentration he showed them where
to the sun and blackened from its race and how to inscribe the lines of power,
past the air-spirits. Osctl brushed some the binding forces to the great temples.
of the ash from the side of the egg. A That Ixtzul would fall was beyond
seam split the shell beneath his hand. question—that was the nature of the
Through the widening tear, Osctl cycle of all life. His mission was to
could see a great snake, coiled in sleep. provide sufficient protection for the
Osctl Sleeping Turtle knew not what valley, and the True world itself—to
manner of beast this was, only that it protect it from the city’s original
created an opportunity to rise among guardian.
his fellow chieftains, to establish Ixtzul But who would guard the guardian?
as a powerful city among the Payit. Greyst furrowed his brow. His own
The beast, the worm from the stars, people would be gone, and their story
began to stir, and Osctl moved toward recorded only on the stone-trees. And
its head, spear in one hand, hishna- they were mere humans, to be
charm in the other, praying to his gods tempted by the power below.
that the creature would be The Revered Counselor looked at the
reasonable . . . . ground, and saw the small ants
crawling through the hard-packed dirt.
800 years ago. . . He smiled, and brought his talismans
The valley of Ixtzul was dying, and to bear. They would make excellent
Revered Counselor Greyst Seven Cloud guardians. . . .
knew it. The wide valley could no
longer support the great number of 80 years ago...
people. More and more people had The warrior was brought into his
emigrated to his land, making him house babbling, and Hochtl dutifully
powerful, but they all needed to be fed, recorded his tale, though at times he
and the farmers stripped more and caught himself doubting the veracity of
more of the jungle for clear land and the words. No. Looking at the wreckage

of the warrior’s leg, the flesh torn to Mirandos, stuffing Hochtl’s scroll
the bone itself, was enough proof of the beneath her robes and leaving the
man’s truthfulness. bonfire behind her . . .
The warrior had dared to enter the
cursed city of Ixtzul, in the death-vale,
and returned to say that the city was
The Tale of Ixtzul, the Sky
inhabited still, though not by men. Worm, and Mirandos
Hochtl noted his tale, babbling and all,
Ixtzul was a long-forgotten, ruined city
about the tree-stones, the temples, the
in Far Payit. Ixtzul’s original founders
sacrifices, and the powerful creatures
made a pact with a great monster that
that served some forgotten lord.
entered the fertile valley from space, a
At length the warrior tired, the
local “god” known as H’Calos, the Star-
healing herbs took effect, and he
Worm, as recounted in the previous
rested. Hochtl walked out into the
entries. As with so many cities, Ixtzul
courtyard, holding his scrolls out
went from insignificance to
before the fire. He thought briefly of
importance to oblivion.
burning them, of letting the tale die
So it was for over seven hundred
with its teller, but no, it should stand as
years, until Hochtl’s scroll came into
a warning to others of the dangers of
the possession of the priestess
Mirandos of Helm. An agent of the
By the morning the warrior was
Anmite government entrusted with
gone. He left his jewelry and clothing
behind, and none saw him leave. examination and disposal of colonial
manuscripts (read: burning native texts
Hochtl knew how the warrior left, and
from that moment on, slept very in order to establish Amnite
sovereignty), Mirandos had her own
personal agenda—to create her own
power base in the True World. She took
80 days ago. . .
the scroll and learned its secrets, then
Mirandos was overseeing the
destruction of the Maztican scrolls in went rogue, seeking out her personal
the town of Maju when one in
Now the church wants Mirandos,
particular caught her eye. It was non-
and her scroll, back. They suspect that
magical (anything with the taint of
she has gone astray from their flock,
their strange spell-casting had been
but they have no hard proof. For that
weeded out for later research), but was
they need heroes willing to pursue
not the standard, weird, hodge-podge
Mirandos into the jungles of Payit, and
record of battles and local lords. For
"rescue” her.
once it included a map of the lost city,
Except. . . they are already too late,
Ixtzul, and an idea of what lay within,
for Mirandos has reached the city of
particularly its guardians.
Ixtzul, and controls the leaders of the
Mirandos smiled as she read about
ant-people. Now she wants to control
the guardians. Only the savage
the legendary creature that slumbers
Mazticans would think of such
beneath the city itself. She is looking
creatures as sufficient guards. An
for heroes, too —as sacrifices.
entire city of treasure, perfectly
preserved, guarded by such easily
controlled creatures.
"Easier done than said,” mused

The Nightmare
would like you to recover the body for
decent burial, if possible. If she has

gone astray, we wish you to bring her
back for ecumenical trial and
The player characters are summoned “We wish this to remain low-key, for
to the church of Helm in Ulatos (a map political purposes. Governor Cordell is
of Helmsport and Ulatos is provided in currently on a crusade against Anmites
FMA1, Fires of Zatal for those disappearing into the hills and jungles,
interested, but it is not needed to play searching for their own personal cities
this adventure). Native-born characters of gold. Such activities usually serve no
are requested to attend by their purpose save stirring up the native
families, while those native to Faerun population against our forces and our
(as well as those natives which have faith. Should one of Helm’s servants be
established legendary reputations revealed to be involved in such activity,
through their previous actions) have our cause in this new land will be
been contacted individually and weakened. We need heroes who are
politely requested to come to the both quick and discreet. Are you up to
church on a matter of delicacy and the task?”
urgency. Note that the native-born Bishou Devane offers a reward of 500
characters are asked politely, not gp for Mirandos’ body, 1000 gp for her
ordered, to attend, and hints of alive, and an additional 500 gp if they
monetary reward are dropped. can prove that Mirandos has gone
An acolyte greets them and ushers rogue. In addition, the heroes may
them into the presence of Bishou keep any and all magic items and
Devane of Helm, the highest-ranked treasure that they encounter while in
church official in the colony of New performance of their duties (with a
Amn. The Bishou is seated at a desk note that a tithe to the church is always
carved from Maztican oak, flanked by appreciated).
censers giving off a dull red light and a The church of Helm provides a letter
copious amount of smoke. from the Bishou indicating that the
“Servants and friends of Helm,” characters are on "church business,”
begins the chief Godseye of the True good for the next 30 days. He also
World, “you have been asked here to aid provides horses for the Faerun player
the church on a matter of great characters as far as Maju, and up to 100
delicacy and some urgency. One of our gp of equipment and “traveling
priests, engaged in missionary work in expenses” for each member of the
the south, is missing.”
“We suspected foul play among the party.
In Ulatos, little is known of Mirandos.
savages, but rumors have surfaced that She arrived about two months ago with
she left Maju of her own volition, a supply ship from Amn, with papers
perhaps seeking some lost treasure in indicating that she had been charged
the hinterlands. If this is so, she is by the home church to preach among
acting without the permission of the the friendly Payit tribes of the south.
church, and her actions may reflect She disappeared about a month ago,
poorly on us and our relationship with and it has taken this long for word to
the native population. reach back to Ulatos, be confirmed,
“We need you to discover the fate of and be acted on.
Mirandos. If she has been slain, we

The day that Bishou Devane meets 11 10-40 Antelope (Animal,
with the player characters, Mirandos Herd)
enters the vale of Ixtzul and steals the 12 10-20 Natives
staff of command. She will be 13 1-4 Coyotes (Jackals)
established as shown in the Ixtzul 14 1-2 Wild Cats
section when the player characters 15 1-2 Normal Constrictor
arrive. Snakes
Bishou Devane: Int High; AL LN; AC 16 1-2 Normal Skunks
2; MV 12; HD 9; hp 45; THAC0 16; #AT 1; (Spotted)
Damage 1-6 + 3/1-6 + 2 (footman’s 17 1-2 Axebeaks
mace + 2) ; SA & SD Spells as a 9th level 18 1-2 Coyotlweres
priest; SZ M; ML 17 (Jackalweres)
Acolyte: Int Average; AL LN; AC 4; MV 19 1 Giant Eagle
12; HD 2; hp 12; THAC0 20; #AT 1; 20 Two Encounters
Damage 1-6 + 1/1-6; SA & SD Spells as
2nd level priest; SZ M; ML 14 Notes on Random Encounters

Natives: Natives are Payits of 1 HD. Half

Maju and the Narabatun are women and children. All the men
Jungle and half the women bear macas and
spears. Natives are initially neutral to
Bishou Devane thinks it best that the any passing through their land, though
adventurers travel by horse and foot as they attempt to avoid large parties with
far as Maju, and then by foot past that Newcomers among them, and seek to
point (if need be). Alternately, passage defend the women and children. They
may be booked down the coast to Coxi, are friendly, if cautious, with other
and from there overland on foot to Payits, even if Newcomers are with
Maju (such a sea trip will be without them.
incident). Natives have the advantage of either
Travel overland through the plains living in or having some familiarity
will be without major incident. Check with the territory the player characters
once per day and evening for a random are about to move through. If the
encounter from the table below. There player characters act positively toward
is a 1 in 6 chance of encounter when on them, the natives may provide some
the plains. hint to the next day’s travel. Roll for
encounters for the next day, and
Dice Roll Result truthfully report the results to the
(d8 + d12) players as if the natives have passed
2 1-3 Wild Horses through that area.
3 1 Ankheg Natives who are friendly with the
4 1-2 Wild Eagles adventurers usually offer shelter for
5 1 Ant Lion the night in a nearby village, sharing
6 2-12 Giant Ants their food and campfire. Such offers
7 1-3 Large Scorpions are valid, and nothing evil befalls these
8 1-3 Wolves characters in the village. The villagers
9 1-4 wild Dogs in the plains north of Maju know
10 10-30 Buffalo (Animal, nothing of Mirandos, though they have
Herd) a guarded view of the Helm

missionaries moving through the area. Amnite soldiers present, and three
If attacked, the native men fight until low-level priests: Delian, Elkhound,
one round after the women and and Wadsworth. Of the three,
children are clear of the battle, then Wadsworth is the spokesman and will
retreat themselves. They have no tell the players what he knows.
reason to fight madmen, particularly Mirandos arrived in Maju about two
those who work with the strange months ago, a perfect missionary:
Amnites from across the sea. eloquent, intelligent, and unswerving
Natives: Int Average; AL N; AC 10; MV in her faith of Helm. It was she who
12; HD 1; hp 6; THAC0 20; #AT 1; mobilized the locals to start building
Damage 1-8/1-6 (macas); SZ M; ML 10 the temple, and removed large sections
of the town’s records and other
Wild Horses: The number of horses improper texts for burning.
present in the new world is very It was after one such burning that
limited, but even so there have been Mirandos began to act strange,
runaways and strays from battle who secretive, and odd. About a week later
have survived. It is up to the PCs to she was gone, along with six of the
catch and tame such a horse, and while strongest Payit warriors in the village.
the horse provides added comfort Most of her gear was left behind except
(carrying individuals and/or for her bedroll and some valuables.
equipment), it also attracts unwanted Each of the priests has a different
attention in civilized areas. Natives will theory. Delian believes that she was
treat the characters a little better, kidnapped by savages in revenge for
savages will have their morale reduced burning the texts, and the loyal Payits
by 1. were behind it, now fleeing for their
own lives. Elkhound believes that she
Coyotes: Treat as jackals from the fell under a curse from the books, and
MC. fled into the night, with the six
pursuing her in hope of rescue.
Coyotlweres: Treat as jackalweres Wadsworth believes that she found
from the MC. Coyotlweres tend to be something in the texts that proved too
loners in Maztica, occasionally great a temptation, and fell from grace,
commanding a pack of coyotes. going astray and tricking the six
warriors into accompanying her.
Each of the priests uses a partially-
In Maju burned map as proof of his theory. The
Maju is a medium-sized Payit map was found in Mirandos’ quarters
community in the plains between the after she left, in the firepit, along with
Chuapli Forest and Narabatun Jungle. other writings now too badly burned to
The native population is friendly be usable. The map shows the Far Payit
toward the newcomers, and the party coast north of the Bilchak, with a large
notices a number of native Mazticans mark indicating the location of Ixtzul
wearing the holy symbol of Helm, the and a route leading to it from the
eyed gauntlet. north. Delian believes this is the secret
The adventurers are directed to the base of a Payit army rallying to attack
local “temple” of Helm, which is little the Amnites. Elkhound thinks it is a
more than a cleared foundation for a tower of dark sorcery. Wadsworth
later building. There are about a dozen thinks it is a lost city that Mirandos is

seeking to raid. encounter. Use the table below.
The soldiers spent two weeks Dice Roll Result
searching the area, as far south as the (1d8 + 1d12)
jungle but turned up nothing. The local 2 1 Werejaguar
Payits did not see Mirandos or the (Weretiger)
other Payits, or if they did, they are not 3 1 Giant Constrictor
telling. (A player character on excellent Snake
terms with the local population may be 4 1-3 Normal Porcupines
able to ferret out that a group of Payits 5 1-2 Giant Frogs
with a Newcomer female was seen 6 1-3 Giant Spiders
heading south toward the jungle. The 7 1-2 Black Bears
information is third-hand, and it is 8 1-4 Tabaxi
unknown whether the priest was 9 1-3 Tapirs (Warthog)
leader or captive.) 10 3-18 Savage Halflings
The priests demand that the horses 11 10-20 Natives
be left at Maju, as they are church 12 1-3 Jaguars (Cat)
property. The soldiers offer to 13 2-8 Howler Monkeys
accompany the adventurers to the edge (Animal, Small)
of the jungle with the horses, but to 14 1-3 Itzamti (Giant
reclaim the mounts at that point. Lizards)
Encounters south of Maju in the plains 15 1-2 Wild Cats
are identical to those elsewhere, save 16 1-2 Harpies
that the natives will attempt to evade 17 Two Encounters
groups accompanying soldiers. 18 1-2 Treants
Priests (Delian, Elkhound, and 19 1 Giant Porcupine
Wadsworth): Int Average; AL LN; AC 4; 20 1 Strangleweed
MV 12; HD 2; hp 12; THAC0 20; #AT 1;
Damage 1-6 + 1/ 1-6; SA & SD Spells as Notes on Random Encounters
2nd level priests; SZ M; ML 14
Soldiers: Int Average; AL N; AC 4; MV Natives: All natives encountered in the
12 (18 mounted on horseback); HD 2; jungle along Mirandos’ path are
hp 12; THAC0 19; #AT 1; Damage friendly; the priest of Helm did a
1-8/1-12 (sword), 1-6/1-8 (spear) ; SZ M; wonderful job selling the advance of
ML 15 the Amnite civilization, vouched for by
the six Payit warriors with her. The
The Narabatun Jungle natives invite the player characters to
stay the night safely, and confirm that
The jungle’s edge rises like a green Mirandos and her followers are
wall. A low undergrowth clogs the heading south. The villagers
border, but this soon clears out to a encountered also note that 1-4 Payits of
climax growth of trees with very little the village went with the priestess. The
underbrush. The ground is soft from natives know of Ixtzul, which is a place
centuries of decay, and small streams of ill-omens from which no one ever
running down from the hills cut across returns. Mirandos had expressed an
what paths push through the growth. interest in going to Ixtzul, and would
Check for random encounters once not be dissuaded, saying she was
per day and once per night when in the protected by Helm himself. A few of the
jungle, with a 2 in 6 chance of an younger men believed her.

The natives also warn the characters their actions are different. They ignore
about the savage halflings who roam non-native creatures unless attacked
the countryside. (they know the Amnites are there, but
If the adventurers take no hostile do not wish to acknowledge them).
actions, the natives remain friendly. If Maztican treants consider themselves
the characters attack, the natives royalty within the forest and expect to
attempt to protect their women and be treated accordingly, even to the
children, then flee into the jungle point of the awarding of gifts. If
themselves. properly approached, the treants tell
Natives: Int Average; AL N; AC 10; MV of a party of humans, including a
12; HD 1; hp 6; THAC0 20; #AT 1; newcomer, heading for Ixtzul. They
Damage 1-8/1-6 (macas) ; SZ M; ML 10 shake their heads sagely and say that
they never will return—great power
Savage Halflings: The native halflings dwells in Ixtzul, the successors to a
of Far Payit encountered are always mighty empire that once ruled that
hostile, and always a war party of solely land.
males. If they gain surprise, they
attempt to attack from ambush, using Itzamti: A large species of lizard in
thrown spears before rushing in. They Maztica, with a dull-red hide similar to
take no prisoners. a dragon’s. Treat as a giant lizard from
Savage Halflings: Int Average; AL N; the MC. Its flesh is very tasty.
AC 8; MV 12; HD 2; hp 15; THAC0 20;
#AT 1; Damage 1-B/1-6(macas), 1-6/1-6 Tapir: Use the statistics for the
(spears); SZ M; ML 12 warthog under boar in the MC.
However, be aware that tapirs have no
Werejaguar: Similar to the weretiger tusks and that attack is not possible.
from the MC. However, the werejaguar
can be harmed by normal weapons. Set Encounters
Werejaguars in human form have
distorted, triangular faces with wide There are two set encounters to be run
grins, like men with the faces of before the party arrives at Ixtzul. The
hideous babies and wide almond- first encounter should take place about
shaped eyes. three days before arrival in Ixtzul, the
second about two days out.
Howler Monkeys: Statistics are as for
monkey under the Animals, Small 1. The Survivor
entry in the MC. In addition to the The player characters hear the
abilities noted, a tribe of howler approach of Cakl, the survivor, before
monkeys sends up a chorus of loud they see him. He is running at top
hooting screeches if disturbed or speed through the forest, uncaring
attacked. The hooting is deafening who hears his passage.
close at hand, and carries miles Cakl passes near to the player
through the jungle. No other characters' position in his flight. They
encounters that day are surprised by get a good look at him—badly beaten,
the players. dirty, his skin marked from a huge
number of insect bites. If the
Treants: The treants of Maztica are adventurers decide to bring him down,
similar to those in the Realms, though they may do so easily.
Cakl is frightened out of his wits, and

is not coherent in his thoughts and ants.
words. After about a half-hour of If they remain with Cakl, they are
talking to him, the PCs have the attacked by the bacars and the creeping
following information: doom. Actually, the members of the
l He is a native of a Payit tribe party are ignored (unless they attack
contacted by Mirandos. She said the bacars). The creeping doom
she intended to bring the light of descends on Cakl, consuming him
Helm into the dead vale of Ixtzul. completely in 4 rounds. If the party is
l He accompanied Mirandos into surprised, the creeping doom strikes
the vale. They were attacked by Cakl before anyone realizes it. If the
giant ant-creatures. Mirandos party has surprise, they see a carpet of
vanished and most of Cakl’s group ants bearing down on the campsite.
were killed. The ants ignore any humans other
l Mirandos later appeared with the than Cakl, as do the bacars. The bacars
ant-creatures. Cakl thinks that she let the creeping doom perform its task,
threw in with them and sacrificed then fade away. Only if attacked will the
his comrades. Some of Mirandos’ bacars attack the party, and then only
other companions survived. those who attack them directly
l He managed to flee the valley, the (including spellcasting).
ant-creatures on his trail. He fears Bacars (8): Int Low*; AL N; AC 4
them greatly and begs the player (shields); MV 9; HD 3; hp 14 each;
characters to protect him from THAC0 18; #AT 2; Damage 1-8/1-6
them. (maca), bite 1-4; SZ L; ML 12
Cakl draws a rough map of the valley *Note that the bacars’ Intelligence
for the player characters, but then is and abilities are dependent on the
too exhausted to continue. He answers number present. Killing two of the
what questions the PCs ask as best he bacars causes the creeping doom to
can. He never made it as far as the city subside. The bacars fight with weapons
of Ixtzul, and does not know about the until five are left, at which point they
Star Worm (except for its horrible fight only with their bites.
statues), or the bacar society. He offers Cakl (Payit): Int Average; AL N; AC 10;
to be a guide for the party back into MV 12; HD 2; hp 10 normally, 2
Ixtzul if they protect him. currently; THAC0 19; #AT 1; Damage
Cakl is exhausted, and if they are to 1-3/1-2 (fist); SZ M; ML 7
take him with them, he must rest for If the party defeats the bacars and
the day. The party may abandon him the creeping doom, then Cakl becomes
and press on, as well. fanatically loyal to the players,
If they choose to abandon Cakl, that convinced that they alone can defeat
evening they hear movement in the Mirandos. He does not know what
jungles, as if a great wind is moving Mirandos is up to, and thinks that the
through the area (a creeping doom ant-things are responsible for her
summoned as per the priest spell by actions.
eight bacars, which are accompanying
it). They do not bother the party, 2. Hochtl’s Village
though if the adventurers have This encounter occurs about two
surprise they see the giant ant-like days away from Ixtzul, and represents
creatures moving through the jungle, the last village found before reaching
along with a living carpet of smaller the valley (re-roll any future random

events that call for natives or savage “He said at the end that the ruler of
halflings). As before, the natives the successors lived in a great pyramid
welcome the adventurers, and invite in the eastern part of the city, but that
them to a feast with the village chief. the largest temple was that of the great
Mirandos stopped at this village as Star Worm who was their liege. He also
well, though none of the natives said that the greatest treasure of the
accompanied her band (by now some city was beneath it, held by magic for
60 strong) to the death-vale of Ixtzul. the day of the Star Worm’s release.
They gladly try to warn the player “But the warrior was driven from the
characters away from the valley, telling valley by the successors, and now fled
them that few escape the vale, and for his life. He sought safe refuge and
those that do are fated to die soon we offered what small amount we had
afterward. If Mirandos was their here. In the morning he was gone, save
friend, she is dead now, they say. for his belongings and his bones. The
The natives say that most of what successors took his spirit back to
they know of the vale comes from an Ixtzul.
ancient scribe, now deceased, who “This Hochtl the Scribe has
recorded in a book of wooden plates recorded.”
the story of one who did escape. That Several of the natives of the village
book was lost for decades, but was have claimed to see the Successors,
returned by Mirandos as a symbol of great silent creatures moving at leisure
her power. They gladly show it to the through the forest. They do not bother
player characters. others unless they are themselves
The book consists of three boards, attacked, and roam from the valley
bound at the corners with leather only to bring back the soul of an
straps. The book relays a story from invader.
eighty years ago, noted at the beginning If Cakl is still alive, then they are
of this adventure, with these additions: impressed, and summon a scribe to
“But there is a greater creature record his experiences as well. He (and
within the vale, which the successors the player characters, if they make
serve. This creature sleeps beneath the clear the fact they are heading for
city, waiting for the day it will awaken Ixtzul) are considered by the villagers to
and make the ground tremble with its be as good as dead, and are treated
power. It is the mightiest beast seen in honorably as such.
the lands of Payit, and there are great The village can give the travelers
statues of it through-out the vale. It is more food, but nothing in the way of
called H’Calos, the Star Worm. additional weapons or special items.
“That the dying warrior told me, and
this he said also: that the last men of
Ixtzul made nothing that they could not The Ixtzu1 Valley
control, and so they had a great staff of The Valley of Ixtzul, home of the river
hishna magic that caused the and the ruins of the same name, is
successors to serve, and perhaps the located on the eastern flank of the
Star Worm as well, if it is related in any Pelankal Mountains, north of the
way. Whoever controls such a beast Bilchak River. The Ixtzul river passes
could bring back the glory days of through several wide marshes before
Ixtzul. This the dying warrior told me, emptying into the Bilchak.
and it was clear he meant to do so. The valley is located far up the river,

near its source in the Pelankal Range. are columns about ten feet in height,
The land rises sharply on both sides of covered with ornate, decorative glyphs
the vale, such that passage occurs only and topped with the stylized head of
through the guard posts (area A) near H’Calos the Star Worm. The glyphs on
the valley’s mouth. The valley runs the tree stones are not readable, only
some five miles, and ends in a waterfall ornamental. These tree-stones are
(B) cascading from the mountains responsible for holding the Star Worm
beyond. in place beneath Ixtzul, and radiate
Most of the valley floor is well- magic strongly. The tree-stones are of
tended by the bacars, with a few trees white granite, kept clear of vegetation
but very little ground cover. The by the bacars.
original Ixtzulians stripped most of the It is possible to topple a tree-stone
native vegetation for farming, such that with a combined strength of 25. In 1-6
low grasses cover the valley floor, turns, a team of 4 bacars arrives to
similar to the well-manicured lawns of right the tree stone and reconnect it to
the most refined Helmsport nobles. the binding web holding H’Calos. This
The buildings on the valley floor (see process takes 24 hours, and the bacars
“City of Ixtzul”) have been well- work until it is rejoined, ignoring all
maintained and repaired by the bacars. other tasks. More than three such
Due to the fact the bacars do not stones toppled results in the colony
perceive color, the original paints on deducing that there are intruders in
the temples have leached away over the vale, and go to an alert status,
time. All that remain are the ghostly increasing the chance for random
visions of the temples, shadows of a encounters by 50%.
greater past. There are some 80 tree-stones
The wards which hold the Star throughout the valley, not counting the
Worm prisoner are still maintained by ones in Ixtzul itself. The binding spell is
the bacars. Any detect magic or similar redundant, such that half of these
divination spells cast within the valley outer stones must be toppled to
show a dim radiance of magic sufficiently weaken the magical
throughout the vale, strongest at the shackles and allow H’Calos to escape.
site of Ixtzul itself.
The only point overlooking the valley A. The Guard Posts
is the hilltop ruins (C), originally home
to one of the other tribes of the valley, The valley of Ixtzul narrows here to a
but in the last years converted to more mere 100 yards across, with the center
farmland and homes for minor noble 50 yards being the river itself, here
families. Unlike the structures on the passing over a set of rapids and into the
valley floors, these have not been jungle beyond. There is about 25 yards
maintained, and are little more than of shore on either side of the river,
foundations. The hilltop ruins can be between the water and the cliff. Paths
reached only from the valley floor, but remain along both riversides.
may make a comfortable base to the The opening of the vale is marked by
group once it has entered the vale. two great statues, one on each side of
the river. Each statue represents a
great insect-worm rising out of the
Tree-Stones ground. These were placed several
Throughout the valley are a large generations after H’Calos began his
number of tree-stones, or stelae. These slumber, and as such are stylized

renditions of the creature, giving no rope (with a standard check for
idea of the beast’s true scale. The drowning). If the swimmer fails his
statues are square stelae with flat tops, proficiency check, he is dragged down
are each 10' high, and face the east. river for 2-20 rounds, with the normal
The land around the statues, from river checks for drowning. At the end of that
bank to cliff wall, has been cleared of time he may make another proficiency
all trees. Picture writing in an archaic check to regain control (or be carried
form of Payit (70% chance for speakers downstream for another 1-6 rounds).
of modern Payit to understand) rings Escaping downstream past the
the base of the statues. The rough guards is much easier. The river
translation of the glyphs says “This is carries anyone swiftly through the
our guardian, where is yours?” cascade (requiring a Swimming
Each of the statues is the base of a proficiency check to avoid 1-10 points
patrol of eight bacars, who have the of damage from being slammed into a
Guard and Capture orders for the area. rock, and dragged down river for 2-20
They are to prevent any non-bacars rounds as described above). Swimming
from entering the vale, but also to is possible only for those in light-
reduce any invaders to 0 hp and drag weight armor at best. All native
them to the city of Ixtzul for eventual Maztican armor is usable in swim-
sacrifice. The Capture orders have ming, though the padded armor
been issued since Mirandos has taken creates a -2 debit to any proficiency
command of the community. The checks.
bacars remain concealed in the woods The bacars’ guardian area extends
on the far side of the glade, and emerge about 20 yards beyond the statues,
only if individuals pass beyond the such that those who come ashore too
statues. If the prey retreats, the bacars soon are attacked in any event.
pursue. Bacars (8): Int Low*; AL N; AC 4
Heroes may evade the bacars and/or (shields); MV 9; HD 3; hp 14 each;
the glade by moving over it (such as THAC0 18; #AT 2; Damage 1-8/1-6
flying across the opening, or using (maca); SZ L; ML 12
thief abilities to scale the cliff sides).
There is a -10% to chance to B. The High Falls
successfully climb walls, as they are
quite crumbly. Large chunks pull away At the opposite end of the valley from
with a touch, and spikes planted work the cascade and the statues is the high
loose if any pressure is put on them. falls, a splendid waterfall that jets from
Another method of avoiding the 120’ up the cliff face and thunders to
initial guardians is to swim up the river the valley below. The western third of
between them. The current is the vale is usually foggy and damp from
extremely strong, such that only those the power of these falls.
with a swimming proficiency are The pool at the base of the falls was
allowed a Strength check to swim up once redirected for crops, but this plan
the rapids (actually crawling up along has been abandoned for over 800 years.
the water-slick rocks of the cascade, The wood of the gates and posts has
staying out of the main flow). Those long since rotted away, even with the
who cannot swim would be unable to care of the bacars. The pool is
make it through this way, though they uninhabited.
could be dragged through the water by The cliff walls around the pool are
particularly slippery, and attempts to

climb walls here are made at — 30%. occasional foray into the valley for a
bacar. The wolf spiders attempt to
ambush their prey when they are
C. The Hilltop Ruins within striking distance of the ruins.
The ruins overlooking the vale along Huge Spiders (3): Int Animal; AL N;
the north side were one of the last AC 6; MV 18; HD 2 + 2; hp 16,14,12;
parts of the valley to be abandoned, THAC0 19; #AT 1; Damage 1-6; SZ M;
long after the rest of the Ixtzulians had ML 8
left and entrusted the guardianship to
Greyst’s creatures. These farmers The spider’s lair contains a number
clung to the last bits of arable land far of avian (and one or two humanoid)
up the mountain-sides, working the bones. Also in the wreckage is an
fields with the aid of ropes and pulleys. ancient hinged book wrapped in layers
The ruins are 300’ up the hillside, and of rotted cloth but otherwise intact
can be reached by a narrow (3’ wide) (worth some 1000 gp back in Faerun, if
path that only allows one person to you can get it out of Maztica without it
move along it at a time. being burned).
This region was not placed under the The hinged book opens like a
control of the bacars and as such they louvered door, with archaic Payit
never come up here, unless in pursuit glyphs on both sides of the book. The
of prey. This could provide a safe haven glyphs are a record of the first and last
for individuals hiding from the bacars, days of the city of Ixtzul. There is a 70%
as the approaching path is easily chance that anyone who can read Payit
defended. If a patrol of bacars follows will be able to decipher the message
the heroes up the path, they can avoid there, and those who speak Payit but
future attacks by killing those bacars in cannot understand the language can
the patrol. If one gets away, another get about one in three word/symbols;
patrol follows in 2-8 turns. the DM is free to leave out whatever
The old palaces along the cliff side parts he wishes for these individuals.
have been left to rot. The roofs have One side records the founding of the
toppled in, and only one wall is left city, and reads as follows:
standing. The foundations are still “Osctl Sleeping Turtle
good, if overgrown with vines. Founding Revered Counselor
From the palace, individuals can of the City of Ixtzul
watch most of the coming and goings Rose above the other chieftains
in the vale below. Most of the activity By claiming the Star Worm.
visible through the trees involve bacars The Star Worm is powerful
engaged in maintenance activities, Came to the True World
along with patrols of the ant-creatures. From the skies.
If equipped with a spyglass or other Air spirits shouted as it fell
magical device allowing seeing at a And landed in the Valley.
distance (e.g., eyes of the eagle), the Osctl Sleeping Turtle
adventurers can make out the human Claimed the Star Worm.
forms of Mirandos and her followers in Talked with it.
the largest of the pyramids. Said the people of Ixtzul
The old palace on the hillside is Would protect it,
currently the home of three huge wolf If it guarded them.
spiders, who live on birds nesting The Star Worm agreed.
farther up the hill as well as making the

And the Ixtzul people became mighty recently copied to the book. The first
and powerful. entry is more bragging about the right
Then the Star Worm dove of the Revered Counselor, common to
Beneath the ground cultures establishing themselves, while
To sleep until it was needed again.” the latter is almost a poem about
Ixtzul’s decline, more advanced in its
The other side of the hinged book presentation, but sadder in message.
reveals the fate of Ixtzul:
“In the last times D. Fords
Of the last great Revered Counselor
Seven Cloud Greyst Most of the river is about 40 yards
Ixtzul was abandoned. across and 15 feet deep for its entire
The circle turns, all things come in length in the vale, except at these
time. locations. Here the river widens out to
Its palaces proud, about 60 yards, and the depth is a mere
Its temples great, two feet, with no appreciable current.
Its people too numerous to count. The edges of the ford are marked with
The circle turns, all things come in stone stakes, about five feet long, set
time. one foot into the river bed. Each stake
Yet though the land dies is tipped with the stylized head of
Seven Cloud Greyst H’Calos the Star Worm.
Keeps the promise Each ford is guarded by a patrol of
To guard the world. eight bacars, four on either side of the
The circle turns, all things come in river. They are under orders to let all
time. other bacars pass (including Mirandos
No man may walk here and her people) but to capture any
And free H’Calos. intruders who try to force their way
We keep the promise across. If one group is attacked, the
And guard the world. other half of the patrol joins the
The circle turns, all things come in combat in two rounds. The bacars bite
time. until enough of their numbers are
The least of creatures within range, then switch to two
Have been given the charge attacks/round with obsidian knives.
To keep the bindings tight Bacars (8): Int Low*; AL N; AC 5; MV
To keep the guardian in. 9; HD 3; hp 12 each; THAC0 18; #AT 2;
The circle turns, all things come in Damage 1-4 (bite), 1-2/1-3 (obsidian
time. knife); SZ L; ML 12
The monster slumbers
In his small death. E. Bacar Outposts
We shall slumber in ours. Each of these locations contains a
The promise is kept. bacar village of 12 creatures. Their
The circle turns, all things come in dwellings are similar to human ones,
time.” with one per bacar, laid out in a circle.
More importantly, the center of each
Comparing the two sides of the of these villages is dominated by a large
hinged book would show that the two colony of (ordinary) army ants, which
excerpts were originally written years the bacars can use to summon their
apart, though the first was more creeping doom. These colonies are

easily visible from outside the outposts
(and from the hillside ruins) from their Encounters in the Valley
tower-like shape, coming to a height The only encounters in the valley of
equal to that of the buildings around Ixtzul are with agents of Mirandos or
them. the bacars. The bacar reaction depends
The creeping doom is centered in the on whether there have been attacks on
outpost, and the farther the carpet of bacars within the last 24 hours. For 24
ants moves from it, the weaker it hours after any attack, the bacars are
becomes (as per the spell). The ants are alert to any potential dangers, and
otherwise nonaggressive unless under attack first and ask questions later.
the control of the bacars. Each full turn spent in the valley (not
The bacars are primarily under the in the city itself, but in one of the
Maintain command, which means they outposts or other encounter areas),
are responsible for keeping under there is a 20% chance of an encounter.
control the jungle around their sites, Roll on the table below.
plus whatever stonework may be in the
area. Unless there have been attacks on Roll Result
other bacars within the past day (of 1 Mirandos’s Men
which there were survivors or bodies to 2 Guard Patrol of 8 Bacars
be discovered), they tend to ignore the 3 Maintenance Patrol of 4
player characters. If there has been an Bacars
attack on the bacars, the outpost seeks 4 Maintenance Patrol of 2
to Attack and Capture the interlopers Bacars
for Mirandos. If the outpost is attacked, 5 Guard Patrol of 8 Bacars
one bacar is sent for reinforcements 6 Maintenance Patrol of 2
while the others summon a creeping Bacars
doom to hold off (or pen in) the
interlopers. Mirandos’ Men: These are two Payit
The army ants are non-combative warriors who have thrown in with
unless aroused by an attack on the Mirandos, with hopes of eventually
nests themselves. If the nest is attacked ruling the region with her, at least as
or damaged, the army ants create their trusted generals. They have been
own, double-strength creeping doom assigned picket duty because the
to deal with the danger, attacking all bacars are about as observant as a pile
within 100 feet of the nest (including of stone, and Mirandos wishes to make
the bacars, who retreat if confronted sure that no other interlopers spoil her
with this situation until the army ants plan.
calm down about a day later). The army If Mirandos’ men get surprise on the
ants also strip any non-living carrion heroes, they do not attack but rather
(including dead bodies) left near their flee back to the city to warn Mirandos
nest in 1-6 turns. of invaders in the compound. If
successful, they return in 1-6 turns
F. The City of Ixtzul (2-12 if in the far corners of the vale)
with a patrol of eight bacars, intent on
See the next section on the city of capturing the adventurers.
Ixtzul. If the heroes ambush Mirandos’
men, they gladly point out where the
priestess has set up her camp in the

city, in exchange for their lives. If let go, moving anything or cleaning anything
they flee the valley and do not return. in the process. These 2-creature teams
Payit Guards (2): Int Average; AL NE; are reinforcing the binding spells that
AC 8; MV 12; HD 2; hp 10 each; THAC0 hold the Star Worm beneath the earth.
A detect magic or similar divination
17; #AT 1; Damage 1-8/1-6 (maca) ; SZ
M; ML 8 reveals that the area around these
working bacars radiates a stronger
magic than the rest of the area.
Guard Patrols: These groups of bacars
are on the lookout for interlopers, and
if they come upon the player
characters (or their trail), they close Bacar Intelligence
and attempt to capture them. The # of Bacar Intelligence
Patrol retreats if it loses half its 1 6
members, only to return in 1-4 turns 2 7
with a full-strength patrol. 3 8
Bacars (8): Int Low*; AL N; AC 4
4 9
5 10
(shields); MV 9; HD 3; hp 14 each; 6 11*
THAC0 18; #AT 1; Damage 1-8/1-6 7 12
(maca); SZ L; ML 12 8 13**
9 14
Maintenance Patrols: These patrols 10 15
are charged with keeping the valley 11+ 16***
under control, cutting back the jungle, *At 11 Intelligence, bacar will
and otherwise keeping the area clean. begin to use weapons and shields.
If the adventurers have not bothered * *At 13 Intelligence, bacar will
any of the bacars for the past 24 hours, leave the valley, and be able to
they are ignored. If there has been a summon the creeping doom.
* * *Bacar never have more than 16
battle with the bacars, they attack (if
they outnumber the party), or perform
a holding action while one member
goes for a full patrol (1-4 turns). The
bacars can track their prey even if the
characters leave the valley, though they
do not pursue up the side of the hill
toward the ruins.
Bacars (2): Int Low*; AL N; AC 5; MV
9; HD 3; hp 11 each; THAC0 18; #AT 1;
Damage 1-3 (bite); SZ L; ML 12
Bacars (4): Int Low*; AL N; AC 5; MV
9; HD 3; hp 15 each; THAC0 18; #AT 1;
Damage 1-3 (bite); SZ L; ML 12
If just observed, the 4-bacar teams
seem to be involved in “real” work,
straightening tilted monuments,
cleaning moss from buildings, etc.,
while the 2-bacar teams are just
touching temple stones and following
in single file across the grass, not really

City of Ixtzul which the outpost can summon its
creeping doom. These complexes
resemble multi-spired volcanoes.
The City of Ixtzu1 is situated on the Attacking these anthills creates a
south shore of the Ixtzul River. It is the similar response as attacking those of
base of operations of the bacars, and the outposts elsewhere in the valley,
currently the home of Mirandos and with the exception that the creeping
her crew. The area beneath the great doom has triple the range and
plaza is the lair of the Star Worm. effectiveness. These ants never attack
The area around the city is covered the bacars, even in their agitated state,
with low grass, with a few ancient trees as the ant creatures have worked in
still standing. The grounds are well tandem too long.
kept and closely clipped by the bacars, These bacars are primarily assigned
as if the original inhabitants are due to
maintenance duties within the city
return at any time. One thing missing (such as keeping the buildings clean
is color. The bright paints of the and maintaining the enchantments
buildings have washed away over time that hold the Star Worm in check).
and have never been replaced by the They are often seen leaving their
bacars (as they cannot see the colors in outposts and wandering the grounds,
the first place). This gives the city a taking care of the buildings in groups
ghostly, eerie quality. of two or four. If the adventurers have
The buildings and temples are stone, not made their presence known (or
quarried from the nearby foothills. The killed any bacars), these maintenance-
plazas are hard-packed earth with a creatures ignore them. If the alarm has
thick layer of mortar rolled atop them. gone up, then all bacars encountered
The mortar is cracked and eroding in attempt to capture any interlopers
places, but still clear of grass and other they encounter.
vegetation. This mortared earth is These bacars are also charged with
treated as ordinary soil by the Star protecting the queen. If area Q is under
Worm. attack, those remaining in the area
converge on the queen’s pyramid and
A. Bacar Outposts the Queen’s Court (P) in 1-10 rounds.
These collections of buildings are
similar to the outposts throughout the B. The Great Plaza
valley, with two minor changes. They This huge, open plaza is dotted with
are not arranged in natural circles, as tree-stones — stelae about seven feet
these buildings were once homes of high, each dedicated to the exploits of
lesser nobles within the city, and later one Revered Counselor of Ixtzul. Each
inhabited by the bacars. Furthermore, of these stelae is topped with the
they are the home of 18 bacars each, stylized representation of the Star
not 12. Worm, and they are the primary
Bacars (18): Int Low*; AL N; AC 4 binding points for the great creature
(shields); MV 9; HD 3; hp 14 each; beneath the plaza. If a detect magic is
THAC0 18; #AT 2; Damage 1-3 (bite), cast, they are revealed as being highly
1-8/1-6 (maca); SZ L; ML 12 magical. If toppled or uprooted, they
The center of each of these former lose their magical nature.
noble complexes is the home of a The glyphs on these tree stones are
transplanted colony of army ants, from in ancient Payit, such that those who

read modern Payit have a 70% chance meeting place for debate, discourse,
of understanding. Most of the stones and occasionally combat, where many
detail the lineage and achievements of could watch the speakers/fighters.
the various Revered Counselors during At the present, it has been readied as
their reigns. There are fourteen a sacrificial area by Mirandos and her
Revered Counselors noted on tree- followers to summon and control
stones in the great plaza. Each tree- H’Calos. Great iron spikes with chains
stone shows the face of the ruler, have been driven into the four corners
facing toward the Star Worm temple of the pyramid’s peak for this sacrifice.
(area N). Osctl Sleeping Turtle’s is the
farthest east of all stelae in the plaza. D. The Old Market
Greyst Seven Cloud’s (located in the
farthest west) is directly in front of In the heyday of the Ixtzulians, this part
Greyst’s tomb (building H). This tree of the plaza was the marketplace,
stone is unfinished. For more detail see where the city peoples could trade for
area H. food, handiwork, and art. It has been
Each of the tree stones establishes kept bare since the departure of the
the lineage of the ruler from his last human Ixtzulians.
illustrious predecessors, along with
any battles fought and won, any new E. Ball Court
tribes brought under dominance, and When Ixtzul was inhabited by humans,
any new temples and buildings erected this complex served as the ball court
in the city. The conquests end with for the city. The buildings to the north
ruler #8 (Hecal Serpent Shell), though and south of the court were used for
sporadic battles are recorded ceremonies and seating for the
throughout the remaining rulerships. Revered Counselors and other
If the stones are read, it should be notables, while the commoners either
noted that the worn original stelae of stood at the ends or sat on the risers to
Osctl describes him as receiving the west.
permission to settle Ixtzul from The court has stood empty since the
H’Calos, a great Star Worm. The later last men abandoned the valley. The
stelae downplay that fact, so that by bacars have no sense of the play or
ruler #6 (Dosl Flint Macaw), Osctl is passion of the ball court, and no games
described as having defeated H’Calos, have occurred during their reign.
and won the valley in victorious With the coming of Mirandos, the
combat. Around the time of ruler 6 southern building is now used as a
appear the first references on the prison for future sacrifices. Interlopers
stelae of the Revered Counselors as are bound and tossed into the building,
protectors of the people of Ixtzul, and fed about once per day, but otherwise
as wardens over the imprisoned ignored. The northern entrance of the
H’Calos. building is sealed, while the other
The lair of the Star Worm is about entrance is guarded by a pair of
100 feet directly beneath this plaza. Mirandos’ men and a patrol of eight
bacars. The bacars are ordered to track
C. Pyramid of Pronouncements down and capture (not kill) any
This ten foot tall step pyramid has a prisoners who escape.
flattened 10' by 10' square top, and was Bacars (8): Int Low*; AL N; AC 4
used by the Ixtzulians in their day as a (shields); MV 9; HD 3; hp 14 each;

THAC0 18; #AT 2; Damage 1-8/1-6 die. The skeleton is intact and has a
(maca) or 1-3 (bite); SZ L; ML 12 maca +2.

Payit Guards (2): Int Average; AL NE; G. Shrine of Qotal

AC 8; MV 12; HD 2; hp 10 each; THAC0
17; #AT 1; Damage 1-8/1-6 (maca); SZ This medium-sized pyramid on the
M; ML 8 northern side of the plaza is dedicated
to Qotal, the feathered dragon of good.
The steps and walls are carved with
F. Merchants’ Quarters symbols of butterflies and eagles. The
Originally this line of stone buildings building at the apex of the pyramid is
was the quarters of visiting merchants empty, save for a discarded wicker
who used to attend the market area (D). cage, kept perfectly preserved despite
The buildings remain, but are now its long abandonment.
used by the bacars as storage areas. Priests of Qotal and other good gods
The walls are stacked high with wild who are defending themselves within
grain, shoots, and vines brought down and on top of this pyramid do so at +2
by the bacars and stored for later use. to hit and damage. The bacars do not
Within the enclosed building, the patrol here, though they pursue and
rotting vegetation has an intense odor, track fleeing prey into this structure.
but is otherwise harmless.
In the midst of the rotted vegetation H. The Tomb of Greyst
is the skeleton of a Payit explorer who
was wounded in battle with the bacars The tomb of the last Revered Counselor
and crawled within the storage area to is located at the westernmost end of

the plaza, atop a small pyramid with 13 outside in ambush of enemies who are
low steps leading up to it. The stelae tracked to this location.
directly before the pyramid’s bottom Two turns after entering the tomb,
step identify it as belonging to Greyst the heroes witness an apparition, the
Seven Cloud, who is shown in the spirit of the dead Greyst. Greyst
portrait as a tall, wise chief in full appears as a ghostly white image in full
regalia, bearing a great staff topped regalia, and points at a faded painting
with an ornate sphere. of himself on the back wall. He takes no
The stelae indicates that Greyst was other action, and if turned,
the last of the recognized Revered immediately vanishes. He points at the
Counselors of the city, and that with his wall for two rounds, then back at the
death the last of the human natives tomb, then back at the wall, then
drifted off. The stelae also records that disappears.
before his passing he created a race The wall painting of Greyst retains
known on the stelae as “The some of its color, and shows him in a
Successors” (the bacars) for the bright green headpiece, fully painted
purpose of protecting the world from for ceremony, supported by small ant-
the great monster buried beneath the like creatures (the original bacars).
city. The stelae lists a few other Greyst carries his staff in the picture,
monuments and buildings that were though it is not present in his tomb (all
dedicated, then leaves off, unfinished. other personal items, even the
It is as if the carver lost the will or headpiece, are both in the painting and
interest to finish this particular task. in the tomb). The staff is white, as of
Like the other tree-stones in the area, ivory or bone, and is topped by a clear
the stelae radiates a magical aura and is sphere of glass or crystal. A few
part of the binding spell that holds feathers are fastened to the sphere’s
H’Calos. base.
The building itself was sealed with a
great stone door, which now lies 1. Shrine to Tezca
broken before it. The smaller pieces of
stone have been cleaned up, but a few This low pyramid is dedicated to the
huge shards are left. Maztican sun power, and was
The tomb has a single room, set with apparently at one time painted a
a stone burial pit in which Greyst’s vibrant red. That paint has flaked over
remains are laid to rest. The stone lid of the years to the point of making the
the pit has been moved and laid aside, surviving shrine look like pink
and the body raided. Greyst’s form is sandstone as opposed to granite. At the
still laid out in his funeral garb: jewelry apex of this pyramid is no building, but
and pluma items worth some 2000 gp instead a low altar, blackened by the
to an interested graverobber. His innumerable sacrifices committed
hands, positioned as though they once here during the city’s halcyon years.
held a sword, are now empty. The carvings along the walls of this
The grave has been robbed by shrine are of leaping flames. There are
Mirandos, who took only what she no carvings on the stairs.
needed, the staff of command created The shrine is abandoned, and the
by Greyst to control insects. Everything bacars pursue those who flee to this
else was left behind. The bacars do not shrine.
enter the tomb, though they wait

J. Shrine to Eha white-washed and unadorned, in stark
contrast to the other copiously
This modest pyramid is dedicated to decorated shrines. Even today they are
the wind sprite, Eha, and its sides are kept sparkling white by the bacars.
engraved with symbols of the wind, The apex of the pyramid contains a
clouds, and birds. A low building is low building, within which is
seated at the apex of the pyramid, with constructed a deep (100’) cistern,
a small altar before it. The shrine is which was kept filled with water for
otherwise unnotable. sacrifices. The water is currently only
The bacars regularly clean this about 20’ deep, and at the bottom of
pyramid, and attack any they find the scummy water are the remains of
within it. five small bacars, miscellaneous bones
of animals and humans, and about 500
K. Soldiers’ Quarters gp worth of gold jewelry.
This line of low buildings was once the
barracks of the city guard. Now it is M. Palace of the Revered
home (with area T) to most of the bacar Counselor
natives within the city itself. Those
bacars within the city are usually less This complex was once the home of
Ixtzul’s ruler and his family, its last
powerful than those on garrison duty
around the vale, but make up for their occupant being Greyst before the city’s
abandonment. It is currently the
reduction in power through greater
quarters of Mirandos’ men, recruits
numbers (and thereby greater
from the various villages she
intelligence). There are 30 bacars living
in this complex. They are called upon encountered on her way to the valley.
There are about 20 men total who
when there is any disturbance within
have accompanied Mirandos and lived
the plaza of the tree-stones (area 9).
to this point, and most are found here
Bacars (30 total): Int Low*; AL N; AC
5; MV 9; HD 3; hp 10 each; THAC0 18; unless on other duties (patrol, guards
#AT 3; Damage 1-4 (bite), 1-2/1-3 to the prisoners, etc.). Reduce the
number from the total for any who
(obsidian knife)x2; SZ L; ML 12
have been killed by the adventurers.
These natives do not include Mirandos’
L. Temple of Azul personal guard.
This great temple is the largest in the If more than 10 of the Payit natives
complex dedicated to any of the have been killed, the guards are
“standard” recognized powers — that of extremely edgy, and attack anything
Azul, the rain-bringer, upon whom that may threaten them. Their morale
much of the crops depended. It was in such cases is reduced by 2.
obviously hoped that with more rain Mirandos’ men (Payit guards) (20):
would come a respite from the decline Int Average; AL NE; AC 8; MV 12; HD 2;
in the soil’s fertility, and the temple is hp 10 each; THAC0 17; #AT 1; Damage
one of the more recent buildings in the 1-8/1-6 (maca), 1-6/1-8 (spear); SZ M;
complex. Its dedicated markers ML 8
indicate that it was first used by Ruler Mirandos has ordered the bacars to
#12 (Vecl Cloud Eveningstar). stay clear of this complex of buildings,
The structure is 100’ tall. The sides and as a result the men have engaged in
and building of this pyramid were a little exploration and excavation of

their own. They have turned up jungle, and sunset behind the lesser
through their poking around (and peaks of the Pelankal Mtns. The inner
burrowing) about 40 gold quills, along walls of this temple are inscribed with
with jewelry worth an additional 600 further carvings of the great Revered
gp. They have discovered no magic. Counselors of Ixtzul, all beneath a
If the cry goes out that Mirandos is carving running the length of the
attacked anywhere in the city, they room, again a stylized version of the
respond at once, coming as quickly as Star Worm, in this case its mouth
possible. They attempt to take their grasping its tail over the western
opponents alive, in order to sacrifice entrance. Written over this frieze, in
them to the Star Worm, but if an dark charcoal, are a collection of
opponent proves to be too dangerous magical symbols, a spell which will
(such as a powerful spellcaster keeping break the bindings on the Star Worm
them at a distance with wizardry), they and allow it to return to the True
forego such kindness and kill him World.
outright. Mirandos and her personal
Mirandos’ recruits are all Payits, but bodyguard have taken this temple over
from a variety of different tribes and as their own personal quarters, and
regions, and there is little love lost Mirandos is planning for the day when
between them. Unless a native patrol is she will make the suitable sacrifices to
attacked in the city in full view of the control this H’Calos and bring the
palace, they will not interfere. Their creature under the control of the
personal feeling is that if there is one church of Helm (and under her own
fewer warrior to split the treasure, so control at that).
much the better. Mirandos’ stats are found in her
entry at the end of this adventure. She
N. Temple of the Star Worm is at this point consumed by her desire
to control the Star Worm, to make
This is the largest and most impressive herself the greatest spellcaster on this
temple in the city complex, some 120’ forsaken continent. She is driven to the
from the courtyard (B) to the temple point of madness, and anything that
level. Its steps and levels are intricately stands in her way will be destroyed.
carved with serpents, centipedes, and Mirandos always carries Greyst’s
great worms, some with human heads, staff of command, which she looted
some with bestial faces. The carving on from the old counselor’s tomb. She is
these walls gives the illusion that the also continually protected by her
walls of the pyramid are alive, such personal bodyguard. These warriors
that those viewing it up close (within 50 are all loyal, and four of the six are with
feet) must make a saving throw versus her at all times. When she rests, two
fear or be mildly distressed and uneasy guard each entrance to the temple,
(-1 to all attacks, damage, and saving watching from within, in the shadows.
throws for 10 rounds). This illusion They are able to spot any who attempt
passes with time spent around the to scale the stairs to the temple atop
pyramid, and once the saving throw is the pyramid.
passed or failed, another check never Personal Guards (6 total): Int High;
needs to be made. AL NE; AC 4; MV 12; HD 4; hp 22 each;
The upper temple atop this pyramid THAC0 5; #AT 1; Damage 1-8/1-6 (maca)
is a great hall with lintelled arches on or 1-8/1-6 (spear); SZ M; ML 14
either side to catch sunrise over the

The personal guards are recent O. The Library Court
converts to Mirandos’s personal vision
of the worship of Helm, of controlling Both the library (area U) and the
all the resources personally in the Revered Counselor’s Palace (area M)
name of her god. As her chosen overlook this area, and Mirandos has
bodyguard and acolytes, the guards ordered the bacars to stay away from it
believe they are in line for great things unless specifically ordered (such as if
as well, should she succeed. They will she is attacked). The court is hard-
lay down their lives to protect their packed earth overlaid with stone and
lady. mortar. In the center of the court is a
Mirandos spends her days fire, kept burning in the evening by
translating the older texts she has Mirandos’ men in area M.
found in the library (area U) as to the The fire burns day and night,
origin and powers of the Star Worm. burning what wood and old vegetation
The Star Worm has been ascribed in have been gathered in areas F and R.
these texts a number of godly powers, When Mirandos visits the library, she
not all of them true (for example, usually adds 10 or 12 additional books
weather control, earthquake, and the to the blaze, commonly texts which
ability to grant wishes). Furthermore, attempt to warn her of the danger of
the texts create the image that the Star H’Calos, but also those which she finds
Worm can be controlled like any other generally useless (such as those dealing
creature, along with detailed sacrificial with art, philosophy, and history of the
procedures. Actually, these procedures Ixtzulian peoples).
were performed by the Payits of Ixtzul
to keep H’Calos asleep and trapped. P. The Queen’s Court
However, in her present state, The Queen’s Court is the southernmost
Mirandos is editing out anything that plaza of the city complex, framed by
she does not wish to hear, and any the Queen’s Palace (area Q) and the
warnings of the danger of the creature Temple of the Star Worm. Unlike the
pass by without attention. other plazas, it is never vacant, day or
About once a day, Mirandos makes night, in that there is a continual
her way to the library to search for stream of bacars coming to and from
further volumes. If the players attempt the Queen’s Palace, receiving orders
a quiet reconnoiter in daylight without and passing them on to others.
troubling the bacars or Mirandos’ men, The bacars do not tolerate any non-
they may spot her, with bodyguards, bacars in the plaza, except for
moving from one building to another. Mirandos bearing her staff of
If attacked, Mirandos uses what command. Such invaders are slain,
spells she can (including hold person) regardless of Mirandos’ wishes, as they
to stop her foes alive, then flee if pose a clear threat to the queen. If the
she is overmatched, calling for interlopers flee the complex, they are
reinforcements from all available Payit hunted down and captured normally.
warriors and bacars in the area. Her
attackers are to be taken alive, and
imprisoned in the Ball Court for Q. The Queen’s Chambers
sacrifice that evening with the rising of This was once the city’s Temple of
the planet H’Catha, which Mirandos Zaltec, though all references to the god
believes is tied to H’Calos’ power. have been chiseled off and defaced.

Now it serves only as the lair of the AC 9; MV 3; HD 5; hp 50; THAC0 18; #AT
queen of the bacars, ensconced in the 1; Damage 1-6 (bite); SZ H (20’); ML 18
building at the top of the intricately The bacar queen gains no benefit to
carved stairs. A steady stream of bacars her intelligence from the presence of
moves up and down these stairs, to other bacars, but bacars within the
receive both orders and eggs from the pyramid complex are considered
queen. The pyramid is 100’ tall, and extremely intelligent for as long as she
reached by a single flight of stairs to the lives.
south. Communication is possible with the
The queen exerts ultimate control bacar queen, if the characters can do
over her minions, though she in turn is so without setting off the bacar attack.
under the control of Mirandos with her The queen reveals that she holds
staff of command. The staff allows Mirandos in extremely high regard,
Mirandos to change the orders of the as an ally, and follows her
queen at whim. However, the queen unquestioningly. A dispel magic frees
must still pass those orders onto her the queen of the control placed upon
servants in the normal manner by her, and she orders Mirandos and her
touching antennae. people slain. She will also give the
The queen lays about ten eggs per player characters 2 hours to leave the
day, and these are carried by the bacars vale or be tracked and slain as well.
to area T. If there is need to replace
bacars, they are allowed to hatch; R. Artisans’ Quarters
otherwise they are eaten by the bacars
themselves. The servant bacars carry These were once the quarters of the
food to the queen as well. There are more-respected artisans of the city, but
usually 2-8 bacars with the queen at now their homes have been turned into
any time, as well as another 1-6 on the food storage for the queen. Unlike
stairs going up or down. those in area F, the food here is
If the queen is attacked, she emits a consumed as fast as it is loaded, and
telepathic call to all of her minions, there is little waste or spoilage. There
which lasts until the attackers are dead are always 3-12 bacars in this area,
or the queen is herself slain. All bacars though they ignore humans unless
within the city are enraged, and placed on alert by an earlier attack.
converge on the pyramid. If the queen
is slain, the bacars lose their increased S. Shrine to Zaltec
intelligence and ability to use weapons, This recent (relatively) pyramid is a
but still attack any non-bacars they small shrine to Zaltec, dedicated when
encounter (including Mirandos and her the larger pyramid was given to the
band). bacaran queen. Its glyphs reveal that it
The queen’s only protection are her was dedicated by Greyst, and much of
servants present, and if any invaders the statuary and carvings are from the
enter the temple building, these old pyramid, stripped and refashioned
minions leap to the attack. for the lesser pyramid.
Bacars: Int Low*; AL N; AC 4 This, Greyst’s tomb, and the tree-
(shields); MV 9; HD 3; hp 14 each; stone of Greyst are the last human
THAC0 18; #AT 2; Damage 1-8/1-6 works in the city, and this pyramid has
(maca) or 1-3 (bite); SZ L; ML 12 a hurried, patchwork look that seems
Bacar Queen: Int Extremely; AL N; to denigrate instead of glorify the

following of this warrior power. wrapped in prepared pieces of cloth,
However, it is kept extremely clean. and are as readable today as they were
1000 years ago.
T. Personal Guards About half the collection is gone,
burned in the library court by
These quarters were once used by Mirandos, but that which remains
young single men of the city, but now gives a rich picture of the Ixtzulian life,
are used by the bacars as guard including the lives of its kings and
barracks and a nursery for the eggs the nobles, artisans and farmers, as well as
queen lays. There are 35 bacars living debates in philosophy (man’s purpose
in the quarters, though they ignore in the True World) and religion (the
interlopers unless the community is dual nature of the gods). There are 100
on alert. In addition, there are 30 eggs surviving texts, each worth some 1500
in the building complex, arranged in gp back in Faerun for a collector,
order of their laying. providing they may be smuggled out
When creating the bacars, Greyst past the Amnite masters.
made sure that they would not Mirandos has separated books into
overpopulate the valley in the way the two categories: worthwhile (in her
humans did. Therefore, if an egg is laid, quarters) and useless (burned). The
it is only allowed to hatch if there is a third category is unread, and these are
need for another bacar: if one has been the surviving texts. Among these texts is
killed or died of old age. Otherwise, Greyst’s own instructions in creating
after three days, the egg in question is both a bacar queen and a staff of
eaten. If the queen is slain, the next egg command for insect using hishna
is raised as a queen to replace it (taking magic. Both of these items are
about a year’s time). To destroy the considered artifacts, and can be
bacar community it is necessary both created by someone capable of using
to kill the queen and destroy all the the appropriate spell, plus the
eggs in these buildings, which the instructions within these plates.
bacars defend with their lives.
Bacars: Int Low*; AL N; AC 4
(shields); MV 9; HD 3; hp 14 each;
V. Causeway and Ford
THAC0 18; #AT 2; Damage 1-8/1-6 This is one of the fords as described in
(maca) or 1-3 (bite); SZ L; ML 12 area D of “The Ixtzul Valley” section,
with a patrol of four bacars present at
U. The Library either end as guards. The causeway
leads to the merchant plaza, and is
This building perched on the northern raised five feet above the surrounding
plaza of the complex, overlooking the countryside in case of flooding.
Ixtzul river, was the final resting place
of many texts of Ixtzul history,
philosophy, and art. These books are Encounters In the
great wooden panels (three to a book) City of Ixtzul
with leather hinges, marked with
glyphs and written in the archaic Payit What occurs in Ixtzul depends to a
tongue (70% chance of understanding great degree on player character
if Payit is known). The hinged books action. This section covers the general
have been protected from the elements possibilities, leading up to the final
by storage above the floor and being summoning of the Star Worm. This

can be stopped by the action of the Maintenance Patrol o f 4
heroes. If they prevent the Star Worm Bacars
from being summoned (by slaying Maintenance Patrol o f 2
Mirandos), they should receive Bacars
experience as if they had defeated the Maintenance Patrol o f 4
beast directly. Bacars
Scouting from the hilltop ruins Maintenance Patrol o f 2
reveals the general layout of the city, as Bacars
well as activity within the complex.
Among the things that observers can Mirandos’s Men: If Mirandos’s men
notice include: discover the player characters in the
l That humans are found in city area, they retreat for
buildings M, U, and N reinforcements only if they have
l That bacars move through the surprise (bringing two bacar patrols of
entire complex in apparently eight creatures each in 1-4 rounds). If
random fashion, but avoid surprised by the players, they fight as
buildings F, M, U, G, and H best as they are able, retreating to
l That there is a steady stream of building M for human reinforcements.
bacars in and out of building Q The other humans of building M help
l If the characters have a spy glass only if the encounter occurs within a
or other similar item, they note clear sight of the building.
that Mirandos is normally found Payit Guards (2): Int Average; AL NE;
in building N. AC 8; MV 12; HD 2; hp 10 each; THAC0
Characters that are captured by the 17; #AT 1; Damage 1-8/1-6 (maca); SZ
bacars or Mirandos’ men will be M; ML 8
stripped of their armor, weapons, and
equipment (which will be stored in Guard Patrols: These groups of bacars
building N). They will be tossed into are on the lookout for interlopers, and
building E for eventual sacrifice. The if they come upon the player
bonds are stone, and require a Strength characters (or their trail), they close
of 19 or greater to break. They will be and attempt to capture them. The
guarded as noted for that building. patrol fights until slain. They summon
Particularly difficult prisoners (say, a creeping doom if within 20 yards (60
after the first escape) will be drugged feet) of an anthill.
by braziers of burning herbs placed in Bacars (8): Int Low*; AL N; AC 4
the building (save versus poison or be (shields); MV 9; HD 3; hp 14 each;
enfeebled and feebleminded, as per the THAC0 18; #AT 1; Damage 1-8/1-6
spells). The effects last for 2-8 rounds (maca); SZ L; ML 12
after the individual is removed from
the building. The bacars feed the Maintenance Patrols: If the
braziers and are unaffected by the gas. adventurers have not bothered any of
For each full turn spent in the city, the bacars for the past 24 hours, they
there is a 20% chance of an encounter. ignore them. If there has been a battle
Roll on the table below. with the bacars, they attack (if they
outnumber the party), or perform a
d6 Roll Result holding action while one member goes
1 Mirandos’s Men for a full patrol of eight creatures (1-4
2 Guard Patrol of 8 Bacars rounds). They attack to capture.

Bacars (2): Int Low*; AL N; AC 5; MV
9; HD 3; hp 11 each; THAC0 18; #AT 1; The Summoning
Damage 1-3 (bite); SZ L; ML 12 The summoning of the Star Worm
Bacars (4): Int Low*; AL N; AC 5; MV occurs on the third night after the
9; HD 3; hp 15 each; THAC0 18; #AT 1; characters arrive in the valley. Several
Damage 1-3 (bite); SZ L; ML 12 characters may be captured earlier
As in the valley, the four-bacar teams through random encounters, and the
seem to be involved in "real" work, DM may move the time of the sacrifice
straightening tilted monuments, up to accommodate them. If the
cleaning moss from buildings, etc., heroes are fortunate (or well-trained)
while the two-bacar teams are just and there are no prisoners, one of
touching temple stones and following Mirandos’s men will be used.
in single file across the grass, not really During the day, Mirandos’s men are
moving anything or cleaning anything seen placing tall torches along the
in the process (but reinforcing the lines length of the great plaza, as well as
of magical force binding the Star setting great bonfires outside buildings
Worm). I and F, and at the base of the Temple of
If the heroes manage to slay the Star Worm (N). The bacars (if the
Mirandos in the course of their queen is still alive) aid in gathering the
investigations, they prevent the wood.
summoning of H’Calos. Slaying What happens next may be affected
Mirandos breaks the hold of her staff of by the actions of the adventurers. They
command on the bacar queen, who may upset or prevent the sacrifice
then orders all patrols to full alert. from occurring, and even slay
There is a 40% per turn chance of an Mirandos at this point. What follows is
encounter, and all encounters attack (if the plan if Mirandos succeeds in her
Mirandos’ men are encountered, they summoning. Modify the description
may throw in with the adventurers to according to where the characters are
save their own skins). in the complex.
If the queen is slain, the bacars are Night falls and the torches and
no longer under control of Mirandos, bonfire are lit. Mirandos and her
and any encountered attack. Mirandos surviving personal bodyguard are atop
still attempts the summoning that the pyramid of building N. The
evening, but the chance exists (normal bodyguards carry drums to summon
chance for encounter) that a bacar H’Calos.
patrol interferes during the operation. A party of the remaining men
Note that without their queen, the following Mirandos escorts the
bacars have Low Intelligence prisoners to pyramid C. Only one
regardless of numbers, and only make prisoner (the highest in level) is tied up
biting attacks. here; the remainder are lashed to the
If the queen is slain, the next egg to tree-stones. The bindings here only
be hatched will become the new queen, require a Strength check to break.
and if left alone, the cycle of The bacars, if still allied to Mirandos,
maintenance will be observed. If both line up in areas D and K, watching the
queen and all eggs are destroyed, the proceedings as if on military review. If
bacars slowly die off within a year, and no longer under control they remain
H’Calos escapes as the magics holding within their lair areas, attacking any
him weaken. who come near, but otherwise not

affecting the ceremony (unless a group
wanders in, with standard random
The ceremony begins when the
planet H’Catha, here an emerald green
beacon, rises on the horizon. Mirandos
then descends the pyramid stairs to
a position even with the ball court,
taking about 5 rounds. Any characters
who break free and run at this point
are attacked by Mirandos’s men. The
bacars remain in place, unless the
queen (who remains in her temple
with eight bodyguards) is attacked.
At the end of five rounds, Mirandos
raises her staff and casts her spell to
free H’Calos. The casting takes a round.
At the end of that round, a rumbling
begins, starting low and building in 2
rounds to a massive thunder.
In the third round, the entire city of
Ixtzul is hit by an earthquake, as per
the spell. Areas A, E, F, G, I, J, K, R, and
S are leveled by the attack and all other
areas damaged. Areas B and C are control the great Star Worm, using her
initially unharmed, as are characters staff to do so.
within that area (including Mirandos The crystal globe at the end of her
and her servants). The bacars are in staff explodes in shards.
confusion, and 1 in 8 are swallowed by H’Calos then takes his first prey,
the cracking earth. Characters smashing into pyramid C and taking
anywhere in the valley must make a the sacrifice (if still there) with it. It still
saving throw versus death or take 3-30 smashes the pyramid even if no
points of damage from falling trees, creature is present.
cliffs, etc. The hillside ruins slide into The next round it surfaces beneath
the valley floor, delivering 10-100 points Mirandos, carrying her high into the
of damage to any near them, and half night sky, screaming, before smashing
that to those who make a saving throw back into the earth.
versus death magic. The bindings At this point, pandemonium breaks
holding the player characters are out both among the men and bacars,
loosened sufficiently by the blast to and every being is for himself. The
allow them to escape. bacars muster what intelligent attack
Then things get worse. H’Calos they can, while the men flee in panic.
arrives. What the heroes do is up to the
H’Calos bursts through the great players. H’Calos makes only one
plaza (area B), rising some 50' out of (incredibly deadly) attack each round,
the group, affecting all who witness and is vulnerable to attacks from all
this with the fear power. Mirandos (if sides during that period. After the fear
still among the living) attempts to power wears off, heroes may fight

normally, even if days pass between destroying one village a week in the
battles. process. Payits begin fleeing the path of
Furthermore, H’Calos senses its prey the creature, heading into lands where
through ground vibrations (as through the situation comes to Amnite
footfalls or drums). There is a 1 in 8 attention.
chance of a hero being attacked by H’Calos takes about 14 weeks to
H’Calos if running. There is a 1 in 10 reach Maju, where he remains for a
chance if they are stationary, and 1 in month. Then he moves on Coxi two
12 if not moving at all. Check for every weeks later, then burrows under the
round, using the worst possible bay and surfaces in Patil for another
version, but only choosing among month. A week after finally destroying
those targets for one using that type of Patil, the worm heads for Ulatos and
movement (if two heroes are running, Helmsport. By this time the Amnites
and two are standing still, there is a 1 in are sending as many groups of heroes
8 chance of H’Calos attacking them this as they can muster to deal with the
round, but only the two runners are creature before it arrives at their door.
targets). Check for this type of attack Alternately, if the heroes stop
for every round the heroes remain in Mirandos, they should receive full
the valley, or as long as H’Calos is alive. experience points for stopping the
H’Calos has been imprisoned for 1000 beast from coming (the story of what
years, and has a lot of energy to work would happen can be pieced together
off killing the population. If the heroes from the unread volumes in the
are not attacking, H’Calos attacks library). If they bring news of Mirandos’
bacars, Mirandos’ men, or other death (and possible proof) back to
targets, and there is a 50% chance that Helmsport, they are paid as promised,
such an attack is close enough for a and if they bring Mirandos back alive,
player character to have some effect on they are paid and the Amnites send an
the Star Worm. exploratory mission (perhaps with the
Lastly, the heroes may escape by characters) to investigate the lost city,
jumping in the river. The Star Worm and to post a permanent garrison to
does not attack targets in the river until keep H’Calos in his place.
all other targets are dead. Adventurers
floating downstream should
remember the rapids (area A of “The
Ixtzul Valley” description).

If H’Calos is summoned, and is not
stopped by the player characters (they
are either slain or flee the valley), the
horror is just beginning for Maztica. It
takes H’Calos about a month to entirely
destroy the city of Ixtzul. Then he
begins to move out.
The next target is the village closest
to the valley (Hochtl’s former home).
H’Calos then moves northward,

Mirandos of Helm
Level 9 Priest Second Level Spells Fourth Level Spells
Detect Lie
Armor Class: 3 Barkskin Divination
Move: 12 Chant (1) Protection from Evil, 10' R.
Hit Points: 37 Detect Charm Protection from Lightning
No. of Attacks: 1 Dust Devil Reflecting Pool
Damage/Attack: 1-6/1-6 (Mace) Fire Trap Repel Insects (1)
or 1-6/1-6 (Staff) Heat Metal Spell Immunity (1)
Special Attacks: Priest Spells Know Alignment Tongues
Special Defenses: As for Produce Flame
Speciality Priest of Helm. Fifth Level Spells
Resist Fire/Resist Cold Anti-Plant Shell
Magic Resistance: Nil Silence, 15’ R. (2)
Size: M (5’ 9”) Atonement
Slow Poison Commune
Alignment: LN Speak With Animals (2)
Psionic Ability: Nil Commune with Nature
Spiritual Hammer (1)
STR: 14 DEX: 12 CON: 17 Dispel Evil
INT: 17 WIS: 17 CHA 17 Flame Strike (1)
Wyvern Watch
Insect Plague
Spell Ability: 6/6/4/2/1 Third Level Spells Magic Font
Continual Light Moonbeam
Create Food & Water (1) Plane Shift
First Level Spells Dispel Magic (2) Rainbow
Bless (2) Flame Walk True Seeing
Combine Glyph of Warding
Create Water Locate Object
Cure Light Wounds (3) Magical Vestment
Detect Evil Meld Into Stone
Detect Magic Negative Plane Protection
Detect Poison Prayer
Detect Snares & Pits Protection from Fire (1)
Endure Cold/Endure Heat Pyrotechnics
Light (1) Remove Curse
Locate Animals or Plants Remove Paralysis
Magical Stone Speak With Dead
Protection from Evil Starshine
Purify Food & Drink Stone Shape
Shillelagh Water Breathing

Numbers following particular spells on all surprise rolls if alone, +1 if with

indicate those spells that Mirandos others. She may also lay glyphs of
normally carries, with numbers warning, one per day. If she knows that
indicating multiple spells of that type. the player characters are present in
If given sufficient warning in combat, the vale, she will begin to lay in glyphs
she will cast her spell immunity against keyed to her insect plague spell, and
charm, followed by protection from triggered by any non-Maztican who
fire, and lastly bless, before going into crosses over the area (excluding
combat. herself). Such glyphs are situated, one
As a specialty priest of Helm, per day, in areas where the player
Mirandos gains a number of special characters have been operating.
powers as well. She has a bonus of +2

Bacar MAZ

FREQUENCY: Very rare
DIET: Omnivorous
INTELLIGENCE: Low (6) and see below
ARMOR CLASS: 5 (4 with shield)
THAC0: 18
NO. OF ATTACKS: 2 or 3 (bite + weapon(s))
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1- 6/by weapon type
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Insect control
SIZE: L (10’)
MORALE: Steady (12)

The bacars are intelligent, enchanted ants created by hishna

and pluma magic as the guardians of the sacred site of Ixtzul.
They appear to be giant ants, but carry weapons and shields.
Their bodies are dark red, running to black along the thorax,
and their underbellies are a steel blue, consisting of
overlapping plates of chitin.
are present, or changed, report immediately back to the nest.
COMBAT: The bacars are organized along a military society, If there is a potential danger (one of the scouting bacars is
and are usually found only in patrols of 2-8 creatures, save at killed), one scout is sent back, the others forming a rearguard.
their lair at Ixtzul. In patrols they fight only with their bite, and Guard: Let nothing that is not bacar (except Mirandos and
only if in groups of 6 or more do they use weapons and her followers) pass. Do not report back; fight until dead (18
shields. morale when in this state).
A lone bacar is relatively unintelligent, following its orders to Attack: Used when a particular enemy is identified (usually
the exclusion of other matters (such as “Patrol,” “Gather,” by scent). The enemy is to be slain. All non-bacars are slain.
"Scout," etc . . .). Their base Intelligence is 6. For each Use of creeping doom where applicable.
additional bacar within 20’, however, the collective Capture: As for Attack, but the targets are to be knocked
Intelligence is raised by one, so that a party of 3 bacars have unconscious and taken alive. If the creeping doom is used, it is
Average Intelligence of 8, and 6 bacars are Very intelligent (11) to herd the target to the bacars.
At the Very Intelligent level, they begin to use their weapons, Track: Used against a retreating foe. The prey is to be
including long obsidian knives (1-3), macas (1-8) and slings tracked down. If possible use the creeping doom. All other
(1-4). When using macas, the bacars use shields, raising their potential targets are ignored unless they attack the trackers.
Armor Class to 4. When using slings or knives, they do not use Once captured or slain, the trackers return to Ixtzul.
shields, but they wield two knives at the same time. Maintain: The most common function of the bacars when
At the Highly Intelligent level (13 or better), bacars may not involved in battle, they patrol the grounds, cleaning up bits
operate outside the valley. In addition, at that stage they may of vegetation and debris, checking with their antennae to
mentally command colonies of army ants in the area. This maintain the wards that hold the Star Worm. The colony has
allows them to effectively cast the priest’s creeping doom spell the power to reinstate the wards that weaken over time.
once per day in a typical jungle. (See the valley area itself for Bacars engaged in maintenance do not fight unless attacked.
locations of ant colonies in the Ixtzul Vale.) They report strange activity in their area.
HABITAT/SOCIETY: The bacars exist in an expanded version ECOLOGY: The bacars have a queen to which all defer, who
of ant society, aided by their limited telepathic abilities. Orders provides both the eggs for new bacars (though not at levels of
are passed from the queen (and in this case Mirandos) to the a normal ant colony), and orders for her soldiers. The queen
soldiers by means of touching antennae. Individually, the is a large, bloated creature with no defenses of her own, AC 9,
bacars have little initiative, and do not act unless ordered to. A with 50 hp. Attacking the queen brings all bacars within 50
bacar sent to gather food pays no attention to an advancing yards, with an additional 2-12 arriving each round thereafter.
army (though if the army is edible, they try to drag parts of it If the queen is slain, the bacars lose their telepathic abilities.
off as food, then inform the nest that new food exists in that They act as individual monsters, attacking when attacked or
direction). hungry. Killing the queen also breaks the bonds holding
Typical bacar tasks include: H’Calos the Star Worm in check.
Gather: Bring back carrion, small living creatures, and
succulent leaves and vines to feed the colony.
Scout: Look for things that were not there before. If things
CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Tropical (Ixtzul)
FREQUENCY: Very rare (Unique)
DIET: Omnivorous
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic neutral
MOVEMENT: 9 (6 burrow)
THAC0: 1
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2-20 or 1-6/1-6/1-6/1-6
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Swallow, fear
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Immune to gas, fire
SIZE: G (100’ long)
MORALE: Fanatic (18)
XP VALUE: 20,000

H’Calos is a (hopefully) unique creature found in Maztica. It

appears as a monstrous centipede with a black, chitinous
shell. Its forward end is crowned by two glowing green eyes
and a four-hinged jaw capable of swallowing any creature of
size L or smaller. The forward two sets of legs have grown in
the shape of a preying mantis’s forelimbs, perfect for rending
larger prey. The forward limbs also allow H’Calos to burrow use spells, wands, or magical items must first make a
through earth at normal speed, and through rock at one/third Dexterity check.
that speed. H’Calos’s tunnels through normal soil last about 3-18
rounds before caving in. Tunnels carved through stone are
COMBAT: H’Calos’s favored method of attack is from below. It permanent, but softer soils (such as swamp) fill in almost
can sense vibrations through the earth and selects the loudest immediately.
collection of individuals or people to attack from beneath. H’Calos is immune to fire and gas-based attacks, including
H’Calos emerges from the earth at high speed, taking one cloudkill.
target with it, rising some forty feet above the ground. The
target is subject to a swallow attack (see below-successful HABITAT/SOCIETY: H’Calos lives to eat, period, and has spent
saving throw vs. breath weapon means he hasn’t been the past 800 years in hibernation. He awakens with an
swallowed, merely carried aloft), but even if he lives, he falls all-consuming hunger, and eats until he is killed. He eats
from that height unless he hangs on to his attacker. anything, but prefers animals, if only because they are easier
H’Calos’s rising from the ground causes fear (as for dragons) to track through vibrations in the ground.
in all who witness it for the first time. Intelligent creatures of The breeding or creation of creatures such as H’Calos is
less than 1 HD flee in panic, with no saving throw. All others unknown, although the idea of more than one of these
must make a saving throw against fear or fight at -2 to hit and creatures chills the blood.
damage for the next 10 rounds. The bacars are unaffected as
long as the queen is alive, but if dead, the bacars are affected as ECOLOGY: H’Calos the Star Worm fell to earth about a
normal monsters. thousand years ago, encased in a meteorite. Whether this
The round after rising from the earth, H’Calos plunges back spaceborn rock was his lair or his prison is unknown. His
down, trying to take another target with it in a swallow attack. landing near the Vale of Ixtzul reverberated around the True
If the original target is still alive, H’Calos tries to rend it with its World, and his coming may have closed off the last of the
forelegs instead, but crashes to the ground. H’Calos is dwarven tunnels back to Faerun.
unaffected by this maneuver. During its dive it is vulnerable to H’Calos’ landing in the True World has had much to do with
attack (its entire body must follow it down the hole). A target his long slumber. Without huge underground civilizations (as
hit by two of the four claws is secured, and is dragged in Faerun), no delving society found him by accident. Also,
underground as well. without organized nations, Ixtzul was quickly forgotten. Those
H’Calos can swallow its prey on a +4 or better attack roll who did adventure into the valley of Ixtzul were dealt with by
(e.g., if the creature needs a 13 to hit and the roll is a 17 or the bacars.
better). Swallowed prey then takes 2-16 points of (stomach Should H’Calos be freed, he will be at full power, but
acid) damage each round, automatically, until dead. The prey hungry, such that entire towns and cities will vanish overnight
may use small hand-held weapons in the creature’s gullet, under his assault.
though slashing and blunt weapons inflict only 1 point per
attack. H’Calos’ insides are AC 10. Spellcasters attempting to

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