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Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education Degree

Observation Table: Environmental Print in the Classroom

Table 1: Documenting Environmental Print
Examples of Environmental Print Purpose Ideas for further

Thank you Student can do many

Mohammed bin Zayed creative things by using
campaign, It was for different object.
first week in the
school. Say thank to The student can drow
his effort for the UAE. picture of father
Student wrote Mohammed bin Zayed.
somethings in paper
and color and than
stick it

This environment Give student material

print related to story for example cotton,
“Weather Report” color paper so they can
children choose the be creating and enjoy it.
prefer weather for Also let them write the
them and than color, weather name.
the student can print
the weather that they

Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education Degree

Reflections on Observation Task 1: Environmental in the Classroom

Read the questions below and choose (1) one to respond to

1. How does environmental print impact students’ language development, and their
reading and writing abilities?

2. How do students of different reading levels use environmental print?

3. How does awareness of environmental print impact how students view themselves as

4. How does a school-home connection (based on environmental print) impact students'

literacy development?

The environment prints in the classroom very importin because that help student to develop
awareness of print and develop literacy and reading skill. The student can always remember
what they learn from seeing the board and it help them learn the word. The student from the
print can learn how to make words and sentence and also reading what they wrote help them to
improve the reading skill.

Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education Degree