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RFQ 114-2017 Roburnia Plantation- Recconstruction of coverered parking bays

Item Description Unit QTY Rate

Replacement covered timber claded parking

1 Preliminary and general items sum 1

2 Removal work
Preamble to removal of roof sheets and trusses
Existing roof sheets shall be remmoved safely and stored on site
The electrical works shall be protected throughout the project implemantation
All timber cladding shall be cautiosly removed and stored for re-use
All horizontal support beams shall be cautiosly removed and stored for
All trusses shall be cautiosly removed and stored for re-use
All decomposed wooden uprights shall be removed and spoiled

2.1 Cautiosly remove all corrugated roof sheets and store for re-use. m2 312

2.2 Cautiously remove trusses and store for re-use truss spanning 12m across structure no 7

2.3 Cautiously remove purlins and store for re-use 75mm x 50mm and 152mm x 50mm m 108

2.4 Cautiously remove all timber cladding and store for re-use boards are 114mm x 25mm m2 267

2.5 Remove all decomposed 150mm-200mm diameter timber uprights and spoil no 22

2.6 Remove all horizontal beams holding cladding and store for re-use m 300


Uprights shall 125mm minimum diameter CCA treated timber poles

Urights shall be install in concrete footing, 20mpa 500mm diameter and 800mm deep
150mm x 50mm tie beams as wall plate installed on top of uprights and bound around
with hoop iron straps
Horizontal beams for cladding shall be 75mm x 50mm retrieved for stockpile.

3.1 Excavate holes in all materials for uprights, holes 500mm diameter and 800mm deep no 24

3.2 Supply and install uprights, 125mm minimum diameter CCA trated poles in 20mpa
concrete, poles centrally placed in hole diameter
i) 5m long above Finished floor level no 16
ii) 7m long above finished floor level no 6

3.3 Retrive from sockpile, 150mm x 50mm timber wall plate installed on uprights and tied
with hoop iron m 60

3.4 Supply and install 150mm x 50mm wall plate where there are shortages and secure as
above m 19

4, Cladding works
The cladding at the long end of the walls shall have an opening of 1m at the top to allow
wind exit

4.1 Retrive from stockpile all 75mm x 50mm horizontal beams and install on uprights at
1m centres . m 330

4.2 Supply and install 75mm x 50mm horizontal beams on uprights and secure as above. m 50

4.3 Retrieve from stockpile, all timber cladding and install on horizontal beams tightly m2 312

4.4 Supply and install treated timber board cladding ( 114mm x 25mm) for shortages m2 68

4.4 Construct opening for windows and install windows retrieved, 2m long and 0.5m high
and neaten opening edges. no 4

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Roburnia Plantation- Recconstruction of coverered parking bays

Item Description Unit QTY Rate

Replacement covered timber claded parking

5,0 Roof works

The trusses shall be installed at 3m intervals on top of the wall plate on the Upright
All joints where purlins meet trusses shall have hangling clip fitted.
All the existing roof sheets shall be straightened and prepared for re-use.
The roof sheets shall be secured to the purlins using Pozi drive screws

5.1 Retrieve from stockpile, trusses at 3m intervals and install and tighten up no 7
Trusses shall be secured to the wall plate using hoop iron straps.

5.2 Supply and install CCA treated 152mm x 38mm timber to replace decomposed truss
members on exusting trusses m 48

5.3 Retrieve fro stockpile all purlins and install over trusses on the wall plate m 110

5.4 Supply and install CCA treated timber to replace timber that is decomposed for
5,4,1 i) 152mm x 38mm purlins m 18
5,4,2 ii) 76mm x 50mm Purlins m 36

5.5 Retrive from stockpile corrugated sheets and install on the purlins
Seal old roof screw heads with round memranes m2 312

5.6 Supply and install 0.6mm corrugated sheets to replace damaged sheets that may not be
re-used, and painted to match existing m2 48

6 Paint works

6.1 Timber cladded walls

6,1,1 Clean all dirty and treat clading with creosote or similar approved
product including poles, and beams. m2 587

6.2 Roof Works

6,2,1 Seal all roof screw holes, straighten the sheets and paint with two coats
7 year plus deep green paint m2 325

7 Fascia boards

7.1 Retrieve from stockpile, 152mm x 25mm timber fascia boards and install along the
perimeter of the structure. m 56

Gutters and down pipes.

8 Retrive from stockpile, and install guters and down pipes compllete. m 56
4 down pipes

9 Floor works
9.1 Break out existing concrete floor and dispose of rubble at an area to be be idenified by the
client m2 336
9.2 Spray pesticide to ground gravel floor m2 336
9.3 Supply and install dpm sheet m2 336
9.4 Supply and install mesh reinforcement Ref 395 on entire floor surface m2 336
9.5 Cast insitu concrete 30Mpa 100mm thick wood float finished with Construction joints at panels m2 336

10.1 Replace all lighting installations inside the shack, 8 x 1.5m double flourescent light complete
including cabling , installations and issueing of COC sum 1

10.2 Replace damaged security flood lights on building sides no 2

10.3 Secure existing fuel pump cut switch sum 1

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