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Job Title Manager - Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics

Reports to Sr. Manager Analytics
Scope of Role
Group Head Office, Prudential UK, Prudential Corporation Asia, M&G, JNL
UK Business Area Key departments / areas of
PruGlobal – Digital & Knowledge responsibility
Services Artificial Intelligence & Advanced

Job Dimensions
Financial Non Financial
 Capability development & Value creation  Innovation: Responsible for Artificial
through Business Adoption of AI, Deep Intelligence & Machine learning based
Learning and Advanced Analytics product development & deployment
solutions leveraging cloud & in-house
 Responsible for Stakeholder infrastructure.
Management & Business  Leading Artificial Intelligence & Advanced
Development for the AI & Advanced Analytics Centre of Excellence within
Analytics vertical Prudential- designing, building, attracting,
 P&L Ownership for Analytics rewarding and retaining teams
vertical- Rigorously manage  Resource Management: Managing adequate
estimates, forecasts, and actuals. skills based resourcing levels for the team and
ensuring effective work allocation
Overall Job Purpose

 Thought Leadership – Capability development through deep breadth and depth of domain
expertise in Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Automation
(Deep Learning/ Machine Learning). Quantitaive analytical skills including - statistical
modeling, stochastic modeling, probability graphic models and neural networks to
drive real benefit outcomes.

 AI & Advanced Analytics Roadmap – Establish, define, design, and deliver an AI &
Advanced Analytics centre of excellence that will demonstrate best in class
leveraging Big Data Platforms, Data Management, Data Mining, Data Analytics,
Data Solutions, Data Visualization, and Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning).

 Digital & Data Technologies – Define, design, and deliver new data technology introductions /
new product innovations that drives proactive decision making, insights, and benefit
outcomes. Key digital domain areas similar but not limited to:
Deep learning/Neural Networks(CNN, LSTM, RNN), Python, JSON, Hadoop, Cloud Foundry,
Pivotal, MatLab, Tableau, Qlik, SAP Hana, Oracle, Spark, Greenplum, Cassandra, Amazon Web
Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Informatica, R, SPSS, SAS, SQL, NOSQL

 Organizational & Team Management: Strategic design and optimized delivery structure.
Attract, recruit, develop and retain talent. Employee evaluations, succession planning,
compensation, merit, and reward planning/execution. Build a collaborative, cohesive, credible,
high performing organization.

 Capability Development: Responsible in increasing the internal skills capability within the AI &
Advanced Analytics team
 Service Delivery: Lead and provide direction to the Analytics Team. Service delivery
responsibility for all projects in Analytics
 Leadership: Demonstrate character, clarity, courage and commitment to high-performance
 Stakeholder Management: Responsible for existing Stakeholder Management and
identification of Business Development opportunities for Analytics
 Change Orientation: Champion a better, faster and simpler way of doing things. Build
environment of trust, high performance and engagement by establishing clear goals and a
commitment to feedback, development and recognition. Apply original thinking and
continuous improvement to processes, products, systems or services and manage change to
better serve customer needs
 Collaboration & Communication: Connect, engage and communicate with others. Encourage
open expression of ideas; communicate effectively at all levels and build strong relationships
 Compliance – To ensure that you understand and adhere to Prudential’s Code of Conduct and,
where appropriate, comply with all relevant regulatory policies. This includes completion of
any mandatory training requirements
 Financial Controls – Ensure all expenditure commitments (orders, contracts, budgets etc) and
all payments are properly authorised, controlled and monitored, in accordance with Prudential
UK delegated authority requirements. The responsibilities of expenditure authorisers are
documented in the Prudential UK Financial Procedures Manual
 Performance Management – To ensure the delivery of People Management Pru and that all its
processes and tools are fully utilised in managing your people
 Training – Design, develop, and deliver digitial curriculum for teams. Provide guidance and
support for individual development plans.
 Demonstrate a positive risk, compliance and control culture through the identification,
assessment, monitoring and management of risks and issues within the business area,
alongside ensuring timely and appropriate resolution of control weaknesses, actions and
failures that arise

Key Interfaces
Internal External
 Directors & Leadership Team  Prudential Global CXO and business owners
 Managing Director

Competence / Knowledge / Skills required

 Minimum of 12 years of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive
Analytics & Statistical Modelling, Big Data & Analytics,

 Master’s Degree in premier institutes like IIT, ISI, IISc etc with Mathematics, Computer
Science, Econometrics, Statistics or equivalent work experience.

 12+ years of experience in managing multiple, medium to large global cross-functional teams
or projects, influencing senior level management and key stakeholders
 Technology skills: Python(Deep learning/Neural Networks, LSTM, CNN, RNN), R, SAS, JSON,
Hadoop, Cloud Foundry, Pivotal, MatLabs, Tableau, Qlik, SAP Hana, Oracle, Spark, Greenplum,
Cassandra, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Informatica, Angular JS,