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DATE: 08.05.2017


3 Hours

MARKS: 105

PART A: Closed Book (30 Marks) Duration: 30 Minutes

Q1. Following are objective type questions for which you need to choose the best option. Read them carefully and write your option in the space provided against each question.


1. Which one of the following statements is false?

a) Reports help in the planning of new ventures

b) Report writing enables problem solving

c) Reports serve as a measure of an organization’s growth and success

d) Information dissemination through reports is confined within the organization


2. Which one of the following is a source of data collection for writing reports?

a) Internal records

b) Mail questionnaire

c) Telephone interview

d) Personal observation

3. Prefatory parts of a report do not include

a) Cover

b) Table of contents

c) List of illustrations

d) Glossary

4. The main text of a report does not include

a) Preface

b) Discussion





d) Recommendations



5. The length of the abstract is

of the length of the report.

a) 2 to 5%

b) 5 to 10%

c) 10 to 15%

d) 15 to 20%



6. The limitations of the report should be pointed out in the report’s

a) Abstract

b) Preface

c) Introduction

d) Conclusion



7. With regard to bibliography, which of the following statements is not correct?

a) Indicates only the sources of information

b) Contains works recommended for further study

c) Entries appear in an alphabetical order

d) Can be either ‘annotated’ or ‘selected’


8. Which of the following reports analyses the facts, draws conclusions and makes recommendations

a. Interpretative report

b. Informative Report

c. Factual Report

d. Illustrative Report


9. Various aspects of body language are together known as

a. Verbal codes

b. Verbal cues

d. Visual aids


10. Which of the following is the best method of data collection for preparing a Report on the Flowering Patterns of Angiosperms?

a. Survey through a questionnaire

b. Telephonic interview with the Forest Officials

c. Personal Observation

d. Laboratory Records


11. Identify the right order in which they appear in a formal report:

a. Conclusion, Recommendation, Appendix, References

b. Conclusion, Recommendation, References, Appendix

c. Conclusion, References, Recommendation, Appendix

d. Recommendation, Conclusion, References, Appendix


12. Miriam is giving a five-minute speech at the next manager’s meeting. She’ll be proposing a new ordering system that they plan to implement in the purchasing department. What type of presentation is she giving?

a. Informal

b. Persuasive

c. Informative

d. Expository


13. Aron is searching for an unusual quotation related to golf for the upcoming stockholder’s meeting. He is making a presentation on the new recreation facilities at the chain’s vacation ownership properties. In what part of the speech is he most likely to use the quote?

a. Introduction

b. Main body

c. Question and answer session


14. A basic bibliographic reference of a book will include the following:

a. Date, month year of publication; name of the author; places of publication

b. Place of publication; title of the book; name of the author, year of publication

c. Year of publication; name of the printer; total number of pages of the book

d. Number of chapters of the book, inverted name of the author, year of publication


15. In a team presentation, which of the following is a good strategy?

a) Distracting the audience with supplementary written text in the form of slide

notes or a report.

b) Allocating a section of the presentation to each member of the team.

c) Repeating information presented by other speakers.

d) Select only the best speaker to deliver the presentation.


Part B: OPEN BOOK (75 Marks)

Q 1. “Non-verbal communication enhances oral communication. Actions speak louder than

words and, thus, nonverbal cues provide deeper insight into the sender's message".

Elucidate the above statement in the context of oral presentations. Give suitable examples

from your recent experience of giving a presentation on the report you prepared for this

course in not more than 250 words.

20 M

Q2. CISCO has carried out a survey to track and forecast the impact of Smart devices and

connections on mobile data traffic. The data collected presents some of the main findings of

global data traffic forecast and explores the implications of data traffic growth for service

providers. ABC Communications Pvt. Ltd., a company in this business, is preparing a report

using the above mentioned data to present in its annual meet for planning its future

strategy. You, as the Executive who is in charge of this task, have completed analyzing the


Now you are required to write an Introduction to the report to be submitted to the Board

of Directors of the company. Your introduction should not exceed 300 words.


Q3. The following table is from a report based on a Project entitled Decisions for Life conducted by the University of Amsterdam. The project was based on India and it aimed at gender analysis of work and employment in India. It was carried out with an aim to raise awareness amongst young female workers about their employment opportunities and career possibilities, family building and the work-family balance.

Now, you are required to interpret the data highlighting the significant trends as observed in the following table. Your analysis must be done in about 350 words. You are also required to prepare 2 different types of illustrations to present the data given below. Do

not redraw the table.



required to prepare 2 different types of illustrations to present the data given below. Do not