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About this Report Contents

We are pleased to present our fourth public sustainability report which highlights the impacts of our
operations on the environment, society and Qatar’s economic development.
We understand that the scale and the complex nature of the sustainability challenges often require a About this Report 2
joined up and integrated approach involving various stakeholder groups.

By providing a clear and transparent picture of where we are today and what our future commitments Introduction from H.E. Minister of Energy and Industry 4
are, this report aims to engage our customers, partners, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders
in a discussion about the role we all have in the delivery of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and the Qatar Introduction from H.E. KAHRAMAA President 5
National Development Strategy-II (2017-2022).

2016: Our key figures and achievements 6

Reporting Boundary: KAHRAMAA – Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation – represents the sole
transmission and distribution system owner and operator for the electricity and water sector in
KAHRAMAA at a glance 8
process and Qatar. Therefore, the information provided within this report’s boundaries covers only our activities of
Setting the broader context for our report 10

standard transmission and distribution, and excludes the generation of electricity and water.
Scope: The report focuses on KAHRAMAA’s own framework, procedures and processes in place to Governance 12
drive sustainability and elaborates further on the sustainability initiatives implemented both within
KAHRAMAA and on a nationwide level. We are committed to expand our scope in the future beyond Creating value for our stakeholders 15

own operations to cover further information about our supply chain performance.
Reporting standard and period: This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Corporate Strategy 16
Standards: Core option as well as the GRI Electric Utilities Sector Supplement, and documents our
sustainability performance in 2016. Where data permits, historic figures are presented as well, however Our approach to sustainability 20
for the purpose of consistency and clarity, 2016 remains the main focus.
Future commitment: We have strived to present a detailed and comprehensive picture of our Special feature 27
activities in this sustainability report. We are committed to continuing on our sustainability journey and
would build on our sustainability reporting system in the future to be able to capture a broader data Ensuring value for our customers 33
spectrum that reflects our stakeholders’ needs and expectations.
Conserving natural resources 44
Identifying We face a variety of challenges and potential opportunities areas across a whole range of sustainability Investing in our people 54
related topics.
priority issues
to report Our materiality assessment process helped us prioritize environmental, social and economic topics Contributing to the local economy 63
with maximum impact on KAHRAMAA as well as on our stakeholders, which guided the sustainability
reporting approach for 2016. Supporting our communities 68
We engage with internal and external stakeholders to identify topics of importance, plot all identified
sustainability issues on our materiality matrix, prioritize them and decide what issues to report on. For
Looking ahead 74
further detail on the process and the key issues identified, please refer to page 24 and 25.
Acronyms 75
Engagement We hope this report will continue to enhance the communication with all of our stakeholders. Please
GRI/IIRC Index 76
connect with us to share your thoughts, feedback, or questions:

Dalia Abdelhalim Al-Toukhy,

Advisor - Conservation & Energy Efficiency www.km.com.qa
Department at
deltoukhy@km.com.qa @ kahramaa



Implementing Smart Solutions,

2 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 3
Minister’s Foreword President’s Foreword
The government is committed to creating a dynamic, competitive and broad-based economy Tracing the development plan in the State of Qatar and the Qatar National
by increasing economic diversification through the re-investment of Qatar’s significant energy Development Strategy II (NDS2 2017-2022), one finds that the highest priority
wealth. The outcome is evident in the rapid changes and urbanization during the last decade, goes to the provision of services for all residents. It targets the promotion of the

brought about by wise national economic planning, stable state revenues and Qatar’s vision national economy and enhancement of productivity and organizational efficiency
of shaping Doha as a world-scale metropolis. This means continued buoyancy for the private at all state authorities to cope with international economic development. We
sector in Qatar, and a surge in economic activities in infrastructure creation and building of civic serve a rapidly growing economy and population in a region with an abundance
amenities. of fossil fuels, yet scarce in water sources. In this context, it is imperative that
Large opportunities for investment and energy trade are present, coupled with continuing we use our resources and manage our growth efficiently and wisely. To address
lifestyle improvement, development of telecommunications, information technology, this need, in 2012 KAHRAMAA launched “Tarsheed”, the National Program for
knowledge economy, renewable resources and business efficiency. Qatar’s rapid public Conservation & Energy Efficiency to create sustainable culture and lifestyle among
infrastructure expansions and real estate development are driving the continual population its residents, the public and private sector in cooperating towards conservation
growth, primarily due to the need for more expatriate manpower. Large scale investments in and efficiency to ensure optimal use of water as well as electrical and renewable
transport, communications, tourism, sports facilities and other services are on-going, such as the energy. KAHRAMAA has implemented legislative measures enforcing compliance
development of the Lusail City, Qatar Economic Zones (Manateq), Qatar Rail and M’sheireb real to the national conservation laws. It aims to influence the lifestyle of Qatar’s
H.E. DR. MOHAMMED BIN SALEH AL-SADA estate projects and other major infrastructure developments. H.E. ENG. ESSA BIN HILAL AL-KUWARI residents in domestic consumption, as well as implement water and electricity
saving technologies.
MINISTER OF ENERGY AND INDUSTRY Continuing industrialization largely due to the oil and gas sector and rapid urbanization has PRESIDENT, KAHRAMAA
generated increased demand for major improvements and expansion of basic infrastructure and Along with this effort KAHRAMAA has plans in place to support the government
services most notably electricity and water. As such, Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation to generate at least 200MW-500MW of electricity from renewable sources such as
“KAHRAMAA” has taken all necessary procedures to guarantee the supply of these two major
KAHRAMAA is proud to solar energy. Moreover, it has implemented alternative potable water production
services and to strengthen the basic infrastructure of electricity and water sectors, to ensure the publish its fourth annual techniques such as Reverse Osmosis.
Qatar continues to sustainability and reliability of supplies. Beside KAHRAMAA efforts to develop the electricity and
sustainability report as To align with Qatar National Vision (QNV 2030) and Qatar National Development
water services in the state and to meet the growing demand for these vital services.
rise as one of the part of our commitment Strategy-II (NDS2 2017-2022) KAHRAMAA is vigorously pursuing its long
For example, Al-Duhail Superstation 11/66/220 commissioned on March 2015 at a total cost term road map and strategy including 10 strategic objectives: Optimize asset
world’s most dynamic of 255 million QR. It feeds Duhail area, Wadi Al-Banat and other vital facilities. There is also, to ensure transparency performance, Provide high quality water and electricity, Enhance processes and
and fastest growing the Strategic Mega reservoirs at Rawdat Rashid meant to secure water supplies in Qatar and is
considered the largest expansion of Qatar water storage ever. It aims to increase Qatar water
and credibility to our systems, Improve corporate governance and risk management, Ensure a safe and
healthy working environment, Attract, develop and retain a high-performing
economies to achieve strategic storage till 2026 (first stage). The project consists of 24 reservoirs at a total capacity stakeholders. This report workforce and support Qatarization, Increase social advocacy and environmental
phenomenal GDP of 2300 Million Gallons. The total cost of the project awarded contracts is QR 17 bn. 55% of
contractors are Qatari companies. The project is due for final commissioning and operation in the seeks to provide Qatari compliance, Excel at customer service, Strengthen financial performance to provide
high quality and sustainable electricity and water for better living in Qatar.
increase. The National second quarter of 2018. government institutions, Basic infrastructures are not an end in themselves; rather, they are means for
Vision 2030 guides the KAHRAMAA endeavors to provide high quality services for customers by commissioning vital investors, the academia, ensuring the delivery of goods and services. They are crucial to achieving prosperity
projects to meet the increasing demand of ​Qatar’s preparations to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup
country’s growth. which add more challenges to the readiness of KAHRAMAA. our suppliers and the and growth in a way that enhances the quality of life, including the social well-
being, health and safety of citizens, and the quality of their environment. We
Peak electricity demand in 2016 was 7,435 MW, 2.3% more as compared to 2015 with
general public with undertake these commitments seriously as we believe in the values of corporate
the Industrial sector peak demand of 1,560 MW in 2016, 0.1% more to 2015. Total energy relevant information social responsibility, customer centricity and teamwork in order to live our
aspirations and to meet our mandate as a sole service provider.
transmitted in 2016 was 39,667 GWh with growth of 2.1% over 2015.
on our sustainability
Total water production in 2016 was 560 million cubic meters, an increase by 5.07% over 2015. I reiterate that the real challenge we encounter is continuing our successful march.
The maximum monthly water production in 2016 was 50.1 million cubic meters in the month of approach and our We are determined to exert all efforts to maintain the place of pride KAHRAMAA
October, an increase of 1.7% over 2015. performance in 2016. It has achieved. We endeavor to promote and maintain the good relationship with
our customers. In fact, these objectives demand focus on sound and prudent
KAHRAMAA is implementing strategic planning and transformation program to enhance also provides the end-user business planning in order to achieve sustainability and KAHRAMAA is capable
customer services, meet demand growth, improve business efficiency and strengthen its
workforce, through implementing smart technologies such as smart grid to the Electricity with an understanding of realizing it. We look confidently into the future and feel proud to be part of
Qatar’s success story.
Network and other state of the art solutions. KAHRAMAA’s continued vision is to transform and appreciation of the
itself into self-sustaining business, providing high quality and sustainable electricity and water for
better living in Qatar. development of electricity,
Thanks are due to His Highness, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the State of water and district cooling H.E.Eng. Essa Bin Hilal Al-Kuwari
Qatar for his extensive support for KAHRAMAA business development, thus contributing towards sectors in Qatar. President, KAHRAMAA
the prosperity of the State of Qatar. Thanks are also due to all KAHRAMAA employees for their
efforts towards achieving KAHRAMAA’s objectives and enabling KAHRAMAA in achieving much
success in 2016 and beyond.

H.E. Dr. Mohamed bin Saleh Al-Sada

Minister of Energy and Industry

Implementing Smart Solutions,

4 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 5
RAF A3 project

First water capacity

Key figures & by September 2016 final

Capacity of the reservoirs
95.3% 94.74%
reduction in repair
increased by reduction in response time
77 million gallons
water capacity 35 MIGD time for water-related
by January 2017 to customer complaints complaints

Invested over

Time of Use Billing

150 million QAR
in supporting education of
fatalities among our
employees & contractors
49 Qatari employees
Readiness: sponsored to study in

Qatari students and employees

Bulk Customers universities while working
Successful issuance of over the past 5 years
Billing using remotely tenders awarded (industial)
collected reads Total of by Materials Department

with value of 2.13 Billion QR Implemented
the Energy Efficiency Labeling

Decree for air conditioners
Electricity reads

15,322 ISO:9001/2008
Working man hours celebrated
for electricity projects - Phase 10
Overall water quality
reached high levels at

Water reads Maintained an Average Quality Management System
Water Stock level of certifications for Technical Affairs,

Water Network, Human YTD
Resources, and Public Relations, Implemented the
days 92.2%
and Communications Rationalisation Law No.

Departments 20/2015, with fines for wasting
Condition Monitoring ISO:9001/2015 certification water upto 20,000 QAR
Accomplishments for IT Department

(Estimated Net Savings) Total revenue of paper waste recycled

within KAHRAMAA operations

QAR billion
Distribution MQR

Transmission Issued a regulation with the hours on Employees
MQR Cumulative savings of Training
Ministry of Environment to

ban the import of inefficient

of the distribution network
Tungsten lamps million tons
covering 11900 assets with
overall health index 93% and 18% of carbon emissions Number of pipe bursts per
Reduction in natural gas reduction on water and through Tarsheed program 100 Kms decreased from
electricity consumption per (When compared to the 10.2 in 2012 to

consumption Due to DC
Services (1.00 Million Barrels capita thanks to 4th year of baseline in 2012)
TARSHEED (Since 2012) in 2016
of Oil Equivalent)
Total number of customers

Electricity –
Water – 297,261
Utilized MM3 of
Recycled Water In District
Cooling by 2016
Water Losses
Non Revenue Water (NRW) New Department of Planning Member of the national Enhanced transmission Reduction of portable

and Development of and distribution networks water usage by

renewable energy committee
Production and Water in Qatar, to oversee at a total cost of over

37% Qatarization 1.9

Resources formed as per Emiri development of the national
VS plan 15% Real Water
Decree No. 46 for the conservation in District Cooling
Losses 4% VS plan 5% renewable energy strategy and QAR billion
of groundwater resources
Implementing Smart Solutions,
6 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 7
KAHRAMAA at a Glance Doing business
with integrity
Who we are


Up to the year 1999, electricity QP (Qatar Petroleum) remains the sole source of natural gas as fuel for the Power & Vision To achieve our ambitions, we have identified five values to
generation and water production, Water Production facilities run by the IPWP’s. In 2016, there has not been a significant guide us in our everyday operations and in our interactions with
Providing High Quality and Sustainable others:
transmission and distribution services change in the size or structure of KAHRAMAA’s operations and our supply chain. Electricity and Water for Better living in Qatar
were carried out by the former Ministry

As it directly interfaces with consumers, forecasting of electricity and water demand in Customer centricity: We put our customers at the centre

of Electricity and Water (MEW).

Qatar remains with us. KAHRAMAA is intensively involved in initiating and negotiating of everything we do. This value is valid for all of our employees.
To achieve some degree of with IPWP developers for the construction of new power stations and desalination Mission Whether in research & development, finance & accounting or
deregulation and to encourage private plants. Forecasting of oil and gas and fuels consumption is centralized at QP. human resources, all our decisions are made with the customer
By 2030 our people, assets, systems and processes
investors, in the year 2000 power needs and relations in mind.
will set a global benchmark for performance,

generation and water production

technological innovation, environmental Performance and Responsiveness: Managing
services were separated and privatized Electricity Electricity
QP Gas IPWP & water KAHRAMAA & water CUSTOMER sustainability and social responsibility in electricity & our operations efficiently helps us deliver better value to
into a business named Qatar Electricity
water sector our customers. We are committed to revisit and reassess
and Water Company (QEWC). Since
that date, several additional facilities our processes and practices, to identify opportunities for

have been built to accommodate improvement, which will help us advance our business
Employees from performance.
Qatar’s increasing power and water
Our core business areas
needs. Transmission and distribution
of electricity and forwarding and
44 different Teamwork: We all work as a team. We believe that only by
Number of employees nationalities Formulation of Power & Water Purchase Agreements

sharing our ideas and knowledge, we will be able to achieve

distribution of water remained as a (PWPA) and provision of necessary technical and sustainable growth and deliver on promises.
government service carried out by corporate support for establishment of generation &
Total number of
the new government corporation Transparency: Openness and transparency are fundamental
named KAHRAMAA (Qatar General customers QAR
QAR 9.5 billion desalination ventures
aspects of our everyday work. Many evolving stakeholder

Electricity and Water Corporation), Electricity – 344,445 Total revenue Own, construct and operate electricity & water requirements and companies are expected to disclose not only
headquartered in Doha, Qatar. Water - 297,261 transmission and distribution networks in the State information on how they manage their business today but
of Qatar also how they are planning for the future. This report reflects
KAHRAMAA operates and maintains
Total annual our strong commitment to be accountable and transparent by
the sole electricity and water network production of water Set-up plans and programs for development of

communicating KAHRAMAA’s performance, vision and actions

in the country, focusing only in electricity & water transmission and distribution
delivering these basic services to all
560 million m3 networks
with our various stakeholder groups.
consumers. The government continues Loyalty: The loyalty of our people is critical for the success
to encourage its entrepreneur citizens Amount of electricity received from Lay out regulations, standards and codes of of KAHRAMAA. In all our activities, we aim to support our

to invest in the power generation and the power generating units and sent practices for electricity & water supplies to buildings corporate objectives and to celebrate our achievements.
water desalination business, otherwise out to the grid for customers - and facilities
known as IPWP’s (Independent Power
and Water Producers), adopting global
39,667 GWh Provide consultancy services related to its activities
Our 10 corporate objectives guide our business approach and
management in the coming future by helping us to relate our
and operations everyday practice to Qatar’s needs for sustainable long-term

trends of deregulation.

2011 2013 2015

1900s TO 1940s 1980s TO 2002s 2009 • Connection to GCC grid upgraded
• 1.17 million meters of water distribution network mains Reached 325 to 400 kV • CN department Certified for ISO 9001:2008
Indicators show large, GCC
• Water and Electricity under one umbrella within Ministry of Million Imperial • 10% Electricity consumption • New procedures in managing R&D activities in
permanent communities interconnection
Energy and Industry Gallon per Day reduction and water by 6% cooperation with internal and external partners
established in Qatar in • KAHRAMAA established under Emiri Law number 10 as
grid in 220 kV
(MIGD) after the • District Cooling Department paved • Tarsheed 2022 (T22) Project with SC Marketing &
need of sustained water government corporation completed
new stations the way for The Ministerial Schools Energy Audit
and electricity supply for • Power generation and water production services separated
survival and industry joined service Directive of prohibition of potable • Completed the Tarsheed 2022 (T22) Project with
and privatized into Electricity and Qatar Company (QEWC); SC Marketing & Schools Energy Audit
KAHRAMAA to focus on distribution and transmission water for cooling purposes

2010 2014 2016

1950s TO 1980s 2012
• First desalination plant
2008 • Expansion of the country’s
power supply system Launch of Conservation &
• Balanced scorecard system introduced
• Pilot of Advanced Metering System
• Launch and implementation of decrees, laws and codes to regulate
the rational use of water and electricity in Qatar
• First computerized electricity systems Control Centre • Construction of a new Energy Efficiency launched • Deployed smart solutions to monitor and control consumption
Replacement of old • Continued investing in mega infrastructure projects to secure demand
• Qatar became independent, Ministry of Electricity and 400kV substations “Tarsheed” under the • Regulations proposed for District Cooling
water pipes and speed and enhance reliability and quality of electricity and water networks
Water (MEW) formed • Completed SCADA system higher patronage of HH • Risk Register and Risk Heat Map generated
pumps installed (pumped Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad • Publication of District Cooling Design and Water Management Code
• Ras Abu Aboud power station became operational to monitor and control • Strategic water security projects launched
water 24 hrs/day) water network Al-Thani , Emir of Qatar • TARSHEED 4th Anniversary
• Satellite power stations introduced • Launch of Long-Term Business Strategy

Implementing Smart Solutions,

8 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 9
Setting the broader
context for our report In addition,Qatar would study the possibility of using Wind Power, which will have

an impact on achieving Qatar’s goals of mitigating the harmful emissions of climate
The world finds itself being disrupted by a combination of three forces of change: technology, globalization, and
change. The increasing use of renewable energy within our energy mix would allow
demographics. They affect the way we work, the way we live and the way our society is changing. So these changes,
Qatar to meet increasing domestic demand, contribute to enhancing energy security
climate change, empowered customers, rapid urbanization, new generation of information technology are some of the new
and reduce the consumption of natural gas within the country, allowing additional
megatrends that global decision makers needs to consider when forming future strategies.
revenue for the country through export. The renewable energy policy is currently
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address the pressing social, economic, and environmental problems. being developed under the umbrella of Ministry of Energy and Industry and with
Governments, businesses and civil society, under the umbrella of United Nations, have all agreed 17 common Goals in support of KAHRAMAA and concerned authorities in the State.
September 2015, that we need and want to achieve at a global community level by 2030.
Qatar recognises that sustainable development can only be realized when there is social progress, economic growth
and environmental change and has been committed to achieving sustainable development since 1971, starting with the
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the precursor to the SDGs. The State of Qatar, through the Qatar National Vision
2030 and the Qatar National Development Strategy II (NDS2 2017-2022) is focused on eight priority areas: economic
diversification, environment sustainability, education, healthcare, social protection, public safety and security, culture and
sports, and international technical cooperation.
KAHRAMAA today faces some real economic, social and environmental challenges and considers them as potential business Water security is at the very heart of Qatar’s survival. Aside from our basic human
opportunities. The State of Qatar continues to grow as one of the most dynamic economies in the world putting significant
pressure on its natural resources. This combined with a rapidly growing population, modernization, and urbanization, lead
Water sector survival, our geopolitical security, economy, industries and communities all rely on

to fast rising energy and water demands. And the figures are supporting these trends. KAHRAMAA aims to integrate the 17 context a guaranteed and safe water supply. Accordingly, bettering Qatar’s water security
outlook is one of the country’s three key Challenges in the QNV2030, along with
SDGs into its sector projects, taking into account the challenges and successes of national development. By following a result- energy security and cyber security.
oriented strategic planning approach, economic, social and environment aspects of development have been integrated into
KAHRAMAA’s corporate objectives, that seeks to achieve Qatar’s Vision 2030. Qatar has a shortage of natural water resources and the country only gets seven inches
of rain per year. The country relies on 99% desalination of water from the sea to meet
the needs and demand. This is in addition to groundwater, which is threatened by
depletion due to overuse and weak compensation. As such, there is dire need to look
for non-traditional and sustainable sources of water.
Water demand in Qatar has grown by an annual average of 10.6% over the ten years.
With 518M cubic meters (2015) and 540M cubic meters (2016) of water consumption,
the trend is expected to hit 900 m3 by 2025. KAHRAMAA, whose water networks
cover 99.8% of Qatar’s water supply, ensures that everybody has access to clean water.
Water conservation, efficient water use and water recycling are the most important
Electricity sector The electricity sector in Qatar for example has undergone a remarkable development
over the past years according to the objectives and timetable of First Qatar National
drivers that support Qatar’s quest for water security.

context Development Strategy (NDS 2011-2016), with generation reaching 42,307 GWh in KAHRAMAA has realized many achievements in the past six years according to the First
Qatar National Development Strategy (NDS 2011-2016). A number of objectives were
2016, which is almost double of that in 2008.
achieved in 2016 in the water sector including the inauguration of the Ras Abu Fontas
KAHRAMAA has embarked on a transformation journey by linking its corporate stations (22 million gallons/day production capacity), the increase of the capacity of the
strategy with Qatar National Vision 2030 and the NDS, adopting ‘excellence’ as its reservoirs by 77 million gallons, and the decrease of the total losses and leaks in the
slogan in all its operations and promoting the efficiency of the energy sector. We are network to less than 10%.
adopting taking procedures to reduce production costs and wastage, price, electricity
and water in line with economic costs after verifying the operational efficiency of all KAHRAMAA launched Tarsheed in 2012, which has succeeded through its various
independent producers,to ensure efficiency-based economic operation. initiatives and projects to reduce the per capita consumption of water by 20% by the
end of 2016 to 208 m3/Person/Year. KAHRAMAA strategy for 2017-2022 seeks to
Each year, KAHRAMAA studies the demand for electricity for the next five years and reduce per capita water consumption by another 15%.
upgrades it annually. The annual rate of increase in electricity demand in Qatar is about
8%, which is among the highest growth rates in the world. KAHRAMAA’s biggest Water recycling and reuse have also undeniably climbed higher on the agenda
commitment is to meet this challenge. of Qatar’s water-related stakeholders, including the Ministry of Municipality &
Environment and the public works authority, Ashghal. Now, treated sewage and
The 2016 Sustainability Report presents a summary of the most important projects industrial water are used for garden irrigation, landscaping, construction works and
in the electricity sector implemented by KAHRAMAA to reduce the per capita district cooling services. Desalination plants have evolved rapidly over the last two
consumption rate (Tarsheed- National Program for Conservation & Energy Efficiency) decades and approximately 150 countries now use such technologies to help meet
and secure the demand for electric power and the main projects to be implemented in their fresh water requirements.
the near future as part of the National Development Strategy (NDS-2 2017-2022).
The success of Qatar’s desalination technology highlights the importance of investing
Although Qatar is the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), the human and financial capital into water-related research and development (R&D). Such
cleanest hydrocarbon fuel, which is serving Qatar’s goal of sustainability and supporting efforts will be integral to developing efficient technologies and scalable infrastructure
its pioneering efforts to preserve the environment, NDS-2 2017-2022, achieve under to meet water demand up to 2030, as well as ensuring we cope well with any
the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar, natural disasters. Our R&D team has built strong and cooperative relationships with
aims to develop the mixture of energy used locally to include renewable energies, so similar teams in Qatar – a unified effort is the only way we can all succeed. We must
that the contribution of solar energy generates between 200-500 MW of electricity. collectively improve Qatar’s water security by finding solutions that navigate the
logistical and cultural barriers that stand in our way.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

10 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 11
Governance management all business affairs while observing ethics, honesty and
transparency is a critical component of our Values. Our Code
In 2015, as part of the Emiri of Business Conduct (COBC) sets the expectations and provides
Qatar’s Minister of Energy and Industry oversees and approves KAHRAMAA’s overall strategic direction is defined by
Decree No. 46, the KAHRAMAA guidance to our employees to ensure that they maintain our
KAHRAMAA’s strategic direction as the head of our governance our vision, mission and values. As a performance-driven
administrative structure Values wherever they conduct business.
body. Our President is the executive head of our organization and is organization, our balanced scorecard approach help us
was amended to add a new
responsible for the management of the activities of KAHRAMAA. to ensure alignment with our corporate objectives. The
department namely Planning Code of Business Conduct guides us in our day-to-day
balanced scorecard in KAHRAMAA allows the organization
and Development of Production operations by focusing on areas such as conflict of interest,
to record, monitor and report our corporate, directorate
and Water Resources. This newly gifts and hospitality, managing sensitive information, non-
and department-level performance KPIs, achievements and
Our organizational structure formed department would play
a key role in the conservation
challenges and is structured around four dimensions,
discrimination, customer relationships, health & safety, and
diversity. Our Legal Affairs Department is responsible for
of groundwater resources in tracking any violations related to corruption or conflict of
accordance with the Qatar interests.
National Vision 2030. Finance


Internal and sustainability

People Human rights
Performance of our strategic KPIs are monitored on In KAHRAMAA, we value the rights of our employees and
a monthly and quarterly basis through the Corporate believe that our business partners share the responsibility
Minister Performance Review (CPR) whereby we measure of protecting the rights of their employees as mandated
of Energy & Industry performance on our plans and targets. Corporate by national labor laws. We therefore mandate minimum
Scorecards with KPI dashboards enables us to monitor requirements related to labor and human rights compliance
progress and drives responsibility and accountability within within all our contracts with suppliers. Our Health, Safety
the organization. The Planning and Quality department and Environment Department conducts regular audits at sites
President Manager plays a key role in performance monitoring and develops KPI and looks for compliance not only with KAHRAMAA’s own
Water Projects dashboards for H.E. the President and senior management. requirements, but also with Qatar’s Labor Law and Qatar’s
Environmental Law. Although we do not have a human rights
policy, we acknowledge the significance of the issue, especially
General Services
Internal Audit
Committee staff
Electricity Projects
Business conduct within our value chain.
Power and Water
Production Project At KAHRAMAA, we are committed to conducting our
business ethically and legitimately. We carry out operations
Manager in accordance to our Mission, Vision and Values. Conducting
Manager Materials
Director Director Director Director
Corporate Services Water Networks Electricity Networks Technical Affairs

Manager Manager
Human Resources Transmission
Safety Operations • Internal Audit function
and Fault Analysis Unit Committees and • A two-tier Tender Committees

Manager Manager
functions to manage • Business Conduct Committee
Operation & Control • A corporate Quality Management System Electricity
sustainability issues Networks Affairs (ENA) Safety Rules Committee
Manager Manager
Manager Planning and Development Conservation Manager Manager Manager • Qatarization Committee
Maintenance of Production and Legal Affairs Planning & Quality Planning
& Energy Efficiency • Research & Development (R&D) Committee
& Field Services Water Resources We have various committees and
functions within KAHRAMAA which • Smart Network Committee
Manager Manager Manager Manager actively manages and provides • Network Security Committee
Manager Manager
Health, Safety & Public Relation District Cooling
Environment & Communication
Customer Services
Control System oversight on sustainability related • Work Safety Assurance Committee
risks and opportunities within our • Emergency Committee
value chain. Some of these include,
• Information Security Steering Committee
• Grievances Committee
• Faults Follow-up Committee
Governance for sustainability reporting
• Tarsheed Facilitation Committee
The Sustainability Task Force within KAHRAMAA consisting of each department head approves and signs-off the data or • Inspection & Pricing Committee
representatives from various departments such as HR, Internal information allocated to their respective department. The • Disciplinary Committee
Audit, Customer Services, Conservation & Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Energy Efficiency Department, acting on
Planning and Quality, Health & Safety, Water Networks, • Smart Grid Committee
behalf of H.E. the President is responsible for the review of
Electricity Networks, District Cooling and Technical Affairs is the reported content in this report with the final sign-off by
responsible for the collection of performance data on KPIs in KAHRAMAA’s President.
line with GRI guidelines. To ensure accuracy of reported data,

Implementing Smart Solutions,

12 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 13
Creating value for our stakeholders

KAHRAMAA is the sole transmission and distribution system owner and operator (TDSOO) for the electricity and water sectors
in Qatar. Our company is responsible for forecasting electricity and water demand in Qatar and plays a key role in regulating

water and water and electricity consumption in the country, through regulations, standards, and codes of practices. There are

opportunities for resource conservation across all stages of our value chain and KAHRAMAA is working with our suppliers,
operations and customers to achieve them.

Risk management
KAHRAMAA acknowledges that Risk and monitor risks which could have
a potential impact on our corporate
Certification and 99.9% of
Management is an essential element for Qatar Petroleum (QP) 3072 employees
good corporate governance practice. We objectives. In 2016, our risk register listed
the top 26 risks facing KAHRAMAA –
audits Supplies Natural Gas from 44 different
budget spent on
believe that successful risk management as Fuel to the IPWP nationalities
including diverse risks such as availability KAHRAMAA strives to ensure quality local suppliers
would allow us to ensure compliance
to regulations and internal policies and of talent, loss of power supply, in every aspect of our business
procedures, provide increased assurance inadequate IT structure, lack of systems operations. We comply with international
on control effectiveness and enhance to innovate, unavailability of alternative management systems to ensure that
the decision making process within water resources, environmental hazards, we meet the highest quality standards
the organization. An effective Risk and others. within our organization. We conduct
Management process also provides the regular internal audits and carry out Customers
Supply Chain Operations
opportunity for management to enhance process improvements to ensure
The Strategic Planning Section of
an organization’s culture based on ethical compliance with ISO 9001:2014 Quality
the Planning & Quality department is
values consistent with those expected of Management System. In 2016, our
responsible for the risk management
KAHRAMAA and its employees. Internal Audit Committee completed 14
function and for the development and
audits, surpassing our target of 8. These
coordination of risk management systems
audits included Risk Management and
KAHRAMAA’s risk management policy within KAHRAMAA. The Risk Officer and
Performance Management reports, and
focuses on the identification and the Risk Management Committee act
in coordination with the IT department,
assessment of risks, as well as the on behalf of our President to manage
we also completed the Security Matrix.
proactive implementation of mitigation all activities related to risk management
measures. Our departmental and within KAHRAMAA. Production of
Distribution Resource
corporate risk registers helps us to record electricity and water Transmission Delivery

Memberships • Arab Union of Electricity
• Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority
and associations (GCCIA) • Own, construct and operate electricity & water
• Formulate power & water transmission and distribution networks in the • Provide new connections,
• International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) purchase agreements state of Qatar generate bills and collect
KAHRAMAA continues to play an active (PWPA) and provide the
• Set- up plans and programs for the usage fees
role as a member of a number of national • GCC CIGRE – (Secretary-General on CIGRE GCC) necessary technical and development of electricity & water

and international organizations and corporate support for the transmission and distribution networks • Ensure safe and reliable
industry associations. We seek to utilize • GCC Electricity & Water Conservation and Customer establishment of power • Lay out regulations, standards and codes of water and power supply
these platforms to learn from best Service Committee generation and practices for electricity & water supplies to
desalination ventures in buildings and facilities • Encourage resource
practices and to promote our approach to • Arab Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Committee Qatar conservation through
sustainable business within the region as • Support employment of qatar citizens
• GCC Benchmarking Committee • Engage with suppliers to ensure compliance regulations, customer
well among our peers: • Purchase power and with health and safety and environmental engagement and digital
• Arab Union water from IPWPs requirements solutions
• Ensure occupational health and safety of
• Permanent Water Resources Committee employees and contractors
• Conservation Media Committee Value for our stakeholders
• Economic value to the • Provide reliable power and water supply to all • Ensure customer
• Renewable Energy Committee Government of Qatar users in Qatar satisfaction
through competitive • Operational efficiency to reduce wastage of
• General Security Committee, Cyber Security Committee power and water power and water through transmission losses • Customer awareness on
purchase agreements or water leakage resource conservation
• Experts Municipality Follow-up Committee • Support national • Support Qatarization agenda of the and efficiency to support
• Other prominent local and regional committees related strategic objectives Government protection of scare
to electricity and water • Corporate objectives aligned to the Qatar natural resources in
National Vision 2030 and the National Qatar
Development Strategy
• Encourage sustainable practices through
supplier engagement

Implementing Smart Solutions,

14 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 15
Corporate KAHRAMAA’s strategic direction is aligned to the short and long-term objectives
of the Qatari government as highlighted in the Qatar national Vision 2030, the
Qatar National Development Strategy and other strategic objectives of national
KAHRAMAA’s Strategic Objectives
strategy importance. Through our strategy, KAHRAMAA aims to support the national
objectives and continue to stay true to our mission of providing safe, high quality
and efficient electricity and water supply to the people of Qatar. We believe that
For the period 2014-2018, we have identified 10 corporate objectives which are
aligned to our Long-term strategy.
our Long-term strategy would help us aspire towards our vision of transforming
ourselves into a customer-centric, dynamic and self-sustaining organization.

Qatar National National

Our Long-Term Strategy to 2030 would be Qatar National Vision 2030
Development Strategy priorities
implemented through three key phases,
driven according to six dimensions of Use
Maintenance Liberalization Investment in
business excellence, to accomplish 18 of an of energy clean and partnerships
Qatarization uninterrupted market but and third
corporate ambitions by 2030. supply of with greater
efficient energy
and water parties to
electricity and regulatory generation deliver
capital impacting
water as oversight technologies
Health demand grows programs to KAHRAMAA
and safety remain
Phase 3: Global leading Emphasis on Reduction in
Phase 1: Strategic Phase 2: Consolidating relevant and
practice (2024-2030) customer energy
transformation (2014-2018) efficiency and regional Adoption of smart technologies innovative
centricity subsidies
growth (2019-2023) Strategic investments in
Establishing the optimal
innovation and leading Development of value-added Focus on cost reduction
operating model, capabilities Driving continuous and operation efficiency
technologies aligned to services and products
and systems required operational and cost-
to establish the optimal efficiency improvements and Qatar’s inherent areas of
foundation on which expanding service offerings competitive advantage, Our
KAHRAMAA can achieve in order to become the enabling KAHRAMAA to aspirations
sustained growth leading regional power and take its place as a leading
utilities organization global utilities organization Mission Values Vission

Excel at customer services

Provide high quality water and electricity

Increase social advocacy and environmental compliance

Promote regulatory changes in the electricity,

water and district cooling markets
Strengthen financial performance Finance
objectives for
Improve corporate governance and risk management 2014 - 2018
Enhance processes and systems and
Optimize asset performance

Ensure a safe and healthy working environment

Attract, develop and retain a high – performing workforce
and support Qatarization

Implementing Smart Solutions,

16 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 17
Implementing Smart Solutions,
18 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 19
Our approach to Corporate Alignment with Qatar National Vision
Alignment with National
Development Strategy 2
Alignment with Sustainable

objectives (QNV) Development Goals (SDGs)

Responsible exploitation of Sector 2: environment

Optimise asset hydrocarbon resources sustainability, natural
performance Preserving and protecting the resources and built
environment including Water environment

Responsible exploitation of
Provide high hydrocarbon resources Sector 2: environment
quality supply sustainability, natural
Building environmental awareness
of water and resources and built
among the population

electricity environment
Encouraging sustainable technologies

Knowledge based economy

Enhance characterised by innovation
The State of Qatar faces multiple national program, ‘Tarsheed’ we promote processes and
A world class infrastructural backbone
challenges related to the availability and the standardization of energy and water systems
The efficient delivery of services
demand for natural resources. Qatar is saving technologies, legislate laws and
one of the highest per capita consumers regulations, spread awareness and
of electricity and water in the world. The promote renewable green energy and Knowledge based economy
country’s water and electricity demand is resource conversation among all sectors characterised by a transparent and
governance and
accountable government
expected to increase further with rising in Qatar. We believe that KAHRAMAA risk-management
population, economic growth as well as has a strategic opportunity to align and
due to the various ongoing infrastructure support the pillars of the Qatar National
projects related to the FIFA World Cup Vision 2030 (QNV 2030), the key tenets Ensure a safe and
Participate in a wide variety of cultural Sector 7: Culture and
healthy working
2022. In recognition of these challenges, of National Development Strategy and sports activities sports
the Qatar National Vision 2030 as well (NDS) 2017-2022, and the Sustainable
as the National Development Strategy Development Goals (SDGs) to contribute
highlight the sustainable consumption to economic, social and environmental Attract, develop
Increased and diversified participation
of scare natural resources as well as development in Qatar. Our Corporate and retain a
of Qataris in the workforce through
high performing Sector 3: Education and
preserving the environment for future Strategy as well as our corporate and workforce
investment in training programs
generations as key national objectives. multiple departmental KPIs, are focused and incentives for Qataris to enter
and support
The country aims to ensure that it works on key elements of sustainability that professional and management roles
toward conserving energy and water would ensure that future generations
resources, as well as implementing have the resources and opportunities that
Sector 2: environment
innovative ways of producing water and we have today. sustainability, natural
energy that are sustainable for the future Increase social
A proactive & significant regional role in resources and built
generations. We acknowledge clearly our advocacy and
assessing the impact of climate change environment
responsibilities towards the State of and mitigating its negative impact
As the sole distributor of electricity Qatar. We understand that our corporate Sector 5: Social
and water in Qatar, KAHRAMAA plays objectives which would help us – develop protection
a crucial role in the conservation of the right internal management systems,
resources and the creation of value for enhance our customer service practices, Provide high quality services that
the environment and our society. The provide the necessary training to our Excel at customer Sector 6: Public safety
respond to the needs and the desires of
service and security
increased affordability of clean and people, and by encourage future research individuals and businesses
efficient energy and water generation and development activities - would help
technologies, in combination with us to deliver on tomorrow’s needs and Promote
the adoption of smart technologies be able to help the nation achieve its regulatory A comprehensive urban development Sector 2: environment
changes in the plan for Qatar that adopts a sustainable sustainability, natural
to optimize the distribution network, strategic ambitions. energy, water policy with regards to urban expansion resources and built
provides us with opportunities to and district and population distribution environment
enhance our impact. Through our cooling markets

Sector 1: Economic
Strengthen Open and flexible economic structures
diversification and
financial capable of competing in a changing
development of private
performance world

Implementing Smart Solutions,

20 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 21
Our response to
Stakeholder Importance to stakeholders (see
How we engage? Why we engage? Topics we discuss
group KAHRAMAA sections in this
• Set policy and • Regulation • Investing in our
• Direct meetings • To help shape regulatory framework development people
Policy regulation and • Resource • Contributing
• Participation in • Influence
makers and understand the conservation to the local
government initiatives, macroeconomic and
government issues that may economy
regulation and policy political framework • Product quality
agencies impact our business,
working groups within which we • Ensuring value
our customers • Innovation
• Key national and operate for our customers
and the local
international events communities • Influence our • Health & Safety
• Conserving
reputation • Customer needs natural resources

• Quality of service
• To understand our • Achieving high level • Ensuring value
• Direct meetings • Transparency
Customers customers’ needs of satisfaction from for our customers
• Customer surveys and get their our customers and • Pricing
• Conserving
Engaging our For KAHRMAAA, we consider our stakeholders as our partners who would help us • Call centers feedback on our building a long-
• Service access natural resources

achieve our strategic objectives. We value transparency in all our business activities performance lasting trust
• Reliability of service
stakeholders and seek to foster trust through open and transparent communication with all our
stakeholders. Continuous engagement with our stakeholders lays the foundation for • Influence our • Contributing
Business • Direct meetings • To exchange • Local communities to the local
the functioning of our business, and is a precondition for the successful fulfilment knowledge and
partners • Conferences economy
of our values in all aspects of our activities. We acknowledge the wide range of support local • Focus on partnerships/ • Qatar’s socio

stakeholders across our value chain who are influenced directly or indirectly by our • Other events communities economic agenda • Supporting our
• collaborations communities
services and operations. To ensure that we improve our stakeholder engagement, we
continuously seek to develop new engagement channels and introduce improvements • Influence change
• To involve suppliers
in our communication methods. across the value chain • Investing in our
Suppliers in exceeding • Health & safety
• Direct meetings people

(Including clients’ expectations • Influence our

• Operational

contractors) • Procurement policy and to deliver reputation • Governance and
• Tenders on responsible
• Transparent • management
organizational • Working conditions
communications with systems
• Surveys and other
• feedback mechanisms
• Enhance productivity, • Health & safety
• Internal • Engage employees
quality and leadership • Investing in our
in shaping • Working conditions
Employees • communications, people
KAHRAMAA’s • Enhance image
• events, publications • Career development
future direction and reputation to • Supporting our
• Intranet attract prospective • Operational communities
employees excellence
• Training & development
• opportunities

• Formal and informal • Influence our

• group and targeted reputation/Maintain
• To understand our license to operate
• meetings • Education and • Supporting our
Local communities’ needs • Build trust with local
• Community programs awareness communities
communities and expectations, communities
• Publications/ and create a long- • Community support • Conserving
lasting positive • Identify opportunities
• online • Environment natural resources
value for improvement
• Events • Partnering
• Social media channels opportunities

• Research • Education • Contributing

• Influence our to the local
• Publications • Research &
reputation economy
Academia • Local and international • To explore potential Development
partnerships and • Partnering • Ensuring value
• conferences & innovative solutions opportunities • Innovation for our customers
• symposiums • Technological
• Enhancing expertise • Conserving
• Training & education advances natural resources
• Conservation and • Contributing
• To raise awareness environmental to the local
among the general management economy
Media public about • Influence our
• Local newspapers • Partnerships & • Supporting our
KAHRAMAA’s reputation
collaborations communities
activities • Research & • Ensuring value
Development for our customers

Implementing Smart Solutions,

22 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 23
As part of our sustainability reporting approach for 2016, we prioritized environmental,
Identifying topics social and economic topics within maximum impact on KAHRAMAA as well as on
our stakeholders. In determining and prioritizing these areas, we considered whether
to be reported they reflect KAHRAMAA’s most significant impacts, and substantially influence our
stakeholders’ assessments and/or decisions about our organization. Identifying the
in 2016 most material issues to both our business and stakeholders allows us to report on them
effectively and to address these issues in a way that is aligned to our stakeholders’
interests and needs. As part of our corporate strategic planning process, KAHRAMAA has already defined
a long-term strategy with key priorities for the organization. We believe that the
Over the past four years, we have continuously improved our reporting process with

materiality assessment carried out as part of our annual sustainability reporting
specific focus on improving the materiality process. In 2016, we have adopted the GRI process, provides us with the opportunity to continuously assess the significance of
Reporting Standards as the guideline informing our reporting approach. To identify sustainability issues for KAHRAMAA and validate them using feedback from internal
potential sustainability issues for KAHRAMAA, we have carried out an in-depth review and external stakeholders. We strongly believe that the materiality assessment forms
of the GRI topics, our corporate strategy, sector-specific GRI reporting requirements an important basis for strategic decision-making and a reminder of stakeholder

for the power and utilities sector, national strategic objectives as per QNV 2030 and expectations on the role of KAHRAMAA in Qatar.
NDS 2017-2022, topics reported by our peers, and the Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs). Through focused interviews with internal and external stakeholders, we were
able to prioritize the most important sustainability issues for KAHRAMAA. The content
for this report was developed with specific focus on the top 10 topics identified by
our stakeholders which has helped us develop a report to address our most pressing
sustainability risks and opportunities. Material sustainability
topics identified in 2016
Process for identifying
topics to be reported

- To identify the level of priority given to Energy use and efficiency

the material issues by internal and
external stakeholders we asked them Training and education
- Carried out focused one on one focused questions which helped us to
engagements with identified internal & identify the top 10 topics significance to Water use management
Developed an exhaustive list of external stakeholders, who assessed KAHRAMAA
the 25 sustainability topics based on System efficiency Availability and reliability

sustainability issues relevant to - Developed the materiality plot based
KAHRAMAA based on review of, their perspective Emissions Occupational health & safety
on scoring methodology with
- Material topics identified in the - The assessment was conducted in KAHRAMAA’s impacts on the x-axis and
previous reporting period accordance with the preliminary Human rights assessment
influence on stakeholder decisions on

- Corporate strategy criteria developed assess each topic the y-axis
- National strategic objectives including based on KAHRAMAA’s impacts and its
QNV 2030, and NDS 2022-2017 - Categorized topics to ensure
influence on stakeholder decisions
- Qatar Energy and Industry Sector alignment with GRI standards and
Outcome: Ranking of KAHRAMAA’s corporate objectives and Diversity & equal opportunity
Sustainability Program
sustainability topics based on the Balanced Scorecard Local communities
GRI Standards, GRI sector supplement
internal & external stakeholder Anti-corruption
for Power and Utility sector, SASB sector Outcome: Identified material Qatarization
guidelines, industry and sector specific feedback Disaster/ emergency planning and response
topics for KAHRAMAA Customer satisfaction
guidelines Customer privacy

- Issues identified by international and Economic performance
regional peers
Indirect economic impacts
- SDGs relevant for Qatar and the sector
Support local suppliers
Following the aforesaid activity,
materiality questionnaire was developed Effluents and waste
to enable both internal and external - The topics identified as Compliance
stakeholders to prioritize the topics 2 3 material were reviewed Demand-side management
based on KAHRAMAA’s impacts as well and validated by the
head of the
Research and development
as influence the decisions of PRIORITIZATION
stakeholders STAKEHOLDER AND Sustainability Task Force
Outcome: Selected 25 potential RANK TOPICS OF MATERIAL KAHRAMAA’s Market

sustainability topics Access

TOPICS management presence
Marketing and labelling
4 Outcome: Material
sustainability topics for
POTENTIAL Materiality 2016 report validated
Low Medium High

Implementing Smart Solutions,

24 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 25

Special Feature:
The table below describes the meaning and boundaries of each identified material issue, which helps to clarify the importance of
each topic to KAHRAMAA and our stakeholders. The topics have also been mapped to our corporate objectives to highlight the
applicability of each topic to our long-term strategy.

Regulations to Optimize

Material topic
Relevance of this topic to KAHRAMAA
Link to KAHRAMAA’s Corporate
Importance within
boundary outside
numbers in Our Resources

People excellence-Attract,
Local hiring will assist KAHRAMAA in
develop and retain a high-per-
Qatarisation creating a positive impact on the local ●●●● ●●● Local communities 57,58,65
forming workforce and support
economy as well as community
Occupational Ensuring well-being of its employees People excellence- Ensure a safe
health & will help KAHRAMAA retain staff and and healthy working environ- ●●●● ●●●● 60,61,62
safety improve its productivity ment
Providing skill-gap based trainings will Operational excellence- Enhance Policy-makers and
Training and
improve employee satisfaction and help process and system ●●●● ●●●● government agen- 59
KAHRAMAA in retaining them cies; suppliers
Respecting human rights within the Local communities,
organization as well as in the supply Community & social excel- policy-makers and
Human rights
chain will help KAHRAMAA reduce risks lence-increase social advocacy ●●●● ●●●● government agen- 13
and enhance its reputation and brand and environmental compliance cies, suppliers
KAHRAMAA can improve its services,
increase customer lifetime value and Customer excellence- Excel at Customers, business
reduce any negative word of mouth customer service ●●●● ●●● partners, suppliers 36
by focusing on outcomes of customer
Operational excellence- Enhance Policy makers
Promotion of energy conservation and
process and system and government 29,30,
Energy use energy efficiency measures will reduce
Community & social excel- ●●●● ●●●● agencies, local com- 31,47,48,
and efficiency the energy footprint within the value
lence-increase social advocacy munities, business 51,52,70,71
and environmental compliance partners, suppliers
Operational excellence- Enhance Policy makers
Undertaking water management
process and system and government
Water use activities in a water scarce region will 29,30,31,
Community & social excel- ●●●● ●●●● agencies, local com-
management ensure uninterrupted services as well as 49,51,70,71
lence-increase social advocacy munities, business
improve its reputation
and environmental compliance partners, suppliers
Improper handling of hazardous Operational excellence- Enhance Policy makers
waste can damage terrestrial as well as process and system and government
Effluent and 53
marine life will have negative impact Community & social excel- ●●●● ●●●● agencies, local com-
on KAHRAMAA as well as on the local lence-increase social advocacy munities, business
environment. and environmental compliance partners, suppliers
Policy makers and
Putting in place plans and processes Customer excellence- Excel at
government agen- 30,31,41,42,
Availability & to ensure availability and reliability of customer service
●●●● ●●●● cies, customers, 43,48
reliability its services can help KAHRAMAA earn Operational excellence-Enhance
business partners,
customer loyalty processes and systems
Policy makers and
Improving system efficiency by improv-
government agen-
System effi- ing generation efficiency and reducing Operational excellence-Enhance 47,48,50
●●● ●●● cies, customers,
ciency transmission & distribution losses will processes and systems
business partners,
improve KAHRAMAA’s finances

Note: Our key material topics have various level of importance inside and outside the organization. We have there-
fore mapped the potential degree of this importance ● – being low importance and ●●●● – being high importance.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

26 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 27
It is like a triangle; one corner is education and awareness, one
corner is implementing rules and regulations and the third
corner is the price of water.

Eng. Fahad Tolfet

Director of Water Network

The importance of
regulation to rationalize Qatar transitioning to
resources in Qatar smart meters
With decisive implementation plans to
Government regulation can often be a driver for rationalization of resources.
make the country a pioneer in smart
Certainly, resource management regulations can create challenges for sectors,
energy management, KAHRAMAA has
businesses and their customers, and the entire society by mandating certain
covered the complete geographical
standards that must be achieved, such as lower emissions, fuel consumption or
roll out of the smart meter project
water reuse.
across the country by 2016. Smart
But these challenges can be leveraged as opportunities for these stakeholders meter deployment provides real-time
to rethink not only their behaviors and also their standard operating procedures. information on the energy, water or
Regulation can drive sustainable economic growth, which is vital to the long natural gas consumption of a building
term success of a business, customers and ultimately the overall State of or home.
Qatar. Regulation can also create a more level playing field within the energy
The country’s steady movement
and industry sector industry, empowering businesses to understand how they
towards an overall smart energy
compare to their peers and enabling consumers to compare apples to apples
approach is supported by the
when making purchasing decisions.This ability to benchmark one company
installation of smart grid projects and
against another can be a powerful motivating factor when developing business
its related technologies such as smart
strategy and making decisions.
meter that benefits consumers and
Companies in Qatar that are increasingly focusing on resource rationalization are energy providers in ways more than
also leveraging more advanced technology as a means of driving business results. one.
New technology allow them for greener processes or new processes that create
Additionally, it enables KAHRAMAA
opportunities for greener technology in alignment to the new NDS 2017-2022.
to optimize energy consumption
and promote energy efficiency. By
Insightful, forward looking regulation help us build a adding the intelligence of IT to power
distribution, KAHRAMAA aims to
sustainable Qatar attain sustainable development
and significantly improve the
Our policy input and development review activities tackle technically complex
power infrastructure in the country.
challenges. Through our participation in the government decision making
Encompassing a broad portfolio of
process that guides growth, redevelopment, revitalization and intensification
technologies, smart grids ensure
throughout KAHRAMAA’s influence, we advocate to our governmental partners
optimized usage of energy usage
and stakeholders to integrate innovative strategies for energy and water
and support increased penetration of
conservation and other sustainability considerations that support the Qatar
renewable energy.
National Vision 2030 objectives.
With the state of Qatar witnessing
We assist ministries and regulatory bodies by providing advice on best
rapid growth in the power sector,
conservation practices and development direction within local communities and
the government has also undertaken
businesses. In 2016 we were involved in many activities including comprehensive
massive initiatives to achieve its noble
reviews of existing practices, creation of codes and development of laws to
vision of attaining a significant increase
facilitate improved rationalization of resources in the State of Qatar. This work is
in renewable and energy efficiency.
very progressive and is increasingly important in light of heightened challenges
due to climate change and water scarcity.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

28 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 29
Our smart solutions Law No. 29 of 2008: ELECTRICITY AND PROCUREMENT & TENDERING WATER
CS-CSI-P1/C5 DISTRICT COOLING DESIGN enable the effective WATER CONNECTING the provisions
provided in the draft law is that
regulate and limit violations to No.20: tightened fines
on wasting water up
& WATER MANAGEMENT CODE 2016: KAHRAMAA shall conduct electricity and tendering process by government
deals with the mandatory, minimum
requirements for the design and operation
implementation of water connections to premises, buildings
and facilities, and make any additions,
entities with more control to
Ministry of finance to monitor and
to 20,000 riyals

regulations among
Low Voltage Electricity & Water
Installations Regulations
Design & Water Management
Code 2016

of Water Cooled Central Air conditioning changes or transfers therein, and all acts supervise spending.
Systems for comfort cooling or process of connection to or separation from the
cooling applications.
our customers public network. Carrying out any of
those tasks are permitted only after
LEDs save 80%
of energy as compared
obtaining a license from KAHRAMAA. to the usual
ADVANCE METERING CODE 2016: incandescent bulbs
additional Drawing named “Advanced
Metering Infrastructure Layout” shall
Low Voltage Electricity & Water

become a part of the Building Permit

Installations Regulations


document submission for Kahramaa

import and sale of 40-60 watts
incandescent tungsten bulbs will be
POLICY banned in Qatar from November 2016
CS-CSI-P1/C1 ELECTRICITY WIRING CODE and July 2016 for 75-100 watts.
2016: to establish standards, principles and
Distribution KAHRAMAA is a key
member of the national

guidelines that promote the design, AC EER & EEL DECREE: to
construction, installation, maintenance, renewable energy help customers determine the

Low Voltage Electricity & Water
Installations Regulations


committee, which

operation, energy conservation and metering ideal air conditioners in terms

of safe and efficient Low Voltage (LV) Electrical oversees the development of energy efficiency and
Installations in all Premises within the State of of the national renewable reduction of carbon
Qatar. Transmission energy strategy and emissions. Appliances that do
policies not conform to the new
standards will be banned to
CS-CSI-P1/C2 PLUMBING CODE 2016: RENEWABLE ENERGY enter the Qatari market.
to prevent misuses, waste, undue POLICY: currently Implemented in July 2016.
consumption or erroneous measurement of developed under the ≥ EER = 8.5
Low Voltage Electricity & Water
Installations Regulations


BTU/Hr. and 9.5 BTU/Hr.


water and most importantly, to prevent umbrella of Ministry of

leakage of drinking fresh water. IPWP Energy and Industry and
concerned authorities in DECREE No.46: to establish restrictions on
CS-CSI-P1/C3 ENERGY & the State. future ground water withdrawal (either by
WATER REGULATION CODE reducing the use of each existing well or by
CU restricting the use of a number of active
2016: to regulates the energy
Low Voltage Electricity & Water
Installations Regulations

Energy & Water

Conservation Code 2016

ST wells) and also conducting experiments to

and water use features for
organizations and business OM U re-inject the aquifer artificially with
within the State of Qatar. desalinated water, the provision of data on
individual wells and the installation of
NT A meters and control equipment.
SMART METERS: help keep a
check on power distribution,
monitor consumer usage and PORTABLE WATER
SELF METER READING: communicate revenue unit of METER MOBILE TEST BENCH:
SHOOT… & SEND: announced (Shoot... & via KAHRAMAA smart energy, water or natural gas intended to check the accuracy
Send) service to inform about any remarks application, the consumption data in real-time of water meters on site for
or suggestions via KAHRAMAA Application customer can record between any two-distribution tackling customer complaints
on smart phones within its efforts to achieve electricity and meter points. related to the meter accuracy.
direct communication with customers and readings through
for rapid response. “self-meter reading”
application. The gives customer access to general statistics Customer application form and related response: BCR Online
customer simply enters related to his/her account. With collaboration of application performs various tasks aimed at transforming the process of
e-SERVICES CONSTRUCTION & REAL STATE preparing the Initial Design Report into an automated mechanism
the current reading and IT Department, we included a group of other
SECTOR: started providing inspecting, linking the concerned parties in KAHRAMAA (Electricity Networks,
attach photo of it. This services such as sending meter reading,
interrupting and connecting e-service for all Technical Affairs and Finance Department) with the procedures used in
service ensures regular following up status of service’s request
building, properties, and construction in the designing the expansion of the electric transmission network in the
and accurate meter (construction license and connecting service),
country via e-website km.qa or via country. The application connects the subscriber's request through
reading as the displaying details of properties registered under
KAHRAMAA App on smart phones to attain KAHRAMAA’s portal to the data and information that is updated and
application keeps the customer’s name, applying the electronic
the smart shift in all its services. added to complete the engineering design necessary for the participant.
date of last reading. services etc.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

30 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 31
Ensuring value for our customers
2016 Sustainability As our marketplace changes and grows with the trend to
digitisation, KAHRAMAA must look toward the future and focus
Performance on adapting rapidly, delivering more solutions and services to
meet our customers’ evolving needs, give them incentives to take
This section focuses on our
performance on creating advantage of advanced efficiency options and finally achieve high
value for our customers, level of satisfaction on our water and electricity services.
environment, our employees,
our local communities
and to the socio-economic
development of the State of

Basic infrastructure (such as water and electricity infrastructure) are

crucial to achieving prosperity and growth in a way that enhances the
quality of life, including the social well-being, health and safety of
customers and the quality of their environment. We undertake these
commitments seriously as we believe in the values of corporate social
responsibility, customer centricity and teamwork in order to live our
philosophy and to meet our mandate as a sole service provider.

Eng. Abdullah Al-Theyab

Director of Electricity Network, KAHRAMAA

Performance highlights
• Added more than 19,828 new water customers, and more
GRI Standards than 15,135 new electricity customers
alignment • Answered call rate was 71% in 2016
We used the following disclosures • 95.3% reduction in response time to customer complaints
from GRI standards and Electric
• 94.74% reduction in repair time for water-related issues
utilities sector disclosure in this
section: • 70% satisfaction result according to customer survey with
customer care
103-1, 103-2, 103-3, 417-1, 418-1,
EU1, EU3, EU4, EU10 • 38,500 Faulty water meters replaced by smart meters

Implementing Smart Solutions,

32 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 33
Our approach for
high quality customer service
Customers are the back bone of the In 2016, KAHRAMAA continue working Managing customer privacy is also crucial Proactivel Technology
engagement innovations
Customer Service Department (CSD) toward smart technology to have our for us and we have a policy to eliminate with Digitization
Transparency their
at KAHRAMAA. That is reflected in customers better informed than ever, any customer data losses and not to share and provider
of services
our corporate objectives by placing the and developed access to a wide range customer records with anyone but the competitive
pricing Customer
customer at the forefront of our planning of options to send feedback and interact customer if appropriate authorization letter interaction
and activities. Our CSD team is key in with our customer service department. is not available. KAHRAMAA is proud not to Customer and data
that analysis
supporting to achieve our vision that by KAHRAMAA has a dedicated website that have received any data privacy complaints

Gl cal
an rs
expect more,
2030 our people, assets, systems and includes various e- services; electronic from our customers in 2016. better and

m me

ob tre
faster services
processes will set a global benchmark for certificates, service tracking, tariff details,

al nd
de sto
performance, technological innovation, tenders, auctions, awards, a separate Our Planning & Quality Department also

an s

environmental sustainability and social portal for the ongoing National Program conducts regular internal audits and patterns

responsibility, in electricity and water for Conservation and Energy Efficiency, as customer satisfaction surveys. In 2016, customer and Customer at
sector. well as Tarsheed’s children site. KAHRAMAA organized and conducted a equipped with a the center
pool of social of our
customer satisfaction Survey where the media decision-making Tailoring
Since the launch of Phase I of its We have established a robust Customer results demonstrated 70% satisfaction from channels services
transformation to a smart organization Relationships Management framework the Customer Care. Customer experience to individual
project, KAHRAMAA has aimed to and a platform to serve as a master was improved by launch of new software
revamp the entire customer experience source of customer data. These initiatives at customer call centre. Answered call
and ensure expectations are met and would improve the availability and quality rate was 71% in 2016. The percentage
our customers are highly satisfied with of customer information that is visible for answered call rate has recorded high figures Re-thinking our overall approach to customer management
KAHRAMAA’s products and services. our customer facing stuff and will help across 2016 however we believe further All these trends present an opportunity to fundamentally re-think our overall approach to customer management,
them further provide efficient customer improvements could help us perform even the integration of customer management data and systems, connect better with the customer, and identify new
As KAHRAMAA goes through a process service. Our new procedures and policies better. value-added, potential services.
of transformation, we continue analyzing are designed to achieve high levels of 2014 2018 2019 2022 2028 2030

and assessing the key challenges we customer satisfaction. We have in place According to the results, efficiency is now
meet in securing world-class customer a well-built system to control the smooth top of mind for our customers and it is Phase 1: Corporate Objectives Phase 3&2: Potential Corporate objectives
service, and have placed actions in place flow of any customer application, and to seeing as an opportunity to save money
to address them in a timely manner. assure the customer to get the correct and energy. In 2016 the IT department at Customers receive • Differentiate our customers Customers perceive Customers trust
Excel at customer services Kahramaa as highly us and their
Our customer base – both water and information on tracking the application KAHRAMAA continues working on a service consistently high experience and increase value
electricity customers – continued to through which customers are able to check added service offerings. responsive to preferences and
process. The system allows the electronic standards of service
from us • Anticipate, influence and their changing behaviours are
increase in 2016 and KAHRAMAA are archiving of documents to ensure their bills, building permits and service
respond to the changing needs and shaped by it.
investing in people and technology customer data integrity and to ease connections through ‘SMS Solution’. preferences
customer needs
capabilities development to match traceability.
these needs and enhance customer KAHRAMAA has now a strategy to make all
engagement with our services. its services ‘smart’ to enhance the quality of
services and efficiency it offers. It sees this
move as time-saving and enabling its client A dedicated team to unite the organization behind the strategic objective
base to make online transactions round- CS Installation: Accounts Meter monitoring Automated Meter:
Customer Care & Bulk customer
225,027 the-clock, from all over the world. Through Call Center Handles heavy industries and customers with section: billing section: deals with Recording (AMR):

small amount of and invoicing consumption deals with installing

numerous activities, the Customer Service front-line customer customers with high
power requirements responsibilities. readings; complains meters in an areas
272,745 service and deals power requirements.
Department at KAHRAMAA seeks to going with complains. This section also across Qatar. . about faulty meters. where a large
number of meters
to smart system by automating all services includes VIP customers.
are required
provided to customers to allow them to

288,903 track their applications and pay bills on line.


293,604 KAHRAMAA Honors

In 2016, KAHRAMAA Distinguished Employees in
added more than

Customer Service
19,828 new water His Excellency Eng. Essa Bin Hilal Al-Kuwari, president of
customers, and more KAHRAMAA, honored the stuff Customer Services Department

329,310 for their outstanding performance at work on May 17, 2016. We

than 15,135 new focused on distinguished employees in their performance to achieve
the satisfaction of customers which the Corporation seeks for its
electricity customers.

customers’ services. The tangible efforts also leave a footprint and

desired positive results in attaining the best governmental initiatives
0 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000 for customer services.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

34 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 35
Advancing our smart
customer service practices KAHRAMAA transition to smart meters
Customer Care & Call Center The State of Qatar’s steady movement and water as well as GPS modules for
towards an overall smart energy approach localising individual metering points.
KAHRAMAA’s Customer Care & Call Center is the main customer- is supported by the installation of smart Smart Meters are capable of recording
facing unit in the department. Across Qatar, we have five grid projects and its related technologies consumption in detail in comparison
Mean Customer Care branches, employing around 500 employees in such as smart meter that benefits with the electro mechanical meters.
total. The unit consists of the following sections: Customer Care, consumers and energy providers in ways They are capable of recording more than
The agent had good communication 9.0
skills and was to understand
Call Centre, Quality Assurance, and Back Office. The Call Center more than one. 25 parameters which can be reported
It was easy to use this channel 84 17 8.8 operates 24 hours, 7 days a week. This represents an advanced and stored in a centralized Meter Data
Waiting time for the call to be 83
17 8.2 step in serving customers not only in Qatar, but also the whole In an endeavour to offer better energy Management System (MDMS) enabling
answered was reasonable 100
region as it has latest technological means which coincides with and water management solutions to KAHRAMAA to analyze the detailed
The agent was altentive to my needs 83 17 8.8
the rapid recent developments in Qatar. consumers, KAHRAMAA has leveraged consumption data and power quality data
It was easy to find the dight number to 67 8.8
call, related to my service or problem
the collaborative understanding of for better forecasting and optimization
Customer complaints are treated with high priority and are of energy use which helps to achieve
The agent was Knowledgeable 67 33 7.7 Information Technology and the power
100 attempted to be answered on the first call. Our progress toward energy saving targets and reduce carbon
The agent was Polite and courteous 66 34 9.0 sector to launch its smart meter project.
I was able to complete all steps for
smart customer service technologies has been highly successful, footprint.
my request through this channel 50 33 17 8.0 increasing our responsiveness along with our capacity to handle
In 2016, KAHRAMAA have continued
customer questions and complaints. In 2016, our team closed replacing all conventional meters in the These smart meters are capable of
Highly Satisfied Satisfied Neutral and Dissatisfied
water meter complaints within 1 month and the number of Doha area of its service territory swapping recording reading according to Time
received complaints by 95.3% have been reduced to less than them with smart meters. The roll-out Of Use (TOU) and to share these details
3,000 per month due to the installation of Pre-qualified smart forms part of a government-approved through web portals to customers.
water meters through Call- Off contracts. We also significantly Our partnerships smart meter programme launched in This allows customers to plan their
reduced our response time to customer complaints, from 41 hrs in January 2015 for all new projects and usage resulting in changing customer
2015 to 1.9 hrs in 2016. In addition, we succeeded in decreasing towards a smart grid buildings in the country to get smart consumption pattern. Remote connect/
the repair time for water-related issues by 94.74% from 129.36
hrs in 2015 to 6.8 Hrs 2016.
system in Qatar electricity and water meters. So far we Disconnect, On demand read helps
have completed the installation of over KAHRAMAA to meet customer’s
In line with Qatar’s NDS 2017-2022 and its commitment to 16,480 electricity smart meters and expectations in terms of eliminating
Implementation of smart meters 16,612 water smart meters in 2016. unnecessary administrative delays.
developing and modernizing public institutions through improved
will optimize energy and water
delivery systems and interfaces centred around people and
consumption and promote efficiency, We opted for a smart electricity and water
businesses, we are striving to enhance our current practice and
thus providing the best possible meter system equipped with consumption
address our customers’ needs in an innovative and results-driven
service for our customers. As another data recording modules for electricity
key dimension of successful “smart
Despite the rapid growth The Customer Care & Call Center unit faces various challenges cities”, smart grids allow for a safe and
of our customer base, which defer in nature. From the need for IT upgrades, through reliable service which is prepared for
in 2016 we maintained to data management, issues related to workflow efficiencies, the integration of renewable energy
consistently high customer service skills and bi-lingual capabilities adoption, we
have transformed the department to improve our operations and

answered call rates to ensure we provide the best quality service to our customers
Through partnerships, KAHRAMAA is
with a total average of which matches global international standards. On our journey to
working towards establishing a smart
grid system in Qatar: Advanced Metering
95.03% throughout the become smart organization by 2016, these initiatives are highly
supported by KAHRAMAA’s President and top management who • We have partnered with one of Infrastructure (AMI)
year. provide direction and inspiration to fully live up to our motto of the world’s leading utilities in the
Customer-Oriented Utility. smart grid field (IBERDROLA, the pilot project
Spanish utility) as a pilot project
to analyze KAHRAMAA’s network
and study the opportunity in
applying smart grid.
Portable water meter mobile test bench
• We work in close partnership with KAHRAMAA AMI pilot project scope involves around 10,000+ water and
This project intended to check the accuracy of water meters on the center and with the Qatar 15,000+ electric customers who reside across two zones (Westbay, Al-Sadd)
site for tackling customer complaints (High Bill) related to the Environment and Energy Research in Doha, Qatar. AMI project is expected to cover all over the state by 2017.
meter accuracy. This allows for time, cost and manpower saving, Institute (QEERI), to research and
develop smart grid solutions for In 2016, we connected remotely a total of 14,968 electricity smart meters
comparable to the Station Test Bench. and 9,930 water smart meters in AMI Zones. AMI Pilot project Major
the state.
The quick test can be performed on site for the water meter‘s elements include Smart Meters, Data concentrators, Head End System (HES),
accuracy by the Portable Water Meter Tester within 1 hour. We are • KAHRAMAA and Belgian Meter data Management System (MDMS).
currently studying the setup of the Mobile Portable Water Meter consultancy Elia Grid have signed
Tester fitted in a customized vehicle. an agreement to share knowledge
experience around smart grid

Implementing Smart Solutions,

36 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 37
Our Customers are no longer required to visit KAHRAMAA
headquarters or its branches in the country to transact. Every
month, we will send messages to everybody in Qatar to show them
their level of consumption, as well as showing them whether their
consumption is above the national average. This way, people can start
to understand how much they are consuming.

Fast-track service for customers Eng. Yousef Al-Jaidah

Manager Customer Services

As part of its social responsibility and in an effort to reduce customers’ waiting

times, we have launched a fast-track service for disabled, elderly and women at our
Customer Service office in Al Hilal. A and B tracks have been assigned for them for Improved smart application for better living
installations and customer care requests respectively.
In 2016, KAHRAMAA launched the new version for its App on smart phones in both
languages Arabic and English. The Application has new characteristics which benefit
by the modern technologies of the smart phones. In addition to the new design
of the Application, the customer can display a general statistics related to his/her
Today businesses have the opportunity to use social media not only as a way to provide account. The customer also can display a brief summary for the properties registered
The role of social media customers with great service, but also as means of connecting and inspiring one under his/her name as well as sending meter readings for electricity and water and
another through conversations and mutual dialogue. When developing our strategy displaying the details of the bills with the paying ability.
in keeping in touch with for social media program, we have conducted a research to analyse trends in the The new Application also includes a group of services such as: the request of “To
our customers industry, evaluate experiences (in Qatar and in the region), find out which platforms whom it may concern” certificate, sending monthly meter reading, following-up
KAHRAMAA customers’ use, and monitor what they are saying about our brand. status of service’s request (construction license and connecting service), displaying
details of properties registered under customer’s name, applying the electronic
Recognizing the importance of understanding better the needs of the customer and services, displaying details of customers services centers besides their locations on
their priorities and issues, we have available both Twitter and Facebook accounts to get map, providing a system of sending suggestions and complaints.
closer to the customer. Our Twitter account has a growing number of followers from
1,838 in 2013 to currently 31,500 and our Facebook page has 7,166 likes in 2016 as A picture of the meter can also be uploaded with the date of the meter reading,
compared to 1,978 in 2013. Separately, Tarsheed has its own Facebook page which affording greater accuracy of the system. KAHRAMAA’s new app will enhance the
we utilize to raise awareness about the national program, to inspire change and to customer’s experience and the authority’s efficiency, by adding more services for
communicate our numerous initiatives. better efficiency.
KAHRAMAA also worked to raise its performance level through adopting many
initiatives which its latest one was the announcement of shifting its services to
all customers, companies, consultants and contractors into 100% E-services. The
Corporation moves towards introducing various services according to highest level
of global quality in order to facilitate the circulation procedures for the customers,
Social media plays a critical role in the way we manage our customers relations.
saving their time via completing them at any time and from anywhere.
Users can interact with KAHRAMAA 24 X 7 through a dedicated WhatsApp
contact number. Through this platform, we receive reports, complaints, The E-services are allowed around clock and the applying via electronic website
feedbacks and grievances among others of customers and social activists related is allows avoiding errors that could occur in paper applications because of lack of
with safety and functionality of KAHRAMAA’s Electricity and Water networks papers or required procedures, where the system refuses to register any application
across the country. or circulation if it is not meeting all required conditions which is actually saving a lot
of time and efforts.
Subscribers have been encouraged to register and update their information through
its website www.km.qa or the mobile application for online transactions. In doing so,
customers will better avail themselves of the many services offered.

Improving responsiveness KAHRAMAA has also a text messaging service where subscribers – citizens and
expatriates alike – are notified by the facility about their monthly consumption
of electricity and water. The application will also submit information on average
To give our customers more opportunities to communicate with our Customer consumption for the purpose of promoting energy efficiency awareness.
Care representatives, we have introduced new working hours for our main
Customer Service Centre located at ‘D’ Ring road. The working hours have been KAHRAMAA seeks to develop its services to keep in pace with the latest regulatory
increased as a result of the growing number of KAHRAMAA’s customers. To help and technological developments of services. We have also developed an ambitious
us deliver on our promise of Customer-Oriented Utility, we are committed to road map for the smart shifting of all its services. This road map aims at upgrading
listen to our customers and get their requirements and expectations fulfilled. the level of services offered to our customers according to highest levels of efficiency.
These services comes within the framework of continuous improvement in order to
increase the customers’ satisfaction through saving time and efforts via achieving
circulations electronically at any time and from anywhere without referring to
KAHRAMAA or any branch of customer services.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

38 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 39
Securing reliable and high
quality water for our customers
In an effort to enhance its customer offering, KAHRAMAA is striving to achieve Water quality standards, policies
Inspecting, interrupting a smart shift in its all services. KAHRAMAA now offers two electronic services,
namely inspection, interruption and connecting for all buildings in the country and management system in place
& connecting e-service via its website: www.km.com.qa or via KAHRAMAA App a smart phone app.
The number of inspection requests to connect service reached 5.460 in 2016. At KAHRAMAA, we are strongly on water quality by training and sharing drinking water quality for public health,
committed to provide safe, clean and information with various external we are working towards full compliance
The additional service affords the customer the ability to request the inspection high quality water to the consumer parties, and organizing public awareness with health based chemical parameters
electronically-based construction readiness. Upon completion of all relevant by ensuring strict compliance with programs for our customers. and have taken steps towards reviewing
documents, within three days, both contractor and customer will receive an SMS established standards – such as the World and updating the Qatari Drinking Water
of the inspection’s appointment, as well as immediately being informed about Health Organization (WHO) Drinking In terms of integrating smart technology quality requirements.
checking results. Water Quality Guidelines and The into our water networks, last year we
Qatari Standard No.149/2009 for Un- developed a District Metering Area Ensuring safe and high quality water
The inspectors comprise a number of qualified Qatari inspectors, trained in all
Bottled Drinking Water Quality - and by (DMA) Motorized Valve system, alongside reaches our customers, is a shared
levels of quality and safety. KAHRAMAA mandates that all inspectors do not
implementing innovative, technological a SCADA Integration Project. The responsibility. We therefore set various
violate connecting procedures or fail to apply safety and security measures.
developments in the fields of water remotely operated DMA motorized valves policies and requirements for both the
Where the customer could request the service for new property, meter readers, treatment, distribution, and monitoring. helped to maintain efficiency during end water quality produced by private
or paying bills, the connecting and interrupting services could be undertaken emergency isolations, and also to reduce water producer companies and for the
electronically. To achieve this endeavor, we have gone water loss. The SCADA project used processes of water treatment and further
beyond compliance with international pressure transients to monitor our entire quality management.
standards, and have set our own Water water network, optimizing management
Quality Management Framework based solutions across the system. As part of the Water Quality
Our Conservation and Energy Efficiency Department (CN) endeavors to on quality assurance measures and risk Management Framework, KAHRAMAA’s
achieve the proper enforcement of Electricity and Water Consumption control and management. The framework In our effort to deliver best quality, Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
Rationalization Law No. 20/2015, and the promulgation of the punishments consists of developed standards and we have used the already established Department reviews all proposed water
of violations that amount to 20,000 QAR. The minimum and maximum water quality regulations, as well as strict standards as a basis and have developed projects and provides both quality and
Customer Technical punishment shall be doubled if the action is repeated within three years of monitoring programs and tools such as even more strict requirements and health perspective regarding the design,
the punishment sentence execution or by lapse of time.
Services and the New accredited labs and the provision of the expectations. For example, WHO has technology, chemicals and materials used
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition set a level of 95% compliance with key to ensure water safety. HSE also conducts
Conservation Law One of the department objectives is to direct campaigns for customers in (SCADA) system. water microbiological characteristics
order to be aware of Electricity and Water Consumption Rationalization routine sanitary inspection, auditing
as an indicator of good performance. and verification procedures on all water
Law as the violations increased. It aims at informing customers of the fines, Beyond developing and reinforcing At KAHRAMAA, we have set ourselves facilities, desalination plants, reservoirs,
punishments, and composition. On the other hand, it stressed KAHRAMAA’s water quality standards and efficiency, a target of 99% compliance. Also, tanker filling stations & tankers.
commitment to provide the technical consultancy in order to raise customer the framework serves a broader purpose recognizing the importance for regulating
awareness of conservation. helping to build the institutional capacity

More than 93 parameters in 18,006 samples are

analyzed annually by the Water Quality Laboratory
in line with WHO standards.

We ensure safe and clean drinking water to high standards and quality, water
KAHRAMAA Water is subject to a yearly sampling plan samples are collected and tested from the
storage reservoirs and networks up to the service connection points
Quality Lab
KAHRAMAA Water Quality Lab has been established as a fully equipped laboratory to
conduct analysis of around 93 different water quality parameters by using the latest
methods for water testing. The lab houses laboratory units that are intended for use
in emergency and special cases. To ensure high level of results credibility and accuracy,
the Lab has coordinated efforts with Planing & Quality Department (PQ) and HSE
departments to establish a quality management system.
In 2016, the Lab successfully renewed its ISO 17025:2005 quality certificate, which
reflected KAHRAMAA’s strong commitment to comply and exceed international
quality standards. By receiving this certification, KAHRAMAA’s Lab became one of
the 211 worldwide non-commercial chemical labs allowed to use the logo of the
American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

The Lab in collaboration with HSE and KAHRAMAA’s Operations Department conduct
regular scientific studies to help provide a baseline data for future developments.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

40 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 41
KAHRAMAA’s commitment to
Reliable and efficient
provide Safe Drinking Water
supply of electricity
YEAR TO DATE Due to the urban and economic KAHRAMAA has also connected 1,913 Strengthening our power network
BIOLOGICAL WATER development witnessed by the State of new properties to water networks in
KAHRAMAA has taken several measures to improve electricity transmission, distribution
QUALITY Qatar and to KAHRAMAA’s keenness 2016. Our Water Network Department
and maintenance of network in 2016.
to provide the best services to its undertook numerous preventive and
COMPLIANCE customers, KAHRAMAA works to ensure corrective maintenance works for 163
Our Electricity Control Centre carried out several maintenance works in year 2016,
the continuity of water supply while of its water constructions, including
during which 1,658 permits were issued for maintenance, construction of stations and
confirming to the international quality water pumping plants and water tanks.
repairing damage. The Electricity Control Centre attended to 232 cases of damage in its
standards as well as reducing losses and In addition, a partial launch of Al Wakir
distribution network and restored power to customers during the period, issued 1,557
leaks in the network to complement pumping station was completed in 2016
permits for checking missions, constructed 298 new electricity distribution stations,
what has been implemented in previous with 4 control cabinets and a storage
removing around 9.33 km overhead lines, and extended 296.75 km of underground
years and to keep up with the urban capacity estimated at 8 million gallons on Eng. Ibrahim El-Emadi cables for supporting the medium voltage network.
development in the country. 2016.

Manager Planning & Quality
Moreover, 75% of the Cyber Security Project has been accomplished for SCADA
Last year, we installed Radiation We have received the ISO 9001
Control Centre, upgrading systems controlling the stations and securing the appropriate
Monitoring Systems in the sea front, international quality certificate for water
electrical feedings for many activities in the country.
by the desalination plants, in order to connections and in 2016 we reduced
provide an early detection of unsafe levels the number of water tankers to 0.1% We have expansion
KAHRAMAA has monitored maintenance works and replacement of the existing
of radiation in the sea. This measures of the total number of subscribers as plans devised to meet network in electricity distribution stations in order to reduce damage rate. We operated
directed on minimizing the uptake of an extension of the project for water the growing demand for distribution transformers, distribution plants besides building electricity distribution
the radiation from the sea into the distribution lines. The number of electricity in Qatar, as the stations. We also completed civilian maintenance works for stations in order to maintain
4.6% Higher than the world desalination plants, offers an additional beneficiaries of this project was 2,487 country continues to witness the performance level of the electrical network stability within adopted operating levels.
Health Organization (WHO) protection measures to guarantee safe participants across the State of Qatar. We
tremendous development
Target of 95% water to our customers. also completed in 2016 a sub-connection In 2016, KAHRAMAA has also extended our distribution cables, with 1980 Km of 11kV
project, where 7,284 connections were
and urbanization. The
expansion plans are in line overhead lines in service as of 31/12/201. Also during the period 88% of protection
Reservoirs and lift stations in the water implemented in the entire State of Qatar. devices were replaced with modern digital devices.
network system represent an important with KAHRAMAA’s mission
element in securing customers supply. and objectives to provide
high quality electricity and
water services in the state
to all sectors including
households, business centres,
The pressure on Qatar’s water resources has grown significantly shopping malls, hospitals
over the last decade and we are at the beginning of our journey of and schools and is also in 14000

Electricity Capacity in MW
innovation and behavioural change to ensure that tomorrow’s supply line with the company’s 12000

is safe. Water conservation, efficient water use and water recycling are commitment towards Qatar 10000

the most important drivers that support our quest for water security. National Vision 2030 and 8000
Towards this end, we launched Tarsheed in 2012 with plans to reduce National Development 4000









the country’s water consumption by 35% within five years. Strategy. 2000

Eng. Abdul Rahman Al-Naema, Manager 0

Health, Safety & Environment

Power Capacity Electricity Peak Demand


During Q2, new water “Save it to last” campaign

600 networks reaching 36km,
KAHRAMAA’s CSD involves in Integrated Conservation Media Campaign in
with diameters ranging GCC countries under the slogan “Save it to Last” through arranging events
300 from 100m to 900m were and activities to raise awareness for the importance of conserving electricity
established, to improve the and water and reducing its wastage in our daily practice and developing it










as culture of the community. The initiative finds the required mechanisms for
0 performance of the water conservation through the observance of the optimal use of resources. It shows
water contracted supply water peak demand network and connect new the violations and punishments of water misuse through the broken internal
customers. network.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

42 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 43
natural resources
The State of Qatar faces significant challenges related to the consumption The conservation of resources
and availability of natural resources. The country has one of the highest per both within our operations Our approach to managing
capita consumption of electricity and water in the world, and global trends as well as within our wider
value chain is driven by the
the conservation of
around urbanization and population growth play a significant role in the collaborative efforts of multiple
departments in KAHRAMAA,
natural resources
depletion of natural resources and the increase in competition for energy Depletion of natural resources has
focus on the quality of supply received
emerged as one of the primary
and water in the country. As the transmission and distribution system Conservation &
environmental concerns around the
by our customers as well as the quality of
the transmission and distribution process.
owner and operator (TDSOO) for the electricity and water sectors in Qatar, Energy Efficiency
world. Trends like rapid urbanization and
population growth, have placed immense
We seek to ensure asset excellence by
Department pursuing reduction in electricity and water
KAHRAMAA plays a key role in managing the near and future challenges pressure on the environment. Competing
losses throughout our network. We have
demands on land and water today lead to
related to the supply and demand of electricity and water within Qatar. resource overexploitation, posing serious
also invested on the Tarsheed program
and on similar demand side management
Water Network Affairs questions with regards to energy security,
(WNA) and Electricity activities aimed at reducing the per capita
food supply, and water availability.
Network Affairs (ENA) consumption of electricity and water in
According to the Qatar National
Development Strategy (NDS), “Qatar’s
natural resource endowment creates
KAHRAMAA’s environmental approach,
a unique mix of benefits and stresses.
District Cooling Services in line with the NDS, places emphasis
Significant wealth in hydrocarbons has
Department on conserving resources along our value
generated one of the world’s highest per
chain. As part of our Long-Term Strategy
capita incomes, but extreme scarcity in
2030, we are committed to investing
water and arable land has created equally
in clean technologies and ensure asset
unusual vulnerabilities and deficits.”
excellence, which will help us minimize
KAHRAMAA manages the supply and
Planning & Quality the risk of supply concerns and reduce
demand for electricity and water in
Department our environmental footprint.
Qatar and thereby plays a key role in the
conservation of natural resources through
conservation and efficiency measures.

The provision of high quality and reliable

Technical Affairs Directorate supply of electricity and water is the
fundamental focus for KAHRAMAA. We
In line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, KAHRAMAA has
developed our Management System in a manner that ensures full
alignment between economic, social and environmental growth.
KAHRAMAA has also succeeded in embarking on infrastructure Directorate of Planning and
projects in both Electricity and Water and still investing heavily in Development of Production
these two fields to facilitate for the continual growth of the State of and Water Resources
Qatar and to cope with the ever increasing demands for these two
Eng. Ahmed Al-Nasr
Director of Technical Affairs, KAHRAMAA
Our commitment: Ensuring high quality and reliable supply of electricity and water
2014 2017 2018 2018 2022 2028 2030

GRI Standards Performance highlights Phase 1: Corporate Objectives Phase 2 & 3 Potential Corporate Objectives
Provide high quality supply Optimize asset
• Actual electricity transmission losses amounted to 726.3GWh performance
• Create value added services by leveraging leading asset technologies and practices
We have used the following of water and electricity
• Optimize asset management delivery model
disclosures from the GRI • Reduction in real water loss to 4% • Leverage asset management capabilities as the source of competitive advantage
standards and Electric utilities • Deploy smart technologies and integrate renewable sources
• 93% of paper waste recycled within KAHRAMAA
sector supplement:
• 56% reduction in potable water usage in District Cooling
103-1, 103-2,103-3, 203-2, 302-2,
2017 milestone: Assets are fit for purpose 2022 milestone: Assets are designed, build 2028 milestone: Assets are designed, built
302-4, 303-1, 305-1, 305-2, 306-2, • Cumulative savings of 8.5 million tons of carbon emissions and managed in a leading practice manner
to achieve government expectations and managed efficiently and include some
307-1, EU2, EU12, EU28, EU29 through Tarsheed (from 2012-2016) of relibitity and efficiency market leading technologies and include many best in class technologies

Implementing Smart Solutions,

44 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 45
Overview of the
electricity sector
To help achieve our ambitious environmental targets, KAHRAMAA has been focusing on developing strategies and
supporting projects in the four key areas outlined below. While some of these are based on basic awareness raising
With increasing population and rapid total number of sub-stations reached
activities, others require more comprehensive research, analysis, planning and execution. KAHRAMAA aims to urbanization, the electricity sector in 14,368 as of 2016.
provide high quality Qatar has undergone a significant spurt
in growth. This has led to a significant The power grid in Qatar faces various
and sustainable increase in the electricity demand within challenges – from expanding the
Awareness & community development Efficiency in consumption Law enforcement & regulation electricity for better the country. electricity systems to meet the demand,
• Conservation (TARSHEED) Campaign • Air conditioner and Energy • Law No. 26 2008 living in Qatar through to the delivery of high quality
• Education Awareness Program Efficiency labelling • Law Enforcement To meet the increasing demand for and convenient services, and the use of
• Power Factor Correction electricity, the country has continued in renewable sources for power generation.
• Religious Awareness Program • KAHRAMAA Regulations for
invest in both increasing the generating KAHRAMAA, plays a pivotal role in
• Community Social Responsibility • Phase out of inefficient Lamps Electricity & Water Conservation
capacity as well as in the transmission and meeting the growing demand through
Program distribution networks. With the continuing innovative approaches including our
• Conservation & Energy Efficiency Days/ expansion in the size of electricity main partnerships towards a smart grid system
Conservation in resources transmission and distribution network, the in Qatar as well as through efficiency
• Conservation Building Competition measures within the network.
Renewable energy • Retrofit for Energy & Water
• Renewable energy research studies Conservation Program
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
• Solar energy pilot project • Demand Side Management
(DSM) – Industrial sector Amount of electricity received 32,224 36,125 38,852 39,667
from the power generating units
• Demand Side Management
Eng. Ali M. Al-Ali, and  sent out to the grid for
(DSM) – Water conservation Manager Production & Water Resource customers (GWh)
Planning & Business Development
Maximum demand (MWh) 6,255 6,000 6,740 7,270 7,435
Over the coming years, KAHRAMAA would seek to evaluate electricity generation
from mixed sources, using the most refined and efficient fuels, multi-cycle highly Electricity reserve margin (%) 24.5 29.76 21.93 13.13 13.13
efficient generators, solar energy, and increasing the efficiency of production,
transmission and distribution of electricity and water. KAHRAMAA has adopted a The country’s steady Number of customers (billed and
number of future plans to use smart infrastructure in the water and electricity sectors movement towards an unbilled, based on number of 288,903 293,604 310,107 329,310 344,445
to ensure efficiency in the water and electricity sectors. Some of the components of overall smart energy meters)
the smart networks include, automatic smart control systems for the distribution and approach is supported by
supply of water and electricity, smart meters, automatic and efficient communication the installation of smart
systems and advanced water networks. grid projects and its related
technologies such as
smart meters that benefits
consumers and energy Smart grid in KAHRAMAA electricity networks
Research and development providers in more ways than
KAHRAMAA has signed an MOU with Iberdrola to investigate the opportunity of
one. Additionally, it enables
KAHRAMAA prioritizes research in applying the smart grid in electricity networks through two phases:
KAHRAMAA to optimize
line with QNV 2030 and NDS for Our R&D Committee aims to: Phase 1: Technical Study of Smart Grid applicability for KAHRAMAA’s Grid
investing and leveraging state-of-the- energy consumption and
art technology. Qatar is committed to • Support Qatar’s R&D strategy in relation to energy and water promote energy efficiency. • Technical Analysis of KAHRAMAA’s Grid
advancing research and development • Smart Grid Feasibility Study
and has targeted 2.8% of GDP to • Supervise and coordinate with internal and external organizations
support research. We strongly believe potential research opportunities related to KAHRAMAA’s operations • Cost/Benefit Analysis (CBA)
that focussing on R&D would help us Phase 2: Pilot Project
identify solutions to challenges faced by • Develop and set R&D procedures within KAHRAMAA
Layout - Smart Grid Pilot V2
Qatar and would help us enhance our • To test an Integrated Smart Grid in the Distribution Network.
impact along the value chain. • Create and maintain R&D project database
After the pilot project, the theoretical results would be evaluated in real life conditions
• Attract high level collaborations with institutes and researchers before implementation. The implementation of the Smart Grid could potentially have
KAHRAMAA’s R&D Committee is led by the following benefits:
the Conservation & Energy Efficiency
Department Manager and consists of Our R&D activities fall under three categories: local – within the individual • Decrease in air pollution what can drive the country to get closer to international
representatives from diverse teams departments; internal – within KAHRAMAA; and external – within Qatar. environmental policies
across the organization. Our Planning Activities cover various areas such as: transmission, distribution, energy
• Reduce sustained outages and ensure reliable supply to customers
& Quality Department also conducts conservation, renewable energy, recycling, health & safety, quality, smart
local and regional market research, in grid, customer services, etc. • Economic value of the reduced outage because of selling more electricity
collaboration with other departments. • Customer oriented enhancement as the customer will have more information to
contribute to the Conservation Plan for Tarsheed and Qatar National Vision 2030

Implementing Smart Solutions,

46 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 47
Overview of the water sector
Ensuring reliable and efficient To keep up with Qatar’s vast urban and economic developments, KAHRAMAA
supply of electricity continues to place immense efforts in expanding its water capacity and distribution of
water networks while conforming to international water quality standards (e.g. ISO
Integrated water strategy 9001). We continue to assess our losses and leaks to reduce our non-revenue water, in
In 2016, the total electricity losses from Electricity Transmission Losses our efforts to optimize our water supply.
System Average Interruption
our network was 6.31% with 1.87%
Frequency Index (SAIFI): the 2016
lost during transmission and 4.5% in 726.3 Maintaining close interaction and coordination with our stakeholders is essential
average number of sustained
distribution losses. The actual electricity in addressing various concerns regarding water production, availability, quality and
interruptions per consumer 2015 735.34
transmission losses amounted to outages. Our main stakeholders include Independent Power and Water Producers
during the year was 0.29 Increasing water storage
726.30GWh in 2016. 743.8
reserve to 8-7 days (IPWP), Policy Makers and Government Agencies, Customers, Suppliers, Contractors,
Provide Reliable & Maintaining 24hour Employees, Local Communities and Academia.
System Average Interruption High Quality water uninterrupted supply to customers
Ensuring reliable supply of power with 2013 602.6
Duration Index (SAIDI):
minimal system outages is one of the Studying/implementing
the average duration of alternative energy source

interruptions per consumers

focus areas for KAHRAMAA. In 2016 2012 970.57 Kahramaa for water production specifically Provide reliable and high quality water
nuclear and solar
we had 19,467 hours of planned Integrated
during the year was 30.87 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 Water We continue to expand the reach of our services to meet the demands of our
outages and 4,361 hours of unplanned Study and development
Strategy of underground reservoirs customers with 9.7% average water production growth for the last 10 years and
outages in our network.
Reduction of real or 6.9% in the last 5 years. Our primary source of water remains desalinated water
technical water losses
from the sea to meet the needs and demand of our customers.
Revisiting Qatar water
infrastructure, especially
Improve the
underground pipes, 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
on regular basis for timely
of water assets
Diversifying energy sources by encouraging refurbishment/replacement
to help reduce water losses
Total annual
water production 437 465 495 535 560
projects and investing in renewable energy Promoting conservation
(million m3)

The Renewable Energy Technologies Section, a division of KAHRAMAA’s Conservation Total number of
and Energy Efficiency (CN) Department, is responsible for introducing renewable energy 241,204 242,552 262,018 277,433 297,261
technologies to the power and water sector in the State of Qatar. KAHRAMAA is playing
a key role in drafting Qatar’s Renewable Energy Strategy and identifying the required
policies in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Industry.

Some of our key short- and long-term initiatives to promote renewable energy in Qatar
MSF distillers units and Acciona RO includes the provision of 10 water
include, To continue meeting the increasing
units. The facility is expected to be distribution lines that enable our water
demand, some of the key updates/
fully operational in July 2018 with final networks and delivery expansion. The
developments for the water network in
• Implementation of the 200-500 MW solar power plant project: The project is production of 2520 MW and 136.5 project’s beneficiaries are approximately
2016 include the following:
Renewable energy expected to be implemented using an Independent Power Producer (IPP) and Million Imperial Gallons of water per 1,842 participants. We have also
KAHRAMAA has already identified the land for the project. • RAF A3 water production facility Day (MIGD). added 10 sub-connection projects
target of operational: In 2016, the first to introduce 7,284 additional water
• Executing the first Renewable Energy Atlas in the State of Qatar in collaboration desalination facility producing potable • Improving our pumping stations network connections across the State
200 MW by 2020 with Qatar Foundation’s Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI)
to examine the best areas for application of RE, especially solar projects using
water using the Reverse Osmosis (RO) and water tanks: Our reservoirs and
lift stations both represent the most
of Qatar. With our increased water
desalination technology was rolled network expansions, we have witnessed
and 500 MW by parameters such as irradiance, surface temperature etc. out. The Ras Abu Fontas A3 facility
composed of Acciona RO units is
important components for our water
network’s security.
a 0.22% reduction in the number of
water tankers of the total number of
2022 • KAHRAMAA has developed the guideline specifications for PV solar system (on grid
system and off grid system) in Qatar. The guideline specifications for solar water
expected to achieve a total production
capacity 35.14 MIGD in 2017.
• In early 2015, we launched Al Wakir
pumping station to increase our

heaters are currently under development. • Set up of the Department

• Roll out of the Umm Al Houl power water capacity feed in Jaidaah tank for Planning and Production
generation and water desalination station with an estimated water Development of Water Resources:
• To evaluate wind potential in the north of Qatar, KAHRAMAA is implementing wind
facility project: The Facility D IWPP, is storage capacity of 9 million gallons. To conserve groundwater resources and
measurement using Sodar (Sound Detection and Ranging) that measures wind speed
and wind direction up to 120 meters. one of the largest facilities in the region • We launched the pumping station to protect them from overexploitation,
which follow state of the art power for the medium and small industries the KAHRMAA administrative structure
• KAHRAMAA is also actively involved in promoting private sector participation in the and water production technologies with a capacity of 10 million gallons was updated in 2016 as part of an
renewable energy sector in Qatar. We have signed an agreement with the Emirati for power generation combined cycle, per day and storage capacity of Emiri Decree No. 46 of 2015. The
Masdar Company and the Qatari Nebras Powers for establishing a joint business thermal sea water desalination (MSF) 8 million gallons to serve one of newly formed department would focus
relation in the field of developing sustainable and renewable energy projects. In and reverse osmosis( RO) sea water Qatar’s industrial zones. on establishing restrictions on future
addition, in collaboration with Ministry of Municipality and Environment we are desalination. The facility basically groundwater withdrawal, conducting
applying several solar PV solutions to light-up streets, public parks and shores. In comprises of 6 Siemens SGT5-4000F • Advancing our Connections and experiments to re inject the aquifers with
addition, with Ministry of Education and higher Education we are having several gas turbines, 6 Nooter Erikson boilers, 4 Maintenance Works: Within a rapid desalinated water, provision of data and
pilots of applying solar systems of lighting & ACs in schools. SST5-4000 steam turbines in combined period of three years, we completed the installation of meters and control
cycle configuration and 5 Hitachi Zosen one of our extension projects, which equipment.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

48 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 49
Measures to manage the growing demand
Improve the management of water assets
of electricity and water in Qatar
KAHRAMAA has put in place a comprehensive water loss reduction program in
the water transmission and distribution network. The National Program for Conservation and Energy Efficiency (Tarsheed) was launched
in 2012 with an aim to increase resource efficiency and to reduce environmental impact
Number of pipe bursts per 100kms Some of the major leak detection projects in the water network include: Promoting resource in the process. It seeks to reduce electricity consumption per capita by 25% and water
15 conservation and energy consumption by 35% per capita until 2022.
10.2 • Leak detection in large diameter water mains of 600mm to 1600m diameter
10 using Smart Ball – a specially patented freely traversing acoustic device. efficiency through Tarsheed Since its launch, Tarsheed has managed to reduce per capita electricity consumption
6.1 6.2 5.9 5 by 18% and water consumption by 20% by 2016 through initiatives related to
5 • Permanent noise loggings and correlating activities on the web server using
development of regulations as well as through awareness campaigns. For more details
Cloud computing and GSM network.
on the awareness campaigns, please refer the “Supporting the communities” section.
• Water balance and leak detection activities in DMA (district metered areas)
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
inclusive of rezoning and ZPT (zero pressure tests) activities
Tarsheed initiatives 2016
• Pressure Transient Monitoring for identifying stress points in the water network
24/7 and predicting pipe failures and bursts in an online mode instantaneously
Reducing water loss (NRW) Law enforcement:
• Leak Monitoring via SCADA applications for active leakage management
30 solutions for online real-time leak detection and localization of leaks in district In 2016, Tarsheed successfully Other initiatives by Tarsheed to Savings through Tarsheed
19.6 20.5 21.2
20 16.48 metered areas (DMAs) implemented the Rationalisation Law improve energy efficiency: until December 2016:
6.84 6.11 6.32 10.4
10 No. 20 for the year 2015 effectively
4.92 4.04
• Adjusting the Power Factor • More than QAR 3,800
0 and tightened fines on wasting water
to a minimum of 0.9 for Bulk
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Reduction of Real Losses from a high up to 20,000 riyals and released
Customers in the industrial and
million in cost savings
4,670 warnings and violation fines • About 2,120,000 cubic
Non-revenue water reduction(%)
of 35% in 2007 to the international commercial sectors feet of gas savings
for water.
Water real losses reduction(%) Standards of 4% in 2016 • Application of thermal insulation • Reduction of carbon
systems after issuance of emissions by 8.5 million
Ministerial Decree No. 108 of tons
2015 (when compared to the
Ban on inefficient Tungsten
baseline in 2012)
lamps: • Forced new bulk customers to
obtain energy management ISO
Tarsheed issued a regulation with
Qatar now competes with leading nations like Japan and the Ministry of Environment to ban
Certification 50001 CN Department: Target Plan vs Actual

Singapore in the ability to control water leakage, with the rate of the import of inefficient Tungsten • Launched the energy audit
Dropdown Per-Capita Consumption Trend
Water by 35%
water leakage now in Qatar’s network at 4 percent. KAHRAMAA lamps (75W-100W) on 1st May program for government buildings 300
2016 and (40-60W) in November in particular and for different 280
would not have reached this milestone if it hadn’t been for our 258

Cubic Meter/Person/year
260 250
2016. Through the increased sectors of the state 240
235 237 243

ability to apply the creative use of available technology and adoption of LED or CFL, we expect 220
(11%) 214
200 223 222 208

Mr. Abdul Monem A. Darwish

resources. a potential saving of 7523 GWHr in 180
(11%) 201
(14%) (20%)

electricity usage and a reduction in 160 (20%) 168

Manager Water Operations & Control
4,054,689 tons of CO2e by 2020. 140
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
PCC( Projected Without CN Projects) PCC( Traget:Estimated with Cn Project) Actual PCC

Reducing real water losses to Actual PCC decreased in 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 by 4% , 7%, 8% & 10% approximately from the base year 2012

match international standards Air conditioning energy

efficiency: Qatar Plumbing Code: CN Department: Target Plan vs Actual
Dropdown Per-Capita Consumption Trend
To reduce water loss and misuse, we used • Reducing water loss by implementing continual and effective campaigns In 2016, KAHRAMAA announced
The Energy Efficiency Labelling Electricity by 20%
variable speed pumps to control pumping Decree for air conditioners according the code through Tarsheed 20,000
pressure to ensure appropriate and constant • Improving network pressure profile 17,461 17,793
to the approved Qatar standards regulations and it has been applied 18,000
16,219 16,422

pressure levels in the whole network. We established by Tarsheed was adopted by the Building Permits Complex 16,000 15,053

modified our control philosophy by adding • Eliminating customers low pressure 14,000
16,219 15,888
by the National Standardization and since February 2016. The regulations 15,053
14,754 15,100
(14%) 14.234
dynamic pressure control to the rising main, Measurement Authority in July 2016. on flushing tanks, the largest

so that head loss will be calculated every • Reducing water complaints at network highest points 10,000

To ensure effective implementation, consumer of water in homes, have 8,000

minute against the pumped flow considering Tarsheed is working closely with key been amended. 6,000
• Reducing real losses from a high of 35% in 2007 to the international
static pressure as different elevation between stakeholders and organizing awareness

Standards of 4% in 2016 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 End of 2016

the pumping station ensuring required campaigns in malls. Tarsheed is PCC ( with Cn Project) Actual PCC
PCC( Projected Without CN Projects)
residual pressure enough for customer supply. currently working on increasing the
In the future, we would work on reducing the annual increase in demand using Actual PCC decreased in 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 by 4% , 7%, 8% & 10% approximately from the base year 2012

The main achievements of this initiative Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of the
the same technique and reallocating DMAs for further optimum pumping
include the following: air conditioners from 9.5 to 11 and is
pressure and network pressures, reducing the pressure difference between low
elevation and high elevation points of districts. This would allow us to maintain likely to be applied in January 2018.
NRW to a sustainable standard of 4% or even lower.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

50 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 51
Conservation of natural
resources through District Our environmental Solar energy for
Cooling (DC) footprint KAHRAMAA
District cooling (DC) not only plays a KAHRAMAA prioritizes the management KAHRAMAA is currently evaluating
major role in the lives of the Qatari
Economic benefits Social benefits Environmental benefits of our environmental footprint within the use of our own unused premises
people but also has significant economic our operations in line with our Health, to generate renewable power
Consumes 40-50% less energy com- Improved availability of Lower air pollution
and environmental impact. The District Safety & Environment (HSE) policy. Our especially from PVs (Like roofs of
pared to conventional options potable water
Cooling Services department at Lower refrigerant HSE policy outlines that all activities parking, stations, reservoirs etc.). We
KAHRAMAA has identified the following
Savings in potable water due to use Better utilisation of avail- emissions should be conducted in a way that have initiated a consultancy study to
of alternate resources such as Treated able space and landscape allows for proper regard and account to
benefits of DC over conventional cooling GHG emission re- estimate the necessary investment
Sewage Effluent (TSE) Health & Safety and to the conservation
methods for cooling high population Improved health due to duction cost for construction as well as
density areas for Qatar. Savings in electricity generation and reduced exposure to envi- of the environment, in all areas of our O&M costs and LCOE, methods of
Noise reduction operations. Due to our proactive efforts,
infrastructure capital investment ronmental emissions connecting the solar power plants to
In 2016, District Cooling shared up to Lower heat gener- we did not face any significant fines or the electricity grid and assessment
Enhanced energy management Reliability of supply of
15% of the total cooling load in Qatar. services
ation legal sanctions for non compliance with of all KAHRAMAA sites potential for
Lower maintenance cost compared to environmental laws and regulations in
This translated to 0.66 million TR. It
conventional options Improved quality of life
Overall lower environ- connectivity. Energy audit for
is expected to potentially grow to 1.5 mental footprints 2016.
million TR by 2023, contributing to 24% Optimal use of chemicals Enhanced services sustain- KAHRAMAA main building
of the total cooling load in Qatar. ability Waste management Using insights from the feasibility
Encourage technology transfer study, we have already initiated We carried out a comprehensive Energy
Our efforts to move towards a paperless projects to install PV panels on some Audit for KAHRAMAA Main Building
We achieved 13 MW saving in generation organization continued in 2016 as well. in 2016 & implemented conservation
of our premises.
capacity and 48 MW saving in distributed In spite of the above mentioned benefits, the DC sector in Qatar is currently facing We are making efforts to digitize our measures & retrofitting based on the
capacity from increased district number of challenges such as, internal paper forms and recycle waste findings. The audit aimed to find cost
cooling penetration. The reduced fuel papers. Yearly targets have been put in effective opportunities for energy
• Scarcity of potable water for DC operation in the absence of sufficient TSE
consumption allowed us to save 67,109 presents a major challenge. place to optimize paper recycling. savings with practical payback periods.
tonnes of CO2. We were also able to save It also identified the Energy usage
2,830 tonnes of CO2 due to reduced • Lack of TSE supply network at many places in Qatar.
25 of the building in terms of specific
refrigerant leakages. Avoided generation • Non availability of TSE operating DC plant Discharge disposal destination 99.40% 100,00%
Consumption. The audit covered:
98,25% 20 20
and distribution capacity addition helped network. 20 19
us save 59.8 mn QAR and 89.2 mn QAR 16
The analysis of building and utility
• Consumer affinity towards less efficient air conditioning alternatives due to 15

respectively. data, including study of the installed

various issues such as pricing, availability etc. 94,00%
10 equipment and analysis of energy bills:
• High switching cost for retrofit systems. 15,72 18,99 18,65 18,54
90,00% • The survey of the real operating
0 88,00% conditions;
2013 2014 2015 2016
Successful utilization of KAHRAMAA’s DC department has identified indicators in the areas of human health Total was te ( paper shredded) generated during the year • The understanding of the building
recycled water in District the benefits of using TSE for cooling and environmental safety; reliability; Recycled was as percent of total was te behavior and of the interactions
Total was te ( paper shredded)recycled
purposes. In coordination with Ashghal, efficient water use; efficient energy use; with weather, occupancy and
Cooling plants in Qatar we are acquiring TSE and are on the way sustainability and cost-effectiveness. operating schedules;
In Qatar, the increased demand for to eliminating the use of potable water in
A draft version of Qatar District Cooling Air emissions • The selection and the evaluation of
cooling load is met by energy efficient DC systems. Since the implementation of
Law has also been developed and is by using the latest available Grid Emission energy conservation measures;
water cooled centralized chiller the 2013 directive to use TSE in place of Within our transmission and distribution
plants. However, this poses a threat potable water for cooling purposes, 7 out awaiting clearance. It is expected to Factor of 539 tCO2/GWh, provided by • The estimation of energy saving
networks, we use SF6 as an insulating
to the limited water resources in the of 22 of our operational plants are using boost investment in DC technologies study conducted by the United Nations potential;
gas in substations. We realize that SF6
region. Taking this into consideration, non-potable water. This has resulted in a and prompt customers to make a switch Economic and Social Commission for
is the most potent of the six GHGs • The identification of customer
KAHRAMAA’s DC department paved the total potable water saving of 2.8 million m3 from conventional air conditioning to DC Western Asia for Qatar. In 2016, we have
according to IPCC, and we are working concerns and needs.
way of the directive which prohibited in 2016. systems. The law will also have rules and expanded the data boundary for direct
towards reducing and controlling SF6
the use of desalinated potable water for regulation for contracts between service energy use and have reported direct
gas emissions by implementing various
cooling purposes and proposed the use In October 2016, KAHRAMAA issued providers and consumers. energy from fuel use by our vehicles as
initiatives. Examples include: installing
of Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) or sea the District Cooling Design and Water well as fuel used in our generators and
alarm system in substations for observing
water as replacements. This replacement Management Code which follows on from KAHRAMAA’s DC department has been substations.
SF6 potential leakages, changing
offers both environmental and economic the decree of Qatar’s Permanent Water working in coordination with Urban
defective equipment and transmitters; as
benefits in the form of energy and Resources Committee (PWRC) to use planning department in Ministry of
well as safe handling of SF6 to ensure no
cost savings. This transition to TSE/ Sea recycled water in district cooling. The code Municipality and Environment to finalize 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
releases in the air.
water was met with a lot of challenges sets mandatory minimum requirements areas viable for DC. Mandating use of DC in Scope 1 emissions
high population density areas offers plenty Our direct GHG emissions (Scope 1) 3,397 2,998 3,985 4,252 3,481
but effective multi-level DC stakeholder for the design and operations of Water (tonnes of CO2e)
(DC plant operators, Ministry of Cooled Central Air conditioning Systems of scope for increasing DC penetration presented here covers only KAHRAMAA’s
Scope 2 emissions
Municipality & Environment and Ashghal) for comfort cooling. It is applicable to all in Qatar and further savings in energy vehicles. Transmission and distribution 1,307,846 1,106,405 1,277,155 1,348,443 1,438,899
(tonnes of CO2e)
coordination on the part of KAHRAMAA existing and new DC plants. It is intended and cost. Towards this end, KAHRAMAA (T&D) losses are major source of indirect
DC department led to a reduction of to set key minimum requirements deemed has also developed a District Cooling GHG emissions in KAHRAMAA. Scope 2 Direct energy use (GJ) 59,374 48,991 64,386 74,903 132,009

56% in potable water usage in DC. critical for achieving key performance Assessment map in Qatar. (indirect electricity related) emissions are
calculated as amount of T&D losses and

Implementing Smart Solutions,

52 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 53
Investing in our people
It is KAHRAMAA’s ongoing and long-term strategy to holistically Management practices
develop, safeguard and create an empowered class of citizens,
who are willing to work in an environment which nurtures them We, at KAHRAMAA, aim to make our people feel safe
for serving their customers, contribute to our organization, as well at their workplace, secure the job they do, and enable
as the nation as a whole. our employees to fulfil their full potential by helping
them develop new skills and expertise. We strongly
follow our national vision of human development
which seeks to empower the people of Qatar so that
they will be able to sustain and support our country’s
growth. Digital HR Award at GCC
Government HR Summit
KAHRAMAA believe in the holistic development to meet targets which This prestigious award is designed
development of our people and is we set after accurately monitoring and to recognize and honor outstanding
committed to provide our employees a identifying areas for further improvements contributions and achievements
robust, smart, rational, forward looking in safeguarding our people. in the field of Human Resources.
and transparent framework towards KAHRAMAA was selected for having
building their capability and competency. Our Human Resources (HR) Department the best HR digital services and
is specialized in identifying corporation’s practices in the region by an expert
Empowering our Human capital through needs of jobs and employees and panel of judges comprised of analysts
training and education is one of our preparing the project of the first chapter and HR experts.
strategic approach to attain KAHRAMAA’s budget. It has the primary responsibility
business objectives. Our leadership for setting up workplace policies and KAHRAMAA has automated over 30
are strongly committed to invest in the procedures for the management of Human Resource related processes
development of its people in order to our workforce and for talent nurturing. utilizing the Ultimus Adaptive BPM
secure a knowledgeable, motivated and The Department conducts regular Suite, one of the most widely used
inspired workforce to be able to achieve research and analysis of HR data to business process management (BPM)
the corporation’s economic objectives in analyze KAHRAMAA, as well as, to help software suites in the world.
KAHRAMAA is committed to providing better customer services line with the broader country’s ambitions. our leaders to constantly improve our As Qatar is a rapidly changing
workplace environment and performance. country with a fast growing
through effective and dynamic human resources strategies, We continue our commitment to promote economy, KAHRAMAA needed
systems and business processes aligned to meet its corporate quality Qatarization and raise the level of The HR department also specifies automation to ensure efficient and
objectives set out by the Qatar National Vision 2030 competencies of employees to boost their training courses needs for employees in
streamlined operations, eliminate
performance and career development. coordination with various management
paper, and provide visibility into
Our effective training and education unit and implements procedures of
business processes. The software’s
policy is consistent with Qatar vision performances evaluations.
Eng. Nasser Al-Mohannadi advantages in the areas of rapid
2030. The impacts of effective training
Director of Corporate Services solution deployment, ease of change,
and education being pursued is aimed Beyond the trainings and annual
appraisals, we encourage our employees and ready integration with ERP and
Performance highlights at transforming the national work force
other systems were essential for
into productive assets. This will influence to have continuing conversation between
employees and managers which also helps the automation of HR processes
• Won Digital HR Award at GCC Government HR Summit the change in the social, economic and
build a transparent working environment such as employee on boarding and
environmental dimension leading to our
• 37% Qatarization nation’s sustainable development. that stimulates and supports our people off boarding, vacation and leave
requests, duty resumption, exit
GRI Standards • 28 Qataris Sponsored in universities abroad
and the business.
permits, and employee loan requests.
Aligned to our corporate objectives and to
alignment our nation’s long-term vision’s (QNV 2030)
• 18 hrs of training per staff (on average) at a cost of 9800 QAR With the help of Ultimus software,
We have used the following per employee human development pillar, KAHRAMAA KAHRAMAA’s HR automation efforts
disclosures from GRI standards safeguards their employees’ health and allowed us to quickly support the
• ISO:9001/2008 and BS ISO 10015:1999 Quality Management safety also abiding to International Health
in this section: rapidly changing needs associated
(QM) certifications for Training & Development Department and Safety guidelines which are constantly with our growing workforce and
102-8,103-1, 103-2, 103-3, 202-2, growing positively. Our efforts in this
• KAHRAMAA achieves a total of 59.7 million working hours customer base.
401-1, 403-2, 404-1, 404-2, 405-1 area are strongly connected to growth
without Lost Time Injury by the end of 2016.
in operations and further infrastructure
• New HR Law implemented related to employee leave

Implementing Smart Solutions,

54 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 55
Our people Qatarization
KAHRAMAA’s Qatarization policy is KAHRAMAA is one of the leading
Technological innovations and the sector- Various financial and non-financial level at 13 %, while female employment in line with our Government’s policies corporations in this area. We have
wide shift toward smart technology, new rewards and recognition mechanisms are at Middle Management level was equal and the QNV 2030 expectations. attachment programs for employees.
regulations, are all requiring completely in place at KAHRAMAA to attract new to 15% in 2016. We also have added Qatarization plays a key role in our strong They undergo training as per the
new skills to deliver on needs such as talent and keep its workforce satisfied. 28 more new talented ladies to our commitment to develop the country’s established plan. It is meant for the
IT, distributed resources, and highly Our efforts have resulted in a steady workforce as a part of our new hire in future generation. Towards this end development of employee skills by
connected customers. decrease of turnover rate for the past four 2016. KAHRAMAA welcomes Qatari Nationals attaching them to international
years. to be part of our team and help us to companies for experience exchange
As the sector evolves, the capabilities To provide equal opportunities for achieve our mission and vision of setting in engineering, technical, and
required by our employees are also needs Although we do not have a formal everyone, we do not distinguish on the a global benchmark for performance, administrative fields.
to be upgraded with whole new set of diversity policy, KAHRAMAA is increasingly grounds of limitations in physical ability to technological innovation, environmental
In 2016, 75 engineers have received
skills in order to meet the new generation pioneering employer of women in field perform the work. In 2016, we employed sustainability and social responsibility in
training in leading companies in
customer needs and industry demands. jobs traditionally falling under male 15 staff with disabilities, and we aim to Electricity and Water Sector.
KAHRAMAA recognizes that in today’s
Singapore, while there are initiatives Building the workforce
domination and has seen recently the increase this trend in the future. There
KAHRAMAA’s Qatarization policy pays to conclude agreements with Spanish, of tomorrow
increasingly competitive job market, inflow of talented and successful female have been no incidents of discrimination special attention to the recruitment of French, and Australian electricity and
employees have high expectations beyond candidates for technical roles. Across reported at KAHRAMAA. However, In addition to training, KAHRAMAA
our skilled Qatari nationals both males water companies.
the financial rewards. In this smart and our total workforce we had a rate of disciplinary procedures are in place and believes that education of locals is
and females at different positions and
new environment, job seekers increasingly 11% female employment in 2016, we corrective action will be taken against We also supported 49 of our own the key way to achieve development
levels. We have maintained our overall
look for employers who value, support are proud to have our rate of female wrongful conduct by employees. employees to complete their education objectives and thus Qatarization’s.
Qatarization targets in between 35- 40%
their employees and take responsibility for employment at the Senior Management while working. Over the past 5 years,
over the years and we are developing KAHRAMAA scholarship program
ensuring their workforce is well trained, we invested around 150 million QAR
strategic initiatives to help increase this is one of the best programs in the
diverse, healthy, safe and empowered. in supporting Qatari students and
number well beyond 50% in the coming State. It is meant for the high quality
employees in their education, of which
years. In 2016, KAHRAMAA employed qualification and capacity building of
We strive to comply with the highest 30 million QAR (approximately) were
1169 Qatari nationals, reaching 37% students expected to assume technical
international standards to ensure that invested in 2016 alone.
Qatarization rate among our workforce. and administrative jobs in KAHRAMAA.
we have the right management practices
Number of employees Number of total employees Within our total workforce, 96% of We also support our Qatari employees It should encourage Qatari youth
and approaches in place and that our our Senior Management and 75% of
by type in 2016 with a variety of development initiatives. to involve in scientific specifications
people’s skills match global expectations. our Middle Management are Qatari. In
2011 3,001 Each Qatari employee has his/her own in a way increases the number of
In 2016, KAHRAMAA’s Human Resources 2017, we aim to increase the level of Individual development program (IDP) - a professional Qataris in KAHRAMAA.
Department has renewed the ISO 2012 3,094 Qatarization at our Senior Management competency based training plan in line
certification (ISO:9001/2008) for its level to 100% , and 90% among Middle with international standard ISO 10015. Since 2007, KAHRAMAA has started
excellent Quality Management System %58 815 2013 3,165
Management. To help advance the English language to attract and sponsor distinguished
(QMS). 1338 general and technical secondary
level proficiency we provide English
2014 3,257 An internal Qatarization Committee graduates to receive high level
Language training courses for our staff
Ensuring that we have the right talent in consisted by senior management engineering and administrative
709 based on the international standard
the right job positions and also matching 2015 3,287 representatives and headed by our education at leading international
of the Common European Frame of
expectations with the reality is essential President, oversees the Qatarization universities inside and outside Qatar.
to secure the success of our business. 2016 2,862 process at KAHRAMAA and is tasked
KAHRAMAA’s long-term strategy aims at Electricity Business with the development of mechanisms to Once contracted and start the university
boosting employees’ skills and developing Water Business
0 1.000 2.000 3.000 4.000
support the Qatarization, Training and education, KAHRAMAA scholars are
a strong workforce for the future. Development Team. considered senior staff and join one
Corporate Business
of KAHRAMAA departments as per
As our operations grew, driven by our their specifications. Scholars study
dedicated workforce and the expansion Electrical, Mechanical, and Computer
% Qatarization in years (2012 - 2016)
of our customer base, we have seen a Turnover rate trend Engineering, as well as Business
steady number in the workforce size 37%
Administration, Finance, and Law in
7% 37%
8,0% UK, USA, and Australia universities.
over the years. Our total workforce 6,2% 6,2%
from 44 nations was 2,862 in 2016. In
6,0% 4,7% 37.5% 36%
KAHRAMAA aims at increasing the
terms of turnover, the percentage of Female Employement(%) 4,0% 3,6% 37% number of scholars especially in
our employees leaving the company 2,0% 36.5% 35% technical specifications.
in 2016 was 7%, an increase relative 0,0%
28 Sponsored Qatari Students in
to the turnover ratio of 2015 due to 13% 13% 15% 16% 11% 12% 11%
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 35.5%
International Universities abroad
the challenging economic environment
Number of employees who leave the organization 34.5%
21 Sponsored University/technical
caused by the rapid decrease in oil 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Voluntarily or due to dismissal, retirement, or death 34%
prices and consequent impact on the in service 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 school in Qatar
entire national economy and Energy and 33%

Industry sector in particular.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

56 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 57
Process for Creating an
Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Training and development Self assessment
Consider your skills,
values & interests

In line with the QNV 2030 human KAHRAMAA has developed many
KAHRAMAA wins the development pillar and our long-term advanced training programs to enhance
4. 2.
Implement Plan Career Exploration
Qatarization Crystal Awards for strategy, providing the right training and skills and abilities of all employees Recruit mentors to
help with various
Learn about career
options for & compare
developing our talent remains among through training sessions held and carried parts of your plan your skills values and
Best Qatarization Progress the key strategic objectives of our
interests to each option
out within and outside the country. The
organization. The need for particular 3.
individual training plan is known by each
training is identified through a multi- employee since the beginning of the year, Set Goals
HE Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada, requirements of the companies are met. make a concrete plan for how you will
channel procedure including IDPs, according to a comprehensive set plan. improve your skills,build your network,
Minister of Energy and Industry, presided This has already resulted in many companies and get the experience you need to
feedback from performance appraisals, The trainings provided are closely related prepare for tour future career
the 16th Annual Qatarization Review signing memorandum of understandings as well as any additional comments to our business focus and needs: water
Meeting of the energy and industry sector. (MoUs) with educational institutions to KAHRAMAA Individual
and identified gaps from the various and electricity aspects –based programs
In support of the Qatar National Vision assist in research and to contribute in departments. and development of soft an management Development Program (IDP)
2030 and the National Development evaluating the curriculum of educational skills.
institutions. Dedicated pre and post training The program is one of the most powerful
Strategy 2017-2022, the meeting attendees
counseling sessions are conducted with We also conduct some more specific training programs in the State of Qatar.
witnessed presentations highlighting the The 16th Annual Qatarization Review
the employees respectively to prepare the programs such as Clerical Preparation It is a competency based training plan in
energy and industry sector’s progress Meeting also featured the sector’s Eight
participants for the course content and as Program (CPP), Technician Preparation line with international standard ISO 10015
in managing its Qatari human capital Annual Qatarization Awards ceremony.
a measure of course’s impact assessment. Program (TPP), and Security Preparation which compares between required skills
strategies. KAHRAMAA was recipient of the
Program (SPP), Six Sigma (Green to excel working in a position and the
As he stressed the importance of technical prestigious Qatarization Crystal Awards for employee’s ability. It maps the training
Qatarization, Training, and Development Belt), The 7 Habits of Highly Effective
education, HE Dr Al Sada emphasised Best Qatarization Progress. Section in the Human Resources (HR) requirements for each employee. It is
People, Thinking outside the Box, and
the need to build strong bonds between Department in KAHRAMAA succeeded International Computer Driving License based on two main streams: the first
educational institutions and the companies in renewing its ISO:9001/2008 and BS (ICDL- ICDL certifies our employees’ is complementing the theoretical and
in the sector to ensure that the educational ISO 10015:1999 Quality Management computer soft skills). academic knowledge of the employee
Universities partnerships (QM) certifications for Training. In with the practical side; the second is
to support our employees 2011, the section established and We achieved 54,666 hours of in house developing the professional skills of the
applied a QM system according to ISO and outside training for our total employee in accordance with international
Global markets today are faced with 9001:2008 requirements for training and workforce in 2016 at a total workforce developments in the particular area of
numerous challenges and there are development of KAHRAMAA employees cost of 30 million QAR (approximately). specialization.
growing expectations from customers and for Qatarization, education and This target breaks down to an average of
about the quality of products and recruitment of KAHRAMAA Qatari The purpose of these plans is to ensure a
18 hours of training per staff member, at
services provided by corporations. employees. It also complies with BS ISO consistent and well-managed approach
an average employee cost of 9800 QAR
10015:1999 QM Guidelines for training towards developing our employees by
As we are building the workforce for (approximately).
in the scope of training, development and identifying existing competency gaps and
the future, we want our people to be
education for KAHRAMAA employees. Post the training we also analyze the providing the necessary initiatives to gain
fully prepared to meet international
effectiveness of the program through a required skills. In addition to serving as one
standards of knowledge, service
This makes the HR Department in survey, usually three months following of the basis for identification of the right
and innovation. We therefore have
KAHRAMAA among the very few entities a particular training session to allow training opportunities, IDPs are also used
several agreements with various
in the Middle East who succeeded trainees to reflect on the past months and for transfer operations, career progression
institutes, colleges, universities and
in attaining these world acclaimed discuss how effective the training was for and promotion analysis and decision-
learning institutions approved by the
certificates. them. making, as well as for succession planning.
Supreme Education Council (SEC) to
support our employees’ further career An annual IDP is prepared for each
development aspirations. Through employee and training needs are
these partnerships, a Qatari employee Total hours of training provided discussed with employee’s Supervisor
can apply for high-level education and to employees (full-time) to collect further feedback and decide
studies to enhance professionalism on in-house or public courses available.
and to improve knowledge and skills. 70,000
Each Qatari Employee has his/her own
KAHRAMAA also supports its Qatari 60,000 54,666 IDP and progresses follow up to improve
employees in advancing their English 50,000
KAHRAMAA’s capacity building. A robust
language proficiency levels. 41,670 performance management system is in
32,130 place where direct supervisors evaluate
30,000 all their reporters across a number of
20,000 elements and rate them on a scale of
100%. Internal management procedures
such as the individual development plans
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
(IDPs) are developed by line managers and
counselors, with the President overseeing
the process.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

58 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 59
Managing safety of our Our safety performance
We track both reportable injuries and matters through our HSE awareness
staff and contractors the days away from work (lost time program and a strong commitment
injuries) as these are standard measures to establish and implement strict
Safeguarding our people and setting a before they are awarded the contracts. to demonstrate how we are managing management systems in place to improve
healthy working environment for them is The HSE department inspects and audits our operations to prevent any harm at the our HSE performance. Although the
one of our key corporate objectives and their performance during the contract workplace. number of injuries for our contractors
we remain committed to high standards, period to ensure they comply with the is in control, it is still high according to
practices to help establish a consistent requirements and enforces the contract We had zero fatalities among our
our own expectations and goals. We
approach throughout our operations. terms whenever non compliance and employees and contractors in 2016, and
are therefore focusing on increasing the
liability issues arise. KAHRAMAA New the total number of reportable injuries
number of site visits and risk assessments
KAHRAMAA’s, Health, Safety and Milestone: 28 Million for our employees decreased from 2 in
performed, and are considering the Better Water, Better Jobs
2015 to 1 while the reportable injuries
Environment (HSE) policies are developed Legal register for all pertaining HSE legal, Working Hours without for our contractor’s increased from 11 in
manpower required to make sure we This year’s theme for World Water
in line with the international standards, regulatory and quality requirements deliver informed and on time site audits.
we follow them strictly, sets also in the State of Qatar is the basis for
Lost Time Injury 2015 to 37 in 2016 since we have seen Day, ‘Water and Jobs’ focuses on
an increment on number of contractors Incidents investigation is conducted to that – employment – and how water
expectations from our contractors to managing the health, safety and KAHRAMAA” has accomplished a new quality and enough quantity can impact
implement and adopt the same. Our environment services in the State of milestone by reaching 28.6 million working for KAHRAMAA this year. establish the cause and to identify next
steps and learning to help prevent similar livelihoods and possibly even transform
policies encourage the development of a Qatar. Reference is made to international working hours without a lost time At the same time, Total Recordable lives, in societies and economies all over
safe, healthy and well-managed working standards whenever the National legal injury (LTI) during the first half of year cases in the future. Recognizing the high
Incident Rate (TRIR) among employees the world.
environment, and requires all of us to and regulatory requirements do not cover 2016. This achievement comes within importance of having zero-harm working
was 0.0325 per 200,000 hours, with
adopt a sound HSE behavior. the scope of subject activities. KAHRAMAA’s efforts to apply highest environment, we have standardized KAHRAMAA commemorated the
0.138 TRIR value resulting among
levels of safety and security measures our approach to managing the health World Water Day which falls on March
Our HSE management approach is based The HSE department also provides and standards at all its sites in order to and safety risks at KAHRAMAA. We 22 of every year due to its spreading
on risk management including but training to KAHRAMAA employees upon provide a safety working environment. In 2016, we have also observed an continuously update our HSE risk register message of awareness about preserving
not limited to risk assessment, setting request from the relevant department increase the number of injuries which to ensure HSE risks are minimized. Last water, conserving its consumption and
regulation & requirements, inspection and or HR. The HSE department has also the The working hours without lost time has resulted in an employee or contractor year, we established a local register of managing its resources which lead to
training & awareness. responsibility to communicate with the injuries consists of KAHRAMAA and being away from work for at least one relevant HSE laws and requirements, achieving sustainability.
various departments across the company its contractors. KAHRAMAA reaches day after it occurred, per 200,000 hours and ensured they were in line with our
All contractors, consultants, suppliers and 3.2 million working hours where the worked. Our on our employee Lost Time strategies. We aim to implement a safety The celebration sheds light on the
and reports directly to our President on a
service providers are obliged to comply contractors’ working hours reaches Injury Frequency (LTIF) increased to 0.032 management system to help consolidate vital service provided by KAHRAMAA
monthly basis.
with KAHRAMAA’s HSE Policy and Manual 25.4 million hours which reflects among employees and 0.063 among all safety measures and procedures across and the role of labors in water and
KAHRAMAA’s keenness on providing contractors. (The factor 200,000 is derived all of our sites. Working closely with allied sectors which create about half
safety environment for its staff and from 50 working weeks @ 40 hours per the Quality & Continual Improvement of the world’s labor force. Their role
contractors as well. 100 employees/contractor). Department, it is our goal to obtain ISO extends to render the essential service
9001 certification by the end of 16. for various sectors by enhancing of the
This significant achievement is a clear At KAHRAMAA, we will continue our water quality, ensuring its sustainability
reflection of KAHRAMAA’s commitment internal focus on health and safety and touching all population for better
The HSE department exists in KAHRAMAA to ensuring that safety remains a core living. Qatar goes ahead to create a
value in all its operations and activities.
because of the Emir Resolution Number 35 for The remarkable achievement became 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 sustainable economy and improve
the standard of living with the four
the year 2014, article number 16, describing its a reality as a result of KAHRAMAA’s
ongoing commitment to safety,
Employees fatalities
Contractor fatalities
pillars: human, social, economic and
environmental as envisaged in Qatar
role as a regulatory and enforcement body for security and through its stringent safety Employees occupational National Vision 2030.
0 0 0 0 0 0 0
strategies, systems, processes and illnesses
the occupational health, safety, environment and vigilant monitoring mechanism. Finally, we can say that water
Heat stress events (em-
preservation is a common responsibility
water quality services covering the scope of all KAHRAMAA achieves a total of 59.7 ployee and contractor)
0 0 0 0 0 0 0
and we should preserve it. At this
KAHRAMAA people, premises and operations. million working hours without Lost
Time Injury by the end of 2016.
Safe work hours
(employee) 6,105,920 5,606,880 6,244,432 6,255,440 5,400,862 6,499,044 6,159,922
occasion, we called upon everyone to
render their cooperation for achieving
Safe work hours
12,039,258 14,917,888 15,046,268 18,064,361 13,248,620 36,093,892 53,579,420 our goals and preserve our resources
for our generations to come.

Total number of reportable injuries & Total number of reportable injuries & Lost Time Injury Frequency Lost Time Injury Frequency
injury frequency rate for our injury frequency rate for contractors Rate - Our employees Rate - Our contractors
employees (per 200,000 hours worked) (per 200,000 hours worked) (per 200,000 hours worked) (per 200,000 hours worked)
12 40 0.40
35 0.35 2016 0.032 2016 0.063
30 0.30 2015 0.027
8 2015 0
25 0.25
6 20 0.20 2014 0.1 2014 0.02
4 15 0.15 2013 0.06 2013 0.01
10 0.10
2 2012 0.01 2012 0.03
5 0.05
0 0 0.00 2011 0.04 2011 0.09
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
2010 0.16 2010 0,17
No. of injuries (employees) injury rate (employees) No. of injuries (employees) injury rate (employees)

Implementing Smart Solutions,

60 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 61
Contributing to the
“Health in the Workplace”
Program local economy
Healthy and motivated employees are the KAHRAMAA collaborates formally
foundation for our success. KAHRAMAA and informally with several external Demand for water and electricity is expected to increase as Qatar continues
invests in the physical and social well- stakeholders such as and not limited to KAHRAMAA observes to experience significant economic growth, rapid urbanization and several
being of its employees to help reduce the Ministry of Public Health, Hamad
health-related risks such as infectious Medical Corporation, the Primary
World Day of Health and upcoming infrastructure projects in the run up to the FIFA World Cup 2022.
diseases, fatigue and stress. Healthcare Corporation and private Safety at Workplace
medical centres in order to provide
KAHRAMAA realises that long-term financial sustainability will enable it to
We identify and prioritize health hazards, KAHRAMAA observed the World Day
and although no occupational illnesses
comprehensive integrated occupational of Health & Safety at workplace on fuel this economic growth and to play a key role to achieve the goals of QNV
health services to employees. April 28 with the slogan “Workplace
have been recorded in 2016, noise and
stress were among the top identified main In 2016, KAHRAMAA has signed a Stress: A Collective Challenge”.
2030 which aims to diversify the economy away from oil and gas, invest in
concerns. Our health risk register takes memorandum of understanding (MoU) A large number of KAHRAMAA’s a knowledge based economy with focus on innovation, and improve the
into account our extensive and remote with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)
facilities where adverse conditions such as to implement “Health in the Workplace”
employees including senior proportion of Qataris in the workforce.
functionaries participated in the event.
Program. The MoU aims to strengthen The observance of the event included
In 2016, our the cooperation between MoPH and various activities and awareness lectures
KAHRAMAA with a view to carrying out
occupational diseases the events and activities of “Health in the
in order to disseminate the importance
of implementing the standards of
rate (ODR) for the total Workplace” Program in order to promote health and safety to ensure better
workforce was Zero the employees’ health and to raise their
awareness about adopting a healthy
health, safety, and clean environment
for all employees, contractors and
and 0.007 among our lifestyle. visitors.
contractors. The “Health in the Workplace” Program The activities also included workshops
comes as part of MoPH’s efforts to for the employees such as checking
promote the employees’ health and to blood glucose, blood pressure and
achieve the NHS (2011-2016) goals so basic dental care, medical advice and
as to contribute to the promotion of consultation with the nutritionist etc.
people’s health as well as building a new It also had a number of awareness
generation enjoys better health. lectures on the topic such as ‘Eye
Also, the program is a part of the National Health and maintaining a Good Eye
Nutrition and Physical Activity Action Sight’, ‘Managing Workplace Stress’
Plan 2011-2016 which includes lots of and ‘Stress Management’ among
important projects at the national level others.
We are committed to the constant implementation of new systems
dust storms, extreme heat, sudden winds, to be in line with NHS goal 3 “Preventive
Healthcare”, such as reducing the for targeting better control of costs, revenue collection, operational
and confined spaces affect the work of • Periodic medical examinations are efficiency measures to improve the use of financial resources,
our employees and contractors. prevalence rate of chronic diseases and its
related deaths. done for employees exposed to decrease losses and contribute to national cost reduction plans. These
We continuously update our health specific hazards such as dust, noise initiatives will allow us to strengthen our financial performance and
risk register to ensure health risks are In March 2016, KAHARAMAA in and chemicals. to reduce our reliance on the government.
minimized. We conduct regular trainings cooperation with the Qatar’s MoPH
organized a free camp for our forty plus • Respirator fit testing and training
and skills development sessions on the on how to use and maintain
employees offering free eye pressure and Mr. Jaber Al-Nabit
topics of time management, multi-tasking the necessary applicable PPE are
eye errors of refraction screening tests Finance Manager, KAHRAMAA
and meeting deadlines, in an effort to conducted.
provide guidance on how to manage at our headquarters. The objective was Performance highlights
work related pressures. to eliminate blindness resulting from • Regular workplace environment
Glaucoma. training sessions are delivered • Revenue QAR 9.5 billion.
to employees through the HSE
Our 2016 assistance department. • Operating cost QAR 11.8 billion.
programs about serious GRI Standards • QAR 937 mn employee wages and benefits
• Educational sessions on eye
diseases protection, diabetes mellitus, mental alignment
• 99.5% of procurement budget spent on local suppliers
health, weight management and We have used the following
General health screening campaigns nutrition are delivered to employees • Capital Projects QAR 7.8 billion
disclosures from GRI standards
for early detection of diabetes through external stakeholders. in this section: • Total gross assets QAR 101 billion
mellitus, hypertension, glaucoma,
ENT diseases including hearing loss 103-1, 103-2, 103-3, 201-1, • Finance Department achieved Certification for ISO 9001:2015
and dental diseases are conducted 201-4, 203-1, 203-2, 204-1
periodically and offered to all

Implementing Smart Solutions,

62 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 63
Our approach to
creating economic value
Our financial performance
In 2016, despite low oil prices effecting As the main utility provider in the country, Operating cost: payments to suppliers,
reduce our reliance on the government non - strategic investment
infrastructure investment, the State KAHRAMAA’s corporate objectives Costs and profitability of utilities globally
to meet the short and medium term and facilitation payment (QAR mill)
of Qatar, with safe business sectors, focuses on strengthening our financial are subject to stringent scrutiny and
established monetary segments and condition and ensuring commercial KAHRAMAA is no exception to this demands and improve our revenue 11,800

strong growth potentials, still remains success to generate both direct and practice. Hence, KAHRAMAA has an generation going forward. We are 10000

the top most attractive markets for indirect economic value for the country increased focus on improving efficiency also implementing new processes and 9000
8,609 8,640
infrastructure investors. by: across the board by undertaking systems which target better control 8,183
measures such as deployment of smart of costs, improve revenue collection
Qatar is investing heavily into becoming • Ensuring resource conservation on efficiency and help us in pursuit of 7000
technologies to assist consumers in 6,583

a commercial and sporting hub in the the demand side of the market; other revenue streams. This is in line 6000
tracking their use of resources as well
Middle East over the next years, and is • Improving operation efficiencies; as online applications which allows with Operational Excellence- a core 5000

focusing on attracting more sustainable companies to reduce time involved in pillar of our long-term strategy aimed 4000

tourism by improving transport • Enabling business growth by at improving the commercial viability of
managing their accounts. 3000
infrastructure and developing attractions. delivering large investments in our business.
A new port has been developed, in building electricity and water KAHRAMAA is a state-owned
part, to support the import of materials infrastructure; organisation and our entire capital In 2016, our revenue which includes 1000

needed to deliver ambitious spending • Investing in skill development expenditure budget depends on net sales and revenue from financial 0
The total budget investments, were QAR 9.5bn, up from 2012 2013 2014 2015
plans that satisfy both the Qatar National activities to make a smooth transition government funded subsidies and
Vision 2030 and the more immediate to a knowledge based economy; revenue is generated entirely from our QAR 7.4bn in 2015. During the same
committed for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. growing customer base. In 2016, we period our operating costs increased Employee wages and benefits (QAR mill)
• Supporting additional economic from QAR 8.2bn in 2015 to QAR
development of key Ranked number one one the list of the value generation through local
received QAR 2.7bn as OPEX subsidies
from government. We would like to 11.8bn in 2016.

strategic megaprojects top richest nations because of its high spending; and 1000

GDP (PPP) per capita and only second • Investing in CSR-related initiatives 824
stands at QAR 374bn, on the Global Infrastructure Investment raising awareness specifically about

with a further QAR Index in 2016, Qatar saw USD 200bn

investments in infrastructure with
the rational use of natural resources KAHRAMAA contributes to Qatar’s national 600

and educating the nation about the

46bn set to be invested Government investments touching USD potential risks of resource depletion. development agenda by hiring locals, providing 400

in 2017. KAHRAMAA’s institutional model has training and education, investing in building 200

been discussed in detail in our first

With these developments in mind,
KAHRAMAA realises that in order to sustainability report. As a fully state-
electricity and water infrastructure to enable 0
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

keep pace with the economic growth owned corporation, its capital expenditure further business growth, local sourcing, active
of Qatar it needs to provide water and is 100% Government funded and revenue
electricity in an affordable and reliable is generated only through customer community engagement and raising awareness Revenues: Net Sales +Revenues from financial
investment and Sale of Materials (QAR mill)
manner. We also appreciate the fact that revenues. This data has been updated at
‘Our Financial performance’ section.
about resource conservation.
achieving efficiency through energy and 9,500
water use reductions can reduce cost as 8000 7,436
well as protect environment.
7000 6,578 6,592

Promoting local hiring and supply base

6000 5,469

Our commitment: Addressing regulatory changes in the energy, 4000

water and district cooling markets KAHRAMAA makes it a point to procure and complete projects in a timely 3000

locally produced goods which is in line manner to meet the requirements 2000
2014 2018 2019 2021 2028 2030
with the regulations requiring us to of the nation. Below is a summary 1000

contribute to the development of local of some of the important projects 0

Phase 1: Corporate Objectives Phase 2 & 3: Potential Corporate Objectives
economy. We build the capabilities of in the electricity and water sector 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Realize implemented until December 2016.
Promote regulatory Proactively respond new commercial Create value Become a the local suppliers and contractors so
Strengthen Financial by leveraging commercially Procurement from local suppliers
changes in the energy,
to regulatory and opportunities
partnerships driven
that they can meet our quality and safety
water and district legal changes (e.g. regional With regards to local employment,
cooling marke integration, new with third organization standards. We make sure that all the
generation parties material we use comply with the latest we have made Qatarization one of
assets etc.)
KAHRAMAA specifications alongside QCS our key priorities as discussed in the Indicator 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

and International code of Practices. People section of this report. Over

2017 Milestone: Commercial 2022 Milestone: Commercial 2028 Milestone: the years we have maintained the
practices are rigorously Commercial strategies % of procure-
implications of investments and
low-risk commercial followed when engaging with clearly guide all business Electricity and water services are heavily rate of Qatarisation between 35%- ment budget
government, customer and decision-making 40%. In 2016, our Qatarisation rate 97.43% 99.85% 98% 99.5% 99.5%
opportunities are given full
affected by the overall economic and spent on local
social development plans. It is therefore stood at 37%. suppliers
necessary for us to undertake, execute

Implementing Smart Solutions,

64 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 65
National development initiatives Enhancing reliability of electrical
Electricity and water services, like other infrastructure services, are heavily affected by the overall economic and social development distribution system
plans and the urban plan. It is therefore necessary to upgrade the provision of electricity and water to meet the requirements of
the time and to activate their role to meet the growing demand of various sectors.
Everyone at KAHRAMAA is involved in one way or another in working towards providing water and electricity and supporting the
socio-economic prosperity of Qatar. KAHRAMAA’s Technical Affairs Directorate focuses on project planning and execution with its
three departments – Electricity Projects, Water Projects, Materials and one section – Power & Water Production Projects. Our Water
Network Affairs (WNA) and Electricity Network Affairs (ENA) departments are responsible for improving the functions and activities
related to planning, transmission & distribution of water and electricity, as well as field services.
Expansion of electricity
transmission networks
Initiatives to improve supply of potable water The Electricity Sector, under the supervision of KAHRAMAA, has realised many
KAHRAMAA kept the high-quality
performance indicators of the electricity
Water is the essential element of life and it is inconceivable to achieve comprehensive development without the provision of safe and achievements in the last six years according to the objectives and timetable of QNS network. In 2016, KAHRAMAA
sustainable sources of water. Qatar has shortage of natural water resources and relies on 98% desalination of water from the sea to 2011-16. KAHRAMAA has embarked on a transformation journey by linking its developed its electricity network by
meet the needs and demand. strategy with QNV 2030 and QNS 2011-16, adopting ‘excellence’ as its slogan in constructing and energising several
all its operations and adhering to the mechanisms of monitoring performance and substations, cables and Over Head Lines
Providing reliable and high continuous development, which is reflected on the electricity sector. (OHL) at different areas to ensure safety,
quality water supply service sustainability and reliability of
transmission and distribution networks at
• KAHRAMAA will undertake laying of
a total cost of over QAR 1.9 billion.
190Km x 1600mm line from proposed
desalination plant in the North West We launched a number of electricity
Preventing outages in Qatar substations, including a substation
Qatar to Doha
KAHRAMAA developed a system supplying power to the new port at a
• KAHRAMAA will undertake upgradation The objective of the Asset Health
whereby it would have the capability to total cost of QAR 188 million. Besides,
of Shahaniya TFS and other identified Model is to effectively support
Water Security Mega Umm Al Houl power plant stations by reconstructing 20MIG
sense the conditions beforehand that advanced strategies in the field of asset
KAHRAMAA energised two substations
could make a sudden large-scale power 132/11 kv and associated cables to
Reservoirs Project Umm Al Houl power plant is a part reservoir, pumping station, ancillaries and maintenance, asset replacement, and
supply disruption possible. So corrective supply power to the prestigious Mall of
of Qatar’s power and water projects. pipelines to release demand load of other risk-aware grid operation.
The objective of the project is to provide measures could be taken immediately Qatar and Doha Festival City at a total
KAHRAMAA own 60% of the special stations and accommodate through this These strategies move from time-based,
the seven days of potable water storage in and a brewing crisis could be averted. cost of QAR 171 million.
purpose company floated to construct new station to condition-based and to reliability-
the new mega reservoirs and the existing
the plant. It is being built in two phases. This megaproject is the first of its kind in KAHRAMAA also energised a number
and future secondary reservoirs preserving • Improve the management of water based maintenance, considering the
The first phase (1000MW) will enter into the GCC region and consist of condition of substations to feed power to
the water quality as per KAHRAMAA assets: condition and criticality of each piece of
service in 2017 and its output will be monitoring for asset management of different vital development projects
and World Health Organization (WHO) equipment.
increased in phase 2 by another 1500MW • KAHRAMAA will employ consultancy 11kV Electricity Distribution Network to and authorities, including Al Gharrafa
to have a total capacity of 2,500MW to services for Water GIS system upgrade enhance its performance and reliability. Various Indices were developed (such as substation 132/66/11 kv at a total cost of
The first phase of the project will provide meet the energy demand by 2020. It will and ArcFM implementation which will Asset Health Index, Asset Maintenance QAR 145 million, Lusail super substation
The project will ensure that KAHRAMAA Index, Probability of Failure, Estimated
the 7 days of storage for the expected also supply 136 million gallons of drinking enhance our modelling, maintenance, 220/66/11 kv costing QAR 134 million
has an early warning about malfunctions Residual Life, Asset Criticality Index,
water demand at horizon 2026, with 5 water a day to 2.5 million homes in the management of water network assets, and Al Dhakhirah substation costing
in its system, process restrictions and Asset Risk Index) which provide useful
mega reservoir sites. The second phase area. map production and tools to assist water QAR 67 million, in addition to other
degradation of equipment, as also help information to assess the situation of
will provide the 7 days of water storage and network authority (WNA) users substations, cables and OHL at different
KAHRAMAA also has plans to set up the Corporation assess depreciation. the distribution assets and support the
for expected demand in 2036 by adding areas.
a new power plant (total capacity of • KAHRAMAA will employ consultancy decision-making process for the right
additional reservoirs within the 5 mega The project is being executed by our
2,500MW) which will enter into service services for mapping underground KAHRAMAA has also led in the Gulf
reservoirs sites. Electricity Distribution Department with action to be performed on the asset.
in 2020 with a production capacity of utilities which will assist us in region in the development of conditions
the aim of carrying out a comprehensive Till 2016, KAHRAMAA had completed
Under the first phase of the project, Mega 1,000MW which will be increased by incorporating missing service connections and regulations for the adoption of
condition monitoring program of more condition monitoring of 91% of our
reservoirs and pumping stations will be another 1,500MW in a year to meet the in GIS database which will assist in electrical materials for the electrical
than 11,000 Electricity Distribution distribution network covering 11,900
constructed at five strategic locations demand beyond 2022. maintenance and reduce our service distribution network and identification
Substations in-live condition within a assets. The Overall Asset Health Index
along the Qatar National Utility Corridor. connections related damage claims methods and test methods, technical
time-frame of 3 years. stood at 93%, reflecting the good inspection and quality systems in order to
The goal is to have assessment of the conditions of the assets. achieve a technical performance to satisfy
Ras Abu Fontas (A3) station health of the entire fleet of assets and the customers, employees, maintenance
prioritise the interventions based on the support and adoption of modern
It was inaugurated in September 2016 with a production capacity of 22 million gallons severity of the condition and criticality information security system SCADA
which will be increased to 36 million gallons per day in 2017. of the asset. Each asset is monitored control centers in the NCC/DGCC/ENCC/
In addition, the capacity of the reservoirs increased by 77 million gallons in 2016. The for a set of condition parameters and DCC and information security
strategic stock reached 1,336 million gallons and the total losses and leaks in the network a quantified scoring system is used to
decreased from 30% in 2011 to less than 10% in 2016 which is a great achievements. represent the Asset Health as per actual
site conditions.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

66 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 67
Supporting our communities Our approach to
community engagement
Engagement with our community can be a catalyst for achieving Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) build people’s trust and to establish the
our ambitious long term goals and transforming our nation approach is in line with the QNV 2030’s basics of responsible operations, we
towards a more sustainable society. Change starts from us. We dimensions of community and social
excellence and the QNDS 2011-2016,
are planning to launch our new CSR
department and subsequently draft a
have an essential role to play in raising local knowledge and supporting the endeavor for sound formal CSR policy to serve as a guidance

awareness within the local community that maintains a positive social development and sustainable
management of the environment.
for our activities in the future.
Currently, TARSHEED plays a major role in
relationship and instils a culture of the rational use of natural Our work with our community at various conducting a wide range of activities and
resources. levels contributes towards building a
stable and environmentally aware society,
campaigns through which we promote
and encourage social responsibility.
efficiently manage the scarce natural
We engage with our communities in
resources thereby improving the nation’s
a number of ways such as awareness
image regionally as well as globally.
campaign, educational events, career
At KAHRAMAA, the Conservation forums, financial contributions and
& Energy Efficiency Department in recreational activities. Our community
collaboration with the Public Relations engagement initiatives help us meet
& Communications Department and our ambitious long term goals and
the Health, Safety and Environment management of essential natural
Department are the backbone of our resources. With social media on the rise, KAHRAMAA’s
community-based relationships. Next it has never been easier to reach out to Public Relations &
year, as part of our commitment to the wider public. Communication
Department gets ISO
KAHRAMAA Futuristic Awareness Park for our Certification
community Public Relations & Communication
Department at Qatar General Electricity
and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA)
succeeded in attaining Global Quality
Certificate ISO:9001/2008 from Global
Accredited TUV Company for recording
the quality and other administrative
Qatar’s social development policy requires integration of several management systems, complying with
aspects: family cohesion and women’s empowerment, social all procedures and instructions of work
protection, public safety and security, and sports and culture. We with the standards and quality system
believe engaging with the Qatari community plays an important at the department.
role in how we plan our operations for the future and the results
we achieve for example in Tarsheed. The earned accolade has been
felicitated as per the global standard
Eng. Abdul Aziz Al-Hammadi
for applying the requirements of the
Pre-opened in mid-2016, the park has reused, and do not involve much energy quality management system in all its
Manager Conservation & Energy Efficiency
been designed to serve as a hub for consumption, and offers noise insulation functionalities and operations. The
understanding of the socio-economic and controls indoor pollutant sources. certification is added to KAHRAMAA’s
implications and environmental costs of
It is worth mentioning that the delegation series of accomplishments as part of
water and electricity. It is aimed at both
“Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority” its strategy to achieve the four pillars
Performance highlights children and residents.
visited “KAHRAMAA Awareness Park” of development enshrined in Qatar
GRI Standards • 2016 total social investment budget - QAR 3 million
The $49.4mn project was awarded which is the first in its type in the region National Vision 2030 (i.e. economic,
the ‘Qatar Sustainability Assessment and it will be pre-open this year in order social, environmental, and human
alignment System’ award, for meeting all technical to test the facilities by receive the largest
• 4th Anniversary of TARSHEED which contributed to development) by complying with
requirements by taking measures to number of schools, universities, and
We followed following • Reduction in per capita consumption of water in Qatar by 20% the highest quality standards. The
minimize obstruction of daylight, providing researchers who are mainly targeted for
disclosures from GRI certification is the reflection of the
• Reduction in per capita electricity consumption in Qatar 18% landscape that encourages green and this project to inform future generations
standards: sustained high quality and performance
(from 2012 baseline) fights desertification, and use of efficient of the importance of conserving electricity
203-2, 413-1 lighting, cooling, plumbing and irrigation and water consumption, preserving natural efficiency of KAHRAMAA employees.
• KAHRAMAA’s Public Relations & Communication Department gets system, and the use of solar energy to heat resources to achieve comprehensive
ISO 9000 Certification and for treating grey water. The park is sustainability as per Qatar National Vision
built with materials that can be recycled or 2030.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

68 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 69
The National Program for
Conservation and Energy Efficiency “TARSHEED“ 4th Anniversary

Entries for It aims at supporting the
years for “Tomorrow starts Today” Tarsheed Best
development of Renewable

Energy innovative technologies
supporting Qatar The celebration, held this year under the
Renewable and business models that
to consume wisely slogan “Tomorrow starts Today” and in Energy promote energy efficiency and
partnership with Aamal and Doha Cables, Reduced water & electricity Initiative help in cutting carbon emissions
for Qatar’s sustainable future. It is
was supported and graced with the presence
of HE Sheikh Abdulla Bin Nasser Al-Thani, the consumption in Qatar by also aimed at promoting
Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of environmental awareness and
the State of Qatar. 20% and 18% respectively inculcating culture of efficient
usage of the natural resources in
An inclusive from 2012 to 2016 order to have better life and to

and collaborative
Starting TARSHEED’s journey achieve the slogan of Tarsheed,
approach to
“Keep Qatar Pulsing” in line with
With an aim to rationalise electricity and water use in Qatar,
TARSHEED was launched with the task of reaching out to
Reduce electricity moderation Ministerial Decree of Energy Qatar National Vision 2030.

the public and raise awareness regarding the energy and consumption per Consistency Efficency Labeling of ACs
water conservation measures to be taken at the demand side capita by 25% and Environmental and
of the energy and water market. It conducts campaigns in compatibility
seven different languages.
water consumption by awareness Our Signed 56 agreements and
35% until 2022 Values MoUs on awareness,
technical and research
An overriding cooperation with different
The will
sector and institutions Launched the energy audit program
Our Mission is set to empower all Qatari residents Our Vision and ability sense of
through: accountability We succeeded in accrediting the for government buildings
Through our Vision, we encourage tchangeo specifications and technical
• Information, awareness and suggestions to reduce daily and empower all people in Qatar make real
energy and water consumption levels thereby reducing Conserving building standards for energy efficiency for
to make their homes, workplace air conditioners in Qatar in
the national per capita consumption and lifestyles reflect a sustainable, competition cooperation with the Ministry of
• Reduce the overall growth of Qatar’s resource efficient and environmentally Municipality and environment and
consumption despite the economic growth friendly nation. other concerned authorities. As per
• Meet the targeted level of reduction within the 5 year

the new regulation to implement
timeline The CN Department of KAHRAMAA conducted
Star Rating System for ACs, the
thorough Energy Audit in various types of
import, sale and distribution of
buildings by an expert team.

energy-saving air-conditioners, The
energy efficiency rate in air The recommendations based on the furnished
We launched the 4th edition of the conditioners (window and split) audit reports have been classified into three types:
Tarsheed Conserving Building shall not be less than 8.5 and 9.5 High Cost/ Medium Cost & low to no No cost
Competition with the slogan, “Become respectively. measures – The payback period of these measures
are less than 2 years, Medium cost measures – The
Electricity and one with nature”.
payback period of these measure are between 5-2
Reduction of Water & Conserving building water The objective of the competition was years, Invest grade measure – The payback period
competition to create awareness about the benefits of these measures are more than 5 years.
Electricity per capita consumption of adopting Building Conservation
“Less is Blessed” Campaign
(2012 to 2014) from have been Practices in the local construction
market and encourage people to
232 m3 to 216 m3 and
16,294 KWh/P/Year to
reduced by 10% embrace resource conservation
15,100 KWh/P/Year and 6%
Getting accolades respectively respectively
• Preparing AC energy efficiency
regulation Conservation & Energy Our 1st anniversary
• Drafting a regulation to phase out Efficiency(CN) New
inefficient Tungsten high glow lamps
• We won the Award for Best
regulation We launched a comprehensive 2nd phase of T22 launched
MarCom International award for Sustainability plan for water campaign to reach put to the
• Partnered with Mitsubishi research During the 2014/ 15 phase, the 22 schools involved
Tarsheed’s energy saving bulb The competition comes within the saving for MENA by Unilever enacted to general public to improve their
to prepare an energy efficiency campaign reduced their annual consumption of electricity by
Better light, Better living
activities of Tarsheed Programme, • Launched Conservation phase out awareness regarding energy and
roadmap for Qatar 2nd edition of 3GWh, thereby reducing carbon emission by 1,600
which aims at increasing awareness Building Competition water consumption. Awareness
Conservation Building Competition Innovation Award for ongoing
about building conservation
Incandescent tons/year and saved QAR 750,000 annually. This
National Program • We signed an MoU with Qatar stickers in different languages were was as a result of the energy-saving technologies
• Sustainability Innovation for (Tarsheed) - Ministry of Energy & Industry measures and the possibility of its Foundation to facilitate light bulbs posted in mosques to promote
Cooperating with Unilever to and energy-efficient bulbs, dimmer switches and
Unilever Sustainability Award for application in the existing buildings. TARSHEED’s mission electricity and water conservation.
distribute 4000 water conservation aerated faucets.
Water Conservation It is meant to encourage effective • With support from supreme As per new regulations 75W and There were campaigns at malls as
gifts & awareness tips to 40 schools Plans 2014 MENA region Similarly, during the second phase 2016/ 17) of T22,
participation in energy conservation. council of Education it initialised 100W incandescent lamps were well. The ‘Less Is Blessed’ campaign
to promote water saving among the 22 targeted schools reduced their annual
This competition is open to all types a program for cooperating with phased out from 1st May 2016 at Lulu Hypermarket has displayed electricity consumption by 1,100 million units and

of buildings. schools and universities Qatari market. 60W & 40W awareness messages to educate water consumption by 4,350 m3, saving QAR
•50 strategic and scientific
• 30 MoUs & scientific non-saving lamps were phased shoppers to reduce water and 400,000 annually. It also reduced carbon emissions
collaborations especially through
partnerships signed in 1 year. out from November 2016. electricity consumption. by nearly 700 tons/year. The best performing
schools are awarded at the end of each phase.

13% drop in A collaborative agreement was signed and is currently

Tarsheed under implementation with the Supreme Committee of Rapidly gaining speed
per capita 2022 (T22) Delivery & Legacy to retrofit, train, educate and establish • Issue of ministerial decree no. 2015/ 108 making
Awareness campaign for conservation law no 2015 /20 All buildings to get smart meters
consumption 22 models of sustainable & conservation schools in Qatar.
T22 is targeted at primary school level students (ages
thermal insulation mandatory We launched an awareness campaign aimed at creating awareness
among general public about the provisions of the New Conservation
So far installed over 15,000 smart meters,
as part of its smart grid initiative and it
• KAHRAMAA wins the Best CSR Award in the
of electricity 12-6), staff and teachers, parents and families. They are energy sector for Tarsheed program Law No.20 /2015. now plans to cover the whole of Qatar.
reached through conservation and energy efficiency The awareness campaign that was launched with the theme ‘Bad These digital and smart meters can directly
and 14% in curriculum and sports activities that teach and reinforce
• Awareness among the population about Tarsheed
and the need for resource conservation grew habits cost’ with the help of a number of media tools focused on send readings to the energy supplier and
conservation behavior at school, which will carry over
Water since into home. An energy audit of all 22 schools is currently
from %23 in 2013 to %88 in 2015, while among conveying conservation messages and its provisions and clauses to
penalize those responsible for violation of the law as well as offering
ensure more accurate energy bills. They
also help the customer better understand
the Qataris the awareness grew in the same
2012 underway. period from %35 to %92 solutions to prevent violations. their energy usage.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

70 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 71
Community engagement calendar KAHRAMAA observed
participates at 1st
“Earth Hour” Government KAHRAMAA marks Arab
Procurement and and World Water Day and
KAHRAMAA observed “Earth Hour” the GCC Water Week
in March 2016 in response to the
Conference &
rising challenges being faced by the The aim of these occasions
environment. To mark the event, a was to enhance the necessity
number of government buildings, of rationalizing in the use of
hotels and several private facilities in drinking water and
Qatar National Sports Day Qatar turned off or dimmed their maintaining it in light of the
Omani delegation lights for an entire hour. increasing pressures faced by
KAHRAMAA celebrated Qatar’s freshwater resources in the
National Sports Day at Katara visited KAHRAMAA Water Security Forum 2016
The three-day Arab world, which make it
Cultural Village. The event was We received a MoU with Ministry of Education for conference aimed at essential to adopt solutions The event was attended by
graced by sports enthusiasts, delegation from energy efficiency giving owners of local that ensure the achievement KAHRAMAA’s President HE
visitors and dignitaries who small and Eng. Essa Bin Hilal Al- Kuwari
“Nama International KAHRAMAA through Tarsheed signed medium-sized of sustainable development.
enjoyed a number of fun-filled Institute” - Sultanate accompanying senior
activities and sport competitions. a MoU with the Qatar’s Ministry of enterprises (SMEs) the
of Oman recently at Education and Higher Education to opportunity to deal KAHRAMAA observes World Day functionaries of KAHRAMAA
KAHRAMAA’s work together on imparting lessons of with major purchasers. of Health & Safety at Workplace amongst the presence of a
Awareness Park and conservation and energy efficiency as It also opens the door number of experts,
CENG workshop on smart grid for co-operation
got acquainted with KAHRAMAA observed World Day of academicians, dignitaries and
part of schools’ curriculum at Qatar’s between private and
KAHRAMAA supported a CENG KAHRAMAA’s Health & Safety at workplace on 28th representatives of
schools. public sectors in Qatar.
workshop with the theme “Qatar experience in the field April 2016 with the slogan participating organizations
Power System Transition to a of electricity and KAHRAMAA was “Workplace Stress: A Collective among others. The forum
Our close work with a wide range of communities in among the more-than
Smart Grid”. The workshop water conservation. Challenge”. which was hosted by the
Qatar allows us to contribute to establishing a secure World Glaucoma Week 20 exhibitors which
provided a discussion platform for This visit was Qatar University had the
and stable society, aware of the importance of participated in the
local and international coordinated under the KAHRAMAA observed World event. KAHRAMAA’s objective of aligning the key
environmental issues. It improves the management of stakeholders of Industry,
researchers, and industry experts Program of “A Flower Glaucoma Week in cooperation participation in the
our country’s valuable resources and enhances the on establishing a research Each Spring” where Academia, and Government
with the Qatar's Ministry of conference was
country’s national image on a regional and global level. initiative for a successful transition the delegation had an represented by its around the country’s three R
Public Health. It also organised a
of Qatar power system to a smart opportunity to meet free camp for its forty years plus Material Department. & D challenges- Energy
grid. the Qatari experts of The department Security, Cyber Security and
free eye pressure and eye errors
motivated the Water Security. The 2016
the conservation and of refraction screening tests at participating and other
shared their its headquarters. entities to take part in Forum was focused on Water
experiences vice versa. projects and tenders. Security.
KAHRAMAA joins 3rd
Islamic Conference
of Ministers Responsible
of Water in Turkey
App Champs : "An Epic Reception of
The conference aimed to KAHRAMAA participated in “Ajyal Youth
battle. Bring it on!” Sharjah Electricity
reach a consensus for a Film Festival
& Water Authority
new concept on water KAHRAMAA conducted KAHRAMAA participated in the activities of
council to enable a ‘App Champ’ “Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2016” under the
concrete cooperation competition in 2016 with theme “Tarsheed: use your power effectively”.
platform under the KAHRAMAA launches its new
an aim at promoting KAHRAMAA’s booth included many cultural and Represented by Conservation and Energy
umbrella of Organization Mobile Application
environmental awareness awareness activities which target people of all Efficiency (CN) Department, we received a
of Islamic Cooperation KAHRAMAA seeks to develop its and inculcating culture of delegation of “Sharjah Electricity & Water
ages to identify the proper ways of preserving
(OIC) Water Vision. services to keep pace with the efficient usage of the Authority” within a Gulf Tour to exchange
resources like electricity and water and methods
latest regulatory and technological natural resources in order experience related to conservation of
of reducing water and electricity consumption.
developments. We launched its to have better life. It is energy and water and efficient utilization
new and improved bilingual Qatar participates in GCC
Electricity and Water open to all students of of the precious resources.
(Arabic & English) new version of Qatar- based Universities/
its Apps for smart phones. The Cooperation Committee
meeting colleges.
application can display general Awareness activities in summer
statistics related to user account Topics on the agenda included The competition which is KAHRAMAA Awareness
along with a brief summary of the progress in electricity as part of TARSHEED
properties registered under interconnection project, the efforts to promote the Activities in summer- conducted many
customer's name. comprehensive strategy for water culture of conservation of awareness lectures explaining the concept of
in the GCC countries, the water vital resources of National Campaign for Conservation and its
link project among the GCC electricity and water and positive impact in raising awareness of the
countries, and follow up on the encouraging university importance of electricity efficient
latest developments in relation to students innovations and consumption as well as importance of sport
cooperation between GCC high tech electronic field and green zones.
countries in electricity and water development.

KAHRAMAA launched a smart app

Participation at COP22 Marrakech Darb Al-Saai’s National Day
We launched a new version for its smart phone app in Festivities
Kahramaa opens new Snapchat KAHRAMAA participated, as part
both Arabic and English language. The app gives
account of Qatar delegation, in Climate KAHRAMAA marked its
customer access to general statistics related to his/her
Change Cop 22 Conference held presence at this year’s Qatar
account. It includes a group of other services such as KAHRAMAA launched a new snapchat
in Marrakesh of Kingdom Morocco National Day festivities through
sending meter reading, following-up status of service’s account to attain social communication
from November 7 to 18, 2016. its Doha tent and Health tent.
request (construction license and connecting service), to cope with its strategic plan in
displaying details of properties registered under customer’s achieving effective direct contact with We featured a mobile water
name, applying the electronic services etc. citizens and residents in state of Qatar. laboratory with its slogan
This was in line with our ambitious roadmap for shifting It will work on promoting ‘Maina Zen’ to exhibit its
all services to a smart platform. Through this app we aim communication with customers via Qatar signs agreement with Belgian firm on smart grid quality water which is being
to achieve the highest level of efficiency for our services. displaying the latest news and activities supplied across the country for
KAHRAMAA signed an agreement with Belgian consultancy drinking purposes. Apart from
directly and on large scale.
Elia Grid aimed at encouraging the sharing of information, the laboratory, maintenance
experience and ideas to foster transmission development, works were also showcased to
KAHRAMAA also presented many new
network planning, KPIs enhancement, better asset let the visitors know about the
e-services on its Website to provide
management, exchange of technical information and joint types of small leakages and
best services in order to raise customer
co-operation. ways to fix it with little efforts.
satisfaction. The services provided by
the corporation reached 45 services.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

72 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 73
Looking ahead Acronyms
A2LA: American Association for Laboratory HSE: Health, Safety & Environment PV: Photo Voltaic
We recognize that we are As KAHRAMAA progresses on our sustainability journey, we believe that we
impacted by various trends would continue to play a significant role in driving sustainable development in ICDL: International Computer Driving License PWPA: Power & Water Purchase Agreements
AC: Air Conditioner
which can potentially the State of Qatar. Our long-term strategy helps us to focus our efforts on key IDP: Individual Development Program PWRC: Permanent Water Resources Committee
disrupt our business model objectives related to the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the Qatar National AMI: Advanced Metering Infrastructure IPWP: Independent Power and Water Producer QCS: Quality Control System
and how we generate Development Strategy 2017-2022. Although we do not have a corporate ARQA: Audit, Risk & Quality Assurance IPP: Independent Power Producer QEERI: Qatar Environment and Energy Research
value for our stakeholders. sustainability strategy, we are currently developing a dedicated sustainability BTU: British Thermal Unit ISO: International Organization for Standardization Institute
Although these are strategy for our organization, which is expected to be rolled out in 2017. CAPEX: Capital Expenditure QEWC: Qatar Electricity & Water Company
IT: Information Technology
significant challenges Through our corporate objectives and the proposed sustainability strategy, we
CBA: Cost Benefit Analysis IWPP: Independent Water and Power Project QM: Quality Management
for KAHRAMAA, we would continue to focus on our corporate mission of providing high quality
CFL: Compact Fluorescent Lamp QMS: Quality Management System
consider these trends as and sustainable electricity and water for better living in Qatar. In addition, we KPI: Key Performance Indicator
opportunities and seek to believe that in the future we would be able to play a key role in helping the CIGRE: International Council on Large Electric Systems LCOE: Levelized Cost of Energy QNV: Qatar National Vision 2030
enhance our impact on our State of Qatar meet the targets set as part of the Sustainable Development CN: Conservation and Energy Efficiency Department LED: Light-Emitting Diode QP: Qatar Petroleum
stakeholders in the future. Goals (SDGs). CO2: Carbon Dioxide LNG: Liquefied Natural Gas QR/ QAR: Qatari Riyal
COBC: Code of Business Conduct LTI: Lost Time Injury RAF: Ras Abu Fontas
CPP: Clerical Preparation Program LTIF: Lost Time Injury Frequency RE: Renewable Energy
CPR: Corporate Performance Review LV: Low Voltage RO: Reverse Osmosis
CSD: Customer Service Department R&D: Research & Development
Ensuring Liberalization of
MCF: Thousand Cubic Feet of Natural Gas
Employment of Investment in clean Use of partnerships
uninterrupted energy markets but
CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility MDG: Millennium Development Goals SAIDI: System Average Interruption Duration Index
local talent and efficient energy and third parties to
supply of with greater DC: District Cooling SAIFI: System Average Interruption Frequency Index
and water deliver programs to MDMS: Meter Data Management System
electricity and regulatory generation remain relevant and DMA: District Metering Area SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
water as demand MEW: Ministry of Electricity and Water
Trends Health and Safety grows
oversight technologies innovative
CSD: Customer Service Department SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals
MIGD: Million Imperial Gallons per Day
impacting DMA: District Metered Area SEC: Supreme Education Council
MoPH: Ministry of Public Health
KAHRAMAA Emphasis on customer Reduction in Scarcity of natural
Adoption of smart technologies DSM: Demand Side Management MOU: Memorandum of Understanding SML: System Minutes Lost
centricity energy subsidies resources
EER: Energy Efficiency Ratio MQR: Million Qatari Riyal SODAR: Sonic Detection and Ranging

Development of value-added services and products Focus on cost reduction and operation efficiency ENA: Electricity Network Affairs MSF: Multi-Stage Flash Distillation SPP: Security Preparation Program
ENT: Ear, Nose and Throat MW: Mega Watt T22: Tarsheed 2022
ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning MWh: MegaWatt hours T&D: Transmission and Distribution
Ensuring value Conserving Investing in Contributing Supporting GCC: Gulf Cooperation Council NDS: Qatar National Development Strategy 2011- TDSOO: Transmission and Distribution System Owner
forof our
Shortage talent natural our people to the local our GCCIA: Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection 2016 and Operator
and Qatarization
customers resources economy communities Authority NDS2: Qatar National Development Strategy 2017- TOU: Time of Use
GDP: Gross Domestic Project 2022 TPP: Technician Preparation Program
GHG: Greenhouse Gases NHS: Qatar National Health Strategy 2011-2016 TR: Ton of Refrigeration
In this increasingly We recognize there are a We are committed to GIS: Geographic Information System NRW: Non-Revenue Water TRIR: Total Recordable Incident Rate
KAHRAMAA has a central At KAHRAMAA, we are
competitive and lot of challenges – both improving our community
role to play in conserving committed to contributing GJ: Giga Joules ODR: Occupational Diseases Rate TSE: Treated Sewage Effluents
ever-changing marketplace, local and global - ahead of engagement programs
natural resources and directly and indirectly to the
delivering high quality us in relation to attracting, because we understand GPS: Global Positioning System OHL: Over Head Lines WHO: World Health Organisation
Looking customer service is vital for
sharing knowledge on best
practices for conservation developing, and retaining
economic development of
Qatar in a responsible and that such crucial dialogues
GRI: Global Reporting Initiative O&M: Operations and Maintenance WNA: Water Network Affairs
ahead any organization to survive.
In order to keep our services
and sustainable talent especially from the environmentally sustainable can help create a
development in the State of local community. In the way. We understand the responsible society. GSM: Global System for Mobile Communication OPEX: Operating Expense ZPT: Zero Pressure Test
towards competitive we should make
Qatar. We will relentlessly long-term we are crucial role we play in Through our community
sure to keep observing committed to the engagement initiatives GWh: GigaWatt hours PCC: Per-Capita Consumption
the future emerging customer service
continue with our efforts to
promote water and energy government’s Qatarization
ensuring reliable and secure
supply of water and including the Tarsheed
HE: His Excellency PPE: Personal Protective Equipment
role of trends in the global utilities
sector, such as technological
conservation measures policy, and aim to see a electricity. We realize that program, we aspire to be
along all our value chain in majority Qatari workforce by promoting efficient use recognized as leading HES: Head End System PPP: Purchasing Power Parity
KAHRAMAA innovations and the
accordance with our by 2026. We will also strive of natural resources (water agents of change, using
digitization of services. The to use training and the resources at our HR: Human Resource
strategy, and will advocate and energy) we are not
sector is constantly development to ensure a disposal to implement
efficient use of natural only reducing the
developing, and we will capable workforce which is measures to enhance the
resources within the environmental impact, but
make sure we adapt our well equipped to meet sustainable development of
country through our also increasing the
services in line with customer and business our country. We want to be
Tarsheed program. economic effectiveness of
innovations and emerging demands. We seek to be a source of Qatari pride
Through partnerships, the utility sector.
trends, ensuring that recognized as a regional and gain global recognition
innovative technologies, We would continue to
customers are at the heart leader in occupational for our leadership role in
and strong commitment actively engage in
of all decisions being made. health and safety. Our bringing about social and
from everyone, we at partnerships and
Many of these changes will health and safety policy will environmental change in
KAHRAMAA believe we can collaborations to develop
improve our current continue to be strictly Qatar.We look forward to
ensure a sustainable and the next level infrastructure
customer service model, but implemented to safeguard continuing to work
balanced resource usage and to ensure energy and
over time we are working to work conditions for our together with our
over time. water security within the
re-design this model to employees and contractors. community and shape the
State of Qatar.
ensure our customer service future of Qatar.
ambitions are focused on
the future.

Implementing Smart Solutions,

74 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 75
GRI Content Index/ IIRC Index

Page number(s) in the report/ MATERIAL TOPICS

GRI Standard Disclosure Direct answer/ Reason for IIRC linkage
omission (if applicable) ECONOMIC TOPICS
GRI 101: Foun- Aligned to the guiding principles of the Economic performance
GRI 101 does not include any disclosures
dation 2016 Integrated Reporting Framework GRI 103: Management 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 64 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
Organizational profile
103-2: The management approach and its component 64
102-1: Name of the organization 8
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 64
102-2: Activities, brands, products, and services 9
102-3: Location of headquarters 8 GRI 201: Economic 201-1: Direct economic value generated and distrib- 65 4F-Performance
102-4: Location of operations 8
Performance 2016 uted
4A- Organizational overview and exter- 2C-The capital (Financial capital)
102-5: Ownership and legal form 8
nal environment 201-4: Financial assistance received from government 65
102-6: Markets served 8
102-7: Scale of the organization 8 4C-Business model Market presence
102-8: Information on employees and other workers 8, 56 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 55 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
102-9: Supply chain 8,15 103-2: The management approach and its component 55
102-10: Significant changes to the organization and its GRI 103: Management
8 103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 55
supply chain Approach 2016
102-11: Precautionary Principle or approach 14 GRI 202: Market Pres- 202-2: Proportion of senior management hired from 57 2C-The capital (Human capital)
102-12: External initiatives 20 ence 2016 the local community
102-13: Membership of associations 14 Indirect economic impact
Strategy 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 64 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
102-14: Statement from senior decision maker 4,5
103-2: The management approach and its component 64
3C-Stakeholder relationship GRI 103: Management
102-15: Key impacts, risks and opportunities 10, 11, 14 4A- Organizational overview and external 103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 64
Approach 2016
environment 4D-Risks and opportunities
GRI 203: Indirect Eco- 203-1: Infrastructure investments and services support- 66, 67 4F-Performance, 2C-The capitals (Manu-
Ethics and integrity
nomic Impacts 2016 ed factured capital, Human capital)
102-16: Values, principles, standards, and norms of behaviour 9,13 4B-Governance
203-2: Significant indirect economic impacts 51,57,66,67,70,71
GRI 102: Governance
102-18: Governance structure 12 4B-Governance
Disclosures Procurement practices
Stakeholder engagement
2016 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 64 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
102-40: List of stakeholder groups 23 3C-Stakeholder relationship
Not disclosed due to specific legal prohibitions: 103-2: The management approach and its component 64
102-41: Collective bargaining agreements GRI 103: Management
Trade unions are legally prohibited in Qatar
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 64
102-42: Identifying and selecting stakeholders 22, 23 Approach 2016
102-43: Approach to stakeholder engagement 22, 23 3C-Stakeholder relationship GRI 204: Procurement 204-1: Proportion of spending on local suppliers 65 2C-The capitals (relationship capital)
102-44: Key topics and concerns raised 23 Practices 2016
Reporting practice
102-45: Entities included in the consolidated financial statements 24
102-46: Defining report content and topic Boundaries 2, 8, 24, 25, 26
102-47: List of material topics 25, 26 3D-Materiality
We have not restated any previously reported
102-48: Restatements of information information in this report

No significant changes from previous reporting

102-49: Changes in reporting period.
102-50: Reporting period 2
102-51: Date of most recent report 2015
102-52: Reporting cycle Annual 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 45, 46 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
102-53: Contact point for questions regarding the report 2 103-2: The management approach and its component 45, 46
GRI 103: Management
102-54: Claims of reporting in accordance with the GRI standards 2 103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 45, 46
Approach 2016
102-55: GRI Content Index 76
GRI 302: Energy 2016 302-2: Energy consumption outside of the organization 47
The information in this report has been
internally reviewed to ensure its accuracy. As 302-4: Reduction of energy consumption 51, 52
102-56: External assurance our sustainability practice matures further, we
4F-Performance, 2C-The capitals (Natural
aim to seek external verification of our perfor-
mance in the future. capital)

Implementing Smart Solutions,

76 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 77
Water Diversity and equal opportunity
103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 45, 46 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries) GRI 103: Management 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 55 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
103-2: The management approach and its component 45, 46 Approach 2016 103-2: The management approach and its component 55
GRI 103: Management
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 45, 46 103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 55
Approach 2016
GRI 303: Water 2016 303-1: Water withdrawal by source 49 4F-The capitals (Natural capital) GRI 405: Diversity and 56
405-1: Diversity of governance bodies and employees
Equal opportunity 2016
Human rights assessment
103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 45, 46 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
GRI 103: Management 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 13 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
103-2: The management approach and its component 45, 46
GRI 103: Management Approach 2016
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 45, 46 103-2: The management approach and its component 13
Approach 2016
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 13
GRI 305: Emissions 305-1: Direct (scope 1) GHG emissions 53 4F-Performance, 2C-The capitals (Natural
GRI 412: Human Rights 412-3: Significant investment agreements and contracts 13
2016 305-2: Energy Indirect (Scope 2) GHG emissions 53 capital)
Assessment 2016 that include human rights clauses or that underwent human
rights screening
Effluents and waste
Local communities
103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 45, 46 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
GRI 103: Management 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 69 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
103-2: The management approach and its component 45, 46 Approach 2016
GRI 103: Management 103-2: The management approach and its component 69
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 45, 46
Approach 2016 103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 69
GRI 306: Effluents and 306-2: Waste by type and disposal method 53 4F-Performance, 2C-The capitals (Natural GRI 413: Local Communi- 413-1: Operations with local community engagement, im-
waste 2016 capital) ties 2016 pact assessments, and development programs 72, 73
Environmental compliance Supplier social assessment
103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 16, 17 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries) GRI 103: Management 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 55 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
103-2: The management approach and its component 16, 17 Approach 2016 103-2: The management approach and its component 55
GRI 103: Management
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 16, 17 103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 55
Approach 2016
GRI 307: Environmen- 307-1: Non-compliance with environmental laws and 53 GRI 414: Supplier Social 13, 60 2C-The capitals (Human and relationship
414-1: New suppliers that were screened using social criteria
tal compliance 2016 regulations Assessment 2016 capital)
Marketing and labeling
GRI 103: Management 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 34, 35 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
Approach 2016 103-2: The management approach and its component 34, 35
SOCIAL TOPICS 103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 34, 35
Employment GRI 417: Marketing and 417-1: Requirements for product and service information and 41, 42,
103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 55 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries) Labeling 2016 labeling 43
103-2: The management approach and its component 55 Customer privacy
GRI 103: Management
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 55 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 34, 35 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
Approach 2016
GRI 401: Employment 2016 56, 57 2C-The capitals (Human and relationship 103-2: The management approach and its component 34, 35
401-1: New employee hires and employee turnover GRI 103: Market Assess-
capital) 103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 34, 35
ment 2016
Occupational health and safety GRI 418: Customer Privacy 418-1: Substantiated complaints concerning breaches of 34 2C-The capitals (Human and relationship
GRI 103: Management 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 55 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries) 2016 customer privacy and losses of customer data capital)
Approach 2016 103-2: The management approach and its component 55
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 55
GRI 403: Occupational 403-2: Types of injury and rates of injury, occupational diseas- 60, 61
health and safety 2016 es, lost days, and absenteeism, and number of work-related
Training and education
103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 55 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
103-2: The management approach and its component 55
GRI 103: Management
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 55
Approach 2016
404-1: Average hours of training per year per employee 59 2C-The capitals (Human and relationship
59 capital)
GRI 404: Training and Edu- 404-2: Programs for upgrading employee skills and transition
cation 2016 assistance programs

Implementing Smart Solutions,

78 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 79
Electric utilities sector-specific disclosures
Sector specific general standard disclosure
EU 1: Installed capacity, broken down by primary energy source and by regulatory 42, 43
EU 2: Net energy output broken down by primary energy source and by regulatory 47
EU 3: Number of residential, industrial, institutional and commercial customer 34
EU 4: Length of above and underground transmission and distribution lines by 43
regulatory regime
EU 5: Allocation of CO2e emissions allowances or equivalent, broken down by Not applicable.
carbon trading framework Not reported as KAH-
RAMAA is currently
not covered by any
emission trading

Availability and reliability

GRI 103: Management 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 34, 35 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
Approach 2016 103-2: The management approach and its component 34, 35
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 34, 35
EU 10: Planned capacity against projected electricity demand over the long term, 42, 43 2C-The capitals (Manufactured capital)
broken down by energy sources and regulatory regime
Demand side management
GRI 103: Management 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 51 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
Approach 2016 103-2: The management approach and its component 51
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 51
Research and development
GRI 103: Management 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 46 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
Approach 2016 103-2: The management approach and its component 46
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 46
System efficiency
EU 12: Transmission and distribution losses as a percentage of total energy 48 4F-Performance, 2C-The capitals (Manu-
factured capital)
Disaster emergency planning and response
GRI 103: Management 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 66, 67 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
Approach 2016 103-2: The management approach and its component 66, 67
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 66, 67
GRI 103: Management 103-1: Explanation of material topics and its boundary 45, 46 3D-Materiality (reporting boundaries)
Approach 2016 103-2: The management approach and its component 45, 46
103-3: Evaluation of the management approach 45, 46
EU 28: Power outage frequency 48 4F-Performance, 2C-The capitals (Manu-
EU 29: Average power outage duration 48 factured capital)

Implementing Smart Solutions,

80 Rationalizing Resources KAHRAMAA | Sustainability report 2016 81
Prepared and published by
Conservation and Energy Efficiency Department