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CS 391 Ethics

Prepare to Succeed

Tatag Sasono

1. For each page, synthesize your research and write in complete sentences in essay format using 14pt type.
a. Use the green instructions in the notes below each page to focus your research.

b. Write about each question, prompt, or process provided in those Notes.

c. Add additional pages if you need more room.

a. Cite all sources by using hyperlinks in the Titles of the Article and Titles of Laws.
See the examples on the Writing Requirements page.
i. Cite each Law, Act, Agency, Case, Article, Study, etc. that you mention.

a. Do not change the font styles. They must stay at 14 point Lato left-justified type.

b. Do not bullet the paragraphs. Write in essay format only.

1. Add all sources to the Bibliography page.

a. Include author, title, publisher, date, and URL.

2. When in doubt, write the instructor for clarification using the Canvas Inbox.
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The process of learning in the Social and Ethical in Computer Science is using the Learning
method of searching, reading, writing, and peer-reviewing. The learning process
requires a specific method of clear methods to achieve effective and efficient learning objectives. Learning
methodology is a way of doing activities between educators and learners when interacting in the learning process.
Educators need to know and learn the method of teaching in order to be able to deliver the material and be well
understood by the learner. Teaching methods are practiced at the time of teaching and made as attractive as
possible so that learners get the knowledge effectively and efficiently.

One of the ultimate to gain knowledge is by conducting research. Research provides the knowledge and skills
needed to solve problems and face environmental challenges where decision-making has to be done quickly.
Baraniuk (2006) argues interconnection of ideas creation lead to knowledge ecosystem that can be achieved by
doing research. The process of collecting facts and data in the making of paper requires students to read
effectively. Effective reading is a reading activity accompanied by an understanding of the content of the passage.
This is certainly different from reading light reading that can be done casually. This process is done so that
students find material that supports the idea of the preparation of the scientific work.

On the other hand, the method of crowdsourcing learning become the good trend in education. Students are able
to discuss by sharing their writing, collaborating and reviewing others’ work. Skaržauskaitė (2012) states
crowdsourcing has good impact to individual learners because of raise the logical and ethical concern. By using
this model, students will be lured to use similar activities and the equivalent of activities in social networking in
doing the tasks or solving problems that must be discussed. As a result students will increase their internal
motivation in developing collaborative activities in the learning process.
Creating a safe space during the online learning process
is crucial because of students and lecturer do not
Safety & Cyberbullying
communicate physically. It would help to minimize the misunderstanding among readers in the learning process.
Learning no longer knows the distance, place and time. Education is further facilitated by internet connection that
allows the process of teaching and learning without face to face directly. In Oregon State University (OSU)
regulations, any harassment or cyberbullying are prohibited and student can report to the instructor privately,
reporting to the Student Conduct office, and reporting to the Equal Opportunity office.

However, there is potential of cyberbullying among the students. Cyberbullying is a form of crime committed by
someone through social media or online media by using the communication technology and electronic media to
others with a specific purpose. Cyberbullying is generally done through the media of social networking sites like
Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, and Email. Li (2007) argues the anonymity contained in any electronic
communication model not only disguises identity but can reduce social accountability, making it easier for users to
engage in hostile and aggressive actions. Cyberbullying can result in the victim becoming a low-achiever, which is
not optimal in his learning effort.

Afterwards, the issue of online harassment becomes the consideration because of the freedom of speech. Duggan
(2017) states balance free speech and safety issues online lead to personally experienced online harassment to
more than third of American adult. Insecurity on the victims of cyber harassment is more severe than the
harassment that occurs in the real world. On real harassment, the victim feels safe when he/she gets home, but the
victim cyber harassment feels threatened continuously. The existence of laws or other regulations that restrict the
use of the Internet for bad intentions, does not guarantee the reduction of online harassment cases. Similar cases
can continue to occur even if they become more developed if there is no concern from the public, or internet users.
OSU provides good library services to the online
students. The service is good for the online class as it
Library Services
shows by the capable librarian communication. The librarian willing to help as long as the student provides the
OSU ID. OSU library DIY is available every time. If the student getting confuses so can directly contact the
Oregon Librarians. If the question about Engineering Librarian can contact to Margaret Mellinger. Ecampus
Librarian can contact to Stefanie Buck. According to OSU Library (2017) the one who works directly to the
INTO OSU program and its students is Laurie Bridges.

The article related to modern library technologies retrieved from OSU library is “The use of handheld mobile
devices: their impact and implications for library services” written by Cummings, et al. (2009). The authors
argue by using the mobile phone could enhance the services of the library. Utilization of information
technology can support library services to be effective and efficient. The current librarian's challenge is mainly
related to the internet network and the utilization of various new technology gadgets. Mobile technology for
libraries needs to be a concern for librarians. Mobile access facilities are a challenge for future libraries.
Information is now at the fingertips, meaning that information access can be done with mobile devices. So, the
standard mobile digital library service should have become a library development destination. Librarians must
understand mobile technology and trends and be able to predict the impact of mobile technology presence on
library services.

The library service that used to locate this article is 1search. 1Search is a feature that searches many of the
library database at once. Then, to search the journal in OSU library is browsing on the “Journal Search” menu.
Type relates keywords into the search box, then click or tap the Search button. In addition, the library also
provides external sources from Google Scholar.
News is informative of fragile realities. Reality is
taken through the camera or the eyes of journalists
Evaluate Sources of News
and informed to the public. Camera and journalist's eyes certainly have limitations. Selection of camera angle
and focus of news from a journalist who is subjective also contribute, so the news can not inform the real
reality. This is due to time constraints, media reporting (especially television coverage) always provides little
information. Viewers should be willing to read more to find information that puts television news in context.

Opinions from sources in news or opinions in an article are not as facts. Writer's journalist or author's opinion
actually writes in accordance with the way of view of himself, his understanding, not the real facts. Facts are
not in human perception, but are beyond human perception. Everyone has the right to claim that his or her
opinion represents facts, but facts can not be represented by anyone. The facts stand alone. Human opinion is
in fact all subjective. Otero (2017) lists Media Bias Chart to classify the news maker based on the overall
quality and partisan bias. In the green section indicates reliable, unbiased, and factual reporting. The example
of newspaper in Skews Liberal City within the green sections are POLITICO, AXIOS, The New York Times, and
BBC. While the example in Skews Conservative City within the green sections is The Hill. Then, the
mainstream groups include of The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and Bloomberg.

The media perspective should not overlap with interests. By reason of time and space constraints, the media
will determine which stories get the most space, and which stories are edited or even shelved. Consideration
to do so should be from a public perspective rather than from the perspective of the capital owner. Media has
a variety of streams, if the focus is only in one medium then the reader's perspective is herded to the same
perspective used by the media. News about one case may differ from different media. So, one way to
understand the real news is to understand from various sources.
To set up Google News, the first step is by login to my Google News Feed
google account tatagadies@gmail.com and login to
https://news.google.com/. Then, I insert “Your Interests” by adding Computer and Information Ethics. The
“Sources” of the preferred sources are The New Yorker, Bloomberg, Reuters, New York Times, Economic
Times, CNN, and Guardian. The justification is by picking the group of newspaper based on the Green area of
Media Bias Chart and others because of discuss about economics global. For the block sources are Monitor,
Politico, ABC News, Axios, and NPR. The reason is because the popularity of news in my perspective is limited.

The result on Monday, April 9, 2018, the one of news that appears is “Get ready for an exciting career as a data
hygienist” by https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2018-04-04/artificial-intelligence-can-also-be-a-
job-creator with the journalist Justin Fox. Fox (2018) argues automations will lead to new job creation as one
of them is data hygienist. It indicates that everyone should be ready for the quick changes in the work
environment. The next news is “Women must act now, or male-designed robots will take over our lives” by
automation with the journalist Ivana Bartoletti. Bartoletti (2018) states artificial intelligence will take
important roles to the human codification creation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in modern times can help in
doing human tasks in many ways. Artificial intelligence can help humans to copy their brains, personality
behaviors into the machine so that when you are absent replace the problems and opportunities the machine
can play your role. In simple words, artificial intelligence or machine learning or in-depth learning is just a term
that we can use to describe changes and innovations in information technology. This reinforces the response
that artificial intelligence machines will become more intelligent over time and will replace human resources in
various fields of work in the future.
Some plagiarism takes place around us. Of course this
is enough to be of concern to all of us, so it becomes
Avoiding Plagiarism
very important for us to anticipate this action. The act of plagiarism will tarnished and blurred the academic
world and is no exaggeration if plagiarism is said to be an intellectual crime. There are several reasons why
triggers or triggers of plagiarism are limited time to complete a scientific work that becomes the burden of
responsibility. From that lead to encourage to copy-paste the work of others. Whatever the reason someone
does plagiarism, it is not a justification for the action.

Plagiarism is to duplicate or rewrite a person's work without being modified or written by the author and
without the owner's permission. Understand the ways of avoiding plagiarism technique is important. So that
Prillo and Fitz (2015) we do not get caught in the world of plagiarism, it helps us to avoid it by paying attention
to the ways to deal with it as follows. First, we should record quotations and give quotation marks. Second,
perform paraphrasing by keeping the source. Paraphrasing is expressing other people's ideas by using their
own words, without altering the meaning or meaning of the idea by keeping the source. Third, after doing the
writing it's good we check back that we have written so that no mistakes like the existence of similarity in
words or sentences with the original text. Then, unique words or sentences that can not be changed to give
quotation marks. Increasing self-confidence is also a necessary thing because it makes us believe in our ability
and does not do anything that smells of plagiarism.

In addition to the above two things, to avoid plagiarism, we can use some application of antiplagiarism
supporters either paid or free. For example using plagiarism detection applications such as Turnitin,
Wcopyfind, and so forth. Then, use of Zotero, Endnote and similar applications for citation management and
The ease of reference writing is also supported by
the rapid development of technology. Today, many
Bibliograpy Tools
software vendors are commercial-based software or freeware that provides reference program manager. The
program will make it easier for writers to include references. There are various software that can be selected
to make it easier to write references, one of them is Mendeley. In performing writing techniques, this software
can be useful for managing, creating citations, and exchanging articles. This software is operated online. Its use
is easy and standardized. There are two Mendeley versions that can be chosen by the author, Mendeley Plugin
and Mendeley Desktop. Both versions are basically no different.

Downloading Mendeley software can be done by visiting http://www.mendeley.com page. On the page will
appear a green box that reads "Download Mendeley Desktop". Next, click on the box and make sure the
downloading process is successful. After the installation process is completed, Mendeley is ready to use.
Before using it, there are some notes to keep in mind. First, Mendeley is not used to manage files in general,
but only manage references. Users are advised to manage files first by type, theme, or topic of the collected
reference. The files to be used need to be managed in folders. This grouping aims to facilitate the use or
management of Mendeley libraries. In addition, the user will also be made easy to create a citation.

The Mendeley can be used by the author to add cites while in the process of writing techniques. The way is
more effectively done so that authors do not need to write one by one reference used. It also minimizes typing
errors in referencing installs. Not only used for writing techniques, Mendeley's software can also be used
when someone writes papers, journals, or scientific articles. Writings that use bibliography, citation, and
quotes can be solved with the help of Mendeley.
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