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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction — Calvin College Education Program

Teacher: ​Kyla Swanson

Date: ​3 April 2018 Subject/ Topic/ Theme: ​My Community Grade: ​2nd Grade

I. Objectives
How does this lesson connect to the unit plan?
Students will start thinking how they can contribute to the community of their school and make it a better place
1. Maps
2. Different types of communities
3. How we contribute to the community
4. How we can serve our community

cognitive- physical socio-emotio

Learners will be able to: R U Ap An E C* development nal
● Reproduce their ideas about opinions and community service R
● Organize their opinion statement into sentences C
● Reconstruct their opinion into a letter C
● Revise their rough draft C
● Display strong words and reasons to support their opinion X
Common Core standards (or GLCEs if not available in Common Core) addressed:
2 – P3.1.1 Identify public issues in the local community that influence the daily lives of its citizens.
2 – P4.2.1 Develop and implement an action plan to address or inform others about a public issue.
2 – P3.3.1 Compose a statement expressing a position on a public policy issue in the local community and justify the position with a
reasoned argument.

(Note​:​ Write as many as needed. Indicate taxonomy levels and connections to applicable national or state standards. If an objective applies to particular
learners write the name(s) of the learner(s) to whom it applies.)
*remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, create

II. Before you start

Identify prerequisite Knowledge gained from previous 4 lessons, maps, types of communities, what makes a community,
knowledge and skills. and importance of community service.

Pre-assessment (for learning): ​Students will discuss what they have previously learned.

Formative (for learning): ​ Students will meet with teacher as they go through the process of writing their letter
Outline assessment
Formative (as learning): ​Students will work on their letter to the principal, using what they know about
community service and opinion writing to explain how they can help make their school community better.
(applicable to this lesson)
Summative (of learning​):​ The students final draft of their letter to the principal with their opinion stating how they
can positively contribute to the community of their school.

Provide Multiple Means of Provide Multiple Means of Provide Multiple Means of Action
What barriers might this Engagement Representation and Expression
lesson present? Provide options for self-regulation- Provide options for comprehension- Provide options for executive
expectations, personal skills and activate, apply & highlight functions- ​coordinate short &
strategies, self-assessment & long-term goals, monitor progress,
What will it take – reflection and modify strategies
Students will look at their progress Students will be thinking of how
neurodevelopmentally, as they work on their letters. they can start implementing their
experientially, emotionally, Students will have their ideas ideas from the letter into their life
etc., for your students to do written down on worksheet and will and their schoo life.
this lesson? meet with the teacher to discuss
how they can move forward.
Provide options for sustaining effort Provide options for language, Provide options for expression and
and persistence- ​optimize challenge, mathematical expressions, and communication- ​increase medium
collaboration, mastery-oriented symbols- ​clarify & connect of expression
feedback language Students will be able to meet with
teacher to talk about their ideas if
they struggle written them down or
forming them on their own.
Provide options for recruiting Provide options for perception- Provide options for physical action-
interest- ​choice, relevance, value, making information perceptible increase options for interaction
authenticity, minimize threats Students will write their letters
The relevance of their letters is knowing their principal will read
very evident as they will be them, therefore they will have the
writing about how they can opportunity to interact with their
principal and show him their
make their immediate
thinking and what they have
surroundings a better place. learned.
Students completed OREO sheets
Materials-what materials
Lined paper for letters
(books, handouts, etc) do
you need for this lesson
and are they ready to use?

Chairs and desks

How will your classroom
be set up for this lesson?

III. The Plan

Describe​ teacher​ activities AND ​student​ activities
Time Components for each component of the lesson. Include important higher order thinking questions and/or
Students will discuss their OREO opinion sheets
(5 min) introduction/
that they have completed last class. Students will share what they learned through the
OREO worksheet
Will review what we know about opinions
Teacher will ask the students to share their opinions
and give the class ideas on how we can contribute Students will share how they think they can make
to the school community the school a better community
5 min

Teacher will introduce the next activity.

We will write a letter to our principal telling him
(the largest
our opinions on how we think we can make the
component or
school an even better community.
main body of
the lesson)
Go over rules of writing letters ​Students should
(5 min)
know this as they have written multiple birthday
For this letter we must include:
● Our opinion on how we can make the
school a better place
(10 ● 3 reasons
min) ● One example
● Opinion restated
● Thank you to Mr. Shaw for what he does
for the school.
Teacher will give copy of checklist to students.
First half of class students will compile rough drafts
and will meet individually with Teacher. Students will start writing a rough draft letter to
(40 their principal about how they can impact their
min) Teacher must approve their rough draft before they school community
can start on their final draft.
Students will meet with teacher to discuss their

Letter will be graded by rubric

Students will have opportunity to look at rubric
and evaluate their letter
55 min
(5 min) Closure Teacher will ask students to sit back in their chairs Students will share their knowledge and what they
(conclusion, and discuss their letters, what they have learned have learned.
culmination, about communities and opinion writing
wrap-up) Students will give finished letters to principal.

Your reflection about the lesson, including evidence(s) of student learning and engagement, as well as ideas for improvement
for next time. ​(Write this after teaching the lesson, if you had a chance to teach it. If you did not teach this lesson, focus on the
process of preparing the lesson.)