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Name Title Extension

Bergstrom, Nathan Administrator 1100
Brown, Lucille Office Assistant, Admissions 1317
Bussewitz, Connie Head of Admissions 1210
Condorodis, George Medical Office Manager 1245
Curtis, Larry, MD Internal Medicine 1762
Elkins, Nancy, MD Director, Internal Medicine 1700
Emerson, John J., MD Internal Medicine 1722
Flores, Steven, MD Pulmonology 1743
Hardy, Neil, MD Associate Administrator for Medicine 1201
Harfer, Mark Chief Medical Officer, Administration 1200
Hubbard, Mark, MD Oncology Department 1658
Hunzley, Jay W Radiology 1325
Hussain, Abou MD Pain Specialist 1555
Jones, John, MD Director, Pediatrics Department 1647
Karns, Jason, MD Family Practice 1815
Larson, Alvin K. Medical Director 1115
Lewis, Raymond, MD Family Practice 1842
Lorencz, Kathleen, J., MD Ob-Gyn Department 1545
Lyons, Jeffrey, MD Otorhinolaryngology 1542
Milkesan, John I. Internal Medicine 1717
Olson, Theresa J. Medical Assistant 1215
Ronning, Thomas, MD Cardiology 1733
Salo, Laurel, MD Pediatrics 1644
Scott, Rena, Ph. D. Audiology 1592
Simpkins, Marion, MD Orthopedics Department 1563
Simpson, Ernest M., MD Radiology 1320
Sosa, Mildred, MD Gastroenterology 1582
Stuart, Emery R. Cardiology 1715
Szabo, Jeffrey, MD Cardiology 1758
Thomas, Wanda Administrative Assistant 1254
Wong, Ming, MD Allergy 1766
Ziss, Thomas MD Otorhinolaryngology 1688