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High Performance Home Gateway Integrating Wired & Wireless LAN

RGW : HN-4404AP
FEATURES Tellion’s wireless access point, HN-4404AP, incorporates
802.11b/g/n technology to deliver throughput rivaling Fast Ethernet
All-in-one networking
to provide high speed internet services satisfying predictable
through high-speed
performance across challenging environments. Advanced MIMO
Wi-Fi, switching, signal processing, frame aggregation, and 40-MHz-wide channels
management and let the HN-4404AP support high bandwidth and real-time wireless
security. applications while maintaining seamless connections for voice, video
and data clients.
802.11n wireless and
4-port Ethernet wire-
With the built-in layer 2/3/4 switching architecture, the HN-
line convergence on 4404AP provides wire-speed performance for not only layer 2
single gateway switching, but also IP and NAT switching. It also provides the wire-
platform line access capabilities for home networking, enabling to offer
quadruple pay services like Wi-Fi inetnet, IPTV, VoIP and High-speed
Internet access, and other applications like home automation and
architecture based
room-to-room communications.
integrated MAC switch
with physical layer and The HN-4404AP is an all-in-one residential gateway solution,
transceiver for adding 802.11b/g/n functions to wire-line residential gateway in
order to provide wireless VoIP application through Wi-Fi Phone as
well as QoS guaranteed applications such as IPTV, wire-line VoIP and
The wire-speed
high-speed Internet access. .
throughput eliminates
bottleneck of Internet
Wireless security,
encryption, and MAC
address filtering
feature on Ethernet
WAN and LAN ports
detect and correct
cable error.

RGW : HN-4404AP
Future-Proof FTTP Solution

Mechanical Structure and Dimension SNMP v1, v2

Dimension: 165mm(W) x 53mm(D) x 200mm(H) Web UI
Ethernet Switch & Controller TR069
Switching Capability: 6 x 6 FE DNS Client
RFC 854 Telnet Server
Remote Backup & Upgrade
LAN Port : 4 x RJ 45(100Base -Tx) Upgrade Fail Recovery
WAN Port : 100Base-Tx
IEEE 802.11b/g/n RGW Functions & Software 2
Packet Classification for QoS : 2-level QoS based on port
RGW Functions & Software 1 . Layer 2: Src/Dest Mac, VLAN ID, COS
Layer 2 Switching . Layer 3: Src/Dest IP, DSCP, TOS, Precedence, Protocol
Hardware-switched NAT for IP protocol . Firewall rule, policy-based QoS
IEEE 802.3x Flow Control IEEE802.11b/g/n Based Wireless LAN
IEEE 802.1q Tagged VLAN 2T2R/1T2R, 2/1 Spatial Stream (300/150Mbps PHY Rate)
IEEE 802.1p QoS Wireless Security, Including
IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping & Proxy WPA/WPA2.0/WEP/CCx4/WMM/802.1x
IGMP v2 Fast Leave
DHCP Server/Proxy /Relay/Option 60,77,43 Operating System
Port Redirection & Port Mirroring Embedded Linux 2.6
Multicast/Mac Control
Scheduling with SPQ, WFQ, SPQ+WFQ Power Consumption
Mac/IP Filtering : Ethernet Type, IP/MAC/Port, 5Vdc / 1.2A
Protocol, VLAN ID
ALG(Application Level Gateway) Environmental Conditions
. FTP, TFTP, SIP, H.323, IRC, PPtP, L2TP, IPsec Temperature : 0ºC ~ +50ºC
. BattleNet
DMZ on LAN port
Broadcast/Multicast Storm Control
Port & Flow Based Rate Limiting

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Tellion is a leading supplier of optical access solutions. Based on the needs of customers, Tellion provides the seamless
solutions to converge multiple services and break the last mile barriers. Selected major products are access network
equipments capable of providing high-speed internet access effectively via xDSL/FITL(Fiber in The Loop), IP-based access
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