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India is an agricultural country. Majority of its population lives in villages and depend on
agriculture. The Indian farmer is the backbone of the society. His importance in the
economy of the country cannot be over-emphasized. He grows corn, vegetables and
fruits for our food and cotton for our clothes.

Agriculture is the main industry in India.

Farmers have tough life. They work very hard day and night. They depend on the monsoon for
good yielding of their crops. If the monsoon is not conducive, their life becomes miserable.
Summer season sweats the farmers in hot sun. And he has to work in wet and cold during
winter seasons. They depend wholly on the sale of their crops. Famine, Drought, Floods and
other natural calamities play havoc in their meagre existence.

Drought conditions imply scarcity of water and this result in poor yielding of crops. Shortage of
food becomes an everyday reality and struggle for farmers.

Farmers generally are not well educated and their awareness of hygiene is not adequate. As a
result they don’t have a good hygienic drinking water facility. Moreover the sewage system in
villages is not well laid out. These environmental conditions are one of the main causes of poor
health of the farmers.

Added to these miseries, the farmers do not have access to standard medical care. Doctors and
nurses in villages are very few in numbers. They cannot adequately cater to the increasing
needs of the farmers.

Government has taken measures to ensure technological know-how reaches the farmers. Some
of the farmers are taking initiative to implement good advanced techniques to increase crop
productivity. This helps to improve the lifestyle of the farmers.

Electricity and uninterrupted water supply are the main requirements for the farmers in today’s
world. Farmers are very curious to learn about the different methods of achieving higher

As they are closely connected with the soil and they have amassed lots of knowledge and
experiences in understanding the nature of the soil and seasons, they are truly the gods of the
soil. Technology and advanced scientific methods in agriculture will definitely help them to
have a stable and good life style.
Crop rotation is being implemented in many areas. Contract crop system is another area of
experimentation currently practiced in some states. These steps are in the right direction to
improve the livelihood of the farmers. The old out- dated plough is now being replaced by the

In many states, farmers are buying better agricultural implements, good seeds and fertilizers.

The remedy of the Indian farmer’s backwardness lies in spreading literacy among the farmers.
Government should help them with money, implements and good seeds. There should be good
arrangements for irrigation too.

Distribution of surplus land, consolidation of land holdings, implementation of ceiling laws and
other land reforms have brought about a transformation in the status of Indian farmer.

In recent years, the use of agricultural machinery and chemical manures and the provision of
credit facilities by cooperative societies and rural banks have improved the outlook of the

Our late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri gave us the slogan, “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”, underlying
the fact that farmer is an important as a soldier.

The biggest industry needs to focus on the farming profession. One of the causes is that it does
not guarantee a prosperous living to them. The development in Science and Technology has not
been able to make agriculture an enviable profession. This is the main reason for the problem
of unemployment. If modernized on a large scale it can employ all the unemployed youths and
the country will be for more prosperous than we dream about it. They will all be a truly the
Gods of the soil.

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.