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SWC Lesson Reflection

Lesson Science/ weather Amal Yousef Karam
MST Saira Bano School Alkamal American School

Class KG2-C Date

Overall aim and context of the lesson

The aim of teaching students science lesson to recognize the weather and know in which season

SWC Lesson Reflection (Completed after EVERY lesson taught)

Select (S):
Identify a lesson and what standards are you addressing
It was my second science lesson about the weather. I planned with my MST and asked her about
kind of the activities could I share with students. To know what kind of activities students use for
numbers. I suggest to use hands-on activities because they work most of time on books so that
will be change in their learning style. What I like to include in science activities to use colorful
markers and use drawing. Because, I like how students link to real life and use creating.

Describe (D):
Who is the lesson for?
Where did the lesson take place?
What were you trying to achieve in your lesson?
What did the students do?

This lesson was for KG2-c students in Alkamal School. I taught the lesson in the classroom
environment where the students already learn in it. Because most of work will be using a laptop.
However, I tried to achieve in my lesson, to make activities more flexible. Moreover, I used this
strategy about learning by doing. So, I felt students learn and have fun with these kinds of
activities. As I said using activities with colorful kinds that get students attention.

Analyze (A):
Why do you think the students responded the way that they did?
How well did your teaching relate to the students’ prior understanding?
How well did you engage the students?
As I said they responded because I used learning by doing strategy with students. In addition, the
activities I prepared were taken their attention and got busy with it. I connected this lesson with
season’s lesson that each lesson continue the other. For example, I asked to describe what happen
in spring season. I engaged students by telling story about weather.
Appraise (A):
Explain the nature of the experience from the students’ perspective
Did your lesson meet your teaching goals?
Overall of the weather lesson, was good and I enjoyed with students doing activities. Because,
each one colored and do it in their own way that let establish on their mind. Those students must
have hands-on activities to be busy and managed. I put some goals to achieve it in the end of the
lesson they got the concept I taught to them. In addition, that I accepted to not respond and move
in the class but I tried and show them the teacher character to them.

Transform (T):
How might you enhance student learning of this lesson in the future?
What are the implications for your professional practice?
I will work to make more activities that students can be busy with and learn from it. Moreover, I
will explore for more activities that related to weather and use creating. The implication to me
was practicing to manage a full class of misbehave students, by doing more activities and be