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Juana Tiburcio pena




Inglés II


Final Production


Roberto alcantara
First: select ONE of the topics.
1. Write a composition about yourself. Include the following:
My name is Juana Tiburcio, I live in La Vega, Soto. I am from La Vega, Republican
Dominican. I live in a House with my family. The mean of transportation that I used
to go work is a Subway, everyday a take the subway and then a car.
I like to go shopping on weekends, I like to go to la Sirena, La Vega, Jumbo and
others one.
I go to the doctor once time in the year or maybe twice, but is no usually.
I have 3 children, they are my life, and they are so sweets and funnys. Sometimes I
don’t have time for theirs but when I have I always stay with them.
2- Write about the daily activities of yourself and someone you know very well.
Include what you do and what the person you will describe do too.
Everyday I get up at 6:00 a.m I do the breakfast and prepared my children for the
school, then I helped to my mother in her job. She has a restaurant, then I go to my
job at 10:00 a.m. I work of 11:55 to 7:00 p.m, then I go to my home and have dinner,
watch tv and after that go to sleep.
My daily routine is so busy and boring.
* Use images related to the topic.

Second: Write about the topic.

Then you must record a 2 minutes video where you'll have to read the development
of your final production. Upload it on www.youtube.com, send the link or just send
the video to the platform in any format.
Finally: you have to send the word file containing your project to the space of final
productions in the platform according to the methodology of the final production.
You can use different sources of information such as your textbook and the web.

Good luck!