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Tecnologo en Negociacion Internacional

Nombre: Jessica Mahecha Diaz

Evidencia 6: Segmentation “Describing Potential Clients”

1. Resuelva en inglés las preguntas que se le presentan a continuación:

1. Where do you usually buy your cleaning products?

In the new low cost supermarket chains like D1 or Justo y Bueno

2. Do you consider yourself as a neat person? Why?

According to the education that surrounds me and the lifestyle that I maintain, I consider myself
a person who enjoys cleaning.

3. Do you feel satisfied with the cleaning products you buy? Why?
I am satisfied because they fulfill their function.

4. What kind of cleaning product would you like it to be improved? Why?

When using the products without protection, mistreat the skin of those who handle it.

5. Mention 5 cleaning product brands you consider as the best ones

○ Justo y Bueno toiletries
○ Toilet products D1
○ JGB cleaning products
○ Fuller toiletries
○ Novaventas cleaning products

6. Which are the most important aspects to be taken into account to choose a cleaning
product brand?
○ Quality
○ Presentation
○ Variety
○ Kindness to the Environment
○ Price

7. Imagine you are promoting a new product.

The good performance of the Colombian economy has contributed to the satisfactory results of
the different activities covered by the asei production subsector, which are reflected in the local
sales and export indicators.

The idea of ​introducing biodegradable toilet products to the market is to identify people who are
becoming aware of the environmental damage caused by the traditional product and the
companies that are institutionalizing Corporate Social Responsibility.

Therefore, we are focusing on contributing to the reduction of environmental impact, generating

and supporting awareness in the care of the environment both in individuals and companies and
ensure the profitability of the business.
8. Describe in English the type of population to which you intend to project the product or
service, according to the country already selected.

Individuals with purchasing power and who in their daily lives use cleaning products that do not
impact negatively on the Environment.

9. Based on the population described above, prepare a survey in English to be applied to

this population.


TECHNICAL FILE: Total sample selected XXXX face-to-face surveys, developed in the XXXX
month in the City of Bogota D.C. XXXX locality, aimed at the segment of natural persons)

Good (days / afternoons) we are students of eTecnologo in International Negotiation of

the National Service of Learning SENA; We appreciate your collaboration in answering
the following survey that will not allow us to collect important information related to the
marketing and sale of cleaning products in this sector of the city of Bogotá D.C.

Name: ______________________________________
Age: ​From 18 to 25___ From 26 to 35___ From 36 to 45___ From 46 to 55___ More than
Gender​: M__ F__ Socioeconomic​: One__ Two __ Three___ Four___
Email​: _____________________ ​Neighborhood​: ____________ ​Phone​: _________

1. acquires cleaning products?

1. Yes _____ 2. Do Not _____ (Finish the survey)

2. Which of the following cleaning products do you buy most often?

1. Detergent clothes color___
2. Detergent white clothes___
3. Softener ___
4. Cabbage ___
5. Others ___
6. Varsol ____
7. All the previous___

3. Why do you buy cleaning products?

1. Home use ___
2. Special Events ___
3. Resale ___
4. Other ___

4. How often do you buy cleaning products?

● 1. Daily ___ 2. Weekly__ 3. Weekly ___ 4. Monthly ___

5. What packaging material do you prefer when buying toilet products?

1. Plastic ____
2. Cardboard ____
3. Icopor____
4. Biodegradable____
5. Others________________________

6. On average, how many toiletry products do you buy monthly?

● 1. From 0 to 10 __ 2. From 10 to 20 ___ 3. From 20 to 30 4.More than 30 ___

7. Where do you buy cleaning products?

1. On Large Surfaces___
2. In mini markets or Superetes___
3. In neighborhood stores____
4. In small marketers___
5. Other___

8. Why do you buy them on that site?

1. Price___
2. Quality___
3. Cercanía ___
4. Purchase by volume___
5. Other___

9. What is your level of satisfaction with the products you buy in that establishment?
1. Very Satisfied___
2. Satisfied___
3. Indifferent____
4. Unsatisfied____
5. Very Dissatisfied____

10. Reasons for the previous answer?


11. Would you be willing to change the place where you buy the disposable products?
1. Yes___
2. No___ (Continue to question No 12)

12. What would be the main reason why the establishment where you purchase the
products would change?
1. Price___
2. Quality___
3. Closeness ___
4. Others____

13. What is the time of the year when you purchase the most cleaning products? (check
the necessary ones)
● 1. January ___2. February ___ 3. March ___ 4.Abril ___ 5.May ___ 6.June ___ 7.July
___ 8. August___ 9. September___ 10.October ___ 11.November ___ 12.December

14. Justify your answer?


15. Have you purchased toilet products made with biodegradable materials?
1. Yes _____
2. No ____ (Thank and finish)

16. Where have you purchased these products?

1. On large surfaces
2. In specialized establishments
3. In wholesale and retail marketers
4. Other ______

17. What are the aspects that most influence you when purchasing biodegradable toilet
1. Price
2. Quality
3. Environmental Awareness
4. Brand Recognition
5. Materials with which it is manufactured
6. Other _________

18. Do you consider that the use and implementation of this type of product contributes
to the conservation and preservation of the environment?
1. Yes _____
2. No ____

19. What type of biodegradable toilet products do you normally buy?

1. Dishes
2. Glasses
3. Cutlery
4. All the previous ones
5. Others ______________
6. (Thank and finish)