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Spring Issue Watertown High School April 1, 2009

Ms. Wagner Joins National Rugby Team

By: Kalli Fabrikarakis
each other until the coaches narrow on the field with your teammates you and giving up paychecks due to the time
them down to a team of 20. Once this are laying your body on the line for that she has taken off of work to play for
process is completed, the USA rugby them as they will do for you.   I have her team.  She’s had to sacrifice family
team is assembled. also learned that I am willing to put my vacations and time with her loved ones,
Ms. Wagner began her team before myself!” which is very hard for her.
successful career in rugby during her However, she has also made a lot of Here at Watertown High
senior year of high school. She was sacrifices. She has had to sacrifice School, we are very lucky and honored
a three-sport athlete in high school, close friends and relationships, due to either know Ms. Wagner or to have
playing soccer, basketball, and softball, to the long hours put into her training been able to be taught by her in one of
yet felt like she needed a sport where and her job here at Watertown High her math classes. She has accomplished
she wasn’t always being penalized or School.   She has also had to sacrifice many achievements, especially in rugby,
receiving yellow cards. A good friend money, paying for unfunded rugby trips and is a very diligent and hardworking
of hers had suggested rugby and told teacher.
Ms. Wagner that she should try it out.
As soon as she began to play the sport,
she fell in love; it was a contact sport
where she could tackle someone and
not get penalized for it. Ms. Wagner
has now been playing for 13 years, on
all different levels. She has played for
her college club team, and then began
Photo by: Randall Mar playing for her territory, which is when
you play for the part of the country in
Most of you know Ms. Wagner, which you live.
our amazing math teacher, who works However, Ms. Wagner now
so hard to help educate us all here at plays with the USA team, and has even
Watertown High School. However, gone to San Diego to compete against
something that all of you may not know all different countries with her team.
about Ms. Wagner is that she has earned One of Ms. Wagner’s best memories
a position on the United States rugby from all of her years in playing rugby is,
team, which is an amazing honor and “the first time that I put on a USA Jersey.
achievement. That was one of the most amazing
The USA rugby team is feelings, knowing that I was about
comprised of the top 20 women rugby to step on the field and represent my
players in the country. These women country.” Another memorable moment
are elite athletes that train just as hard was “winning the semifinal game at
and diligently as professional football nationals with my club team, Beantown,
players.  The members of the team are by a drop goal.  This was the first time
selected by a committee of coaches, that our team would be vying for the
who pick the top 20 women based on number one seed in the country.”
a tryout. Women who try out need Ms. Wagner has learned
to complete a fitness test, play in a many life-long lessons from playing
scrimmage, and run through drill after on a team, and has achieved a sense
drill, during which the coaches narrow of responsibility.  “I have learned how Photo by: Randall Mar
down the team to just 30 players. The to be a good teammate, a hard worker,
30 players then need to compete against and a trusted friend.   When you step

By Keith Singh
Locker Theft Numbers Rise To All Time High
Day after day, year after year, something of value to them inside.” the three lunches. This is because there for an open locker. Walking down a
students are pestered by teachers and Keep in mind that 60-70 are fewer people in classrooms, and hallway, a person can spot at least 15
school officials to lock their lockers percent of locker thefts happen during more time to wander halls looking lockers that are unlocked, and being
and keep watch over their personal used. Mind you that the laundry list of
belongings. Yet locker thefts have things being stolen has grown from just
persisted, and this year a staggering electronics. North Face jackets, jewelry,
number; over 25 have been reported. and textbooks now join the list, showing
The third quarter has just started, and people that anything can be stolen, if
the number of locker thefts has already care is not taken.
surpassed the entirety of last year’s The easiest way to prevent
numbers. As more and more cell phones locker theft is also the most obvious.
and iPods are being left in unlocked Lock your locker, and turn the numbers
lockers, more thefts are being reported. before leaving your locker. If you
Few students know how often locks are simply leave your locker on the last
broken into at the school. number of your combination, the lock
Retired police officer Mr. can be opened again just by pulling
O’Conner blames these thefts on student down on it.
ignorance, and carelessness for the rise To help raise awareness of
of thefts this year, saying that the best these thefts, Officer Swift is working
prevention of a theft is to “lock your with Mr. Rimas’ civics classes. They’re
lockers, and not put valuable things, or working on posters to be hung up around
things you wouldn’t like to lose in your the school, alerting people to the risk of
locker.” He also states how discretion is theft. Hopefully people will begin to
key to not having your things stolen. “A realize what’s happening in the school,
thief won’t take the risk of breaking into and begin locking their lockers.
a locker unless they know that there is
Photo By: Anthony Smart
WHS Students Take on
Bonaire Next Issue...
By: Kelsey Prendergast
On March 14, 2009, eight Michelle Poirier, sophomore Katie
students from Watertown High School Carlson, and junior Mia DePaolis.
will depart for the annual trip to Bonaire. Michelle Poirier, who is getting
Mr. DiBeneditti, who has run this trip ready for her first Bonaire trip, says,
for 19 years now, takes students across “I’m really excited to go to Bonaire and
seas to a marine environment. Most I hope its going to be the amazing trip
students take classes to obtain their
scuba certification before going on the
that everyone is making it out to be.”
Sophomore Tyler Bartley,
trip. By getting this diving certificate,
it allows the students to scuba dive
who has already been, says, “Bonaire
is a great trip, and is one of the funnest *Senior events
*Favorite memories
while in Bonaire. Without it, they can weeks you can ever imagine. All of the
only snorkel. In Bonaire, the students times I have gone, I’ve always wished
are able to study marine biology, coral I never had to leave. It is an overall
reef ecology and the effects of global amazing experience.” This trip allows
warming on the coral reef. the students to escape the pressure and
Mr. D says, “it’s a wonderful responsibilities of school for a few
experience for students and teachers.” days and relax while gaining a sense of
This year there are several new WHS adventure, as they explore the depth of
students joining the veterans, who have the ocean environment and all it has to
already attended this trip. The group of offer.
eight includes three newbies: sophomore

KwarQs Enter Competition

By: Dylan Lindholm

The high school robotics team, be like driving a robot on the moon.
the KwarQs, has been hard at work for The KwarQs’ robot has been
the past two months building a robot for designed, built, programmed, and
this year’s FIRST Robotics Competition. shipped off to the competition. Try-outs
With only six weeks to build a functional were held to find a human player who
robot, the KwarQs scrambled to make can throw balls into the robots’ trailer
something that would give them the the best. The KwarQs will be competing
best chances of winning. This year, the on the weekend of March 6th at Boston
competition’s game requires building University’s Agganis Arena against other
a robot pulling a trailer with a basket. teams from the region. Being a second
Human players and other robots will try year team, they’re up against some
Photo by: Libby Emery to shoot playing balls into the baskets tough competition, but if this year goes
to score points. If that isn’t enough of a as well as last year, when the team won
challenge, this all must be accomplished the Rookie All-Stars award and was able

The Raider Times

on a surface with a low coefficient to go to the Championships in Atlanta,
of fiction, simulating what it would Georgia, the KwarQs will do just fine.

2008-2009 Staff List

Editor-in-Chief: Maddy Herzog
Copy Editor: Andrew Grant
WHS Shows Lots of
News Opinion
By: Harrison Ford
Editor: Keith Singh Editor: Julia Brennan The WHS Talent Show took with some more colorful acts.  Dr.
Kalli Fabrikarakis place on Wednesday, February 25th, Schutze belted an Italian opera song
Maddy Herzog Sports 2009 in the Shaw Auditorium.  The idea with great gusto and left the wild crowd
Nick Lappen Editor: Kelsey Predergast for the show came from Mr. Dan Wulf as almost speechless.  Dan Wulf revealed
fund-raiser for the music department’s his hidden talents as a guitarist when
Taylor Connors field trip to New York City in April, and he played and sang Tom Cochrane’s
Feature his efforts were not fruitless. “Life Is A Highway.”  Junior Dylan
Editor: Chloe Anderson Photo Editor: Chloe Anderson Senior Annie O’Connell Lindholm and senior Gaby D’Amico
Shelby Austin-Manning and sophomore Shayla Titus did an did an Irish step dancing routine with
Liz Russo Freelance interesting job of hosting, including “Womanizer” by Britney Spears blaring
skits between every act and an in the background. Singing proved
Clara Gibbons unscheduled curtain call.  Freshman to be a favorite for the sudents in the
Arts & Entertainment Andrew Grant Maeve McClusky and sophomore Rose show.  Sophomore Isilay Yalcin sang
Editor: Jenna Gilreath Rachel Pano Fristrom opened the show with their a breathtaking version of the Goo Goo
Mane Harutyunyan Anthony Smart team of high-stepping sword dancers.  Dolls’ hit “Iris.”  Junior Harrison Ford
The crowd gasped in amazement as brought to mind April in Paris, as he
Rose did a climactic back-flip on the crooned his way through Edith Piaf’s
stage.  Mr. Cooke proved to be the “La Vie En Rose.”  And senior Caitlin
Beyonce of the evening, performing Feeney brought the house down with a
three times; once with Eric Falter to sing stunning rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s
James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful”, once classic “Landslide.”
with Mr. Wulf to sing “Bridge Over Overall it was a fun evening. 
Advisor: Maurin O’Grady Troubled Water” and closing the show The audience laughed, cheered, and
with Harrison Ford, Dylan Lindholm, even cried a little.  The revenue came to
The newspaper staff welcomes freelance writers. If you Clara Gibbons, and Michelle Ambila almost three hundred dollars and it was
in a choral rendition of James Taylor’s a fun and creative way to alleviate the
would like to work on The Raider Times, see Ms. O’Grady
“Carolina In My Mind.” cost of an important field trip.
in Room 345. The night was also peppered
Forever 21 Opens At Asenal Mall
By: Maddy Herzog
On January 31, 2009, the lights and eye-catching mannequins
Arsenal Mall thrilled teenagers in of Forever 21 instead of a nameless
Watertown and neighboring towns variety store or the boarded up doorway
with its opening of the popular clothing of another failed business. “When you
chain, Forever 21. Die-hard shoppers walk in [the store], it doesn’t feel like
began lining up at 8:00 to view the you’re in the Arsenal Mall anymore,”
clean, bright, and shiny, two-story store. Norah explained. Its abundance of clean
Another incentive for these early birds and organized clothing in a modernly
were the $21 gift cards handed out to the decorated, spacious location is pretty
first 200 customers, and one randomly much unique to the Arsenal Mall. “I feel
presented $250 gift card. “I love their basics, like plain added. “There’s something for every like the Arsenal Mall is stepping it up,”
Forever 21, founded in 1984 t-shirts and sweaters and cardigans. girl there.” commented WHS senior Liz Russo.
in Los Angeles, California, is a popular Everything is pretty good quality,” Prior to its recent opening, If you haven’t visited the new
destination for females and males shared Watertown Middle School Forever 21, had not been an easily store yet, take a trip to the Arsenal Mall.
of all ages and economic statuses. student and approximately 50th customer attainable store despite its popularity. Although it tends to be more popular
Their merchandise includes colorful, at Watertown’s chain, Norah Herzog. The Natick Collections held the nearest among females, there is a large upstairs
high-fashion garments at extremely Most customers value the one, and even that location is only a section for males as well. With all the
reasonable prices. The store also does variety of the clothing, too. Senior couple months old. “I could only shop excitement surrounding this opening in
not confine itself to one particular trend; Libby Emery celebrated the fact that at Forever 21 when I was on vacation or a small town like Watertown, it is not
its numerous rooms hold a variety of she found a pair of jeans that were short online,” said senior Alison Marshall. unlikely that you’ll run into a familiar
styles from boho to urban, preppy to enough for her- not an easy feat. “Their Most local mall-goers are face.
glam. dresses are really cute and colorful,” she happy to see the new, glitzy white

Students Walk In The Shoes Of A True Parent

By: Kalli Fabrikarakis
Have any of you noticed baby day may get tired after climbing flights for their project, it is obvious that the baby. It surprised me to see how I would
dolls being carried around from class to of stairs around the high school, or even babies have affected the entire school as rock the baby and actually cradle it in
class and around the halls, in the arms trying to accomplish the once simple well, in a positive way. Ciera Walls, a my arms, even if the baby doll wasn’t
of WHS students? The reason behind task of opening their locker. junior who has been assigned premature real at all.”
this sudden appearance of toy dolls The lesson that Mrs. Hannon twins for the project, shares, “Every This project requires all of the
is due to a project that is given in The hopes to teach her students by assigning time I walk in the halls with my babies, students to carry around their baby dolls
Child Development Class, taught by this project is the responsibility that I would always have someone come for 3 days and 3 nights. Each day that
Mrs. Hannon. is expected from all parents. Being up to me asking if they can hold them, they care for their babies, they must write
Students in the class are a young parent with a newborn baby whether it was for a few minutes, or an a journal entry of their experiences with
assigned a baby, which they must is not always a walk in the park. It entire period. It was surprising to see so their newborns, from the perspective
carry around, care for, and protect, just requires hard work, patience, and the many students want to help and hold the of a real parent. Students document
as a parent would for their newborn. loving bond between a parent and their babies, and they were surprised at how how often their baby needed to be fed,
All students must carry their babies child. Mrs. Hannon also hopes that her real their weight was.” whether their babies had slept well, or
from class to class, never setting their students can learn from this experience Some students can the what type of sleeping patterns they had
newborn down, and experience life as a even if the dolls aren’t real newborns. “I parenting experience by baby-sitting a during the night. All in all, the students
parent, especially a young teenage one. hope to teach my students that although friend’s baby, and have even expressed put their hearts into creating the most
What’s so hard about carrying around the babies are not real, it still requires that they have been affected by the realistic and adorable journals.
a baby doll you might ask? These dolls the skills of a real parent, and I hope project personally. Mane Harutyunyan, Mrs. Hannon shares that her
have been filled with fish tank rocks to to see them naturally bond with their a sophomore, shares, “I would baby-sit students have all had a positive outlook
resemble the real weight of a newborn babies.” a baby for a friend of mine, and I was so on the project and have had the most
child. For this reason, some parents, Although a select few students surprised at how I would automatically rewarding experience, just as she had
carrying around an 8 pound baby all have been directly assigned the babies treat the doll as if it were a real true hoped.

By: Julia Brennan

Vietnemese Speaker Phuong Nguyen
Several WHS English classes Boston, working on her Ph. D. brought money with him into their CNN, Cartoon Network, and MTV) and
sat in the lecture hall, waiting for the Famous figures from American country, and that was the main reason French influence (bringing the alphabet)
start of another presentation. This history are well-known in Vietnam. Bill they liked him. Over the span of his are in their infant years compared to the
time it was not a journalist or poet, but Clinton was welcomed into their country last visit, he remained only on military Chinese influence which has been present
Phuong Nguyen, a Vietnamese woman, because the people had moved on from bases, though. Obama, she said, is since the tenth century. The two Asian
who came to speak with us about what the war and they no longer thought of loved by the Vietnamese people. cultures share similar philosophies and
her early life in Vietnam during the war him as their enemy. Richard Nixon American influence (with traditions, such as their festivals. But
was like. with the influences, there are negative
One of the first things she aspects, as well. The Vietnamese people
explained to us was that what we accept these influences and are used to
know as the “Vietnam War” is known them, but that does not mean that they
as “The Resistance Against American support them.
Imperialists to Save Our Country,” “They accept it, but they
which ended in 1975. But to Ms. don’t,” she said, trying to explain.
Nguyen, her childhood was not cosumed There is currently no actual occupation
directly with the war, as people might in Vietnam today.
have previously assumed. She recalled Ms. Nguyen and Mr. Sheehan
two evacuations that the war brought. took the time to show us a presentation
The first one caused her to move to the of the time that they had recently spent in
mountainside with her grandparents. The Vietnam over the summer. This helped
second moved her out to the countryside us to visualize some of the places that
with her siblings. She says that she had she was trying to explain.
a happy life in the countryside and she The bell rang just as students
enjoyed the simplicity that nature had in the audience had finished asking
to offer. There was not the influence of questions. It gave insight to a time
computers, iPods and cell phones that currently being studied by Mrs.
we have today. Piscatelli’s students who are reading The
Ms. Nguyen lived in a small Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien
town with her family, but attended the and it helped give further understanding
school in the city because her parents to the students who read In the Lake of
did not want her going to the village the Woods, also by Tim O’Brien.
school. Now, she is a student at UMass
Photo By: Andrew Grant
Some Fashion Comments for Prom Season
Prom Dresses
By: Taylor Connors
One of the great stresses of nearly searching for an affordable prom dress can somewhat match. If you’re unsure glosses are great for this prom season.
every senior female student in high that is still going to be very fashionable, about the jewelry matching the dress A pale red or pink gloss will be a great
school is finding the perfect prom dress www.promdresses2009.com may be perfectly, sometimes if the shoes and accent for any make-up choice.
(with jewelry, shoes, hair and makeup very helpful. They have a large selection jewelry match, then it will tie it all in, Prom shopping is supposed to
to match, of course). For the female of dresses with some prices near $100. while still looking unique. be fun, so try to make it that way- rather
population at Watertown High School- Although there are some very fresh Now, for the hair and makeup. than stressing out about what to wear,
here are some helpful hints. new styles in the designer world for Having the perfect hair-do shouldn’t relax and take one step at a time. Find a
Color is, of course, always a big 2009, unfortunately, prices can get up to be something to stress about. Prom style that is original, affordable, and lets
factor in choosing the perfect dress. For around $600, and that’s just the dress! hair-dos used to typically consist of a your personality shine through.
2009, turquoise, light shades of orange Accessories can “make or hairspray-filled, twisted, too tight to
or gold, and nearly any shade of blue is break” a prom fashion. Jewelry is key even blink kind of “up-do.” However,
“in.” On www.promgirl.net, the dresses in completing your look; diamonds, times are changing. With this new prom
are mostly designer with prices ranging chandelier earrings and simple, elegant season, loose and tousled hair is a much
from about $175 to $599. They have styles are great. Necklace/earring sets more popular approach. Big, loose
a selected bunch voted top ten prom are very popular and with diamonds, curls, waves, and tousled, romantic up-
dresses for 2009. Out of the ten dresses, dazzling. When thinking of jewelry, dos are all easier, quicker, and more
five of them were a shade of blue or keep in mind the style of your dress. Too fashionable ways to make your prom
turquoise. Long dresses are the best way much dazzle can take away from the beautiful, while sticking with a classy
to go for prom since it’s a much more beauty of your jewelry or your dress. If hairstyle. With classy hair, of course,
formal approach. V-neck and halter a prom dress is beaded with rhinestones comes classy make-up.
style dresses seem to be dominant for or faux stones, then flashy jewelry is not Heavy eye make-up can
this upcoming prom season. Strapless a good choice. oftentimes take away from a prom style
is “out” and rhinestones are “in.” The Another thing to keep in and thick dark eyeliners can take away
materials are becoming more and more mind when looking for jewelry is shoe from your eyes. This prom season, use
lightweight; most of the dresses are choice. For the 2009 prom season, a darker shade of eye shadow as a liner
able to move freely, fit for dancing and diamond patterns seem to be a popular on your top lid and smudge it towards
movement. trend among jewelry and shoes. Gold the crease, doing this all the way around
As for prices… most people or silver high-heel rhinestone sandals your eye-top and bottom. It will add
prefer to shop at department stores are perfect for most dresses, because just the right amount of color and fade
for the best deals on evening gowns. they can match most any style dress. to your lids, making your eyes stand out
For this season’s dresses, most prices The most popular specific design is a in prom lighting. Popular shades for eye
are ranging from $139 to $259. The waterfall pattern down the front of the shadows this 2009 season are turquoise,
average price for a prom dress- not foot. They are elegantly dressy, and can purple, and gold. Always try a shadow
including shoes, jewelry, makeup and spice up nearly any dress. It is typically with a touch of shimmer to dazzle it up Photo by: www.promgirl.com
hair- is about $175. For those women a better look if the jewelry and shoes a bit. For the lips, natural color and clear

Some ideas
from last year’s
Junior Cruise...

  Chloe Anderson
Junior Cruise Dresses says about her junior cruise dress last
As spring rolls in, so does the is Junior Cruise. The stress of finding a became very popular. Many dresses had
nice weather, fast- approaching summer, date is nothing compared to the stress bright, colored designs and stood out in year.  Cache is always a popular spot
and school coming to an end. One of finding a dress. Girls tend to get so a crowd. “So many people wore bright for formal dresses and will probably
thing on all of the junior girls’ minds worked up and worried about finding colors”, Russo comments on last year’s be another store to shop at this year.
a dress. Boys have it easy; they just dresses. The ever-popular beading, Other popular stores to keep your eyes
throw on a shirt and tie that matches the glitter, and sparkles made their way on and check the dresses are the popular
girls’ dress. Finding the perfect dress is onto many of the dresses department stores Nordstrom, Macys,
essential for junior girls who have been             This year, many of the same styles Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdales, and
waiting their whole high school career are reappearing. The open backs, the Nemian Marcus.
to attend the Junior Harbor Cruise. designs, and sparkly dresses are always “I have a pretty good idea about
            Unlike prom dresses, Junior Cruise coming back but, this year, there are a my dress,” Junior Alexis Keuchkarian
dresses are usually short, formal dresses. few new styles hitting stores. All the says. Maybe she’s one of the lucky one
Though all short last year’s dresses high fashion magazines featuring new who has a vision of her dress. For some
consisted of many different styles. “I ‘09 spring collections of dresses have people, finding a dress can be as easy as
like a lot of the girl’s dresses from last featured many of the same styles. Many finding it in the first store you walk in.
year,” says junior Kelsey Prendergast. new 2009 dresses are one-shoulder For others, it can take several trips to the
For the tops, halter tops, strapless, dresses or off –the- shoulder dresses. mall to finally find the perfect dress.
spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline The one-shoulder dresses come in all “One thing I know for sure
were very common. “A lot of people different colors and designs. Also big is I think we are all going to have a lot
wore all different kinds of halters last for ‘09 dresses is animal print. Many of fun,” Alexis Keuchkarian continues.
year” says senior Liz Russo about the new dresses feature cheetah and zebra That might be something all the junior
last junior cruise. Also, open back and print. girls are sure of no matter what dress
Photo by: www.promgirl.com criss-crossing straps were common on             “I got my dress at Cache, a lot of they finally choose.
the backs of the dresses. In ’08, designs people went there too,” Maddy Herzog
Rotary Club Reaches Out Classy Cafe for
to Seniors Watertown Faculty
By: Jenna Gilreath By: Liz Russo

The college search is coming far as he knows through his research, Many wonder what the main course of chicken noodle soup and
to an end for seniors and the flags are this program has been in effect since wonderful smell filling the second floor whole wheat bread rolls. The café also
being hung out in front of the guidance the late 60s or early 70s. At that point hallways and creeping up the stairs to has a meatless alternative for vegetarian
department. Although some know in time, students were selected through the third floor is during forth period. It is guests. The last course is dessert,
where they will be continuing their recommendations to speak during a Ms. Johnson’s chefs cooking up a storm consisting of a low fat cheese cake
education in the fall through early Rotary meeting and only a small amount preparing for their Raider Café. which Ms. Johnson describes as “very
decision, others are still making choices was selected to do so. Now, however, The Raider Café was first good”.
and narrowing down. One of the factors students just have to sign up and submit introduced last year when Mr. Noftsker It is not mandatory for the
that students and parents look out for is their topic of discussion, and they are asked Ms. Johnson about holding a students in the food services and
the amount of money that they receive then able to speak and be eligible for luncheon for Watertown Public School’s hospitality course to take part in the
and what scholarships they can receive. the scholarship. faculty. So far, there have been five café but the students “get into their own
Fortunately, at Watertown High we Fundraising to support these Raider Cafés held at Watertown High element when they start to cook,” Ms.
have many opportunities for financial scholarships is run by the Rotary Club School. The most recent one was held Johnson says. The students begin first
aid. The Rotary Club in Watertown is and includes events throughout the on January 15, a few weeks after winter period to prep and start cooking the
a great outreach; they hold an annual year such as raffles, selling Christmas vacation. The café is run by the students main course.
Student Speaker Program every year wreaths, having a booth at Faire on while Ms. Johnson supervises to make “The hardest part is getting
and I was lucky enough to take part in it The Square, and also the membership sure everything runs accordingly. ready to serve everyone,” Ms. Johnson
and also interview one of the members fee that is due from the members each The students prepare the room states. The luncheon is not until first
of this organization to find out more year. next to Ms. Johnson’s (room 246), to lunch, and the students must serve
about their scholarship program. The selection process of the make it look like an actual restaurant. eighteen people, and serve three courses
In October, seniors were recipients of scholarships is done by They set up the tables with plates and within the thirty minute period. After
invited to congregate in the library for the scholarship committee, who, after silverware and glasses filled with the lunch, the guests are welcome to
information about the Student Speaker hearing all of the student speakers, lemon water. On the tables, there are stay and relax while the students clean
Program. While there, we met Miriam selects recipients based on variables menus which the students have created up the kitchen. Afterwards, the students
Jaffe and Mary Greene, Rotary Club such as how well students spoke, themselves, showing the teachers their are introduced one by one to the crowd
Members or “Rotarians” as they are their enthusiasm about their topic, lunch options. Two students dressed of guests and are given a round of
called. At the meeting we learned that presentation, and how well they captured in proper waiter attire stand at the door applause.
the Student Speaker Program involves the audience. with a guest list and seat the guests after Some of the staff who have
selecting a topic of high interest to you, As a student that has gone to checking them off to see if they have attended the event include: Mr. Noftsker,
attending a lunch at the Oakley Country speak to the Rotary club, I myself can paid. The Raider Café only costs seven Mrs. Hannon, Mr. Carter from WMS,
Club (where meetings are held), and say that I felt very comfortable. The dollars for the staff members to eat a Ms. Kramer, Dr. Baker, Mr. Cooke, Mr.
speaking to the Rotarians about your Rotarians welcomed me with smiles and wonderful meal cooked by their own Lahiff, Mrs. DiNardo, Mr. McCarthy
topic. friendly greetings as soon as I walked in students. from the Hosmer School and more.
Paul DerBoghosian, a the door. Student speakers are welcome Once the guests are seated, Mr. Noftsker usually invites all of the
Watertown High School graduate and to join the Rotarians until just before they are approached by one of the three principals from the elementary schools
now a member of the Scholarship Awards Night, when the awards are servers who check on the guests to see and the middle school to the event.
Committee for the Rotary Club, given to the students. Between the if everything is to their liking. It’s a way for them to see how their
gave me some background about the paperwork for applications to schools “It teaches them to check on former students “have grown over the
program, saying that when he attended and government financial aid, this is a the customers, and also to make sure we years,” says Ms. Johnson. The event is
Watertown High, the Student Speaker great way to try and earn some money didn’t forget anyone’s meal,” says Ms. also attended by one of Mr. Dressler’s
Program was “started to help encourage to put toward school while also working Johnson. There is a person called the photography students who takes picture
students to have the opportunity to gain on your speaking skills and representing “Front of the House” who is appointed throughout the event. Mr. Dressler is
experience in ‘public speaking’”. As Watertown High School. by Ms. Johnson to work in the dining very good with getting the pictures up
room and see that all guests are attended quickly onto the WHS school website.
to. Then, there is the “Back of the The chefs cook enough food

New Bells Ring At WHS

House” that preps the meals, plates the so that they can taste what they have
salads, gives the waiters the rolls and actually made and most students seem
butter, and makes sure the soup is hot surprised at how good it is. It’s like a
before it gets served. Ms. Johnson also reward for all their hard work in the
By: Andrew Grant
appoints a head chef who is in charge to end.
On February 2, 2009 as the Heard 13 times throughout make sure everything in the kitchen is “They make it happen, they
second lunch bell rang, heads lifted with the average school day, many students all set and running smoothly. Just like make people come back. Without my
confused stares. An interesting “tune” find themselves humming it in the hall in an actual restaurant, the head chef students there wouldn’t be a Raider
caught the ear of just about every high between classes. The majority seem to goes into the dining area to make sure Café,” Ms Johnson boasts. “Also, I
school student and teacher. The age-old like the change in bell sound. Junior the guests are enjoying themselves. want to thank their teachers who let
mundane buzz signaling the change Majed Abbas says, “the new bells are The luncheon consists of three them miss class. Without them I’d have
from period to period had become a much nicer now, a better sound, more courses. The first course is a salad that no chefs!” The third and final Raider
catchy four note, door-bell-like jingle. original.” Junior Joe Lepara comments, the students put together with their Café of this year is going to be held on
But why the sudden change “the new bells offer a sense of peace and homemade dressing. Following the March 27th during first lunch period.
in bells after four years? The change calming that make the transition between salads, the waiters will bring out the
came about because of a repair needed classes smooth.” Some even enjoy it,
on the clock and bell system. (You may but find it comical in comparison to the
recall Mr. McDermott asking classroom old, deep drone of the previous bell.
teachers to call the office if they could Senior Faye Hisoler says, “I like them.
not hear him on the loud speaker). They make me laugh.”
A representative from the Not everyone liked the sudden
company which sold the bells and change in bell sounds. Senior Maddy
clock system came to access and fix Herzog says she waits patiently for
the problem. It was then that Mr. the “song” to end but says “it never
McDermott recalled that the purchase does!” Others also call say it is “mildly
from this company included nine annoying” and wish that it changed
possible bell tones (we had been set on from day to day.
their default bell). The repairman from Since there are varied opinions
the company gladly offered to change on how the bell should sound, Mr.
the bells, but he lacked the resource that McDermott hopes to give each student
would allow Mr. McDermott to choose a chance to vote on which bell they like
a ring based on sound. Instead Mr. best (out of the nine possible choices)
McDermott could only make a ring tone next year. With nearly 780 more bell
decision based the nine different names. rings left this school year the current
So the first time he heard the new tone catchy jingle will have to ring us Mrs. Johnson shows a student how to roll out sugar cookie dough.
was first time students at the high school through the last days of the school year
Photo by: Elizabeth Russo
heard it. The Westminster Chime was until a new bell decision is reached in
the winner. September.
Feature Teacher: Feature Class:
Mr.Brewer Psychology
By: Maddy Herzog
By: Shelby Austin-Manning

Entering as an undergraduate at work, training students in our very Psychology has always been were not studying all at once for a test,
at Boston University, Brian Brewer own fitness center. “In my opinion, not a popular choice for seniors. Whether but instead learning what we can do to
envisioned a life of building prosthetic enough of our students take advantage they decide on a Level One, Honors, give us the greatest chance of passing
limbs in a laboratory, a seemingly perfect of the fitness center,” Brewer notes. or an AP class, they are certainly faced the test, and receiving college credit.
career for him, incorporating his love “The great thing about working out with a challenge. Most seniors pick So far in our AP class, we
of athletics and engineering. However with weights is that if you show up the class because it fulfills the history have covered the Introduction, and the
there was one staggering disadvantage consistently, and train properly, you requirement, but it’s unlike a regular Thinking Critically with Psychological
he had not foreseen: lab work involved will get results!” He helps athletes history class. Instead of learning about Science sections, which introduced us to
minimum human interaction. He improve in particular areas as well as dates, and important people, you get some of psychology’s main components
discovered that he would make a better helping anyone who wants to get in to learn about memory, and behavior. such as experimenting, controls,
teacher just in time to switch his major, shape. Based on their specific sports To some kids, this proves to be more observations, and research. We’ve also
and Watertown High School has been or goals, Mr. Brewer dedicates time to interesting because they can relate the covered Neuroscience, Genetics, and
thankful ever since. create specialized workout schedules topics back to their own lives. Behavior, Learning, Memory, Stress
WHS was the first school and nutrition plans for each student. We are very lucky to have and Health, Social Psychology, and
district to hire Mr. Brewer; he started Up until last year, Mr. such a great psychology teacher, Ms. Statistical Reasoning. Right now, were
working here in 1994 and never Brewer also lead popular club, Sports Kazarosian. A while ago, our school working on Motivation and Emotion.
left. He teaches Biology, Anatomy Management, and headed school events had another teacher, Mr. McGovern, The year is only half way over so we all
and Physiology, and this year added such as the pep rallies and Mr. WHS. and between them, they taught all the have a lot more to learn before we can
rigorous AP Biology to his course load. He thinks school spirit is very important psychology classes. Mr. McGovern even begin studying for the AP exam!
Teaching courses relating to the body and loved working with the group of eventually decided to just teach 9th A project that all the classes
comes naturally to Mr. Brewer “since it students, but he left for a noble reason. grade history, while Ms. Kazarosian are working on now is the personal
is very easy to make connections with His late nights didn’t leave sufficient continued to take on a tough work load conditioning project. All the students
students.” He says, “Many students time to spend with his three kids at of Psychology, World History, United had to pick a behavior that they were
have had injuries or play sports and use home. States History, and Exploring Human going to change about themselves. If
their muscles,” he explains. People seem So, after all these years, Nature classes. the student followed through, they were
to have only good things to say about Mr. Brewer did end up with his ideal In college, she studied history to give themselves a reward, and if
Mr. Brewer’s teaching. “He always profession of a combination of science and psychology. “At that time, in high they didn’t, present themselves with a
made learning fun,” said senior Libby and athletics. He clearly chose the right schools, psychology was not commonly punishment. The point of the project is
Emery. “We played Jeopardy before atmosphere as well; there’s nothing taught. Even today, when I tell people to see whether the rewards and penalties
tests and his projects were original, boring or isolating about Watertown outside of a school environment that influence whether the behavior is
such as the ‘Big Book of Anatomy.’” High School. His general opinion on I teach psychology, they usually say changed or not.
Students also appreciate his sense of public schooling is, “Parents give us that they are surprised that the subject A favorite topic of the students
humor. “He’s really easy to get along their kids and trust us to educate and is taught in high school,” said Ms. is the Child Development unit. It’s
with and likes joking around. Also, you take care of them. That is a tremendous Kazarosian. Her students are able to interesting to see how children become
should probably stay on his good side responsibility, and I hope that I am tell how passionate about the subject who they are. During that unit, the
because he benches like 500 pounds,” doing a good enough job. I certainly am she really is during every class. She students actually make their own cup
said senior Brian Field. trying my best.” We do not doubt that knows so much about psychology, and babies. A cup baby is a fragile egg placed
Mr. Brewer’s contributions to in the least. His efforts and their results can always answer their challenging in a small cup, and then the students are
the high school don’t end there, though. are tremendously apparent. questions. able to dress it up. They are expected
After school, you can find him hard There are three levels of to carry it around like it is a baby, and
psychology offered in our school that it is hoped they will learn some kind of
all cover the same topics, and mostly responsibility for caring for a child.
do the same work. The AP Psychology When I asked Senior Kenny
option was only added to our choices Holt, (who is in the AP class), what his
of classes to take eight years ago. It has favorite part about it was he said “The
proven to be such a popular AP class class teaches you about the human
that some years the administration has brain and human behaviors, unlike your
had to split it into two different periods. typical history class.”
It provides students with the opportunity Another popular topic is Sleep
to get college credit for taking the class. and Dreaming. Sleep and Dreaming is
Most colleges only give you the credit something everyone does, so it’s easy
if you get a four or five on the test. to relate to. It’s also very interesting to
Being in the AP class myself, I know think about your dreams and where they
that the whole year is based on studying come from. “Over the vacation week,
and preparing for the test. With every psychology students will be making an
chapter we study, we have a test that effort to record their dreams. During
includes a challenging essay. After the vacation, with more relaxed schedules
corrected essay is passed back to us, and without waking up to an alarm,
Ms. Kazarosian explains everything we a person is more likely to remember
should have included to do well. She dreams. Students will be looking for
also tells us what the examiners would patterns in their dreams, but we do
be looking for on the AP test. This way, not propose to be able to interpret
meanings,” said Ms. Kazarosian.

Photo by: Liz Russo

To nominate a
“Feature Teacher” or “Feature
Class,” see Ms. O’Grady in room
Senior Shelby Austin-Manning is engrossed in the AP Psy-
chology text book.
Photo by: Elizabeth Russo
Infamous SATs Are Why Do Teachers
Here Again Teach?
By: Shelby Austin-Manning By:Jenna Gilreath, Julia Brennan, Keith Singh
That time of year is here. It’s matter as much as we thought they did. Respect, passion and a continuous up their standards.
time for juniors to wake up early on a Senior Boris Osipov said, “They don’t need for teachers. All of theses reasons Though teaching can be a
Saturday morning to take the infamous mean much; I was a decent amount justify the thinking behind future, past, rewarding job, standards for the teachers
SATs. They arrive at the test site with below the average SAT expected by the and present teachers and why they have are getting higher. Public school systems
their ID, pencils, and a calculator in school I applied to and I got in. I took chosen their profession. Teachers have are asking teachers to take up harder
hand, ready to do the best they can. They the SAT reasoning test two times, and never been given the respect that they tasks such as helping students meet
get divided up into different rooms, sit only went up ten points the second time. deserve, but Mr. Mastro, or “Mastro” as unprecedented standards, being held
in their assigned seats, and realize they Honestly, it wasn’t worth waking up at 6 his students call him and President of accountable for students’ standardized
can’t do anything else to prepare now. a.m. and taking a five-hour long test for the Teacherís Association explained that test scores, competing with charter
It’s hard to know how to ten points. Just take the test once, get a teachers do not go in it for the money. school and voucher supported education
prepare for the SATs. They are different good amount of sleep, eat breakfast, do They go into because they want to teach systems, using new technologies for
from everyday school tests, because your best, and submit your scores.” and they have unique passion for their teaching, and instructing students in
they are not about one thing that you The best advice for preparing subject matter. the matters of character as well as
have learned about in class. Instead, for the test is to start studying a couple Peg Cassidy, a now retired academic.
the test is broken into three categories: months before it. If you can try to set teacher of 30 years, and Ms. Zeikel, As a profession, the pay
Critical Reading, Math, and Writing aside some time each week to dedicate a current teacher at Watertown High is not great. Jess DePamphilis, an
which includes an essay. The Critical to it, you will find yourself prepared School both teach and taught in the math education student in her sophomore
Reading section tests your ability to when it comes time for test day. Also, and technology fields. Ms. Cassidy year at Framingham State College, has a
comprehend and draw information from an SAT class can benefit many students retired from teaching seven to eight positive outlook. She said that there are
a story you have just read. It has three in the process. The night before the years ago and Ms. Zeikel left her job a lot of teachers from the Baby-Boom
different sections including two twenty- test, make sure you get into bed at a as vice president at various marketing era that are about to retire so she will
five minute, and one twenty-minute reasonable hour, and eat breakfast the and finance companies so that she “always have a job” and as long as the
section. Critical Reading questions are next morning. could share her knowledge and business economy doesn’t change dramatically
passage-based, where you read and During the actual test it’s most experience with kids. in the next few years there “shouldn’t
answer questions about a story, and important to keep track of time so you Mr. Buck and Mastro both be a problem”. Her outlook is positive
sentence completion questions which can get as much done as possible. Also, teach history and both are well-known but correct as well because 40% of
test your vocabulary and grammar. The answering the easy questions first is a at Watertown High School. Mr. Buck the nation’s classroom teachers are
Math section consists of two twenty-five good strategy, because if you know for his kind demeanor, and Mastro now 60 or older and an unprecedented
minute sections, and one twenty-minute them, they are guaranteed points. If you for coaching the Girls’s Track Team. number of them will likely retire in the
one. The questions vary from multiple become stuck on a question, you should Though history has shown recessions next five years, especially in the areas
choice to open response. Lastly, there circle it and come back to it. Don’t and tough economic times have of math, science and special education.
is the writing section. It consists of two answer the questions you really don’t decimated people’s lives, Mr. Buck is The public schools of America will
twenty-five minute sections, and one know, because for every wrong answer, not worried, and encourages people need to hire two million teachers during
ten minute one. The questions revolve a ¼ of a point gets taken away from to go into teaching overlooking the the next ten years to accommodate the
around improving sentences and your score. Skipping a question doesn’t country’s current financial situation. retiring teachers and increase in student
paragraphs, and identifying errors. penalize you in any way. Senior Kenny “Teaching is a profession that numbers.
Thinking about the test causes Holt’s advice is to: “Make sure to give will always be in demand. Education Other teachers, such as Ms.
many people to become stressed, yourself enough time for each section is always an important investment,” he Cassidy, have had to work several jobs in
because we all know colleges look at and take some practice tests to get said. He also added that many teachers addition to teaching to be able to afford
the scores, and use them as a factor to familiar with the time limits.” Lastly, are protected from losing their jobs, things such as a house. Mastro said they
determine whether or not you get in. it’s good to always check your answer because of their experience in schools “don’t go in it for the money” and that
However, now that college acceptances sheet to make sure you are answering referred to as being “tenured,” which teachers would “rather have respect”
are being announced, some students are the right questions. most teachers have achieved easily. from people who think that teaching is
coming to the conclusion that they don’t Students new to the career may face not a real job. Teaching affects go father
tough times, but most will make it than just salaries. Mental stamina is
through. an unwritten requirement for someone
Teaching is a very rewarding who intends on being a good teacher.
job. The “ah-ha moments” (as Ms. Teachers work far longer than the
Zeikel calls them) when students finally average student’s day. Most teachers will
fully understand an important concept, come in more than half an hour before
and giving kids a different view on the school starts. Ending their day around 5,
subject matter are both treasured parts teachers stay after school roughly three
of teaching. But with every pro comes hours. The work isn’t done yet though.
a con. Seeing the kids give upî, telling Many teachers bring their work home,
them they have to repeat the course and often grading late into the night, only to
dealing with conflicting administrators get up early and go to work again.
are among them. Mastro admits that for As for advice to people who
the school day teachers play a parental want to become teachers: study hard,
unit role and in some cases they know be understanding, trusting and show
the kids better than their parents do. tough love. Students should be looked
Both he and Ms. Zeikel agree that it after but reminded that teachers are not
hurts to watch kids give up because there to be their best friends. As for
they feel like they should and could reasons to become one, above all the
have done more. Yet teachers like Mr. cons, it is a rewarding job that allows
Buck insist that a teacher must not give you to give back to the community
every day.
SAT workbooks, full of tips and practice ex-
ams, are a great way to prepare.

SAT Test Dates for Spring 2009:

May 2nd
June 6th
Mr. Buck enthusiastically teaches one of his junior classes.
Photo by: Elizabeth Russo
The Working Student Body
By: Kalli Fabrikarakis and Mane Harutyunyan
What responsibility is it that in drug/alcohol abuse. However, there to hold your hand, and at work decreasing, the top three reasons being
teenagers are committing themselves to? work, undeniably, has taught them if you come in late or over sleep, they more focus on college preparation,
The high school scenario that consists of something. “It’s helping me improve don’t care for the excuse, which is most more competition, and higher minimum
homework, sports and hanging out with my people skills, my time and money likely how college professors would qualifications. The problem many
friends has a new addition. 70-80% of management skills, and itís teaching react as well.” teenagers encounter is that employers
teenagers are working or have worked me responsibility,” says Jacqui Tresca, Vanessa Van Petten, the often reject their applications because
for money at some time during their sophomore, who works at The Verona founder of TeensToday.com has a they are seen as too young to take on
high school careers. Teenagers usually Restaurant. People personally take what different view about where the money the commitment seriously and because
focus their activities around things such they learn out of working as respect for earned from part time jobs is going. of schoolwork and sports, there isnít
as shopping, watching movies, going others and how to become part of the Petten once said, “man, are they much time available for them to work.
out to eat, and spending time with their adult world. [teenagers] spenders! They’ll work Yet, truly, teens are highly motivated
friends, all of which require one thing; A very hardworking senior, a job where they make maybe $10 an people who are consumed with a desire
money. Mariam Chobanyan, is also an hour and theyíll go online and buy a for power, independence, and entrance
Under the Fair Labor Standards employee at Shaws Supervalue Market. shirt for $39.99. That’s five hours of into adulthood. Having a job can teach
Act of 1938, the minimum age for Chobanyan claims that by working work and they have no concept of that.” kids to become more confident, and
employment in a non-agricultural job is she has “gained numerous skills such Even so, teenagers are adapting more provide them with the skills they need
14. It seems like students were eagerly as handling difficult customers and and more to the world and expanding for college.
waiting for their 14th birthdays, looking working with large amounts of money” their minds to see the bigger picture. All in all, teenage kids have
forward to all the perks of working. and has learned how the “real world” Nearly 2/3 of parents say that their teens been affected to a big extent through
“I couldnít wait. I thought it would be and the “business world” operate have savings accounts. Teenagers are life-learned lessons they encountered
great. I thought it would be fun, a good through her work. She also confirms definitely grasping the concept of their by having a part time job. They have
experience. But itís much harder than the difficulty of juggling work and futures and planning ahead, many of learned the “value of a dollar” and have
you expect and not always a walk in the school together. Chobanyan has shared them depositing a part of their paycheck learned how to save their own money
park,” says Grace Gallant, sophomore, that juggling the two is something she into a savings account for their college in order to secure themselves for the
who works at Shaws Supervalue has learned to handle, even though she educations. “Every other paycheck I get future. Having a job isnít something
Market. admits she probably could have done a goes to spending, the rest goes into my they find as a temporary hobby, but
There are definite pros and cons little better in regards to schoolwork if college savings,” Gallant says. Tresca something that can potentially help them
to working. Teenagers agree that there she wasn’t working. agrees saying, “Most of the money I grow from a teenager into a well-valued
are perks to having your own money Every teen has a reason behind earn goes into the bank, Iím saving for adult some day. Through part time jobs,
to spend, but they come with strings their ambition towards receiving a job, a car and for college. It’s only the tips teenagers have come to realize how
attached. Nearly every single working whether it’s the extra spending money I keep as spending money.” A junior, important college is, and have taken a
teenager complains of the actual on clothes, or saving it in a savings Erik, has also expressed that by having more serious approach to understanding
workload they have, the responsibilities account for the future. Chobanyan tell his job, he is able to manage money, what it takes to live in the ìreal worldî
that come with it, and how much time us, ìI try to save as much as I can for and make car payments, so that he can before actually having to be left in it.
it takes up. In one study, experts found college; working has taught me very keep his car. As a part of teenagers’ By having a part time job, teenagers
that teenagers who work in excess of important lessons for college. I have concern for the “bigger picture,” some have embedded in themselves a desire
20 hours a week suffer from a decline learned to be independent, which is have decided to not have jobs entirely. to further advance themselves into the
in academics, and a general increase what college is all about. Nobody is The teenage labor force is slightly world of adulthood, a reality everybody
comes to face. Better sooner than later.

Where Are They Now?

By: Chloe Anderson and Kelsey Prendergast

Five or ten years ago Watertown have a wide variety of options. Most High students. College is a big step admit to have missed at least one class
High School was a completely different students head straight to college. Some up from any high school. College can because of alcohol or drug abuse. On
atmosphere. The halls and classroom get a job right out of high school. Other mean living in a new place with a new average college students drink more than
may be the same, but there is a whole students decide to take a year off. roommate, hard classes, a whole lot of non-collegiate peers.
set of new students roaming around Studies show that by taking a year off stress and of course infamous college Barbato also played hockey at Endicott
them. There were different star it allows the high school graduate to parties. Barbato admits to attending college where he attended his freshman
athletes leading the sport teams and save money, gain career experience and college parties but encourages that he and sophomore years of college before
class presidents leading their grades. travel. Some students head to the armed knows, “when to get work done and transferring to Bentley. Since he was a
What was Watertown High School like forces. Three Watertown High School when to go to the parties because there part of a sports team, he was exposed
for them? What is life like after high graduates from the class of 2007, will always be parties.” 300,000 of to drinking and alcohol abuse more
school? What advice do they give about Charlie Beagan (Marines/Norwich todayís college students will eventually frequently than other students and saw
high school and about college? what students were willing to do in
Statewide 74,380 students enter order to fit in with the team. Students at
high school as ninth graders. 79.9% smaller colleges tend to drink more than
graduated high school within four students at larger colleges. They also
years. Of the remaining students 6.4% drink more frequently. Adjusting from
are still in school, 8% got their GED, high school life to college life can be a
11.7% dropped out of high school and very difficult change. Seniors may be
2% were expelled. The average high nervous and anxious for their freshman
school student faces an assortment year in college.
of stresses. Graduate of 2005 Stacey As for Caruso who recently
Caruso says, “The most stressful thing graduated from Mt.Ida, she gives the
about high school is senior thesis, final seniors the advice to, “make sure you
exams, mid terms, projects, filling out use time management skills, know how
college applications and essays.” High to work well with others and know how
school can be very stressful, between to adapt to your roommateís schedule
balancing social life, sports and most and donít procrastinate. Also, try to get
importantly schoolwork. “When I was to know your professors like staying
in high school it seemed hard, but now after class and e-mailing.”
looking back it was a lot easier than I All current high school
Every year, the beloved college flags tell the school and community
initially thought,” Graduate of 2005 students and high school graduates
what the senior’s future plans are.
Jerry Barbato says about his experience Photo by: Elizabeth Russo can agree high school year can be very
at Watertown High. The National stressful. High school graduates also
Governors Association held a survey agree freshman year of college is a big
asking high school graduates if high University), Tom Huff(Army) and Jason die of alcohol-related causes. 159,000 change. Whatever path you choose once
school was easy or hard. 38% said high Cormier(Air Force) all followed that of today’s first year college students you graduate your high school years
school was easy and only 6% said it was path. The military is a way of achieving will drop out of school within the next will influence you greatly.
very hard. their goals in life. Yet, college is most year for alcohol or drug related causes.
After high school, students common path chosen by Watertown Almost one third of college students
Arts & Entertainment
A Captivating “The Uninvited” is a
Twilight Alternative? Welcome Scare
By: Julia Brennan By: Mane Harutyunyan

Fans of Twilight, the new somewhere. The little information “A Tale of Two Sisters,” a horror and Alex set out to find proof. In a series
vampire series by Stephanie Meyer, may that they are able to find leads them movie set in South Korea and released of thrilling experiences, Anna and Alex
not recall the publication of Interview to Europe because they realize that in 2003 hit instant popularity among unravel the mystery behind Rachel
with the Vampire by Anne Rice. In this they could not be the only ones in the fans. It is now placed alongside “The Summers. But the truth is a little more
novel, Lestat, Louis, Armand, Claudia world. New knowledge from these Ring,” “The Grudge” and “Dark Water” than what either of them can handle.
and all the rest of the vampires are not international vampires, namely Armand, for best horror movies of all time and is Although “The Uninvited” was
at all like the Cullens. These vampires gives Louis a new view on his life and the highest grossing Korean horror film a clever, gripping and well cast movie, I
cannot go out in sunlight, as the legends he has to make the decision whether to to date. The movie was granted several wouldn’t be quick to place it alongside
say, and they do sleep in locked in leave Claudia or not. nominations as well as 12 wins some the best. The individuality of the plot is
coffins during the day. Interview with the Vampire of which include “Best film,” “Most what makes it enjoyable. The storyline
Louis’s life as a vampire starts is quite literally an interview with a popular film,” “Best picture” and “Best has a shocking, unpredictable twist that
in Louisiana, where he lived when he vampire. Louis is telling his story to a actress.” The question now is: who’s leaves the audience hooked until the
was human, in a time when slaves still boy who records the story of Louis’s life going to top that? very last scene. In no way will this film
worked on plantations. As he gets used on a tape recorder. In between chapters, Directors Charles and Thomas be quick to be forgotten. The director’s
to his new nocturnal life, he begins to Louis and the boy pause for questions, Guard stepped up to the challenge. “The angle of the movie is interesting enough
question some of the things that Lestat because a story quite like this one is Uninvited,” starring Emily Browning, to keep you talking about it long after
never talks about. In fact, Lestat is very bound to bring about some questions. Arielle Kebbel, Elizabeth Banks and the movie is over. The cast was also
unwilling to give any information to The Washington Post and David Strathairn, is the remake of well thought out, introducing new faces
Louis and Louis can only assume that The Cincinnati Enquirer both said “A Tale of Two Sisters.” The “Series to the horror movie industry. Browning
it is because he does not know anything that Interview with the Vampire was of Unfortunate Event’s” star, Emily and Kebbel bought played exceptionally
about their kind. A slave uprising drove “unforgettable” and The Hartford Browning plays Anna Rydell, a young, well in each of their roles, embracing the
them out of town and their real adventure Courant called it “a chilling and distraught girl, put in a mental hospital characters completely and realistically.
begins. Lestat needs Louis because thought-provoking tale”. The story after being unable to deal with the death Banks was also impressive as Rachel
he knows nothing about finances and line, full of love and violence, will leave of her mother. After she’s released, Summers. The movie in general was
business as Louis does and Louis needs an impression on the readers because Anna goes home to a surprise. The nurse more of a thriller than a horror movie. It
Lestat for the information that he might everything is so thoroughly described. who had taken care of Anna’s mother, played more on paranoia and depression
hold. As they travel all over the United This was a really good book with great Rachel Summers (Elizabeth Banks) had rather than violence and gore. The
States, particularly staying in the east, detail that gives the reader so much to moved in and was helping the father suspense is what keeps the viewer
Louis realizes that he can never have the think about. cope. Both Anna and her sister, Alex watching and the surprise ending is what
aggressive nature and ease that Lestat In 1994 the movie was (Arielle Kebbel) do not trust Rachel leaves them satisfied. “The Uninvited”
does when taking a human life. While released, starring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and base their suspicions on a series was a success on its own but fell short
in New Orleans, Claudia is created and Kirsten Dunst. Sequels include The of dreams Anna has that lead to one of the standard it had set with “A Tale of
when she was a five-year-old human Queen of the Damned and The Vampire conclusion: Rachel had intentionally Two Sisters.”
child so that she would not have to die Lestat. set the boathouse, where Anna’s mother
a sick child as she was. As time goes had been staying, on fire. Unable to
by for the rest of the human population, convince the father to their side, Anna
tensions build between the three of *Note: The movie information was
them found on the Yahoo Movies website and
Many fights later, Claudia the quotes from the papers were found
and Louis are off to Europe to find out in the cover of the book and on the back
if there are more vampires out there cover.

2009 Grammy Awards Satisfy Fans

By: Harrison Ford
As I put on my pajamas, Grammys, the night proved to be Kanye West).  The radical British spirit that stood out in a good way.  Katy
popped some popcorn, and got ready a success for musical Brits, with of the night was personified when the Perry emerged from a giant banana to
for music’s biggest night on February winners including Adele (Best New legendary Sir Paul McCartney rocked sing her smash hit “I Kissed A Girl” on
8th, many questions were running Artist, Best Female Pop Performance), the stage in a stunning and fast-paced a generally fruit-themed set.  Estelle
through my head, such as: How many Coldplay (Song of the Year, Best Rock rendition of his Beatles hit, “When I and Kanye West literally sparkled
trophies will Rihanna take home? What Album), Radiohead (Best Alternative Saw Her Standing There”. while they breezed through a super cool
kind of stunt will Katy Perry try to pull Album), and Estelle (Best Rap/Sung     The performances this year were performance of their hit “American Boy.” 
off? And which music veterans will Collaboration) which she won with as flamboyant and wacky as ever, Without question, the best performance
be resurrected to perform with today’s with some collaborations putting only of the night belonged to Kanye West,
current pop stars?  I had no idea...but I one word in my head...Why?  Stevie T.I., Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne who were
did know that the 2009 Grammy Awards Wonder was forced to accompany The joined by a very, very pregnant M.I.A.
would be something wild. Jonas Brothers and sing their song.  in a super-slick rendition of their super-
    U2 kicked off the show in a Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  collaboration “Swagger Like Us.”  The
performance so special, Bono took Robin Thicke performed some sort fab five brought the crowd into a frenzy,
his sunglasses off.  A healthy-looking of ballad with Lil’ Wayne.  If Weezy especially M.I.A., who was due to give
Whitney Houston presented Jennifer knew what planet he was on, I’m sure birth that night.
Hudson with the award for Best R&B he would have been as confused as I     Overall, the night was certainly
Album in an emotional hand-off.  As a was.  Al Green sang his hit “Let’s Stay entertaining.  With my old questions
duet, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Together,” but was forced to share the answered, I had even more new ones to
sent shock waves, by beating the likes of stage with Justin Timberlake, Boyz II ponder, such as: What really went down
Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Men, and Keith Urban.  I came to the between Chris Brown and Rihanna?;
Maroon 5, and Leona Lewis to win Best conclusion that they’re trying to form When is the new Blink-182 album
Pop Collaboration, Album of the Year, a super group that only plays elevator coming out?; And why wasn’t my girl
and Record of the Year. music. Britney Spears there?  The only thing I
    Much like last year when Amy Pop singer Katy Perry wows the
    But, there were some performances can honestly say is goodbye Grammys,
Winehouse swept up five golden crowd in her fruit-covered costume.
see you next year!
2009 Mr. WHS:
Alfonso Anzaldi
By: Taylor Connors
It was an unforgettable night his unforgettable “Lunch Lady Land” Aucoin, Nick Lappen, Pat O’Brien focused.” The other five contestants were
for the contestants that competed in performance. Brendan Shaughnessy’s and Al Anzaldi. It was time for the naturally disappointed for not winning,
the 9th annual Mr. WHS competition crowd-pleasing ribbon dance wasn’t nerve-wracking question and answers but they were glad to see Al walk away
at Watertown High. From swimwear enough for the next round. Jake Murray’s portion. Mr. Brewer already intimidated with the crown. If Al wasn’t the winner
to formal wear, the six brave men stand-up comedy act was impressive but Al when he shot him a look before the he would have liked to see Jake Murray
who fought for the crown weren’t just short of making it to the next round. questions. win because he was very supportive of
disappointed at all to see Al Anzaldi Al’s Backstreet Boys performance was As the final four contestants Al winning. “I would’ve liked to see
walk away with the prize. very well rehearsed and left the audience cruised through the questions, the judges Jake win,” Al said of the competition. Al
Casual wear was off to an in awe. Nick Lappen had a hard act to started to tally. The four remaining said a special “thanks” to Mrs. Hoffman
exciting start with Dylan Aucoin’s follow but got quite a few laughs with stood patiently awaiting the results. “I for “putting him through, for the win.”
wild police chase off stage. However, his “Risky Business” dance. Last but didn’t think I was going to win [after It was a memorable experience for
it was Al Anzaldi’s giant Elmo suit that not least was Pat O’Brien’s rap about the questions when they were standing Mrs. Hoffman who was one of the five
caught the judge’s eyes. Up next was life at Watertown High, which seemed on stage] – I thought Dylan was,” Al judges for the competition. She found it
beachwear for the contestants. Alfonso to win the judges’ approvals. said the next day about the competition. to be “extremely entertaining” and had
stunned the audience and judges with Next, the contestants dazzled Nonetheless, the judges quickly finished a lot of fun. “I discovered some hidden
his racy cheetah string bikini and cut-off the judges with formal wear. Dylan was tallying; the runner up was Dylan talents among our senior boys” said
Daisy Dukes. He rolled out dancing on fortunate enough to have Ms. Fitzpatrick Aucoin. It came as no surprise that Mr. Hoffman about the contest.
rollerblades- a sidesplitting presentation. on his arm. Mia Depaolis and Ryan WHS 2009 was Alfonso Anzaldi. For the 9th year in a row, Mr.
The audience was also impressed with LaVache escorted Brendan. However Al opened up about the WHS was a great success. On behalf
Dylan’s “Jaws is Real” t-shirt and rather they were no competition for Al who competition and about how it felt to be of the student body- we are proud to
graphic representation of a shark attack was wheeled out on a platform with named Mr. WHS. “It feels great because have Al Anzaldi as Mr. WHS 2009.
victim. While Pat O’Brien came out Alison Holland like Simba from “The I finally achieved something at WHS, it Congratulations to the rest of the
strong in his “mermaid man” suit from Lion King.” After all six contestants took me four years to achieve something- competitors for being nominated. Next
the popular kids show “Spongebob got to “strut their stuff” in their formal and now I can say I did.” All of Al’s year’s contestants have a hard act to
Squarepants.” wear, it was time for the chop block. hard work paid off in the end. He had follow.
Next up was the talent portion The eliminations were quick about a week of preparation when he
of the show. Dylan was up first with and finalists came down to Dylan would “lock himself in his room to get

Contestant Bredan Shaughnessy Nick Lappen poses in his favorite

smiles with one of his beautiful for- “sexy cowboy” outfit.
mal wear dates, Ryan Lavache.
Photos by: Lifetouch Studios

Mr. WHS Al Anzaldi, getting ready for his casual wear portion of the
pagent as Elmo.
Photo by: Lifetouch Studios

Mr. WHS 2008, Sean Taverna, and Mr. WHS 2009 bond.
Photo by: Lifetouch Studios

The happy couple, Ms. Fitz and Dylan Aucoin,

smiles for the camera.
Photo by: Lifetouch Studios
A-Rod Tests Positive Back Off Phelps
By: Nick Lappen
By: Raffi Kazanjian
On February 7, 2009, Sports run record. Red Sox fan or not, it A picture’s worth a thousand less addictive, lacking the nicotine in
Illustrated reported that Alex Rodriguez would have been great to see A-rod as a words, or a three month suspension in cigarettes. Our society treats marijuana
tested positive for steroids in 2003. The steroid free player to beat the home run the case of Michael Phelps. The Olympic like a serious problem, when in reality
report came from an MLB list of one record unfortunately A-rod brings more hero was recently suspended from the only reason it is illegal is because it
hundred and four players who tested controversy to steroid use. swimming in any official competitions is too difficult to tax.
positive for steroids in a mandatory Does Rodriguez’s steroid use after a picture of him smoking from Our society is too demanding
random drug testing program. lead us to believe that the rest of baseball a bong surfaced and was published of athletes in general. We expect anyone
The news shocked the baseball was also using steroid? From my in a British newspaper. The picture who excels at a sport to have the morals
world as Rodriguez became the latest perspective, baseball needs to put more was apparently taken at a party Phelps of a saint, but look at some of today’s
player to be thrown into the list of effort into stopping steroids from getting attended at the University of South athletes. Plaxico Burress carried an
steroid users whose names have been into the hands of current players and Carolina, and shows Phelps smoking unlicensed firearm into a nightclub and
tarnished. Rodriguez joins the familiar future players. To maintain the integrity marijuana from a glass pipe known as discharged it. Adam Jones has been in
names of, McGwire, Bonds, Canseco of the game the MLB should reveal the a bong. Phelps has admitted to making more nightclub brawls than anyone can
and Clemens who have been the rest of the names on the list and put a mistake and has fully owned up to the remember. So is what Phelps did really
primary targets for baseball’s steroid asterisks next to their names. In order situation, saying, “I acted in a youthful that bad in comparison?
investigation. The recently crowned to make a fair comparison with all past and inappropriate way”. He stands to The fact is Phelps is basically
home run king, Barry Bonds, has been baseball greats, baseball must recognize lose millions of dollars in sponsorships a college kid. Kids in college smoke pot
ridiculed for his denial of steroid use. the accomplishments of steroid users and the goodwill of millions of people. once in a while. It’s not the end of the
Many believe that his career home but note that their records were achieved People are blowing this way world. Smoking clearly hasn’t affected
runs should have an asterisk next to it with performance enhancing drugs. All out of proportion. The public needs to Phelps in the pool. The man holds the
because he was cheating. of this eventually comes down to the cut him a break here. Marijuana isn’t record for most gold medals won in
The three time MVP chose not fans. Clearly baseball fans will describe that big of a deal. Millions use marijuana a single Olympics, among countless
to deny the allegations of steroid use how serious the consequence of steroid every day, including many people other records. He was Sports Illustrated
and instead confessed and apologized to use will be with ticket sales and product who could be seen as “role models”. Sportsman of the Year in 2008. Clearly
the media. Many hoped that Rodriguez endorsements. Baseball needs to focus Marijuana is not a hard drug, it’s not marijuana hasn’t had the “devastating
would save baseball from the steroid on the next generation of baseball greats something that causes addictions or can affect” on Phelps’s life that all of the
era and erase the past twenty years of who will play the game the right way kill you. Michael Phelps was at a party national anti-drug commercials claim
steroid use by eclipsing Bonds’ home and get rid of the steroid era forever. having some fun, he wasn’t doping or it has. The only thing that has had a
doing cocaine devastating affect on Phelps’s life here

Student Call for

The idea that marijuana is is the way the media has treated this
some awful poison, or a “gateway” story.
drug is a foolish and uneducated one. Many parents think that this
According to Marijuana and Medicine: picture will somehow influence their

Vending Machines Assessing the Science Base, “There is

no conclusive evidence that the drug
effects of marijuana are causally linked
younger athletes. Teach your children
to think for themselves, No matter their
age they are old enough to know how to
to the subsequent abuse of other illicit think. They’re not Zombies. If your son
By: Maddy Herzog
drugs.” It rarely acts as a gateway drug, or daughter is really so impressionable
If you’re like me, and most other Also, breakfast, proven again as smokers often become reluctant to that they would smoke pot just because
teenagers, you are always hungry. You and again to be the most important give up marijuana for more expensive Michael Phelps did then you are an
snack all the time and rarely make it an meal of the day, can easily be drugs like heroin and cocaine. Marijuana awful parent and should probably put
hour without eating. Unfortunately, our overlooked in the busy life of a high is about as harmful as cigarettes and is them up for adoption.
daily school schedule only complicates schooler. Skipping breakfast results
things. Not only does it require eating in lower academic performance, less
an early breakfast and an unnaturally attentiveness, and health risks. Yes, The opinions expressed on this page
early lunch, but as boredom increases WHS serves breakfast- if you can wake
sitting through class after class, food up early enough to get it. Usually do not necessarily reflect those of the
cravings do too. With two broken that’s the exact reason why students
Aquafina vending machines, that often skip breakfast in the first place: they’re Raider Times or its advisor
eat your money offering nothing in striving to sleep until the last second

Is Watertown Raising
return, experiencing hunger before or possible. The cafeteria is unarguably
after lunch is a real problem. A simple, closed before and after lunch, so what
reliable food vending machine would is a hungry student supposed to do in
the mornings, especially if they have to

solve everything.
In the past decade, media wait until third lunch to eat their first
has attributed rapidly increasing bites of the day? A vending machine
childhood obesity to food in educational could sell healthy breakfast alternatives,
institutions, whether it be hot food such as cereal bars, yogurts, and juices. By: Julia Brennan
served in cafeterias or chips and candy On the other end of the spectrum, if a When we hear that there recent white-out storm that caused some
bars purchased from vending machines. student has first lunch, it’s a long three is going to be a snowstorm, we bordering towns such as Belmont and
With this unflattering attention, it’s no periods until they can go home and eat automatically think that there will be Waltham to close early and be closed
wonder that schools like Watertown again. That’s assuming that they are school the next day. Yet this does not the next day. While other schools were
High School are not eager to install a going home. If they have sports or stop us from hoping that perhaps they being sent home we were still in class
vending machine. However, vending another extracurricular activity, there’s will cancel it. A recent Watertown and we were given no day off the next
machines themselves cannot be blamed another dilemma. Handi Variety isn’t Tab reader wrote a letter to the editor day. The roads were not plowed, traffic
for the growing obesity numbers in our exactly a hike, but again, a vending and said that Watertown kids are being was at a near stand-still and it seemed
country. If our school had a machine that machine would be more convenient for raised as wimps because we had a day like the buses were not running at all
distributed healthy snacks, like pretzels, everyone. off of school because “it was too cold.” that day.
trail mix, or popcorn, it could actually A vending machine would In the summer we hear that We were given a day off a few
help solve weight issues. Periodic provide numerous benefits to our there is level red heat and that the years ago because it was supposed to
snacks in between meals actually thriving high school. A growing humidity, when combined with the heat be very cold. That is really no different
accelerate metabolism, which triggers teenager needs nourishment all day long is unsafe for people to be out in. Why than being told not to go outside when it
the body to burn more fat and calories. I to function optimally in six, hour-long should it be different for the winter? is too hot out over the summer. People
realize that it isn’t exceedingly difficult classes. Easily accessible snacks would Simply telling us to put a sweatshirt on who think that Watertown kids are being
for students to bring their own snacks not create a school full of morbidly does not change the fact that it is sub- raised as wimps need to realize that we
to school, but a vending machine would obese kids, but rather 750 alert, cheerful zero outside and is just as dangerous as are given off much fewer days than
not harm anything. students, ready to learn. the heat can be. other schools are when it snows.
Many of us still remember the
Feature Athletes
Mike D’Amico Erika Kelly
By: Chloe Anderson By: Nick Lappen
Junior tri-captain of the This issue’s female athlete
wrestling team Mike D’amico has of the issue is none other than Erika
reached new heights in his wrestling Kelly, the hockey phenom. Erika is
career. During the 2009 season only a freshman but she is already one
D’Amico had a 26 duel meet winning of the best Ice hockey players to play
streak something almost unheard of for Watertown. She also excels at field
among the team. He was predicted to hockey where she is quickly becoming
take 5th at states this year, but D’Amico an integral member of the team. When
took 6th.He did well enough at states asked about Erika teammate Bianca
to be the only Watertown wrestler to Jones said, “Erika has a natural talent,
move on to All-States. He is the second and is not afraid to show it.”
wrestler in Watertown High history Erika has said that her proudest
to move on to All-States. He was moment as a WHS student-athlete was
elimanated the first day at All-States but when she scored a game-winning goal
put up a fight. D’Amico took 4th in the for the field hockey team. Erika is also
Wakefield Tournament, and 2nd in the D’Amico takes down an opponent. an assistant captain on the girls ice
Springfield Invitational two very big Photo by: Lifetouch hockey team. Not only does she excel
accomplishments. He is ranked top 5 in on the Watertown ice, but also plays for
his weight class at 130 pounds. myself to wrestling by, practicing in for Assabet which is a club team that
His dedication to maintain at the off season and trying my hardest,” is ranked number one in the country.
130 pounds, goes above and beyond a says D’Amico.  D’Amico is known for In order to make this team she had to
normal high school wrestler, and often staying motivated and always being succeed through a number of tryouts
D’Amico is puts in the extra hours after committed while wrestling but also in against some of the most talented Kelly tears up the ice during one of her
practice to keep in shape. After practice school. He is also known for his positive hockey players at her age. She is only a ice hockey games
is over you can still find D’Amico doing fun attitude in the classroom. freshman but do to her athletic skills she Photo by: Lifetouch.
laps around the school hallways in the “My position in the line up is well known by most of the school.
late afternoon. is key to my success because after my On the ice, she routinely leads Although it might seem like hockey
“After my match I always bud David wins, he gets me pumped the hockey team in goals scored, but off comes naturally to Erika, her friends are
enjoy watching Mike wrestle. The way up so I go out on the mat and win so I the ice she is just like any normal girl. very aware of how much effort she puts
he dominates everyone in his weight can keep the motivation going for Cesar When I interviewed her for this article, in. Friend Sam Frasier said “she (Erika)
class is so interesting to see,” says [Hagopian] who wrestles after me,” she was sitting at her lunch table. strives to be the best, and that’s what
sophomore teammate Collin Geagan, says D’Amico about the lineup the team Every question I asked got 4 responses. she is.”
one of D’Amico’s teammates. wrestles in. Juniors David Woodland, Erika’s and 3 of her friends. Needless Erika says she plans to keep
D’Amico has been wrestling Cesar Hagopian and D’Amico have 90 to say her friends are very supportive of playing hockey in the future. All of
since 8th grade. Since his freshman wins combined. This “trio” of juniors her athletic endeavors. Friend Meghan Watertown High School is looking
year D’Amico has really improved his are the ones to beat. Kelly said she was “very proud of forward to seeing Erika out on the ice
wrestling skills. His first year wrestling D’Amico has high hopes for Erika.” While teammate Bianca Jones again sometime soon.
at WHS his record was 2-14. He has the turn out of his season and his next added, “Off the field she’s a total goon.”
completely turned this record around.  season to come. He is always trying for
This season he has had 18 pins and the best and if he comes a little short,
counting. “I have really dedicated next year will be the year.

Shotputters Place First at State Relay

By: Kelsey Prendergast
To mark the middle of every team, including junior Steven Jewers,
indoor track season, Reggie Lewis hosts junior tri-captain Kris Stinehart, and
a state relay meet for Division 4. At senior Rogan O’Reilly, have already
the state relay meets, athletes join with qualified for the state track meet at
other members on their team to compete the end of February where they are all
in relays against other schools. Track expected to do well.
is a very individual sport, but this meet Stinehart says, “It feels good to
allows the athletes to work together with be a big part of the team this year and to
their teammates, instead of competing get points for the team during the meets.”
against one another. Watertown, being In track, a team wins by receiving points
one of the smallest schools in the for placing first to third, adding the
Middlesex League, struggles in track points up, and comparing them to the
since numbers are important. With so other teams to declare the winning team.
few students in the school and even First place is five points, second is three,
less involved in athletics, Watertown and third is one. These three shotputters
just does not have enough depth to are frequently receiving points for the
compete fairly against these teams that track team and on many occasions have
have double the athletes. Yet, when swept the entire event, receiving points
Watertown attends the state meets and for first, second, and third place. Jewers
competes against Division 4 and other does not only rack up the points in the
schools that are closer to the size of circle while throwing, but also during
Watertown High, they are able to excel the dash, where he has placed multiple
in their events. times.
This year’s state relay meet was “In Watertown one of our strongest
events on our team is the shotput. We can A track official gives the boys a talk before their event
a success for Watertown High’s shotput
team. Well aware that Watertown had always rely on their consistent success Photo by: Lifetouch
some of the top shotputters in Division to keep us in meets,” says teammate and
4, when they were all put together to tri-captain Chris McDermott. The always comparing their personal best better. We try to beat each other each
form one team and not compete against three are very competitive at meets and throws. week.” Even though they enjoy beating
one another, they left with a first place during practice. They all like to have Jewers admits, “We are a very one another, they are also there to help
medal. All three members of the shotput the farthest throw of the day and are competitive team, and that makes us pump each other up and keep each other