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Macbeth Creative Writing Project

English 20-1
Now that you have read a decent amount of Macbeth and have been exposed to Shakespeare’s
language, poetic structure and stylistic choices, you and a partner are tasked with creating 2
original scenes to add to Macbeth.

Imagine that Shakespeare did not have enough time to write more scenes for Macbeth and you
are taking over that role to fill in the gaps of where information or scenes are missing. These
could be prequel scenes before Act I scene i, or scenes in between Acts.

The 2 scenes you have decided to complete must be approved by Ms. Megan in advance
before the due date!

• Minimum 3 pages per scene, 12pt font, Times New Roman

• 2 allusions per scene
• Use of existing characters and limited or no new characters
• Existing characters must act according to their description, personality and speech
• Scenes must be realistic and authentic according to the times, information and setting
• Attempt to use Shakespearean language, however it can be written in colloquial language
• Attempt to mimic Shakespeare’s poetic style and stylistic features (verse, rhyme, similies,
metaphors, motifs, themes …)
• Setting, actions, dialogue, translations and line numbers included to match
• Printed and submitted on due date

1 2 3 4 5
CATEGORY Poor Limited Satisfactory Proficient Excellent

The play reads as if Shakespeare wrote it,

Language and attempting to imitate his word choice,
Authenticity stylistic choice and poetic structure. 2
X2 allusions are used per scene with the
translation on the side. Settings, action and
dialogue are authentic and realistic, staying
true to the Macbeth storyline and the world
of Shakespeare.

Characters and Existing characters act according to their

Dialogue description and personality in Macbeth.
Dialogue is creative, engaging and includes
narrative that connects to the storyline and
compliments the overarching plot
Translations 2 scenes are fully completed; minimum of 3
and Length pages each with translations and line
numbers to match. Completed in 12pt font,
Times New Roman and printed.