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PROPERTY OF DRAWN BY DATE REVISION Engineering Bulletin 4 M. F. Whitby Sept. 04, 2001 C CAMERON / pporoveney ore | AM EB 874D J.G, Nance Sept. 04, 2001 Page tof 1 18-3/4” 15M TL BOP Super Shear Ram Bonnets Cameron has recently identified two incidents of restricted closures affecting Super Shear bonnets with external porting. The possibility of a metal-to-metal seal temporarily forming between the piston and the end cap (in the open position) can impede the closure in both surface and subsea conditions. The Super Shear piston P/N 2011504-01 current Revision D02 or higher, has been modified to include a machined relief to prevent this. If it is determined that a Super Shear piston is not to this current revision status, a field modification can be implemented to eliminate this potential problem, The modification consists of cross grinding a relief pattern on the inside face of the cylinder end cap (see Figure 1). A similar cross grinding pattern may be implemented on the close face of the piston, should the end cap be replaced with a new part. The open side of the piston is not affected by any similar problems and no modification is necessary. FIGURE 1 GRIND PATTERN TO INTERSECT DIANETE AND FLUID POR