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A speech is a formal
talk that a person
gives to an audience. -\ r'ery good mor-- :
I am here to :.:..
\l.ril by millio:'-
-: l L' L'llCOil l'.lScrl .

';rarades are hel.i .-

rrr,rtin full force : -

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Guidelines .ltut dort n elc.:' '
't A speech is a formal talk that you give to an audience. hour?
2 You give speeches to: Tltere .rre tt..t: .

. welcomepeople . say farewell to somebody rlectriritr [\\ -\\ :'

. thankpeople r
congrafulate someone itt tt:t'. Wt'cJt' -.
Address your audience in the correct manner. For example: t.rps. We can rec\ a --

'Good morning to the principaf teachers, fellow cans. We can pL.:

students and friends ..., :

4 State the objective of your speech in the introd.uctory So friend-.

paragraph. J
5 Organise your ideas clearly. Provide examples Thank you.
to give a clearer picture of what you are
talking about.
You normally use the present tense in a speech.
Earth Day is on 22 April. Based on_'he picture and notes given,
write a speech informing your
classmates what they can do to celebrite Earth Day. gatherilgs w1e'e:i -

tr6otobr*e *4,r.r,,

o 22 April
o Celebrated around the world
. Rallies and parades
. Electricity is shut down for one hour
from 8 p.m. to 9 p.*.