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EEI Lesson Plan Worksheet

Secondary Methods

Learning Objective(s):

Using their research, SWBAT… present their project in a 3-5 minute presentation to their classmates.

State Standards: Anticipatory Set:

PO 1. Describe how human curiosity and needs have Teacher will have the students create a table that will have an area to write down
influenced science, impacting the quality of life questions and information for each presenter. (After each presentation students will
worldwide. have to ask the presenters questions)

9-10.W.7 Conduct short as well as more

sustained research projects to answer a
question (including a self‐generated question)
or solve a problem; narrow or broaden the
inquiry when appropriate; synthesize multiple
sources on the subject, demonstrating
understanding of the subject under

Teaching (Input):

The students will be providing the teaching input. There will be multiple 3-5 minute presentation and their research about
a water sustainability issue. Each group will either present their PowerPoint or poster to their classmates.

EEI Lesson Plan Worksheet
Secondary Methods

Teaching (Modeling):

In previous lessons, the teacher has showed students previous posters from other students.

Teaching (Check for Understanding):

During their presentation all members in the group have to speak. This tells me that each student at least knows their
small part.

Students will be asking the presenters questions at the end of their presentation. The ability and quality of the answers or
checks of understanding for me, the teacher.

Teaching (Guide Practice):

Students will be presenting or writing down questions about other presentations. Students will need to write three
questions for each presentation.

Teaching (Independent Practice):

Students will be teaching the class about their water crisis. This is their independent practice.

This is the summative assessment for the unit. They are presenting in their groups.

EEI Lesson Plan Worksheet
Secondary Methods

Research Project 0-19 points 20-39 points 40-50 points

Visual representation The visual The visual The visual
(PowerPoint or Poster) representation has no representation has representation has
drawing or pictures or some drawing or pictures or drawings
the drawing or pictures pictures that mostly that accurately
are not related to your represents the represent your topic.
problem. The problem. The The representation
representation is representation has the has the causes of the
missing either the causes, effects, and water crisis, what it
causes, effects, and solutions in the effects, and possible
solution to your representation but solutions to the crisis
problem. The visual does not go into great in great detail and is
representation is detail. comprehensive. Is
sloppy. neat and looks
Speech The speech is way off The speech has some The speech is smooth
on the time limit, only pauses in it, and and flows nicely. Each
one person spoke in doesn’t have cohesive member of the group
speech, and the transitions. The has a part and has
speech is just reading speech does not have spoken in the speech.
off of the visual every member The speech is
representation. The speaking an is off on between 3-5 minutes.
speech is missing the the time limit by 30 The speech gives a
causes, effects, and/or seconds. The speech good introduction to
solutions. does have causes, what your problem is,
problem, solutions, but what causes it,
does not go into detail. who/how it effects, and
what solutions can be
done to solve this
Research Questions There is only 0-3 of More than half of the All of the questions are
the questions questions are fully answered and all
answered. There is no answered, a few of the questions are
sources cited and the questions are cited cited correctly.
questions are not fully properly. Most of the
answered. questions that are
answered are fully

The formative assessment is other students asking the presenters questions about their project.

What will you do to account for varied abilities and learning styles in the classroom?

The differentiation done in the whole project is the fact they worked in groups. This allows students who are better at
research or drawing to do what they do best and make it more or less challenging to themselves.

What actions or statements will you initiate that are designed to bring a lesson presentation to an appropriate conclusion? (Used to help learners
bring things together in their own minds, to make sense out of what has just been taught.)

The closure question will be to summarize two groups projects in their catalyst sheet. During the presentation students
were taking notes.

EEI Lesson Plan Worksheet
Secondary Methods

21st Century Learning Skills

What 21st Century Learning Skills are incorporated into the lesson?

In this lesson alone, students communicated their knowledge to a group of students. They collaborated together to communicate their knowledge.
Students may have also used PowerPoint to communicate their knowledge.